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Maxwell’s case is one of many in the Seattle Substance Abuse clinic.  Time to meet the other patients.  Welcome to Lipstick Lies!



Re: (RP) Seattle Substance Abuse & Treatment Facility
July 19, 2014 09:41PM
Room 225 – Max

“Door’s open. I’d offer you a drink but I think the bar is closed.” Max stated, trying to make a joke. Ansel could hear the underlying resentment and pain in Max’s voice and knew he was the person that Max needed to get through this. He stepped into the room and pulled up the chair near Max’s bed, turning it backwards. He draped his arms over the back and looked at Max.

“Max.” Ansel began, “I know right now you’re feeling a bit let down. Your sister had you brought here against your wishes and that’s got to hurt on some level. Betrayal, no matter how good someone’s intentions are, is a bitter pill to swallow.” There was complete honesty in Ansel’s words. He had never once lied to a patient and he wasn’t about to start now. “But she didn’t do this to hurt you. She did this because she loves you very much and doesn’t want to see you fall into a hole that you would never be able to dig yourself out of. She wants her brother back, the one who followed her around like a little lost puppy, getting into mischief, pranking their other brothers and sisters and not getting caught, taking long walks in the woods behind their home, the brother she confided her deepest, darkest secrets to. She misses that brother. I would like to help you find that person again.” Ansel stated, his words powerful. “If you’ll let me.” he added.

Max hadn’t said a word or looked up from his hands clasped in his lap the whole time Ansel began to speak, but Ansel wasn’t worried. It was only the first day.

“Ernie tells me that you requested to make a phone call. I’m going to allow you to do so, from the phone in my office, on one condition…that you come out of your room and get to know the other residents. Some of them are like you. It wouldn’t hurt to find common ground with them, or you’re in for a lonely time. Lunch will be in a couple of hours and some of the residents like to hang out in the recreation room until then.”

Ansel got to his feet and replaced the chair at the desk before moving to the door. He waited to see what Max would do.

Re: (RP) Seattle Substance Abuse & Treatment Facility
July 20, 2014 05:25PM
Room 225 – Max

Maxwell noticed the underlying tone of the administrator as he gave a bit of a speech while sitting directly across from him on a backwards turned chair. Ansel trying to put forth that he knew what Max was feeling right at this point. Feeling betrayed by a loved one does hurt even more than had it been say a business associate. He never considered that his sister would do such a bold move and actually have him dragged off in a public place. That was what stung all the more. A man has some pride, even if he didn’t realize what he was doing to himself.

Listening with a raised brow, Maxwell asked; “You speak as though you know her.” It was fair to say that Felicity had spoken at length with Ansel about her brother. The way that Ansel put it however made Maxwell wistful in a sense, but also annoyed. He actually pushed himself up and off the bed and walked over towards the window – his hands resting on the window sill as he stared out at the grounds.

“The things you speak of…the way I was as a young boy. Yes, I followed her around. Idolized her. it was like I could never keep up. Jokes and pranks, silly games. That was my childhood.”

Maxwell glanced back at Ansel and spoke with a small voice.

“That child is long since dead inside of me. The man I became…the one you see now, is the result of trying to forget…”His voice broke off and he felt that he had said way more than he ever wanted to admit. His right hand, his fingers curled into a fist. A tight ball. “Try if you want, Doctor…but I doubt you will find him.”

Looking back outside, he did hear something that did pique his interest. The phone call he had requested. The one he wanted to make the moment he had been locked up. The condition however was that he had to leave his room and mingle with the other patients. Socialize and try to get to know others that were like him. He had a few hours to kill before lunch.

Glancing around the room, which he now knew like the back of his hand, Maxwell came to the conclusion that this deal was one he could settle on. “Alright. I’ll come out of my hidey hole. Just…don’t expect a miracle in a day.” It was a start. Racking his fingers back through his hair, he walked over to the Doctor and offered his hand as though shaking on a business deal. “It’s been…interesting.” Leaving it at that, he wandered outside his room; stopping at first as he reached the doorway, almost unsure of which way to turn. Finally he chose right and headed down to the recreation room.


Re: (RP) Seattle Substance Abuse & Treatment Facility
July 23, 2014 11:06PM
Recreation Room

As Max was making his way to the rec room and Ansel was returning to his office, other residents were taking advantage of the nice day Seattle was having and were sitting outside the rec room doors on the terrace, soaking up the sun.

All except one.

“Jordan, why aren’t you outside with the others?” A nurse who was making her rounds spotted the lone woman curled up on the couch near one of the large windows. There was an open sketchbook in her lap, a pencil loosely clasped within her fingers. At the mention of her name, the woman looked up, chocolate brown eyes coming back into focus.

“Didn’t feel like being out there.” Jordan shrugged.

“Why not?” The nurse wondered, sitting across from her. Jordan didn’t answer, gave another half-shrug.

“Jordan, you do know that Doctor Monroe wants you to interact more with the others as part of your treatment.”

“I know.”

“Then why don’t you?” the nurse wondered. Jordan let out a small huff that belied her age.

“I have nothing in common with these people. I feel like an outsider to them. I just want to do my time, get better and get back to work.”

“I’ve told you before that this isn’t a prison.”

“Then if this isn’t a prison, I should be allowed to leave when I want.” Jordan retorted.

“Hmm.” the nurse nodded. “Well…if that’s how you feel about it…” the nurse got to her feet and turned to leave.

“Where you going?” Jordan demanded.

“I’m going to have a chat with Doctor Monroe about you. You might be here a while longer then you originally thought.” The nurse smirked before walking away.

“Bitch.” Jordan grumbled, turning her gaze back to her sketchbook. There was the beginnings of a sketch started and seeing the finished product in her mind, she began to work. Sketching was theraputic for her. It allowed her to see hidden truths of the world around her. As she was sketching, she didn’t see one particular resident come into the room. “The New Guy” as Max was dubbed had caught her attention when she had seen Ernie giving him a tour earlier in the day. It was the look on Max’s face that had caught her attention and she had been itching to draw ever since. Her hand moved rapidly over the paper as she took up some colored pencils to do some fill-ins.

It was probably going to be one of her better drawings.

Re: (RP) Seattle Substance Abuse & Treatment Facility
July 24, 2014 04:50AM
Recreation Room

Maxwell took his time in the long walk from his room down to what was known as the Recreation room. He didn’t walk with a pronounced swagger, like you would normally expect from someone that was a high flyer. Not now. Maxwell sort of dawdled along. Peeking in various doors as he passed down the corridor. Even into the staff room, though he didn’t stop and stare like some lost tourist. More of a fleeting glance for any familiar faces. Course he had only really met three people, well four if you counted Charlie Sheen, since he had been brought into the facility. He wrung his hands as he continued. No watch on his wrist, no cellphone to fiddle with. Perhaps he was suffering from a nervous type of anxiety. Sobriety tended to bring with it a horrible sensation, one that he was starting to hate with all his being. Naked…that is how he felt. Stripped of the very things that masked his inner self. Being dressed in the same tracksuit that he was issued with after his shower, he felt drab and colorless. If he blended much more into the walls, maybe he would disappear. He already felt forgotten. Did no one care? How he would give anything to hear the sound of Lucy’s voice. Fleeting images of her kept coming into her mind, but always somber ones. When would it finally dawn on him just how much he had let her down. All the promises he made when he head hunted her from her New York home, and left her more or less running the Light box on her own.

On reaching the doorway to the Recreation room, he noticed that there were large sliding doors that offered the patients access to the outer courtyards. By the sounds of the many voices outside, this is where the bulk of the patients were. A charming day for those that wished to enjoy the warm rays of the sun, whilst set in a tranquil surround of trees and lush gardens. If he were a pensioner he might enjoy such a thing, or an avid gardener. Sadly he was neither of these things. Not really paying attention to whomever might be left in the recreation room, he made his way across past many gaming tables and craft areas till reaching the large open doors. The light filtered through and he was almost about to step outside, when he felt that warmth upon his skin. A creature of habit, he took a step back. A night owl normally it was very rare for him to even be outside during the day. The glare of light made him squint, and he padded his track suit only to realize that he didn’t have his sun glasses. He didn’t have his normal glasses either. Maxwell realized he had nothing, no wallet…nothing.

Turning away from the opened door, was when he finally spotted her. A young girl with delightfully dark skin who was seated on one of the lounge like couches. All around her was pencils, the tools of an artist. A large sketch pad on her knees – head down and busily coloring what would be her latest creation. ~She must be a patient~ Maxwell’s immediate thoughts. Course, he didn’t recognize her. Not one for television or films, he had no idea that the girl was a starlet of the small screen. All he could see was a girl that would rather be inside, being creative than being outside soaking up the sun.

A quick glance about for any of the large ape like wardens, and then Maxwell made the decision to be social. A nervous hand went up and raked his fingers through his hair before he started to walk over. It was as he approached the girl, that the image that the girl was sketching was none other than….him. At first, Maxwell was a bit taken aback. No one had ever drawn him before. He was more used to having his picture taken for the tabloids and social pages. What truly struck him however, was how the image she had created made him look. Maxwell’s brows creased and then he reached up to touch his own frown lines on his forehead. Rigid lines that had come from years of drinking. Was this how he looked to the world? So old. What had happened to him? This..was what the drink had done. Maxwell was once a handsome young man about town. Now he looked like someone’s grand dad.

If Jordan had bothered to notice, she would see him standing there. A lover of art, he was feeling the sadness of seeing how another human being viewed him.

“You’re very talented.” Words seemed to come out almost without thought. He was humbled by her work. Normally, with the help of the drink he was the life of the party, a chatty man. Now he searched for something to say that wouldn’t sound condescending. “I was told…if I came out of my room that they might grant me a phone call.”

Maxwell then just stood there, realizing how much he missed Lucy. You would think the poor man was going to cry.



Pierce Johnson – Lipstick Lies!


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Re: Biographies.
July 23, 2014 07:44AM

FC : Shemar Moore

Name : Pierce Johnson
Sex : Male
Age : 27
Skin : Dark
Eyes : Brown
Height : 184cm
Weight : 82 kgs
Build : Athletic – muscular
Occupation : Lawyer – specializing in Family Law
Residence : Seattle
Birth place : Boston

Personality : Reserved, quiet, determined, knowledgeable, engaging, independent, strong willed & minded.
Likes : Cooking, Sports, cars, Summer vacations, swimming, reading, boating.
Dislikes : Shallow people, spicy food, and parking tickets.

History : One of Seattle’s leading court lawyers and the personal friend of James Daughtery and Thomas Bing, Pierce Johnson has been right there for the two men as they had searched for years to find a baby to call their own. After the last attempt ended in disaster, and with Thomas’s hospital stint, Pierce has been carefully managing the guys affairs. Whilst handing James’s many contracts on various book deals, he still likes to see the lads on social occasions and the odd football game. Currently single after a bitter break up with his model girlfriend Shana, Pierce has thrown himself into his work as a way of coping. Little does he know what is coming around the corner.


White Wolf – Part Eight.


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White wolf

Part Eight

“The Deal”


IceTe3a: His hues were examining Valencia as she casually strolled around in the main hall, his brow arched as she pointed out that Eryda was here in fact she was most likely half way around the work, his lips parted as he came to realize she was stating he was alone. Did she think without Eryda he would be weaker? He chuckled slightly to himself as they both knew the extent of his powers, Valencia saw firsthand how he dispatched her husband with ease the vampire lord.. King of all vampires, yet she stood there proclaiming this? Her mood took a turn for the worse as her face turned hideous, a tendency of vampires when you piss them off enough, ”I grow tired of your insolence. You had your chance to be by my side. Now…you can be a meal for my ladies in waiting. GIRLS…HE’S ALL YOURS!” Valencia finally had given up on him all those years of attempting to turn him into her personal toy and she chose the day he decided to get his weaponry upgraded to turn sour, irony had a weird sense of humor. Watching as she strolled back to her throne taking her seat, as his eyes flicked around the room the forms of female vampires appeared, some through the form of mist others walking out of the shadows while the rest materialized as they came out walking from the many pillars. His eyes scanning the room as he was surrounded by the countless female vampires, all their eyes were on him they were waiting for the day to have their chance at taming the white wolf, oh what a status boost it would be to any one of them to tame him, as few licked their lips while others bared their fangs. There had to be at least two hundred of them, all more beautiful than any other female around; their clothing emphasized their beauty. This would almost be any mundane man’s dream come true if only they weren’t so blood hungry for the forbidden blood.. his blood which has now come into open season. Being a Witcher and not just any Witcher an Albino Witcher his blood constantly replenished itself much like his magic life force so he was a never ending treat to any one of them. He thought to himself just what could he do, his vials could possibly help but not in this situation there were too many, and by now they had packed the room circling in around him as he could hear some of them talking in their sensual ways attempting to handle him with words, if they had their way he would be shared around the room between them in not only feeding but more.. sensual pleasures as well, he wasn’t exactly going to allow them to do that to him, he was no one’s toy let alone fuck toy “Valencia…. His eyes started to glow an immense yellow as they glared past the crowd of females to directly glare at her “ You have declared war on the Witchers.. You will not survive the onslaught that will come in the months to come once this is reported. He knew he had the right to dispatch her and her entire female army that stood in this room, but would rather report back to the Witchers guilds when the annual meeting of the guild leaders happened, so all could know of Valencia actions and where to go from there. A slight smirk appeared across his lips as he placed both palms together, crossing all his finger over each other save his two index fingers which pressed together pointing to the roof. The females taken back from his slight movements as they gave slight space all glanced around at each other as little did they know he was commanding one of his most powerful sigil, one that helped him win the Vampire wars years ago, this sigil.. ‘Pia’ was a holy sigil of light, and could be used and twisted to his own needs. *Flashback* the bloodied grounds laid waste to the countless bodies of the Mundane and Vampires as the two armies went at it with each other, the blood sky was in full affect as storm clouds were partial to this war, thunder and lightning striking around, in the distance the roar of both armies and the high chants of the mundane priests echoed across the lands, he was sent to this war to put an end to it.. so many had died in the past years because of the indifference between the mundane and the vampires, he would force a treaty of peace between the two races or exterminate them those were his orders. Standing there in nothing but his leather jeans and boots, his silver sword on his back he had made it to the battle grounds as the battle was half way through, he placed both palms together in front of his chest as his eyes started to glow an immense white, crossing all his finger over each other one at a time as holy runes started to appear across his skin glowing an immense white that it almost came off as blue his two index fingers which pressed together pointing to the roof finished the ritual as an explosion clapped and echoed, two wings of pure light sprung from his back as he stood there his right palm glowing. Raising his right hand as he gripped his blade the bright light from his palm engulfed the entirety of the blade transforming it into a weapon blessed by heaven itself

This form of sigil was very powerful and rare, he happened upon it while doing a deed for a high priest of the Mundane, his entire body was transformed, leaning forward as his knees bent the wind exploded as he was sent flying forwards into the battle almost like he was hovering on the ground at great speeds. His wings slowly moving about as he passed Mundane and Vampires alike, each stopping their fight as they glanced over at him, he was only after one person Victor.. the king of all vampires, his hues glanced around as he finally saw waves of Mundane flying into the sky as they screamed in terror for the hits of a powerful weapon

“Vicotr..!!!! “ he shouted as he came to a land in the centre of the countless Mundane surrounding the vampire king. “This ends now Victor.. with your head attached or with it separated either way.. this war is over… “ He looked as Victor turned to face him their eyes glaring at each other, Victor charged towards him his weapon held high as he raised his own weapon; charging back they met half way as their swords collided with a great crash of thunder the entire battlefield engulfed in a white glow as their eyes were temporarily blinded from the white blast. *Flashback end* But this time.. he was just going to create a holy light to engulf the room, his eyes were engulfed in pure white as his palms started to glow“Goodbye.. Valencia” The room was engulfed in a white flash as the females screamed out in pain, the ones closer to him were sure to be incinerated as the others would suffer temporary burns. By the time the room came to normal the only thing that stood in his place was a circular burn on the floor as he had made his escape out of the Vampires castle whilst they were distracted and was making his way to find Cali.

He smirked as he watched her slowly unclip her cloak, it gracefully fell down her body onto the floor as it revealed her more or less clothing she chose to wear it left nothing to the imagination as she wore clothing that complimented her bodies figure. He sat up in his chair as his eyes looked her up and down, what a woman he thought to himself, her husband is a lucky man. ”We have a deal.” the words almost caressed his face as he heard them. Watching as her slender fingers gripped the table and tossed it out of the way, she slowly approached him as he watched her sensual movements, only to be pushed down onto his back on the floor he landed with a thud as she stood on top of him, his eyes looking her over with a smirk. His hues shot blood red as he clicked his fingers, his image shrouded under her as his form disappears and the form of her husband appeared laying on his back under her feet, he had taken his form that was obvious was …
IceTe3a: it to make it easier on her? Or to make sure she doesn’t hold back on her end of the deal.. to be rough, a reminder perhaps? “Teach me the meaning of pain..” he said but it came out in her husband’s voice, how would she feel about that?

