House of Ghar – Lands of Old – TRC


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Stargorn Bluff – Warfarren


Port Township of Stargorn Bluff.


The Chieftan was sitting upon his fur laden chair that was at the top end of the Meeting hall of his clan.  Gnarled fingers strummed the arm rests as he sat with a grim expression.  His wife, Sarras, who was nursing their youngest son kept looking up at her husband, who had grave concerns about the whereabouts of Valkrik and Errys.  He was aware that his eldest son had gone off in search of her, but there was something else that bothered him.  The way in which he saw the fire in his son’s eyes that he had seen once before when he was very young.  One of the boy’s horses had been mistreated by a young servant of the Chief, and when Honrick went to break up the fight the boy’s eyes were of that same fire.  He remembered it vividly.  The eyes of a demon.  It scared him so that he released his son, and then took to discipling the servant so to keep his son from doing something rash.  Ever since that day, he feared that his son might do something like this again.

“Sarras?”  The Chieftan called his wife’s name, and she nervously looked up at him from where she sat.  “My love?”  Her voice had a tremble to it, for she too was very worried.  Valkrik always had a fierce protective streak over his sister Errys, but to disobey his father’s orders and go searching for her himself, had even Sarras questioning the extent of his affection to his sister.  Nursing her newborn, she rubbed the child’s back while waiting for her husband to speak.

“I have never questioned you about Valkrik.  I accepted him as my son.  He is a natural born leader, there is no mistake in this.  By Odin….he was born to be the next chieftan.”  The Chief believed this with all his being, but he now was starting to have doubts.  “His eyes burned with fire, the day I told him not to follow Errys.  He disobeyed me.”  The light sound of the newest son suckling was all that you could hear, as both sat in silence, Sarras trying to find the courage to tell him the truth.  Her eyes darted about the room, only to fall back again on her husband’s stern face.  She rocked back and forth as she nursed her son.

“He has always been headstrong, my love.”  Sarras said, averting from the mention of his eyes of fire.  She had seen them many times, but the boy had never turned on her.  Valkrik treasured his mother greatly.  Sarras was doing all she could to hold her tongue.  The thought that the truth would come out scared her silly.  In the basket in which she found the boy in the field, was a letter.  A rolled parchment, which she had in her possession.  The answers to his heritage had been sealed since his birth.  Sarras had planned to give it to him when he was of age.  She had kept the secret this long….she planned to continue to do so until he was old enough to understand.

The Chieftan slammed his fist on the arm of his chair and then rose to standing.

“He will answer to me when he returns.”    The Chieftan went to leave the meeting hall, but his parting words made his wife cringe.  “They both will.”


Lake of Odin

So much had happened in a small amount of time. Eyyrs had finally found a man worthy of herself and she knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that she would be unable to keep him. Her father would see to that.

After their moment by the lake, she turned away from him, back to the tent so that she could dress for the return home. As she knelt upon the furs, the place where she had found a moment of happiness, she could hear the witch in her head, practically shouting in her mind.


She pressed a hand to her heart, a gasp tearing from her lips as she suddenly got a vision of their village up in flames. Men and women running and screaming as the smell of burnt flesh and wood seared across her senses. Demons of all shapes and sizes were running amok, killing, raping and setting fire to everything and everyone. And atop a hill, looking down upon the destruction and death, an evil smirk upon his face…was Valkrik.


She was drawn deeper into the vision and felt as if she were right there beside him.

Valkrik laughed darkly, his wings as dark as night as his demon aspect had a hold of him completely. He watched the destruction below with his red hues gleaming in satisfaction…and so much rage. He reached down to the huddled figure at his feet and brought the head up to see the death that plagued the lands below.


It was Honrick.

His face was a bloodied and bruised mess and there were deep slashes marring his skin. He did not look like a proud Viking chieftan. He looked…defeated.

Valkrik brought his face near to Honrick’s, his hot breath fetid upon his former father’s skin.

“See the destruction you have brought upon your people? You took something from me…and now I have taken something from you.”

“She…was never…yours!” Honrick panted out.

“SHE WAS MY LIFE!! AND YOU KILLED HER!!” Valkrik roared, pointing to another form laying close by. Eyyrs noticed this as well and moved near until she could see the person’s face. She gasped as she looked upon the still visage of…herself. The hilt of her father’s sword was struck through her stomach, pinning her to the cold ground beneath. There was something odd about her form, answered a moment later by Valkrik.

“You murdered the mother of my child!” Eyyrs eyes widened and she looked a little closer to see that there was indeed a slight swell in the stomach. Her father had killed an unborn child…

She fell to her knees in shock.

“Abomination!” Honrick spat. “She carried your demon spawn within her! I would not have such filth in my home!”

“And you took it upon yourself to rid this world of such…filth.” Valkrik laughed. “And now I shall return the favor.” He pointed off to the side where a pair of demons were holding a struggling figure between them. The cry of a child shattered the silence of the night and Honrick’s eyes grew wide with fright.

“No! Please! I beg you for mercy! Not my wife and son!” Honrick begged. “Take my life and spare theirs.”

“Like you spared your daughter’s?” Valkrik smirked. “No. You will watch the light leave their eyes as I tear them apart.” He nodded to his demon soldiers and Honrick cried out in rage and despair as his child was thrown off the cliffs and his wife was raped repeatedly before her head was torn from her body. Valkrik stood over the carnage wrought and laughed before he turned toward Honrick. “And now…you die…” Valkrik raised his sword and moved to strike the final blow…


Eyyrs was jerked from the vision with a final gasp, landing upon her hands as tremors wracked her body.

“By Freya…what have I done?” she whispered. If that was a vision of the future, then she needed to do whatever it took to see that it didn’t come true.

Lake of Odin.


Little did Valkrik know that his beloved was suffering from a terrible insight to what could well be the future.  He spotted her, kneeling and trembling as though she was overcome.  Valkrik rushed to her side, and tried to help her up, by scooping her with his arms lacing under her own.  His face searched hers and then he looked across her body to see if she had been somehow injured.  She looked perfectly fine.

“Errys…what ails you?”  He asked, his voice filled with worry and compassion.  The very man of her visions acting out of love and kindness, unlike the ones she could see.  His questions would be interrupted by the sound of a male’s voice in the distance.

“Valkrik?!  Errys?!”  The voice was that of Jorgen, Valkrik’s best friend and second when they were at war.  He had come out in search of his friend, as word had gotten around the village that the pair had dissappeared.  Using his excellent tracking skills, he was able to track them down.  Seeing the smoke rising from the campsite fire, he was soon running through the clearing, and came upon the pair.  What he saw, had his jaw fall open?  Why was Valkrik holding Errys like that?

Jorgen tried to hide his confusion, and then smiled for he was glad his trek had ended.  Valkrik turned his head to see Jorgen and immediately let Errys go.  He stepped back, and you could see the conflict in his eyes.  The tall Viking walked over to his friend, and they clasped each other in an acknowledging embrace.


“What are you doing here, Jorgen?  Shouldn’t you be preparing the ship.”  Valkrik was curious as to why Jorgen had come so far out from the clan lands.  Jorgen slapped his friend’s back, and answered.  “A ship needs his Captain.”  Jorgen said with a laugh, before glancing at Errys.  There was no mistaking that Jorgan had a soft spot in his heart for her.  “You have all the town worried, Errys.  Your father asked me specially to come look for you.”  Was this really true?  Valkrik knew that now was the time to head back.  “I will finish packing the camp and we will return with you.”  Not waiting for Errys to speak, he got right to work in rolling up his sleeping rug and gathering his clothes with his weapons.  Jorgen approached Errys as this went on in the background.

“You have been missed, fair Errys.”


Lake of Odin

She must have taken too long to return for it was a few moments later when Valkrik burst into the tent to check on her and saw her trembling form. He took her into his arms, his eyes filled with worry as he checked her over.

“I’m fine…just…I’m fine.” she whispered, shrugging him off. Before he could question her further, there was a sound outside, and a familiar voice echoed across to them.

“Valkrik?! Errys?!” came the voice of Valkrik’s childhood friend, Jorgen. Before the two could seperate themselves, Jorgen was upon them, his eyes wide as he took them in standing intimately close. Eyyrs stepped back quickly, less he become suspicious. Valkrik inquired of why Jorgen had sought him out for which he reminded him that they needed to set sail in the next day or so. He then spoke of how it was Eyyrs’s father who had sent Jorgen to find them both.

Valkrik nodded and set about packing their belongings. Jorgen sidled up to her, his eyes warm as he drank in her features. She noticed this and it left a sick feeling in her stomach.

“You have been missed, fair Errys.”

“I’m sure.” she muttered, collecting her pack and going to Vor to saddle him for the ride home. She noticed Jorgen watching her from the corner of her eye and did not try to encourage him in any way. She did not need the attentions of a love-sick pup following her about.

She climbed upon Vor’s back and without acknowledging either man, turned to make the trek back to their village.

She was not looking forward to meeting with her father.

White Wolf – Part Nine.


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White Wolf 

Part Nine 



IceTe3a: He watches as Eryda jumped off her horse, with sword in hand she took lead after accepting his request, you could smell them before you could see them as they gave off a most unpleasant odour. “ Frost trolls are a lot stronger than were’s, you best stay on Mersa for safety Cali.” he slid off Mersa leaving Cali to sit on her by her lonesome, as he watched Eryda’s figure walk up into the distance he followed suit keeping his distance enough to give her room but he still wanted to watch her fight the vial creatures. With Mersa and Eryda’s horse following up behind, the townspeople had their doors locked fully aware of the situation by now some even peeked through the windows to watch the upcoming battle. “ I will step in if you can’t handle it” he smirked whilst he said this, almost a playful taunt he knew she would bite back as he looked her up and down with an arched brow, he loved her for her personality and her body. The frost trolls had seemed to have broken into the towns live stock as the cries of animals started to echo throughout the mountain terrain, it was up to Eryda to deal with them this time, he stood there waiting for the battle to start, his lip still bleeding as the trail of blood started to drip down to his chin it didn’t bother him and it never came to him that it may drive Cali stir crazy.

CharlotteCarrendar: – With each step carefully taken, Eryda listened for signs of where the Frost trolls were in the vicinity of the town. Shutters and doors slammed, while frightened villagers huddled inside, knowing better than to take on such beasts on their own. More powerful and vicious than the weres they lived up to their namesake. Xo of course alighted from the Warg and advised Cali to remain on the massive wolf like beast. The blood Elf’s face grew sad from not being able to join in the battle, but she knew better now than to argue with the Witcher. Especially now that his wife had joined them in their quest. Up ahead, Eryda came to a stop – her ears pricked to hear the sounds of animals being slaughtered and most terribly by the Frost trolls. The cattle yards no doubt is where the Frost trolls struck. About to take a step in that direction, she overheard her mate say that he would step in if she could not handle it. A light shake of her head was all he got from her. To think that she needed his help when it came to a pack of Frost trolls. ”Protect your client.” She shot back with as she took off towards the animal enclosure in a sprint. Her speed and agility were well noted. Leaping up onto a railing, she could see four frost trolls, two of which were fighting over a cow, the other two were already half way through some sheep. Balancing on the railing, she then leapt down doing a forward somersault. A loud cry erupting from her lips that was sure to get their attention all too late. The first Frost troll reared up, covered in sheeps blood, and she drove her sword right into it’s chest, and then tore the blade upwards – cutting it right open up to its neck. It shrieked horribly, dropping to its knees, while the others released their kills and moved in on the red witcher. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as she ran off into the darkness seeking out the frost trolls, she could handle herself he knew that for a fact. Turning back he walked towards Cali as he came to a stop just next to her left leg, glancing around the town they were used to the frost trolls in a town like this, no one really bothered they all knew what to do. Most men ventured to the local tavern in groups to make it slightly safer, the streets were lit with burning torches, fire was something frost trolls despised, it resembled light and fire of course, two things they were weak against. They would need to find a room to spend the night in for the night after Eryda was through playing with the trolls, he glanced up to Cali as he wondered just how long she could last without feeding, would she be hungry again it had been quite awhile since she last fed. “ After the masters are alerted to this, we venture to the mundane, be prepared for anything once we are there.” He turned his back to Cali as he peered around in the darkness keeping a look out, he could hear Eryda screaming out a warriors battle cry as he knew the fight was now in full force. A slight smirk chiseled its way across his face as he knew she would do him proud. : Vlad was sitting on his throne his eyes closed as the day turned to night, for the vampires who never slept this meant nothing. He was thinking.. planning his next move, but first he needed the formalities out of the way, to convene a council, put people in their proper titles such as commanders in the new army and to help run the kingdom, lastly he needed to choose a bride.. he could smell the sweet scent of the many females that roamed these halls, wearing clothing that only showed off and emphasized their features, as they seductively walked about while eyeing him off. They all wanted to be his bride, although female vampires were the dominate ones in the vampire race and the higher ranking of the sex’s he was their king and they needed to equally show him respect without making themselves look weak or less dominate than he, it was a chess game something that needed to either be done boldly or delicately and over time; who chose what path was up to each female. Although each female was.. as beautiful as the last, that was his problem they each were just as beautiful as each other. Although his own preferences were known throughout the kingdom, much like his blessings of silver. He was the strongest and tallest male vampire in the kingdom a true warrior, but the female he would want by his side.. was yet to show herself, he imagined her with black hair much like his own.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The closeness now between Cali and the Witcher had her finding herself almost salivating. It was hard to describe, let alone contain such a craving that she had for his life force – his essence. She could still see the stain from drops of blood that trailed along his bottom lip and she licked her only lips. If only…if only. The torchlight was the only light offered that night to ward off those lurking in the shadows. But with her shining green eyes, Cali could see perfectly well in the dark. Brought back to what he was saying when Xo mentioned the mundane village being their port of call after they deal with the council, she remembered that that was where her husband was. Some hideous mundane Queen had him her slave, and that was something she was going to fight to change. Staying seated on the Warg, Cali offered. ”We can start off again before dawn. Once your mate has finished dealing with the Frost trolls.” What she wanted to say or rather ask was how would his mate feel if she needed to feed off him in her presence. That was always in the back of her mind. In the distance, you could hear Eryda’s blood curdling war cry. A head rolled out from under one of the cattle yard fences, as she felled yet another Frost troll where he stood. The other two knew that if they continued to fight, she would end them as well, and so they both gave up their kills and fled off into the night. Her face bloody and her chest heaving from exertion, she sheathed her blade, and simply started to walk back towards where she had left Xo and the Blood Elf. No doubt she was going to need a bath. :: In the Vampire castle, word had spread of the rise of the new King, as the former Queen had made a hasty retreat after her declaration of war with the Witcher race. Now all the females of the court were passing the King’s throne, each more beautiful than the next. But one of the last to bring up the rear was a girl that was far different than all the others. She had skin like porcelain, eyes the reddest of red that were hued with a light grey sheen. Full lips and onxy coloured hair that flowed down and rested just above her ass. Taller than the rest, she walked with a refined air. A noble, there was no question about it, and one that would be ideal as a future bride of the new King. Her name…Xyira. <3>

IceTe3a: He heard the soft footsteps that had to be his wife Eryda as he turned around, watching as she came out of the darkness covered in blood and sweat with a simple smirk. He smiled as he walked up to greet her, grabbing her shin with his index finger and thumb he moved her face around as his yellow hues examined her fine skin, looking for any wounds that may have occurred, he was very protective of her and this was one of his ways of showing her he loved her. Reaching into his jacket with his free hand he pulled out a concoction of herbs in liquid form, something he always brewed up for Eryda to keep her fit and healing strong, since she didn’t have the same healing replenishment he did; his alchemy helped her healing and usually gave her a few vials before she left amongst teaching her basic herbology and alchemy. His thumb let go of her chin only to press against her bottom lip, pressing down on it her lips parted willingly as he poped the top of the vial “Drink this, darling. “ he said simply as he placed the open vial to her lips as he slowly tipped it into her mouth he watched with a slight smile of a lover. Waiting for her to finish drinking he closed the cap and placed it into his jacket once more, his thumb slipped from her lips as they bounced close, now taking her chin again he pulled her in slowly bringing her to a kiss as he kissed her with a loving passion for but a moment before pulling back “Well done “ he said as he turned to face the same way she was, his arm wrapped around her back as his fingers wrapped gently around her side. Leading her towards Cali he nodded towards the Tavern “Food some drink and find a room for the night, then we shall resupply and continue. Cali, go ahead into the Tavern I need to speak to Eryda alone for a moment” he said this while looking at Cali, as he waited for her to leave and enter the Tavern he turned to face his lover and smiled. “Cali.. needs to feed, She feeds on the magical life force of others. As you know my life force cannot be drained so easily.”he sighed slightly as his eyes met hers, he went silent for a moment “She’s feeding off mine, so she doesn’t kill others it’s for the best until the jobs done. “ he didn’t know how Eryda would take this, he only knew she could quite possibly be pissed that someone else was touching what was rightfully hers. : As they passed, he sat there listening to their feet tapping against the floor, he did not bother to open an eye to glance at any of them. He was waiting to see who would be brave enough, it was no secret he liked it rough, he liked his women to be beautiful and affectionate but dominating and rough at the same time, a rare thing to find in deed like the perfect blood flower. A scent hit his nose as he took it in, his eyes shot open as he glanced directly at one particular female for a moment, she was beautiful.. stunning even, taller than the rest of the females by far; her skin looked soft and delicate as her eyes had a look to them that could not be denied, he was examining her for but a second before he closed his eyes again. It was more than he gave to any other female before she had obviously sparked his interest for a moment, he couldn’t deny that she looked exactly like the female he would want, but looks were not everything to him as he leaned back into his chair the back of his head resting against the throne itself as each arm spread against the arm rest, he wanted a female that wasn’t afraid to inflict pain.. to dominate.. to love. He wanted more than someone who just wanted to improve their social status but that was a hard find, although the female vampires took quite easy to harming males, using them as their toys he wanted all that and more he wanted a female to claim him as hers and only want him. Soon he would have to retire from his throne and start working through other details that needed his attention.

