Rain – Chapter Twenty.


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Chapter Twenty 




IceTe3a: He watches as she slowly walked forward and he arched a brow as she slowly undid his shirt buttons, he moved his shoulders about as his shirt slid off with ease falling onto the ground leaving his bare torso for her to press up against. “To do with, as you see fit. I believe those were the terms he smirked as he felt her palms pressing against his chest, he reached down wrapped his arms around her body gently, as he gave her room to move about in his arms “In that case, why don’t you use me as you see fit “ smirking as he dimmed the lights in the room, he leaned down and kisses her lips for a moment but pulled back again leaving her to want more, as he had just dared her to take him if she saw fit. His breathing was slow and paced as her palms would raise and fall with the movements of his breath, as his eyes look her up and down slowly, he rips her shirt off her back with ease as he tosses it to the side without a care. He was toying with her, but in a playful way as he wanted to see her like she was the first time she forced him. He obviously liked her the way she was as he pulled her in with a smirk “Or can’t you grab a hold of what you need and take lead? “he said with a playful smirk as his eyes met hers.

CharlotteCarrendar:- A wry smirk appeared upon Rain’s lips as she reached up to the sides of his head and then massaged gently without touching his sensors. With the ability of her mind link she started to switch on the sound system to play something sultry in the background, while the room lights started to dim giving off a more intimate effect. ”You like me to be…on top, don’t you?” she mused softly, her tongue just touching the edge of her lip – running it along as she could see that Adam’s breath was slowing – regulating. A hand moved downward to the top of Adam’s jeans and she kept her eyes trained upon him, whilst lithe fingers moved swiftly to undo the button, then slowly pull down the zip. The noise making her smile all the more. ”I think I got what I want.” She reached inside his jeans and felt around for what would be his growing hardness. ”All I have to do is…grab hold and lead.” Rain smoothed her fingers across the surface of his skin, tempting with her digits before taking a firm grip – her fingers locking around the shaft. <3>

IceTea: His skin shivered as her fingers ran against his flesh, hearing the music play on softly as he smirks from her response “I Suppose.. I’ve gotten used to the idea of you in control” a simple wink and a smirk was all he did afterwards. Feeling her hand move lower as she undid his jean’s, his lips parted slightly as her fingers took grasp of his hardening shaft. His back arches slightly as his chest presses against hers, his skin rubbing against hers, a growl of passion escapes his lips as his hues glance into hers. Rolling on top of her he took control as he ripped what little clothing she had left, determinant to make this night one for the ages. The mood was set right and there was no one to bother them as their bodies entwined for the rest of the night. Morning rise as the two had fallen asleep in each other’s arm s after a night filled of passionate love, the warm sun’s rays simulated by the lighting system in the room warmed their skin as he groaned slightly and nuzzled his head into her chest trying to escape the sunlight, the night was for fun but the light brought on a new day and the tasks ahead would prove difficult for them both with the need to establish a new crew they could trust and finding Rain’s fathers location once and for all. These were their set goals for today, but Adam wanted to stay in her arms just a while longer as he continues to nestle his head on her chest and groaning “ Just.. a little longer.. stupid light.. he sighed slightly as he peaked out from her chest to look up at her with one half open eye.
CharlotteCarrendar: – The light was sign that the night was truly at an end, and Rain didn’t want to rise either. She nestled close to Adam, her cheek to his chest as she murmured in response to his claim that he just wanted a little bit longer. Turning her face to his chest, she kissed his bare flesh before pushing herself upright and then stretching. The sheet falling back and exposing her naked torso. The filtered rays of light brought out the pink in her cheeks, and she could only smile down at Adam, who had given her a night to remember. ”Longer we stay in means the longer will be on the road.”She pushed off the covers and swung her legs over the side of the bed. Reaching up, she ran her fingers through her hair and got up to standing. Rain walked over to the bathroom, and you could hear the sound of the shower running, as she hummed lightly to herself. In the back of her mind, her thoughts of her father weighed heavily. They needed to find him, but first they needed a crew to help with the location and dealing with the Source and the Brotherhood, who were now both sworn enemies. They were running the fine line between two powerful organisations that wanted nothing more than to wipe them both off the map. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as she got up out of bed with a valid response, he sighed slightly and nuzzled the bed “Yeah.. time to get serious I suppose” he groaned slightly as he flipped himself off the bed and onto a stand, the sheets fell to the floor as he stood towering in his naked form, all his previous battle scars were there for the world to see. He smirked as he heard the shower running and walked in after her Don’t mind if I do” he said playfully, as he joined her in the shower. Scrubbing himself down as he helped her scrub herself down every now and then accompanied by a kiss to her flesh, eventually he hopped out and dried himself down partially. Walking to his closet he got dressed and came out wearing his black leather military boots, thick black combat pants and a black singlet which was a tight fit. Sitting on the bed he strapped his Bowie knife to his right thigh on top of his jeans and grabbed his custom built USP .45 holstering it, in its holster which he swung around and strapped so it came to rest under his right arm just on the side of his chest. His thick black hair was messy but almost looked styled which was natural for him, he arched a brow and gave a wolf whistle as he watched her strut around naked watching her get dressed “So what’s the plan of attack” he said as he came to a stand and was ready for the day.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The shower got pretty steamy and that was not just from the temperature of the water. Adam helped himself to the soap and not only washed himself, but gave Rain a good scrubbing as well. She couldn’t help but chuckle as he did this, but it was also time saving and getting them back on track. Turning off the water faucet, Rain stepped out and took her own towel, rubbing herself down thoroughly, before heading out to find her own foot locker of clothing. For a slight of a girl, she wore the whole black army kit well, and with her hair brushed back slick – with aviator sunglasses, Rain sure looked the part. You could see the good tone of her muscle in her arms as she strapped on a knife belt and then holstered her fire arms. Adam asked about the plan of attack, and to this she responded. ”Grab a quick bite, then Eve and head on out. We might be best to keep off what highways are open. That would make us a sitting duck. Perhaps go over some of the pre war maps to see what roads would be less likely to be under radar surveillance.”Tapping her military boot to the hardened floor, she headed to the door and opened it, only to see Eve standing ready and waiting. ”We go now?’ She asked. <3>

IceTe3a: He nodded in agreement as he looked smirked at her, walking up to her as she was fully dressed he undid her hair as she usually did it in a pony tail. “Keep it down and flowing, it suits you better” he smiled lightly as he heard her say they should get something to eat and grab eve, suddenly the door opens as Eve stood there asking if they were going yet. He shook his head and arched a brow “Eve.. We need to eat first, and this will be a combat mission.. Shouldn’t you stay here at the labs and conduct studies to better help our situation? Besides, who’s going to feed the deer this morning, they’ll be expecting their food upstairs in the next hour” he smiled lightly as he had always fed the deer at the front of the cabin, at about this time. He knew Eve wouldn’t be any help in a combat fight she was more suited to the Lab’s studying and researching, giving information and backup from here. He smiled as he nodded towards the door and walked towards the kitchen to grab a bite “Come on you two” as they reached the kitchen, he poured himself a glass of cereal and milk almost woofing it down as he sighed in relief a record time almost of downing a bowl of cereal in a minute flat. “Eve, I’d feel more comfortable if you would give us Intel reports while you study here. We may need help from the home base and we’ll be sending new recruits back. I’m putting you in charge with medical procedures as well, check them through and through, make sure they have no sickness or any listening bugs of any kind.. we need to be able to trust the new people. Can you handle a role like this? He smiled slightly as he looked over at Rain wondering if she would agree with what he had just said “Oh and Eve.. turn your emotional chip back on, you’re as human as me. No need to pretend to be a robot” he knew she had turned if off from the last time they met when she took him apart back at Zen, she was human like, you would never have guessed she was the doctors creation.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Eve tilted her head as Adam spoke to her. It was true that she had turned off her emotional card chip and so when she turned it back on, it was like she was a completely different individual. Rain stood in behind as Adam spoke to Eve about the need for someone to stay behind and feed the deer. Eve would just love that. Truth be told, Eve would be a liability whilst trying to out manoeuvre the rebels and the Brotherhood. It was best that she stayed behind and acted as the ears and eyes via the computer networks. ”You are right of course, Adam.” The tone in Eve’s voice changing, and she stepped back to allow Adam and Rain to leave their room and head to the kitchen for some breakfast. Cereal was the fastest food to eat and Rain took up a bowl, while Eve was making mention she was more than capable of managing things from the bunker. ”You can count on me….Good luck.” Leaving Rain and Adam to finish their breakfast, Rain had to admit that Adam sure had a way with Eve. ”You ask me she was starting to get a bit…stalker like.” Rain couldn’t help this feeling, but now seeing Eve acting normal, gave her a feeling of relief. Washing up her dishes and then putting them on the dish rack, Rain was ready to go. Taking one last look around her she knew it might be a while before they returned. She made a promise to herself that she would come home again, for this was now what she regarded that as. <3>

IceTe3a: He smiled as he looked over at Rain, waiting for her to finish eating he chuckled at her response “Indeed she was, that’s why I asked her to be normal again. She’s quite mature and intelligent once she’s fully functioning.” Once they were both finished he lead her down a path towards the armory which doubled as the vehicle bunker as well, as they walked through pieces of tech, gadgets and weaponry were neatly sorted out. He took a few extra clips for his USP and M4, picking up his M4 which was customized as well most noted with a variable scope he slung it around his shoulder and pulled out a large duffle bag, throwing in bits and pieces they may need including a few MRE’s (Meal ready-to-eat) packs. Shoving them all in the back of a black Hummer which was militarized, he walked back to the armory and pulled out the m107 with a few more clips ”Just in case.. “ he smirked as he threw it in the back. “Shall we share the drivers seat? Would be weird if we didn’t” as he waited for her to get all the gear and took his seat in the driver’s side he waited for Rain to come sit on his lap and take control of the wheel, like she usually did; it was something he was used to by now.

CharlotteCarrendar:- ”Course.” Rain replied when asked if they would share the driver’s seat. It was something they had been doing now since they met, so why stop now. Getting out her own duffle bag from the armory, that included some hand grenades and meal packs, as well as clips for her M4, she made sure she had enough weapons on hand in case things turned nasty – as they just well might. Dumping her gear in the back, Rain closed the back of the vehicle and then made her way around to the driver’s side where Adam was already seated. Smiling, she clamoured in and sat herself down well upon his lap. She had to admit he made a better seat than the usual car seats. Way better. Wriggling to get herself comfortable, she wound her hair back behind her ear, and then using her technopathic ability, started up the vehicle with ease. Her eyes roving across the dash as she checked that the vehicle was in top condition and ready for the hard road ahead. Pulling the door closed, she pulled across her seat belt and clipped it into place. One last look at the farm and she let out something of a sigh. ”Tell me we will return?” <3>

IceTe3a: He smiled as he saw she appeared next to him, finally ready to get a move on; as she climbed into the hummer he felt her sit down on his lap, as she wiggled around he leaned back slightly and shifted his weight, feeling her weight pressing down on top of him as she wiggled about had him set back as he was almost blushing. He watched as she examined the car before starting it, he felt the seat belt done up as she pressed against his chest and her weight came down more in all retrospect he was a chair for her. Hearing her ask if they will return he smiled playfully “Perhaps I’ll bring you back.. If you stop this torture and by that I mean wiggling your ass around” he chuckled slightly as they drove onto the road, slowly they approached his auto turret guarded gate as it opened up for them already have scanning their ID signals. As the Hummer drove through the gates it closed behind them and they hit the main road as the countryside slowly passed them they were heading for the city. “We need to be careful, people can’t be suspicious while we’re there.. if they figure out who you are with me it could be bad. So.. you have to go back to treating me like your equipment, nothing more. “ his arms wrapped around her waist gently as he smiled “We will both know the truth about our feelings, but to remain unsuspicious you can’t hold back.. at all. Think you can handle that or have you grown too soft?” he smirked playfully as the city came closer and closer to them. His right eye HUD activated as he started hacking both the Rebels and ZEN’s network systems employing data into it, it beeped while it was done “ You’re now registered in both Zen and Rebel networks with your Serial codes as a Commander and I am your combat equipment, so play the cards right. It won’t work on anyone who already knows us and what we’ve done” the roar of the engine was the only noise to be heard as he wondered if she would be able to play the role she was so good at back in the early days.

CharlotteCarrendar: The early days for Rain and Adam were difficult to say the least. Yes, she had fallen in love with the man that in her mind for the longest time was nothing more than a machine. But he became so much more. A wave of doubt crossed her mind as she drove the hummer along. Could she go back to acting like the cold hearted bitch she had been for most of her life? It surely would just be like putting on a pair of old comfortable shoes, but she had changed so much and the thought to have to go back to that pained her. She felt it within her chest and tried to hide this from Adam. The fun and playful banter of how she was torturing him with her wiggling was soon forgotten, as her facial features hardened. Adam was right. To be anything other than how she was before would betray them both. But when Adam wrapped his arms around her waist, telling her that they both knew the truth of the depth of real feelings, she wanted to never have him let her go. A stiff upper lip was going to be needed and she would need to play the role of her life in front of those she once knew and those that they would come across. ”I can be a hard ass.” she stated firmly, but that might well make him chuckle considering how she was sitting on him. The city lights were now approaching and the game was definitely on. First port of call would be Sam’s junkyard. Military vehicles were out and about scouting the roads, while the Night patrol hover cars controlled the skies. <3>

IceTe3a: He smirked as he heard she could be a bad ass, he knew it would be tough for them both but it had to be done, nodding as he agreed with her “You’re going to have to put on quite the show.. Cold, heartless.. I’m a piece of equipment, nothing more. Can’t give any excuses” he smirked and kissed her neck as they reached the city limits “The act starts as soon as we reach the city.. not when we’re in it, as soon as we cross the city border, if anyone looks in and see’s us as lovers and later like our act, we will fail. “ he smiled as he watched the borders come closer, he sighed“Remember it is a must, our lives depend on it.. I love you” a simple chuckle as he just realized the slight pun in what she had said, she was going to be a hard ass and she was sitting on him, it was a cute joke or at least it was to him. He knew exactly where she was heading first, to the junk yard where those other two men were last seen.. the two he had scared. He wondered if they would help out last time he remembered he had threatened to kill them the next time they met. A simple smirk against his face as he knew he had an act to play as well, the deadly ghost assassin, all the rumors about him that made up his name.. his legend, it had been awhile since he had to be his normal self, this loving side of him was for Rain only and no one else. He smiled and kissed her one last time just as they passed the borders of the city, the guard patrol and check station would be coming up momentarily. With his lips still pressed to her skin he wondered if she would be able to do what was asked, and how well she would be able to do it.

CharlotteCarrendar: – A piece of equipment. Adam said this over and over and Rain could only nod as the lights of the city started to illuminate her face. The moment they crossed the line, she would have to lower the mask that would be in place at all times. No one would see the truth, the extent of her feelings. ”Cold…heartless…got it.” Rain knew their lives depended on the accuracy of the portrayal. Swallowing hard, she heard his final admission of love, before kissing her. She wanted to turn the hummer around, but then she remembered the reason why she was doing this – to save her father. ”Forever yours, Adam.” The emotion in her voice would be unmistakable as they sped towards the first check point. Rain’s eyes dulled over as she knew now was the time. Slowing down the vehicle as it approached the boom gates, Rain activated the driver’s side window to lower so that the guard may approach. Stony faced she waited. The guard within the booth looked up from his desk where he had been going over the lists of the most wanted. To catch one at a check point meant a bonus year’s salary, so it made the task of stopping outlaws all the more lucrative. Stretching, he pushed himself out and away from his desk, before exiting the check point booth and then holding up a scanner which detailed the car and its occupants. It was a nervous wait. <3>

IceTe3a: As they rolled towards the checkpoint he was hoping his new serial numbers for them both would work, he knew they would but there was always that bit of uncertainty. As they rolled up to the checkpoint he watched as the window came down, he noticed a guy sitting at a desk in the booth only to come to a stand and scan the car. He eyes the Soldier off as he himself scans the Soldier for change in emotions, anything registered from the normal would find two bullets in this soldiers chest, he watched close as the soldiers scan was taking longer than expected. They checking every inch of the car, obviously they wanted both Rain and him in their grasps badly, to the point where it was basically known as marshal law around here now. He noticed as the guard started to head towards the front of the car, it felt like he had some questions to ask; a simple sigh escaped his lips “Great.. what does he want” he said softly so only Rain could hear, his eyes scanning the area for the other guards on the ground and a few on the roof top, security was tight.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Cold as ice, that was how Rain was to play it and as the window wound down with the automated sound before clicking into place, she turned her head ever slowly towards the guard who was now approaching the window. Her eyes flickered from the device he was holding in his hand to his face and slowly she turned off the ignition to the hummer. With a voice that had a tinge of an accent to it, Rain said simply ”Problem?’ The guard glanced up at Rain’s face, then took in that she was sitting on a man within the car. This in itself was unusual to say the least. As the man took a moment to pause before answering, the phone within the booth started to ring. Annoyed the Guard gestured with his finger. ”Wait..a moment.” Watching him go inside, this was when Rain pulled out the stops. She had purposely made the phone ring to buy time and had set up a recorded message on the other end of the phone line, while checking the device that the guard held loosely in his hand. Yes, it had picked up an abnormality, but then the red light beside it suddenly changed to green. Shouting to the receiver on the phone, he then slammed down the handle, before looking at the screening device to see the code change. Muttering an obscenity he came back out and banged his fist on the boom gate lever button, so it was slowly rising. Turning her head back to face forward, she started the Hummer with a loud roar of its engine, before driving through the check point. One down…many more obstacles to come. <3>

IceTe3a: – He watched as the man came from looking at Rain and back to him and then back again, he was about to ring the guards neck for even staring at him like that, he hated Zen with a passion let alone the looks he was always given, this just reminded him. As he watched Rain’s trick play out he smirked lightly and looked forward already knowing what the outcome would be, and as suspected the boom gate raised as the hummer turned on and drove through, the window going up as he sighed slightly “Close call, smart thinking on that one.” he smirked slightly and continued to scan the area for more Zen guards, “They’ve beefed up their armed forces, look robotics” as they passed a street there stood a Mech, a fully automated combat AI System, he knew Zen was diving into different style mech’s some piloted some automatic. But he never knew they were already on the production stage.


Even though these things were powerful they would prove no issue for him, he was more worried about Rain as she was really only a highly trained human through and through she could still be shot down unlike him, bullets bounced right off him literally. Only special rounds pulsing with pure electricity did any damage to him. The mech was quick to act as it scanned their car and then turned the other way continuing its patrol with a constant scan. He smirked slightly as he arched a brow “This could be fun” as he looked forward he shifted his weight under her and grumbled slightly “Mind moving back abit, you’re kinda crushing my junk” he smiled lightly waiting for a response.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The Zen brotherhood had lifted its game. They were no longer relying on the night patrols to serve its needs but now bringing out the big military hardware and by that it included massive Mechs that Rain had not seen before. Driving past one that ran its scanner systems over the hummer, Rain grit her teeth as she sensed that this was not going to be a simple walk in the park to get to Sam’s junkyard. ”Guess they really see you as a huge threat.” She was right in what she was saying, but seeing the streets under the watch of the Mechs brought it all home. Turning the corner after going through a green light at an intersection, Rain heard Adam complain that she was crushing his junk. Rain moved just enough so this was no longer a problem but she couldn’t help herself but say. ”You never complained about that last night.” She had a point. On the GPS you could see they were about a mile out from Sam’s junkyard. Still with all the beefed up military that was a long way to go. <3>

IceTe3a: He smirks as she shifts her weight, hearing her comment about last night had his lips part slightly as he arched a brow. His fingers run down the side of her leg slowly as he leans in and takes in her scent “I was just going to say, either use it or don’t, or do you enjoy crushing it as well” he chuckled playfully as they drove through the street, they were getting close to that junkyard, but anything could happen between now and then. “Those mechs, you’re going to have to leave them to me and.. is it bad that I want to rip your clothes off right now? Or is now a good time “ he smirked and looked in the review mirror to watch her reaction. He knew apart from her two friends they would need a few more people to help keep their base up and running, he had a few idea’s of people who would fit but wasn’t completely sure yet. Perhaps he could get Blake to join them, at least they’d have someone who enjoyed working with foods although he was always a hard person to handle. By the time he came back to reality he looked around and they were pretty much at the scrap yard.