CharlotteCarrendar: – Valencia’s pride and anger had made her vulnerable in this moment, for though she thought that the Witcher would be no match for the likes of over two hundred vampire maidens attempting to feed and pleasure themselves with his light coloured body she forgot that this was the very same Witcher who had brought about the end of her own husband –the King in a battle that was between mundane and vampire kind. Her sickening laugh was to soon fade away, as did her cruel smile when the Witcher announced that she had brought about a war that would be Witchers guilds versus her very realm for her disrespect. Hissing violently from her fur covered throne, she rose slowly, like a King Cobra that was preparing to strike. Her nails on each hand appeared to lengthen into what would be described as dark talons, while her beautiful dress began to tear and stretch as the true inner beast – the vampire Queen was about to reveal her true form. Grotesque and vile, with skin the colour green, and hair that was flashings of red on black –she was truly the sight that made you want to claw out your own eyes. Each of her maidens followed suit, with great wings unfurling upon their backs. They were all the shape of women, but now the more obvious parts of their anatomy seemed to meld into their skin, again with a sickly hue. Like a corpse that had been animated in a vile display. Horrific would be a good word. All around the Witcher they gathered on mass, wings beating in a show of strength as he did just declare war. Becoming airborne, the Queen hovered in the air and screeched. ”The Witchers guilds shall not know of your report, if you are dead!” She raised her arms and cackled as a sign for all her maidens of blood to attack. But at this moment, it was when the Witcher would unveil his most deadly sigil. A blast of light that was like the very sun itself was shining its light directly into the hallowed sanctum of the Queen. The affect was immediate. As many as a hundred vampire maidens were turned to ash, incinerated by the blast of light. Beyond them, others were suffering serious burns, their eyes turning white and becoming blind. They cried and screamed, reaching out for each other for comfort, as the Queen herself copped a good blast of light. Her body catching fire and she fell from the sky, only to land in a smouldering heap on the floor. Her wings barely able to beat, as she tried in vain to fight to stand again. It was pitiful as it was demoralizing to her kind. The Witcher had won this round, and with the threat of war to come within the coming months, the Queen had truly bitten off far more than she could chew. Her screams and wails could be heard for miles, and this reached the ears of Eryda. The red Witcher was galloping towards the Vampire mountain. Was she too late?

Within the blacksmith shop, the Blood Elf was reeling from what she was seeing now beneath her. The Vampire known as Vlad had changed his image through glamour to be that of her lost husband. The trickery, as it appeared to be worked a treat with the Blood elf, who started to tear off his shirt, her long nails digging into his flesh as she panted like that of a hungry animal. Cali struck a deal with the Vampire to get information, but this being now looked exactly like him, sounded like him. He wanted to know pain. What greater pain was there than to feel he had been lost to her forever. The Blood elf gripped his head in her hands, and seared a bruising kiss to his lips, that also saw her biting at his bottom lip – pulling at it as she bore her weight down on him. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as she teared up slightly, her finger nails dug into his skin as his skin shivered in response his shirt torn from his very body as she forced a burning kiss upon his lips. Her teeth sinking into his bottom lips as she tugged at it he could feel her weight being pressed down on him. He smiled at her as his hands ran up her back softly his fingers would trail against her skin “ You will be reunited with me soon” he said and once again it came out in her husband’s voice, his lips kissing her back with a fierce passion as his hand reached her hair, his fingers raking through it gently while he continued to kiss her. : Strolling down the main road towards Vlad’s he could hear the crying pain screams of the vampire queen as people rushed up towards the castle to see what was going on they were more curious than worried. He knew he would have to collect Cali and go to the Guild meeting where all the masters meet, he would need to report that he had just brought them into a war again, they would not be happy. As he made his way down the path he could not see Mersa nor Cali as he continued to look around for them through the shops he arched a brow as he walked over towards Vlad’s shop, glancing in he saw the overturned table. With a slight smirk he opened the door to interrupt them“Cali, get off him. Vlad tell her what she wants’ to know, the queen has claimed war on the Witchers guilds we need to leave now. For all our sakes. “ He glanced down to Mersa who was happy to see him, waking up with a big yawn she came to a stand and nuzzled his cheek as she strolled outside, “My weapons better have been done” : Vlad heard the door open and then smelled the White wolf just as he spoke “Cali, get off him. Vlad tell her what she wants’ to know, the queen has claimed war on the Witchers guilds we need to leave now. For all our sakes. “ he got up with ease whilst Cali was on top, coming to a stand he had dragged Cali to her feet as well as he was in shock of what the queen had done“What?! She is crazy.. Please inform them that this is the direct statement of her and no one else wishes to break the treaty” he knew what that meant if he was found with the White wolf or Cali he would have to answer for it, and the treaty could be broken for his kind. He would need to overthrow the queen and put someone else in power of the throne.. perhaps him maybe “We must overthrow the queen.. Go now my friend “ he tossed the newly formed blades to the White wolf and turned towards Cali with a slight smile, his form turned back to his own as he caressed her cheek with the back of his hand “Your husband is a lucky man my dear… You will find him in the Mundane main city of Carthal, under the slave chains of its queen, she is worse than our queen.. If your husband is anything like you, you won’t have long until she disposes of him from boredom “ he of course was referring to her stubborn and defiant ways, as he touched her he showed her exactly where he was being kept through imagery in her mind. “Now go and free your loved one, White wolf.. We will be in touch” : He caught the new swords as he examined them noting how light weight they were, he obviously embuned them with magic whilst restructuring them completely, they were whole new swords, as he strapped them to his back again he walked over to Cali and grabbed her by the hand basically dragging her out of Vlad’s shop “I will tell the guild that this is her doing and try to save the treaty, I believe you should speak for your people Vlad. They need a king, not a slut of a queen” as he walked out of the shop he rounded on Cali as he shook his head glancing at her, throwing her coat at her he sighed “Anything to save your husband huh? Get a move on “ he said as Mersa came to walk up beside him, they started to head straight for the main gates leading towards the large Cravasse.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The Vampire’s trickery was resourceful when he wanted something, and under the glamour guise of the Blood elf male, with the same soothing voice he had invoked within the female the burning need to be reunited with him. Cali seemed to even forget that this man she was kissing, this Vampire was not her husband at all, but his whispered words and stroking had her captivated and she naturally responded with a fervour that was sure to sate his desire to be treated roughly. She was about to rip off her bodice when suddenly she heard the voice of Xo the Witcher coming up behind them. “Cali, get off him. Vlad tell her what she wants’ to know, the queen has claimed war on the Witchers guilds we need to leave now. For all our sakes. “ Cali gasped and looked back over her shoulder to see him standing there, patting the Warg and looking a bit miffed with what he had found. The Vampire was quick to stand on hearing that the Queen had broken the treaty in her wicked scheme to try and tame and make a pet out of Xo. Being almost dragged to her feet, Cali was quick to get her cloak and fasten back around her – suddenly feeling the need to cover herself. She felt sick and dirty when she looked back to see Vlad back to his normal appearance. But the conversation was now between the two men, as the situation had turned dire for them all. No doubt the Queen would recover and then seek to rid the Witcher and his companions from her land. As she strapped back on her pole arm, she felt the touch of the Vampire black smith’s hand to her face. She almost wanted to flinch away since she felt she had dishonoured her husband in her vain attempt to learn of his whereabouts. The Vampire gave the information now freely. ] “Your husband is a lucky man my dear… You will find him in the Mundane main city of Carthal, under the slave chains of its queen, she is worse than our queen.” Cali muttered under her breath a word of thanks, and then with her head bowed she quickly left the Black smith shop, well aware that the Witcher was probably going to roast her for what he had seen her do. She pulled up her hood and waited near the Warg and sure enough the Witcher didn’t disappoint. “Anything to save your husband huh? Get a move on “ Cali shrugged her shoulders as she caught the coat he threw at her and continued to mutter under her breath, her lips still stinging from the Vampire’s kiss. But as they headed out of the township, a great horse thundered up the road, ridden by a woman with flowing red hair. As soon as she came into eyeshot, you could hear her make a loud whooping sound as she brought the horse up to stand on two feet. Bringing the horse down, Eryda recognised Xo and leapt off the horse. She was breathing hard thinking the Vampire Queen finally had him under her spell. Now she could see him walking along with ANOTHER woman? She marched right up to Xo and then took a swing at him. A punch to the jaw. Should it land she would stand with hands on hips and bark. ”I just rode the last ten miles at full gallop cause I was worried about you!” Talk about a way to meet the Mrs. She stared at Cali, who got such a fright, she ran around behind the Warg. ”Whose that?!” Eryda ordered waiting for Xo to speak. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as Cali walked ahead muttering to herself, he shook his head wondering just what lengths she would go to, to save her husband. He was watching her as he saw a horse riding directly for him, as it came closer he arched a brow noting just who it was. The horse bucked up onto its hinged legs as it came down Eryda came jumping off the horse as she walked straight up to him, she swung a punch at him and it stuck true on the side of his jaw, his head sent flying to the side as he chuckled slightly, noting that Cali ran behind Mersa. “Lovely to see you to darling.. “ he smiled as he came to stand straight again his lip cracked and bleeding slightly, as he glanced back to Cali “That’s Cali, she’s a paying Client. Cali.. Meet Eryda my wife. “ he smiled as he looked Eryda up and down only the kind of look a lover would give, as he walked up to Eryda he wrapped his arm around her waist and turned her so she walked with him, Mersa following suit leaving Cali to cower alone. “ Come on Cali, Eryda.. pleasantries later for now lets get out of here before the Queen finds and kills us. She’s proclaimed war on Witchers Eryda, we need to get to the meeting of the masters and tell them” As they walked down the street they could hear Vlad yelling about how the Queen is jeopardizing their treaty with the Witchers and how she’s proclaimed war, he was making his move. : He waited a while before he would do anything, composing himself he walked straight out the door as the crowd massed in the streets all chatting and wondering as they pointed towards the castle. “My people! The queen has gone crazy!! She announced war on the Witchers guilds, Dooming us all as she breaks the Treaty!! We do not have to stand for this!! I have advised the White wolf none of us wish for a war nor to break the treaty!! He will aid us in our war against the Queen and her army!! To take back our city and continue the treaty !! Make me your king and I shall promise you this and more!! “ he shouted to the masses as he flashed his white fangs. Vlad was a high ranked noble male, stronger than the other males and everyone knew of his blessing so no one opposed him, they all cheered and shouted his name stating they were with him, others now cursing the queens name for trying to bring another war. It was to easy.. all it took was a visit from the White Wolf and he would see himself king of the Vampire realm, he would bring them back up in the ranks of mankind a respectable and powerful race once more.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Eryda cocked a brow when hearing that the cowering Cali was a paying client. ”Really? What the devil is she?’ Eryda may have travelled far and wide across the many lands of their realms but this was the first time she had encountered a blood elf. The ears were so long and those eyebrows. Not at all what Eryda would say was attractive on a woman. Still, she was never one for competition. Having given Xo what she would call a lover’s greeting – ie the punch, she was amused to see he was bleeding. Of course, he looked down at her with a fondness that was reserved for a mate. She cut a striking figure in her leather pants, boots and tight bustier. She was not dainty by any sense of the word, but she had it where it counted. A fullness of figure that would give a man much to explore with wandering hands beneath the furs. Feeling Xo put his arm around her, Eryda walked along casually with him as thought nothing had happened, her horse following along behind the Warg. This left Cali on her own. But Cali got a whiff of the blood that was trickling down the Witcher’s chin and licked her lips, fighting her burning need to feed off him. She had become addicted to his energy, his blood. Little by little becoming more and more caught in his web, whether he understood this yet or not. Hearing that the Queen had broken the treaty and that their lives were in jeopardy if they hung around, Eryda rolled her eyes. ”Let me guess, she tried to woo you to her bed and be her new footstool. When is that woman ever going to learn? Hope you sizzled her ass this time. I have a good mind to go in there and give her a piece of my mind.” Eryda was feisty to say the least, but she knew that there was an urgency in Xo’s voice that he wanted to get to the Guild council as soon as they could. If Vlad could not take control of the Queen’s lands there was going to be another war. Eryda slapped her love’s backside hard as they walked along. ”So what else have I missed? You and this…Cali been causing havoc across the mundane lands?’ <3>

IceTe3a: – He smiled as he walked along the path through the gates over towards the large mountain crevasse “She is a Blood elf, and a paying client, How was the job?” he felt her slap his ass as he arched a brow, glancing over to her he smirked as he heard Mersa walking around behind him with Cali following close “ You could say that, We have been travelling since the Dark forest, took out a den of werewolves. They are massing armies all over the realm “ this was partly why he needed to see the guilds masters to advise them that not only has the vampire queen declared war but the werewolves were massing armies in greater numbers than what they have already seen. “The guild hall is up in the snowy mountains, they meet in a week’s time. We should just make it for when they arrive, If they’ll be happy to see us is another thing entirely” shaking his head he turned to Mersa and climbed up on her. Looking down at Eryda he smirked “This is Mersa, we are pact. She’s a lot smarter and faster than that horse you ride.” he chuckled at his own tease as he pulled Cali up to sit behind him on Mersa. Waiting for Eryda to climb up on her horse he directed Mersa to walk beside the horse as they slowly travelled through the crevasse “We should resupply for the cold weather before we hit the trail, Any suggestions in the closest town? “ : With the vampires now Rallied behind vlad he had all the power and support he needed, no doubt the queen would hear of this. As they charged the castle they found it lacking her presence, as one of the noble females advised she had escaped before they could kill her taking her personal army. This left Vlad with an empty throne, a kingdom, the vampire army without leadership and a castle full of noble females, more sexy.. dangerous females than he could deal with oh but he would try. Slowly he walked up to the throne as the crowd cheered his name, as he turned around standing in front of the throne “Do you accept me as your king!?! Here now and forever more!! the crowd cheering in acceptance as he took his seat they all bowed down onto a knee,. “Good, live your daily lives, leave the hard labor to me. Tonight we party and feast in the new era of the vampires!” the common folk left the castle grounds wondering back to their own homes and place of work, leaving Vlad alone in a castle full of wondering female vampires, leaning back against the throne he rests his chin on his clamped hand, his hues glancing around at the passing females. The castle décor and the castle itself started to change form, suiting to his likings as did his clothing, he would need to choose brides this much was expected of him, but who.. which one, he knew so little and they all knew a lot.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Eryda’s interest in Cali piqued when Xo mentioned she was a blood elf. Immediately she became suspicious, not because the girl was paying but more to how the creature was around her husband. Females, as far as Eryda was concerned could never be trusted. Eyrda was about to ask another question, when Xo asked her about her job. Shrugging lightly, like the last job really was a non event; she smacked her lips and said. ”A pirate king who had gotten himself into a spot of bother with one of the neighbouring kingdoms. Kidnapped the Queen and was rumoured to be doing unspeakable things to her. Eh, so I was hired to do the rescue. When i got to the ship however, from the sounds coming from the Pirate King’s quarters, the damn slag was the one that was doing all the torture. Honestly, the pair deserved each other. All I had to do was show proof and headed back to the Kingdom with the Queen in tow…and last I recall she was hung for her infidelity. “ By the jingling sound coming from Eryda’s purse she had earnt herself a right fee for her efforts. ”King asked me to stay and take her place. Naturally I declined.” This was said with a wink, before she whistled for her horse. On hearing they were off to the guild hall, which was located in the Snowy Mountains, Eryda agreed that they would need to stop for provisions and warmer garb before continuing on. Mounting her horse, after watching Xo help the Blood elf to sit in behind him, Eryda adjusted herself in the saddle, and then added. ”If half of what you have told me is true, the Council is going to be most displeased with …” She had to add the us, since even though it was the Witcher and Cali that caused some of the current strife; she was his partner and mate through thick and thin. Looking ahead, Eryda gave a curt nod as to where to stop for provisions. ”Dante’s pass. That is the last outpost before the trek climb. Should take a few hours tops.” Her horse kept up alongside the Warg, while the Blood elf wrapped her arms around the Witcher. She could still smell the blood on his face, and this made her shiver with an unusual eagerness. Her addiction was getting worse. This would not go unnoticed by Eryda, who was now keeping a close eye on the blood elf. <3>

IceTe3a: – He shrugged lightly as he knew she was right the guild masters would be quite upset with him “When aren’t they upset with me? They lack the ability to control me so this obviously pisses them off “ he smirked as his eyes gleamed yellow, he could feel Cali holding around his waist as they rode, she was being unusually quiet. They headed towards Dante’s pass as Eyrda had suggested “Good idea, it’s along the way and they would have what we need.” He was oblivious to Cali’s new found addiction as he continued to ride east towards Dante’s pass with Eyrda riding along side on her horse “The king would have a death wish to attempt in stealing my wife” he gave Eyrda a smirking sideways glance “Cali’s husband made his way into our realm from another realm, she’s here to look for him. Apparently he’s in a bit of trouble” he was filling in Eyrda of what exactly was going on, eventually he would have to fulfil his bargain with Cali and take her to the Mundane kingdom where he was last seen alive. “ Cali the kingdom of the Mundane is up around the snowy mountains, so the meeting hall is on the way. Are you ok with this?” light slowly started to turn to dark as nightfall came just as they reached the boarders of Dante’s pass, he sighed slightly in relief as it had been a long ride, pointing over to the local tavern “We should spend the night, eat and have a good rest. We can trek on dawn once we get our supplies” he glanced over to Eyrda, suddenly a loud growling roar could be heard as he arched a brow his hues glance over into the distance “Frost trolls seemed to have come down from the mountain, Eyrda why don’t you take this one dear. “ he smirked as his eyes locked over at hers whilst he rode Mersa past her towards the frost trolls, as he strolled through the town closer to the frost trolls he could hear their movements and grunts they were on the edge of town on the other side, so no harm to any townspeople yet perhaps they were after some of the farm animals on that side of town.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Xo had a point with the Witcher council. They usually had a beef with his antics, but that was only because his methods were a little unorthodox. She could never imagine any of them ever being able to control him. Hell, she couldn’t and had known that from the start of their courtship. But in a way, she was a lot like him, being head strong and independent. It was half the reason she would go off on her own adventures to fill her purse and learn more about the ways of others. Knowledge was something they treasured and they always wanted to learn more. Eryda tried not to keep staring at the Blood Elf, who was quietly holding onto the Witcher as they both rode the Warg. It was probably a good thing she held her tongue, as the newly reunited Witcher couple were still discussing the upcoming trade station, and just what Eryda had been doing with herself in the months that he and she had been apart. The red witcher laughed at Xo’s suggestion that he would kill the King if he so dared to steal her from him. Little did the Witcher know just what the King was like. ”The King would be no match for the likes of you, or me dare I say it. A scrawny man, with a comb over. No muscular build. Weak blue eyes and skin that looked spotty from memory. For one, a girl like me would break him like a twig.” She let out another laugh just thinking of it. ”I am honoured with the sentiment however, love.” Eryda said with a smile, as she gave her horse a little kick to keep up with the towering Warg. Her horse was quite a bit smaller and the going was getting rough. Just as they discussed supplies, there was a terrible sound. A long loud growl coming from the distance. Frost trolls. ”Ah, just what I needed after a long ride in the saddle.” She jumped down off her horse and smacked its ass to get it to follow along with the Warg and her mate, who had gone on ahead. She took out her sword and held it defensively as she walked along behind, keeping up the rear. No doubt they were hungry, but whose blood would they lust for. <3>


DownTown Seattle (5) – Lipstick Lies!