CharlotteCarrendar:- With a welcoming gaze the red witcher stopped before her mate, and allowed him to administer the vial that would help replenish her after her battle with the Frost trolls. She closed her eyes, drinking down the last drop, till opening them and finding that her love had swept her into his arms and sealed the drink with a kiss. She kissed back just as fiercely, only to then be swung back in the direction of the Warg and of course the blood elf. The Blood elf had waited quietly, not really ready to try and engage in conversation with Eryda. She just didn’t feel it was her place. The couple walked back together – unified, and this made up for all the months that they were apart. Already in the back of Eryda’s mind she was planning how to spend their first night alone together, but as she thought this, Xo went to ask the Blood Elf to go off ahead, as he wished to speak to Eryda alone. Once the two had been left, Eryda looked at Xo quizzically, wondering what it was that he wanted to talk to her about without the Blood elf in ear shot. What he had to say had her jaw fall open. ”She feeds off you?” It seemed simply to incredulous to believe, till it was explained that it stopped her killing anything else along the way out of hunger. ”Forgive me, but…I really don’t like another woman…sinking her fangs into you, let alone touching you. It was bad enough that I thought Valencia had finally gotten her way.” Eryda broke free from his hold, as she turned her back for a moment. Normally she wouldn’t care, for she knew that his love for her was true but she had never come across this type of situation before. She didn’t doubt Xo’s fidelity, she simply didn’t like the idea of another woman getting ideas. Looking back over her shoulder, she had to ask. ”What if she becomes addicted to you? Hmm? Have you ever considered that?” It was a very good question. :: Xyria stopped before the King, and went into a low curtsey that showed off ample bosom that was strapped down beneath what was a Victorian styled gown. Sheer black cloth only accentuated the smooth curves of her form. ”M’lord.” her voice was rich and sultry, but had a rough edge to it. ”I am Xyria, a dark child with very strong tastes in the exotic.” The smile that appeared on her lips oozed sexuality and prowess. She could have any man that she so desired, and right now, she wanted the King. Boldly she took the steps up that led to the throne, and then circled the throne, like a black panther that stalked its prey. Her scent was unlike the others, leaving one light headed. She finally stopped at the side of the throne, and purred. ”Shall we play a game?” <3>

IceTe3a: A simple smile against his lips as he knew Eryda was jealous of the thought in another woman touching him, her question was well within reason as she turned her back to him. Walking up slowly to her, he wrapped his arms around her waist as he pulled her back in against his chest, his chin simply came to rest on her shoulder. He kept quiet for a moment as he thought about the question as he gave her a sideways glance “We will have to do better than that, re unite her with her husband and send them on their way before it happens.. he chuckled slightly as he gave her a light nudge “Kind of sounds like a challenge, suited for people of our skill, think we’re up for the challenge? It should prove dangerous… She will need to feed tonight. he smiled and kissed her neck giving her a light squeeze “I will organize her a separate room away from ours, allow her to feed and then, come back to you just in time for your bath. Go now get us a room and wait for me” He smiled as he led her into the tavern, giving Eryda a slap on the ass he left her on her on for a small while. He walked over to the counter and paid for two rooms on opposite ends of the building throwing Eryda the key to their room he smiled giving her a wink. As he turned he could see Cali in the far end, slowly he approached her, his fresh blood still dripping from his lip “Come I will show you to your room, and you need to feed” he took her by the arm and slowly lead her down the hall to her room, as he opened the door he placed the key on the side table by the door and walked straight in waiting for cali to walk through he was standing with his back to her in the middle of the room. : He could hear her footsteps as she came up and introduced herself as Xyria, he listened as she circled his throne, her scent was seductive and potent to capture the heart of any man. He did not show off that he was interested though as she continued to examine him, he wanted to see just what she was going to do. She had proposed to play a game, he did not want to come off easy or desperate as he waved her off “I am no child, go play games with the children if you must” he made it look like a denial but he wanted to see just how far she was willing to go.

CharlotteCarrendar; – Eryda simply hated the feelings of jealousy. The rise of what was like a nasty green goblin within her that she wanted desperately to swat away. But it had been months since she had spent but one night alone with him, and this was what she sought more than anything. His arms enveloping her, while resting his chin on her shoulder showed that he had the utmost respect and love for her. The key to stopping Cali getting addicted was to reunite her with her blood elf husband as soon as they could. That was the challenge. Eryda let out a sigh and then nodded in agreement, she was never one to shy from a task and this was how she needed to look at it. The Blood elf did not love her mate, she simply needed his essence the same way others needed food to live, air to breathe. She wrinkled up her nose, when Xo said he had to go and let Cali feed on him and that he would do it in a room that was as far from their own – on the other side of the tavern. Knowing that she was bloody and with torn clothing, she accepted that she needed to go and have a bath, and pushed off to do so, but only with Xo slapping her arse on the way. Eryda left him with a knowing smile, before ascending the stairs in the tavern to a room that would be perfect for their needs. A warm bath was just what the doctor ordered. Cali; who had been waiting for the Witcher saw the red Witcher go the opposite way to Xo and She was brought along by the arm to what would be her room. “Come I will show you to your room, and you need to feed” There was not mistaking the hunger she was feeling, and when he led her into her own room he stood in the middle of the room like he was waiting for her. Tentatively she shut the door behind her and crossed the floor. Her eyes sweeping over him till coming to his lip, that had the drop of rich blood. She didn’t mention the red witcher, or speak of her husband. She went up on her tip toes and kissed away the blood that was over his lips. A soft purr escaping as she let her lips trail down to his neck, her body heaving as the need grew stronger. A gasp and she began to feed at the spot between his shoulder and neck, her nails digging into his form. It wasn’t sexual, but it was damn close. :: Xyria smirked as the new King said he was not a child, and didn’t wish to play games. The black haired vampire ran her tongue across her top row of teeth and then was shocking. Xyria straddled him in his throne and ran her claws through his hair, making no mistake that she was ballsy enough to try such a move at the chance of rejection. ”I take no prisoners, M’lord…only toys. Not the kind for a child, either.” Her nails extended and he would feel them press into his scalp. <3>

IceTe3a: He waited as he heard Cali close the door behind her, the room went dark but he could still see as he heard her feet padding against the wood floor she circled round, his eyes glanced down to her as she came up and kissed his lips almost sucking on them, a brow arched as he knew if Eryda knew about this they would both be dead on the floor quick smart. She wasted no time as her teeth sunk into his neck just down near his shoulder, her lips pressed forcefully against his skin as he came down to a kneel to her will, he could feel her purring against his skin as she fed off him, he could feel his life essence seeping into her mouth as she sucked down with force. He allowed this to go on for awhile and wondered if she would be able to hold herself back, as time passed by he pressed his fingers against her shoulders“Enough cali? “ she had been feeding off him for some time and he wondered if she had her fill yet. : vlad heard what she said and arched a brow slightly as she came down to straddle his lap on the throne, his eyes opened slightly as he looked up at her, his eyes looking deeply into hers as her nails dug down into his scalp “Can you handle me though? Can you tame me? “ he smirked as his eyes almost dared her to, it went unnoticed but the other females slowly disappeared from the room leaving the two alone, Xyria had said she wanted him as her personal toy, but would she really? He wondered just how dominate she was and if she would even be able to utilize him for only her needs.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Cali fed so strongly that it brought Xo to his knees, unlike other times when he had simply stood and watched her. Only when he pressed his fingers to her shoulders and uttered if it was enough, she withdrew from him. Cali appeared almost groggy with the sheer amount of energy she had just consumed. Her lips parted and she breathed heavily through her mouth. ”I don’t know what came over me, Witcher.” It was true, the addiction had taken a firm hold of her being. She looked away timidly, and brought a hand up to her mouth as though trying to wipe it clean, like she had gorged herself. Looking about the room, she gathered herself, and then realized that the Red Witcher would be waiting for him. ”You should go. I will be ready to leave at first light.” Cali stood there and waited for the Witcher to take his leave. Meanwhile up the other end of the tavern, Eryda was peeling off her blooded and torn clothes, leaving a trail right up to the large wooden slat bath. Steam rose from the tepid water, and she reached up to tie back her hair so that it was no longer sitting on her shoulders. She threw one leg over and then the other, before sinking beneath the waters till it was up to her neck. The light sound of the water lapping the sides was the only thing heard, as Eryda was bathed in a simple candle light. The Red witcher reached for a bar of soap and then started to wash the stain of blood from her body, all the while missing her beloved, who was alone in a room with the Blood elf. :: Xyria stared straight into the new King’s eyes as he asked her but a simple question; could she tame him? A dare? Or a challenge? All the other women had left the chambers leaving the new King to explore this woman that had taken her place on his lap. ”Even the most deadly creature becomes putty in the hands of a skilled lover.” She extended her claws further and glanced behind her to see that they were indeed alone. ”Question is, can you sate my lust?” The words were edged a wicked tone. Xyria ripped back the King’s coat and shirt, exposing to her his chest. She sunk her claws into the soft flesh between his shoulders and chest and dragged them down as she licked at his lips. Toying with him. <3>

IceTe3a: As she got off him and came to a stand he could see a surprising feature across her face, she seemed to be in shock he could not help but to wonder why as he came to a stand himself, he ran his fingers against the spot where her lips were pursed against his skin feeling the bite marks as they slowly healed. It only took moments for his body to react and start to take care of itself, of course this would increase the scent of his magical essence in the room as his body was using it to repair what injury he had sustained. “I intend to, we will come for you at first light to gather supplies then be on our way, goodnight Cali” he said as he turned and headed for the door. Opening the door as he went through he left Cali alone to her thoughts whilst the door closed, stretching his neck slightly he walked across the hall and up the stairs towards his own room as he took note at the weary travelers who had come to find food and drink for the night, he had spent enough time away from his wife and didn’t bother wasting time as he quietly came to the door with a slight smirk he opened it without a sound. Coming into the room he closed it just as quietly, noticing Eryda had just slipped into the bath he smiled, taking off his shirt and weaponry as it laid down on the table without a sound he was now shirtless creeping up to her back as she laid there. Slowly he descended onto his knees directly behind her as he kissed her neck gently whilst his hands ran down her shoulders slowly looping around bringing her into a cuddle “I am yours once more my love” : He felt as her nails grew further they dug down into his scalp as they slowly coursed through his hair, a slight smile of amusement as their eyes were looking into each others, . ”Even the most deadly creature becomes putty in the hands of a skilled lover.” she rebutted as a slight chuckle escaped his lips, “Perhaps, a skilled lover and a dominate master.. Pain is pleasure they both work as equal wouldn’t you say? he could feel her weight pressing down on his lap as she sat there straddling him, her eyes examining his form as her claws sunk down into his shoulders slowly they dragged down onto his bare chest grazing the skin they passed over ”Question is, can you sate my lust?” a simple smile as his lips parted “I wouldn’t be who I was if I could not do that and more.. There is only one way to find out isn’t there my dear?”he just tempted her to utilize him, treat him like an object of hers as that is all males were to the females of their race. His eyes wondering up and down her form as he wondered if she could be the one, the only female he would need to feed his every needs which in turn was the needs of the female, it was common that the king or queen would take more than one to fill their needs but on occasion they were lucky enough to find that single one that met their every desire, but was she able to?

CharlotteCarrendar: – Left alone in her room, Cali looked away from the door that the Witcher had just gone through. He had been polite to her after she had fed, and not made light of the fact that she sensed that perhaps her actions had gone too far. Cali couldn’t possibly imagine what would happen if her desire to feed became so great that she lost herself in a terrible frenzy. It had not ever happened to her before, but she knew of those that had such sore addictions it drove them crazy not to get their fill. Slowly, Cali sat herself down on her bunk. She brought her fingers up to her lips, where she could still feel the sensation of warmth from the Witcher’s body. The blood elf knew she would have to find her husband and fast…leaving this place behind and hunt on the plentiful beings in her own world. To stay too long here, she endangered everything. :: The light splash of water was heard as Eryda washed herself down with the soap covered sponge. Dabbing lightly, and her back to the door, she did not hear her husband enter silently. Only when he draped his arms around her and kissed her neck, did she show a smile. At last, time alone for the pair. Xo said he was hers once more, and she didn’t doubt it for a second. Turning in the bath so that the pair were facing each other. Her eyes trailed down his neck, and she saw the remains of what was the blood elf’s fang marks into his skin. Eryda had to fight back her feelings of jealousy once more, and so she brushed her lips to that of her husband’s. ”Show me you are mine.” she whispered in a husky voice. It was not just a request. :: The Vampire maiden with hair the darkest onyx had toyed with the new King. Long deep scratches now graced his flesh, and her fingers danced across these same scratches till she zeroed in on her future lover. Her head tilted back slightly, and the long white ivory dog teeth extended beyond her crimson lips. She seized the back of the Vampire King’s head and tore his scalp to the left, exposing his neck for her delight. A wild cry and she sunk her own fangs deep into his supple skin – piercing the flesh and she gripped his arm with her free hand, whilst feasting on him with a wicked sense of rough play. <3>

IceTe3a: He smiled as he watched Eryda flip around in the bath so she was laying on her stomach and facing him, he smirked as she asked him to prove he was really hers, he didn’t need her to say it twice as his arms linked behind her neck gently, leaning in his lips met hers with passion as he held the kiss, his right hand sliding down to cup her cheek for the briefest of moments. Pulling back slightly he looked down and smiled “If you miss me that much, you should never leave” he laughed playfully as he knew she was a free spirit and truly loved him but her work was her work and she went where it took her, regardless if it led her away from him. It was no lie he did prefer her to travel with him and would much rather her to always be by his side but this was not always the case. Gripping her shoulders softly he flipped her onto her back as he kicked his shoes off, stepping in the bath he sat on the edge as his legs were inside, he leaned her in against his legs as he took up the sponge and soap slowly he rubbed it over her body as his hand explored her whilst cleaning, he started with her chest as he leaned down and kissed her neck with a soft peck. “ Do you plan to stay for good this time and find work together?” he smiled as he knew it was on the cards for them to permanently stay together at one stage. : He watched as she leaned back slightly her long white teeth extended past her lips as his head was ripped to the side exposing his neck, soon came the pinch from her teeth biting down in his neck as he gasped slightly, he could feel her slowly drinking from him as her hand gripped down against his arm, his blood would have a powerful flow about it, something rare in the vampire men as he was the strongest of them all to date. His arms wrapped around her as he took her in closer to his body, this was a gesture of acceptance, he had chosen his bride. It would be officially sealed later but for now the two have expressed their interest in each other, and both had accepted to spend their eternal life with each other, him as her personal toy and object. This was all a part of Vlad’s plan as it was the first step in securing his title to the throne next he would have to give out titles and positions in the kingdom to those worthy to keep it running, it would be a long few weeks before the kingdom was like its former glory back before the vampire wars.