CharlotteCarrendar: – ”Clothes stay on till we are alone, Adam.” Now was not the time to be teasing Rain about what Adam wanted to do to her as they approached the fortified junkyard. Odd you might think that a simple junkyard would have razor wire and an electrified fence, but it was also the home of the Tinman. A weapons and computer genius. As the hummer pulled up at the gate, the window rolled down on the hummer and Rain extended her hand out and started to type in a code on the intercom box. She worked it fast and soon the gates were rolling back to allow the Hummer entry.”Okay…show time.” Rain said, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to say anything lewd or suggestive to Adam no matter how much she wanted too. Driving slowly past hulking piles of old car bodies and trucks, the hummer finally came to a stop near the silver trailer that was Tin man’s home. A loud thud was heard inside and then the door swung open as a dishevelled looking Sam poked his head out. He was wearing a sleeping cap and was trying to put on a pair of wire rimmed glasses. When he realized who it was, he made a girly like cry and slammed the door shut. He was obviously terrified that Adam had come back to finish him off. Rain rolled her eyes and opened the car door, getting out and then looking back at Adam. ”Come on.” Her tone had changed. It was not like before the city limits. The acting began. <3>

IceTe3a: – He watched as they pulled into the junkyard passing piles of cars as they finally pulled into the shack of a house, the door opened as he saw the man’s head pull out. Arching a brow as a girlish shriek escaped the man’s mouth and the door slammed shut, he smirked with a wicked grin as Rain stepped out of the car and told him to follow “Ahh.. he remembers me” he said in a cold and dangerous tone as he cocked his pistol, stepping out of the car he looked around as he closed the door, he walked up beside Rain and looked down at her “Let me have him for one minute.. I’ll get what we need” in truth he didn’t know exactly what they were doing here, but he knew that kid must have some kind of information, this side of Adam was scary and it was his true self, apart from his love for Rain. This was how he truly was and how he acted towards other people, a killing machine the Ghost assassin you’d never see him coming was his most favorite rumor. He Pulled out his bowie knife and started playing with it in his right hand as he smirked, the coast was clear and this place seemed to have a force field of sorts around it to pry watching eyes away, so they couldn’t be scanned or listened into. He chuckled slightly as he let out a happy sigh and took a step forward past Rain, overstepping what would be his boundaries for the early days but this was how he was before they fell in love “ I told you I’d be back for you…” he said just loud enough for it to echo through the building for the kid to hear.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Within the silver trailer, you could hear yet another shriek of terror as the Tin man was freaking out at the prospect of being murdered in cold blood by the likes of Adam. His panicked footsteps could be heard going back and forth and the trailer was actually bouncing on its wheels as the poor man was like a trapped rabbit in a cage. No way out. You could see his terrified face appear from behind the blinds before disappearing in another fit of terror. Rain stood with her arms folded as she let Adam do his thing. There was no smile, no hint of emotion as she let Adam take the lead. When Sam heard Adam say that he had told him he would be back, another girly scream till finally, the door opened a touch and a pair of white fronts was held out shakily on what was a broom handle. ”Please…please…don’t kill me.” He begged in a whiney tone that was almost childlike. The surrender flag waved around a bit before he stuck his head out and then shot a look at Rain, before holding up the peace sign with his fingers. ”Rayne, please…call him off.” Rain dug the toe of her boot in the ground where she was standing and then cocked her head at Adam. ”Give me a reason why I should.” Dropping the white underwear flag, Sam stammered as he tried to think of a good reason. ”I could help you…yeah. You must need someone like me..right?” <3>

Under attack – The Life and Times of an Aussie Girl – the Dixie Stories


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The Life and Times of an Aussie Girl – the Dixie Stories 

Under attack 



IceTe3a: As they made it to the table he overheard Greta wanting to handle the baby, he smiled lightly after Dixie had given the ok; slipping Milo gently into Greta’s arms. He took a seat down at the table and pulled Dixie down to sit in his lap as he smiled lightly, whilst listening to Molly’s opinion on them “ She’s my Sheila alright, nothing makes me happier than being with her” his arms wrapped loosely around her waist as he held her close to him, looking around the pub it was the same as last time, everyone here was a local and friendly. A great atmosphere to be sure, something most pubs had which is why he loved true blue pubs so much. “Anyway, though we’d hit town for some lunch with the family and have a beer or two, so Dixie can test out her new car” a almost proud look came across his face when he said the last part about the car, his hues glancing out towards her hot ride as they flashed back towards Molly and over to Greta who obviously was enjoying handling Milo, as most females enjoyed a new born. He chuckled slightly “Couldn’t resist your Aussie food either Molly” a strong smile came out on his face as he leaned back into his chair, wondering if anyone else they knew was around here.

CharlotteCarrendar:- A young mother is usually pretty nervous when someone that they don’t know all that well is holding their newborn. Dixie was a bit hesitant, her hands held up as though ready to catch the baby in case – heaven forbid, she dropped him. Greta noted Dixie’s concern and she handled it like a pro. ”I have …a five.” She meant children, which also was her way of saying that she would take care of little Milo while Logan and Dix caught up with Molly. Feeling a little better about the situation, Dixie let Logan pull her down onto his lap and with a last sigh of relief she allowed herself to relax. The loud music playing and the crush of patrons reminded her a little of her days or nights working at the Death club. Part of her missed it, but it also brought back suppressed feelings about Dem. The man that went to Russia and never returned. Dixie tilted her head back and closed her eyes for a moment, letting the talk and banter go over her as she tried to clear her thoughts and just enjoy the outing. Of course, when Logan mentioned the new car and gestured for Molly to take a look at where it was parked outside, Molly’s jaw fell open. ”Now that’s…a work of art, mate.” Molly appreciated a good looking car as much as he did a good looking Shelia. He smirked at Logan’s remark that he couldn’t resist Molly’s Aussie fare. It was a touch of home in the middle of Europe. The Australian restaurateur beamed with pride. ”Won’t find no better pies than at my place, Logan.” He had brought over the original recipe from his mother’s bakery back in St Kilda. <3>

IceTe3a: – He watched as Molly admired Dixie’s new car as he nodded in agreement with what Molly was saying. “ Any pie is a good pie to me, as long as it’s Aussie made” he smirked proudly as he kissed Dixie on the neck “You know, I should tell my boys about this place, they’re most likely killing for a pie and some Aussie tucker by now” he let out a chuckle as he smiled and looked up to Molly “They’re bikers as well, but a good bunch of blokes. “ He looked over at Greta as he checked on Milo, he did trust her with him but he was protective over the little bloke all the same. “ How about a beer and a pie, love?” he smiled as he looked down to her while she sat on his lap. He was more relaxed now that he was in the pub as his vest draped down allowing his chest to be uncovered a simple sigh of relief. “I wonder what our other little babies are getting up to, If I know jack.. he’d be making a mess right about now” another roaring laugh escaped his lips when the music changed to some hard Aussie rock, his black leather biker boot tapped harshly against the floor to the beat as his head slightly bobbed around. “ Almost makes you feel like dancing, don’t it?” he smirked.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The words that Logan said about how the beat of the music had you almost feel like dancing made Dixie jolt back to reality. ”Huh? Oh..the music. Yeah…yeah it does. Can you excuse me a moment?” Dixie pushed herself off Logan’s lap and then went for the ladies room, but on the way one of the old customers from the Death Club pulled her up. ”Hey…its the Skip from DC…How’s Dem?” The words hit Dixie from out of nowhere, and she looked physically sick.”Don’t call me that!” Dixie growled as she pushed past the patron, who looked truly confused by her behaviour. No one had called her Skip since the DC days….and again the name of her lost lover was brought up. Dixie reached the ladies and pushed the door open, only to enter and then it began. She started hyperventilating. Walking in small circles. Was it the hormones or maybe she had not truly accepted that he was gone out of her life. Either way, Dixie was having a meltdown….that no one could see. <3>

IceTe3a: He was waiting for her response as it took awhile for her to register it, he watched as she excused herself and stood up walking off leaving him with Greta and Molly. He arched a brow slightly and glanced back to Molly “Huh.. How about that beer?” came to a stand and walked over to the bar grabbing two beers and walked back to Molly and Greta where he took a seat and passed one over to Molly. “ Have a drink with me mate. “ in the back of his mind he wondered where Dixie ran off to, it was unlike her to just run off like that without a reason, but thought nothing of it for now as she wasn’t gone for long. “ Do ya miss Strya, mate?” he smirked as he looked up at Greta nursing Milo, the other females in the bar kept looking over at Milo everytime he giggled from Greta’s playing. “I know I miss it sometimes, but it can’t be helped. he took a sip of beer as he let out a sigh of relief.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Dixie was waving her hands, trying to stop the flood that was coming. The wave of panic hit her like a freak wave and she was reeling. How can a man just disappear? No word for months…no text…nothing. The people that were supposed to be watching out for her – again no sign of them. Dixie fell back against a tiled wall, as another girl came through the door and gave the Aussie a sideways glance as she went into a stall. In all this time, she faced everything on her own, till Logan had come into her life. He took her out of the dark garage and gave her everything….everything that Dem had promised. Feelings of self doubt, about how she just carried on as though she was this unfeeling…horrid bitch. She hadn’t grieved mainly cause she truly didn’t know. Closing her eyes, Dixie kept saying to herself that she loved Logan. She did. But why was the ghost of the man that walked out of her life hovering about her like a ghoul. Dixie pushed herself from the wall and went to splash cold water on her face, only to look up and see a different girl looking back at her. She’d changed since her days at the Death Club. You could say she grew up. The Aussie girl didn’t really have a choice. She must have stood there a good ten minutes. Staring at herself. <3>

IceTe3a: Taking another sip of his beer it was half done and gone warm which was unlike him, time had passed and it felt like at least a good thirty minutes had passed since Dixie left them. He was starting to get worried as he chatted to Molly, he could hear Milo’s giggles in the background as he sighed slightly finally he was to worried to sit there and not check up on her. “ Molly, Greta, Look after Milo for awhile would ya? I’m gonna go check on Dix.” he smiled as they nodded, he took a stand as he looked around the pub, slowly walking to the back of the pub pushing past the people who were standing around. Half pissed random people bumping into him along his way as he grumbled slightly, with his hand wet with beer he looked around not able to find her. At this point he was getting worried more and more, as a guy bumped into him spilling his beer all over his bare chest, he growled loudly as he peered down at the man who told him to watch it.“Take a seat.. you’ve had enough bud” normally he’d wipe the man clean out but this was not the time nor the place, especially with Milo being in the bar and this being Mollies bar. As he came to stand in front of the female’s toilets he knocked on the door “Oi love, you alright in there?” he asked wondering if she was even in the toilet, he didn’t wait and being his usual self he opened the door and walked right into the female’s toilets to find her staring at the mirror“Everything ok, Hun?” he said as he leaned against the bathroom wall.

CharlotteCarrendar:- It was as though she had fallen so deep into her own thoughts that the voice of Logan was almost missed. At first she just continued to stare into her reflection, then she finally roused and turned her head slowly to see Logan standing there, leaning against the tiled wall. To look at Dixie’s face, you could see the mascara lines from where a few tears had fallen, and the first thing she did was tried to wipe those away. ”Maybe..I wasn’t ready for my big day out yet.” Course this was an excuse for the truth, and she shook her head having made a promise to herself not to keep anything from Logan. Wiping her face, she turned slightly on the ball of her right foot and then faced him. ”I don’t understand….what I am feeling right now.” She had never discussed her thoughts about the disappearance of Dem, or why she had not felt anything till now. ”I’m…a cold hearted bitch. I have to be. What kind of person just…forgets another like he was nothing.” The rawness of her statement cut her own heart like a knife. The hormones were really tying her up in knots. ”I don’t know if he is dead…I don’t know what happened. But look at me? Why can’t I feel…like I am supposed too?” she was starting to ramble, and one patron quickly ducked out of the ladies room to give them privacy. <3>

IceTe3a: – He finally caught her attention as she turned to face him and explain what was going on, noticing her makeup was stained from tears previously shed he smiled lightly as he looked down at her, now fully understanding what she was going through. Shaking his head slightly he kneeled down so they were at eye level “You, cold and heartless? he chuckled slightly at the thought of it. “ It’s to be expected that you still have some feelings for that guy, love. But remember, he left you alone for how long, in a state in which no female should be left in. Better yet, He left you pregnant and living in a small back room hardly a place for a young female let alone a child, So don’t judge yourself to harshly, it’s human nature to move on. he smiled lightly as he sunk down to the floor his legs stretched out in front of him as he dragged her down to sit on his lap. Taking his vest off he started to wipe the tears and spoilt makeup away. “ Why you go to put make up on when you already look stunning without it is beyond me” once he had cleaned her face up he let his vest slide down to rest on the floor as he cuddled her in close to him “ Whatever it is, we’re here to work it out together. I’ll always be by your side to help you out, love” he sighed happily as he knew she was safe, just in an emotional state which he should have expected, knowing she had gone through so much. “You’re a true Aussie battler love, holding it all together while soldiering on. Stiffen up that bottom lip, don’t shed a tear for someone who leaves you like that. I think you need a beer and a bloody good pie” he smirked slightly as his chin came to rest on her head“As for not being ready, I think you need this. You need to let your hair down and go wild.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The voice of reason. That is exactly what Logan was. He wasn’t mad to see her like this. Concerned naturally, but when he put things into perspective the truth of the matter was that Dixie was beating herself up over something she simply had no control over. Dixie waited…alone for months. With no communication, no word and a lot of empty promises. Yes, it was only fair that she feel something, but perhaps her coping mechanism was to shut herself off from the hurt…the guilt. The Aussie battler had moved on with her life and no one could fault her for it. Logan didn’t. He saw her as being strong for what she did do. You could feel the weight starting to come off, as Logan took his vest off and wiped the tears and stained mascara away. In truth she didn’t need the makeup. That came from her days in the club. She was unique, and was only now starting to see it for herself. ”Old habits die hard.” she said softly when quizzed about why she wore make up at all. Every point Logan made, Dixie couldn’t argue or fault. He was right. She needed to be out. Needed to be Dixie again. The man that had saved her was here with her now. Logan was a loving partner and doting father to Milo. He was everything she needed and now…she needed a cuddle. Course, he had to bring up that she also needed a good Aussie pie and a beer. ”I think you’re right.” The warmth returning to her voice. Logan had a gift. Unique as it was. He could tame Dixie and make the grey clouds go away. Dixie cuddled into Logan and took a deep breath. She was again ready to face the world. This time with no make up…no masks. ”Think they have mushy peas?”<3>

IceTe3a: He was holding her close to him with his arms around her, his smile was never wavering as he fully had trust in her and loved her without fault. A happy sigh of relief as he heard her say he was right, than she asked if they had mushy pea’s he smirked “They bloody better” [b/] as he gave her a quick reassuring hug and picked her up onto her feet as he stood, giving her a look over, he smirked as he was being cheeky again. Poking her cheek than her breast, stomach and lastly her ass [b] “ Just checking your all there love” he gave her a playful wink before leaning in and smacking her lips with his, leaving a passionate kiss with a beer flavor tingling with it. Pulling back he took her hand and nodded “As for Milo, little tike is a ladies’ man. Now let’s enjoy ourselves, while Milo is enjoying himself with all that attention. Don’t worry It’s not like you weren’t shared around at the pub when you were a little tike. “ he smirked giving her a slap on the ass playfully, trying to bring his aussie shelia back into life. As they made their way out of the toilet he smiled as he looked around, he could hear Milo’s giggles over the crowd and the females awing at his cute giggles, all the while Greta was the only one holding him while she was eyeing off the other females. “Molly, Two pies with mushy pea’s yeah mate? And crank up the Aus rock!” he smirked as he looked back at Dixie with a smile.

CharlotteCarrendar: As the couple emerged from the loos, Molly heard Logan shout for Aussie pies with peas….and some Aussie rock to really get the place jumping. Molly did some sly moves across the timber floors and slammed his fist on the juke box.

The music came out and flooded the airwaves of the pub, as Dixie took Logan’s hand and danced him out to a small clearing in the crowd. This song was a classic but a favourite too many an Aussie or expat. The colour had returned to Dixie’s face and she did a little boot scoot as she let Logan take the lead. Greta was swaying back and forth holding onto Milo, who was gurgling happily. A few in the bar all cheered and sang along with the chorus. Molly tipped an imaginary hat and headed out the kitchen to put on Logan and Dixie’s order as the crowd all started to dance to the music that was playing. <3>

IceTe3a: He smirks as she started to wiggle and dance as she dragged him into a clearing on the dance floor, the music started pumping loud and you could see Dixie was once more her normal self. He returned in kind as he grabbed a hold of his Shelia and started dancing around with her, in a slight rock style. Spinning her outwards and back into his arms as they rocked around on the dance floor to the music. Milo’s playful screams of delight could just be heard over the music as Greta was wiggling him around to the music, everyone was enjoying themselves as they all started to dance around to the tune. He brought her in for a kiss and a reassuring hug then continued to dance around her, doing all sorts of wacky Aussie dance styles. He could smell the foods cooking as Molly was busy in the kitchen cooking up a few pies for them, but he was too busy dancing around like an idiot to care, as he picked Dixie up and swung her around the room in his arms, while smiling. Nothing could ruin a moment like this, it was perfect and he was enjoying every moment of it, even if it was only noon. He smirked slightly as he stopped and pulled her into a cuddle “Shall we eat and then get back to having fun?” he smirked.


CharlotteCarrendar:- Outside the cafe a black motorcycle pulls up with a rider and his lady. The girl gets off the bike and leaves her helmet on, as she motions to the rider who simply nods. She checks the licence plate of Dixie’s car and then looks into the cafe where she can see Logan dancing with Dixie being swung around the room. It was an idyllic opportunity, to create panic and to get a mark at the same time. Little did Dixie know that Logan had a price on his head. As Leader of the Nomads he was well known throughout Europe. The woman strolled into the cafe pub in a non chalant fashion, though a few people wondered why the woman had her biker helmet on. “Shall we eat and then get back to having fun?” Logan said to Dixie, who smiled and pulled away as she turned towards Greta who was still bouncing Milo in her arms. The next moment would be one that would have the entire room of people duck for cover. The biker pulled out a revolver and then made aim as she whistled through the helm. [b]”Time to die.” She fired two shots, before fleeing the room and jumping on the waiting motorcycle, that sped off into the traffic. Everything from that moment was in slow motion, as Dixie turned around and watched Logan fall. Blood splattering her clothes. ”NOOOO!”<3>

IceTe3a: He was laughing loudly as the music roared in the background, he watched as Dixie agreed they should go eat. As they walked towards the table he felt Dix pull away, he turns to look at her as she walked over to Greta and Milo. Chuckling as he ruffled his hair on the back of his head while watching the bright smile on both of their faces, then he heard the whistle as he glanced forward. A woman stood with a bike helmet blocking her face “Time to die” he heard her say as a smirk came across his face, his eyes piercing through the helmet with a deathly stare as the people in the room screamed in fear as the rogue woman pulled out a .45 revolver, two shots echo’d though the bar as the bullets ripped through his body with ease, spraying blood across the room. He heard the bike pull away on the street as he fell down onto his back with a grunt, blood trickling out of the fresh wounds as he grit his teeth and let out a half laugh “Heh.. I’ll have to take a raincheck on that pie” he said in a slightly pain filled voice as he heard Dixie scream out in terror, Milo started crying from the drama. His hues slowly look up to Dixie while he held a smile, his right arm slowly reaches for Dixie as a sigh escapes his lips, his body goes limp as he passes out from the shock caused from the gun shots.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Dixie had thought she left the world of the mafia and the people that had destroyed the Death club behind her, but in that split second her whole world was coming down around her. Greta pulled Milo close to her as Molly ushered his wife and Dixie’s child out of harm’s way as Dixie ran to where Logan fell. Her eyes wide and terrified as she took Logan’s hand and brought it to her lips. Stifling another scream from what she was seeing – the blood oozing out of his chest, she trembled as Logan slipped from consciousness. ”Logan?….LOGAN?!” Looking up as other patrons were now starting to crowd around them, Dixie screamed. ”Someone call an ambulance!!” The Aussie girl then pressed her hand down over where he had been shot as blood was spurting out onto her hand. A few people pulled out their cellphones and were calling for help, while the bikers outside were all tearing after the assassin who by now had a good head start. What was supposed to be a lunch out for the small family had turned into a nightmare. Dixie dragged Logan up to her lap and rocked back and forth, tears running down her face. ”SOMEONE HELP US!!” <3>

IceTe3a: The Ambulance came screaming down the street with its sirens blaring out loudly and the horn honking to move people aside, a drive by had taken place down at a local pub and one man was injured as they rushed towards the pub, pulling up in front of the pub, the two medics jumped out with their bags in hand as they raced through the crowd to find the man laying on the floor with a female screaming and crying out while cuddling him. “Miss, please give us room to work” they said as one ushered her away from logan’s body, which lay motionless on the floor. The other examined his gunshots while putting pressure pads on the wounds “Through and through, the pads will slow down the bleeding but there may be internal damage. We need to get him to the hospital fast” the other rushed out and came back with the trolley to help them move the man with ease. Soon the Police showed up and started to ask questions and get information from the witness’s. “ We’re taking him to the closest hospital, you can see him there.” they picked him up and put him on the trolley as they raced out towards the ambulance and pushed him into the back, then moved him onto a stable bed. One ran to the driver’s seat as the other started closing the doors while he sat in back. The police came up to Molly and started questioning him about what had happened and who was the man that got shot, the usual questions were asked.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The bright flashing lights of ambulances and the police were soon radiating off everything, as Logan was ushered onto a gurney and then raced out to the waiting ambulance. Molly was busy trying to recount everything he saw as were other witnesses that spoke of a helmet wearing gunman, who was thought to be a woman due to her body type. Milo was screaming in Greta’s arms, as Dixie followed the gurney out to the hospital, but then told that she would have to wait to see him again after they get him there. The doors were slammed shut as the ambulance then took off at speed. Dixie stood there not knowing what to do. It was a horror that could not even be described. Everything was fine…and then boom, Logan was taken away from her. Now fighting for his very life. Dixie felt like she was in a state of shock, would she even be able to drive in this state? The police approached her for more details, and she looked like a possum caught in the spot lights of a truck. One of the bikers that hadn’t taken off with the others after the assailant approached Dixie. He knew who she was, though he could see she wasn’t dealing with any of this at all. ”Dixie? Get Greta to look after the baby. I’ll take you to the hospital…okay?’ Dixie looked at this man, not even sure of who he was. She was in no state of mind to make decisions. Molly urged her to go with the biker, who asked for the keys to her car.”Come on..let me take you.” Trembling, she handed over the keys to her car and followed the biker to her car. <3>


IceTe3a: – The ambulance sped off as the man in the back took care of Logan’s wounds the best he could, administering an IV drip as he put pressure on the wounds to stop the bleeding. The Ambulance soon came to the hospital where the emergency team of doctors where waiting, they pulled him out and examined him while racing him to the emergency room. “He’s going to need to get under the knife now” they disappeared into the emergency room for hours on end as they cleaned out his wounds and stitched him back up, slowly they needed to reintroduce blood back into his body to account for the blood that had been lost. It took 12 hours under the knife and a few new scars, but Logan finally became stable enough, they kept him in the emergency room on the prep table for another two hours just to be sure. Once they were sure they released him into a private hospital room, where they placed him into the bed and tucked him in, the heart rate monitor beeping as per usual with his heart rate, whilst he laid there in a stable state almost sleeping it off.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Jackson, the biker that drove Dixie to the hospital stayed pretty much by her side as she waited hours while Ice went under the knife. Soon Molly and Greta arrived with baby Milo who was now sleeping after all the excitement had worn him out completely. Dixie was a bundle of nerves as she kept looking up every time a Doctor or Nurse walked past. Hours without any word were tearing her apart. Jackson brought back another coffee from the cafeteria and handed it to Dixie as he took a seat beside her. ”Any idea who would want to kill Logan?’ He said point blank. Dixie held the steaming cup of coffee in her hands and stared at him. ”I have no idea. He never spoke of any enemies. Not once.” Jackson nodded but pursed his lips together at the same time. ”You do realize how high up he is? Guy like him would be worth a mint dead.” This had Dixie growl. ”Stop saying that. You don’t know him.” Jackson shrugged and then went to light a cigarette, before a nurse came up and berated him, since it was against hospital policy.”Maybe…I do.” As this was said, Dixie just stared at Jackson oddly, before a Doctor finally came out. ”He pulled through. We have him in a private room. Just this way.” Dixie and the others all got up, Jackson was the last to rise. All followed the Doctor into the room where Logan was laying on a bed, with monitor’s beeping quietly in behind him. Dixie crossed the room and then just stood there, scared. ”Logan?”<3>

IceTe3a: His body was in a stable condition and slowly it was healing itself as it came over the shock of the wounds. He could hear Dixie’s voice echo though his ears but everything was darkness as he groaned slightly, by the time his eyes slowly opened it had been hours since everyone had entered his room. He coughed lightly and smiled as his eyes searched the room for his Dixie. “Where’s my Aussie girl?” he smiled lightly as he sat up slowly. His body still coming to terms with what happened, as his phone continued to vibrate from the messages that had been left. Obviously his boys had heard the news and were think and thin arguing about what they should do, retaliate or wait for orders, his arm stretched out as he yawned slightly and pat the bed he was laying on, asking Dixie to come lay with him. “Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you like that love” he chuckled and coughed lightly as he waited for her to come to him. He knew he had to answer his phone but that could wait for later, he just wanted her in his arms; he looked over to Molly and Greta who held sleeping Milo and he nodded in sign of thanks “Still wanting that Pie, Molly” he smirked as he looked back to Dixie.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Molly chuckled lightly especially to hear that Logan hadn’t lost his sense of humor. He quietly ushered Greta and Milo out of the room to give Dixie and Logan some privacy, while Jackson seemed to lurk, but then followed suit. As to why Jackson was hanging around, was anyone’s guess, but Dixie only had eyes for Logan. She did as he wished and she crawled onto the bed with him, lying at his side. Her eyes filled with worry and love at the same time. Dixie realized something enormous at that moment. Just how lost she would be if something had happened to him. She turned his head with her left hand and then kissed him softly. He would feel all the love she had for him as she broke the kiss and whispered. ”You had me so scared.” She couldn’t deny that, even if she tried. ”I don’t understand why someone would do this.” Maybe he had answers to that question. Dixie continued to stroke his hair, trying to calm herself, as much as to reassure him she was there for him. <3>


DownTown Seattle (7) – Lipstick Lies!