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With the changes in the lives of Erica and Simone, a new couple is about to become part of the scene. Thomas and James; a gay couple from the UK who are looking to adopt a baby of their own.  Has Simone’s pregnancy answered their prayers?   Welcome to Lipstick Lies!




Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
June 20, 2014 04:21PM
Milstead & Co – Bohemian Shopping District – Seattle

The sight of the metal claws that appeared to come right from between Ame’s knuckles and then force their way into the air, was shocking to see. In the movies, sure they had seen Wolverine do it, and it was part of his charm. It made many a woman into a quivering mess, but this…to see Ame do it, was enough to elicit gasps from Erica and a loud cough from Simone.

“I didn’t think you would do that….I mean, you really are like Wolverine.”

Thoughts entered Simone’s mind. Wouldn’t something like that make getting dressed up a nightmare, if you got spooked, and then…~Whoosh!~ The blonde model could hardly stop staring as Ame drew them back down into her hand. “Does that hurt?” Course that would be the next question, but from the look on Ame’s face it was a perfectly natural thing. Thankfully, no one else witnessed it, as they were all too absorbed in their own conversations and coffees. That in itself was a blessing.

Erica was still blinking, her mouth opening as though she had a question, then changing her mind again as she tried to get her head around it. She herself couldn’t do anything like that.

Getting out her purse, Erica set down some notes, before pushing her chair out and rising to standing.

“I’ll head on back to the apartment, Sim and start on your packing. You can finish your coffee and shopping with Ame.”

“You’re leaving?” Simone looked surprised that Erica would just dump and run on her, but Erica had other ideas.

“Mhm. I have to pack all your shit in three hours. I’m on the clock.” She then turned to Ame and said. “Good luck with her. You’re going to need it.”

Erica smirked and grabbed her coat, before heading out the door, leaving Simone with Ame. Simone felt abandoned and pouted a little. “Is it me, or was she a bit too eager to have me move out?”


Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
June 21, 2014 05:22PM
Milstead & Co – Bohemian Shopping District – Seattle

“Simone, keep it down. I do not want the whole world to know that,” She gave a glare towards Simone, not liking that she was a bit loud about her being like the fictional character Wolverine.

Ame gave a sigh, looking down to only rub the back of her neck for she does not know what to do if people found out that she was not human. She looked up at Simone, hearing her ask if it hurt then chuckled, shaking her head in response.

“It does not hurt at all for it it natural thing that occurs when I choose to use them.”

She turned her gaze to Erica, who clearly was caught off by surprise by this and tilted her head for she looked like she was going to ask a question. Ame watched Erica as she rose from the table to only announce that she was heading back to the apartment to pack Simone’s things and that she could stay with her and finish the shopping.

She gave a gentle nod towards Erica who has wished her luck and Ame began to have this gut feeling that Simone would be a handful. She began to chew on her lip, the gears of her mind starting to turn within her head.

“Well by the looks of it, honey, Erica seemed to be way to eager to have you move out and seemed to be ecstatic to help pack your things,” Ame spoke in a soft tone as she lifted a hand to only place it on Simone’s back and began to rub in attempt to comfort her.



Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
June 21, 2014 06:14PM
Milstead & Co – Bohemian Shopping District – Seattle

Simone felt a little better by Ame’s affections after Erica’s hasty exit from the Milstead coffee house. It was hard to imagine that Erica could even box up Simone’s belongings in just three hours. It took her three days to move into the apartment. The blonde let out a sigh and pushed her empty coffee cup forward, as she apologized for her loud outburst.

“Really sorry. Kind of shocked by the whole.blade thing.” Simone offered. Glancing out the window, she could see Erica hailing down a cab and then going off rather quickly like her ass was on fire. A light shake of her head and she tried to refocus on what was going to happen now. She had not lived with anyone else apart from Erica, and she had to wonder if Ame could handle her outrageous behavior.

“I promise to be good, Ame.” If she had a halo, Simone would be polishing the crap out of it, with her fingers crossed behind her back. She had always been so irresponsible with everything from men to money, so Ame taking her on like this was a big ask.

Another thought crossed her mind. “So when are you meeting up with Pandora again?” She asked, genuinely curious about their friendship. Simone knew that Pandora might find it hard to swallow, that Ame was being so charitable with Simone, after everything.


Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
June 21, 2014 06:27PM
Milstead & Co – Bohemian Shopping District – Seattle

“It will happen since this is the first time I came open to one of the girls,” she nodded as she pushed her empty cup away from her to only grab her purse to search through her purse to get money to pay for her coffee. She got up to walk to the cashier to pay for her coffee.

Ame soon returned to the table and looked at Simone, “Are you ready to finish shopping, Sim?”

She grabbed her coat and put it on since she was in the mood to do some shopping and now she had someone to go shopping with. Maybe she should take Simone shopping where she usually shops for her steam punk clothing.

Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
June 21, 2014 06:46PM
Milstead & Co – Bohemian Shopping District – Seattle

Simone was more than ready to tackle some more shopping, since she didn’t have to race home to the apartment. If Erica was going to do all the packing, then let her. Simone rose up from her chair and then threaded her jacket back on as she watched Ame leave some money for the waitress. Donning her dark shades, and a light pat of her hair, Simone then followed Ame out of the coffee house and onto the street footpath outside.

“So…what did you want to shop for?” Simone inquired, wondering if she was after more vintage style steam punk clothes or accessories, like what she already had on.

The street was particularly busy this time of day, and Simone wondered if Ame was going to take her car, or leave it there as the girls might set off on foot. Simone could spend hours trawling the various shops for a good buy. She knew soon however, she would have to start looking at things for the baby. That was if she was going to keep it. The jury was still out on that one.


Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
June 23, 2014 08:25PM
Alexis Hotel, Room 457

Felicity pulled her phone away from her ear, staring at it as if it were a live snake about to bite her. She had been busy working at the time Muriel had called her so she didn’t hear the message Muriel left until some time after the fact.

When she finally did hear the message, it took everything she had in her not to storm to Muriel’s and rip out the fake blonde’s hair…with tweezers. She began to understand now where most of Max’s issues stemmed from. Muriel was definitely an Enabler.

She would have to mention this to Doctor Monroe when she next spoke with him.

Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
July 02, 2014 07:54PM
Milstead & Co – Bohemian Shopping District – Seattle

Ame placed a hand on her hip, looking at Simone and gave her a wide smile as she pointed to her car, “We are taking a trip to somewhere that I buy my steam punk clothing. I bet you will like it. After we do that, we are going to come back and buy some maternity items for you.”

She then pointed to her car which sat in the sun and its paint glistened like it had been freshly painted and coated with protection wax. She walked over to her car, taking out her keys and unlocked the passenger side to let Simone get in and sit down. She picked up the box of liquor out of the passenger side to only place it in the bucket seat and slipped out of the way for Simone to sit down. Ame then walked to the other side and sat down in her seat. She reached into her purse to fish out her car keys and placed them in the ignition, turning it to only hear the car roar to life as she waited for Simone to take her seat and shut the door.

Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
July 04, 2014 08:35PM
Bohemian Shopping District – Seattle

At the suggestion that Ame wanted to take Simone maternity wear shopping, Simone made a gagging sound. You know, like when a cat is trying to bring up a fur ball. This went on for a solid minute before she ran her hand over what was a very small baby bump. The idea that Simone was looking…pregnant had the blonde dancer feeling physically sick. Finally catching her breath, she countered;

“But I am not that far along to warrant maternity clothes. They are for…women that look like they have watermelons shoved up their dresses.” This was Simone’s version of a protest. Simone was still trying to come to grips with the fact she was pregnant. Now abandoned by Erica, she felt a little bit lost in it all. Ame, had already gotten in her mind that she wanted to shop for more clothing like what she already had on. Simone followed Ame to her car, and then got into the passenger side after Ame unlocked the door. Closing the door with a loud thud, Simone hastily drew her seat belt across herself, and then glanced at Ame who seemed to be waiting for the cue to go.

“How many of these cars do you have?” Simone inquired, as she figured Ame had a few. Simone was not really into cars. She knew that they were costly, and got you from A to B, but she much rather ride around in taxis or be picked up by her beau of the day. Being pregnant was going to curb the amount of beaus she was going to have. Had Simone sworn off men?

That remained to be seen.


Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
July 19, 2014 09:21PM
Milstead & Co – Bohemian Shopping District – Seattle

“Simone, you are three months along. And you will be needing to start wearing maternity clothes. Whither you like it or not.” She looked in the side mirror to see if any cars were driving by. When she saw none, she pulled out of her parking spot to head towards where she likes to shop for one of her favorite style of clothing.

“Simone, I have to many cars in general to count. And all of them are from differnt years of America’s automotive culture,” She glanced at Sim then returned her attention to the road, “And if you want, you can put on any music you desire to listen too.” She pointed out since there was rock music playing.

Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
July 19, 2014 09:48PM
Once upon a Time Baby Store – Seattle

Simone was about to put on some music, when a sweet looking shop caught her eye. It was called the Once upon a time store. “Ame…pull over here.” Seeing something that she was actually interested in, she smirked as she saw two good looking men through the store window. “I think baby shopping just got interesting.” Trust Simone to spot a hunk or two whilst being driven around town.

Inside Once upon a time

Walking through the gorgeous aisle filled with baby toys and knick knacks, Thomas picked up a pink hippo fluffy toy and rubbed it against his cheek. The fabric was so plush and soft, Tom simply couldn’t resist. “:Hun, look at this. Pink fluffy hippo” His voice had a slight high pitch to it as he beamed at his lover. “This would look so cute in the nursery. Ooo…matching cot quilts. Hippo fever has hit Seattle, I swear.” Skipping off to the cot section with the Pink Hippo in his hand, the sales lady came up to James, and chortled. “First time fathers. You have to love them. Is he your brother?”she asked, not realizing that James and Thomas were a couple.

From the cot department, you could hear Thomas squeal over the hippo cot quilts. “Babe…we so have to get a mural of a pink hippo in the nursery!” On hearing Thomas sing out to Jason, the sales lady then put two and two together. Ohhhhh!”Yes, oh. Registering that they were a gay couple, the sales lady then added. “Which one of you is the Daddy?”


Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
July 19, 2014 10:05PM
Once Upon A Time Baby Store – Seattle

Ame blinked and pulled over to in front of the store, turning off her engine as she looked through her windshield. She was taken by surprise that Simone spot two men (of course) walking into the store then shook her head, “Simone, you honestly thinking of going after those two gentlemen?” she looked over at her with a cocked head.

She got a bit worried when she heard that baby shopping just got interesting right from Simone’s lips to only reach behind her seat to grab her purse. “Well? You going to get out and look inside the store to see what you like for your child or what?” Ame was going to get serious about Simone’s baby shopping and was going to help her in any way she could.

Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
July 19, 2014 10:30PM
Once Upon A Time Baby Store

James had been skeptical about Tom’s suggestion that they visit the local baby store, but his long-time lover had given him the kicked puppy look and James had caved like a house of cards.

And now he found himself wandering the racks of Once Upon A Time as Tom squealed over this item and that item.

“Hun, look at this. Pink fluffy hippo!” Tom grinned, waving a stuffed hippo over his head. James grinned and shook his head.

“You and your hippo obsession, I swear.” James chuckled. Tom waved him off and went off to look for more hippo-themed items. James browsed the racks nearest to where he was standing as a sales clerk wandered over.

“First time fathers. You have to love them. Is he your brother?”

Before James could answer, his lover’s voice nearly shouted across the store. “Babe…we so have to get a mural of a pink hippo in the nursery!”

James shook his head and laughed at Tom’s enthusiasm and the clues finally clicked for the clerk.

“Ohhhhh!…Which one of you is the Daddy?”

“Neither of us actually.” James stated. “We’re on a waiting list for adoption. We’ve been wanting to adopt for a few years now.” he explained, leaving out the more heartbreaking aspects: how they had come so close to adopting a baby boy the year before, but the mother changed her mind at the last second. Tom had been devestated, James had been heartbroken. James picked up a small baby toy and gazed at it with longing.

“We’re hoping this time around that something pans out.” James smiled, thrilled at the prospect at finally becoming a parent.

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July 20, 2014 03:49AM
Once Upon A Time Baby Store

As Ame turned off the car engine and suggested that Simone get out and go shopping, Simone gave her one of those cheeky grins. She pulled the handle and the door opened, allowing Sim to step out onto the curb. Closing the door again, she did a little head bob to see if she could catch sight of the two hunky fellows again, but they must have gone further into the store. One thing that Simone loved was shopping, the other was chasing good looking men, and the two in the store counted as that. Little did she know what she was getting herself into.

Waiting for Ame to get out of her car, Simone patted her blonde locks in place, and then went to the front door of Once a upon a time. A sweet bell chimed as the door swung open, and Simone was gracious enough to hold the door open for Ame.

On entering, Simone was off like a shot trying to hunt down the two good looking guys and this would mean she was up to her usual tricks. But of course, when she reached the cot area, she could see Thomas now gushing over a pink hippo cot quilt. He was also holding a small hippo plushie and making eyes at a blonde man over by the sales assistant. Simone was quick..really quick to put two and two together. Just as she was about to turn around, Thomas happened to recognize her.

“Simone?!….The Simone Jackson?!” Thomas came up behind her and Simone swung around with a polite smile. “In the flesh. Baby shopping?” She asked, trying to keep things polite. Thomas realized he was holding a pink hippo and then brought it up to his cheek playfully. “More like…window shopping, or dreaming…or both. Heh. Actually, my love and I…that is him over there. The blonde. We are hoping to adopt this year. That is if the line ever gets shortened by some miracle. Heh.”

It was then that Thomas noticed Simone’s baby bulge. Course, news of her pregnancy had not yet reached the tabloids.“Oh my goodness. You are pregnant? Congrats..That is just magical. You must be so excited.” Thomas gushed, bopping Simone’s shoulder with the hippo plushie. At this point, Simone could not hide the fact that she wasn’t excited, in fact the whole idea turned her cold. She didn’t want to burst Thomas’s bubble, since he was so excited for her and all, but she couldn’t lie either. “To be honest, I am thinking of giving the child up for adoption. I have a career and, well a baby wouldn’t exactly fit in with my schedule. I am hardly ever home as it is.” She said, brushing back a lock of her blonde hair. At this moment, the wheels in Thomas’s mind started to turn. He suddenly had the biggest grin you could ever see on a man. “Would you like to meet my partner, I know he would love to meet you.”

Whistling loudly, Thomas then sung out. “Babe…come meet Simone Jackson. I think she is the answer to our prayers.”


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July 20, 2014 10:39AM
Once Upon A Time Baby Store

Jim discovered the sales clerk was a seasoned mom, having recently given birth to her second girl and was very happy to give him tips and advice on child rearing and clothing. It was probably one of the most enlightening and pleasant conversations Jim had ever experienced with a store employee.

Tom whistled at him from across the store and he glanced up to see him chatting with a woman with blonde hair, another woman with dark hair standing slightly behind her. If he wasn’t assured of his lover’s sexual orientation, Jim would have almost been jealous of the attention being paid. He excused himself from the clerk and casually strolled to Tom’s side.

“Babe…come meet Simone Jackson. I think she is the answer to our prayers.” Jim looked from Tom to the woman standing before him and instantly recognized her.

“Yes, of course! Tom and I saw you in that production of ‘Chicago’ last fall. You were fantastic!” Jim smiled, reaching out to shake the woman’s hand. “So what’s this about being the answer to our prayers?” Jim wondered.

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July 20, 2014 09:09PM
Once Upon A Time Baby Store

It wasn’t unusual for Simone to run into fans here and there. She was pretty well known as being an aspiring and upcoming talent on the Broadway and of course in Seattle her home town. Autograph hunters often caught her out the stage door after a performance, but out in public she tried to keep a fairly anonymous figure and that is where the big hats and glasses came in when shopping on a day like today. So, when Thomas called over his lover, Simone showed a slight smile and did a saucy hair flip. The guys may have been gay, but she was one for keeping up appearances.

Tom and I saw you in that production of ‘Chicago’ last fall. You were fantastic!” Jim gushed and Thomas was nodding along enthusiastically as he slid his arm around his partner’s waist. Thomas was practically giddy as he tried to point out Simone’s obvious baby bump.

“Guess who is looking to give her baby up for adoption?”

Thomas chewed his bottom lip as he gave Jim a nudge. Simone blinked a few times at how bold Thomas was about the fact she had shared such a personal part of her life. Then she couldn’t see the harm in explaining to Jim.

“The father is married…apparently.” Simone was not at all proud of that. She felt kind of foolish for not knowing such a thing about him. “And …me being…well me, I just don’t think I am cut out to be a Mommy. So yes, I am going to be giving the baby up for adoption.”

Thomas let out a squeal of delight, and then he said the first thing that popped into his head.

“How…would you like to make one very loving gay couple the happiest two men on the planet?’ It was all asked so quickly, that even Simone was taken aback. “You want to adopt my baby?” Thomas started nodding vigorously. “The baby would have the best of everything, and all the love in the world. We really have been trying such a long time. Even surrogacy.”

At this, Simone looked back at Ame, and wiggled her finger for her friend to come closer and join the conversation.

“Is it legal for gay men to adopt a baby in this state?” Simone wasn’t even sure if that was the case. She quickly looked back at the pair and said. “I have nothing against it, in all honesty. So long as there are no laws being broken. Mind you, I have never really been one that did what she was told anyways.”


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July 21, 2014 08:06AM
Once Upon A Time Baby Store

“Guess who is looking to give her baby up for adoption?” Thomas grinned as he slid an arm around Jim’s waist. Shocked by this turn of events, Jim looked at Simone and for the first time, saw the slight bump beneath her clothing, indicating she was quite a bit along in pregnancy.