CharlotteCarrendar; – That first kiss. Such raw passion displayed was just what Eryda needed from Xo. This was proof without a doubt. It was like he was claiming her all over again, and thoughts of the Blood elf soon faded into nothingness. To see his smile, and then tell her that she should never leave him, brought a slight shrug of the shoulders. Eryda had only ever known the life of a loner and up till now it had suited her. Meeting up with her lover on brief occasions like this, then going their separate ways to where they are needed. Kings and nobles with money to spare that needed the expertise of a Witcher to deal and do what no one else would. But nights were often lonely ones and Eryda never took another man to lay with her out of need. This is what made their meetings so good. Sharing what little time they had together made it all the more romantic. Eryda allowed him to move her so that when he entered the bath she would be laying with her back to his chest. This enabled him to massage and wash her cares away. Thinking for a moment, Eryda offered. ”I have a feeling you need me more than ever with all that has come to pass in my absence. The Council will not be pleased, and then of course there is the war…and returning the Blood elf to her husband. I know I will be happy to see the back of her.” Was that another touch of jealousy? Eryda couldn’t help it. She turned her head so she could see the Witcher’s face. ”Maybe it is time, I came home for good.” That was her way of saying yes, that she would work with him and travel wherever he would go. :: The feeding frenzy from the black haired Vampire maiden was more than enough to prove that she was worthy to be the new King’s mate. She drew her head back and then gripped the sides of his face, kissing him hungrily, all the while writhing upon his lap. Taking all she could from his body in a show of unbridled lust. Her cries of passion filling the empty hall as she used him and well. His arms wrapping around her only confirmed this fact. Breaking the kiss, her eyes dilated and blood staining her lips and chin, she softened slightly. ”I am yours…as you are mine.” <3>

IceTe3a: -He smiled finally hearing that she was willing to stay by his side for good, each night they were apart he was in constant worry, never fully knowing if they would be reunited. A sigh of relief as his free hand started to massage the knots in her body allowing her muscles to relax once more. Slowly he would wash her body all over until she was clean, dropping the sponge into the water he went to work on her body giving it a deep and strong massage to allow her to relax, reaching over the side with one hand he pulled out a purple liquid filled vial, popping it he allowed 3 drops to hit the water as it was a potent mixture of flowers mainly lavender which was rare and unknown to most, it would give off a strong relaxing scent to help relax the body, calm the steel like nerves as well as heal the body from any wounds she may have within the warm waters. He always had a vial made up but only ever used it when they were together, kings and queens have paid handsomely for even a single vial of this was worth a kings ransom, he was the only one who knew how to make it and where to get the required ingredients “ I’m glad to hear you say that love, It takes worrying off my mind and only shows more room for love. Please relax and allow me to work your tolling work out of your body” slowly but surely he massaged each muscle on her body skillfully, having learned all the proper pressure pads on one’s body was key as it helped with the healing process as well Eryda seemed to enjoy it. He smiled as he wrapped his arms around her waist and started working on her legs whilst his chin laid upon her shoulder. : He felt her pull back as he smiled looking up at her, she kissed him with a fierce passion to show her delight in her new toy and new found title. Leaning back she advised that they were each others, he nodded in agreement as he smiled “We have a lot of work to bring our race and kingdom up to its former glory my darling, I wish you by my side for each step and each decision” He just told her that he indeed wanted her by his side and furthermore her hand in raising their race to its former glory and then some, such power given to the bride of the king was a rarity but that is how Vlad was, as long as she could satisfy his needs to be utilized as such an object.. her object and she stayed faithful to him only; he would be more than happy to entice her with more stature and please her beyond her wildest dreams.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The subtle fragrances rose with the steam as the vials did their work to make this bath all the more relaxing and tranquil. Eryda could feel the delight and release of tension from her body, which at times was weary from all the battles and fights that she got into. The red haired witcher’s lips parted as she released soft sighs. His hands feeling for her pressure points and knowing just where to rub and where to be gentle. Xo was more than skilled. Years of learning, had meant that he could provide well for any woman he did so chose, and there was no one above Eryda. There was nothing to the pair could not accomplish together. Eryda bowed her head as she felt the press of Xo’s chin on her shoulder, his hands working her thighs thoroughly. ”I’d forgotten how good this feels.’ Her voice; almost breathless at his touch. The love that he exuded from his gentle ways only reinforcing her love for him. Eryda brought her hand up from the water, and cupped it to Xo’s cheek. A rare display of affection that she afforded no other man. Would they get much sleep this night? That remained to be seen. For now they simply enjoyed each other’s touch and the intimacy from being alone. :: Xyria had passed the test to show her dominance towards the King. A display that meant she was fit to rule alongside him. But there was much to be done. The former Queen had done a great deal of damage, and soon it may come to pass that a war would be waged. Xyria was unafraid. Still straddling his lap, and running her slender fingers along his face she answered his call. ”Our race will rise to greatness, and all who doubted us shall be put to shame.” <3>

IceTe3a: Feeling the soft touch of her hand cupping against his cheek made his skin shiver as he rubbed his cheek against her open palm slowly as he enjoyed her touch, his fingers slowly dragged up her legs and came to rest on her stomach as he worked the pressure pads on her stomach, making sure to be firm but gentle. [b] “ You’ve been gone for far too long, I make sure you’re in perfect shape before I let you leave anywhere” he smiled lightly as he kissed her fingertips, it was true he sometimes made excuses to force her to stay in his company for a day or two longer until he knew she was fully recovered, even if she never realized it. “ I believe the masters will be pleased that you’ve chosen to stay with me from now on, we have a lot of work on our hands between reuniting the lost love of Cali and her husband and finding the Vampire queen and dealing with her and her army.” he smiles knowing the days ahead would be long and hard but they will be together which will make it all worthwhile. He continued to work her body with his fingers making sure to massage each muscle into relaxing, this was something he only ever did for her a more personal gesture than something he’d commonly use freely on anyone. The night was getting late as they had spent a great deal of time in the water, it was now slightly warm as he chuckled. ” time always seems to fly whilst I am with you” he got out of the bath soaking wet as he walked over and picked up a drying cloth, walking back to the tub he stood there waiting for Eryda to climb out so he may dry her down. : “Indeed it will, we need to make sure the witchers treaty with our race stays true. “he smiled as he looked up into her eyes, her skin rubbing against him almost drove him crazy as he knew she was now his and his alone. Knowing full well of what work would be needed to be done just to get the kingdom up and running again, he pressed his fingers to her lips gently as he ran them across tracing the outline “Where do you suggest we start my dear? “ His eyes watching hers with deep love for her, a bond like this is not something that came easy as to pick a life partner for eternity was a rare sight but it was common, the rarity of it working out for eternity was the hard part, although he could not see any issue with having Xyria by his side for eternity, her beauty was unrivalled none could stand in her shadow let alone by her side although he had never seen her before.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rising up from the now cooling waters, the droplets ran down Eryda’s bare skin and there was a subtle sound as she stepped out of the bath and into the towel, that Xo had waiting for her. She treasured his affection, and he made her feel truly blessed. No other would receive such attentions and this made her smile all the more. Feeling his large calloused hands rub the towel over her body, she felt totally unashamed in her nakedness. The soft light of the candles illuminated the pair as the stood facing each other. Xo spoke of how he would ensure that she was in perfect health and shape for when she ever did leave. Perhaps she needed to reinforce what she had already agreed too. With her soft hues gazing up at him, she made her vow true. ”I say it here and now, I’m not leaving you again. No amount of gold, or treasure….no adventure is greater than the journey I take this night with you.” Eryda slowly took the drying cloth, and now it was her turn to do the honor of drying his body. Gently her hands moved, working to dry each and every inch of his body. Praising him almost. When at last they were dry, she draped the towel on a chair, and then took his hand. Leading him to the bed, she gestured for him to lay. When he had done so, she crawled into bed, and her body half covered his own. Skin to skin, beneath a wool cover; Eryda’s hands danced across his chest and down his side. Fingers strumming, while she stole kisses that ran from his neck to his chin. She would make him remember this night, the reunion of the Witchers. The morning would be the start of the new adventure but for now she just wanted him to herself. :: Xyria rose from the King’s lap and her dress flowed down to the floor as she stood before her King. Hand extended for him to take and rise himself. So much was to be done now, and the people, the vampires of the Kingdom needed reassurance that the new King and his chosen could lead them to greatness. Xyria had stood out from all the other women of the court. Unlike her predecessor, she had no interest at all in the likes of the Witcher. She wanted a man to dominate, and found that in the new King. ”Let us show the Kingdom, the future of the Monarchy.” <3>

IceTe3a: Watching as she slowly dried his body, he stood there naked in form though it hardly fazed him, it allowed her to see all his old scarring and his new scars from battle a symbol of his skills no doubt. He heard her promise to him that there was nothing in the world that could drag her away from his side anymore, she now preferred to be with him as he smiled, he was happy with her decision and knew it was hers fully as he’d never force her against her will. As she lead him towards the bed he laid down on his back, his hues watching her as she came to lay ontop her fingers working their way against his skin as he shivers in kind, feeling her lips press to his for a brief moment before she started to kiss down his neck, his arms wrapping around her as he knew she was showing her appreciation towards him. He was happy to have her by his side and still in love with him, that was more than he could ask for. He leans in and kisses her with passion as his fingers slowly trace her back muscles, “ Darling, your presence will always make me happy and be more than enough for me” his fingers grasp under her chin as he kisses her again with a strong passion almost forcing their lips against each other, a slight smirk as his teeth nip against her bottom lips playfully. “ Perhaps now I can protect you and keep you from harm “ giving her a cheeky wink as he knew she could more than easily handle herself in any battle. : Watching as she came to stand in front of him, he almost missed the feeling of her weight against him as he felt her fingers slide from him only to ask for him to rise with her, he accepted the gesture and rose to come standing behind her, their bodies pressed together as he stood taller than she was. She wanted to take a stroll through the town to allow the towns people to see their new king and queen? He smiled at the gesture and nodded “A casual stroll would be good” he smiled gently as he walked to her side, gently he took her hand and guided her out of the castle towards the town. People would cheer or bow in respect for their new king and queen, it would be obvious that he had chosen her as his bride. It would become lawfully official later once time allowed it but for now for them it was already official .

CharlotteCarrendar: – A wry smile came to Eryda’s lips when told that now Xo would be able to protect and keep her from harm. It had been a long time since a man offered to do that for her. She let out a light giggle, and moved to be on top of him completely, and then posed a cheeky question. ”Who is going to protect you from me?’ This was sealed with a lover’s kiss, as in the background the candles were now burning low, with wax dripping to form puddles on the floor. This was when the couple would unite properly, making love beneath the warm covers, their bodies the perfect fit to the other. :; With Xyria and Vlad leaving the main audience chamber to the warmth of the gathered crowd, Vlad could be pleased with the acceptance of Xyria so readily. She may have proved to him to be worthy, but she was yet to do so publicly. :; In a land a good two days ride away, in a run down castle that had been abandoned by its host, the former Queen was screaming and plotting her revenge, as a healer tried to work on her scarred flesh. She pushed the girl away and a bowl of foul smelling ointment hit the floor, sizzling on the stone tile. ”I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE ON THE WITCHER…AND ALL HE CARES FOR!….THIS IS NOT OVER…THIS IS NOT OVER!!!” <3>


Downtown Haven – Aeternam Venustas (RP) – TRC


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Downtown Haven
Downtown Haven is the main part of the city where people go about their day to day lives.
Whether it’s work or play, you can find just about anything in this area.
At the west end, you can find the warehouse district. To the east, you have the low income housing district.
To the north and south are the clubs, businesses and shopping areas.
Please state the location of your character at the beginning of your post.



2 days ago

Warehouse District

-she was alone, had been for awhile. Shade sat curled on the ground beside a dumpster. Watching the street bums, gang of delinquents, and foolish passer byers that thought it be ok to walk through the warehouse district of Haven at night. Not many glanced in her direction, they were wise not to. For those who knew Sadie “Shade” McBride, knew that you didn’t mess with her, you didn’t go near her, and at all costs don’t make eye contact with her. Short curly brown hair and amber colored eyes, she was a girl that was just to thin, just to frail looking. Some assumed she was on some massive kinds of drugs, but never had she touched the stuff in her life. She was just that way you know, her lot in life to be the scrawny bastard of a lousy Alpha who couldn’t keep his pack together much less alive for very long. A lone wolf pushed into the solitary life and not by choice but by stupid decisions and fate.

Beside her, a black and white terrier mutt laid on the ground quiet at the moment and tethered to his masters wrist by means of a ragged rope to a thoughtfully stolen dog collar. Her sweet dog and only ‘pack mate’ and she would tear out the throat of anyone that tried to take the beast from her, the leash was only recently a knew addition, because humans had an issue with roaming loyal pets.

Glancing up her eye narrowed in on one man who was walking with some determination glancing down at his watch, his very nice watch, he seemed like he was in a hurry. She wasn’t the only one watching him, she easily spotted some of the wanna-be-gansters eying the man. No one made a move and they were smart to.

Shade stood up rolling her neck she crossed the road her dog at her heels she checked the road once, twice, then crossed making a beeline for the man. Timing it perfectly the man walked right into her, her hands slipped through his coat like lightning just as she was falling backwards slipping the wallet she had just stolen into the sleeve of her coat. She had even cried out in shock for added effect.

What they hell man!” she cried and leaned forward rubbing her ass where she had landed. Her dog began a repartition of rapid barking at the man.

The man grumbled apologies and offered to help her up, weary of the dog as he was. she swatted his hand to the side and stood on her own, “fuck off, watch where your walking next time!” she snapped at him and slide her hands into her pocket, letting the wallet slide into her coat pocket.

Once down the darkened ally and she was sure she was far enough to where his human eyes couldn’t see her, she smiled, “come on.” she said to her dog and together they jogged down the maze of alleyways…making sure they wouldn’t be so easily caught if the man ever found out.

2 days ago


Old cars that no longer were even registered lined the roads, along with trash cans that were overflowing.  Kids ran out and played on the streets and the singing of some Momma who was hanging out her laundry created a feeling that though this was the rough end of town, that life went on.  A daily struggle for many, but to others this was all they knew.  Pimps, pick pockets and prostitutes.  The three P’s.  Gangs were rife and murders..well, they were so regular now that no one seemed to care.  The wail of a siren, the blaring of a fire truck….the echo of another ambulance.  The air was rich with smog and exhaust fumes, mixed in with some home cooking.  It was the Down Town.  Way…down town.

Walking along and kicking a can, we have Skull, a regular kid of these parts.  Skin tight jeans, sneakers, ripped t and hoody.  He didn’t wear colours, cause he was part of no gang.  He was a loner.  Liked his own company, but was ready with a knife if he had to fight for his life.  Knives against guns are often a death in the making, but Skull had speed, and agility.  Not to mention, he was a cool dude.  Never phased and death didn’t scare him.

Minding his own, he happened to see a well to do get into a jam with a slight of a girl and her rope tied mutt.  Watching with a raised brow, he saw the trick.  Watched her hand move slyly into the guy’s coat.  Oldest trick in the book.  Bemused at her antics, and her language to the hapless guy who just got ripped of his wallet, Skull decided to follow the young miss.  He was bored, and she could prove to be the day’s entertainment.

Jogging across the street he followed her down the dark maze of alleys which he knew like the back of his hand.   He whistled as he walked along.  Then leapt up onto an old car body and did a MJ move, complete with crotch grab.  If that didn’t get her attention….nothing would



2 days ago

Warehouse District

-Shade had sensed someone following her, but she didn’t pay much attention to the tail. If they were smart they would eventually get the hint, or someone good Samaritan would tell them, they were in for a world of hurt if they didn’t stop right now. Seems like that wasn’t going to happen.

Whatever she didn’t care, she stopped walking and turned to lean on a brick wall, wearing torn up and dirty jeans, the tares ran all the way up to her hip line to show the pretty pink panties peaking beneath. Her shirt was what was left of a Billy Idol T she scooped off someone’s cloths line…it looked nice, so she took it. Course now all you could see was the name scribbled across the top and some hair, she at some point got into a knife fight with a idiot and lost most of the shirt to blood and tares. As for her coat, it was fairly new, she took it from a gang bitch, tore off the gang members lettering afterward, though she thought that sort of gang marking died off years ago, whatever it worked for her needs.

She pulled out the wallet and flipped it open, strumming through the wallet she discovered that the man didn’t have any cash on him, all he had was cards.