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Across town Ame and Simone are finally heading off to lunch, while Pandora stocks up.  Welcome to Lipstick Lies!



Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
August 12, 2014 10:22AM
Grocery Store

After Pandora gave Jane her address, she realized she didn’t have a lot of food in the house for 3 people for an entire weekend and needed to do some shopping. She went back to her house to pick up Brock’s truck as the bike didn’t have enough compartments for the items she wanted to get.

Grabbing a cart, she started in the fresh fruits and veggies section. Jane had mentioned that Jason wanted to cook for them and tried to recall items a good cook would want to have. The red grapes looked delicious as she passed them and she picked up a large bag.

She quickly made some selections in the other areas, also picking up some steaks, hamburger, chicken and pork chops, thinking she could slap them on the grill that evening. As she was passing the seafood/sushi bar area, the smell of cooked fish assaulted her nostrils and her stomach gave an all-mighty lurch. She pressed a hand over her mouth and one of the clerks saw her looking a bit green.

“Are you all right, miss?” the kind woman asked. Pandora quickly shook her head, griping the handle of her cart in one hand as the other was over her mouth. The clerk grabbed the cart with her hand and wrapped an arm around Pandora’s shoulder and together they moved away from the fish section. Pandora’s stomach heaved again and she thought she was going to be violently ill.

“Bathroom!” she gasped, not knowing how much longer she would be able to hang on.

“Almost there.” the clerk nodded in understanding. The sign for the restroom was directly in front of them and with a staggering lurch, Pandora left her cart and made a break for it.

She was just in time.

The clerk followed her into the bathroom just as Pandora was coughing up everything she’d eaten and drank that day. The smell was horrible but she couldn’t move away from it as her stomach emptied its contents. When she had nothing left and was down to a few dry heaves, she sat back with a sigh, the toilet flushing on its own and removing the smell with it. A cup of water appeared in front of her tear-filled eyes and she took it with a grateful smile. She swished the cool liquid around in her mouth before spitting it in the now-clean toilet then took a small sip to clear her throat.

She finally looked up at the clerk who had helped her.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah. That was horrible.” She got to her feet, a bit shaky. The clerk reached into the pocket of her apron and pulled out a package of crackers and a Lifesaver breath mint.

“Mhm. Morning sickness shouldn’t be called morning sickness when you have it all day long. Ridiculous. I think a man coined that term. Let him get pregnant, see how he likes it.” the clerk chuckled, turning away to refill Pandora’s cup of water. Pandora froze in shock at the word ‘pregnant’. The clerk turned back and noticed the look and became concerned all over again.

“Did you say…’pregnant’?” she gaped.

“Well…yeah. How far along are you?”

“I’m not pregnant!” Pandora exclaimed. The clerk’s eyes went wide.

“Oh my god! I am so sorry! I thought…oh nevermind what I thought. Having been there myself three times, I know what its like and I just assumed…I am so sorry.” the clerk apologized. Pandora waved her off.

“It’s ok. I did have some new type of coffee this morning. Don’t think I’m used to it yet.” Pandora smiled.

“Are you ok now?”

“I’m fine. I’ll nibble these crackers while I finish my shopping. Thank you for your help.”

“Any time. Enjoy the rest of your day.” the clerk smiled, leaving the bathroom. Pandora moved to the wall of sinks and mirrors, splashing some cold water on her face. She looked at herself in the mirror, noticing how pale and wan she looked.

“Pfft. Pregnant. I don’t think so.” she snorted. Drying her face and hands, she left the bathroom to finish her shopping.

As she was moving through the health aids section, she came across the home pregnancy tests. She stared at them for a full five minutes before shaking her head. “Nope.” She continued past them for the band aids before something made her pause. She backed up a pace, stopping in front of the tests again.

“What if…no…no chance of that happening…” she mumbled. “Still…couldn’t hurt to check…” Her hand reached out, hovering over one of them before she snapped her hand back. She gave a shaky laugh. “No…no way. I can’t be. But I want to be sure…right…” She snatched one off the shelf, tossed it in the cart and rapidly walked away before she changed her mind. It couldn’t hurt. She couldn’t remember if she and Brock used protection the last time they were together and she wasn’t sure if she was ready for that type of complication in her life. This would just be a way to ensure that.

She quickly checked out and loaded the bags into the truck. Now that the deed was done, there was no turning back. She got into the truck and headed for home.

Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
August 20, 2014 02:01PM
Outside Once Upon A Time

“Aye. Lunch at my place. Let me call my butler to get food prepared. What kind of food do you wish to eat?” Ame looked at Simone as she searched in her purse for her cell to call her house.

Ame though to herself, “Could Simone behave for the duration of her pregnancy? I guess only time will tell though I will have to make sure that she doesnt bring men into my home like she always had done before hand. Before all of this drama bullshit that went down.”

“I will be laying down some rules over lunch at my house then I will be needing help with the planning of the car photo shoot. Are you good with planning? Should we call up your assistent to help out as well?” Ame finally pulled out her cell, waiting for Simone to reply.

Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
August 20, 2014 08:42PM
Ame’s car – Downtown Seattle

“My assistant? OH…my personal assistant. Right.”

Simone took out her cell phone and started to scroll through the list of contacts that she had until she reached Rhea Bolushi’s number. She quickly tapped it and waited for the call to go through. On the other side of town at a business meeting with one of the stage producers for one of Simone’s upcoming gigs, Rhea was chewing her pencil and rolling her eyes as the costume designer was complaining about a lack of funding for some of the more outrageous outfits.

“I need more than just three thousand. You have to find a way to get others to cut back.”

Rhea felt the vibration of her phone and excused herself as she went to take the call.

“Rhea speaking.”

“Rhe!…It’s Simone. I know what you are going to say…”

Rhea made a duck face, as it had been ages since Simone had decided to contact her. Needless to say, the PA, was not impressed. “Oh, I think I can come up with a few words you have never heard of. Where the hell have you been? Do you know how… She turned away from the arguing producers and then stepped outside so she wasn’t to be heard.“boring these meetings are? Honest to God, I am going to throttle Louis with one of his own feather boas if he keeps bitching.” One of the Directors came out and walked past Rhea as she faked a smile then got back on the phone.

“This hiatus of yours…is a bit ridiculous. You are needed, Simone.”

Simone grimaced as Rhea gave her a bit of a mouthful, before covering the phone and smiling at Ame.

“She misses me.” That wasn’t exactly the truth.

“Simone…we need to catch up and I can fill you in on YOUR schedule. Okay?” Rhea was not pulling any punches, and she wanted a definite date. Simone saw this as a ripe opportunity. “I’m having lunch at Ame’s. Why not come down, I will text you the address. I know you are just going to love her. Got some business proposals.” Simone said with a bright smile as on the other end, Rhea was about to tear her hair out.

“Fine. I’ll see you within the hour. And…Ame.” Rhea then hung up, and pulled on her jacket, before going back into the meeting.


“Sorry, gentleman. My boss finally called in. I’m off to lunch. Just…hold the argument till I get back.”

Rhea would leave the men all sitting there stunned, as she grabbed her Gucci bag and swanned out of the room.

In the car, Simone beamed at Ame.

“I’m starved.”


(RP) 2989 Northwest Esplanade, Seattle – Lipstick Lies!


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Pandora is now setting up home on her own, with Brock off fighting a war a world away.  Thankfully, she has great friends who have come for the weekend.  Welcome to Lipstick Lies!



(RP) 2989 Northwest Esplanade, Seattle
June 06, 2014 11:38PM

2989 NW Esplanade is the new Seattle home to Brock Carrendar and Pandora LaRue. Brock purchased the house for Pandora while they were in Hawaii when Brock realized that Pandora was very uncomfortable living in his apartment complex with his brothers and fathers, and her apartment was too small for all their belongings. Come by for a visit!

Please state where your characters are in the house at the beginning of your post.

Basment/First Floor Area



Carrendar DynastyLadyBelzMinion!Despicable Me MinionDeath Club HeartLipstick Lies!Minions 2Minion
Re: (RP) 2989 Northwest Esplanade, Seattle
June 07, 2014 11:16AM
Second Floor Area



Carrendar DynastyLadyBelzMinion!Despicable Me MinionDeath Club HeartLipstick Lies!Minions 2Minion
Re: (RP) 2989 Northwest Esplanade, Seattle
August 13, 2014 02:57PM
Upstairs Bathroom

After putting away the groceries, Pandora went to her bedroom to put the few personal products in the bathroom, dropping the testing kit on the counter. She glanced at it as she left the bathroom again, nervously pacing her bedroom as thoughts crowded her mind.

“Okay…okay…calm down, Pan. It’s not the end of the world. So you…might…be pregnant…this could be a good thing…and if you are, at least you know it’s Brock’s.” she chuckled, tears springing to her eyes. “Okay, okay. Just do it and get it over with.”

She turned on her heel and went into the bathroom once again. She snatched up the box, reading the directions on how to perform the test. She sat on the toilet and took the test, setting the stick on the counter as she washed her hands.

“5 minutes…my life may or may not change in 5 minutes.” she mumbled, bent over the sink and staring at her pale face in the mirror. She needed to keep her mind occupied. She left the bathroom and headed downstairs.


She rifled through the contents of her kitchen, wondering what to fix for dinner.

“Spaghetti and garlic bread.” she stated, pulling out the items needed. She put on a pot of water to boil for the pasta noodles and flipped on the oven for the bread. She kept an eye on the wall clock as she kept an eye on the water, counting down the minutes.

She dumped the noodles in the pot as the water began to boil before turning down the heat and adding a small splash of vegetable oil to the water so the noodles didn’t stick together. Stirring the hamburger and sauce together, she covered the pan with a lid, turning down the heat on that as well.

Well beyond the time when the test was completed, she made her way back upstairs, rubbing her hands nervously. She paused on the threshhold of the bathroom, staring at one little innocent stick resting on the counter. She couldn’t see the results from where she stood, but she knew it was there.


“Just go look already. One small peek.” she whispered, swallowing a lump in her throat. Taking a deep breath, she stepped further into the bathroom. She moved toward the sink, her heart beating a mile a minute. She picked up the test stick with a shaky hand and bracing herself, she looked down.


She sat on the edge of the tub in shock, her legs no longer able to support her body.

“I’m pregnant!” she whispered. A sob caught in her throat. “I’m pregnant. Jesus, I’m pregnant!” she laughed, tears streaming down her cheeks. Her heart felt so full she didn’t know how to contain it.

It was at that moment that the doorbell rang.

“Oh my god! Jane and Jason!” she exclaimed. “My dinner!” She quickly splashed water on her flushed and tear-streaked face, quickly drying off before she rushed downstairs. She took a deep breath to calm herself before she plastered a smile on her face and opened the door.

Front Hall

Her friends stood on her porch, luggage in hand.

“Hey, come on in. Sorry to rush but I have dinner going on the stove.” she told them, rushing back into the kitchen. There were a few minutes left on the bread and the sauce was nearly ready. She dumped the cooked noodles into the strainer in the sink before she moved to hug them both.

“Welcome to my humble abode.” she finally greeted them properly.

Re: (RP) 2989 Northwest Esplanade, Seattle
August 16, 2014 07:21AM
2989 Northwest Esplanade, Seattle.

When Jane and Jason pulled up in the driveway of Pandora’s new home, Jane’s jaw fell open at the true beauty of the traditional style dwelling. So very different from what she imagined, and the photos she had seen of it on Pandora’s cell had truly not done it justice. Gushing, she slapped Jason’s arm playfully.

“Isn’t that the most gorgeous thing you ever did see?’ Bubbling with her enthusiasm, as much as ever. The ditzy blonde was practically bouncing in her seat, excited to be spending the weekend with Pandora and helping her with the garden. Jason could only smirk in response to Jane’s high pitch questioning. He on the other hand found the view in the front seat of the sedan to be more beautiful. “Oh I don’t know, I think you’re gorgeous.” Jason winked at Jane as she started to make a cat like pawing action at him, before undoing her seat belt and then fussing with the door. They had brought an overnight bag each, as well as gardening supplies, some plants and seedling packets in the boot. “You get the luggage and I will carry in the supplies.”

Once they had unloaded the car, and Jane had taken most of her gardening supplies to the garage, they then walked up the garden path and up onto the veranda.

Jason set down the luggage while Jane rang the bell only to see a flushed looking Pandora answer the door.

“Hey, come on in. Sorry to rush but I have dinner going on the stove.”

At that moment, she rushed back into the kitchen, and fussed madly about while Jason smirked and ushered his fiance’ inside. You could smell the richness of the garlic sauce and the benches were a bit of a sight. Jane giggled as she came in and came up alongside Pandora as she cooked, giving her a little hip bump as she was greeted in turn with a hug. Jason smiled broadly to see Pandora so full of life.


“I thought Brock was the chef in the house.” This was what he had heard, from the many times he had spoken to Pandora after she got back with Brock in Hawaii. He glanced over the simmering pot of spaghetti sauce and the cooked noodles in the strainer. He snuck over and sampled a string of pasta to see if it was perfect. He smacked his lips and said. “Not bad…could use a touch of salt.”

Jane squeaked. “Oh, it doesn’t need salt. Stop being so picky.” Jane hated to think that Jason was criticizing Pandora’s efforts. It was then Jane noticed that Pandora’s face was a little blotchy. She reached up and caressed her cheek softly.“Are you okay, Panda?” For some reason, everyone loved to call her Panda.

Jason picked up on this and wandered over, his brows knitting as he too became concerned. “Did we arrive at a bad time?’

It was a good question.


Re: (RP) 2989 Northwest Esplanade, Seattle
August 18, 2014 06:25AM

“Are you okay, Panda?” Jane asked, looking at her with some concern. Pan laughed off the question, though it sounded a bit forced on her part.

“I’m fine. Just fine. It’s warm in here, is all. And I was chopping an onion. No biggie.” she grinned. She wanted to cringe at how stupid she sounded.

Now Jason was looking at her with concern as well.

“Did we arrive at a bad time?”

“No…no. I’m just…happy you guys are here.” she smiled. “Oh! Manners. You guys want a beer or something?” she wondered, darting around them both to go to the fridge. “It’s just me here so I had to go shopping today. I did pick up some wine and a couple of cases of beer. Or I have soda, water and lemonade. Your choice. Just make yourselves at home.” she grinned. “I’m just going to go take your bags up to the guest room. I forgot to make up the bed in there so I’m going to go do that.” She turned off the sauce on the stove as it was done and removed the bread from the oven, glad she hadn’t burnt either.

She looked at them both. “Be right back. Go ahead and start eating if you’d like. Plates are in the cabinet next to the fridge and silverware are in the drawer next to the stove.” And with that she was out of the kitchen as if the hounds of hell were after her, leaving her friends staring after her.

It was a given that nobody had ever seen this side of Pandora and it was a bit shocking.

Pandora’s Bathroom

After making up the bed in the guest room and settling their things nearby to be unpacked later, Pandora darted into her own bathroom and sank down on the edge of the tub. The test stick was still sitting on the sink where she dropped it and she looked at it again to make sure she hadn’t imagined it.

Her emotions were all over the place and she couldn’t take it anymore. Her head dropped into her hands and she broke down into tears, trying to muffle her sobs so her friends couldn’t hear her (wishful thinking on her part).


Alone and pregnant…and missing Brock like crazy.

It was a lot to deal with.

Re: (RP) 2989 Northwest Esplanade, Seattle
August 18, 2014 08:02AM
The Kitchen

Both Jason and Jane just stood there as Pandora turned into this whirlwind. Talking one hundred miles per hour and darting about the kitchen like the Flash. It was concerning as it was unsettling to watch. The couple exchanged a glance, barely able to get a word in as Pandora snatched up their over night bags and dashed out of the room as though her tail was on fire.

When she was out of sight, Jane was the first to remark. “Okay…what in the hell was that?” She wasn’t stupid, well, anyone could see that something was deeply troubling Pandora and she was doing one hell of a performance to keep her guests from guessing. Neither felt like eating without her, and Jason was alert to there being something really wrong.

“Jane, love. You set up the table and get us all a drink, I am going upstairs to check on Pan.”


Jane immediately went to the fridge and took out a bottle of wine, and then turned to get some glasses, as Jason left the room.

Pandora’s Bathroom

Walking up the stairs, Jason cautiously looked around as he padded down to where Pandora’s room was. He peeked inside and whispered her name, only to see the bathroom door closed. From within, there was a muffled sound. The sound of crying. Sighing, Jason wandered through and then he hesitated before knocking lightly.

“Now…when have we ever kept secrets from each other, Pan?” He said in a soft voice. He pressed his hand to the door, and bowed his head, thinking that this might be a hormonal problem, coupled with the fact that Brock was away and Pandora was dealing with it all on her own.

“Best thing in the world, is to talk about our problems.”

He then stood back and waited for her to open the door.


Re: (RP) 2989 Northwest Esplanade, Seattle
August 18, 2014 08:09AM
Pandora’s Bathroom

Pandora heard the knock at the door and inhaled sharply. She had a feeling her friends knew she wasn’t being herself, and it was a testament to their short friendship that they knew her as well as she knew herself.

“What?” she snapped, wiping her face. She hated feeling so weak.

“Now…when have we ever kept secrets from each other, Pan?” she heard Jason’s voice come through the door. “Best thing in the world, is to talk about our problems.”

She could hear the concern, patience and worry in his voice and a fresh wave of tears blurred her vision. A lump formed in her throat and she couldn’t even form the words that were on the tip of her tongue. She swiped at her eyes again but her tears continued to fall without her permission.

“Oh what the hell! You’re going to find out one way or another.” she muttered, getting to her feet. She opened the door, pressed the test stick into his hand and moved to sit on her bed. She looked so sad and pathetic, it was heartbreaking.

Re: (RP) 2989 Northwest Esplanade, Seattle
August 18, 2014 08:17AM
Pandora’s Bathroom

The door finally opened and it was a tear streaked face that met Jason’s gaze. Before he had a chance to speak, she thrust a pregnancy test stick into his hand, blurting that he was going to find out one way or another. Letting her past, he stared down at the stick, and of course the result. The unmistakable two lines.

Pandora was pregnant.

Slowly, a smile crossed Jason’s face and he could feel a swell of happiness from within. “This explains a lot.” He was about to say that Jane would go crazy when she found out, only he then saw how sad Pandora looked. It really was a heart breaking sight.

“Pandora.” Jason always had THAT voice, when he was talking to a patient, but this was a little different given the circumstance. He crossed the floor and sat down on the bed beside her, placing an arm around her reassuringly. “Don’t go thinking you have to struggle with this all on your own, kiddo.” He drew her closer and held the stick out before them both.

“Do you know how many people pray for this sort of result?”