Simone looked a bit surprised that Thomas had just blurted that out and even Jim was taken aback at his partner’s exuberance. But he couldn’t fault him for it. They had wanted a baby for so long.

“You don’t want the child?” Jim wondered, his tone of voice one of curiosity and not condemnation.

“The father is married…apparently….And …me being…well me, I just don’t think I am cut out to be a Mommy. So yes, I am going to be giving the baby up for adoption.” Tom was right, it was their prayers answered.

Thomas became even more excited beside him and the words left his mouth before Jim could stop him.

“How…would you like to make one very loving gay couple the happiest two men on the planet?”

“You want to adopt my baby?” Simone was genuinely shocked by this. Obviously she hadn’t expected an offer like this just out of the blue.

“The baby would have the best of everything, and all the love in the world. We really have been trying such a long time. Even surrogacy.”

It was like watching a freight train run out of control and in imminent danger of crashing. Jim needed to calm his lover down before that happened. Simone was already waving over the woman who had come in the store with her, waiting till she moved closer before she spoke again.

“Is it legal for gay men to adopt a baby in this state?” she wondered. “I have nothing against it, in all honesty. So long as there are no laws being broken. Mind you, I have never really been one that did what she was told anyways.”

Jim answered her before anyone else could. “Yes, it is legal…but…I’m sorry, we barely know you and who’s to say you won’t change your mind later down the road.” Thomas looked stricken by that and opened his mouth to protest but Jim cut him off before he could. “I’m not saying she would do that, love, but it’s happened to us before and it nearly destroyed us. You ended up sick in the hospital for a week and I…”

Jim shook his head to dispel the memories. He looked at Simone. “If we do this, we are going to want a contract drawn up saying you will give up all rights to the child the moment you find out the gender and won’t change your mind at the last minute.” He pulled a business card from his pocket and passed it to her. “This is the name and address of my lawyer. If you’d like to bring that to him to look over once it’s finished, then we can talk about adopting your baby.”

Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
July 21, 2014 08:55PM
Once Upon A Time Baby Store

Simone tapped the business card on the open palm of her left hand as she heard Jim’s account of what life was like when the pair got their hopes up for adopting a baby before, only to have them crushed. Thomas seemed to have lost his boyish smile while James took the lead and put forward how he would like to have things proceed if Simone agreed to allow the pair to adopt the baby. Glancing down at the card, Simone read the name of their lawyer and gave a slight nod of the head.

“Okay, well….I guess we’ll keep in touch.” Seeing Ame, she turned back to her friend, and was unsure of what to say about the encounter. Choosing instead to try to guide Ame to the door. “We could look at baby things some other time. How about we go find that steam punk clothing store you were talking about.” She gave a last glance back at the two men, and went to go outside back to the pavement near Ame’s car.

Inside the store, Thomas placed the pink hippo fluffy toy on the nearest shelf. He lowered his hand slowly and then had something of a sad expression.

“I got carried away again, didn’t I?’ It was not unusual for Thomas to get so excited about the prospect of the chance at adopting a baby, especially when the baby’s mother was someone as famous as Simone Jackson. What he didn’t take into account was the fact she may well change her mind, or worse. Nothing was every concrete in this world, and it was a shame that it had to become a serious case with lawyers and others that would just be making money out of the whole deal.

Jamming his hands into his pockets, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to stay in the shop much longer. The winds had truly gone from his happy sails. “You …wanna go get a bite?…A coffee?” Thomas asked. Memories of his stint in hospital after the last efforts to adopt going sour were now filling his mind, and he hated it.

Thomas waited quietly for his lover to answer.


When All is Lost – Part Four.


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When All is Lost

No man’s land

Part Four

Re: (RP) CD – When All is Lost.
June 23, 2014 04:36PM

The thunderclap had been heard, and sent a shockwave throughout the command structure at the front. Garbled reports came in and various comms had died in the shockwave. Constantine would merely have to look over to his command staff to know that they had lost a good portion of the five miles. When energy readings had been picked up, the unlucky souls that where within the blast radius had become nothing but ash and sub-molecular matter. A quick death, sufficed his need to understand that the enemy made a very, grave mistake. They would pay, for each Krieger lost, or cooked within the armor of the tanks and siege weapons. He had a plan, however. Turning calmly, without a single shred of remorse, regret, or compassion for their attack, merely seeing it as an attempt to undermine the Guard, he calmly asked “Do We have a comms link to the fleet?”

“Yes, Sir. The EMP wasnt large enough to reach us down here enough to affect all communications inside the command bunker. Your orders?”

“I need you to send a mesage to Xith. The Order will State. ‘Establish Contact with the Captain aboard the Spear of Vraks. Send targetting coordinates to the Skycastle, and the Govermental districts. Long Range Orbital Bombardment, Initiate Operation Hell-storm. Phase 3 of our plan is coming together . Eliminate the Resistance. Send our Nixagris Auxilaries to replace the front lines. Any tank not melted by that blast, I want rearmed and remanned for Combat operations. You have no more than six hours.’ Relay these orders to Viper squad as well. I need a Recon team behind the walls. ” he paused a moment to consider an option that he had not thought of these many weeks. He then said “Send in an attachment of Death Riders to eliminate stragglers. Anyone who crawls outside of that floating fortress. I want their heads on spikes. Dismissed. For the Emperor and for Krieg.”

Charred ash flew to the wind, nothing ever salvageable from it. Tanks melted to slag, were salvaged to be repurposed for ammunition, armor, and battlement fortifications. The Nixagris civilians that had joined the Krieg in the first weeks of its arrival, were ordered to man the front line. A Rather grim visaged Commissar watched over them all, his hand always on the bolt-pistol, just waiting, like that of a hawk, to pick off each and every one of them at the first sign of retreat. Chief amongst these, went not by serial number or a birth name, but only one, which, he was called SturmFeurer. A rather deathly individual, who would rather meet the enemy up close with blades in their throats and grenades strapped to his chest, then to waste his time in a long war of attrition. A very rare circumstance for a Krieger such as himself. He was made, to inspire fear and terror, to make the enemy piss themselves in fear if they ever heard the cackling laughter that would resonate in the air over vox-casted cacophonies of hatred and malice. His baleful watch, with his glowing red lenses that stared demonically from the respirator he wore, stared into the very souls of the men and women who volunteered for this. He waited, patiently, for the enemy to come.

-Meanwhile in Loch Trollsbane-

Xith had become hunched over the spent munitions platforms that had carried the missiles to the desired targets, annointing the blessed machines with ungents and oils, blessed in the name of the Omnissiah. Xith meticulouslly pondered his orders as they were recieved via his own aural network, much like that of a highly advanced configuration of data-feeds that, quite literally, almost extended his reality on an information-based level thrice-fold. With a wave of his hand, his augmented brain scanned the orders, halting at the specific part on what he needed to do and send it where. Without hesistation, he finished his prayer on platform 7, before moving swiftly with his retinue of servitors, to descend into the depths of what was once the lochs lake. Upon arrival, he blurted out in a long screech of machine cant, an order, more or less, that the machines willing obeyed. He set out his servitors to adjust the cogitators, the thinking machines of the Imperium, whilst his mechandrites flushed from his robes in their vast droves to the main strategum table. Hololithic images of the battlefield, based upon current Imperial estimations, set forth in a fresco of multi-colored designs to elbaorately give, in almost precise detail, every inch of the field and the precise locations of enemy and friendly positions. He zoomed in on the vid-picts that showed the skycastle floating once more, barely. Xith would begin a long sequence of calculating a ships algorithmic sequences as well as the coordinates to where the skycastles defensive batteries were located, alongside its main reactors. On a secondary objective, he also produced coordinates for the estimated governmental sectors of which were detailed on the emphasis on their destruction.

-Defensive Astroid Belt, shortly after the departure of the Scourge Eagles Chapter-

The Captain of the Spear of Vraks turned his wisened features towards the communications technician of which she had brought on screen the order as well as the issued coordinates. His hooded eyes would stare softly before looking directly ahead through the reinforced glass that made up the bridge. His wrinkled hand came up to his lean features to stroke his white and gray beard.

“You heard the General. Lock targeting matrix’s onto the issued coordinates, keep a distance, be sure we do not break cover. Adjust cogitators to allow for estimated approach on projectiles, be sure the warheads are small enough to not take out civilian locations. Target their governmental districts, be sure I see black craters from here, otherwise you all aren’t fit for service on my ship.” A loud chorus of Aye’s and Yes Sir’s resounded throughout the metallic chamber built within the ship. The fleets ships began to turn sideways, allowing their guns to take aim. Within the bowels of the ship, slaver gangs pushed their workers to load the larger than life shells into their chambers. The defeaning thrum of the plasma cores within the ship shot out energy pulses, large enough to power an entire continent for several hours. The rounds thundered with a cacaphony of death that of which bellowed forth hatred and righteous judgement on thrusters hell-bent on destroying the Skycastle and the entire government sector of Lorewall. These munitions, from an orbital view, were black, looming masses, encased with fortified plasteel and ceramite to send screaming into the heart of the districts. It took only twelve minutes for the rounds to reach the lower atmosphere, by this time, the populace would see what appeared to be astoroids, burning up in the atmosphere. Little stars of light, glistening against the darkened sky of war. if the five munitions were to hit skycastle, it would cease to exist as a pyroclastic cloud of fire would consume the entire land mass, and envelope half of the sky with such concussive force, it would send tremors throughout the land surrounding Lorewall. If the other five mass-reactive rounds would hit the governmental district, the buildings would be consumed in a white light, and a loud cataclysmic boom would send a shockwave, breaking everything glass within a twenty five mile radius.

The Fleet, as soon as the shells were fired, would begin to rotate back to defensive positions, leaving a tight, inter-locked formation, much like a layered shield, behind the asteroid belt. The Captain watched the screen carefully, watching the orbital feed of where the rounds would hit and how far the explosions would decimate Lorewall. It was considered close to the friendly lines, simply for the fact that these munitions were made for the exact purpose of ship to ship, anything else, left holes miles wide and deep in the crust of the planet.

Constantine, only few seconds before the order was given to send a salvo of munitions into the Skycastle and the Government districts of Lorewall, would move to address his command staff. “They have not learned, exactly how far I am willing to go, to give them Salvation. It is my duty, and my honor, to grant them either the Emperors Grace, or His Mercy. This Planet will be the Imperiums, for the sake of all Humanity, Chaos will die here before it sprouts forth its taint. We are dealing with rebels who our initial estimation of their technological advances were under-estimated. We will not make the same mistake twice. Bombard their lines. I want gore sprayed fifty feet high, and if that doesnt work, put them to the torch. Send the Valkyries in, if they do not budge with our cannon-fire, to drop promethium tanks over their lines, then ignite them. If that occurs, I want you to shut down every other interfering transmission, and broadcast their folly.” He turned a moment as one of the screens kept flashing. It was a transmission, sent to him, and to everyone this side of the planet.

“In this time of war and death, you look into my eyes and see, not a man who is afraid, but a man who is prepared. I am prepared to release our people from the clutches of this menace who treads on our land, who treads on our lives, and who is responsible for the deaths of millions of souls. It is in this selfish endeavour that your fight is futile. What do you fight for? Money? God? Power? None of these is as powerful as the reason why I still stand before you. I fight because of Love, because of Hope, because of responsibility. I stand here before you now, truly, unafraid. Why? I stand here without fear because, I remember. I remeber that I am here, not because of the path that lies before me, but because of the path that lays behind me. I remember that for thousands of years, we have fought to preserve alive our people in the face of certain destruction. I remember that for thousands of years, armies have been sent to anihillate us. But after over these thousands of years, I remember that which matters most. WE ARE STILL HERE! We will shake the foundations of your core, from snowy mountain, to desolate valley. This is our message to you…WE ARE NOT AFRAID!”

He stared into the very eyes of the being that showed its face through the comnet. His icy blue hues, rumored to be the very eyes of death itself, took in the image of this particular person. He then stated calmly, almost humored by the bravado. “We now have our secondary objective. Make sure, his head is brought to me.”

“Sir?” Asked one of the adjacent lieutenants.

“This young soul, thinks he can shake the Krieg. Let us show him, what it means to be shaken to death. He says he doesnt fear, but in fact he does. He fears, losing, fears losing everything he holds dear to him. This shows his weakness. We will rend from his fingers everything he holds dear. We will keep him alive long enough to see it burn, and only then, does he have my permission do die.”

The Command staff would move to their respective posts, however Constantine would turn only slightly, his head turning to regard them a moment before he said “One other thing.”

They all stopped in their tracks turning to him again “Yes Sir?” said one.

“Our tech-priests have been picking up Xenos life forms over the surface of this planet ever since we landed. Gather a report and send it.”

“To Whom, Sir?”

“His Holy Inquistion.”

With that they were dismissed. He would move to make way to his quarters. He would begin the long process of removing his armor plating, setting each set upon the armor rack that he had made certain to bring with him. After a while, he would stare at himself in the mirror. Memories flooded his mind, his scars began to have the tug of long pain and suffering he had endured. He would stare long and hard into the glass that had shown him his reflection.His eyes could not stare into his own, choosing to gaze down into the sink. Would move to sit at a chair that had long since been empty, choosing to kick his feet upon the oak finished table, mindlessly toying with a data-slate he held in his hands. His Journal. He would move the stylus to select a voice-recognition sequence, by which he would state his name, allowing it to unlock. As it did so, he moved the stylus to record Audio-to Text, before setting down the data-slate. He would lean back in his chair, placing his hands behind his head, to stare up at the rockrete ceiling.

“Jounral Entry Number 57291-9. It has been two months since landing here on this planet. Seven months since departure from Base. And, seven years without…Incident…” he paused a moment before clearing his throat “In the time I have been here, I have done exactly, as I would have imagined my men doing. I have walked, marched, battled, and lay Siege to the people of this planet. They have proven to me formidible, rivaling almost our own methods. Its, almost disturbing, to see that we are fighting our own ignorant kin…A planet, a long way from Terra..A Planet where, it is as though they are our opposite…As if they cling so needily to their ideals of safety and love and freedom, but yet have no actual experience with what is out there. They are not like that of the Tau, nor as souless as the Necron..But, they are, Human..Genuine Human…Some times I wonder, exactly, how much we have changed since our origins on Terra..Sometimes I wonder, when we will achieve our final Victory to our birthright..I dream of it, I dream of standing on that final battlefield…And facing our last foe…I dream of one day, walking alongside the Emperor…A Human being, worthy of fighting alongside him, where millenia ago I could not..And though sometimes even then, I wonder..I wonder what he would do were it he walked from the Palace..Were he to, lead his armies again…” he paused a moment, he felt a tug at his heart, this, strange emotion. One could call it sadness, others, acceptance, but never desparity “Maybe though.. One Day…One day I will go and be by his side..And when that day comes…Well, I wish the best of my men, and for them to have the glory they justly deserve. And by then, I hope to be graced with the honor, of Leading them once more. From the ashes of my cowardice kin, rose the pheonix…The 901st…A Siege Regiment that shall reclaim its lost glory, with bloodied hands and beaten faces, to triumph over the fallen enemy…With this, I will make one last remark..”

“I pray to Him on Earth, that there will be an end to this war, where their ignorance is no longer there, and that they, will surrender peacefully, so that we may no longer slay our brothers and sisters…And that they, may become children of the Emperor..In both War, and Peace.”

With this, he would make the statement of End Script. The Data-slate clicking to confirm its memory saved the entry into the long line of logs. Constantine, for the faintest moments in his entire life, felt that he was Human, and not just another statistic waiting for the munitoriums charts of troops.


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Re: (RP) CD – When All is Lost.
July 19, 2014 08:28PM

Location : Scene opens – Below the Ruins of the Meeting hall – Lorewall.

Billy led the way down the shaft that was alongside the original nesting site for the baby bebilths to the JACK’s Hanger. This was specially constructed by King Carrendar who was Izu and Sora’s older brother. Few knew much about King. He was the son of Ergo and Lore in the early days long before recording. It was King that had altered the JACKs from the original steam punk workings that was used for the first ever JACK back in the days of Lacardis. The project was abandoned after King had decided to explore the stars, leaving the JACK army to sit idle while the years passed. Little did anyone know, that Billy had discovered the JACK hanger quite by accident and in the years of his youth, he came to learn a great deal about robotics and the JACK’s construction thanks to the many recordings that King had left behind. It was one of Billy’s favorite places in Lisega. One where he could be undisturbed amongst a massive steel spider army that had not been called into use, since the Meeting halls destruction. Now, the time had come for the JACK’s of old to rise once more. To defend Lorewall as it was designed too. The only thing was that many would be operated by Lore’s grandchildren.

Seven had seen the hanger before. When he and Luna were with Conan on their way to find Charlotte who had been on the trek to the Summit. So when he entered the massive hanger, a bright smile appeared on his boyish features. They were just the way he remembered them. Row upon row of gleaming steel. As far as the eye could see. Billy had ran into the hanger door first, and his first port of call was the observation deck and control panels. This overlooked the Hanger and gave a birds eye view of the entire JACK army. There were thousands of them. With only fourteen of Charlotte’s children, Billy knew he would need more pilots. It was a big ask, but he did it anyways. Turning to Seven, he asked.“Contact the spire. Get ALL the children here. I doubt the Spire is going to be able to withstand the Imperials for long, and if they find a hive of demon kind…it won’t be pretty.” Seven knew that Billy was right, and pulled up his sleeve where he was wearing a comms watch. Tapping in a sequence, one of his brothers came up on the screen.