Fuck!” she snapped and kicked the nearest trash pile, disturbing a few rats that scurried across the ground, her dog had to make his displeasure known to, as he started a serious of barking at them.

Just at that moment though, she heard a loud thump of something hitting metal and the loud shout of “Hey!

Turning her amber gaze on the youth that so foolishly called on her, she had a feeling it had been him that had been tailing her. Well he had her attention now, and she wasn’t to happy to see him grabbing his crotch at her either.

Can I help you,” she shouted back, the dog really started barking then.

Glancing down she snapped her finger at her dog, “Hercules…shut it,” she snapped, the dog whined and laid down, going quiet.

You must not be to bright if you decided to follow me,” she said, a feral grin spreading across her face.-

2 days ago

Warehouse District.



Skull found the girl’s demeanor to be amusing.  Telling him that he wasn’t too bright to be following her.  That was a laugh.  Skull leapt down off the car and landed with a grace that was unmistakable.  He reached up and rubbed under his chin thoughtfully, before saying;

“Well expecting there to be cash in a wallet from a guy like that, down in the hood?  Err…heh, I ain’t the one that is stupid.”

He sauntered over, getting closer to her and asked with a bemused expression;  “It was full of cards, right?”  Skull knew that it would be, and winked at the sassy street girl just to add insult to injury.  “Who in their right mind carries wads of cash, unless they just got a big win at the races?  And we are far far from that.”  

Skull looked down at the dog on the rope lead and bared his fangs at him.  Showing he was much more of an animal than the mutt.  “Grrrr…ruff ruff!”  He barked, before flicking back his hoodie and revealing a shock of black hair.  To get a better look at him, you could see that he had the most unusual eyes and the angle of his face.  It wasn’t round, or curved.  More pointed and angular.  He checked out the girl again, and even leaned in to sniff her.

“Ever heard of having a bath?”

Oh what a shocker.


3 hours ago

Warehouse District

-Well expecting there to be cash in a wallet from a guy like that, down in the hood?  Err…heh, I ain’t the one that is stupid.” he said back to her after he jumped down from the top of the car.

Shade pushed off the wall and stood up with a legs braced slightly a part, narrowing her gaze as he continued talking to her.  It was full of cards, right? he said to her, and had the balls to wink at her like it was some kind of inside joke. Who in their right mind carries wads of cash, unless they just got a big win at the races?  And we are far far from that.”  

So what if it was just cards, some people are stupid, I’d have been more stupid if I hadn’t taken the chance…and he just happen to be loaded,” she snorted. He growled at her dog and her amber gaze zeroed in on the fangs in his mouth, her nose twitched, instinct telling her not all was as it appeared.

He threw back the hood of his hoodie revealing black hair a face that was clearly not as young as she had assumed he would be, as most in the area were wanna-be punks. No he was older though she couldn’t pinpoint the exact age. He also had unnsual eyes and as he drew closer to her he started sniffing.

She made a face, one between shock and a sneer, Ever heard of having a bath? he said.

Shade reared back her fist and swung at his face, her intention was to leave a permanent print on his face with her pretty rings, stolen, but pretty, “fuck off!!“-

6 minutes ago

Warehouse District.


Skull was street wise, savvy and great to have in a fight.  Sure, he was giving this girl a hard time, and why not?  She looked like she could take it.  Course, he had to go and make the disrespectful comment about whether she knew what a bath was or using one.  The girl reacted angrily and swiftly, but Skull was quick.  He could see that she was going for a punch, the way she drew her arm back.  Oh this was going to hurt… of them.  With lightning reflexes that came from his own race, his left hand shot out and gripped her right wrist, while his right hand came up from underneath and aimed to smack hard against her elbow.  While being in the grip of his left hand, this would incapacitate her well and truly.  Also bring them real close.  Snickering as he had her right where he wanted her, he turned his left hand to check her pretty rings, which would have made quite the marking on his face.

“You steal these too?  Don’t look like you could afford such pretty things.  Unless you got a sugar daddy.”

Skull sniffed her again now they were in close proximity.  His head cocked to the right slightly and he whispered with a dark tone;  “Now, I am going to let you go…but you gotta cool your jets, or we are going to get down and dirty.  I may not like to smack a girl, but I will lay you on your ass.”


The Marulos – Aeternam Venustas (RP) – TRC.


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Welcome to the home of The Marulos, one of the richest families to ever come out of Europe. The estate covers a very large area as not only Count Virgo Marulo and his wife, Elvira and their 4 children live here, but they also house Virgo’s entire werewolf pack. There is also a smaller house on the grounds of the estate where their only son, Damion lives with his Alpha mate, Sam Malone (who built both the mansion for The Marulos and the smaller house for himself and Damion).

Clan Name:
Lupus Sarcina

Virgo Marulo

Elvira Marulo
(A succubus demon, but the acknowledged Beta of the pack)

Next in Line:
Dominique Marulo (their eldest daughter)

Clan Motto:
“Integer ante omnes”
(Translation: “Family Before All Others”)

Clan Size:
About 300 werewolves

A day ago

Pool area, Marulo Estate.


The day was a truly warm one, as the summer sun beat down on the pool area that was at the back of the newly built Marulo estate.  Doing laps for the past hour, Virgo was freestyling back and forth, much like an Olympic swimmer, with precision as he went through the tumble turns and back again.  The water glistened as it lapped the sides of the pool where Gerald stood faithfully – towel at the ready.  Finally Virgo made the last sweeping turn and came back to touch the other end, pleased to having had a good work out.  He flipped back his hair, as he swam to the side of the pool and clamboured out.  Dripping onto the granite tiled flooring, Gerald was at the ready and handed Virgo his towel.  Wearing only small speedos, he was typical of his race – packing those speedos like no one’s business.

“Thanks Gerald.  Elvira up yet?”  He quizzed, wondering if his wife was enjoying her lie in.  With the kids now grown they had more time for each other, but Virgo still had his morning rituals and in summer, the day started with a swim.

“No Sir, I believe Sally is checking in on her now.”  Gerald had been with the family as long as could be remembered.  A proud and valued member of the Pack, he served his Master and Lord faithfully and flawlessly all this time.  Virgo gave Gerald a wolfish grin, as he contemplated going up to their master suite and shaking down the excess water on her while she slept.  Gerald knew that wicked glimmer and chuckled.  “I know that look Sir.  Sally would have your hide tanned, regardless of her place.”  


Virgo let out a roar of laughter and slapped Gerald’s back.  “A man can dream…can’t he?”  

Together the two walked towards the patio entrance, where another staffer was ready with yet another towel.  Virgo took it with a wink and wrapped it around himself.  He had a tight schedule that day and already was famished for breakfast.  No doubt Cookie would need to have her wits about her.


“I could eat a horse.”  Virgo stated, rubbing the towel on his head.

“Which one, Sir?” Gerald asked with a bemused expression.

“Yours if you’re not careful.”  

Again the two men laughed, but Virgo then looked serious.  He really was hungry.


A day ago

Family Dining Room

As Virgo was going for his morning swim, his long-time wife and mate, Elvira was in fact sitting at the dining room table, enjoying a cup of coffee and a bagel with cream cheese. Some would be shocked by this as Elvira was a born and bred English woman who lived and died by a great cup of tea. But after a business trip to the Americas with her husband, she had discovered the joy that is Starbucks and had become a convert.

She was also a woman who had become enamored of the current styles of American dress. Her old Victorian-style dresses made way for more modern lines, such as knee-length figure-hugging skirts and tight tops that exposed a nice amount of cleavage. Even her husband loved those types of clothes on her and he did everything possible to try and get her out of them, much to her everlasting amusement.


Sally wandered in from the kitchen, a coffee pot cradled carefully in her hands. She leaned in to refill Elvira’s cup as the latter was reading the newspaper. Elvira glanced up briefly with a smile.

“Thank you, Sally.”

“Mhm.” Sally stated, sounding distracted. Elvira looked at her long-time servant over the top of the paper, one eyebrow arched in question.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Sally muttered.

“Sally, how long have you been my servant?”

“Hmm…a couple of centuries now.”

“I can tell when something is bothering you. Spill.” Elvira pointed to a chair, indicating Sally should sit.

“I miss the girls.” Sally stated after a lengthy silence.

“Athena and Dominique?”


“I miss them, too.” Elvira sighed.

“Have you heard from them?”

“Athena is with her troupe in Russia and Dominique is in Japan. From what she told me when she called the other night, her latest single has gone Platinum.”

“Did you ever imagine she would be so popular with her music?”

“She was a singer in a burlesque club, for Hell’s sake!” Elvira chuckled. “I never thought her voice would get her this far.”

“Neither did I. And Athena…she’s amazing.” Sally sighed.

“All my girls are amazing. It’s hard to play favorites with them.”

“And you shouldn’t have to.” Sally smiled, getting to her feet. There was the sound of male voices coming nearer and both women turned toward the open doors to see Gerald and Virgo talking animatedly between them. Elvira felt her mouth go dry as she looked over her husband’s well-toned physique. The centuries had been VERY kind to her mate. There wasn’t an anounce of fat on him and he looked very enticing in his choice of swimwear. Even her succubus sat up and took notice. The man never failed to make her melt like butter, no matter what he did or wore.

Sally must have noticed the look on Elvira’s face for she swiftly jabbed her mistress in the shoulder with her elbow. Elvira whipped her head around to glare at her, wondering why she did that.

“You’ve got a bit of drool on your chin.” Sally chuckled before she headed back into the kitchen. Embarassed, Elvira grabbed a napkin to wipe her face before she dived behind the newspaper. It would only server her right if her husband had heard Sally’s remarks.

20 hours ago

Dining Room – Marulo Estate


The sound of voices coming from the dining room, along with the subtle smells of a good morning breakfast had Virgo turn sharply towards the Dining room.  He could see Sally and his adored wife Elvira deep in conversation.  Course, he was still fresh out of the pool, with just a towel around his waist and one in his hand that he used to dry his hair.  Virgo was actually surprised that his beautiful wife was out of bed.  Tossing the wet towel over his shoulder to one of the staffers, he sauntered in, bare chested and still glistening in places.

“Good morning, Ladies.”

Virgo made a bee line for the delicious spread, while Cookie came in with a tray covered plate of bacon.  She gasped as she saw the near naked Count hovering over the danishes.  “Sir!”  Cookie said abrubtly, the tray in her hand shaking.  Virgo looked up, slightly amused and then took the tray from her trembling hands.  Had the woman not seen a man fresh out of the pool before.  “I’ll take that off your hands, Cookie.” Gerald couldn’t hide his smile if he tried as the poor woman huffed and then didn’t know where to look.  “Oh my!”  Cookie blustered, while Gerald coughed loud enough with his curled fist near covering his mouth.  Virgo glanced over at him and raised a brow.  “Shouldn’t you get dressed, Sir?’  Gerald asked, as a flushed faced Cookie went back to the kitchen empty handed.  Virgo looked down at his wet towel around his waist, and then tore it off, leaving only the speedos on.  He tossed the second towel to the nearest staffer and then looked back at Gerald and asked;  “Better?”  

Gerald rolled his eyes, as Virgo took a piece of bacon, and took a bite.  He then wandered over to his wife, who was sitting so daintly in her chair at the table.  Grinning at Sally, he then rubbed his bulge against the back of the chair that Elvira was sitting in, and chortled.  “Elvira loves it.”  He bent down and nipped at her neck, his breath ripe with the scent of cooked bacon.  Knowing that this was likely to cause a scandal he then grabbed the nearest paper, and went upstairs to get dressed for the day, leaving the rest of those in the room to discuss the morning’s news.  From the stairs Virgo sung out;

“Love you, hunny!”

All these years, and Virgo was still as cheeky as when they first met.


Coming back down a good ten minutes later, Virgo was dressed in a day suit in black, with matching shoes and a white shirt, with black tie.  He had a business meeting that morning, and having showered and looking presentable, he was ready to join Elvira for breakfast.  Taking a seat beside her, he reached for the coffee pot and poured himself a cup.  Blowing on the steaming brew, he asked his beloved;

“Heard from the kids?”


16 hours ago

Dining Room

Cookie came in with the tray of bacon she’d been dishing up when she stopped dead in her tracks upon seeing Virgo. The woman, after centuries of being their cook had never gotten used to Virgo’s overt displays of sexuality and today was no exception. The woman was simply scandalized and didn’t know where to turn her gaze.

Virgo, as was his usual, took no notice, even going so far as to take off the towel around his waist and tossing it to Gerald. Elvira nearly swallowed her tongue.

“That is definitely NOT better!” she sent to him through their thoughts.

With a grin, he sauntered up behind her, rubbing his lower body against her back and she had to clamp down tight on the urge to turn in her seat and take him into her mouth then and there. Succubus by nature, it was a struggle not to try and shock the watching staff, although they had done that on more then one occasion over the years.

“Tease!” She snarled as he turned and headed to their room to dress for the day.

He laughed as he left the room, calling out to her as he did. “Love you, hunny!”

“Love you, too.” she giggled.

“He will never change.” Gerald chuckled, shaking his head as bent to kiss Sally on the cheek.

“Do you really expect him to?” Elvira wondered.

“Our lives would be boring if he did.”


Virgo came back down ten minutes later, dressed immaculately in a three-piece business suit. He had taken to the current men’s fashions like a child in a candy store and had a whole closet in their room with just these types of suits.

He sat beside her, pouring himself a cup of coffee. He made it to his own specifications before looking at his wife beside him.

“Heard from the kids?”

“Mhm. Dominique called me last night. She’s in Japan at the moment. She tells me the tour is doing really well but she’s feeling a bit homesick. According to her schedule, she has one more date in Italy then she’ll be coming home for the US leg of her tour. After I ended the call with her, I got a text message from Athena. She’s really enjoying Russia.” She sighed, thinking about her two girls. She missed them when they weren’t home with her. Elvira was definitely feeling Empty Nest Syndrome. With Damion and Sam living in their own home (even if it was on the estate) and Artemis working daily at the factory…She sighed again. She needed to find something to do before she went stir-crazy.

16 hours ago

Dining Room – Marulo Estate.


As always, Virgo was delighted to get news about the children. Long time grown, they had made names for themselves, in entertainment and business which made Virgo a very proud man.  The only down side to this, was that they were so far from home.  The Alpha knew that his wife pined for the children, as they were the true light in her life.  While having two of them close, such as Damion and Artemis; they had some social interaction.  Virgo nodded and showed a wide smile on hearing how well the girls were doing.  The years had made the world smaller, what with planes and the newest social technology which Virgo was still trying to embrace.  It was one thing to look the part in a modern world, but a whole nother thing to understand the changes.  He had long ago accepted his son’s choice to be with a man, and this had led to many happy years for the family.  Why, his son in law as he liked to call him, Sam Malone had designed the wonderful mansion that they called home.  A credit to his talent and skill.

“Dominique is heading back here?  Wonderful.  Soon as she touches down, we have to have her come stay.  Gerald, make sure her old room is ready for her.  I want everything just perfect.”

As Dominique was the next head of the family, Virgo always wanted her to know where her true home was. He reached under the table and ran his hand across his wife’s thigh, smirking as he did so, and a light throaty growl could be heard.  He was always touchy feely when it came to Elvira.  He knew he teased her terribly when he had come in from the pool, but that was something he just couldn’t help.  He was just like that around her.  Hell, if he could, he would have gone starkers.

Only a text message from Athena?  Virgo took out his cell and checked.  Sadly, the girl only seemed to text her mother.  He stabbed at the device a few times, then grunted.  “Can never understand these things.”  Virgo tossed the cell on the table with a dull thud, before looking back at his wife.  He could tell she was unsettled.  He thought for a moment.

“Did you want to come to the office with me today?  Get out of the house?  I could suggest we go and…make more babies if that would give you something to do.”

Did he really just suggest that?  Gerald coughed.  “Remember how sick Elvira got last time she had the twins?”  

Virgo suddenly remembered and then frowned.  He had totally forgotten about that.  He then thought some more.  Beaming, he asked her;  “How about we get involved with the local horse club?  I love seeing you ride…”  Again with the innuendo.


3 hours ago

Sam and Damion’s Residence – Marulo Estate.