Jason kissed the top of her head as he knew she was still wrought with worry and sadness. It would have a lot to do with the fact that Brock was not there to celebrate this happy tiding. “Brock will be over the moon when he finds out.” This is something that Jason was sure of. Jason handed her back the stick and said; “You’re going to be a great Mommy.”


Re: (RP) 2989 Northwest Esplanade, Seattle
August 18, 2014 11:23PM
Pandora’s Bedroom

“Pandora.” Jason sighed, causing her to wince at his tone. The last time she heard that from him, she had been yelling at him and kicking him out of her hotel room. But he surprised her by sitting next to her and placing his arm around her shoulders.

“Don’t go thinking you have to struggle with this all on your own, kiddo. Do you know how many people pray for this sort of result? Brock will be over the moon when he finds out.”

“I know that, Jason…and I’m happy about it, despite everything…but…” she sighed, raking her fingers through her hair. “Brock’s not here. I don’t know where he is, if he’s safe, or when he’s coming back. I don’t know if he’s alive or dead. How am I supposed to tell our child about where he is and why he left us alone?”

She looked down at the stick pressed into her hand by Jason.

“You’re going to be a great Mommy.”

“Oh yes. Shining example of motherhood I had. Willing to sell her daughter’s body for an ounce of coke to her pimp husband.” she snorted. She looked at the two lines denoting her pregnant state before looking at Jason. “Do you think so?” She sounded so uncharacteristically lost.

As Jason rushed to reassure her that Pandora would be a fantastic mother, the sound of the doorbell pealed through the house. Frowning, Pandora went to the window and looked to see who could be at her door. Her eyes widened in shock and without a word to Jason, she ran from the room, flying down the stairs at a neck-breaking pace.

She tossed open the door and with a scream of happiness, enveloped the two young men who were standing on her porch.

“Oh my god! What are you guys doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be at school?” she exclaimed as she stepped back. Jason and Jane would see two identical young men standing in the door and most likely wonder who they were.

“We’re on summer break.” the one on the left said.

“And we decided to come see you.” stated the one on the right. Pandora threw her arms around them again as they shared a three-way hug.

“I am so glad to see you both. I’ve missed you so much.” Pandora whispered, tears clogging her throat.

“Hey, sis? What’s with the waterworks?” came the expected question. Pandora stepped back with a laugh, grabbing them by their hands and pulling them into the house.

“It’s nothing. I’ll tell you later.” She saw Jason and Jane and laughed, forgetting that her friends were there for the moment.

“Jason Lumbard, Jane Harrison – meet my brothers, Caleb and Caden.” she introduced.

“Nice to meet you!” the twins stated in unison, friendly smiles on their faces. Pandora looked at her brothers.

“How long are you guys in town for?”

Caleb looked at his brother in silent conversation before they both turned to look at their sister.

“Permanently, actually.” Caden stated. Pandora’s eyes widened.

“What? What about school? You can’t just up and leave like that!” she exclaimed.

“We didn’t.” Caleb told her. She glared at them both, hands on her hips.

“Explain! Now!” she demanded. In reply, Caden handed his sister a letter. “What’s this?”

“Read it, sis.” he urged. Frowning at them both, she directed her gaze down at the words on the paper. It was on college letterhead and it took her a moment to process what she was reading.

“Why does this say that you both have been accepted as transfers to Washington State?”

“Because we have.” Caleb grinned.

“You’re moving here?”

“Yes.” they both answered.


“One, to be close to you of course. And two, because they have a better medical program then the one back home.”

“Jesus, you two.” Pandora sniffled, hugging them both once more. “What am I going to do with you?”

“How about some food? I thought I smelled spaghetti.” Caden grinned.

“You did. We were just about to eat.” Pandora laughed. “And…we have a lot to talk about.” She realized she neglected to tell her brothers about her and Brock being together again…among other things. This was going to be an enlightening conversation – doubly so since Jane didn’t have a single idea about Pandora’s own abilities.

Re: (RP) 2989 Northwest Esplanade, Seattle
August 19, 2014 05:19AM
Pandora’s Kitchen

Jane was placing out the cutlery on the dining table, when she heard the doorbell ring. The blonde florist didn’t know that Pandora was expecting others, until she heard the sound of a scream from the second floor, and then Pandora coming flying down the stairs to greet whoever it was. Wiping her hands on her jeans, Jane started for the hall only to be met by Jason, who wasn’t as fast coming down the stairs. He had a bemused expression and naturally Jane was curious. She tugged at his shirt to pull him aside and whispered.

“What’s going on?” Thinking that Jason must have known by now as to why Pandora was acting so strange earlier. Jason silenced his love by kissing her lips and then winking. “It’s not for me to say.” He whispered back, before placing an arm around her and guiding the confused young blonde out into the foyer, where Pandora was greeting her brothers enthusiastically.

Being the gracious hostess that she was, Pandora lead the introductions.

“Jason Lumbard, Jane Harrison – meet my brothers, Caleb and Caden.”

The twins both chimed in that they were delighted to meet Jason and Jane, and Jason did a short wave while Jane was still prodding Jason’s side, trying to get more out of him of what happened upstairs. Jason slapped her backside to get her to quit and he then said.

“Nice to meet you boys.”


Jane grumbled then she put on her bright fifty watt smile. “Hello!” Her head tilting to the side and she said through gritted teeth to Jason. “I hate secrets.”

On hearing that the boys were hungry, Jane remembered that she had been setting places at the table. She dashed back into the kitchen to help get out the extra plates and cutlery needed while Jason could only smirk and nod at Pandora’s comment that there was a lot to discuss.

“Pan’s right about that.”


Re: (RP) 2989 Northwest Esplanade, Seattle
August 19, 2014 08:56PM

And so, over a nice dinner of spaghetti and garlic bread, Pandora told the same story to Jane (and in turn, her brothers) about Brock that she had given Erica the night of July 4th; who Brock really was, his abilities and powers, and why he wasn’t here now. She also told Jane about how she was able to light fires with a though, demonstrating quickly by lighting her own hand on fire and extinguishing the flames a moment later.

“I didn’t want anyone to find out, but it’s kind of necessary right now.” Pandora stated, taking a sip of ice tea.

“Why?” Caleb wondered. She set down her cup and took a deep breath. This was the moment of truth.

“I’m pregnant.” she stated, a small smile of happiness on her face.

Nobody said anything for a very long moment, making her nervous that she’d done something wrong. Caden was the first to react. He left his seat and approached his sister. Pandora was slightly worried about what he would do, but she had nothing to fear as he hauled her to her feet and pulled her into a tight hug.

“I am so happy for you, sis. This is awesome news.” Caden grinned.

“You’re not mad?”

“Mad? Why would I be mad about this? You’re going to be a mom!” he grinned, then his eyes went wide. “I’m going to be an uncle!” he cheered, fist pumping in the air. Caleb joined brother and sister in the happy little celebration.

“This kid is going to be spoiled rotten.” Caleb snickered.

Pandora smiled at her brothers, happy that they were happy about the new edition coming into their lives. She turned to look at Jane, who had yet to say a word.

“Janey? What do you think of all this?”


Carrendar DynastyLadyBelzA PirateA PirateRoleplayerLipstick Lies!SkypeA PirateA Pirate

Pandora finally turned to Jane to ask her take on all this, and for the first part Jane just sat there, with a grinning Jason sitting beside her.

“Janey? What do you think of all this?”

“I’m just….shocked. You must have conceived while we were all in Hawaii. Man, what did they put in those cocktails?”

It took a moment for Jane to get her head around it all, and when she did, she suddenly made a loud whooping sound.“You’re having a little bitty baby!” The ditzy blonde clapped repeatedly and Jason wrapped an arm around her as the penny finally dropped.

“Ooo you are going to have a baby belly for the wedding. I wonder if you should wear a floral dress…rather than the pink.” Jane wasn’t sure if she had asked Pandora to be her Matron of honor as yet, but in all the madness she was now blurting out things that had nothing to do with the baby.


666 Mockingbird Lane – Aeternam Venustas (RP) – TRC.


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666 Mockingbird Lane
Welcome to the home of Vladmir Dracula, Count Dracula.
He has come to this small hamlet, in search of something he’d thought lost many centuries before.
Along with his generals, Emilia and Rheksas, he has plans…many plans…
And this small town will never be the same again.
Vlad’s Mansion – Sitting Room

Vlad remained in his seat as Emilia paced and ranted at him. He wasn’t really listening, but thinking of how much he was disappointed in the young woman. He trusted her above all others, had been honest with her from the very beginning and she still did not heed his warnings. He could not recall one single instance in their centuries together where he encouraged her in her current behavior.


“I did everything you ever asked, including tonight, my….Lord. But again, you only care for that….woman. How many years..no how many centuries has it been? Hmm? And you still pine for her…I may be a General…but I am after all, a woman. A woman who has lived all these years loving but one man. My only crime is that I wasn’t enough for you.” And there it was, in the open for all to hear. He continued to stare at her, expressionless as he thought of what he should do. And still she issued ultimatums. “So, you have a choice, my Lord. End this life or banish me. It’s obvious I am no longer of use to you.” And she dared to stand before him, hands on hips, like a nagging fishwife? It was time to teach her who exactly was the Master and who was the Childe in this relationship.


His body was a blur as he launched himself from his seated position. The chair he had been in, slammed backward into the wall, smashing into pieces with the force of his ire. This went unnoticed as he pressed Emilia across the room into the wall, a single hand around her throat, his talons pressed tightly against her skin. His face was inches from her own and she would be able to see the rage in the blackness of his eyes.

“You dare!” he hissed. “I took you in when you had nowhere else to go! Your own pack tossed you aside and left you to die and out of the KINDNESS of my non-existent heart, I claimed you as My Childe! And you would dare challenge me in such a way!?” It had been many years since Vlad’s temper had been let loose in such a way, the last time had been just before he was turned. This was the first time ever that anyone had felt the full force of his rage. Emilia would be his target. “Not once have I EVER lead you to believe there would be more between us! Not ONCE did I give you ideas that I would take you as a lover! Yes, you are valuable to me! Your skills as an assassin are beyond reproach! But you are my CHILDE! And that is all you will EVER be to me!” he snarled.

Vlad had learned a lot about their race over the years and he had decided at one time that he was never going to do to one of his children that he was about to do to Emilia…but she had brought this upon herself.

“Rheksas! I know you are nearby! Present yourself before me!” he commanded, his aura flaring so heavily in the room that the candles that were lit flickered and died, leaving the room cloaked in shadows. He felt, more than saw Rheksas come up from behind him. Vlad kept his eyes on Emilia and spoke the ritual words to bind her lifeforce to that of Rheksas’s, in a sense, giving Emilia to the man as his blood-wife:

I, Vladmir Dracul, Lord of the Undead
Give of my servant, Emilia
Bound by Blood
To serve for all time
This man of Rheksas.

He shall take of her flesh
To forge this bond
Of Master to Wife
Blood to Blood

Let him forge this bond
With my curse
Forever more bound
Soul to soul.

We are Immortal.
We are Undying.
And nothing can sever
the bond they have sealed.

So I say it…so shall it be.

As Vlad spoke, his power could be felt exponentially and a thin thread of light, as red as blood began to form between Rheksas and Emilia. It was a power neither of them had felt before and had the effect of like being struck by lightning. It was controlled by Vlad alone, the power commanding Rheksas to take Emilia’s blood, to bind her to him forevermore as his Wife.

Vlad’s Mansion Sitting Room.


Vlad’s Mansion Sitting Room.

Was this to be the end of her existance  Years, thousands of years and it had all come down to this moment.  The Child deifies the Master.  Eyes burning as they stared each other down.  But they were not alone.  No, for the other in the triangle was watching, waiting in the shadows.  Rheksas.  The General of Vlad had also watched this game for many centuries, and while his own dead heart did smolder for Emilia he knew that he would never get a look in.  That was…until now.

Vlad was fast like lightning off his seat and rocketed across the room with Emilia caught in the grasp of his taloned claw.  Defiance would never ever be tolerated, but the girl was of worth, there was no mistaking this.  As much as he was angered to the point of just ending her, he also realized that he needed her for her skills and loyalty up till now had been flawless.  Struggling beneath the cold clasp of Vlad’s hand, electric blue eyes turned to that of Rheksas who was a looming shadow not far in behind.  What was he waiting for?  The words of his Master of course.  He did not want to see Emilia ended this way, but if it was the will of the Master than so be it.

Emilia’s face was riddled in the foul spittle of the Count’s rage as he berated her as a Master would of it’s child.  She had disobeyed him one last time and no more shall she ever think of herself as being anything more to him than a child….a servant.  Emilia shivered beneath the Count’s grip as the words rained down and hit her with a torrent to make her see just how she was in her longing for something that could never be.  She had remembered when the Count had taken her, when she was abandoned by her own – cast into the wilderness only to be accepted to the Count’s coven with an open hand.  Emilia would never bite that hand again.

“Rheksas! I know you are nearby! Present yourself before me!”  The Count ordered, still with his taloned hand buried deep around Emilia’s neck.

“My lord, I present myself unto you.”  This was said with a bow, as he slowly rose and continued to observe what well could be the General’s end.  His eyes locked on Emilia’s, waiting for the end.

It was then, much to the shock of both Generals, that the Count made his will known, and effectively gave the unlife of Emilia to the complete control of Rheksas.  Both were struck by the same shock of power that came from the Count’s decree.  A fine red line joined each to the other, as their bodies both shook and quaked as though struck by a lightning like force.  This blood binding was an ancient ritual, designed to ensure that the bond could never be broken, and each would continue to serve Vlad faithfully for eternity.  It also meant that Rheksas would gain the prize he had wanted for so long.  It was no secret to the Count of the General’s feelings for Emilia and now she could never say no.


The moment the Count released his grip from Emilia and stepped away, the General Rheksas moved to take his place.  Emilia was still pinned hard to the wall as though by the force of the ritual’s words.  Rheksas stared back at the Count, almost incredulously, before he moved his right hand up and swept back a portion of Emilia’s hair.  How he had longed for this moment.  He had touched her before, but only in care of her wellbeing.  This was to be the first touch of a husband to blood wife.  Eternal servants of Vladmir.  Emilia had no say.  She could not move even if she dared to try.  Her steel blue eyes met with the deep chocolate ones of Rheksas.  With speed he came down on her, sinking his fangs into the soft skin of her neck, and started to feed as her arms were seen reaching out around his body, fingers curling ever slightly.  Rheksas growled and took her with all the enjoyment of a man that loved the woman that was given unto him.  She tasted like no other, and he became almost intoxicated by her, her writhing only exciting him all the more.  This would surely be a show to watch and enjoy no doubt.

When Rheksas had taken his fill, he withdrew his fangs and then licked at the wound to make it close over.  But still his hands continued to wander over her.  She was now inside him, and Rheksas wanted to complete this union of blood in the most intimate way.  His lips moved from her neck up to her chin, then closed over her mouth and hungrily feasted on her tongue.  Emilia put up little resistance to his intentions.  She could no longer fight what was her new Master – her husband.  Slowing, the General moved back slightly, and then pressed his lips to Emilia’s forehead, before turning back to his Lord, the Count.

“My blood wife will no longer be a problem to you, my Lord.”  Rheksas’s lips were still wet from his new bride’s blood and he licked his lips with a half smile.  This had worked out better than he imagined.  Rheksas would keep Emila well under his watch, and between them, they would continue to serve the Count as they had done…now without issue.  Emila remained quiet, the anger had been released out of her when Rheksas fed.  She knew best not to disobey and kept close to Rheksas.


The Kitchen (3) – A Fallen Mansion.


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As the Giant gets a good hearty meal at the Kitchen, tension is easing betweeen Zero and Bridgette.  



Re: Kitchen
August 13, 2014 02:48PM
Alexander headed back in the hallway. He noticed the woman and vampire still there conversing, on friendlier terms now. Such oddities occurred in this place, some confused Alexander to an extent that he was forced to simply ignore if he was to stay sane.

Avoiding any kind of eye contact with the two, he instead turned his eyes to where he had left the large bouquet of flowers. A sigh of relief as he saw them on a stand table in the hallway. Walking over and gently picking them up, he made sure none of them were damaged as he made his way back in the kitchen where Ember was getting the vases ready.

As he made his way back in, he noticed the two others leaving, making Alexander a bit relieved. He disliked crowded areas the most. Noticing Ember by the sink filling the vases. He placed the flowers down op top of a counter and took out his pocket knife, starting to trim them to the appropriate length to fit the vases.

Re: Kitchen
August 13, 2014 03:07PM
Ember was glad when the other two left. Not that they seemed to notice she was there but they had been a bit loud and she didnt like many people around. She noticed the flower smell before they were put on the counter. She looked at them glad they were not damaged. Even the rose she had used before as a whip was back to normal and wasnt harmed.

She looked at Alexander as he trimmed them to the right lengths. She separated the flowers arranging them in bouquets for each vase. She arranged them over and over a few times till she thought they looked perfectly gathered. “How does that look? Or do you think they need rearranged?” She asked him wanting his opinion.

Re: Kitchen
August 13, 2014 08:20PM
The Kitchen

To feel Zero tense beneath the placement of her hand, the young baker again could sense the internal conflict that was affecting his moods. Bridgette was not a violent person, nor was she one normally to lash out in anger. When she had slapped Zero a short time ago, it was out of fear partially, but also shock. She just was not used to anyone speaking to her at all, and the first person to pay her any real attention had accused her of a crime she was blind too.

As Zero stood his ground but remained mute to her answers as to why he suddenly was able to see color in his world, the french maid kept her hand pressed to his chest. She could have drawn it back at any time, but for some reason it was like this single gesture may have been a turning point for both of them. She had not ever reached out to anyone, and it was unusual that she was doing this to the same man who had just attacked her both physically and verbally.


As his temper ebbed away like the drawing out of the tide, Bridgette let out a breath slowly. Her eyes were locked onto his, fixed in his gaze and unable to look away. Zero’s eyes were mesmerizing and in fact they were the most beautiful hue of ember she had ever seen.

“I’m Zero.”

At last an introduction. The man was more than capable of being a gentleman after all. Had he put up similar walls to keep out other people in the mansion like she had? Shying away from having to integrate and be social. Realizing she still was touching him with her hand, she drew it back slowly and then uttered her name.

“Bridgette.” She had a last name, and a pretty one at that, but she felt her first name was much more…personal. And then in an act of respect, she gripped her skirts and dropped a small curtsy as was customary to someone she regarded as…a noble person. Her head bowed slightly, as she found the colour of pink rising to her cheeks.

“I am….sorry for my reaction..to …le book.” Bridgette was trying to show that she did not wish ill between them. It was hard enough being trapped in a mansion and then having enemies, or people you had to avoid.


Re: Kitchen
August 13, 2014 08:32PM
Alexander smiled as he shook his head at her question. He did the finals snips before glancing over to her, a look of calm on his face now as he was able to relax his nerves. Placing down the knife, he rested his hands on top of the wooden table as he leaned foreword a bit, releasing a soft sigh.

“Forgive me for having placed you in such a position Ember. I should have tried to avoid that situation instead of interfering, as from the looks of it, she did not even wish to be helped. I have placed you in a unnecessary and dangerous situation which…had shaken you up.”

He had apologized before to her, however, he did not feel it was enough. Seeing her shaking and crying just moments before, made him feel even more responsible for it than before.

“Forgive me..” He spoke as he slipped his hand on top of her own, meeting his eyes with his own apologetic ones.

Re: Kitchen
August 13, 2014 08:59PM
Ember looked at him as he spoke to her. “Alexander you dont have to keep asking forgiveness. If you wouldnt have stopped and interfeared then I would have. I wouldnt be able to walk by and leave her in that man’s grip.” She sighed lightly. “She put on a brave face and all, but she did need some help. Us showing up got him to let her go. Put us in an uncomfortable position but we got through it unharmed. Perhaps upset and shaken but everything is alright now.” She told him.

She glanced at his hand as he placed it on hers. She looked up and met his eyes. “You have already been forgiven. Dont worry about it everything is alright now.” She smiled at him lightly. “Now come on lets get these flowers in the vases and then find where they are going to go.” She told him hoping to lighten the mood. She didnt want him beating himself up over what had happened.

Re: Kitchen
August 14, 2014 02:34PM
The events of the evening were tuning out differently than Zero had expected. Honestly it was odd. Here he was, standing, breathless, with a little maid, who seemed to forgive him for everything, and he couldn’t help but feel the want, the need, to be closer. To get closer. To learn more, everything, about this…
He repeated softly and then inhaled deeply. They were pretty close to each other and…had her scent always been this intoxicating? His nose crinkled slightly as his brain tried to flush out the foreign thoughts. Strange. He felt strange, but was more welcoming to the changes now and just sat there taking it.
Golden hues watched her do a little curtsy, which threw him off even more. Should he be bowing? Was there a social code he was failing to know? As her head bowed he took a moment to really look over her, instead of creepily staring at her from behind like he had in the kitchen. Her hair was shining and a deep chocolate, a color he’d only really seen on her so far. She was petite and yet strong, muscle wise, human wise, that was. And clearly she was graceful when not being thrown around by a raging psychopath. Her cheeks were different now and he tilted his head in silent confusion.
Why? Was she ill?
“No.” Zero said swiftly, raising a hand and waving a hand, like he was clearing the air around them. “The book…It was clearly my fault. I was…an inconsiderate idiot.” He huffed, feeling his pride being torn about before him. Why was he suddenly saying all this?! He glanced to the stacked pages. A new found determination set it.
“I’ll fix it and bind it, as well as speak to the library.” The butler offered, seemingly satisfied with his words. Then he was back to Bridgette and a thought crossed his mind. There was a word for this that the bigo–er—people around the mansion used. A relationship of sorts.
“Are we…friends?” Hopeful. “I’ve never had one. But I think I will like it.” He was so sure. It couldn’t be terrible…Everybody had them!