“Seven…what’s happening? There are incoming reports from the Skycastle…it’s about Uncle Izu….and there is also warnings from the Imperials.” You could hear the urgency and fear in his voice, as the chatter of many children was heard in behind him. Seven knew there wasn’t much time. “Lance, inform all the kids that its time to evacuate from the Spire. Follow the monorail tunnel to the Meeting hall, then take the south passage and meet us at the JACK’s hanger. We are going to need everyone for this. All the kids. Bring the Ettercaps with you for protection. Seven out.” Seven took a deep breath as he could hear a cheer coming from his watch. Clearly the kids didn’t want to be left out, or left behind. Billy was already running through codes, as many of the terminals were coming to life. He ran from desk to desk, ripping off the protection sheaths to reveal an array of highly sophisticated technological equipment. As all the systems were becoming active, you could see row after row of lights coming on down in the main hanger. It was truly an amazing sight to behold. Seven came up alongside Billy, while the other children were taking places at each of the terminals, to learn as much as they could about the JACK’s through tutorials. “Close to four hundred kids are going to be here soon. This place is going to become something of a mad house.” Billy couldn’t agree more. “Then we need to select squad leaders and organize them into sections, to take on various parts of Lorewall.” His tone then lowered as he placed a hand on Seven’s shoulder. “You realize that the Imperials are not going to hold back. Many of us could die.” This was something that Seven knew. Fighting in the JACKs was not a game, it was a real war out there. “I’d rather die fighting for something I believed in, than being massacred in that Spire.” The older Carrendar patted his shoulder, and then went back to work on the terminals.

Within the spire there was a roar of noise as the children of Taru and Charlotte began to move on mass to the monorail tunnels. The fabled Spire would fall silent and be left to those that either conquered Lorewall, or liberated it. As the last of the lights faded the statue of Lorelei glowed in a strange hue that one could not describe. Was her presence still being felt within the bowels of the Spire?

Location : Carrendar Island off the Eastern Coast line.

Appearing out of a black haze was the first of the elder Carrendar sons of Izu. Orson being the first to arrive found himself standing in the kitchen of the expansive home. He immediately started to look for Lady Bunton; who had been with the family since their mother died. A long time friend of Izu’s she made her home on the Island so there was always someone to return home too.

“Janice?!” Orson cried out, as he ran through the house. Lady Bunton appeared from the communication room with tears running down her face. She had intercepted the messages that Izu had sent out to his loved ones – his sons. With all that was going on, it was clear the war had taken a turn for the worse. “Orson?!” Her voice was shrill as she heard him racing through the house. Right on cue, this was when Brock materialized – looking frazzled to say the least. Orson almost ran into him. He grabbed his brother by the arm. “Where’s the others?” He must have thought his brothers – Nigel and Billy would be there. At this point, Lady Bunton reached the pair. “Boys…your father…” Both Billy and Orson turned to face Janice, who looked stricken. “What about him? Where is he?” The words she was about to say, would leave each in a state of shock. “Skycastle.” Brock was the first to cry out. “NO!” He had been led to believe that his father was not on it. Racing off to the communications lab, he left Orson behind with a sobbing Lady Bunton. Orson brought her into his arms, and cradled her as she cried.

In the communications lab, Brock ran to one of the terminals and started to type in a code to access all messages and found the symbol for Sky castle. A new one was just being aired and Orson along with Lady Bunton came in behind Brock as it played.

“In this time of war and death, you look into my eyes and see, not a man who is afraid, but a man who is prepared. I am prepared to release our people from the clutches of this menace who treads on our land, who treads on our lives, and who is responsible for the deaths of millions of souls. It is in this selfish endeavour that your fight is futile. What do you fight for? Money? God? Power? None of these is as powerful as the reason why I still stand before you. I fight because of Love, because of Hope, because of responsibility. I stand here before you now, truly, unafraid. Why? I stand here without fear because, I remember. I remember that I am here, not because of the path that lies before me, but because of the path that lays behind me. I remember that for thousands of years, we have fought to preserve alive our people in the face of certain destruction. I remember that for thousands of years, armies have been sent to anihillate us. But after over these thousands of years, I remember that which matters most. WE ARE STILL HERE! We will shake the foundations of your core, from snowy mountain, to desolate valley. This is our message to you…WE ARE NOT AFRAID!”

“DAD!” Orson cried as Lady Bunton brought her hands up to her chest. The last she had heard he had gone down with the Skycastle. “How is that possible? I heard him give a farewell message to you boys. He’s alive?” She was stunned and then let out a laugh like a woman about to lose her mind. There was no mistaking that she had loved Izu for many years, and treated the boys as her own. Though not a bebilith like her charges, she was the next best thing. Brock turned to his brother and Lady Bunton. “Dad’s right, we are still here, and by Mazmezz we are going to fight. We are not going to be afraid. Time to suit up and join this war.” Orson didn’t need to be told twice, he was already getting ready to go pilot Arachnea Two. This left Janice behind with Brock. It was then she noticed the heavy scaring on his face and she looked confused. “Brock, what happened to your face?” She reached out to touch it, only to have him try to brush her hand away.“It’s nothing..please we don’t have time for this.” Janice wouldn’t budge on it. “You can heal, regenerate. These scars look old. Why? Something happen on that planet? What of Pandora?” At the mention of Pandora, Brock took Lady Bunton’s hands in hers. “I made a huge mistake, and this is the price for that. Pandora will be fine. I just hope I get to see her one last time…” You could hear the pain in his voice, as he hated having to leave her behind the way he did. Lady Bunton squeezed his hands tightly with her own. “You will, Son. You have too.” Brock bent forward and kissed the top of Janice’s head, before he himself ran for his own ship – Arachnea One. All the Carrendar children regardless of age and distance were joining the cause. All were to fight for the freedom of their world, to save it from annihilation.

Janice was left behind in the communications lab. She would be the eyes and ears of the Carrendar as the two elder boys prepared their ships for take off. Would this be their last ever mission? As Brock entered Arachnea one, he took out of his pocket a picture of Pandora and brought it to his lips. “I will come home to you, Pan.I promise.” he said softly, before putting on his flight suit. In Arachnea two, Orson was smiling. It had been a long time since he flew the ship created by his father all those years ago. “I’m home, baby. Let’s show Lorewall what you can do.” The intercom buzzed as Lady Bunton’s face appeared. “Good Luck boys….make your father proud. In Nemeaus, we trust.”

Location : Lorewall City streets above the Spire.

A black hooded being pushed off the sewer lid and tossed it across the road before emerging from beneath. The face would be obscured by the cloth but her voice was unmistakable. In the time from when she and Sora had left the Spire to go out in search of the Tarantula promised by the War factory, she would be unaware that her and Charlotte’s children had abandoned the Spire to join the JACKs army with Seven and the others. Not even looking back, Taru sung out. “Come on, Brother. We don’t have time to waste.’ The streets were already deserted, and there was a heavy stench of smoke and ash in the air from the downing of the Skycastle. Raising her head, she could see the Skycastle was once again airborne.“Well I’ll be.” she said, with something of an amused expession. “And here I was thinking that ship was toast. Seems our brother and his crew weren’t about to give up and die.” Once her brother made his way up and out of the sewer tunnel, they would make tracks for the last location of the War factory. “Larry better have that Tarantula ready or we are already the walking dead.”

Location : Skies above the battle field of Lorewall – North

A loud humming sound would be heard followed by the errie noise of gears and pistons before the outline of a massive air ship would come into view over the Imperialist held land of the Lorewall borders. Captain Fairweather’s timing couldn’t have been worse. Coming up and onto the deck, she could see the devastation below, and in the distance, the fires of Lorewall where the city had already come under attack from a ground assault. Glancing up at the sky, she could see the tear. Why to God could no one else see it? Holding onto her feather plumed hat as she righted herself after the ship was jolted by the sonic boom of yet another missle exploding; Amelia checked her row of clocks on the front of the deck. All the clocks showed that this was the point in time that she aimed for. Her only hope was that the Master had not gotten here first. One of her clockwork machinations chimed as it buzzed about her, speaking in a dialect only she could understand. She nodded as another set of droids lowered the rope ladder into no man’s land. “I know what I am doing, crazy as this sounds. I have to find Constantine…before it’s too late.” Giving her droids a send off, with the tip of her hat, she jumped over the side of her ship, as it soon became cloaked with an invisibility shield cover. The last thing she needed was for her TARDIS to become a target. Slowly, she climbed down into Imperial territory.


Re: (RP) CD – When All is Lost.
July 20, 2014 11:51PM

Writers :


KingFalthosHellbore: The battle raged with an unbridled fury. The very earth trembled beneath the guns of the Krieg. Behind miles of razor-wire and mine laden expanses of no-mans land, stood gun-nests that stared out across the fog that rolled across the battle-field. Infantry, armed with either their las-rifles or trench-shotguns, moved almost casually amongst the lines. Hydra flak-cannons scanned the air, seeking targets to shoot down with such fury that it would pepper the sky in darkness. Constantine stood to the open air, the skulled visage of the Krieg General glared almost ominously across his lines. He had made sure to errect rockrete fortifications, almost maze-like in their design, to confuse the enemy and to discourage a land assault, for fear of great casualties that would most certainly give them the advantage. He stared out a moment, before his rasping voice thrummed from the vox-unit in his mask “Its quiet. Almost too quiet. It appears we have the advantage, they have allowed us to dig in and fortify. A mistake, that will cost them dearly. What do our squadrons report?”

The box officer next to him chimed in almost in sync “No movement. Seemingly an evacuation from Lorewall. Civilian’s mostly.”

Constantine raised his head a moment as if in sudden realization, only to be replaced in deep thought “Evacuation. Why…What do they have…They are abandoning their entire city…For what purpose? Is their fear so great they would rather flee? No…No…Something is amiss. I smell treachery…”


The Sturmfeuer would skulk across the ranks of conscripts, like a stalking vulture awaiting for the moment that they decide to retreat or die, to go and do his duties. His crimson colored lenses stared out through the mist, his tattered robes fluttered to the wind, a silent statue, a guardian of war and death. He, alone, executed thirteen conscripts, on charges of cowardice and means to desert ones post. He took the rigged explosives from them, handing the burden equally to the rest.

-Command Center-

Officers scurried about, moving between panel to panel of communication screens, arrays, scans, stratagem feeds, stellar pict-feeds from the fleet, and above all, perimeter defense arrays. A siren began to ring out, blaring red lenses flared angrily as a drone resonated across the rockrete bunker. Many of the officers stopped, staring up at the screen. A lieutenant came into view, his grim scarred features gnarled into a permanent feature of anger and hatred, disgust and revulsion. His voice growled out “On screen.” What came into view was the face of a pilots feed, snapping a shot of what appeared to be a rather primitive craft, floating towards the Kriegers lines.

“Are our cannons in range?”

“Yes, Sir!”

“Any known ordinance carried upon the vessel?”

“No Sir!”

“Life signs?”

“One, Sir!”

“Only one?!” at the mention of this he turned to regard with cold steel eyes towards the officer that spoke to him.

“Yes Sir! One confirmed life form, origin, unknown. The Auspex is unable to detect Human or Xenos.”

“Are you sure? Be damned sure. Because if not, I will sprawl your innards across the command bunker and have the tech-priests make sure you are alive, writhing in pain for one standard terran year. Now, Are you sure?”

“I would stake my life on it in the name and service of the Emperor of Mankind.”

With a grim nod he would speak once more “Alert the General. Tell him he may have a visitor.”

-Topside, near the Bunker-

“This is Constantine.”

“Sir, we have sightings of a primitive vessel, one confirmed life-sign, origin unknown, auspex readings are off the charts. Hydra cannons are on Stand-by. Awaiting your orders, General.”

He stared upward, instinctively moving his hand to adjust his power claws a moment before he said “Brave, or Foolish. We will find out soon enough. Give the being permission to land, on my location.”

“As you command, so shall it be, General.”

“Constantine out.”

His communications officer turned towards him, almost questioningly. He did not even have to look towards him as he answered the unasked question.

“I do not know. However I doubt the enemy is stupid enough to try this petty suicide. They are smarter than that. This, is merely a delegation. The least I can do is hear the words spoken. And maybe then, I will be entertained.”

A communication was sent in the direction of the craft. “Unidentified Craft, you have clearance to land at these coordinates. Be warned, you were dead when you entered our sights. Make the best of your life.”


No mans land – North Lorewall

CharlotteCarrendar: – Captain Amelia’s boots hit the broken earth with a dull thud as she released the rope ladder that she had used to alight from her vessel. The clockwork droids up on the main deck reeled in the ladder and it soon vanished from sight. Adjusting her hat so it sat on a jaunty angle, Amelia surveyed her surrounds. It was far worse than she had imagined. Black earth, tumbling clouds of smoke and ash. The air was ripe with the scent of death. Charred and disfigured bodies littered the ground along with that of many a horse. Tanks that were blazing wrecks and towers that were nothing more than broken and bent shards of metal. Amelia’s face crumpled at what she saw. Was she too late?

It was clear that the war had taken many lives on both sides. Starting to walk northward, her boots would crunch down over the bones of the deceased. Some had been blown beyond recognition, fire having eaten away at their flesh. After walking a few more paces, she spotted a burnt cloth that was still fluttering from the ground. Crouching slightly she tried to pick it up. It was a Neumauen flag, half of it having been burnt. She smoothed the fabric with her hand and then raised it in the air, before letting the wind catch it. As though an unseen hand took it, the remnant simply floated off into the air. A symbol perhaps.

A buzzing sound came from Amelia’s wrist, and she flicked on the comms. “Incoming…”

“Unidentified Craft, you have clearance to land at these coordinates. Be warned, you were dead when you entered our sights. Make the best of your life.”

Amelia’s head was bowed as she heard the communication. The voice was unmistakable. Lifting her chin ever slightly, Amelia responded.

“What is life? What is death? All I know is that time is eternal. I wish only a brief few moments of your time, Constantine.” Yes, she said his name. Her voice had a certain British sound to it. She kept walking as she lowered her arm, and no doubt she believed he could still hear her.

“You think the enemy is on the ground. I hate to say this, but what you are about to face is far greater than anything the Emperor has come up against before. Not Xenos, nor demon. I come with a warning, one I hope you will heed.”

She then stopped in the middle of the field of death. Dressed like that of a Fifteenth century pirate maiden. Tall knee high boots, and a fancy frilly bustier and petticoat, covered by a crushed velvet coat. Curly red hair sat upon her shoulders. She wore twin steam punk styled revolvers, and in her hand…a simple looking metallic screw driver.


KingFalthosHellbore: – As the craft came to land, his eyes had stared hard and long at the primitive vessel that he had allowed to live. His boots crunched beneath the earth, indiscriminately stepping onto the bones of the dead. He halted short. His six foot, broad muscled features were seen beneath the armor he wore, as well as the gothic regalia he wore. What she would find lacking, would be medals, perhaps a laurel to distinguish rank and office, but no commendations, nor medals, awards, nothing. Stripped as if almost bare of anything more than rank. His hands remained at his sides, the metal gauntlets thrummed with power, as if waiting to unleash the power-wreathed talons that remained dormant in their casings. His voice resonated first with a click, signalling that he was to speak.

“You are brave, to come here. Life is in the service to the Emperor, and only in Death, does Duty End. We have seen the enemy, and we remain vigilant. I will hear you out, merely for humor of your brave decision. You clearly have not come to fight me, therefore I have the right to not execute you were you stand.” he turned his head, with a nod, letting his retinue know to withdraw a respective distance. As they withdrew silently, their eyes never leaving the stranger, they vanished into the fog. He turned his head back to regard the woman.

“What, Great enemy, seeks its Death this day? And being as you seem to know quite a lot about what we have faced, then prey tell, What exactly is more fearsome, then the Demonic, or the Xenos that corrupt this soil?”


CharlotteCarrendar: – Watching with eyes the purest shade of green, the man she had traveled across the spanses of time appeared before her, his own boots breaking the very bones of the dead just as she had done. This was no man’s land. It was a place where the leaders of sides could discuss the battle plans, but this was not about the battle for a nation, but rather….for the very universe itself. Of course, Captain Amelia bore no medals, or ribbons of honor. She had not ever taken anything from the worlds she had visited but knowledge. She regarded the oncoming figure of Constantine with a somewhat gentle expression. While he was intimidating, with both size and the ever present hum of his metal gauntlets, Amelia kept her own feeling buried, for this was not about her.

“Be it bravery or sheer stupidity, it is my duty as a time lord to warn the unsuspecting when danger has reached a point that is obviously beyond their level of understanding.” She was not trying to belittle the Commander, but more or less exercise her point of standing in such a precarious position. Listening to the man speak of what possible great enemy could be far greater than the demonic or Xenos, the Captain merely raised her arm and pointed with her finger to a large black halo image in the sky.

“I understand that you have a war to win, Constantine, but what if I were to tell you, the war was lost far before you had even begun.” If he had seen the tear for himself, be that this may have been the first time he took notice, he might take the Captain more seriously.

“I have been to this same planet many hundreds of times, Constantine. This planet or what you are experiencing now, is actually not at all what it seems. The very same planet exists on another plane of existence that is not suffering war…or the threat of invasion. A tear in time, my friend. There is a man…or rather one that seeks to destroy…all of time. That tear…is the beginning of the end of your universe.”

Amelia stared at the Commander, and waited for his reaction. Would he believe her?


KingFalthosHellbore: – He heard her speach. Granted, his stoic expression that lingered behind his mask, unamused and unimpressed would simply stare, as if a machine to the same monotonous task repeated time and time again. He would move to remove his mask, the skulled visage falling from his pale features, as duel-scarred and yet as stoney as they appeared, his features were hardly a grim expression. His blue-ish grey eyes, almost as mirthless as the surface of the planet he hailed from, stared to her. He would begin to walk closer, almost coming within arms reach with her. His voice uttered out in, what a primal, unbridled force would speak as, like that as if the very elements themselves communicated through his voice “Look around you. War, is Everywhere. You speak of separate planes, alternate universes. Madness. However. I am not in a position to not believe ones madness. I have fought, and killed both enemy and kin. Do you know, the debt we all carry from birth? We owe the Emperor a blood debt. You dare come to me, to tell me there is a greater enemy than those that betrayed us millenia ago? You come to my doorstep, proclaiming apocalyptic madness, and expect me to believe it?”

He stared long and hard into her eyes, as if a predator seeking its prey. He then would say “Who are you? And what Enemy do you speak of. What man, is capable of such power and why hasn’t he been destroyed?”