Sam Malone was now heralded as a man of vision when it came to the types of buildings and houses that he created with his astute mind for detail and passion for the enviroment.  Having created the sprawling Marulo house, he went on to make one for his lover and mate Damion, but one that would fit in perfectly with the charm and serenity of the New Hampshire area.  Set within the same grounds as Damion’s parents abode, this charming lake side condo had everything a man could ever dream of.  With a spacious floor plan, mutiple levels and walls of glass that allowed the outside to come in, it was a jewel in the estate.  No expense was spared in it’s creation, and Sam made sure to put his own special touch on the design, but allowed Damion free reign on the interior design and furnishings.  Needless to say the result was simply magnificent.

The modern day Sam Malone, had adjusted to the changes that time brought since the heady days of the roaring twenties, when he first met his lover, Damion Marulo.  Their love and courtship was sorely tested by the fact that his father; Virgo had a great deal of trouble accepting the pairing.  He had hoped that Damion would be the next great Alpha to lead the family pack.  That role would fall instead to his sister, Dominique; who was travelling the world in the modern day.  A singer with extroidnary talent, she also had the strong will and determination to one day lead the clan to greatness as her father Virgo had done.

This day had Sam in the kitchen, going over some emails on his notepad while he waited for his coffee to brew.  Dressed impeccably in a smart business suit, he had to go into town to visit with a new client, who had come all the way from upstate New York to put forward ideas for a new housing developement.  The subtle scent of the coffee brewing would be sure to wake his lover Damion from his slumber.

Finishing his emails, he decided to wander down the hall and see if Damion was awake.  He opened the door to their master suite and stepped in with a warm smile.


“Early bird gets the coffee.”


3 hours ago

Dining Room

“Dominique is heading back here? Wonderful. Soon as she touches down, we have to have her come stay. Gerald, make sure her old room is ready for her. I want everything just perfect.”

Elvira felt her husband’s hand caressing her thigh, a light teasing growl rumbling past his lips as he did so. She smirked slightly, feeling her skin heat up a few degrees beneath his hand.

“Don’t start something you can’t finish, darling.” she grinned.

As she had mentioned Athena’s text, he yanked out his phone, pressing random buttons. Annoyed, he tossed it across the table, much to Elvira’s amusement. She patted his arm. “Even the best of us cannot understand technology, my love.” she smiled.

“Did you want to come to the office with me today? Get out of the house? I could suggest we go and…make more babies if that would give you something to do.”

“Remember how sick Elvira got last time she had the twins?” Gerald reminded him. Elvira had to agree. Being sick at the levels she had been when pregnant both times was not something she enjoyed. She loved her children, she hated being sick. And she didn’t think she was ready to breed again. The timing was all wrong.

“Virgo, I know how much you’d like a large family, but I’m not ready just yet.” she told him, hoping he wouldn’t be too disappointed.

“How about we get involved with the local horse club? I love seeing you ride…”

She chuckled darkly and squeezed in closer to him, running her fingers slowly along his inner thigh.

“You just love seeing me in tight pants.” she whispered into his ear, her warm breath sending shivers down his spine.

Sally rolled her eyes at the two of them. After centuries and 4 children together, they were still a couple very much in love.

She shared a look with Gerald, the two of them quietly leaving the Marulos to their breakfast.


Sam and Damion’s Bedroom

Sam had been awake for much longer then Damion. Damion had worked late at the plant the night before, crawling into bed just after 2 am that morning. He was still asleep when Sam went to check on him.

Laying in bed, Damion was oblivious to his mate’s presence, still deeply asleep. The sunlight from the wide windows blanketed his skin in its bright hues, turning Damion’s skin nearly bronze. He wore no shirt, choosing to sleep in a pair of loose sleeping pants that rode low on his hips. He had an arm thrown over his eyes, instinctively blocking out the light of the new day as his body caught up on the sleep he had been missing.

His father had delegated more and more work to his only son, and Damion, in typical Marulo fashion, had brought the company from the bottom to the top, making it one the most successful companies in the world. But it was taking its toll on him and it was beginning to show. But Damion hated to disappoint his father and was glad that his sister had decided to help him.

As he swam up from sleep, feeling a bit warm beneath the rays of the morning sun, a muffled sound caught his attention, that of a door opening.

“Early bird gets the coffee.” a familiar voice murmured near his ear. With a sleepy smile, he came to full wakefulness, removing his arm from his eyes to stare groggily at his husband/mate. He wrapped an arm around Sam’s neck and pulled him in for a deep and loving kiss before drawing back with a small smile.

“Mmm. Good morning.” Damion murmured, his eyes sliding closed as his body wanted to go back to sleep. “What time is it?” he wondered, running his fingers through his hair.


2 hours ago

Marulo Estate
Dining Room.

Out of the corner of Virgo’s eye he could see Gerald and Sally take their leave, so that the couple could speak more freely without being judged.  Virgo as always loved to be touching his wife, and his wandering hand had moved further up her thigh till it slipped to the space within them.  Teasing lightly with his fingers, he held a bemused expression when Elvira stated that he loved to see her in tight pants.  “Pants or not, it doesn’t matter to me.  Watching you ride always has given me a thrill.  Why, is that not how I first met you?  Riding like a wild woman across that open park?”  His voice had a lusty edge – a deep sounding tone that was unmistakable, especially to Elvira.  But as much as he wanted to tease her about the happy memories of another era, he knew that something was troubling her and had been for some time.  He himself was starting to feel like he was behind the times with his own company.  Damion in his mind was doing such a fine job as the new CEO, that Virgo was wondering if he too should start looking at a new venture to keep him busy.  With those dark hues, he stared into his wife’s eyes.

“I think we both need to explore our options on how to spend our days.  Gerald was right about you and being pregnant, as much as I enjoy making our young.  Heh.”

Virgo had not aged in centuries, but time was starting to make things difficult.  Not having the children on hand also meant that he was longing for something more.  Easing back in his chair, though his hand still firmly placed between her thighs, Virgo mused.

“Do you think I have pushed Damion a bit too far with the business?  I mean, its such a success, but I wonder if maybe its time I let go and allow the children to shine.”  Virgo obviously was feeling a little bit more like Elvira than he had come to realize.

A buzzing came from Virgo’s cell phone as it was just out of reach.  The caller name was….”Roxburg.”

Sam and Damion’s Bedroom.

Damion kissed his husband with such love and passion, that Sam couldn’t hold back but return it with his own ignited desire.  A minute or two of heavy petting, and Sam finally came up for air.  He could see that Damion was still tired after his late night and a tad groggy to boot.  Hence the need for coffee.  Asking Sam what time it was, Sam answered; “Just before 8am.  I am pretty sure your first meeting is at….9am.”  Sam it seemed knew Damion’s schedule better than he did.   Pulling back, he looked at the clock.  “Mhm…you have about an hour to get ready.  Want me to go make you some breakfast?”  Sam was usually the one to rise and get things ready for them in the morning, as he knew of his lover’s need for sleep.  He had been working hard to keep up with his father’s wishes, and Sam worried that Damion may suffer from burnout if he wasn’t careful.  Sam went into Damion’s closet and started to hunt for one of Damion’s better suits, leaving his lover to try and wake up some more.


A new home for many of our Role play Stories – The Roleplayers Collective.


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For a long time, my writing friends and I have been taking part in various role plays on the IMVU group forum boards.  Time and again, the same issues always seemed to strike, when the Group owner decides to change or delete the role play and we are left without a role play home for some of our favorite characters and stories.  In the last month, we have started to cross to a new home away from IMVU, called “The Roleplayers Collective”, which is a broad ranging forum board that allows us the freedom to post our many role play worlds and stories with a lot of the old favorites.


I will be posting some of the new threads here soon, including one of our favourite roleplay families, the Marulos.


Char  <3

Whose reading Fifty Shades?


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The last few days on face book have been awash with the new trailer for the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie.  Course, there is a lot of criticism about the choice of casting, right through to just who will go see it.  Previously on my blog I featured a clip of Gilbert Godfrey reading Fifty shades, and I had to admit the idea of listening to him reading the whole book turned me cold.  Now for your enjoyment, two of my favorites; Ellen Degenerous and George Takei both have a crack at reading the book.


First Ellen:


Now George:


“Oh myy!”

Seattle Substance Abuse & Treatment Facility (7) – Lipstick Lies!


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Maxwell’s case is one of many in the Seattle Substance Abuse clinic.  Time to meet the other patients.  Welcome to Lipstick Lies!



Re: (RP) Seattle Substance Abuse & Treatment Facility
July 19, 2014 09:41PM
Room 225 – Max

“Door’s open. I’d offer you a drink but I think the bar is closed.” Max stated, trying to make a joke. Ansel could hear the underlying resentment and pain in Max’s voice and knew he was the person that Max needed to get through this. He stepped into the room and pulled up the chair near Max’s bed, turning it backwards. He draped his arms over the back and looked at Max.

“Max.” Ansel began, “I know right now you’re feeling a bit let down. Your sister had you brought here against your wishes and that’s got to hurt on some level. Betrayal, no matter how good someone’s intentions are, is a bitter pill to swallow.” There was complete honesty in Ansel’s words. He had never once lied to a patient and he wasn’t about to start now. “But she didn’t do this to hurt you. She did this because she loves you very much and doesn’t want to see you fall into a hole that you would never be able to dig yourself out of. She wants her brother back, the one who followed her around like a little lost puppy, getting into mischief, pranking their other brothers and sisters and not getting caught, taking long walks in the woods behind their home, the brother she confided her deepest, darkest secrets to. She misses that brother. I would like to help you find that person again.” Ansel stated, his words powerful. “If you’ll let me.” he added.

Max hadn’t said a word or looked up from his hands clasped in his lap the whole time Ansel began to speak, but Ansel wasn’t worried. It was only the first day.

“Ernie tells me that you requested to make a phone call. I’m going to allow you to do so, from the phone in my office, on one condition…that you come out of your room and get to know the other residents. Some of them are like you. It wouldn’t hurt to find common ground with them, or you’re in for a lonely time. Lunch will be in a couple of hours and some of the residents like to hang out in the recreation room until then.”

Ansel got to his feet and replaced the chair at the desk before moving to the door. He waited to see what Max would do.

Re: (RP) Seattle Substance Abuse & Treatment Facility
July 20, 2014 05:25PM
Room 225 – Max

Maxwell noticed the underlying tone of the administrator as he gave a bit of a speech while sitting directly across from him on a backwards turned chair. Ansel trying to put forth that he knew what Max was feeling right at this point. Feeling betrayed by a loved one does hurt even more than had it been say a business associate. He never considered that his sister would do such a bold move and actually have him dragged off in a public place. That was what stung all the more. A man has some pride, even if he didn’t realize what he was doing to himself.

Listening with a raised brow, Maxwell asked; “You speak as though you know her.” It was fair to say that Felicity had spoken at length with Ansel about her brother. The way that Ansel put it however made Maxwell wistful in a sense, but also annoyed. He actually pushed himself up and off the bed and walked over towards the window – his hands resting on the window sill as he stared out at the grounds.

“The things you speak of…the way I was as a young boy. Yes, I followed her around. Idolized her. it was like I could never keep up. Jokes and pranks, silly games. That was my childhood.”

Maxwell glanced back at Ansel and spoke with a small voice.

“That child is long since dead inside of me. The man I became…the one you see now, is the result of trying to forget…”His voice broke off and he felt that he had said way more than he ever wanted to admit. His right hand, his fingers curled into a fist. A tight ball. “Try if you want, Doctor…but I doubt you will find him.”

Looking back outside, he did hear something that did pique his interest. The phone call he had requested. The one he wanted to make the moment he had been locked up. The condition however was that he had to leave his room and mingle with the other patients. Socialize and try to get to know others that were like him. He had a few hours to kill before lunch.

Glancing around the room, which he now knew like the back of his hand, Maxwell came to the conclusion that this deal was one he could settle on. “Alright. I’ll come out of my hidey hole. Just…don’t expect a miracle in a day.” It was a start. Racking his fingers back through his hair, he walked over to the Doctor and offered his hand as though shaking on a business deal. “It’s been…interesting.” Leaving it at that, he wandered outside his room; stopping at first as he reached the doorway, almost unsure of which way to turn. Finally he chose right and headed down to the recreation room.


Re: (RP) Seattle Substance Abuse & Treatment Facility
July 23, 2014 11:06PM
Recreation Room

As Max was making his way to the rec room and Ansel was returning to his office, other residents were taking advantage of the nice day Seattle was having and were sitting outside the rec room doors on the terrace, soaking up the sun.

All except one.

“Jordan, why aren’t you outside with the others?” A nurse who was making her rounds spotted the lone woman curled up on the couch near one of the large windows. There was an open sketchbook in her lap, a pencil loosely clasped within her fingers. At the mention of her name, the woman looked up, chocolate brown eyes coming back into focus.

“Didn’t feel like being out there.” Jordan shrugged.

“Why not?” The nurse wondered, sitting across from her. Jordan didn’t answer, gave another half-shrug.

“Jordan, you do know that Doctor Monroe wants you to interact more with the others as part of your treatment.”

“I know.”

“Then why don’t you?” the nurse wondered. Jordan let out a small huff that belied her age.

“I have nothing in common with these people. I feel like an outsider to them. I just want to do my time, get better and get back to work.”

“I’ve told you before that this isn’t a prison.”

“Then if this isn’t a prison, I should be allowed to leave when I want.” Jordan retorted.

“Hmm.” the nurse nodded. “Well…if that’s how you feel about it…” the nurse got to her feet and turned to leave.

“Where you going?” Jordan demanded.

“I’m going to have a chat with Doctor Monroe about you. You might be here a while longer then you originally thought.” The nurse smirked before walking away.

“Bitch.” Jordan grumbled, turning her gaze back to her sketchbook. There was the beginnings of a sketch started and seeing the finished product in her mind, she began to work. Sketching was theraputic for her. It allowed her to see hidden truths of the world around her. As she was sketching, she didn’t see one particular resident come into the room. “The New Guy” as Max was dubbed had caught her attention when she had seen Ernie giving him a tour earlier in the day. It was the look on Max’s face that had caught her attention and she had been itching to draw ever since. Her hand moved rapidly over the paper as she took up some colored pencils to do some fill-ins.

It was probably going to be one of her better drawings.

Re: (RP) Seattle Substance Abuse & Treatment Facility
July 24, 2014 04:50AM
Recreation Room

Maxwell took his time in the long walk from his room down to what was known as the Recreation room. He didn’t walk with a pronounced swagger, like you would normally expect from someone that was a high flyer. Not now. Maxwell sort of dawdled along. Peeking in various doors as he passed down the corridor. Even into the staff room, though he didn’t stop and stare like some lost tourist. More of a fleeting glance for any familiar faces. Course he had only really met three people, well four if you counted Charlie Sheen, since he had been brought into the facility. He wrung his hands as he continued. No watch on his wrist, no cellphone to fiddle with. Perhaps he was suffering from a nervous type of anxiety. Sobriety tended to bring with it a horrible sensation, one that he was starting to hate with all his being. Naked…that is how he felt. Stripped of the very things that masked his inner self. Being dressed in the same tracksuit that he was issued with after his shower, he felt drab and colorless. If he blended much more into the walls, maybe he would disappear. He already felt forgotten. Did no one care? How he would give anything to hear the sound of Lucy’s voice. Fleeting images of her kept coming into her mind, but always somber ones. When would it finally dawn on him just how much he had let her down. All the promises he made when he head hunted her from her New York home, and left her more or less running the Light box on her own.

On reaching the doorway to the Recreation room, he noticed that there were large sliding doors that offered the patients access to the outer courtyards. By the sounds of the many voices outside, this is where the bulk of the patients were. A charming day for those that wished to enjoy the warm rays of the sun, whilst set in a tranquil surround of trees and lush gardens. If he were a pensioner he might enjoy such a thing, or an avid gardener. Sadly he was neither of these things. Not really paying attention to whomever might be left in the recreation room, he made his way across past many gaming tables and craft areas till reaching the large open doors. The light filtered through and he was almost about to step outside, when he felt that warmth upon his skin. A creature of habit, he took a step back. A night owl normally it was very rare for him to even be outside during the day. The glare of light made him squint, and he padded his track suit only to realize that he didn’t have his sun glasses. He didn’t have his normal glasses either. Maxwell realized he had nothing, no wallet…nothing.

Turning away from the opened door, was when he finally spotted her. A young girl with delightfully dark skin who was seated on one of the lounge like couches. All around her was pencils, the tools of an artist. A large sketch pad on her knees – head down and busily coloring what would be her latest creation. ~She must be a patient~ Maxwell’s immediate thoughts. Course, he didn’t recognize her. Not one for television or films, he had no idea that the girl was a starlet of the small screen. All he could see was a girl that would rather be inside, being creative than being outside soaking up the sun.