Re: Kitchen
August 14, 2014 07:54PM
The Kitchen

Zero’s offer to fix the book by binding it and then speaking to those that ran the library brought about a rare smile from the small french baker. It was generous, and to think she may never cook those delicious recipes again had made her react as she did earlier. Now, there was a new hope. Bridgette was not one to hold onto anger. It passed much like that of a winter storm, only to have the warm rays of sun – be it her smile that shone through at the end.

Bridgette had not moved from her place whilst speaking to Zero, so they were still standing so incredibly close. His animated hand gestures only added weight to his speech that he meant every word, and was sincere. It was all one could hope for really.

“Are we friends?…”I’ve never had one. But I think I will like it.” the Vampire butler said. Truth be told, the french maid had no friends in this house, and as she considered his question, she could not see the harm in it. They had met under the most bizarre of circumstances. She caused him to feel pain and then see color in his black and white world, while his rampaging had brought about the end of her beloved book. Now, they saw each other in a different light, and friendship could now blossom from the heady exchange of emotions.

“Oui…we…can be friends, Zero..” There, she said it. A truce and a new friendship. “You ..are my first..er..friend. My only..” Those words were true. She had not allowed anyone close to her until now. Perhaps this was a good change for both of them.

“Shall…we go to …the library?” Bridgette thought they might have book binding equipment there. One never knew until they looked.


Re: Kitchen
August 14, 2014 09:14PM
Ember reassured him that he did not have to keep apologizing. And with a sigh, he nodded his head and decided to accept it as it was. She told him she would have done it herself if he had not, which frightened him a bit. Only God knew what would have happened to her if she tried to oppose that brute. Ember was a bit fierce and, but to him, also fragile. He could not let her get hurt or he would be devastated. She was the first he had connected with like this so far. So he wanted to treasure it.

She told him to quickly get things done so they may go on and put these around the place. With a nod of his head, he worked quickly and got the vases done. Picking three up in his arms, he thought as to where to put these at. He looked over at Ember before speaking.

“Any place you desire to put some of these in?”

Re: Kitchen
August 14, 2014 09:57PM
Ember looked at the vases of flowers thinking. “Well we can put some in the dinning room. Though the two that left went in there so might want to wait a bit.” She bit her lip thinking. “Maybe put some in the halls.” She said. “Where do you want to put some?” She asked him. She did want to avoid rooms where others were.

She fluttered her wings lightly. “We could use some more color all over but I dont want to have to cut that many flowers. If we did there would be no flowers in the garden. Maybe we could see if Ophelia could get some bright false flowers for us to use everywhere else. “It would still add color without harming the actual flowers.” She told him. She picked up some of the vases and smelled the sweet flowers.

Re: Kitchen new
August 15, 2014 10:46AM
Alexander noticed her reluctance to go anywhere right now as the place was mostly crowded with the other members of the household. It was during such a time that they all came out of their chambers and wandered the social areas. More than honestly, he did not really wish to be in the presence of any of them currently either.

“I think we can wait and rest for a bit. While we are at it, we can even prepare something for ourselves to enjoy while being here. I dislike dining in a place where i must socialize with multiple people. It is a headache.’

He placed the pots back down and offered her a smile before going to check the counters for anything they would have available to prepare for themselves.

Re: Kitchen
August 15, 2014 12:15PM
It felt like the rays from the sunlight that’d he once hated. It made the events and the ill feelings slowly drain away. It made him a bit sick to think about this mushy gushy fluttering when Bridgette accepted the proposal to become friends. He tried not to smile, but never the less his lips twitched upwards ever so slightly.
Good. They were together alone. It was odd to put it that way but with both of them lacking friendships it seemed to be the best description. He’d not have to go through the awkwardness alone, if there was any to be had. He imagined, per this friendship thing actually work out for the two of them, that they’d both look back onto this day and laugh. And that pleased him even more.
“Yes. The library. I’ve never been.”
Zero admitted. The whole time he’d existed in the mansion he hadn’t bothered to care or even inquire as to where the library was. He refused to cater to the patrons so other butlers had to go there. It was a place of knowledge and that was still something he was afraid of. The truth. Why they were here. Who they were. And so on and so forth.
“Lead the way.”
With that he stepped over to the pile of papers and selected them in his hands carefully, wondering what the nit picky librarians would say about this mess and he sighed a bit, hoping things didn’t get as tense as they had been. After Bridgette began to walk he’d follow her, staying slightly behind her and to the right so that he wasn’t just trailing along but could actually uphold a conversation with her.
“What is your favorite color?” He’d question after they departed the kitchens, hoping it’d be enough to keep up until their arrival.

Re: Kitchen
August 15, 2014 02:54PM
Ember nodded agreeing to wait for a little bit but the more they would wait the more people that would most likely show up. “I usually just sit and eat. No one really socializes with me. Well you seem to now but before you no one really even looked at me. Kinda hurt when they wouldnt notice I was there and hit my wings.” She said.

She looked around the kitchen and bit her lip. “I dont know how to cook really. And I dont know what we can fix that the chefs wont use. Dont really want to get in trouble with them.” she said. She looked around chewing her lip trying to think of what wasnt used just for cooking that could be quick to fix.

Re: Kitchen
August 15, 2014 03:41PM
“Hm..i am not the best cook either..but i am sure we can try something…ah!”

Alexander replied as he was looking through the pantry until it struck him. There was one very simple dish that he could make with ease. Not something fancy, but he hoped it would satisfy Ember.

“Omelet, that i can make without turning the kitchen upside down. But, if it is not to your liking i can try to think of something else?”

Turning to face her, Alexander leaned against one of the counters and began to pull up his sleeves before going to wash his hands and grabbing some eggs. If she would agree, he would then ask her politely to pick the vegetables she liked to add to the dish. He was not a picky man. All vegetables were t his liking so anything she would choose would not be of a problem to him.

Re: Kitchen
August 15, 2014 04:03PM
“An omelet sounds good.” Ember said. She looked around and thought of what was good on omelets. She got some tomatoes and a few spices and herbs as well as some ham and cheese. “From what I know all of these go great with omelets.” She told him wondering if he agreed or not.

She washed her hands carefully. After she was done she found a cutting board and started cutting the tomatoes up as well as chopping some of the herbs. She was trying to be careful not to cut herself. She had a feeling that she hadnt really cooked before she she was doing her best not to mess anything up. She was still worried that the cooks would come in and get mad.

Re: Kitchen
August 16, 2014 03:22AM
The Kitchen

Bridgette was a little surprised that the Vampire had never been to the library. She assumed that as he was a butler that he would have seen to ever part of the mansion. The French maid blinked, but then answered politely. ”It has a wealth of books on many…er thingz.” Though the maid herself had only stolen herself into the library a few times – the one time where she found the treasured cook book, she had to admit it was a place where you could go and find the most amazing treasures for the mind and heart.
”I can..take you.” Bridgette stepped back, her long skirt sweeping over the carpeted hall way. At first she was nervous to take a step forward, hesitating ever slightly. Then taking in a breath she started off in the direction of the library. Bridgette could feel the Vampire’s presence was close in behind her so she paced herself carefully. When she had time later, the young French baker would thank those two kind people that had stepped in earlier, and explain how quickly the quarrel had turned into something more.

Walking with her hands held together – fingers intertwined, Bridgette answered Zero’s question about what her favourite colour was. She actually slowed her pace and thought about this. The type of colour she liked might show an insight into her personality, and she was happy to respond.

”Gold. The colour of the morning sun as it comes…over the horizon. It…er…reprezentz….a new day…a new beginning.”As she was a baker, she always tried to get up before sunrise…just to see it. It was the one thing she could count on. Standing in the cool of the empty kitchen, the rays of golden light would welcome her every morning….like an old friend.

”We..are almost there.’ Bridgette said, turning the last corner to face the doorway to the Library. <3>


The Kitchen (2) – A Fallen Mansion.


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Bridgette is still in the clutches of the Vampire Butler – Zero, but others are always moving about the Mansion, including the Giant Duggie, and the Kitsune.



Re: Kitchen
August 11, 2014 06:35AM

As Niko approached the kitchens with his new companion in tow, the tension in the air was quite palpable. In fact it was making his hair stand on end just a bit. Luckily for him he didn’t really feel like he had a lot to worry about, the kitchens were his domain and his giant companion was intimidating on his own. He sideways glanced at the baker girl with curiosity as he stepped on into the kitchen, whatever trouble she had gotten herself into with the angry butler were her own problems. Niko could be fickle and selfish like that, sometimes he wanted to stir the pot and other times he wanted nothing to do with other people’s troubles. “This way my friend, ignore the caveman and the damsel, unless you want drama” Niko smirked, waving to Bridgette as he skipped into the kitchen.

Entering the kitchen with his hands on his hips, he narrowed his eyes as he looked around. Even though the kitchen was technically a common area, Niko was very protective of the kitchen and hated when people didn’t bother putting things away or in the wrong spot. When they did it was hell trying to coordinate dinner with the other chefs for the household. Once he decided that his area was in order, he was content to get on with business. Closing his eyes, he began to take in the cacophony of smells, enjoying each one as he gradually filtered through them trying to find the one from the shirt. He stood there a long while in silence before sighing and shrugging his shoulders. He couldn’t pick up a strong scent here so that probably meant she hadn’t been here recently, least of all not in the last several hours.

“I don’t think she’s been in here recently…..” he said with a pout. He figured it was going to be easy to find her, everyone had to eat so her scent should have been there. However it wasn’t strong enough to tell where she came or went from, so it wasn’t use mentioning. “I could use a snack, you hungry?” he perked up, throwing open the doors to the cabinets as he scanned the contents for ideas. Pancakes? Cookies? Grilled cheese? It was hard to decide with so many possibilities!



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Re: Kitchen
August 11, 2014 07:10AM
The Kitchen

Playing the Giant – Douglas

The doorways that lead to different rooms were only so high. More than adequate for your average size human, but when you are a giant, they are a little bit on the short side. Following his new companion in the search for the gold thief, the Giant happened upon the small group that included the Vampire butler, the french baker and the other couple, that all appeared to be in a stand off of sorts. The fox had a point that it was probably a good idea to ignore the fuss, since the Giant had more pressing matters, like ringing the thief’s neck. Rather than acknowledge the gathering, he merely sneered at them and turned to walk through the kitchen door way…which he hit…with his head.

“Damned confounded…ill made piece of CRAP!” Yes, he meant the door frame, which had a rather nasty dent in it. The Giant lowered his frame slightly and ducked under the door frame; making his way into the Mansion’s kitchen. The work place of the Fox and the heart of the Mansion.

As one would expect, the kitchen was in pristine condition, thanks to one of the other chefs having cleaned up after the Vampire had made a mess. The floors, bench tops and other surfaces were all spotless. There was the heavenly scent of the french rolls and pastries that the French baker had made earlier, and it didn’t take long for the Giant to find them. In fact, he was about to pop one of the delicious morsels into his mouth, when the Fox declared that the girl the Giant searched for, had not been in the Kitchen’s recently. That meant one thing. She was obviously not a member of the kitchen staff, and thus, she could be ticked off that list of workers.

“Meh!” Duggie blurted as his search in the kitchen would come to nothing. The good part was, that the Giant was a bit peckish. In fact, he could eat a stag, and have room for desert. The fox was offering to cook up something, which really was very nice of him. It was his job after all. The Giant stroked his ginger and silver beard, and then gave a nod.

The hunt could continue, right after he had a good feed.

Sitting himself down on what would be the meat cutting board, the Giant asked;

“Got any baby back ribs?”


Re: Kitchen
August 11, 2014 09:28AM
Relief. It was a cool and enjoyable emotion that feverishly tore it’s way through the Carpathian when the little maid didn’t just run off at the speed of light. He DID want to apologize. He KNEW he was being a horse’s ass. But at the same time he wasn’t about to just let Sir Lancelot, the name he’d given the guy with the massive hair, ride in and take away his…girl? No. His…
The words failed him as the male seemed to back down and agreed to part ways from there on. Zero’s shoulders seemed to relax but his eyes were still aflame with protection, overly so, and readiness to pounce into action and start throwing punches. Just then, just when he thought that there would be a break and the two would scoot on their way, the little fairy woman met his gaze and decided it wise to step closer.
It was a moment of miscalculation on both ends. The closer she got the more Zero got on edge, like the hair standing up on a spooked cat, and the more tense he became the harder it was to control the urge to snap around and begin breaking things. This overbearing anger he’d lived with for centuries, he didn’t know any better.
The butler shifted slightly, ignoring the new arrivals who tromped right to the kitchen – they were quite wise -, and turned his head to watch the fairy, Alexander now down the hall to his right, the two girls at his left. Then the fairy woman touched Bridgette’s wrist and a warning sounded, a single throaty snarl that broke the silence of the tension riddled hallway.
It seemed like ages but finally the two were on their way, seemingly, and the Carpathian’s gaze lessened and faded back to a golden tint and then the awkwardness set in. He didn’t look at the baker, not wanting to process what had just happened, and decided to kneel down, picking up the loose papers one at a time and seemingly interested in their order, making sure it was numerical.
He didn’t speak.
It was evolving, the raging monster within him was. He’d do whatever this girl said, but she didn’t realize that yet, thankfully. He’d protect her…Which would come off as unwanted help. This he knew. He knew he’d just be lounging in the shadows. It was the only thing he wanted. The closeness. And the only way he knew how to express it was to be brash.
A huff.
Making a mental note to work on his attitude, he kept cleaning up the papers. Finally asking the question that was tearing away at him internally.
“Did I actually hurt you?”

Re: Kitchen
August 11, 2014 10:40AM

Alexander’s tone took that of a slight panicked one as Ember pulled away from him and headed past the vampire towards the other woman. He noticed the tension in the other man rise as he glared daggers at Ember. As she got closer to the baker, she took hold of her wrist, which made the vampire jump and release a snarl.

“Do not dare..”

Alexander shot him a warning through gritted teeth. As Ember spoke to the woman and returned to him, he released a sigh of relief. Taking hold of her hand, he held tightly on to it, afraid she might try to do something rash once more. He began to pull her in the kitchen and away from the other two, just as two other people walked in…well..calling them people was probably not the right term since one seemed to have cat like ears and a tail attacked while one was naturally huge. Leading to him hitting the wall above the doorway as he tried to walk in. Hurriedly he pulled Ember to the back of the kitchen where all the plates, silverware and vases were. Once there, releasing his tight grip on her hand and letting out a breath of relief.

As he calmed down his racing heart, he turned to Ember now with an almost upset look in his eyes, his brows furrowed.

“That was so dangerous and uncalled for!”

He began as he turned to face her. The anger quickly fading through as he took hold of her shoulders and looked her over.

“Did he hurt you by any chance while you passed him? Tell me quickly if i have missed anything he might have done to you. Such a man that treats women with such disrespect cannot be forgiven!”

As he realized that the other two individuals were also in the kitchen having a snack while conversing, Alexander quickly lowered his voice. Releasing his grip on Ember as he covered his mouth, lowering his gaze and turning his head away a bit with a soft apology at his behavior.

Re: Kitchen
August 11, 2014 12:49PM
Ember was trying to keep calm as Alexander took her in the kitchen. She was still lightly trembling but seemed in a daze. When he spoke she jumped slightly not expecting him to say anything, much less in a loud voice. She looked at him and noticed the upset look on his face. Was he mad at her? Disappointed? She wasnt sure but she didnt like it. Her eyes became watery as she was close to tears. She was still recovering from all the tension and fear and now he was upset with her.

“I had to make sure she was alright. I couldnt just leave her without checking.” She told him. Even her voice was trembling and it cracked. She could see the anger fade away as he grabbed her shoulders.

“He didnt hurt me. He may have wanted to but he didnt.” She said to him. As he let her go she seemed to slide down to where she was sitting on the floor. His grip had kept her up longer than her legs were willing to. On the floor she hugged her knees and put her forehead on them as her tears finally spilt over and ran down her face.

She trembled still with fear and now with her sobs. Something about that mad had terrified her. And it wasnt just how he was but how it felt she had met someone like him. Possessive, abusive, cruel. She couldnt remember who she had met like that. It was in her missing memories. But the feeling that she once knew someone like that, that she had been on the receiving end of the person’s cruelties terrified her.

She had heard Alexander apologize for his behavior but she was crying too hard to speak to him. Too scared of what her past held. But she wanted to know what it help. What happened to her?

Re: Kitchen
August 11, 2014 03:17PM

“Ribs? As a snack? You’ll ruin your dinner” Niko scolded with a wag of his finger. It was incredibly annoying to slave away in the kitchen making dinner for the entire household, and then someone decided to eat only a hour before so they’re not hungry and a plate goes to waste. Although on second thought with the size of the giant it was entirely possible ribs were just a snack for him, he looked like he could eat a whole cow as an appetizer.

“Fine, I’ll see what we’ve got” he huffed, opening the doors to the enormous refrigerator/meat locker to see what they had in storage. He remembered distinctly coming in to work with the smell of braised ribs the other day, so if there were any left they’d probably be hidden away in here. And if they were all gone, the giant would just have to settle, because Niko did not feel like waiting around several hours to slow cook ribs to perfection.

“Oh lucky you, there’s leftovers” Niko called out, huffing and puffing as he carried a whole half rack covered in foil to the counter. There was no name on the wrappings so that meant fair game in a kitchen like this. He hummed to himself as he ventured over to preheat the oven and from there went to the closet to retrieve his apron, washed and rinsed his hands in the sink, and then set about unwrapping and plating the ribs. Since they’d been in the freezer they needed to thaw for a bit, so that gave Niko time to make new sauce. He pulled whiskey from the cabinet, some ketchup, dark brown sugar and a cup of vinegar from the fridge and mixed them in a bowl. Tasting it with his finger, he returned to the fridge for lemon juice and the cabinet for Worcestershire sauce and added those to the bowl as well. Satisfied with the taste he poured the sauce into a saucepan and began to heat it on the stove. As he cooked Niko seemed to be in his own little world, blocking out anyone and anything else that might interrupt him. His eyes glazed over like he was reminiscing about memories, despite the fact no one remembered anything before the mansion. Once the oven was done heating, he took the ribs out and painted them up with his fresh sauce, he set them down on the counter with a huff of effort.

“Eat up” Niko sighed happily, resting his elbows on the counter and his chin in his hands. He’d get around to cleaning up while the giant ate, but for now he just wanted to bask in the aroma of food. Nothing else made him happier, aside from eating that is.

Re: Kitchen
August 11, 2014 05:39PM
Alexander was taken by surprise when Ember began shaking, her eyes filled with tears before she keeled down and cried while hugging her knees tightly to her chest. At this point, Alexander looked a bit panicked. What had he done? What did he say?! Should he apologize to her once more? Kneeling down in front of her, he looked to her with sincere worry.

He whispered her name before reaching a hesitant hand towards her and gently pressing it against the top of her head. She was very shaken, and for what reason, he did not understand. He didnt know if he was at fault but…at this point he felt responsible. They were hidden behind the shelving of the silverware and plates, out of the view of the other two in the kitchen.

Bitting down on his bottom lip, he finally could not hold back any longer as he took hold of her shoulders and pulled her against his frame in a tight embrace. The need to hold her tightly and comfort her took over.

“Sh…its ok, i wont let anything hurt you i promise.” He whispered to her soothingly as he gently pulled her in his lap while sitting against the nearest wall. His arms wrapped tightly around her small frame to subdue her shaking.

Re: Kitchen
August 11, 2014 06:27PM
Ember didnt react to him at all until he grabbed her shoulders and pulled her against him. She let go of her knees to keep from going off balance. Still upset though she gripped onto him and ended up with her face in his collar. She grunted lightly as she was moved, almost like a rag doll, and was placed in his lap.

Him holding her seemed to help her calm down. She didnt feel so alone. And he wasnt hurting her. Though being held and comforted felt very new to her. It took her a few minutes to stop crying and trembling. She coughed as she tried to catch her breath. Her head hurt as well. She relaxed the death grip she had on Alexander but didnt fully let go. “Im sorry.” She said quietly.

She lifted her head and looked at him. Her eyes were puffy and red from the crying. “Im sorry. I didnt mean to upset you. Or worry you. But I couldnt go without making sure she was alright.” She looked down. “That man… The way he acted triggered something. Before I came here and lost my memories I must have known someone like him. Been a victim of whoever it was. I dont understand it but it terrifies me.” She explained. She felt he deserved an explanation for her breakdown. “Thank you for not leaving me to cry alone.”

She took a deep breath still recovering. She became aware of his arms around her. A light blush formed as she looked at him. “Um… Where are the flowers? Th…They need to be placed in water. They’ve gone too long without it already.” She told him trying to go back to normalcy.

Re: Kitchen
August 12, 2014 06:03AM
The Kitchen – Just outside

Playing Bridgette

The French baker had not ever been the centre of attention before in her time at the Mansion. To feel the girl approach her even in the face of the angered Zero, she naturally shied away when asked if she would ask for help if needed. A slow nod was her only response, for she could hear Zero growling in the back ground, and the last thing she wanted was for him to lay a hand on the other girl. The other gentleman drew the girl back to him, and together they moved on from the scene, leaving Bridgette and Zero alone once more. Another pair had been past and gone straight into the kitchen, but thankfully they knew better than to get involved in the disagreement.

Bridgette released something of a sigh of relief when at last silence had returned. The Vampire Butler’s eyes returned to their ember hue and the knelt down and started to pick up the last of the fallen books pages, one by one. He made sure they were in numerical order and tapped them on the floor as they were finally back in a sense of order. The French baker didn’t leave his side. For some reason, Bridgette felt they had unfinished words to say to the other.

”Hmmph. Did I actually hurt you?”

The French baker did not answer straight away. She glanced down at her swollen wrist and then said. ”Oui.” She wasn’t about to lie to him. ”I…vill get zome ice on it.” Bridgette was about to turn and go into the kitchen, when she stopped a moment and then asked quietly. ”Vhat….did I do to youz?” She was now curious as to why he had acted the way he had. The heat of the moment had passed, and Zero had gone on and on that she had cursed him, done something to him that hurt him. But what was it?