CharlotteCarrendar: – The Captain approached the Commander, with her head held high. She had lived a long time, met with all manners of men, leaders, Gods, or those who proclaimed to be…and had even met the Emperor himself. Amelia listened to the Commander speak at her as though she was being disrespectful, even though she truly wasn’t. When he had asked her the question she knew was coming, she then stopped bare inches from his face.

“I am Captain Amelia Fairweather. I am…a Time lord. I existed long before you, and will so, long after you are gone. Even the Emperor knows my name, as I do yours.” She stared him down, no trace of humor or even emotion on her face. He would see her for exactly what she was; a guardian of time.

“The man I speak of is known simply as the Master. He has been to the other planet that carries this name, and he seeks to bring about its end. Why? Because he is the corrupt. He has no leader, nor does he care for the whims of any people or government. He seeks to watch worlds burn, regardless of who is responsible.”

Pointing up at the tear, which in behind had nothing but a sheer black discolouration, the Captain then looked back at Constantine. “That is what he has been waiting for. The rift has been opened, and it is getting bigger. While you wage war in the Emperor’s name, the Master is waging war on you all!” The last part was said with an almost impassioned plea. Amelia’s face became grim. “I came simply to make you open your eyes, Constantine.”


KingFalthosHellbore: – With her last words he turned on heel and began to walk away. He had heard enough of her prattle to last him a life-time. However, he stopped. Almost as if ordered to a halt. He turned his head slightly back to regard her “You met with the Emperor…” he said, his voice, for a moment, softened. His head bowed slightly, however, not so much as to regard reservation. “Tell me then, Amelia. Do you think, that he could forgive my kin, for their misdeeds, during the Heresy?…Do you think, that were he here, standing with us, to lead us into battle..Do you think, he would smile upon us?” His question was personal, however, He turned more to regard her “We have fought. Endured for thousands of years, by Faith alone. The only thing we seek, is to die in his name. To repay the blood debt we owe, to use our lives in Service to Him Enthroned on Earth. You came here, to open my eyes. Tell me then, Captain..Why do you call upon his Sons?” He would stare at her, as if they were the only to people here on this planet. His stature still stood strong, but rather, he felt humbled, almost touched by the mere thought of this being, this woman, whether her words proven blasphemous or truth, told him of the Emperor.

“We came to liberate this planet. Called upon by the Scourge Eagles to serve in glorious battle, to free this planet from its Demonic taint and to restore balance and order. This, Master you speak of. He is a threat if what you say is true. If a power like this is to be taken down, then through unity it will have to be brought. As much as I loathe this, and as much as my very blood seems to revolt against what my very soul tells me to do, I will stand down and unite against this Master. And I will be ready, with his death in my hands.”


For this piece: 

CharlotteCarrendar: – At first Amelia was dissapointed to see Constatine turn away from her. Had her words all been for naught? But as she was about to just let him walk back to his units, he stopped. Her brow creased as he looked over his shoulder. A second thought perhaps. “You met the Emperor..” Amelia nodded twice, and her face remained unmoved. Was he now beginning to understand that she was far older than she looked. Few are granted audience with someone like the Emperor. Constantine then had a series of question, his curiosity had been heightened now. This was a moment in his life he may well not forget. She listened. Like a child, he opened up to her in the way that was almost endearing. Genuine about what she knew, what she felt the Emperor would feel about his Krieg, his children. In effect that is exactly what they were. They lived their lives to die for him, to fufill the blood oath, and to be of service to see the Emperor’s right to rule live on through the ages.

“You ask me why I call upon you, Constantine. It is simple. You are a son of the Emperor. If there is anyone on this earth that can fight against a true evil than it is you all. While the Xenos would easily be tricked by the Master’s games and offers to appease to their core values; debauchery and corruption, the Krieg would see through such attempts.”

At this point, Amelia approached Constantine in a totally different light. He wanted to know what the Emperor would think, what his reaction would be to the countless battles they had fought in his name.

“It would be wrong of me, to say what the Emperor would think. However, knowing him as I did he would smile upon you. You have lived and died in his name for thousands of years.. The ultimate gift to the Emperor, without question. You honor him. You and your brothers.” She said simply.


KingFalthosHellbore : – Constantine stood for a long period of time in silence, whilst the guns thundered and roared in the background, the dull hum of such power, was only a whisper to his ears. Her words, struck in him a soft point, perhaps the only soft point he ever had known. Though he never saw the Emperor in person, but perhaps in dreams, in thoughts and in prayers, he had longed to fight by his side. To show him, that the 901st had been worthy enough to fight by him, that they, in the end times, would stand with him, and loyally battle the forces of Chaos that sought to consume all known existence. He looked up, and the years seemed to not look so kind upon him. He said, in a voice that was more menacing then when he would shout. He spoke, his voice calm, almost father-like.

“We have Endured. For ten-thousand years, besieged on all sides, from within and outside the Imperium. From Heretics to Xenos, to the Daemons of the Warp. The Imperium of Mankind has endured. From the men I have led, to the lives I have taken. I am reminded of exactly why we fight, and what we fight for…Amelia. My men and I will stand by your side, not for your sake…But for the Emperor. I have faith, that were he here now, He would think of the lives of many, over the selfishness of the few…” he paused a moment, clenching his jaw a few times, almost as if collecting his thoughts. “We will. Take this world. Peacefully, or Forcibly. But we will give it a brighter future, than to fall to the darkness we endured, millenia ago. We will give it a fighting chance, to be a candle light in the darkness, to make way for a future, that the Emperor gave his own life to achieve. We will march to the very end, and achieve the dream the Emperor forsaw. A United Galaxy, Free of the corruption of Chaos and of the Barbaric Xenos.. And I promise, by my hands, and my successors…We will keep, these people safe, from the dangers, Within, And Without…” he would turn his back to her, moving to seal his mask over his face once more, the very same grinning skull visage he wore to battle countless times before. His voice, amplified through the vox-speaker of such a mask, roared into life with his next words.

“Stand down! Reconsolidate within the Command Bunker!” The fog that had surrounded them, came to move way to the massed bodies that all held their las-rifles at the stranger. Hundreds of Kriegers, their very skulled masks glinting in the light with a dull hue that could have only come from fighting as hard as they did. The dark lenses that made for their eyes, peered like that of statues towards the figure, only at the command of the General, did they move to stand down, becoming at ease before shuffling back into the fog of war. Constantine had marched no further, than six feet before he said “If we are to make war with the Emperor’s enemies, You might want to tell our neighbors that they should likewise, understand the importance of this cause. Otherwise, We may very well repay our blood debt earlier than anticipated.”


CharlotteCarrendar:- From a field on which many a dead man lay with the pounding sounds of artillery and rocket fire, there stood two souls. Both had seen and lived many a life though really it was just one. Amelia could understand without a doubt that the Commander spoke with honest truth to what he had endured and seen over the many years, no..the ten thousand years that the Imperium of Man had fought and won. All in the Emperor’s name. The strong held belief that they paid their blood oath on the rise and fall of ever sun. They did so without regret or ounce of thought for self. It was actually quite profound to hear the Commander speak so openly. Had this been a different time a different place.

She watched him with a touch of melancholy as he turned away and replaced what was his own scarred face with that of the grinning skull mask. All trace of humanity vanishing within the blink of an eye. That was the face his foe would see before they took their last breathe. To be haunted till reaching their maker or cast into the void from which they came.

The Captain had achieved a small win for now. The Imperium would fight along side her when it came to the threat of the Master and the rift in time. Now she had a bigger job ahead. Informing those that were bunkered down in the city and foothills of Lorewall. No doubt they would be harder to talk to. She knew that Xenos existed beyond the trenches, and she also knew that they would be reluctant to just lay down arms after all they had lost so far. Tugging at her hat, which had fallen back slightly due to the gusts of wind and debris that swirled in from the north, she heard the parting words of the Commander as he returned to his post.

“If we are to make war with the Emperor’s enemies, You might want to tell our neighbors that they should likewise, understand the importance of this cause. Otherwise, We may very well repay our blood debt earlier than anticipated.” 

“Understood, Constantine. I only hope they are wise in counsel as you have been. In the Emperor’s name.”

She had respect now for him, and for his cause. Hearing the loud whir of her TARDIS as it flew overhead, she reached up and caught the lower rungs of the rope ladder that had been lowered. With a bounce of step she lifted off the ground, and started her climb back up to the massive air ship with large Chinese like sails. On reaching the sides, she swung a leg over and her steam powered droids brought up the rope ladder from below. Taking a deep breath, she put in the order.

“Lorewall… we come.”



White Wolf – Part Seven.


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White Wolf

Part Seven

“The Red Witcher”


IceTe3a: His hues following her slowly as she offered him a drink of blood, a slight smirk from her next comment as he grunted “Playing coy are we.. Valencia? “ his eyes flickered around the room as all the other female vampires had left as per her orders. “Every fort has its weaknesses Valencia… Would you like me to attack your grand city to show you the flaws? “ he smirked as his head turned as she started to walk around him, he continued to keep an eye on him whilst she circled him “ There would be more than one den, and who knows how many Weres, I came to ask if you were to do anything. Nothing more, Nothing less Valencia” he knew exactly what she really wanted as the back of her hand caressed the right side of his face, his hues glance into hers unfazed at all, allowing her to linger for but a moment before he brushed her off. He walked over to the table that sat centre in the room as he leaned back against it, his arms folded over his chest. “The treaty states we are not allies but under a long peace. We will not help you in any war, In saying that Valencia.. Don’t give me wrong reason to come back here” he glanced over at her, as he left it to her to understand his threat. “if you know of the wolves at your door then my work is done here, I’ll take my leave. Unless we have anything else to bring to the table” slowly he scanned to room wondering if the other female vampires were around, it wasn’t smart of him to walk in alone and unarmed in a castle full of female Vampires, but he didn’t worry.

Vlad watched as his eyes glowed a bright red, suddenly the old female vampire exploded leaving a bloody puddle on the floor. The crowd started to wonder off as the entertainment had finally finished, people wondered back to their usual jobs leaving Vlad standing there watching the elf s he could hear her breath. His eyes flickered to the Warg as he smirked, walking up to Cali he passed the Warg as she gave him one sniff and noting he had Xo’s scent on him. “Quite a display of power, elf. No doubt you’re with the White wolf? “ he chuckled as his fingers briskly clawed through the Wargs fur, she let of a murmur as she was enjoying the pat. Obviously Mersa knew Vlad was a friend of Xo’s from the strong scent coming from him, she could smell him but not his blood so she had obviously put two and two together. “You keep what you kill in this town, take what wears you want from the old hags shop then come visit me at my blacksmith, I’m sure you’ll find something useful in there” He then left her in the street as he walked back to his shop, wondering just what her story was. He overheard her asking about a male’s location and caught the entire convocation between the two, she obviously lost someone dear and was searching for him, perhaps with the White Wolfs help. Opening his door, it swung casually as he entered it closed behind him. Taking up his usual spot behind the counter on the chair, his legs sprawled up on the counter itself as he picked up his usual book that he had read thousands of times before, was this elf White Wolfs replacement lover? Did the other half know about this new female? Oh so many a question, such drama; this was getting interesting.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Valencia cooed softly as Xo accused her of playing coy. Naturally she was one that knew how to turn on the charm when she wanted too. The room was now eerie as it fell silent as the other vampires knew it was not wise to interrupt the Queen as she tried to groom the Witcher to fall for her charms. She even chewed her bottom lip and let out a light chuckle, which sounded oddly menacing with her deep accent. The Queen’s body language was like that of a snake, moving in a fluid fashion before him, trying to silently entice him with her womanly wiles. She listened as he made mention of how every fort had a weakness. That he would be willing to show her the City’s flaws as proof that he was not one to be trifled with. The Queen didn’t stop in her circling. She found his word play to be filled with double meanings.”What is your weakness, my Witcher? I am sure you could lay waste to my city if you so wished. But I am far more interested in you.” Stopping only when the Witcher mentioned the Were’s again, she rolled her eyes as though the thought of the Were doing anything was boring. She much rather feast forever on the Witcher’s rich blood. Watching the Witcher walk towards a table, then spin and lean against it with his arms folded, the Queen tilted her head back and forth and then with a very wicked grin, she said simply. ”If the Were came near, I happen to know that my army would fell them all within a day, and I would never be short of a rug in the many rooms of my castle.” So sure was she that her army was up to stop the Were menace if she should give the order. Slowly she started to close the distance between them and draped her arms around his neck. The Queen’s tongue slithered out of her mouth –ripe and red in colour. She licked the Witcher’s neck in one slow move of her head. Valencia growled playfully, as her nails dragged across the back of his neck and settled on his shoulders. ”Wars are boring. I’d rather talk about you…and me.” Her eyebrows wiggled as she shimmied against his chest with her ample bosom.

Cali shot a look over her shoulder as she heard the approach of the Vampire named Vlad. The market village had more or less returned to normal as the fight between the Blood Elf and the merchant Vampire ended. The oozing remains of the merchant seeped into the very earth and left behind nothing but her stall and slaves. The mundane blood slaves all cowered thinking they were going to be next – their cries grew quiet on the arrival of Vlad. He commented that she had shown a great deal of power in dispatching of the old vampire, and Cali merely shrugged. She cared not for the old woman, only what she could tell her about her lost husband. No doubt you’re with the White wolf? “ Strapping her pole arm on her back, the Blood elf nodded. ”Aye, I am. What is it to you?” Course, she had no idea about the friendship between Vlad and Xo so her question was an obvious one. She turned and stepped out from under the Warg, who was growling happily from Vlad’s pat. “You keep what you kill in this town, take what wears you want from the old hags shop then come visit me at my blacksmith” Watching him walk away, Cali quickly glanced at the stall which was mainly cloth and fine scarves. Bundling up a few into a larger cloak, she tied it off and hung it off her polearm, before walking over to the blacksmith’s shop. ”Come on, Warg.” Cali said, thinking the Warg may follow her. Reaching the door, she opened it taking a quick look to see if she was being followed then entered. <3>

IceTea: He arched a brow as he felt her slowly brush up against him, her fingers slowly caressing his body as his eyes never left hers, he was used to her touch it was nothing new to him. As she asked what his weakness was he chuckled “I wasn’t bred with weakness, only power. “ he could feel her body pressed against her as she said how easily her army of a few thousand vampires would destroy the Were’s with ease. He chuckled as he arched a brow “Oh.. but of course “as he felt her nails grazing his back, her tongue found his neck but that’s as close as she would ever get to tasting him. As his hands wrapped around her gently “ You and your kind may be dwindling in numbers.. but you’re strong” he smirked as he slowly lowered her down onto the floor on her back, as he came down on his knees over her his eyes looking into hers as he smirked, with a slide of the hand a silver dollar appears in between his fingers “What’s.. One were.. right? Compared to your army “ he smirked and dropped the silver dollar as it fell down, hitting her skin as it singed her and bounced off from the impact. He chuckled as he arched a brow, now two silver dollars in between his fingers “Or two… weres he does the same thing, they fell, singed and bounced off as he chuckled again. His hand now empty as he closed it, holding it above her “How about.. a thousands weres.. as he opened his palm slightly his eyes were glowing a bright yellow he was obviously using magic, as silver dollars starts to pour out of his hand, falling down and resting on her skin as it started to burn her “Or ten thousand weres.. Your army can handle ten thousand.. right?” the flow of the falling coins starts to increase as more and more fell down covering her, smoke starts to rise as his eyes never left hers “What about.. a hundred thousand were’s “ as her body was almost engulfed in silver dollars leaving only her eyes and mouth uncovered as the dollars continued to fall he got up and stood next to her “If you can’t handle a few thousand silver dollars, how’s your army supposed to handle a hundred thousand weres? You will be overrun by sheer numbers. His eyes stopped glowing as the silver dollars vanish leaving her without a mark, it was a illusion spell he used on her when she got close to him, a slight smirk against his lips as he arched a brow [b] “It seems to me Queen.. you’re in more trouble than you think, and how are you to tame me when you deep in your neck with Were’s? I shall take my leave now. “ he turned as he left her laying on the floor, he started to walk towards the front door.

A short amount of time passed as he was waiting for the elf to come into the shop, he glanced around his shop taking note of different styles of weaponry and different styles of making each weapon was hung up on the wall, among armors and clothing styles he had made. He smirked as he was proud of his crafts, hearing the door open as he watched the elf look behind her checking no one was following he chuckled slightly to himself as he watched her enter the store“Welcome to my shop, feel free to browse around. No doubt you have questions.” his eyes glanced up to hers as he smirked before glancing back down to his book and continued to read. “And yes, I made everything you see. “ : Mersa watched as Cali walked into the shop, she grunted slightly as she walked to the shop herself and laid down right in front of the shop, she was guarding the front door making sure no one would enter and disturb them, with a slight yawn she lazily drifted off to sleep.

CharlotteCarrendar:- On a mountain road about a day’s ride away, a lone being walked the dusty trail that led from a neighbouring mundane enclave. With a heavy purse, the female had done her duty and been paid handsomely for dispatching the den of thieves that had plagued a city port to near ruin. She had left Xo’s side some months before, and now was on the trail to be reunited with her bonded mate. Long nights by campfires and days spent alone on the hunt had left her longing to be by his side and fight with him. Words and whispers had spoke of the Witcher on the road to the Vampire kingdom, no doubt there was troubles in that land and sure enough if Eryda knew her mate, the Queen would be about to sink her teeth into him if given the chance. With flowing red hair that was swept from her shoulders as she walked, the female Witcher was about to find more than just her mate. A lot more.