A quick glance about for any of the large ape like wardens, and then Maxwell made the decision to be social. A nervous hand went up and raked his fingers through his hair before he started to walk over. It was as he approached the girl, that the image that the girl was sketching was none other than….him. At first, Maxwell was a bit taken aback. No one had ever drawn him before. He was more used to having his picture taken for the tabloids and social pages. What truly struck him however, was how the image she had created made him look. Maxwell’s brows creased and then he reached up to touch his own frown lines on his forehead. Rigid lines that had come from years of drinking. Was this how he looked to the world? So old. What had happened to him? This..was what the drink had done. Maxwell was once a handsome young man about town. Now he looked like someone’s grand dad.

If Jordan had bothered to notice, she would see him standing there. A lover of art, he was feeling the sadness of seeing how another human being viewed him.

“You’re very talented.” Words seemed to come out almost without thought. He was humbled by her work. Normally, with the help of the drink he was the life of the party, a chatty man. Now he searched for something to say that wouldn’t sound condescending. “I was told…if I came out of my room that they might grant me a phone call.”

Maxwell then just stood there, realizing how much he missed Lucy. You would think the poor man was going to cry.



Pierce Johnson – Lipstick Lies!


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Re: Biographies.
July 23, 2014 07:44AM

FC : Shemar Moore

Name : Pierce Johnson
Sex : Male
Age : 27
Skin : Dark
Eyes : Brown
Height : 184cm
Weight : 82 kgs
Build : Athletic – muscular
Occupation : Lawyer – specializing in Family Law
Residence : Seattle
Birth place : Boston

Personality : Reserved, quiet, determined, knowledgeable, engaging, independent, strong willed & minded.
Likes : Cooking, Sports, cars, Summer vacations, swimming, reading, boating.
Dislikes : Shallow people, spicy food, and parking tickets.

History : One of Seattle’s leading court lawyers and the personal friend of James Daughtery and Thomas Bing, Pierce Johnson has been right there for the two men as they had searched for years to find a baby to call their own. After the last attempt ended in disaster, and with Thomas’s hospital stint, Pierce has been carefully managing the guys affairs. Whilst handing James’s many contracts on various book deals, he still likes to see the lads on social occasions and the odd football game. Currently single after a bitter break up with his model girlfriend Shana, Pierce has thrown himself into his work as a way of coping. Little does he know what is coming around the corner.


White Wolf – Part Eight.


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White wolf

Part Eight

“The Deal”


IceTe3a: His hues were examining Valencia as she casually strolled around in the main hall, his brow arched as she pointed out that Eryda was here in fact she was most likely half way around the work, his lips parted as he came to realize she was stating he was alone. Did she think without Eryda he would be weaker? He chuckled slightly to himself as they both knew the extent of his powers, Valencia saw firsthand how he dispatched her husband with ease the vampire lord.. King of all vampires, yet she stood there proclaiming this? Her mood took a turn for the worse as her face turned hideous, a tendency of vampires when you piss them off enough, ”I grow tired of your insolence. You had your chance to be by my side. Now…you can be a meal for my ladies in waiting. GIRLS…HE’S ALL YOURS!” Valencia finally had given up on him all those years of attempting to turn him into her personal toy and she chose the day he decided to get his weaponry upgraded to turn sour, irony had a weird sense of humor. Watching as she strolled back to her throne taking her seat, as his eyes flicked around the room the forms of female vampires appeared, some through the form of mist others walking out of the shadows while the rest materialized as they came out walking from the many pillars. His eyes scanning the room as he was surrounded by the countless female vampires, all their eyes were on him they were waiting for the day to have their chance at taming the white wolf, oh what a status boost it would be to any one of them to tame him, as few licked their lips while others bared their fangs. There had to be at least two hundred of them, all more beautiful than any other female around; their clothing emphasized their beauty. This would almost be any mundane man’s dream come true if only they weren’t so blood hungry for the forbidden blood.. his blood which has now come into open season. Being a Witcher and not just any Witcher an Albino Witcher his blood constantly replenished itself much like his magic life force so he was a never ending treat to any one of them. He thought to himself just what could he do, his vials could possibly help but not in this situation there were too many, and by now they had packed the room circling in around him as he could hear some of them talking in their sensual ways attempting to handle him with words, if they had their way he would be shared around the room between them in not only feeding but more.. sensual pleasures as well, he wasn’t exactly going to allow them to do that to him, he was no one’s toy let alone fuck toy “Valencia…. His eyes started to glow an immense yellow as they glared past the crowd of females to directly glare at her “ You have declared war on the Witchers.. You will not survive the onslaught that will come in the months to come once this is reported. He knew he had the right to dispatch her and her entire female army that stood in this room, but would rather report back to the Witchers guilds when the annual meeting of the guild leaders happened, so all could know of Valencia actions and where to go from there. A slight smirk appeared across his lips as he placed both palms together, crossing all his finger over each other save his two index fingers which pressed together pointing to the roof. The females taken back from his slight movements as they gave slight space all glanced around at each other as little did they know he was commanding one of his most powerful sigil, one that helped him win the Vampire wars years ago, this sigil.. ‘Pia’ was a holy sigil of light, and could be used and twisted to his own needs. *Flashback* the bloodied grounds laid waste to the countless bodies of the Mundane and Vampires as the two armies went at it with each other, the blood sky was in full affect as storm clouds were partial to this war, thunder and lightning striking around, in the distance the roar of both armies and the high chants of the mundane priests echoed across the lands, he was sent to this war to put an end to it.. so many had died in the past years because of the indifference between the mundane and the vampires, he would force a treaty of peace between the two races or exterminate them those were his orders. Standing there in nothing but his leather jeans and boots, his silver sword on his back he had made it to the battle grounds as the battle was half way through, he placed both palms together in front of his chest as his eyes started to glow an immense white, crossing all his finger over each other one at a time as holy runes started to appear across his skin glowing an immense white that it almost came off as blue his two index fingers which pressed together pointing to the roof finished the ritual as an explosion clapped and echoed, two wings of pure light sprung from his back as he stood there his right palm glowing. Raising his right hand as he gripped his blade the bright light from his palm engulfed the entirety of the blade transforming it into a weapon blessed by heaven itself

This form of sigil was very powerful and rare, he happened upon it while doing a deed for a high priest of the Mundane, his entire body was transformed, leaning forward as his knees bent the wind exploded as he was sent flying forwards into the battle almost like he was hovering on the ground at great speeds. His wings slowly moving about as he passed Mundane and Vampires alike, each stopping their fight as they glanced over at him, he was only after one person Victor.. the king of all vampires, his hues glanced around as he finally saw waves of Mundane flying into the sky as they screamed in terror for the hits of a powerful weapon

“Vicotr..!!!! “ he shouted as he came to a land in the centre of the countless Mundane surrounding the vampire king. “This ends now Victor.. with your head attached or with it separated either way.. this war is over… “ He looked as Victor turned to face him their eyes glaring at each other, Victor charged towards him his weapon held high as he raised his own weapon; charging back they met half way as their swords collided with a great crash of thunder the entire battlefield engulfed in a white glow as their eyes were temporarily blinded from the white blast. *Flashback end* But this time.. he was just going to create a holy light to engulf the room, his eyes were engulfed in pure white as his palms started to glow“Goodbye.. Valencia” The room was engulfed in a white flash as the females screamed out in pain, the ones closer to him were sure to be incinerated as the others would suffer temporary burns. By the time the room came to normal the only thing that stood in his place was a circular burn on the floor as he had made his escape out of the Vampires castle whilst they were distracted and was making his way to find Cali.

He smirked as he watched her slowly unclip her cloak, it gracefully fell down her body onto the floor as it revealed her more or less clothing she chose to wear it left nothing to the imagination as she wore clothing that complimented her bodies figure. He sat up in his chair as his eyes looked her up and down, what a woman he thought to himself, her husband is a lucky man. ”We have a deal.” the words almost caressed his face as he heard them. Watching as her slender fingers gripped the table and tossed it out of the way, she slowly approached him as he watched her sensual movements, only to be pushed down onto his back on the floor he landed with a thud as she stood on top of him, his eyes looking her over with a smirk. His hues shot blood red as he clicked his fingers, his image shrouded under her as his form disappears and the form of her husband appeared laying on his back under her feet, he had taken his form that was obvious was …
IceTe3a: it to make it easier on her? Or to make sure she doesn’t hold back on her end of the deal.. to be rough, a reminder perhaps? “Teach me the meaning of pain..” he said but it came out in her husband’s voice, how would she feel about that?

CharlotteCarrendar: – Valencia’s pride and anger had made her vulnerable in this moment, for though she thought that the Witcher would be no match for the likes of over two hundred vampire maidens attempting to feed and pleasure themselves with his light coloured body she forgot that this was the very same Witcher who had brought about the end of her own husband –the King in a battle that was between mundane and vampire kind. Her sickening laugh was to soon fade away, as did her cruel smile when the Witcher announced that she had brought about a war that would be Witchers guilds versus her very realm for her disrespect. Hissing violently from her fur covered throne, she rose slowly, like a King Cobra that was preparing to strike. Her nails on each hand appeared to lengthen into what would be described as dark talons, while her beautiful dress began to tear and stretch as the true inner beast – the vampire Queen was about to reveal her true form. Grotesque and vile, with skin the colour green, and hair that was flashings of red on black –she was truly the sight that made you want to claw out your own eyes. Each of her maidens followed suit, with great wings unfurling upon their backs. They were all the shape of women, but now the more obvious parts of their anatomy seemed to meld into their skin, again with a sickly hue. Like a corpse that had been animated in a vile display. Horrific would be a good word. All around the Witcher they gathered on mass, wings beating in a show of strength as he did just declare war. Becoming airborne, the Queen hovered in the air and screeched. ”The Witchers guilds shall not know of your report, if you are dead!” She raised her arms and cackled as a sign for all her maidens of blood to attack. But at this moment, it was when the Witcher would unveil his most deadly sigil. A blast of light that was like the very sun itself was shining its light directly into the hallowed sanctum of the Queen. The affect was immediate. As many as a hundred vampire maidens were turned to ash, incinerated by the blast of light. Beyond them, others were suffering serious burns, their eyes turning white and becoming blind. They cried and screamed, reaching out for each other for comfort, as the Queen herself copped a good blast of light. Her body catching fire and she fell from the sky, only to land in a smouldering heap on the floor. Her wings barely able to beat, as she tried in vain to fight to stand again. It was pitiful as it was demoralizing to her kind. The Witcher had won this round, and with the threat of war to come within the coming months, the Queen had truly bitten off far more than she could chew. Her screams and wails could be heard for miles, and this reached the ears of Eryda. The red Witcher was galloping towards the Vampire mountain. Was she too late?

Within the blacksmith shop, the Blood Elf was reeling from what she was seeing now beneath her. The Vampire known as Vlad had changed his image through glamour to be that of her lost husband. The trickery, as it appeared to be worked a treat with the Blood elf, who started to tear off his shirt, her long nails digging into his flesh as she panted like that of a hungry animal. Cali struck a deal with the Vampire to get information, but this being now looked exactly like him, sounded like him. He wanted to know pain. What greater pain was there than to feel he had been lost to her forever. The Blood elf gripped his head in her hands, and seared a bruising kiss to his lips, that also saw her biting at his bottom lip – pulling at it as she bore her weight down on him. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as she teared up slightly, her finger nails dug into his skin as his skin shivered in response his shirt torn from his very body as she forced a burning kiss upon his lips. Her teeth sinking into his bottom lips as she tugged at it he could feel her weight being pressed down on him. He smiled at her as his hands ran up her back softly his fingers would trail against her skin “ You will be reunited with me soon” he said and once again it came out in her husband’s voice, his lips kissing her back with a fierce passion as his hand reached her hair, his fingers raking through it gently while he continued to kiss her. : Strolling down the main road towards Vlad’s he could hear the crying pain screams of the vampire queen as people rushed up towards the castle to see what was going on they were more curious than worried. He knew he would have to collect Cali and go to the Guild meeting where all the masters meet, he would need to report that he had just brought them into a war again, they would not be happy. As he made his way down the path he could not see Mersa nor Cali as he continued to look around for them through the shops he arched a brow as he walked over towards Vlad’s shop, glancing in he saw the overturned table. With a slight smirk he opened the door to interrupt them“Cali, get off him. Vlad tell her what she wants’ to know, the queen has claimed war on the Witchers guilds we need to leave now. For all our sakes. “ He glanced down to Mersa who was happy to see him, waking up with a big yawn she came to a stand and nuzzled his cheek as she strolled outside, “My weapons better have been done” : Vlad heard the door open and then smelled the White wolf just as he spoke “Cali, get off him. Vlad tell her what she wants’ to know, the queen has claimed war on the Witchers guilds we need to leave now. For all our sakes. “ he got up with ease whilst Cali was on top, coming to a stand he had dragged Cali to her feet as well as he was in shock of what the queen had done“What?! She is crazy.. Please inform them that this is the direct statement of her and no one else wishes to break the treaty” he knew what that meant if he was found with the White wolf or Cali he would have to answer for it, and the treaty could be broken for his kind. He would need to overthrow the queen and put someone else in power of the throne.. perhaps him maybe “We must overthrow the queen.. Go now my friend “ he tossed the newly formed blades to the White wolf and turned towards Cali with a slight smile, his form turned back to his own as he caressed her cheek with the back of his hand “Your husband is a lucky man my dear… You will find him in the Mundane main city of Carthal, under the slave chains of its queen, she is worse than our queen.. If your husband is anything like you, you won’t have long until she disposes of him from boredom “ he of course was referring to her stubborn and defiant ways, as he touched her he showed her exactly where he was being kept through imagery in her mind. “Now go and free your loved one, White wolf.. We will be in touch” : He caught the new swords as he examined them noting how light weight they were, he obviously embuned them with magic whilst restructuring them completely, they were whole new swords, as he strapped them to his back again he walked over to Cali and grabbed her by the hand basically dragging her out of Vlad’s shop “I will tell the guild that this is her doing and try to save the treaty, I believe you should speak for your people Vlad. They need a king, not a slut of a queen” as he walked out of the shop he rounded on Cali as he shook his head glancing at her, throwing her coat at her he sighed “Anything to save your husband huh? Get a move on “ he said as Mersa came to walk up beside him, they started to head straight for the main gates leading towards the large Cravasse.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The Vampire’s trickery was resourceful when he wanted something, and under the glamour guise of the Blood elf male, with the same soothing voice he had invoked within the female the burning need to be reunited with him. Cali seemed to even forget that this man she was kissing, this Vampire was not her husband at all, but his whispered words and stroking had her captivated and she naturally responded with a fervour that was sure to sate his desire to be treated roughly. She was about to rip off her bodice when suddenly she heard the voice of Xo the Witcher coming up behind them. “Cali, get off him. Vlad tell her what she wants’ to know, the queen has claimed war on the Witchers guilds we need to leave now. For all our sakes. “ Cali gasped and looked back over her shoulder to see him standing there, patting the Warg and looking a bit miffed with what he had found. The Vampire was quick to stand on hearing that the Queen had broken the treaty in her wicked scheme to try and tame and make a pet out of Xo. Being almost dragged to her feet, Cali was quick to get her cloak and fasten back around her – suddenly feeling the need to cover herself. She felt sick and dirty when she looked back to see Vlad back to his normal appearance. But the conversation was now between the two men, as the situation had turned dire for them all. No doubt the Queen would recover and then seek to rid the Witcher and his companions from her land. As she strapped back on her pole arm, she felt the touch of the Vampire black smith’s hand to her face. She almost wanted to flinch away since she felt she had dishonoured her husband in her vain attempt to learn of his whereabouts. The Vampire gave the information now freely. ] “Your husband is a lucky man my dear… You will find him in the Mundane main city of Carthal, under the slave chains of its queen, she is worse than our queen.” Cali muttered under her breath a word of thanks, and then with her head bowed she quickly left the Black smith shop, well aware that the Witcher was probably going to roast her for what he had seen her do. She pulled up her hood and waited near the Warg and sure enough the Witcher didn’t disappoint. “Anything to save your husband huh? Get a move on “ Cali shrugged her shoulders as she caught the coat he threw at her and continued to mutter under her breath, her lips still stinging from the Vampire’s kiss. But as they headed out of the township, a great horse thundered up the road, ridden by a woman with flowing red hair. As soon as she came into eyeshot, you could hear her make a loud whooping sound as she brought the horse up to stand on two feet. Bringing the horse down, Eryda recognised Xo and leapt off the horse. She was breathing hard thinking the Vampire Queen finally had him under her spell. Now she could see him walking along with ANOTHER woman? She marched right up to Xo and then took a swing at him. A punch to the jaw. Should it land she would stand with hands on hips and bark. ”I just rode the last ten miles at full gallop cause I was worried about you!” Talk about a way to meet the Mrs. She stared at Cali, who got such a fright, she ran around behind the Warg. ”Whose that?!” Eryda ordered waiting for Xo to speak. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as Cali walked ahead muttering to herself, he shook his head wondering just what lengths she would go to, to save her husband. He was watching her as he saw a horse riding directly for him, as it came closer he arched a brow noting just who it was. The horse bucked up onto its hinged legs as it came down Eryda came jumping off the horse as she walked straight up to him, she swung a punch at him and it stuck true on the side of his jaw, his head sent flying to the side as he chuckled slightly, noting that Cali ran behind Mersa. “Lovely to see you to darling.. “ he smiled as he came to stand straight again his lip cracked and bleeding slightly, as he glanced back to Cali “That’s Cali, she’s a paying Client. Cali.. Meet Eryda my wife. “ he smiled as he looked Eryda up and down only the kind of look a lover would give, as he walked up to Eryda he wrapped his arm around her waist and turned her so she walked with him, Mersa following suit leaving Cali to cower alone. “ Come on Cali, Eryda.. pleasantries later for now lets get out of here before the Queen finds and kills us. She’s proclaimed war on Witchers Eryda, we need to get to the meeting of the masters and tell them” As they walked down the street they could hear Vlad yelling about how the Queen is jeopardizing their treaty with the Witchers and how she’s proclaimed war, he was making his move. : He waited a while before he would do anything, composing himself he walked straight out the door as the crowd massed in the streets all chatting and wondering as they pointed towards the castle. “My people! The queen has gone crazy!! She announced war on the Witchers guilds, Dooming us all as she breaks the Treaty!! We do not have to stand for this!! I have advised the White wolf none of us wish for a war nor to break the treaty!! He will aid us in our war against the Queen and her army!! To take back our city and continue the treaty !! Make me your king and I shall promise you this and more!! “ he shouted to the masses as he flashed his white fangs. Vlad was a high ranked noble male, stronger than the other males and everyone knew of his blessing so no one opposed him, they all cheered and shouted his name stating they were with him, others now cursing the queens name for trying to bring another war. It was to easy.. all it took was a visit from the White Wolf and he would see himself king of the Vampire realm, he would bring them back up in the ranks of mankind a respectable and powerful race once more.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Eryda cocked a brow when hearing that the cowering Cali was a paying client. ”Really? What the devil is she?’ Eryda may have travelled far and wide across the many lands of their realms but this was the first time she had encountered a blood elf. The ears were so long and those eyebrows. Not at all what Eryda would say was attractive on a woman. Still, she was never one for competition. Having given Xo what she would call a lover’s greeting – ie the punch, she was amused to see he was bleeding. Of course, he looked down at her with a fondness that was reserved for a mate. She cut a striking figure in her leather pants, boots and tight bustier. She was not dainty by any sense of the word, but she had it where it counted. A fullness of figure that would give a man much to explore with wandering hands beneath the furs. Feeling Xo put his arm around her, Eryda walked along casually with him as thought nothing had happened, her horse following along behind the Warg. This left Cali on her own. But Cali got a whiff of the blood that was trickling down the Witcher’s chin and licked her lips, fighting her burning need to feed off him. She had become addicted to his energy, his blood. Little by little becoming more and more caught in his web, whether he understood this yet or not. Hearing that the Queen had broken the treaty and that their lives were in jeopardy if they hung around, Eryda rolled her eyes. ”Let me guess, she tried to woo you to her bed and be her new footstool. When is that woman ever going to learn? Hope you sizzled her ass this time. I have a good mind to go in there and give her a piece of my mind.” Eryda was feisty to say the least, but she knew that there was an urgency in Xo’s voice that he wanted to get to the Guild council as soon as they could. If Vlad could not take control of the Queen’s lands there was going to be another war. Eryda slapped her love’s backside hard as they walked along. ”So what else have I missed? You and this…Cali been causing havoc across the mundane lands?’ <3>