Bridgette felt she needed to know.


Re: Kitchen
August 12, 2014 06:18AM
The Kitchen

Playing the Giant – Douglas

The Giant pulled open a drawer that was close by to where he was sitting, and withdrew a long metal skewer. Slamming the drawer shut, he started to used it like a toothpick, to clean away at the spaces between his enormous teeth, while waiting to see if the fox could find him some baby back ribs. ~Pick pick pick~ went the metal instrument, the Giant’s head tilting back and forth as he grunted unceremoniously. He could just spy the fox’s tail weaving upward from behind one of the long stream line middle kitchen benches as he searched for ribs. The Giant had to admit, that this little fur ball was actually dutiful and also quite useful thus far. Offering to sniff out the girl using the frilly white shirt, and now actually preparing him a meal to starve off his growing hunger.

”Ahhh, there’s a good laddie.” The Giant sung out, on seeing the whole half rack covered in foil and being placed up on the kitchen bench by the little fox. He’s come up trumps. The sound of the gas being turned on for the ovens meant that this meal was going to be one to enjoy, even if it took a bit of time to heat up. Duggie had decided that the search for the girl could wait a bit – his stomach being far more important at the moment.

Tossing the metal skewer away haphazardly behind him, he drew up his empty flagon of scotch and let out a sigh. ”What kind of lassie wastes a good drop of scotch…I ask you.” He gave the deflated looking bladder a shake, before putting it back on over his shoulder. The Giant’s temper seemed to be cooling. Maybe it was due to the delicious smells that were coming from the strange concoction that the fox was mixing together in the bowl. He clearly knew his way around the kitchen. This interested the Giant, who had only a few loves in this world – one of them being food.

”Ere…’ow long you been a cookie?” The giant asked, as he watched the little fox go about his work. Course the greatest moment came when the fox brought out the ribs from the oven, and then with a brush painted over the glaze on the cooking meat. It was enough to have Duggie practically salivating. With his big hands, he tore off one of the ribs and began to feast upon it. Slobbering and gnawing at the bone like he had not eaten for a good week or more.

”Now this…this is what I call…a meal for a King. Ahaha!” The juices were slowly running down his chin as he chewed heartily. ”You’re a keeper…wee foxy.” That was a compliment if ever he had said one.


Re: Kitchen
August 12, 2014 10:21AM
The Carpathian’s golden hues moved swiftly as he collected the papers, a nice couple stacks going as he was separating them by chapter, for some odd reason he felt like he had to. When Bridgette replied he visibly twitched. He knew enough French to know that meant yes. And he felt the familiar fire, the anger, boiling up inside of him. But this time he had nobody to lash out to. He had done this to himself. He was mad at only himself.
He inhaled sharply and collected the last paper, placing it on top and then putting the chapters together. It looked alright, but there was a trace of red where the blood had to be either gently cleaned out or the paper needed to be discarded. He stood up and held the remains of the cook book in his hands as she spoke about ice and then turned to leave.
Zero assumed that would be it but then she asked him what she had done and he, for the first time, believed she didn’t know. How could he explain this? He set the pile of papers down on the window sill to their right in the hallway. Words failed him. Without the vocabulary it was hard to explain…Color was foreign.
The butler walked to the wallpaper and pointed to a black spot in the intricate vintage looking design. “This..” He said and then shifted his finger to the accompanying gray. “And this…” And then looked around, catching sight of the wall trim that was white, dusty, but white. “…And that. Those..three..and variations.” He sounded like a lunatic. “That was all I could see. Everything was this and this and that.” He pointed to each color in the same order respectively. “There was no…” and then his hand shifted and pointed out the window where the brilliantly blue sky could be seen. “Or…No…” And then it was the green lamp shade of one of the many lights in the hallway. Then to the softer green carpet on the floor. Then to the red on the book. “Then I saw you…And it happened at once. And now I can see everything.”
Well he gave it his best shot.
“I thought it was a curse..But…I am not sure what happened.” He rubbed his head reliving the moment and exhaled. “I…” Zero paused and then straightened his vest almost nervously. “I was scared, with everything being so…bright. And I attacked you, because I blamed you. I’m sorry. It’s all I know how to do. While it was happening I knew I didn’t want to hurt you.”

Re: Kitchen
August 12, 2014 10:44AM
The Kitchen

Playing Bridgette

For a shy and reclusive girl like Bridgette, it was a great change to see her actually trying to hold a conversation with a man that had only moments earlier threatened her. But curiosity in the man had now been engaged due to his rapid mood changes. He was a kaleidoscope of different emotions that oddly enough she seemed to trigger. What was this connection between her and his moods? She simply had to know.

The Vampire had gone about gathering up the last of the pages of the damaged cook book, in some sense of order, and yet now the girl was staring at him, wanting to know how it was that she had caused him pain. The book was forgotten for now.

As he set down the book on the window ledge and then started to point out various patterns on the wallpaper, to explain how he had only been able to see in black, white and grey; Bridgette came to think that perhaps he had been color blind. How else could he only see the world robbed of the magnificence of color? Her eyes followed each sample he pointed to, and she hung on each phrase as they passed from his lips.

It was when he started to point out the change, how there was no blue of the sky or green of the lamp before he had met her, that she started to see his dilemma. From a colorless world, all of a sudden the shock of the brilliance of color would indeed caused him distress….pain perhaps. But it was the fact that it was on meeting her, that this incredulous change occurred. To the Vampire, it would have seemed like a kind of magic, a curse even. He admitted that it had scared him greatly, and thus he reacted as he had, thinking she had caused this.

Bridgette approached him slowly. Each step perfectly placed. The butler had been more than honest with her right now, and she felt she owed him the best explanation she could give.

She actually reached out and touched his chest with her small right hand. Her fingers lightly pressed to his vest.

“It waz not me….It waz your heart.” She believed that his heart had started to beat again. Whatever she did was not some spell, or enchantment. “You are…zeeing color…because…you velt something in your heart.”


Re: Kitchen
August 12, 2014 11:30AM

Niko shrugged in response to the gisnt’s question, he couldn’t recall having ever cooked anything before this mansion. “Ever since I woke up here I suppose. I just….already know somehow. I don’t use recipes most of the time, I know by taste or smell if it’s right or wrong” he explained, crunching up and folding the foil into a square on a whim. He tossed it over his shoulder aiming for the trash can but missed. Shrugging again he went over and put it away properly and then headed for the sink to lather up and wash his hands.

For some reason what the giant had said about a meal for a King made Niko angry, the hair on his tail began to bristle and he found himself gnashing his teeth together. The idea of serving a king infuriated him for reasons unknown….hah! Niko serving a king! Absolutely preposterous! That coupled with the way he misnamed his race made him spin about and stare down the giant. “I am NO servant and you are NOT a king! I am a kitsune not some foolish little forest vermin, and I’d soon see proper respect or that meat will turn to ashes in your mouth!” he threatened with a real fire in his eyes. The air crackled a bit when the static electricity began to buildup in his tail, which could only mean the production of fox fire for a kitsune. His features also seemed to stretch and elongate, taking on a more feral and menacing look. It was a subtle change however, almost like a trick of the light, where you had to look twice just to be sure anything had changed at all. The work of his illusions for sure, already painting doubt in the minds of any in his audience.

Niko wasn’t sure why the giants words were setting him off like that, but it just felt so insulting! He was the one who deserved people waiting on him hand and foot, not some pompous human who got their power from decades and centuries of inbreeding! He deserved worship and praise and…..what? Where had those ideas come from? It puzzled and confused the kitsune enough that he seemed to settle back into himself. “I…..will not apologize” Niko finally said, going back about cleaning up the ingredients and cookware he had displaced. “I have a temper and a short fuse, and apparently you’ve found one way to light that fuse. I am NOT a servant, I do NOT serve royalty or anyone else! I am at the neck and call of none but my own desires. I cook in this mansion because I want to and because I enjoy it, and you only get to eat because I am not wasteful, understood?” he declared with a certain air of finality, somewhat like a parent laying down the law for a child. He was nearly done wiping down the counters now and he still held a right frown and tenseness in his body. Whatever he had been and done before this mansion was clearly clashing with the idea of serving others, but Niko had no clue why.

“Can we get back to looking for the thief now?” he asked with his back turned to the giant, washing his hands once more.

Re: Kitchen
August 12, 2014 02:55PM
As she calmed down, Alexander also released a sigh of relief. Gazing down at her, she offered her a gentle smile before taking her chin between his thumb and index finger. He brought his fingers up her cheeks afterwards to wipe away any traces of tears that might have been left.

“Feeling better?”

He asked in a soft voice, the hand on her upper arm gently rubbing it to keep her calm. However, she asked about the flowers then, and his eyes instantly went wide. Turning his head away he pressed a fisted hand against his forehead and cursed under his breath. He had left them back in the hallway. The bastard vampire better have not stomped them to death….Lifting her up and gently putting her back on the floor, Alexander quickly stood back to his feet.

“I will go get them, you can tart preparing the vases. I’ll be back soon.”

Re: Kitchen
August 12, 2014 03:08PM
Was she feeling better? Ember wasnt completely sure if she did or not. She was calm but now her head hurt and she wanted to lay down. She took a breath and nodded anyway. “Yes.” She told him. At least she wasnt crying anymore.

She watched his reaction about the flowers. Figuring they had been left behind she hoped the guy hadnt done anything to him. She made a small noise as he lifted her up and moved her to the floor. Was she really that light that he could move her like a rag doll? She watched him stand and nodded. “Alright then.”

She stood up and sighed a bit. She noticed the other two in the kitchen. She ignored them and got some vases and started filling them about halfway with water waiting for Alexander to come back.

Re: Kitchen
August 12, 2014 05:33PM

The Giant sat with half the rib hanging out of his mouth, when the little furry creature went absolutely ballistic over a comment that the Giant had made, which had been done as a compliment, but totally taken the wrong way. Niko had just finished saying how he could not recall anything before winding up in the mansion, which was something that the Giant and he both shared. But on the compliment about the meal being one that was fit for a King, the kitsune went apeshit.

Even the hair on his tail went all fuzzy like, bristling as the tiny creature raged on the Giant. Now you have to remember there is a great size difference between the two and to see something so small give the Giant a piece of his mind, it was quite a sight.

. “I am NO servant and you are NOT a king! I am a kitsune not some foolish little forest vermin, and I’d soon see proper respect or that meat will turn to ashes in your mouth!”

”Woah…woah little laddie. I think you got what I said all wrong….eh?’ The Giant put both hands up as though to try and calm the little fellow, but the kitsune was already starting to charge up – with eyes like fire and the crackling of energy radiating about his form. The situation and the Kitsune were both heating up and it needed to be dealt with. Even the features on the little fellow were growing and sharpening. The Giant had said a faux pas and hadn’t even realized it.

”Aye, I am no King…and I am sure you are no servant laddie. Will ya just calm ya clacks?” He almost begged the little fellow. He actually had a small soft spot for Niko as he viewed him as something of a new friend – a rarity within this crazy house. On and on the Kitsune sprouted, ramming home that he was no one’s servant, he cooked for the house because he wanted too, not because he was ordered to. It was like being at teachers night….really.

At the end of the emotional tirade, the Giant surrended. He waved the frilly shirt like it was a white flag. ”I give…Really am sorry, little one. It was a very good meal…just saying.” Getting up off the meat cutting board, which groaned after being relieved of the Giant’s bulk, the Giant wiped his mouth with the frilly shirt and then said.

”Right, back on the trail then, laddie.”


(thread change – dining hall?)

Re: Kitchen
August 13, 2014 08:46AM
Of course Zero tensed when the little baker neared, somehow thinking that in the midst of their heart to heart she was going to slap him again or something, but when she placed her dainty hand on his chest he seemed taken aback, confused, and almost afraid to move, though his shoulders slowly relaxed once again.
Bridgette went about explaining how it was his heart and he, being the cold loner he was, couldn’t really see that…Or understand it really..He couldn’t fathom the concept of a muscle in his chest controlling sight. But the way she said it made him believe her, somewhere in the back of his head, and he didn’t argue the point, assuming he’d find out later what everything meant. All these troublesome emotions were flying around. He was like an angst riddled teenager.
Color must be the term to describe the shades that he wasn’t used to seeing, the butler concluded, not wanting to sound idiotic by asking. Color. The word repeated in his head as he thought about the new found world around him. Maybe this place wasn’t such a lifeless pit after all.
It was only then that he realized how calm he’d become as he looked down at the girl before him. He caught himself staring at her eyes, they were so beautiful, and looked away for half a second before looking back.
“I’m Zero.”
Through thick and thin never once had they had a chance to exchange names, though he didn’t really blame her for not shouting her name while they were exchanging glares and such. And honestly he couldn’t think of a reply to her words about heart. He didn’t want to reply. Maybe it was this impending fear that he was changing so swiftly..


White Wolf – Part Ten.


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White Wolf 

Part Ten 

”Jealousy and Revenge.” 



IceTe3a: The early morning chill set in fast as it seeped through the tiny cracks of the window sill, last night’s union was a show of passion and true love between himself and his wife Eryda. Slowly his eyes opened revelling his bright yellow hues, glancing to the right side of him was Eryda half covered on top of his chest as she slept soundly, a simple smile was on his face as he slowly rose out of bed allowing Eryda to sleep in. Slowly he strolled; passing windows as he opened them to allow the cooling breeze into the room, taking out his pipe which was stuffed with fresh tobacco, a simple spark allowed the tobacco the start smouldering as he continued to puff away at it. It wouldn’t be long before Eryda was awake as he knew they would need to gather what supplies they need to make the trip up to the guild masters meeting place, but not before they got something to eat. Quietly he starts to strap on his blackened leather pants and torso, preparing himself for the trials ahead. Once he was ready he smiled as he walked over to the bed once more, leaning in he kissed her cheek, “We need to make a move on darling” as he leaned against the wall waiting for her to wake up, he wondered how Cali was faring. : The kingdom had accepted Vlad’s new bride to be Xyria was everything he needed and more, as he smiled looking her over again, his teeth bared slightly as he held her hand gently “Come, shall we entertain ourselves for the night.” now came the true test, Vlad had accepted her into his arms and called her his own. But he wanted to see how dominate she was.. being a noble female she like all others thought of males of nothing more than toys to entertain themselves with, she boasting so much but would she be able to step up to her word. The doors to the balcony shut as he lead them back into the throne room which they were completely alone, no one dare disturb them at this hour. “Politics can wait for another day, wouldn’t you say” he smirked as he took to his throne again, looking her form over slowly.

CharlotteCarrendar: At the other end of the hall, Cali was already up. Seated on the edge of her bed, she was threading on her gauntlets and snapping them into place, before placing on her shoulder guards. Her fingers moving slowly over her flesh with care as she stared forward. Cali’s mind was in a right state. She couldn’t get the Witcher out of her mind. Even when her eyes closed, that raw pounding need filled her and she was brought little to no relief. Her curse had now erupted into something far more dangerous. She tipped her head slightly forward as her hand lowered from the spiked shoulder guard. When she had arrived in the lands, her first thought – her only thought was to find her husband, her mate and bring him home. That was before she had tasted the Witcher’s never ending renewable energy. His magics….his power was intoxicating. Like a fine wine to that of a drunken fool. Cali’s lips parted as she tried to stifle a cry of desperation. The blood elf was now starting to regret ever having met the Witcher. The night before she had him fall to his knees at her feet and she fed in what was a state of bliss. She engorged herself to the point she was almost sick. Cali slowly opened her eyes and went to stand. Her head shaking as she snarled – angry at herself. ~”What if I lose control? What if…I have a frenzy?”~ this was what was raging in her mind. Cali had to be strong. She had to remember what she was searching for. Before it was too late. Gathering her pole arm, she headed for the door and went out to the hall. The Blood elf knew that the Witcher was with his love – his mate. Dread filled her. Slowly she headed downstairs to wait for the time to leave. :: The throne chambers of the Vampires were abandoned by all the servants and court in waiting. A wise move, for the newly anointed Queen and her King needed alone time, in order to truly cement this relationship. She had said she could be the dominant, and she wanted to do more than prove herself. With stealth she approached her King, walking around him and then as she stood in behind, she reached around, tearing the very buttons from his shirt as his material gave way and she gave one last tug as it fell to the ground. His back fully exposed to her she licked her lips in anticipation. A lone hand moved to the back of his head and seized his scalp, yanking it back to her as she bent her head, her lips to his ear. ”I mark my prize….with lust.” She no sooner dug her claws into his chest from behind and dragged them to make him feel her need to be ravenous with him. :: In the other end of the tavern Eryda stirred to the Witcher’s kiss. ”Mmmm more time…more…that.” The red haired witcher mused, before rolling over, her sheet slipping away to expose her ripe bosom to his gaze. ”Good Morning, my love.” She mused as she slipped out from the covers and brought him into her arms. ”I’m hungry.” Her eyes danced as she winked at him, so happy to be with him again.<3>

IceTe3a: He watched as she rose from her bed, his eyes looking over her perfect form, as she brought him into her arms he kissed her neck softly “ We shall eat before we resupply or you could have a go at feeding off me ” his arms wrapped around her naked form as he drew her in closer with a smirk against his lips. He was happy that they were finally together and they could work as a team becoming more powerful to no ends. His fingers trail up her back as he slaps her ass “Get dressed, I’ll meet you downstairs for a meal “ he smirked as he walked his way out of the room and downstairs where he noticed the empty tavern with only few here for a morning meal, Cali was the last he noticed as he gave her a slight nod before coming to sit at the same table “How do you fare Cali? “ he knew that Cali was finding it hard having Eryda around, she almost seemed shy which wasn’t like her. “We eat, resupply than move out” he leaned against the table slightly and glanced her over “Tell me if you need to feed again, no need to make you starve” he smiled lightly as he just offered himself up to her once more. “:he watched as she slowly walked and disappeared behind him, he heard her words as his skin shivered, as her claws dug into his chest and grazed their way up, his lips parted slightly as he growled playfully. “ I am your object after all” he smirked as his eyes glowed a dark red, wanting to see her wild side, as he gripped her wrist and swung her to stand in front, he pulled her to stand on the throne towering him as he leaned in and kissed her skin softly “ I am yours” slowly he looked up towards her, his eyes getting lost in hers almost hypnotizing him into a state, his fingers ran from her legs up her stomach slowly towards her chest, he wanted her to go wild and have her way with him, “And just what object do you see me as in this moment” he smirks as he was interested to see how devious she was.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Eryda laughed at her mate’s suggestion that she feed off of him. She was a witcher, like he and she did not feed off another creature. Not like Cali would. For a moment, Eryda’s eyes darkened. The knowledge that the Blood elf fed on her mate last night still heavy in her mind. She had to push back any jealous thoughts. It would only serve to corrupt her and that was the last thing she needed. Eryda had decided to stay at her mate’s side rather than go off on her own like so many times before. This was going to work for them. It had too. His kiss was full of love and admiration and when breaking it, he urged her to dress so that they may be on their way. ”Of course. I shan’t be long.” Eryda said, as she watched her beloved leave their room. Left to her own devices, she dressed quickly, and thought about the day that was ahead of them. A meeting with the council. Oh there would be harsh words said, she knew that for a fact. A war with the Vampire Queen was a very real possibility, and the other witchers would be none too happy with that turn of events. They were supposed to be neutral. Yet now they had to take a side against the Vampires, whose alliance had been broken by the Queen’s lustful taste for the Witcher. What was it with women and her mate, Eryda wondered. All she knew was that she loved him with a whole heart, and nothing could ever change that. Down at the food hall of the Tavern, Cali was leaning against one of the support beams, with no interest in feeding on that of mortal food. While many around her did eat, the kind of food she needed was talking to her. She actually averted her gaze when the Witcher offered himself if she needed a feed. It took every ounce of her being to say. ”No, I’m good for now.” She wasn’t really, but she felt she had to lie. Dare he see the glowing green hues that were a strong signal of that need. She appeared by her body language as though ready to make a move. Course, they had to wait for Eryda. :: The Queen loved the King’s enthusiasm, the wild fire of red in his eyes. The way he seized her wrist and pulled her around before him to follow him to the throne where he stood her on the seat so she towered over him. She felt the light press of his lips on her skin, and she gazed down at him, her urges rising and building within her form. Her lips parted as she snarled at him ”You are mine…and will do what I want. You are my toy for pleasure.” Her feet parted and she tore away the flimsy cloth that covered her lower regions. Gripping his head, she forced his head forward, and ordered him abruptly. ”Tease me with your tongue” He would be unable to resists, as her clawed hands worked his head forward, nails digging in as she let out a cry of passion. <3>

IceTe3a: He looks Cali over slightly, as he nods “As you wish” he orders a meal for himself and Eryda while they wait for her, he glances back to Cali “After we’ve informed the guild masters we make way to your husband, I dare say this Is the last town we will be in before there, I suggest stocking up on what you need before we leave.” As the inn keeper brought over two plates of various cooked meats and foods he was tossed a few gold coins for the food and sent on his way. Glancing up at the stairs he noticed Eryda walking down towards them, as he smiled lightly at her. As he set into his meal he knew Mersa would be outside waiting for them, wanting a meal of her own, he would have to stop off at the meat vendor to find a suitable meal for her. He smiles as he welcomes his wife to the table, still chowing down on the cooked meats, “The masters won’t be pleased with me being there let alone single handedly starting another vampire war”he glanced between Cali and Eryda expecting an answer of some kind. : he saw her rip of her clothing as she claimed him as her own once more, his head gripped slightly as his teeth bared slightly, he could feel her nails digging in as she demanded he pleased her with his tongue, without choice his head was slowly forced down towards her, his hand gently gripping behind her leg as he licked his way up her inner thigh slowly, his teeth grew as they grazed against her skin. All the while his body was shivering from her nails digging into his flesh, the feeling of her dominating him was more than enough proof to what her claims where, but he was more than happy to appease her. Slowly he made his way up closer and closer to her folds, working his tongue as he did, hearing her cries of passion had his body shiver even more.