Within the Queen’s castle, Valencia’s plans to make the Witcher her new addition weren’t exactly going to plan. At first she thought that luck was on her side, when he laid her down on the floor – her black hair spilling out and creating a frame around her face as she grinned at his words that complimented her kind on strength. Naturally, she could only think of her on wants at this point and not be trifled with facts and numbers on the cost of war. However, it was when he made a silver dollar drop from his hand and singe her skin, that the smile soon evaporated. Her eyes darkened, while he brought out two more coins, dropping them on her so that each time she was burnt by the precious metal. ”STOP THAT!” A loud hiss emitting from between her lips, while her voice grew louder. Suddenly, there was that bright shine of yellow in his eyes and then more and more silver dollars appeared. Raining down in a torrent, that had her burning and screaming wildly. The Queen screamed and cried out as the silver coins were about to consume her whole. His magic had truly bewitched her into believing that this torture was real. Smoke, the smell of burning flesh was ripe and the Queen soon got the message that the silver dollars were to be likened to the Were invasion should it happen. Her arms raised up out of the coin deluge and she bared her fangs in defiance, as the coins all but stopped and vanished. The Witcher got up from where he had been kneeling and the Queen had to compose herself before she did the same. Her hands quickly running over her body, her face for scars. Eyes of the darkest red blazed as she rose from her place on the floor to standing. In the blink of an eye she went from being behind him to blocking his exit at the door. ”That…was not nice.” Valencia snarled, her temper truly frayed. ”I offer you a life of luxury as my personal servant and you do your wicked tricks.” It was clear that the Queen had not quite given up on her desires, but she did come to reason with him about the Weres. ”My kind did not start some kind of war to make the Were increase their number. If they had wanted to attack, they would have. Has it occurred to you, that perhaps they are after…something else?’ She did of course mean the mundane kingdoms. Would he buy it? Was she being honest in this moment of high tension?

Looking over the many weapons on display at the Black smith’s shop, she reached out and ran her finger along one long sword that took her fancy. Not normally one to wield such a weapon, it was well crafted, and had lettering on it she had not ever seen before. Each weapon she came to note had been crafted as though each had a special signature, a special kind of magic added. Hearing the Warg enter the shop then settle, the blood elf started to feel more at ease. She reached for the long sword, and then held it with her right hand, slowly swinging it through the air. ”You do beautiful work. I am impressed. Not seen this sort of weaponry before. Are you self taught?’ The blood elf was genuinely intrigued, and waited for his answer. <3>

IceTe3a: – She appeared before his eyes as he arched a brow she was now blocking his way out as he chuckled, shaking his head at her statement “And you think you of all people can tame me? I am spoken for. “ he folds his arms on his chest again as he waits for her to move, then she starts talking about the Weres as he breaks out into a laughter “Now you want to discuss the were’s? Please, The mundane are nothing more than food for Were’s everyone knows you’re their mortal enemy. You either did something to provoke them, or they are prepping to finally kill you. he turned on his heels and paced around the hall for a moment before spinning back to face her “Now.. You saw what I did earlier, get out of my way” glancing around he arched a brow “You will never have me, and there isn’t enough of your females in this castle to take me down forcefully. So one last time.. Move or have at me. “ 

Looking up from his book as he watched her pick up a long sword that he had crafted, a slight smirk as he raised a brow“Indeed I am, I believe the weapon.. creates itself and chooses its wielder, That.. is Nex the blade of a thousand souls. Its magic is yet to be unlocked, only when it’s true master claims it, will it show its true form and power. He smirked wondering if she knew each weapon was made for only one person that the weapon chooses the bearer. He arched a brow as he noticed the warg sitting in his shop, with flick of his wrists a slab of meat flies out from the back room and down towards the Warg, as he watches her happily chew on it. [b] “And yourself, looking for someone..? A husband I believe, Queen of the Mundane, a female mage. “ he knew she would want more information off him, but it would cost her, and cost her dearly. As his eyes looked down towards his book as if he said it in causal talk.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The Vampire Queen was pretty confident that she could tame the Witcher, but of course half the fun was in the chase and as of yet she had not been successful. There was something about the Witcher that had the Queen entranced and so she did her best every time they came to meet to try and woo him to her bed. When Xo mentioned that he was spoken for, the Queen actually tipped her head back and laughed. ”Eryda? The red Witcher? Please, if she was yours…where is she?” Valencia glanced around then pouted. ”I heard she would much rather fill her own purse with gold, than fill your sheets.” As much as the Witcher wanted to torment her about the Weres and their reasons for building up their army, she did the same about the Witcher’s mate. But the Queen was holding back. She wanted the Witcher more than just for what he could give her by way of blood, but also in protecting her and her kingdom from a menace like the Weres. Knowing that they were playing out a game of tactical chess, the Queen moved away from the door, and ran her hand along what was a Were hide that was tacked to the wall. ”So I might have killed the Alpha’s mate….for fun. How was I to know they would get upset. I mean, surely he has plenty of females and wouldn’t miss one. Hmm?” She glanced back at the Witcher with an evil look on her face. ”I won’t lie. The world would be far better off without the Weres around. It would smell a lot better.” she joked, before letting out a sigh. ”Now stop being so difficult and just give love a chance.” The Queen was one stubborn bitch.

Listening to the Black Smith, Cali was soon to learn that each of the weapons on display were unique to the others. Each one was not made for public purchase but rather the weapon chose the owner. How odd, the Blood elf thought. Setting the sword back up on the shelf, she then snapped her head around, when the Black smith said he knew what she was looking for or rather who. ..? A husband I believe, Queen of the Mundane, a female mage. “ Cali near jumped out of her skin. This was even more information than the old merchant had. The black smith returned to reading his book, and this was when Cali took out the satchel of dragon’s blood. She set it down on his table and opened the bag slightly. ”Please, tell me what you know. What has become of my husband?’ <3>

IceTe3a:- He smirks slightly as she had tried to use his wife against him, arching a brow as he watched her slowly move towards a pelt “You will not anger me with your taunts, call upon your females let them at me and see what happens”as he examined the pelt while she stroked it he heard her say it was the alpha’s female, he shook his head and sighed“Then you have doomed yourself. The packs won’t stand for that, no doubt every den around is massing an army against you.” he thought about his next step he knew she wouldn’t let him leave and he was unarmed so he couldn’t threaten her with weaponry as he sighed slightly. “ Love? Being a slave or food is not love. Besides, we both know I already have a Love and if she were here.. Let’s just say I’m the kinder out of the two of us” he smirked as he was fed up with her games, his eyes glowed yellow once more “Now either have at me or attempt to feed me to your masses of females otherwise get out of my way.. this time his tone was more serious, the threat was real this time.
Vlad watched as she put the sword back arching a brow as he knew she would leave this shop with one of his fine weaponry but which one would choose her was another question. He smirked as she looked shocked, almost running over and dumping a satchel of dragons blood on his desk, he chuckled slightly as he glanced into the satchel “Im not like other vampires my dear.. Blood is not my craving.. he smirked as he looked her up and down for a moment, as he smiled while meeting her eyes “You look a strong dominate female.. My weakness.. these days is of the more physical side of life. After White Wolf blessed me from any weakness to silver “ it was true, Vlad loved dominate females like most vampire males but his love for it was something stronger than the others he truly loved it and loved it rough. He wondered just how far she would go to get what she needed, “ Complete your task.. Treat me like you would him but.. rougher.. and I shall be an open book” he smirked as he came to a stand and shut the book he was reading with a loud thud, it disappeared in a cloud of black smoke as he raised his hand, the smoke showing a image of a male elf like her bound in chains, this was a real viewing of the elf. Vlad had the ability to see other places from a distance and even show others what was happening as the cloud of smoke disappeared so did the image of her husband. “Well?” he arched a brow.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Valencia was growing tired of the games and in the back of her mind, she knew that it was her irresponsible actions that angered the Weres to want to amass such a large army. But being the Vampire Queen, she also believed she was above such worries of what killing one female were could do. The Witcher was right however, and she had no one but herself to blame for what was coming, and it would come regardless of whether the Witcher was there or not. She ripped her hand away from the Were pelt and now showed her true nature. ”Eryda is not here, and I am sure she is many leagues away too busy fighting her own battles, than to worry about you.” You could actually see the mask of beauty starting to be replaced by something far more hideous. Spite and bile were rising as the Queen showed her inner being. ”I grow tired of your insolence. You had your chance to be by my side. Now…you can be a meal for my ladies in waiting. GIRLS…HE’S ALL YOURS!” From out of every shadow, the many hundreds of female vampires descended on the room, some appearing from mist, others materializing out from behind the vast pillars. All were wild and foul looking. This was turning into a nightmare, with over two hundred for the Witcher to fight off, as the Queen laughed manically from her throne. ”That’s right Ladies…a true feast. A Witcher’s blood is eternal.”

High in the hills, the sounds of the Queen’s laughter echoed through Eryda’s mind as she came to a stop and closed her eyes. In meditation, she could see her beloved surrounded by many vampire maidens all set to attack him at the Queen’s orders. Eryda’s eyes snapped open, and she whistled loudly. A large dark horse appeared from over the hill, and Eryda ran up alongside it and gripped it’s mane, swinging her leg over and mounting the horse in a trice. With a kick to the horse’s flank the red haired Witcher sped off towards the Vampire kingdom…to save her mate from the Queen’s clutches.

Cali’s face was one of shock when the Black Smith named his price for information that would help her find her husband. What she didn’t count on was that he would rather that she dominated him in a physical way, than accept the dragon’s blood for payment. This was something the Blood Elf would never have considered since she was bound to her mate, her beloved, though she was starting to become addicted to the Witcher’s life force. The Blood elf’s hand slowly drew back the satchel of dragon’s blood now that she knew that was not enough to barter for her husband’s whereabouts. Seeing the mist like image of a blood elf in chains only made the situation worse. “ Complete your task.. Treat me like you would him but.. rougher.. and I shall be an open book” The Vampire slammed the book shut as he made his point known. You could see the Blood elf trying to weigh up if it was worth the price he wanted. She was not some woman that sold her body for gain or profit, but this was different. He was using her love for her mate as the bargaining chip. ”Well” Raising her head, she unclipped her cloak, which suddenly fell to the floor, revealing her very bold attire, that left little to the imagination.”Warg…guard the door.” she said over her shoulder to the beast that lay just a short distance away enjoying some meat. The green eyes of the Blood Elf settled once more upon the Vampire. ”We have a deal.” Cali gripped the table that he had sat behind and tossed it out of the way, leaving the way free to approach him. The Blood Elf pushed him down upon his back onto the floor of his shop. She was about to show him just how rough a Blood Elf could be. <3>


Thomas Bing – Lipstick Lies!


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Role play Biography for Thomas Bing

Lipstick Lies!
Quote : “Flying too high with some guy in the sky
Is my idea of nothing to do”

FC – Kevin Zegers
Name – Thomas Bing
Sex – Male
Age – 26
Place of birth – London
Current place of residence – Seattle
Life Partner – James Marshall Daughtery
Sexual orientation – Gay

Hair colour – Black
Eyes – Brown
Height – 172 cm
Weight – 82 kilos
Occupation – Wedding/Lounge singer/part time model
Parents – John and Noelene Bing
Siblings – Frank, Tammy, and Louisa Bing

Likes : Singing, dancing, acting, music, fine wines, conversation, parties – being a social butterfly
Dislikes: Dirty wet towels left on the bathroom floor, early mornings, hairy backed men, bad breath.

Personality : Quirky, fun, sophisticated, engaging, bright, loving.

Born in an upper part of London to John and Noelene Bing, Thomas knew right away that he wanted to be a singer. He picked up the microphone and did his first singing gig at the tender age of three at his Grandfather’s 70th birthday party and was such a hit with the relatives that he was encouraged to keep singing right through his school years, being involved with the school boys choir and of course the church choir on Sundays. Always fun loving and adventurous, he was a huge hit with the girls at school, but more as a best friend than boyfriend as he was the one that offered to take them shopping for new clothes, as opposed to dating them. He soon realized that his feelings for some of his girl pal’s brothers was a bit odd, and he came to realize he was gay at the age of 15. Thomas came out to his parents, who kind of suspected that he was that way inclined and embraced his homosexuality, which helped him to deal with the pressures that this news would have on extended family and friends.

Whilst at a friend’s engagement party he came to meet the man that would be the love of his life; James Marshall Daughtery. A novelist, with a dark past the pair hit it off right away as the two seemed to balance the other out. With the blessing from Thomas’s parents the boys went off to live in the US, where Thomas found a lucrative career as a wedding singer and part time model.

After starting out in New York, they soon moved to a nice house in Seattle, where they had hoped to one day raise a family. But as the pair would come to discover, adoption was difficult and they were on a very long waiting list for a child in the state of Washington. Thomas fully supported James need to become a father, as he too looked forward to coming home to the bright smiles of their sons and daughters.

“Word Crimes” – Weird Al Yankovic.


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This is the second song release from his new album in just two days.  An amazing parody and take off of Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke.  Probably the best parody he has done since White and Nerdy.  <3 Enjoy.



A Page in Time – Chapter Ten.


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A Page in Time

Chapter Ten

The Call to War


IceTe3a: She had pointed to the arena, which surprised him at first than she stated he should fight to work off the meal he just ate, he smirked and looked down at her “Are you calling me fat?” he chuckled as she basically dragged him along past the town and the market stalls, they were getting closer to the arena cheering and shouting could be heard as they walked in there were two men fighting with swords in the arena, a friendly sparing match but no blows held back as always. The crowd was going off then the two fighters stopped and looked up at him and Nadia, the crowd glanced over and started cheering then chanting his name edging him on to fight in the arena. Nadia basically pushed him forward as he stepped down and waved the crowd off “Alright you bunch of bloodthirsty beasts” this was met with a roaring laugh from the crowd of men as he left Nadia to stand on top of the stairs he looked back at her and blew her a kiss. His feet hitting the sand of the arena he thrusts his fist clenched up into the air “Spartans!” this was met with a rather loud “Haroh!” as they all stood up and beat their chest with a clenched fist before taking a seat down. “Who’s willing to fight me, hand to hand??” he smirked as one man came down, and put his hands into the air as the crowd cheered. Suddenly someone shouted from the crowd “Make it an interesting fight! You are the son of a god after all!!” the crowd cheered again but louder as two other men came walking down and stood next to the other one, he arched a brow and looked back at Nadia questioning what the other man said in his mind. He took his stance as he already knew very well how to fight in the ancient Greek style of Pankartion. “Come on then!” he shouted as he growled slightly, the first man the larger of the three pushed the other two back, wanting to claim victory for himself as he came directly at Dante. “Go Arthos! Hit him hard!!” Arthos came in fast with a right swing towards him, he grabbed his right hand with his left pushing it away as his muscles bulged out, his right fist follows through smacking Arthos in the jaw as blood came spitting out then it was on for young and old, Arthos landing a clean hit to the stomach, Dante landing a clean hit to the rib cage on the side. “Enough of this get in there you two!” the other two came in to take on Dante so all three would have better chances, he had to even out the odds as he grabbed Arthos’s next incoming blow and flipped him straight onto his back hard, following down with a deadly right blow that clipped his face breaking his nose and dislocating his jaw. Arthos the first to be knocked out as the crowd cheered, the last remaining two started to work Dante’s sides with a volley of punches as he stood there arms up taking the blows, funny thing the hits didn’t hurt as much as they should. It was almost like soft blows but he could see they weren’t holding back. A loud roar escaped his mouth as he swung his open palms on either side of their heads forcing their heads to collide smashing into each other as they stood there dazed. This is where Dante went to town on them, standing in between them he nailed the first one with two solid gut shots as he turned just in time to counter the second ones blow, throwing a upper cut it caught the guy under the chin and sent him flying off his feet back into the sand. The last guy gripped Dante from behind as he tried to squeeze him into submitting, Dante lent his head forward and sent it back with force, feeling the back of his head hit the guys face as he let go fast. Dante turned around jumped into the air as his legs gripped around the guys neck, twisting he locked the man’s neck in between his legs as they both fell to the ground. The guys hands scratching at Dante’s legs trying to get free soon his body went limp as he passed out. Letting go Dante came to a stand as the crowd cheered “SPARTANS” he cried out loudly as he was covered in the blood of his fallen comrades they all stood up even the ones that were defeated and started chanting “Haroh! Haroh! Haroh!” he walked up the stairs towards Nadia as people slapped him on the back, he looked like nothing had happened as he hadn’t even broken a sweat, the other 3 did looked injured but hardly looked fazed or even in pain as they continued to brawl around between the three of them. He made it up to Nadia and planted a kiss on her lips with forceful passion as the crowd watched on and cheered the second they kissed.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The arena came alive with the whooping sounds, the cries of ‘Horah’ from the many Spartans that filled the fighting circle, and sat in the stands. Nadia had not seen a spectacle like this since she watched a movie about the Greeks back in her country. The vividness of it all, the bloodletting and sheer strength – power of these men was unbelievable. As Nadia watched over the spectacle, another Grecian woman approached. One of noble birth by the way she was dressed. Her eyes of green gazed down at the pit, watching Dante with great admiration and interest. She even licked her lips, which in itself showed she was more than just interested in the warrior. ”You must enjoy seeing him go against three of his own, Nadia.” The woman said, obviously knowing her in this time. Nadia did a double take, surprised this woman was addressing her. It took her a moment to gather her thoughts, as the crowd was very vocal in its support of their leader. It didn’t take much for Nadia to see that this woman was keen on Dante. ”Of course…” she didn’t say the woman’s name, mainly since she didn’t know who she was. But as it turns out, one of the other men; Arthos was her husband. While Arthos fought valiantly, he was no match for Dante’s brute strength and skill. Andrea only stood back, when Dante mounted the stairs, and swept up Nadia in his arms, having had barely broke a sweat from the fight. He kissed her passionately, causing Andrea to turn her head away in respect, while many others cheered on what was their town’s favourite couple. When Dante drew back, this was when Andrea made her move. She shot a look at her husband, who was bloody and beaten by his commander. ”Dante…you have again shown all why you are the Leader of men.”Andrea flicked back her flowing curls off her shoulder and looked him over with hungry eyes. Nadia was actually shocked at this woman’s candour. Arthos finally climbed the stairs, after being treated for his injuries, and saw the way his wife was gawking at Dante. ”Woman…drink. Get it for me.” Andrea rolled her eyes, and then went to get a wine gourd, and handed it to him, all the while sizing up Dante. Arthos drank down the wine as though dying of thirst, then slapped Dante on the back. ”Why is it you look as though you have not fought. You make me feel old.” <3>

IceTe3a: Releasing Nadia from his passionate grip the crowd was still cheering on whilst the three men fought between themselves, Arthos had called it and seek little medical aid. His wife standing near as she made a comment about how he once again proved why he is leader of all men, he simply smirked as he pointed down towards the men “All men are equal, we are all highly skilled warriors.. And our females are just as equal for they mother our strong warriors until they can stand upright, there are no leaders here only warriors” he smiled as he looked down to Nadia, his breath was slow as he was hardly fazed from the battle, Arthos had made his way up the stairs and noticed his wife lingering around, throwing an order as she came back quickly with a glass of wine. He felt the slap on his back as he turned his head to look at Arthos Nay brother, You held your own against the son of a god. I would like to see any one of our enemies attempt the same feat.. he turned around as he raised his hands, Every last Spartan here is worth 100 fold of any single enemy soldier!! For if one of us were to fall in battle that single one would have already taken down thousands of their men! Haroh!! ‘’ he shouted at the top of his lungs spit flying free from his mouth ever proving his words true, the crowd cheered in kind as the philosophers all clapped and chanted in agreement, “So you see brother, it is not that you are getting old. Only that you’re in need of bloodshed to revitalize you .. Come now, we feast tonight in wait for a glorious battle! You shall sit with us Arthos Until then” he gave a nod as their hands slapped and clapped around each other’s forearm a symbolic shake between brothers in arms. Walking up to Nadia he placed his right arm by her side and waited for her to wrap her arms around his thick muscular arm, before walking off out of the arena; after a few moments of walking in silence and distancing themselves from others he smirked and shook his head “I can’t believe you forced me into that, Nadia. Did you enjoy yourself? Did I pass your test against the soldiers?” he looked down at her as they casually strolled the streets, it was early afternoon and a Greek afternoon was warm to the skin with a gentle cooling breeze, there was no humidity and sweat was a thing built up by hard days labor not the heat of the sun, the sky was still a crystal blue as children ran past them wrestling. He had known what Arthos’s wife was doing, and he had need to talk to Nadia about stepping up her role as his wife, being the queen of Sparta she needed to be diplomatic, smart, and always on her toes when dealing with the arts of politics although he had a feeling Nadia already fit the bill quite easily he already knew she was well educated and probably was used to politics of their own world, so she should find her role quite simple in fact, still she could not allow other females or males to overstep their worth.