IceTe3a: – He smiled as he walked along the path through the gates over towards the large mountain crevasse “She is a Blood elf, and a paying client, How was the job?” he felt her slap his ass as he arched a brow, glancing over to her he smirked as he heard Mersa walking around behind him with Cali following close “ You could say that, We have been travelling since the Dark forest, took out a den of werewolves. They are massing armies all over the realm “ this was partly why he needed to see the guilds masters to advise them that not only has the vampire queen declared war but the werewolves were massing armies in greater numbers than what they have already seen. “The guild hall is up in the snowy mountains, they meet in a week’s time. We should just make it for when they arrive, If they’ll be happy to see us is another thing entirely” shaking his head he turned to Mersa and climbed up on her. Looking down at Eryda he smirked “This is Mersa, we are pact. She’s a lot smarter and faster than that horse you ride.” he chuckled at his own tease as he pulled Cali up to sit behind him on Mersa. Waiting for Eryda to climb up on her horse he directed Mersa to walk beside the horse as they slowly travelled through the crevasse “We should resupply for the cold weather before we hit the trail, Any suggestions in the closest town? “ : With the vampires now Rallied behind vlad he had all the power and support he needed, no doubt the queen would hear of this. As they charged the castle they found it lacking her presence, as one of the noble females advised she had escaped before they could kill her taking her personal army. This left Vlad with an empty throne, a kingdom, the vampire army without leadership and a castle full of noble females, more sexy.. dangerous females than he could deal with oh but he would try. Slowly he walked up to the throne as the crowd cheered his name, as he turned around standing in front of the throne “Do you accept me as your king!?! Here now and forever more!! the crowd cheering in acceptance as he took his seat they all bowed down onto a knee,. “Good, live your daily lives, leave the hard labor to me. Tonight we party and feast in the new era of the vampires!” the common folk left the castle grounds wondering back to their own homes and place of work, leaving Vlad alone in a castle full of wondering female vampires, leaning back against the throne he rests his chin on his clamped hand, his hues glancing around at the passing females. The castle décor and the castle itself started to change form, suiting to his likings as did his clothing, he would need to choose brides this much was expected of him, but who.. which one, he knew so little and they all knew a lot.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Eryda’s interest in Cali piqued when Xo mentioned she was a blood elf. Immediately she became suspicious, not because the girl was paying but more to how the creature was around her husband. Females, as far as Eryda was concerned could never be trusted. Eyrda was about to ask another question, when Xo asked her about her job. Shrugging lightly, like the last job really was a non event; she smacked her lips and said. ”A pirate king who had gotten himself into a spot of bother with one of the neighbouring kingdoms. Kidnapped the Queen and was rumoured to be doing unspeakable things to her. Eh, so I was hired to do the rescue. When i got to the ship however, from the sounds coming from the Pirate King’s quarters, the damn slag was the one that was doing all the torture. Honestly, the pair deserved each other. All I had to do was show proof and headed back to the Kingdom with the Queen in tow…and last I recall she was hung for her infidelity. “ By the jingling sound coming from Eryda’s purse she had earnt herself a right fee for her efforts. ”King asked me to stay and take her place. Naturally I declined.” This was said with a wink, before she whistled for her horse. On hearing they were off to the guild hall, which was located in the Snowy Mountains, Eryda agreed that they would need to stop for provisions and warmer garb before continuing on. Mounting her horse, after watching Xo help the Blood elf to sit in behind him, Eryda adjusted herself in the saddle, and then added. ”If half of what you have told me is true, the Council is going to be most displeased with …” She had to add the us, since even though it was the Witcher and Cali that caused some of the current strife; she was his partner and mate through thick and thin. Looking ahead, Eryda gave a curt nod as to where to stop for provisions. ”Dante’s pass. That is the last outpost before the trek climb. Should take a few hours tops.” Her horse kept up alongside the Warg, while the Blood elf wrapped her arms around the Witcher. She could still smell the blood on his face, and this made her shiver with an unusual eagerness. Her addiction was getting worse. This would not go unnoticed by Eryda, who was now keeping a close eye on the blood elf. <3>

IceTe3a: – He shrugged lightly as he knew she was right the guild masters would be quite upset with him “When aren’t they upset with me? They lack the ability to control me so this obviously pisses them off “ he smirked as his eyes gleamed yellow, he could feel Cali holding around his waist as they rode, she was being unusually quiet. They headed towards Dante’s pass as Eyrda had suggested “Good idea, it’s along the way and they would have what we need.” He was oblivious to Cali’s new found addiction as he continued to ride east towards Dante’s pass with Eyrda riding along side on her horse “The king would have a death wish to attempt in stealing my wife” he gave Eyrda a smirking sideways glance “Cali’s husband made his way into our realm from another realm, she’s here to look for him. Apparently he’s in a bit of trouble” he was filling in Eyrda of what exactly was going on, eventually he would have to fulfil his bargain with Cali and take her to the Mundane kingdom where he was last seen alive. “ Cali the kingdom of the Mundane is up around the snowy mountains, so the meeting hall is on the way. Are you ok with this?” light slowly started to turn to dark as nightfall came just as they reached the boarders of Dante’s pass, he sighed slightly in relief as it had been a long ride, pointing over to the local tavern “We should spend the night, eat and have a good rest. We can trek on dawn once we get our supplies” he glanced over to Eyrda, suddenly a loud growling roar could be heard as he arched a brow his hues glance over into the distance “Frost trolls seemed to have come down from the mountain, Eyrda why don’t you take this one dear. “ he smirked as his eyes locked over at hers whilst he rode Mersa past her towards the frost trolls, as he strolled through the town closer to the frost trolls he could hear their movements and grunts they were on the edge of town on the other side, so no harm to any townspeople yet perhaps they were after some of the farm animals on that side of town.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Xo had a point with the Witcher council. They usually had a beef with his antics, but that was only because his methods were a little unorthodox. She could never imagine any of them ever being able to control him. Hell, she couldn’t and had known that from the start of their courtship. But in a way, she was a lot like him, being head strong and independent. It was half the reason she would go off on her own adventures to fill her purse and learn more about the ways of others. Knowledge was something they treasured and they always wanted to learn more. Eryda tried not to keep staring at the Blood Elf, who was quietly holding onto the Witcher as they both rode the Warg. It was probably a good thing she held her tongue, as the newly reunited Witcher couple were still discussing the upcoming trade station, and just what Eryda had been doing with herself in the months that he and she had been apart. The red witcher laughed at Xo’s suggestion that he would kill the King if he so dared to steal her from him. Little did the Witcher know just what the King was like. ”The King would be no match for the likes of you, or me dare I say it. A scrawny man, with a comb over. No muscular build. Weak blue eyes and skin that looked spotty from memory. For one, a girl like me would break him like a twig.” She let out another laugh just thinking of it. ”I am honoured with the sentiment however, love.” Eryda said with a smile, as she gave her horse a little kick to keep up with the towering Warg. Her horse was quite a bit smaller and the going was getting rough. Just as they discussed supplies, there was a terrible sound. A long loud growl coming from the distance. Frost trolls. ”Ah, just what I needed after a long ride in the saddle.” She jumped down off her horse and smacked its ass to get it to follow along with the Warg and her mate, who had gone on ahead. She took out her sword and held it defensively as she walked along behind, keeping up the rear. No doubt they were hungry, but whose blood would they lust for. <3>


DownTown Seattle (5) – Lipstick Lies!


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With the changes in the lives of Erica and Simone, a new couple is about to become part of the scene. Thomas and James; a gay couple from the UK who are looking to adopt a baby of their own.  Has Simone’s pregnancy answered their prayers?   Welcome to Lipstick Lies!




Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
June 20, 2014 04:21PM
Milstead & Co – Bohemian Shopping District – Seattle

The sight of the metal claws that appeared to come right from between Ame’s knuckles and then force their way into the air, was shocking to see. In the movies, sure they had seen Wolverine do it, and it was part of his charm. It made many a woman into a quivering mess, but this…to see Ame do it, was enough to elicit gasps from Erica and a loud cough from Simone.

“I didn’t think you would do that….I mean, you really are like Wolverine.”

Thoughts entered Simone’s mind. Wouldn’t something like that make getting dressed up a nightmare, if you got spooked, and then…~Whoosh!~ The blonde model could hardly stop staring as Ame drew them back down into her hand. “Does that hurt?” Course that would be the next question, but from the look on Ame’s face it was a perfectly natural thing. Thankfully, no one else witnessed it, as they were all too absorbed in their own conversations and coffees. That in itself was a blessing.

Erica was still blinking, her mouth opening as though she had a question, then changing her mind again as she tried to get her head around it. She herself couldn’t do anything like that.

Getting out her purse, Erica set down some notes, before pushing her chair out and rising to standing.

“I’ll head on back to the apartment, Sim and start on your packing. You can finish your coffee and shopping with Ame.”

“You’re leaving?” Simone looked surprised that Erica would just dump and run on her, but Erica had other ideas.

“Mhm. I have to pack all your shit in three hours. I’m on the clock.” She then turned to Ame and said. “Good luck with her. You’re going to need it.”

Erica smirked and grabbed her coat, before heading out the door, leaving Simone with Ame. Simone felt abandoned and pouted a little. “Is it me, or was she a bit too eager to have me move out?”


Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
June 21, 2014 05:22PM
Milstead & Co – Bohemian Shopping District – Seattle

“Simone, keep it down. I do not want the whole world to know that,” She gave a glare towards Simone, not liking that she was a bit loud about her being like the fictional character Wolverine.

Ame gave a sigh, looking down to only rub the back of her neck for she does not know what to do if people found out that she was not human. She looked up at Simone, hearing her ask if it hurt then chuckled, shaking her head in response.

“It does not hurt at all for it it natural thing that occurs when I choose to use them.”

She turned her gaze to Erica, who clearly was caught off by surprise by this and tilted her head for she looked like she was going to ask a question. Ame watched Erica as she rose from the table to only announce that she was heading back to the apartment to pack Simone’s things and that she could stay with her and finish the shopping.

She gave a gentle nod towards Erica who has wished her luck and Ame began to have this gut feeling that Simone would be a handful. She began to chew on her lip, the gears of her mind starting to turn within her head.

“Well by the looks of it, honey, Erica seemed to be way to eager to have you move out and seemed to be ecstatic to help pack your things,” Ame spoke in a soft tone as she lifted a hand to only place it on Simone’s back and began to rub in attempt to comfort her.



Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
June 21, 2014 06:14PM
Milstead & Co – Bohemian Shopping District – Seattle

Simone felt a little better by Ame’s affections after Erica’s hasty exit from the Milstead coffee house. It was hard to imagine that Erica could even box up Simone’s belongings in just three hours. It took her three days to move into the apartment. The blonde let out a sigh and pushed her empty coffee cup forward, as she apologized for her loud outburst.

“Really sorry. Kind of shocked by the whole.blade thing.” Simone offered. Glancing out the window, she could see Erica hailing down a cab and then going off rather quickly like her ass was on fire. A light shake of her head and she tried to refocus on what was going to happen now. She had not lived with anyone else apart from Erica, and she had to wonder if Ame could handle her outrageous behavior.

“I promise to be good, Ame.” If she had a halo, Simone would be polishing the crap out of it, with her fingers crossed behind her back. She had always been so irresponsible with everything from men to money, so Ame taking her on like this was a big ask.

Another thought crossed her mind. “So when are you meeting up with Pandora again?” She asked, genuinely curious about their friendship. Simone knew that Pandora might find it hard to swallow, that Ame was being so charitable with Simone, after everything.


Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
June 21, 2014 06:27PM
Milstead & Co – Bohemian Shopping District – Seattle

“It will happen since this is the first time I came open to one of the girls,” she nodded as she pushed her empty cup away from her to only grab her purse to search through her purse to get money to pay for her coffee. She got up to walk to the cashier to pay for her coffee.

Ame soon returned to the table and looked at Simone, “Are you ready to finish shopping, Sim?”

She grabbed her coat and put it on since she was in the mood to do some shopping and now she had someone to go shopping with. Maybe she should take Simone shopping where she usually shops for her steam punk clothing.

Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
June 21, 2014 06:46PM
Milstead & Co – Bohemian Shopping District – Seattle

Simone was more than ready to tackle some more shopping, since she didn’t have to race home to the apartment. If Erica was going to do all the packing, then let her. Simone rose up from her chair and then threaded her jacket back on as she watched Ame leave some money for the waitress. Donning her dark shades, and a light pat of her hair, Simone then followed Ame out of the coffee house and onto the street footpath outside.

“So…what did you want to shop for?” Simone inquired, wondering if she was after more vintage style steam punk clothes or accessories, like what she already had on.

The street was particularly busy this time of day, and Simone wondered if Ame was going to take her car, or leave it there as the girls might set off on foot. Simone could spend hours trawling the various shops for a good buy. She knew soon however, she would have to start looking at things for the baby. That was if she was going to keep it. The jury was still out on that one.


Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
June 23, 2014 08:25PM
Alexis Hotel, Room 457

Felicity pulled her phone away from her ear, staring at it as if it were a live snake about to bite her. She had been busy working at the time Muriel had called her so she didn’t hear the message Muriel left until some time after the fact.

When she finally did hear the message, it took everything she had in her not to storm to Muriel’s and rip out the fake blonde’s hair…with tweezers. She began to understand now where most of Max’s issues stemmed from. Muriel was definitely an Enabler.

She would have to mention this to Doctor Monroe when she next spoke with him.

Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
July 02, 2014 07:54PM
Milstead & Co – Bohemian Shopping District – Seattle

Ame placed a hand on her hip, looking at Simone and gave her a wide smile as she pointed to her car, “We are taking a trip to somewhere that I buy my steam punk clothing. I bet you will like it. After we do that, we are going to come back and buy some maternity items for you.”

She then pointed to her car which sat in the sun and its paint glistened like it had been freshly painted and coated with protection wax. She walked over to her car, taking out her keys and unlocked the passenger side to let Simone get in and sit down. She picked up the box of liquor out of the passenger side to only place it in the bucket seat and slipped out of the way for Simone to sit down. Ame then walked to the other side and sat down in her seat. She reached into her purse to fish out her car keys and placed them in the ignition, turning it to only hear the car roar to life as she waited for Simone to take her seat and shut the door.

Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
July 04, 2014 08:35PM
Bohemian Shopping District – Seattle

At the suggestion that Ame wanted to take Simone maternity wear shopping, Simone made a gagging sound. You know, like when a cat is trying to bring up a fur ball. This went on for a solid minute before she ran her hand over what was a very small baby bump. The idea that Simone was looking…pregnant had the blonde dancer feeling physically sick. Finally catching her breath, she countered;

“But I am not that far along to warrant maternity clothes. They are for…women that look like they have watermelons shoved up their dresses.” This was Simone’s version of a protest. Simone was still trying to come to grips with the fact she was pregnant. Now abandoned by Erica, she felt a little bit lost in it all. Ame, had already gotten in her mind that she wanted to shop for more clothing like what she already had on. Simone followed Ame to her car, and then got into the passenger side after Ame unlocked the door. Closing the door with a loud thud, Simone hastily drew her seat belt across herself, and then glanced at Ame who seemed to be waiting for the cue to go.

“How many of these cars do you have?” Simone inquired, as she figured Ame had a few. Simone was not really into cars. She knew that they were costly, and got you from A to B, but she much rather ride around in taxis or be picked up by her beau of the day. Being pregnant was going to curb the amount of beaus she was going to have. Had Simone sworn off men?

That remained to be seen.


Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
July 19, 2014 09:21PM
Milstead & Co – Bohemian Shopping District – Seattle

“Simone, you are three months along. And you will be needing to start wearing maternity clothes. Whither you like it or not.” She looked in the side mirror to see if any cars were driving by. When she saw none, she pulled out of her parking spot to head towards where she likes to shop for one of her favorite style of clothing.

“Simone, I have to many cars in general to count. And all of them are from differnt years of America’s automotive culture,” She glanced at Sim then returned her attention to the road, “And if you want, you can put on any music you desire to listen too.” She pointed out since there was rock music playing.

Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
July 19, 2014 09:48PM
Once upon a Time Baby Store – Seattle

Simone was about to put on some music, when a sweet looking shop caught her eye. It was called the Once upon a time store. “Ame…pull over here.” Seeing something that she was actually interested in, she smirked as she saw two good looking men through the store window. “I think baby shopping just got interesting.” Trust Simone to spot a hunk or two whilst being driven around town.

Inside Once upon a time

Walking through the gorgeous aisle filled with baby toys and knick knacks, Thomas picked up a pink hippo fluffy toy and rubbed it against his cheek. The fabric was so plush and soft, Tom simply couldn’t resist. “:Hun, look at this. Pink fluffy hippo” His voice had a slight high pitch to it as he beamed at his lover. “This would look so cute in the nursery. Ooo…matching cot quilts. Hippo fever has hit Seattle, I swear.” Skipping off to the cot section with the Pink Hippo in his hand, the sales lady came up to James, and chortled. “First time fathers. You have to love them. Is he your brother?”she asked, not realizing that James and Thomas were a couple.

From the cot department, you could hear Thomas squeal over the hippo cot quilts. “Babe…we so have to get a mural of a pink hippo in the nursery!” On hearing Thomas sing out to Jason, the sales lady then put two and two together. Ohhhhh!”Yes, oh. Registering that they were a gay couple, the sales lady then added. “Which one of you is the Daddy?”


Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
July 19, 2014 10:05PM
Once Upon A Time Baby Store – Seattle

Ame blinked and pulled over to in front of the store, turning off her engine as she looked through her windshield. She was taken by surprise that Simone spot two men (of course) walking into the store then shook her head, “Simone, you honestly thinking of going after those two gentlemen?” she looked over at her with a cocked head.

She got a bit worried when she heard that baby shopping just got interesting right from Simone’s lips to only reach behind her seat to grab her purse. “Well? You going to get out and look inside the store to see what you like for your child or what?” Ame was going to get serious about Simone’s baby shopping and was going to help her in any way she could.

Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
July 19, 2014 10:30PM
Once Upon A Time Baby Store

James had been skeptical about Tom’s suggestion that they visit the local baby store, but his long-time lover had given him the kicked puppy look and James had caved like a house of cards.

And now he found himself wandering the racks of Once Upon A Time as Tom squealed over this item and that item.

“Hun, look at this. Pink fluffy hippo!” Tom grinned, waving a stuffed hippo over his head. James grinned and shook his head.

“You and your hippo obsession, I swear.” James chuckled. Tom waved him off and went off to look for more hippo-themed items. James browsed the racks nearest to where he was standing as a sales clerk wandered over.

“First time fathers. You have to love them. Is he your brother?”

Before James could answer, his lover’s voice nearly shouted across the store. “Babe…we so have to get a mural of a pink hippo in the nursery!”

James shook his head and laughed at Tom’s enthusiasm and the clues finally clicked for the clerk.

“Ohhhhh!…Which one of you is the Daddy?”

“Neither of us actually.” James stated. “We’re on a waiting list for adoption. We’ve been wanting to adopt for a few years now.” he explained, leaving out the more heartbreaking aspects: how they had come so close to adopting a baby boy the year before, but the mother changed her mind at the last second. Tom had been devestated, James had been heartbroken. James picked up a small baby toy and gazed at it with longing.

“We’re hoping this time around that something pans out.” James smiled, thrilled at the prospect at finally becoming a parent.

Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
July 20, 2014 03:49AM
Once Upon A Time Baby Store

As Ame turned off the car engine and suggested that Simone get out and go shopping, Simone gave her one of those cheeky grins. She pulled the handle and the door opened, allowing Sim to step out onto the curb. Closing the door again, she did a little head bob to see if she could catch sight of the two hunky fellows again, but they must have gone further into the store. One thing that Simone loved was shopping, the other was chasing good looking men, and the two in the store counted as that. Little did she know what she was getting herself into.

Waiting for Ame to get out of her car, Simone patted her blonde locks in place, and then went to the front door of Once a upon a time. A sweet bell chimed as the door swung open, and Simone was gracious enough to hold the door open for Ame.

On entering, Simone was off like a shot trying to hunt down the two good looking guys and this would mean she was up to her usual tricks. But of course, when she reached the cot area, she could see Thomas now gushing over a pink hippo cot quilt. He was also holding a small hippo plushie and making eyes at a blonde man over by the sales assistant. Simone was quick..really quick to put two and two together. Just as she was about to turn around, Thomas happened to recognize her.

“Simone?!….The Simone Jackson?!” Thomas came up behind her and Simone swung around with a polite smile. “In the flesh. Baby shopping?” She asked, trying to keep things polite. Thomas realized he was holding a pink hippo and then brought it up to his cheek playfully. “More like…window shopping, or dreaming…or both. Heh. Actually, my love and I…that is him over there. The blonde. We are hoping to adopt this year. That is if the line ever gets shortened by some miracle. Heh.”

It was then that Thomas noticed Simone’s baby bulge. Course, news of her pregnancy had not yet reached the tabloids.“Oh my goodness. You are pregnant? Congrats..That is just magical. You must be so excited.” Thomas gushed, bopping Simone’s shoulder with the hippo plushie. At this point, Simone could not hide the fact that she wasn’t excited, in fact the whole idea turned her cold. She didn’t want to burst Thomas’s bubble, since he was so excited for her and all, but she couldn’t lie either. “To be honest, I am thinking of giving the child up for adoption. I have a career and, well a baby wouldn’t exactly fit in with my schedule. I am hardly ever home as it is.” She said, brushing back a lock of her blonde hair. At this moment, the wheels in Thomas’s mind started to turn. He suddenly had the biggest grin you could ever see on a man. “Would you like to meet my partner, I know he would love to meet you.”

Whistling loudly, Thomas then sung out. “Babe…come meet Simone Jackson. I think she is the answer to our prayers.”


Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
July 20, 2014 10:39AM
Once Upon A Time Baby Store

Jim discovered the sales clerk was a seasoned mom, having recently given birth to her second girl and was very happy to give him tips and advice on child rearing and clothing. It was probably one of the most enlightening and pleasant conversations Jim had ever experienced with a store employee.

Tom whistled at him from across the store and he glanced up to see him chatting with a woman with blonde hair, another woman with dark hair standing slightly behind her. If he wasn’t assured of his lover’s sexual orientation, Jim would have almost been jealous of the attention being paid. He excused himself from the clerk and casually strolled to Tom’s side.

“Babe…come meet Simone Jackson. I think she is the answer to our prayers.” Jim looked from Tom to the woman standing before him and instantly recognized her.

“Yes, of course! Tom and I saw you in that production of ‘Chicago’ last fall. You were fantastic!” Jim smiled, reaching out to shake the woman’s hand. “So what’s this about being the answer to our prayers?” Jim wondered.

Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
July 20, 2014 09:09PM
Once Upon A Time Baby Store

It wasn’t unusual for Simone to run into fans here and there. She was pretty well known as being an aspiring and upcoming talent on the Broadway and of course in Seattle her home town. Autograph hunters often caught her out the stage door after a performance, but out in public she tried to keep a fairly anonymous figure and that is where the big hats and glasses came in when shopping on a day like today. So, when Thomas called over his lover, Simone showed a slight smile and did a saucy hair flip. The guys may have been gay, but she was one for keeping up appearances.

Tom and I saw you in that production of ‘Chicago’ last fall. You were fantastic!” Jim gushed and Thomas was nodding along enthusiastically as he slid his arm around his partner’s waist. Thomas was practically giddy as he tried to point out Simone’s obvious baby bump.

“Guess who is looking to give her baby up for adoption?”

Thomas chewed his bottom lip as he gave Jim a nudge. Simone blinked a few times at how bold Thomas was about the fact she had shared such a personal part of her life. Then she couldn’t see the harm in explaining to Jim.

“The father is married…apparently.” Simone was not at all proud of that. She felt kind of foolish for not knowing such a thing about him. “And …me being…well me, I just don’t think I am cut out to be a Mommy. So yes, I am going to be giving the baby up for adoption.”

Thomas let out a squeal of delight, and then he said the first thing that popped into his head.

“How…would you like to make one very loving gay couple the happiest two men on the planet?’ It was all asked so quickly, that even Simone was taken aback. “You want to adopt my baby?” Thomas started nodding vigorously. “The baby would have the best of everything, and all the love in the world. We really have been trying such a long time. Even surrogacy.”

At this, Simone looked back at Ame, and wiggled her finger for her friend to come closer and join the conversation.

“Is it legal for gay men to adopt a baby in this state?” Simone wasn’t even sure if that was the case. She quickly looked back at the pair and said. “I have nothing against it, in all honesty. So long as there are no laws being broken. Mind you, I have never really been one that did what she was told anyways.”


Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
July 21, 2014 08:06AM
Once Upon A Time Baby Store

“Guess who is looking to give her baby up for adoption?” Thomas grinned as he slid an arm around Jim’s waist. Shocked by this turn of events, Jim looked at Simone and for the first time, saw the slight bump beneath her clothing, indicating she was quite a bit along in pregnancy.

Simone looked a bit surprised that Thomas had just blurted that out and even Jim was taken aback at his partner’s exuberance. But he couldn’t fault him for it. They had wanted a baby for so long.

“You don’t want the child?” Jim wondered, his tone of voice one of curiosity and not condemnation.

“The father is married…apparently….And …me being…well me, I just don’t think I am cut out to be a Mommy. So yes, I am going to be giving the baby up for adoption.” Tom was right, it was their prayers answered.

Thomas became even more excited beside him and the words left his mouth before Jim could stop him.

“How…would you like to make one very loving gay couple the happiest two men on the planet?”

“You want to adopt my baby?” Simone was genuinely shocked by this. Obviously she hadn’t expected an offer like this just out of the blue.

“The baby would have the best of everything, and all the love in the world. We really have been trying such a long time. Even surrogacy.”

It was like watching a freight train run out of control and in imminent danger of crashing. Jim needed to calm his lover down before that happened. Simone was already waving over the woman who had come in the store with her, waiting till she moved closer before she spoke again.

“Is it legal for gay men to adopt a baby in this state?” she wondered. “I have nothing against it, in all honesty. So long as there are no laws being broken. Mind you, I have never really been one that did what she was told anyways.”

Jim answered her before anyone else could. “Yes, it is legal…but…I’m sorry, we barely know you and who’s to say you won’t change your mind later down the road.” Thomas looked stricken by that and opened his mouth to protest but Jim cut him off before he could. “I’m not saying she would do that, love, but it’s happened to us before and it nearly destroyed us. You ended up sick in the hospital for a week and I…”

Jim shook his head to dispel the memories. He looked at Simone. “If we do this, we are going to want a contract drawn up saying you will give up all rights to the child the moment you find out the gender and won’t change your mind at the last minute.” He pulled a business card from his pocket and passed it to her. “This is the name and address of my lawyer. If you’d like to bring that to him to look over once it’s finished, then we can talk about adopting your baby.”

Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
July 21, 2014 08:55PM
Once Upon A Time Baby Store

Simone tapped the business card on the open palm of her left hand as she heard Jim’s account of what life was like when the pair got their hopes up for adopting a baby before, only to have them crushed. Thomas seemed to have lost his boyish smile while James took the lead and put forward how he would like to have things proceed if Simone agreed to allow the pair to adopt the baby. Glancing down at the card, Simone read the name of their lawyer and gave a slight nod of the head.

“Okay, well….I guess we’ll keep in touch.” Seeing Ame, she turned back to her friend, and was unsure of what to say about the encounter. Choosing instead to try to guide Ame to the door. “We could look at baby things some other time. How about we go find that steam punk clothing store you were talking about.” She gave a last glance back at the two men, and went to go outside back to the pavement near Ame’s car.

Inside the store, Thomas placed the pink hippo fluffy toy on the nearest shelf. He lowered his hand slowly and then had something of a sad expression.

“I got carried away again, didn’t I?’ It was not unusual for Thomas to get so excited about the prospect of the chance at adopting a baby, especially when the baby’s mother was someone as famous as Simone Jackson. What he didn’t take into account was the fact she may well change her mind, or worse. Nothing was every concrete in this world, and it was a shame that it had to become a serious case with lawyers and others that would just be making money out of the whole deal.

Jamming his hands into his pockets, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to stay in the shop much longer. The winds had truly gone from his happy sails. “You …wanna go get a bite?…A coffee?” Thomas asked. Memories of his stint in hospital after the last efforts to adopt going sour were now filling his mind, and he hated it.

Thomas waited quietly for his lover to answer.



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