CharlotteCarrendar:- Eryda cannot help but notice Cali the blood elf who was standing a few feet from where Xo was eating his meal. The two women exchanged a glance, before Cali gripped the edge of her cloak and headed outside wordlessly. There was an uneasy feeling, and Eryda had to brush it back as she took her seat opposite her husband.”Are the Guild masters ever pleased with anything you do?” It was a fair question, and had more to do with how this Vampire war could have been averted. But knowing the Vampire Queen, she would have gone after Xo no matter what had happened. Tucking into a piece of bacon, Eryda dipped it into some egg, before popping it into her mouth and chewing thoughtfully. She didn’t bring up the fact that she had seen the Blood Elf, nor did she want to get into another discussion about the woman. The sooner they found her mate and sent her and her husband back to their own world, the better. It was one last thing to worry about. Taking a sip of juice, the red witcher held her cup for a moment, before asking; ”I bet the Guild will be surprised to see us together.” Eryda knew that many felt Xo was a loner, and to have his woman back, there had to be a darn good reason. :: Xiyra let out a growl of distinct pleasure as her toy worked his tongue between her warm folds of flesh. So eager was she to be pleased by this her King, she gripped his head forcefully whilst her hips began to push forward so she could direct his tongue further. ”Please me! Deeper!” A throaty call singing out as her body glistened from beads of perspiration that ran down her body. Her long nails pierced the flesh of his scalp, and dragged across as she used him to satisfy her thirst for lust. Standing upon the throne, she was an imposing sight. Almost in a trance like dance – her body fully exposed, though he would not see it. Her head tipped forward as she let out a loud gasp and her tongue slithered out and licked her full lips- <3>

Ice Te3a: – He watched as Cali disappeared whilst he was eating, he assumed she went to stock up her supplies. As Erdya came to sit in front of him and start to eat her meal, he was half way done as he continued to scoff it down, hearing her ask if the guild masters are ever pleased. “They are displeased because they know, I cannot be controlled. It’s been years since I’ve stepped into a guild hall of the witchers” he smirked slightly as his yellow piercing eyes were casually glancing over at her. He finished his meal and leaned back with a happy sigh of relief as he smirked at her next comment and nodded slightly “ Reason.. Simple, I prefer you to be with me, without you the nights are long and cold.”he glanced outside a window as he saw Mersa laying there patiently for them to come outside, people were keeping their distance “ We are wasting daylight, once you’re done we shall resupply” he waited for her to complete her meal before he got up and escorted her out of the tavern, turning around he kissed her cheek softly as his fingers slowly slipped out of her hand “Meet back in ten” he knew they both needed to resupply but they both utilized different methods, so he went off to his own shops with Mersa in tow, the first shop he stopped at was a local meat vendor, purchasing a large deer like leg he threw it in the air as Mersa caught it in her mouth, happily laying chomping on the fresh meat. He left her alone to finish her morning meal as he went through various shops and purchased herbs and plants as well as other alchemy ingredients some which the mundane would question what he intended to do with. He stopped at a trinket shop as his senses picked up a magical aura, he walked through as his eyes scanned through the various jewels and trinkets finally coming to a ruby stone encrusted with gold setting and a necklace feeding through, picking it up he knew it was a magical relic. One from the ancient mages, it affected ones magical powers increasing the strength and magical flow throughout the body. Something you would find on powerful wizards or witches, to amplify their power and allow them to use more magic without becoming too over exhausted. Taking it to the counter he pulled out a solid gold coin, the shop keeper thinking no worth of the necklace snatched the coin up, if only he knew its true value.. it wouldn’t be so easily parted. Walking out he met up with Cali and nodded slightly, “We’re leaving now.” Eryda came up behind with Mersa following behind, a bare bone in her mouth as she looked happy. Walking over to Eryda he greeted her with a lovers kiss, as he slipped the necklace around her neck allowing the ruby jewel to hang against her chest, she would almost instantly feel the effects “A gift.. for you my darling” A simple smile and love in his eyes was all the emotion he showed, a rare feat for anyone else by Erdya. : With her fingers gripping his head with force, he heard her moan and cry to his tongue, her hands dragged him in; forcing his tongue in deeper as he continued to work her and pleasure her to her exact needs. His skin crawling as he could feel her nails digging into his scalp, his right hand gripping her leg with slight force to keep him balanced as he pulled her leg inwards off the arm rest and onto the air letting go, a playful teasing tactic whilst he pleasured her.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Some distance away, the displaced Vampire Queen was already in the middle of plotting her revenge against the likes of the Witcher and his followers. One of her lower servants dragged before her one of the Mundane that had been captured just outside the town where the Witcher was currently staying. The wretch was thrown in a heap unceremoniously by the vampire servant who bared his fangs at the man, before giving him a hefty kick in the sides. ”Bow your head, you are in the presence of greatness.” The vampire guard ordered, as the Queen stopped her pacing and glanced down at the fallen mundane. She slowly raised her head and stared at the guard. ”Well…what is it with bringing such a piece of filth before me.” Her tone was heavy and she waited impatiently for an answer, tapping her foot. ”Captured this piece of meat outside a town that is said to be where the Witcher is.” The guard bowed low before the Queen, before giving the mundane another kick. The man cried out as the Queen descended the stairs and then ripped the hapless mundane up and off the floor. Her scarred face more than enough to scare anyone witless.”Speak…before I end your worthless life.” The man cried out as her nails pierced his flesh and he blurted. ”The…White wolf. He has the red witcher with him. They are off to the …the..guild.” This was indeed not what the Queen wanted to hear. So that bitch with the red hair was back in her lands. Dropping the mundane without a care or thought, the Queen started to plot. ”Send out spotters. As soon as they leave the enclave of mundane…we set upon them on the road to the Guild!” She then put out the order to her guards, to send out a garrison. ”Kill all but the Witcher. For he is mine.” :: Eryda had wandered around the market stalls, picking up supplies for the long road ahead, this was when she spotted Cali going over to meet with Xo and the Warg. Eryda paused a moment, her brown eyes narrowing. She hated feeling jealousy, for her mate had not done anything to show he loved any other but her, but still…she worried. Approaching the Witcher, she was taken into his arms, and then given a special trinket. A necklace that contained a magical ruby. Instantly she felt the wave of magic wash over her, and this brought about a smile. ”You spoil me so.” She said in a voice that was only meant for him to hear. Cali mounted the Warg, ready to move on, as Eryda got her horse. Now it was time to move on. :: The Queen’s hips thrust back and forth as the King’s head was now pressed deep to her. Higher and higher her cries grew, until he had brought about release. She shivered from the shock as the new Queen would tame her beloved. Xiyra only drew back, when she was thoroughly spent. <3>

IceTe3a: He smirked as he heard how pleased she was with his gift, he watched as she got up on her horse and Cali was sat on Mersa, he sighed lightly as he walked over and jumped up on top of Mersa as they took off with Eryda’s horse following in tow behind. “Let’s get a move on” as he lead Mersa along the path towards the guild hall, only thing was the trail led up the snowy mountain, which was a treacherous path in its own full of natural dangers. Let alone the monsters that live on the mountain terrain it was defiantly a dangerous path to take, as they reached the path it was sure signs that they were on the right path as the dirt met with the snowy plains, he smirked as Mersa shook her fur with the change of temperature, he wasn’t bothered to much the temperature’s never bothered him too much. You could hear the howls of wolves and other creatures in the distance as the wind picked up and the snow started to fall “ Cover up and stay warm”he said as Mersa picked up the pace as they passed through the mountain trail as his hair whipped around with the winds he almost was camouflaged with the white snow as his yellow eyes glanced over to his wife Eryda as he smiled lightly. “We should reach the Guild hall by noon” : He heard her pleasure moans until she finally got down off him totally satisfied with being pleasured. He wiped his mouth and smirked slightly “Done already? “ he leaned back against the throne as he sighed pleased with the union with him and his new wife. “ We are perfect for each other” he smirked as his eyes show a blood red.


CharlotteCarrendar:- The wind upon the mountain had a distinct chill as snowflakes started to fall. Cali pulled her cloak around her tighter, and reached for her hood, to cover her blonde locks from the falling snow. She was not used to these changes in temperature, unlike the Witcher who took it in his stride. Eryda rode on in behind the warg, though she was dressed a little better for the change in weather. Wearing the special jewelled necklace, that shone out beneath her fur cloak, she smiled as the heard Xo call out that they were to cover up and stay warm. No doubt riding the Warg would be warm to have between your thighs. As they made through one snow covered pass, there were shrieking shadows, that seemed to zip between the trees and snow covered rocks. Something or someone was following them. Eryda’s ears pricked to the sound. Was it a wolf, or something larger? Witcher assured his wife that they would be at the guild by noon, which was reassuring, but she sung out back to him. ”I fear that trouble may befall us by then…or at the very least cause us to be late.” :: As the Queen climbed down off the throne, she snatched up her discarded robe and draped it around herself. A smug expression as she still had a colouring to her cheeks to show she had been more than satisfied by the King’s attentions. ”Indeed we are suited. And yes…I was very satisfied. Next time however I think I might restrain you.” Such a tease. <3>

IceTe3a: His eyes looked around through the snowy fields and falling snow as he tried to scan the area for any beast that may be stalking them after hearing his wife’s warning. “Perhaps you are right” he stated as he continued to scan the area, no doubt something was out there most likely in plain sight to them as most creatures up here relied on blending into their surroundings to hunt their prey. Perhaps a wolf.. or another pack of trolls had found them, although you’d be able to hear and smell a troll as they weren’t the silent stalkers, but this creature was. “Best we press on until we find our stalker “ there was no use wasting time searching for something that didn’t want to be seen, surely enough it would show itself at one point of time. As they trekked on you could see trails from various creatures that had used this path previously, more so a dire bear seemed to use this path as a game trail of sorts, the foot print was larger almost three times the size of a normal bear although he doubt that was the creature stalking us as they preferred a more brutal and front on approach to hunting. As time passed they climbs up the mountain’s trail, about three quarters of the way soon they would be on the peek which would flatten out and turn into snowy forests and open plains, in the middle was the grand hall in which all the guild masters met, no one but the masters and their second in command were allowed at this sacred place. : he watched her with content as she was still recovering from the playtime, her words of restraint could be a thing of the future had him smirking, a single brow arched as his lips parted “If only you could pin me down” he came to a tall stand and walked around her slowly before coming to a stop in front of her, it was true his strength was unrivalled though he never used it to gain more stature, would she be able to pin him down on the floor? She would have to use tactics and trickery for an advantage over him, that much was for sure. His fingers caressed her cheek gently as they slid down her neck and across the side of her stomach with grace “What plans do we need to discuss, I know we need to bring people to titles of power.. commander of the army so forth.. but, it all seems dull to be honest” he smirked as he looked her up and down slowly.

CharlotteCarrendar:- A large gust of wind, and then the dark shadow rocketed out from behind a large tree – flying straight at Eryda and knocked her fair off her horse. ”Arrrrrgh!” The red witcher let out a scream as she was taken by surprise by this creature. The black hooded being forced the Red witcher into the snow. As it tried to choke the red witcher on the ground, Eryda fought valiantly to kick the creature off her. No doubt one of the servants of the vampire Queen’s whose order was to destroy the companions of the Witcher. Cali turned to look back and saw Eryda’s horse rear up and then run off in fright, as the two wrestled on the ground. She leapt off the back of the Warg. Her cloak flying off her shoulders as she extended her arms. Green flaring orbs building up upon each hand as she chanted a magical incantation to give her more power. This would drain her in the long run, but for now, she had a gut feeling she needed to save Eryda. Eryda kept trying to strike out at the shadow being whose hood flew back to reveal a bald head, covered in scars and scratches. It screeched loudly each time Eryda tried to strike its head, while it drew it’s claws tighter around her neck. :: Xirya laughed at the King’s taunt that he would love to see her try to pin him down. He rose from the throne, his size alone made him an imposing sight and this pleased the Queen all the more. ”You don’t want to discuss armies and tactics. Not…when there are pleasures of the flesh to be had.” Her hand reached out and she caressed his cheek. She went as far to chew her bottom lip, still coming down from the dizzying high that he took her. ”Enough chain and leather and you would be surprised what I could do.” The Queen mused. ”That….is what you want, isn’t it?” <3>

IceTe3a: Hearing his wife’s screams his head turned to face her as he saw Erdya’s horse run off into the distance, Erdya on the floor with a cloaked figure on top of her, he noticed Cali had dismounted and gone to Erdya’s aid. He smirked slightly as he dismounted Mersa, “Mersa.. Get the horse back here.. Alive please” Mersa grunted and ran off after the horse in order to bring it back to them. He stood there and watched as the two girls struggled with the creature, it was obviously sent from the vampire queen to do her bidding. His arms folded into his chest as he knew they were more than a match for this creature. Suddenly another screech came from the distance as he felt the sense of another creature coming from the side, raising his right arm he caught the creatures neck mid flight as he continued to watch his Wife and Cali battle the other creatures, squeezing the neck of the creature until he heard a crack his eyes were glowing yellow as he was pissed that someone would dare attack his wife, this always made him unaware of his strength as he tossed it off the mountain cliff “She will pay for this insult.. Eryda enough toying around” he heard footsteps as he glanced back it was Mersa with the horses reigns in her mouth leading it back to them, he smirked slightly and gave Mersa a pat on the head as he grabbed the horse’s reigns and waited for the girls to finish toying with the creature. : he nuzzled the fingers of his new wife and smiled as he nipped the tip of her finger. Hearing her prefer pleasure and play over the antics of the kingdom was a surprise to him but one he rather enjoyed her preference, “To be under you? Of course, Do I as a male not belong under the heel of your boot” he smirked as he was only stating the truth of how females felt of males, he bit at the air as he wiggled a finger at her daring her to pin him down and attempt her worst, “Let’s see what pain you can inflict” he winked at her as he enjoyed playing these games with his new wife.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Cali started a slow march to where the two were wrestling on the ground. The thunderous sound of the Warg racing off to get back Eryda’s horse would have the blood elf turn her head momentarily, before settling back on the two that were still in the midst of a fight. Oddly enough the Witcher did not intervene. Perhaps he was curious to learn how the two women would dispatch the assassin. Obviously it had been sent by the Vampire Queen. Another tried to make an attack on the Witcher himself, but he was faster – gripping the creature’s neck and breaking it as though it was a twig. He ordered for Eryda to stop toying around, and you could hear the red Witcher laugh at her husband’s demand.”With pleasure.” An earthy growl escaping her lips as the red ruby crystal that she wore around her neck glowing fiercely as she brought her head up from the ground and head butted the creature fair in the forehead. It reared back grabbing the sides of its head when Eryda then used her fists. Joined together she brought them forward to slam into the creature’s chest, causing him to roll off winded. At this, Eryda leapt to her feet and then shook off the snow, as the creature tried to grab for her ankle. As it did this however, Cali’s green orbs had charged enough that she fired them at the creature causing it to go into a series of convulsions. Squirming and writhing upon the snow in agony. It was highly likely that the being had never before encountered a Blood elf before, but this would be it’s undoing. Taking off her pole arm, Cali twirled it before slamming it into the ground creating a tremor like shockwave, that threw the creature skyward. Airborne, it flipped over and the Blood elf let out a violent scream as she absorbed the energy of the shadow creature in one go. Eryda walked right past Cali and simply went to take the reigns for her horse from Mersa’s mouth. ”Thank you. Shall we?’ She said simply, getting onto her horse as Cali was still panting heavily. The red witcher smirked and gave her horse a light kick and started off again. She wasn’t waiting up, and this would leave Cali behind if she was not careful. :: The Vampire Queen loved her King’s teasing. He wanted pain, loved torture and the Queen was more than happy to oblige him. She walked around him simply so he couldn’t see what she was doing, and then took out a leather strap. Grabbing his hands behind his back, she tied them together, and tried to force him, stomach down onto the floor. <3>

Downtown Haven (2) – Aeternam Venustas (RP) – TRC


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At the Bookshop the mystery deepens, whilst Neema goes in search of her former servant – the wicked Isabella…..who holds the key.


2 days ago

Hocus Pocus Book and Magic store – Downtown Haven.


Hocus Pocus Book and Magic store.

Out on the street, Charmaine parked her red coloured VW beetle just outside the Magic shop that she had owned for the last ten years.  A darling store, that had everything that the modern day witch or warlock could possibly need.  From potions, to books, crystals and charms that made wonderful gifts, or something a bit more sinister if you asked the right questions.  Dressed in a colourful tie died skirt and matching shirt, Charmaine got out of the car and greeted some of the early bird customers that were waiting just outside the doors.  Word of the new shipment of books from Europe had reached many ears via her monthly online newsletter, and so there was at least five ladies all lined up waiting patiently.  Amelia smiled to see that they had a good amount of customers well before the doors were to even open.  This would help the young witch keep her mind off the thoughts of what was going on back at Shane’s mansion.  Amelia was dressed as you would expect, in her black school girl style dress with white blouse, knee high black socks and snappy heeled black leather shoes.  Her hair was tied into two pony tails, with white ribbons, and this exposed the spider web tattoo that was on her neck.  Charmaine fumbled with her massive key chain, and then got the door open, much to the joy of the waiting ladies.  All wandered in, as Amelia raced out back to turn on all the lights, and then start up the cash register.  This sure beat working at the crime lab for the local police station.  She was always on a deadline, and the pressure to be constantly productive took its toll on her.  Here, in the shop she was dealing only with happy clients, or some that had been hitting the bowl.


The ladies all filed through and Charmaine advised the clients that she would have the newest shipment unpacked within the next half hour.  There was no real rush, but you could sense that a few were eager to get their hands on the latest spell and enchantment books.

There were three boxes that needed opening, one was even a special crate that had come from the middle east.  While the customers spread out around the store, Amelia helped Charmaine open each one, using the supplied inventory list to help check off and do the pricing tickets for.  As Amelia opened the first box, one book caught her eye.  It was about ancient Egypt, and the supernatural of that era.  She reached into the box and pulled the golden tome out, and after checking it off the list, she actually set this book aside.  There was something about the inscription on the cover that seemed oddly familiar, but she couldn’t place what it was.

More and more books were brought out, and Amelia worked quickly to ensure they were accounted for, marked and put out on the new display table.  The ladies were quick to go through the books, and you could hear the delighted squeals from them, as many of the new books were highly sort after.

The register was going off as Charmaine was ringing through each of the sales to the early bird customers.  Handing each customer one of the special store bags made from hemp that contained their purchases.  It was a dizzying first hour of trade, as more customers filed through the doors, keen to see the latest shipment.  New haven’s magical society was very popular and the ladies all pretty much knew each other.  It was a tight knit community and great respect was held for Charmaine, who…was considered to be a bit eccentric compared to most Haven residents.

When the rush hour had peeked, Charmaine asked if Amelia would like a cup of tea and a moment to enjoy the book she had put aside.

“You are a lifesaver, Char.”  Amelia said, taking up the book and finding a chair near the back so she could investigate the book further.  While Charmaine was out the back putting on the jug, Amelia opened the front cover of the book only to then scream at what she saw.

It was a lithograph of Carmen and…a King by the looks of it.  The same couple that had been in her vision when she had embraced Carmen at the house.  This was the last thing she expected to see.  Charmaine came running out of the back room, wondering what had made Amelia scream.  “What is it?” Charmaine asked, her eyes wide as she saw the pale look on Amelia’s face.  Amelia turned the book around so Charmaine herself could see.

“Who does that look like?”  Amelia asked, knowing full well what Charmaine was going to say.  Charmaine placed on her small spectacles and peered at the picture of the royal Egyptian couple on the thrones.  Charmaine was almost taken aback by what she saw.  “That looks like….Carmen.  Gosh, the similarities are incredible.  But what would she be doing in an Egyptian book on the supernatural?”  

Amelia had not had the time to explain everything to Charmaine, but there was no time like the present.

“When…they came home last night, I went to hug Carmen.  I had this…flash…a vision of this same couple in the book, and they sacrificed a vampire to the Sun.  Charmaine…is it a coincidence that I saw this after holding Carmen, and now I am seeing this same image in this book?  Is it me?”  There was definitely more to this, than a simple vision.  Charmaine took the book and started to go through it.  The more she read, the more startling the information was.

“According to this, the woman in that picture was a Queen….a Vampire Queen.”

Amelia knew…that she needed to show Shane the book, as soon as he woke that evening.


A day ago

Haven Place

The city was slowly coming awake as its citizens prepared for their day. Storefronts were hotbeds of activity as displays were set up, doors were propped open in the unseasonable warm weather. Smells from the local bakery permeated the air as customers and clerks went hither and yon.

The sleek red Corvette pulled into a parking slot outside of a clothing store and Neema peeled her svelte form from within. She slipped on a pair of sunglasses to hide her eyes as she closed the door. She looked around, taking in the people and the buildings with an air of disdain, snorting contemptuously at their humdrum existence. She took the time to stroll along the street, taking in nothing and everything at once.

She went inside a breakfast diner that had caught her eye and claimed a table in the back corner. A sleepy waitress walked up to her table with a yawn.

“Morning. What can I get ya?”

“Coffee, black. And a daily periodical if you have one.” The waitress frowned slightly and gave Neema an odd look.

“You mean…a newspaper?”

“Is that what you call them here? Interesting.” Neema mused. The waitress gave her another odd look before walking away.

She returned a few moments later with the requested items.

“That’s $2.00 for the coffee.” the waitress stated. Neema recognized that she was required to pay for the service and dug into the pocket of the pants she was wearing and fishing out three $1 bills.

“Keep the change.”