CharlotteCarrendar:- When they were a good distance away, it was only then that Nadia glanced back at the wife of Arthas who was having some sort of a row with her defeated husband. The very thought of having to sit through a meal with that feminine hawk hovering over Dante made her cringe. But she knew that there would be no avoiding another meeting with the Greek barracuda. Keeping her arm wound around Dante’s as they walked along the busy street, Nadia did chuckle when it came to what she thought of his fighting the soldiers. Dante made out that she forced him to do it. This brought laughter from Nadia, who knew that he enjoyed the fight and the commerardery as much as she did. ”If you ask me, I think you were in your element. I mean, you barely broke a sweat. Yet those that fought you were well and truly put in their place.” The afternoon had a delightful breeze flowing through the village, and the sky was so vivid and blue. It was indeed a magical place unaffected by the same sorts of things like pollution and over populating like their own time. As children ran past and then cheered as they spotted the couple, Nadia blushed at the attention. Nadia was still coming to terms with how well known they were, and yet she knew no one and nothing about this time. In a way she was afraid of messing up. Up ahead of them was a large building, that was a meeting place of senators and scholars, the ideal place where Nadia would be spending a great deal of time. Course, she was yet to realize what it was. The statues that lined the stairs to the building were mainly of men, not women. As they approached it, a tall lean man came running down the stairs, then opened his arms wide for the pair. He was dressed in a regal robe with a gold metal tie through ring on his right shoulder. He was not as muscular as Dante, but more he was a man of knowledge, not one of the sword.”Dante…Nadia. So good to see you both. I hear that the training match went very well.” Word had reached him by way of the messengers that darted about the town spreading the latest news. ”Please, come inside. The assembly wish to discuss a grave matter. It seems our enemies are seeking to acquire a foothold in what is our northern lands.” This news had Nadia look concerned. ”Just who is it?” <3>

IceTe3a: As they walked through the village he noticed that Nadia had started blushing from the children cheering, a cheerful bellowed laugh escaped him as it turned into a snicker “You’re going to have to get used to that” As they walked it seemed Nadia was leading them to a particular building, a rather large white stone circle building with large pillars as support beams, the large stairs in front were scattered with that of male statues few female statues were to be seen, a house of politics.. words.. where men argued among each other for weeks at a time to come to a decision a slight groan escaped his lips “Really.. these men are weak of body.. they fight among themselves like children. “ it was easy to tell Dante didn’t like philosophers not just because he couldn’t make sense of them but they were men of words and not battle. Even though they are Spartan born they did not bare the title of ‘Spartans’ but Nadia would have none of his whining as she lead him on up the stairs, it was true what they said behind every great man is a great female, in this case it was easy to tell the females of Sparta held the same weight as the males did. He saw a smaller less muscular man come racing down the stairs with his arms open as he was taken back, as he arched a brow when the man advised they needed to speak to the pair about enemies attacking. “Ahh yes.. let’s discuss shall we, and shall we also find things to argue about until the enemy is at out gates? “ he sighed as he looked down to Nadia, who no doubt had a look on her face with his head hung low he sighed as he raised his free hand in front of him pointing up the stairs “ Shall we..? “ once again Nadia proved the worth of a Spartan woman, who else could control such a man save his female counter part? As they slowly climbed the stairs he could hear the raised voices of gathered men arguing over something it was to jumbled for him to catch exactly what they were arguing about “As always, my wife will speak for me as her word is my word and she has my full support in every choice she makes” He smiled down at her beneath his black Greek beard, upon reaching the top of the stairs he peered down into the circular room where sea’s of men sat in a circle bench like system, few stood as others took the floor to speak and argue their point before going back to sit down, obviously those trying to make a point or put something to the crowd were to stand in the centre of the room where he could be heard by all. “ What fun this looks.. “ he whispered quietly to Nadia as he stood talk next to her.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Nadia could feel the tension as Dante made a sarcastic remark of how much fun this was going to be. A sea of men in robes, all arguing and bickering about a course of action. Politics was not his domain, clearly. He spoke with his sword, and got the job done. Not sit and discuss it while the hounds of war approached their walls. Hearing him whisper, she straightened her back and held a more regal pose. While in the arena he did what came naturally, suddenly she found herself in a place that she was actually comfortable in. Having worked as a Lawyer in London it was a dog eat dog world. Men in suits were no different to men in robes. Words could be used just as affectively as the sword, if used well. Speaking out the side of her mouth so as not to draw too much attention, though many would have seen the hulking Spartan enter and heard his powerful steps, Nadia said. ”I believe it is my turn to entertain you.” A quick squeeze of his arms, and she drew her own arm back and let it fall to her side, before walking down the stairs to the pit of the assembly. She nodded politely of course as she was treated with the respect due to a senator and stateswoman. Nadia cleared her throat and then spoke eloquently. ”My countrymen. “ She took the floor as the voices of many hushed and others took their seats. ”What is this news that our northern borders are under threat?” Her beautiful eyes scanned the auditorium, as she waited for someone to address her. A short fellow in a flowing white robe stood. Son of Athanas rose to speak. ”I come from the North, and have seen firsthand the fleets that have docked. Men – fierce and with flowing hair. Primitive compared to the likes of us. They now seek to expand their territory, and already one town has fallen. We need an army to go and push them back to where they came.” Nadia thought for a moment, and became concerned. ”Then why do you argue if this be the case. Surely there is more than enough men to spare to go to such a fight. If they take one town, it will give them the courage to try for another. To fight the snake, one must cut off the head.” She glanced around as some started to argue of the cost. But what was more important? Sitting on their fat asses, their pockets and purses overflowing, or spending it on the army to fight for sovereignty? Nadia glanced up at Dante, as she knew this was his domain. How many men would it be needed to push back a fleet of ships from the coast? That was the question. <3>

IceTe3a: As he felt Nadia squeeze his arm tight he glanced down at her with a smile as he watched her casually stroll down the stairs and take her place in the centre, he watched as she demanded respect with her pose, her tone. He could not help but smirk as he was proud of Nadia and it showed, listening in to the objective arguments about the cost of sending the army being a main point in this argument, it was pathetic really. So they were primitive warriors.. perhaps they would prove a worthy fight, as he arched a brow, as he noticed Nadia was now glancing at him almost asking him to speak up. Stroking his beard as he thought to himself for a moment, “It is well known, no army could withstand an attack from a Spartan save an entire Spartan army.. 200 of our Spartans would be enough, as my wife suggests” he heard the disgruntled arguments from the old men as they pointed towards him while arguing with each other, he shook his head. Unable to believe how these men.. these Greeks could be more worried about their own purse than that of the livelihood of Sparta.. this is why he disliked their kind. A true Spartan male.. a warrior born from birth, willing to give his life to protect his fellow Spartans.. Sparta itself and everything in it. Even the female Spartans had more backbone than this unfit lot, but he had a gut feeling that Nadia would protests to his thoughts of removing politics from Sparta, stating that it was needed.. it almost felt like they had this discussion before. He stood there towering as he cast a large shadow down upon the men arguing, his eyes look to his wife Nadia wanting her to take order in this chaos. He knew she could, he had faith in her for the right reasons but would these men agree? Why did he need to consult these men to raise the Spartan army and defend their lands?

CharlotteCarrendar: And still the men continued to argue and raise voices, thinking that it was a costly exercise. This brought a look from Nadia that would have a man burnt alive by her death stare. ”You put a price on freedom to our northern borders? Are our brothers and sisters not worthy of protection? You…ALL OF YOU should hang your heads in shame. Dare to argue what is just and right for our lands. As Dante said, an army of 200 Spartans would be enough to fight off any of our enemies, even with thousands on their side. I say this because Spartans are not merely men, but warriors true. Brothers at arms!” She brought both arms up in a display of statesmanship that rivalled the best speaker of the house. It was fair to say, that Nadia had an iron will when she decided to use it. The arguing ceased, and there was a murmur amongst the men. A vote was then cast, and one by one each cast their ballot. Once they were tallied and the numbers read, it was an overwhelming majority in favour to send the Spartan army led by Dante north to defend its territory. Pleased with the count, and the men now acting more civil once the speaker read the results, Nadia turned away from the sea of men and smiled at her husband. ”I feel like I just won my first case.” A sense of pride and elation swept over her. However she was forgetting one thing. She was signing off to send her Dante off to war. <3>

IceTe3a: -He smiled as she took order into her own hands and silenced the sea of men with her iron words, she took control of the situation as she beamed out her status through her body’s glow. Needless to say the men all came to a quick silence and one by one they all cast their votes in agreement to wage war with the men. Finally some order out of this madness as been seen like the sun’s rays through a blackened sky she had proven yet again to the men why she was queen. He watched as she came up to him, clapping his hands he chuckled with a wide grin “Well played” as he led her away from the sea of men so they may continue to argue over other issues. Once they were down the steps he stopped and looked down at her with a stern face as she had just cast the dice and the vote was cast for 200 Spartans to go north to defeat this army led by Dante himself. “I shall leave tomorrow with 200 of our finest warriors. The main force will stay here and protect Sparta under your command, Nadia looks like we’ll have to hold off from finding your father” He led her further away up towards their own private villa up high on the hill overlooking Sparta itself, they bumped into Arthos who was walking down from his own Villa half way up “Arthos, ready 200 of our finest Spartan’s for tomorrow he march north to war. I will speak to them late afternoon have them gather in the training hall.” he smiled and nodded as he watched Arthos smirk, slapping his shoulder Arthos ran off to go ready the men. He wondered if it had dawned on Nadia yet that she had sent him to war he came down to kneel on his right knee as his eyes met her eye level“And.. if I do not return, you must find your father and return to our time” coming to a stand he took a deep breath and smiled as he looked down at her.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The elation and high from quelling the crowd of senators was soon lost as she realized what she had just done. When Dante spoke to Arthas about assembling the men in the training hall, Nadia’s face said more than words could convey. It was almost like she just remembered who she really was, and that her father was still missing. Dante was going off to war. She had just signed off on it. Though Dante congratulated her on how she handled the senators, he did have a stern look when he said he would be leaving in the morning, with two hundred of their finest, and that she would be in charge in his absence. When Arthas was well out of ear shot, Nadia reached for Dante’s hand. ”If my father IS here, then we will find him, but we must fufill our roles in this world. I can’t believe what I just did.” When Dante knelt before her, he told her point blank that she must continue the journey to find her father, then go back to their time. She stared down at him, and her brows knitted as she couldn’t imagine going on without him. She had grown very close to Dante, and the feelings were real. As he stood, she stared up at him – her eyes unwavering. ”You have to come back to me.” <3>

IceTe3a: He smiled as noticing she finally came to realize what she had just done, he couldn’t help it and as she said they needed to play their roles as if it were them. This meant he needed to go to war there was no way around it. She then told him to come back to her, he smiled as he looked into her eyes “I don’t make promises I can’t keep Nadia” the back of his fingers press against her cheek as he runs them down slowly against her soft skin. Wrapping his arm around her waist he led her along the path towards their Villa as he kept quiet for awhile, “ If I die, the main army will be sent to conquer the invading army, you must use this distraction to get away and find your father.” soon they reached their Villa as he walked in the front door after Nadia, glancing around at their room he saw his helmet, shield and weaponry. He smiled lightly as he looked over to her and forced out a chuckle “I’ll be fine Nadia, If it helps get your father back then.. I go to war.” he walked up to her as his arms wrapped around her and brought her in as he hugged her firmly for a moment. He leaned back as he cupped her cheeks with a smile “Come now, let’s not use our last night together dreading. Instead let’s enjoy each other’s company. as he walked into the kitchen and walked back with two flasks and a case of wine, pouring a glass for them both as he held hers out for her.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Nadia had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. An oncoming sense of dread. They had barely been in this time for a day and already Dante had shown his skill as a Spartan, and she had spoken like a true stateswoman. But that paled into the fate that awaited them. Dante would be fighting an unknown enemy. Nothing could really prepare him for this. She knew it. He couldn’t make a promise he couldn’t keep. It would be wrong and foolhardy. The walk back to the Villa was a quiet and sombre one. The full weight of their discussion now hitting heavily. She turned to face him at one point, and brought her fingers up to his lips, after he said that if he should die, that she needed to use the distraction to escape and find her father. ”Please don’t speak of death, I don’t think I could bare it.” She was a woman after all. Coming to terms with the thought of losing Dante. He kept trying to reassure her, and it took a lot of courage and willpower to nod and agree. Dante saying he would be fine. He had to be. When he embraced her, she took him in her own arms and held him so close she could feel his heart pounding in his chest. Only when he let her go, did she show the first of what would be a few tears, that she tried to wipe away before he would see. She smiled bravely, and took the glass of wine he offered her. Before drinking, she held the glass between three fingers and said. ”Let this night be one to remember forever.” <3>

IceTe3a: He smiled as she took the glass and raised it in a toast to them, he nodded as his eyes were looking directly into hers almost smiling themselves “I will keep you in my mind and heart whilst on the battlefield, know that if.. My last thoughts will be of you” he took a sip of his wine as he looked outside, it was already nearing the time for him to meet up with his men in discussion. Placing the cup of wine down he walked up to her and cupped her cheeks as he pulled her in for a passionate kiss, one of his hands moved gently down her side as he picked her up with one arm holding the kiss for awhile as he took in the warmth of her body, the taste of her lips and her everlasting scent for his memory. He pulled back for a moment as he kissed her again “I must meet the men Nadia, I will come back and the night will be ours.” he smiled as he held her close to him once more, cuddling her in a loving and reassuring mannerr before placing her down on the floor. He walked towards the door and as he headed out he turned his head to glance at her one last time before disappearing from sight. Casually he strolled down the hill towards the training hall where the men no doubt would have already heard the news and be celebrating. As he made his way down there it wasn’t hard to hear the men boasting and play fighting with each other. As he made his entrance everyone turned to him in silence, walking into the centre of the men he raised his arms and shouted “WAR!!!!! “ The men cheered and shouted in response, as they all crowded around with smiles against their faces, Spartans were truly a warrior’s people, bloodthirsty would be a understatement “We have a new enemy, Invaders in our northern borders, 200 of us against thousands of them.. It will be a bloody massacre Ahaha!!!” he smiled as they shouted out in kind chanting his name, “So tonight, Sleep well.. drink, spend time with your family, Make love to your wife for tomorrow we dine in hell! “ an even louder roar from the soldiers could be heard echoing throughout Sparta, as Arthos was among them, walking over to Arthos he raised his hand “My second!! And the rest of you miserable bastards unlucky enough to go to war with me, be prepared we leave at dawn. Weapons at the ready!! “ a rowdy laugh escaped the crowded soldiers as they finally started to leave to their own families. Arthos nodded at him and left to seek his own wife, as Dante went to find Nadia as he starts his trail back up the track towards their Villa, he didn’t notice how long he had taken as it was already nightfall.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Nadia stood silently in the doorway of the Villa as Dante left her to go and speak to his men, his army of Spartan soldiers. She could only imagine what was happening. The rousing cheers, the deafening roar as they all stood and supported their leader. They were all equals in this world. But Dante was special. In this world he was the Son of a God. The sun had now set and the stars had come out in an array that was like diamonds littered across black velvet and blue. Nadia wrapped her arms around herself as she tried to come to terms with the enormity of what was happening. This would be their last night. She lowered her head for a moment, knowing she had to give him something to truly remember her by. Something that would make him want to come back for her. Her head raised and she knew what she had to do. Spinning on her heel, she raced into the kitchen area. ~A for a King. Yes!~ She thought to herself. Nadia busied herself, getting ingredients, and soon she started to cook over an open pit fire. It all came naturally to her somehow. Strange as that was. She soon lost track of time, and no doubt he would be returning and the heavenly smells of her cooking would reach his senses. She hadn’t even changed yet. If he should enter the kitchen area, he would see her working to make him a feast. Her back would be to him. The villa would truly seem like their natural home. <3>


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