The waitress rolled her eyes, muttering something about “cheap bitches” as she walked away. Neema ignored her as she began to read the paper. She needed to get her bearings before she continued her search.

As she was reading the society section, a particular article caught her eye. The more she read, the more evil her smirk became.

“I found you, you evil, conniving little bitch.” she grinned. She slapped the paper down on the table and quickly left. The waitress went over to clean the table and noticed where the newspaper had been left open. She had to wonder why her cheap customer was interested in the auction from the night before.


After some judicial use of her returning powers, Neema finally located Isabella’s home. It wasn’t as locked down as Shane’s place, but it still took her some time to find a way in, doing so by breaking a basement window and crawling in. She wanted to be there when Isabella woke for the night. And then…they were going to have a woman-to-woman talk.

Neema stretched out on the couch in the living room and closed her eyes. She wanted to be well rested for the ensuing conversation. She fell asleep with a smirk on her face.


When Isabella woke for the night, Neema was waiting in the darkened living room. The woman had to have sensed that someone else was in her home and Neema did not wait any longer to make her presence felt. Her dark aura flared drastically, the air heavy with the weight of it.

“Hello…Isabella.” Neema smirked in the darkness just before she flipped on the lamp on the table.

Isabella’s Mansion.


Awakening from her daylight slumber, the shutters on the mansion started to open to allow the moon’s rays to filter through into the expansive bedroom suite of Isabella.  It was easy to say that Isabella had not rested at all well, what with the murder of her foot soldier Luther, and the horrible threats from Vlad’s dog – Emilia.  Clutching the key necklet that she still wore around her neck, Isabella slid out of bed and then yawned as she padded across her room and picked up a sheer black robe to cover what was a simple teddy beneath.  Jason was of course still sleeping, and for the time being she felt it best he stayed there.  For some curious reason Isabella had a weird feeling about this night.  She couldn’t put her finger on it, but she felt that maybe if she went down to where she had hung her latest purchase of the $10 million dollar painting, that it might ease her mind.

Going down the stairs, each of the lights started to come on as if by the magic of her very presense.  The rest of her coven were all sleeping in the basement, which was what she preffered.  Isabella for the most part was a solitary person even though she had kept Luther very close to her.  Without him to aid her on the outside, she was going to have to raise one of her other followers up from the ranks.  But she didn’t trust easily, so that was going to take time.  Time she could ill afford.

Heading into the main drawing room, there was a click of a lamp light that the Vampire had not activated with her mind.  It was done by another.

“Hello …Isabella.”  That voice….that…unmistakable voice.  With the edge to the accent like one from the middle east.  Isabella spun in the direction from where the voice had come from and saw to her shock and dismay, that there was a woman lazing on one of her love couches.  And not just any woman.

“Neema?”  Isabella asked, almost as a gasp was trapped in her throat.  The hell was she doing in her house…..or in the country for that matter.  Isabella had left that mad woman’s clutches so long ago that Neema should be nothing but a mummy in some far off museum.  Even though Neema was using Carmen’s body as her host, the two women were identical.


Growling under her breath, the Vampire mistress shook with fear and anger.  “What are you doing in my house?”  Little did she know…what Neema had come for.  Her eyes darted about the room to see if Neema had brought her own followers, but saw none.  Did Neema know about Vlad?  That was one of many questions.


Live Skype Session on August 14, 2014, 12:40 AM EDT
Players: CharlotteCarrendar as Isabella and LadyBelz as Neema
Roleplay: Aeternam Venustas

Isabella’s Mansion – Living Room

LadyBelz: “Hmm…quite a nice place you have here, Izzie.” Neema smirked, crossing her legs. “I especially like the artwork of yourself and Vladmir. Spent a bit of money on it, did you?” she arched an eyebrow, glancing at the painting in question. There was silence between the two women before Neema’s expression became downright nasty. “Did you really think you could get away with betraying me, betraying my coven? I spent thousands of years, entombed, hearing my own screams as I slowly died from the thirst, my spirit, my very essence awaiting the day I could return to body and take my revenge on those who betrayed me.” Faster then a human could blink, Neema was directly in Isabella’s face, looking her over with her dark gaze. She reached up to brush a loose strand of hair back behind Isabella’s ear, a caress that was sensual as well as a warning. “I won’t kill you…yet…for your betrayal. You have information I want and your answers will determine if you live…or die.” Neema stepped back away from Isabella and returned to the couch. “Where is my key?”


CharlotteCarrendar: Isabella was wearing the very key that Neema sought. She was rooted to the ground when the woman came at her with such speed and power. Isabella could hardly believe that the woman was there in the flesh. Neema was meant to be nothing more than food for the scarabs. But as she listened to what Isabella’s betrayal had done to the woman, she knew that now her own unlife was at serious risk. The painting – oh that would have angered Neema all the more as Isabella enjoyed her coupling with the great Vladimir. Isabella was one of many that the Count enjoyed over the thousand or so years that he continued to walk the earth, while the whereabouts of his beloved Neema became nothing more than a terrible mystery. Isabella shivered coolly at Neema’s touch. The woman had a way about her that could barely be described as anything more than sinister. “Everything I have…I gained myself, without help from the likes of Vlad…or you. You….are just some spirit in an unwilling host. I’m sure that is not going to last much longer. So…taunt me all you want. I am never telling you of the key.” Isabella said with an air of defiance.


LadyBelz: Neema watched her with dark eyes, malice glittering in their very depths. She was impressed, slightly that Isabella would argue back with her. She had wanted to judge the woman’s intent and now she had her measure.

She chuckled darkly. “That wasn’t really a request, my darling Servant.” Neema hissed the last word as an insult, reminding Isabella that she had once belonged to Neema and she wasn’t going to let her forget it. “You will tell me what I wish to know…or I will destroy your entire coven…including your little playmate I can smell that is laying in your bed right at this moment.”

Neema was a smart woman. She knew Isabella was a vain and insecure person, keeping secrets was an art form for her. But Neema had sensed her own blood, kept in the tip of the very key she sought and had seen the fine silver chain around Isabella’s neck. She was testing Isabella, judging her truthfulness and finding her severely lacking. It was only a matter of time.

“Second question while I let you think over the first some more. Vladmir is here in this town. Where is he?”

CharlotteCarrendar: Isabella hissed violently as she bared her fangs at Neema. “You shall bring no harm to what is mine. They are of my blood and serve me. I am the Mistress in this house!” she screeched as she flew into a terrible rage at the thought of her darling Jason, or her other blood dolls and vampires falling prey to the woman. Her chest rose and fell sharply, and this was when the glint of silver of the chain would be seen, as though winking out from beneath her black sheer robe. Rounding on the woman, Isabella seethed. “You think you will have Vladmir fall for you again. You might want to rethink that. Oh..he is here alright. In this very town. All you have to do is follow the stench of his blood hounds – his Generals if you want to know where he is holed up at.” Isabella was still smarting over the fact that Emilia, his right hand had murdered Luther in such a horrific fashion. Also…wanting the damned key. To Isabella, no one was truly safe from Vladmir. She may have the portrait of her intimate times with the Count, but she like many knew of how much he changed after losing Neema. And to add salt to the venomous bite of Isabella’s words, she added. “I stopped being your servant the day I sealed your tomb.” <3>

LadyBelz: Neema sat upon the couch, calm and cool and let Isabella have her little rant. So…Vladmir had his hounds with him. She vaguely remembered Emelia. The little tart thought herself to be in love with her Vladmir. But there was only one woman for him and Neema was going back to him. “Hmm. I should have known. You always did strive to be better then others, rising above your station. Do they know you were once my slave? My little…plaything to trot out to the soldiers under my command?” Neema smirked, getting to her feet once more. She stalked toward Isabella, like a panther stalking her prey, walking around her in a small circle. She stopped behind the woman, smirking at the top of her head as Neema was about a foot taller. She placed her chin on Isabella’s shoulder. “I should take you as my slave again…make you perform like a monkey before me.” she whispered darkly. “But I will not dirty myself with such filth.” Neema walked around until she stood before Isabella. She reached out and grabbed the chain, exposing the key to her eyes. With a quick hard yank, she broke the chain, and dropped the key into the palm of her hand. She gave Isabella a sideways glance. “I will be returning for you. You cannot hide from me, so don’t even try.” Neema leaned in and planted a kiss upon a stunned Isabella’s lips. “Enjoy the rest of your evening.”

With a dark laugh, Neema turned and sauntered casually from the house. She had a Master Vampire to find.


CharlotteCarrendar: The tug of the silver chain around her neck caused to make the chain break and it fell freely into Neema’s hand. The one piece of history that would keep Isabella safe was now in the hands of her greatest enemy. Isabella scowled and grit her teeth as Neema moved to touch her, and then planted a sickening kiss on her lips. Warning that she would return for her once she had fulfilled her mission. Obviously she wanted to seek out Vladmir. That would either go one of two ways. Vlad may not even realize it is the same Neema, perhaps think it is bait to a trap, or…he would embrace his former flame. Either way, Isabella did not plan on simply waiting on Neema’s return. As soon as Neema had walked past and out of the house, with the key now in her possession, Isabella let out a blood curdling scream of rage, that broke many a window in that room. She had to get away…and fast.

Manoir de Sang (1) – Aeternam Venustas (RP) – TRC.


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Shane is now wise to Carmen’s behavior.  But is it too late?  Amelia is also clued in, but she needs the help of Charmaine, to uncover the truth.


3 days ago

As Shane was talking to Amelia and the twins were speaking with Mary, Neema took the opportunity to do some snooping around. She carefully searched through the bedroom for any clues. She had been angered upon her awakening to discover that thousands of years had passed and that she had not been entombed with her most prized possession. Seeing Carmen had given her cause to take possession of the woman so that she could not only regain a body, but to hunt down the one who had stolen her personal property and make them regret the day they were born.

A spirit on a mission, Neema was going to get what was hers, no matter the cost.

She stood in the middle of the bedroom, her face a mask of rage as her search had turned up nothing. She quickly rifled through Carmen’s memories and saw the most recent one of her talking to Shane about a box. Neema looked at the scene carefully. It was not the room she was standing in.

She opened the door to the bedroom and peeked into the hall. Not a sound could be heard, which suited her purposes just fine. She stepped into the hall on silent feet, quietly closing the door behind her. There were many rooms on the upper floors of the mansion and she put her hands on her hips, annoyed that she had to look through so many rooms.

“Who needs a house with so many rooms anyway?” she grumbled to herself. With a sigh, she started opening (or trying to in the case of locked ones) the doors to see what was behind them. Most of the rooms were bedrooms set aside for various “family” members, if the amount of personal belongings in them were any sign. She didn’t have a clue as to how to get into the locked rooms and bypassed those for the moment. There was no indication that the room she was seeking was on the upper floors.


Moving toward the stairs, Neema peered over the banister. She could hear muffled voices but she had no idea as to which direction they were coming from. Griping the banister, she carefully made her way down, cringing when one of the stairs made a slight creak that sounded loud to her ears. She paused and listened to see if anyone else had heard the noise. When no confrontation was forthcoming, she continued down.

Reaching the bottom landing, she took a listen and realized the muffled voices were coming from the direction of the family room. She made a point to not go near that area and turned instead in the other direction. Shadows on the wall indicated there was someone in the kitchen. She made a face. She needed to go by there to get to Shane’s office.

“Ibn el Ahba!*” She hissed. How many people were in this damn house? (*translation: “Son of a prostitute!”)

She moved close to the wall and peeked around. It was David and Misty. She couldn’t tell if they were making a late morning snack before they rested for the day or if they were discovering new uses for food as sexual aids. Neema shuddered and decided they were too preoccupied with each other to notice her walking by. But she was quick about it, using Carmen’s own speed to her advantage.

Once past the kitchen, she found herself in front of the door of Shane’s office. She pressed her ear to the door, a just in case measure. Hearing nothing, she quietly knocked.

Still nothing.

She rotated the knob and the door opened with a quiet click.


“Hello?” she whispered, peeking around the edge. The office was silent. She went inside, closing the door behind her. It was a very large and spacious office, all oak and mahogany woods. There was a thing on the desk that she’d never even seen before. It looked like some kind of slim box with a black covering (computer monitor) attached by some kind of rope to another flat box with some type of writing on it (keyboard). She gave a small frown at the items, wondering what they were used for.

Ignoring that for the moment, she went behind the desk and sat in the (quite comfortable) chair. She started in the middle drawer, finding all sorts of writing utensils. Going through the drawers on the right side, there was nothing but paperwork in them. The left side drawers revealed more of the same.

Sighing, Neema glanced around the office and saw another, smaller desk (Carmen’s). She moved over to it and began rifling through the drawers. More of the same – paperwork.

“Zayy iz-zift!*” (*translation: “Crap!”)

She stood in the middle of the office and noticed the wall of tomes (books). She moved to them and began looking through them for additional clues. She had no idea that the painting she was standing near to had secrets of its own.

Carmen remained silent, locking down her thoughts about the safe hidden behind the painting. She was enjoying Neema’s frustrated efforts to find what she was looking for, not even knowing about modern conveniences such as hidden safes. It was amusing. Leaving Neema to her search, Carmen sunk deeper into her own mind. She was coming close to re accessing her Fae powers. She just needed a few more days to gather the strength needed to launch an all-out assault.

Neema would not know what hit her when the time came. Her thoughts turned to her husband. She could only hope he was beginning to realize that something was seriously wrong with his wife.

2 days ago

Amelia’s Pool house.


Amelia watched Shane hurry outside and then rush across to the main house at speed.  Wrapping her arms around herself, Amelia approached the glass sliding door and stared up at the moon.  She knew that time was against them all.  Within the hour, Shane and the other vampire were going to have to retreat into the safety of the main house with all the shutters closed.  If his suspicions were correct, his investigation would have to wait.  Amelia on the otherhand had a job to go to.  She decided that she would call on Charmaine and her other witch friends over the course of the day.  Sighing, Amelia went off to bed to try and get a little sleep in before she had to go to work.  Being up all night every night with her vampire friends was running her ragged – burning the candle at both ends.  Amelia’s mind was heavy with worry however.  There was a real danger inside that house.  She was sure of it.

Inside the main house, Shane knew he was on borrowed time.  Many of his vampire family were heading to their rooms now, as the shutters were going to be activated and that the morning sun would soon be coming up over the horizon.  With only forty minutes left till the sun came up, he knew he would not be able to have enough time to interrogate Carmen’s newest captive, the girl from the museum.  The mystery of the box, and the strange behaviors of Carmen in her current state would need to be addressed in the waking hours of the following night.

David and Misty were coming out of the kitchen area, arm in arm about to head to their joint room.  The couple had gotten very close since David had moved back into his brother’s mansion.  He gave Shane a sly wink as he pulled Misty close to him.  David noted that Shane looked perplexed.  “Why aren’t you with that woman of yours, Bro?”  It was an obvious question, since he knew that they were normally inseparable.  Shane raked his fingers through his hair and tried to find an excuse.  “She needed to rest….so I went out to see Amelia.”  It was a half truth, since Shane didn’t want to spread his concerns about his wife just yet.  He needed more time to uncover the mystery.  Misty tilted her head and then blew a kiss at Shane as she and David started to descend the stairs to their daylight quarters.  “Night night Shane.”   Her fingers wiggling, as David swept her up off her feet and carried her down the rest of the way.  With the couple gone, it was just Shane on his own.  He contemplated going into the den and just checking the safe, but then Tala, the wolf padded up towards him and whined softly – nudging his hand with the top of his head.  Shane gave the wolf a soft pat and then wondered if the wolf was hungry.  “Come on, I’ll get you a snack before bed.”  Shane led Tala into the kitchen, which took him away from the door to the den.  Little did he know that Neema was searching his den for the very thing he was about to check on.

Inside the kitchen, Shane brought out a juicy red steak for Tala and tossed it onto the wolf’s feeding dish on the floor.  Tala didn’t wait, practically pouncing on it and then taking off to her spot in the house to enjoy the meat in piece.  Shane licked his fingers of the blood, then headed upstairs to his own room.  Normally he would sleep with Carmen….but something just didn’t feel right.  He simply didn’t trust her.

2 days ago

Shane’s Office


Neema heard the voices in the hall and froze where she was. Tiptoeing to the door, she pressed her ear to the wood to listen.

“Why aren’t you with that woman of yours, Bro?” came the voice of a male. Neema didn’t recall his name.

“She needed to rest….so I went out to see Amelia.” she heard Shane state. Ah, Amelia, is it? she thought to herself. Must be his bit on the side. Good. Now I won’t have to cater to his needs. she smirked. Carmen bit her tongue upon hearing that. There was no need to bring danger to Amelia.

“Night night Shane.” she heard a female voice state. After a few moments, it was quiet. She was about to take a chance to sneak out when she heard Shane speak again.

“Come on, I’ll get you a snack before bed.” Wondering to whom he was speaking, she quietly opened the door and peeked into the hall in time to see a white furred tail disappear into the kitchen. She clenched her teeth in anger. She knew there was no chance of her sneaking past Shane as he seemed to be aware of every movement within his vicinity. She was thinking of going out of a window when there was the bleep of an alarm and the shades of the house began to go down. She whirled around in shock as she watched the metallic room darkening shields descend over all the windows in the office. There went her chance to leave that way.

A noise in the hall caught her attention and she peeked out once again to see Shane headed upstairs. She waited a full 10 minutes before she left the office, closing the door behind her. The house was silent as a tomb. She moved to the front door, thinking to leave that way, but in addition to the shields over the windows, there was also one over the doors. She wanted to scream with frustration. She needed to get out of this house.

She moved around the downstairs area, searching all the doors and windows but there was no exit to be found. Moving back into the kitchen, there was a door she hadn’t noticed before and it wasn’t shielded like the others. She opened it and found herself in the open air garage. The morning sun was slowly coming up over the horizon and she could clearly see all the different cars under the canopy. She may have been new to this era, but she had Carmen’s memories to draw upon and knew how to maneuver in one these “horseless carriages”. With a grin, she slid into the blood red Corvette and started the engine, listening to the smooth rumble beneath the hood.


Putting the car in gear, she pulled out of the garage, down the drive and out the gate, unaware that her exit from the property may have been noticed and heard.

Across the street, Vlad’s driver had been watching the house through binoculars and had seen “Carmen’s” exit. It had shocked him somewhat since he knew from his Master that the woman was a vampire. How was she able to be out during daylight hours? He made some notes on a pad he kept on the dash and put the car in gear to follow. One thing was for certain…his Master would definitely be interested in this news…

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2 days ago

Amelia’s Pool House.


It was just after 8 am and the sound of Charmaine’s VW beetle could be heard pulling into the driveway of Shane’s estate.  The main house was now locked up tighter than Fort Knox with the vampires within all sleeping peacefully.  Out round the back was the pool house, that Shane and Carmen had specially fitted out for Shane’s best friend, Amelia.  Bringing her bug to a stop, the crazy haired Charmaine got out of her car and slammed the door, before skipping round the back of the property till she came up to the tiled path that led to the pool house.  All the shades had been pulled down, as Amelia was trying to get as much sleep as she could before going to work.  Charmaine tapped on the glass door, then not hearing an answer, she slid the door open and padded inside.  Little did Charmaine know that Amelia had been up half the night with Shane, after the weird vibes that Carmen had given off.

Charmaine was used to making herself at home in the pool house, and immediately put on the TV, as she went into the kitchen to start making Amelia some breakfast.  First she filled the jug with water to boil for tea, before starting to go through the pantry and refrigerator eggs and bacon.  The sounds of the television woke Amelia, who came out bleary eyed to find the ditzy blonde witch already working in the kitchen.

“What time is it?”  Amelia asked with a yawn, scratching her head as she blinked at the TV.  Charmaine happily chuckled; “Just after 8.  I figured you had another all nighter and could use a lift to work after I cook you some breakfast.”  

Amelia let out another yawn and then saluted Charmaine, before turning on her heel and going to go have a shower and get ready for the day, while Charmaine continued to cook breakfast.

On the television was a news broadcast about a break in at the museum, and the disappearance of the archaeological student.  Charmaine took in the news that was unfolding, as she was cutting up some parsley, unaware that the very people that did the break in, were Amelia’s hosts; Shane and Carmen.  Trouble was brewing it seemed, and this was just going to add to Amelia’s woes as she came to discover this for herself.

Coming out of the bathroom, and getting dressed Amelia was ready for the day, though she could have used a few more hours sleep.  She opened all the shutters that showed the pool area in all it’s glory, as well as the well fortified house of Shane.  Amelia has the worst possible feeling about Carmen, and little did she know that Neema – Carmen’s alter had done the bolt as the sun had come up.

Walking into the kitchen, she wrapped her arms around Charmaine, who was making Amelia a cup of tea.  She kissed the cheek of her friend as Charmaine was about to hand her the cup.

“Ready for your first day at my store?”  Charmaine asked.  Amelia had given notice at her job at the police station.  She wanted to start a fresh, and be as far away as she could be from her memories of Jason – the detective she had fallen in love with long ago.  Working for Charmaine, was a good chance to meet with other local witches, and also catch the newest books that came into the store from time to time.  “It will be a breath of fresh air, that is all I can say.”  Charmaine was pleased to hear this.  She wanted to see Amelia take on life in a better way.  Embrace her inner self.  With the breakfast plates ready, she served them up on the counter, and both girls started to tuck in.  There would be enough time for talking when they headed out to the car.

Charmaine winked at her best friend.  “You know, some days we get some pretty handsome warlocks coming in.  Who knows, one might cast a spell on you?”

Amelia laughed at the thought of it.  In the back of her mind, she always knew Jarvis was watching her.  Would she ever give him a chance?  Could he control his urges around her?  That remained to be seen.

“Come on…let’s get going.  I am dying to unpack the latest book shipment from Europe.”  Charmaine said, taking up the dirty plates and washing them in the sink, before grabbing her bag and escorting Amelia out the door.


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