The Light Box : Art Gallery. (2) – Ladies Night.


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Re: (RP) The Light Box : Art Gallery.
February 27, 2014 05:53AM
Elias’s Studio

Prior to photographing Roísín’s pieces, Lucy dropped her satchel and began pulling things from it. The first was a sketch book which surprised Roísín. The glass, with their expensive look, did not. Once the woman did take up her camera, Roísín was reluctantly gave up her position but did not lose her watchful eye. Purposely positioning herself on a good five feet from Elias, she remained silent as Lucy snapped away at the sculptures and soon began tapping her heel impatiently but quietly.

The wait was not actually long, however, so her anxiety was not the result of time or Lucy’s silence while documenting the pieces. Lucy’s smile left Roísín wondering what Lucy was thinking. Roísín took the opportunity to examine the sketch of the gallery since had of course never seen it and was stubbornly waiting until it was necessary to change that. From the drawing the place was indeed small yet would easily house her small body of work. In observing it, the grudging woman had to admit that Lucy had a fair hand- another surprise, one that earned the woman credibility with her temperamental new talent. Roísín was in the midst of placing each artwork within her mental conjuring of the space when Lucy finished with the camera and returned to her and Elias.

Lucy then pulled out her laptop, the quality of which Roísín appreciated easily given her day job. However she had not in the least expected to see brochure templates so soon, and despite herself, was eager to examine the layout Lucy had created. So much so in fact that Roísín did not notice Lucy peering towards the tarped plinth. ”What information-“ she began. Her question was cut short by Lucy’s own: “Is that item over there, the shrouded piece part of the showing, or a piece of Elias’s work?” Roísín’s red head came up with a startled jerk; Elias casually peered towards the indicated object.

”It’s not mine, Lucy” he quickly said. Roísín was protesting even as the man stepped towards it.

“It’s a work in progress, not anything for the-…….show,“ she answered in a rush. Elias had removed the shroud in the middle of her sentence. His action revealed a rectangular ceramic block about a foot and a half in height and a foot wide. Cut into the corner facing the trio was a pair of hands rising from the base of the block. One, smaller than the other and clearly that of a child, was held palm up with the fingers folded backwards. The larger hand was folded over it in the same manner and possessed noticeably masculine contours. The fingers were spaced for basic C chord positioning on the fret board of a guitar. The sculptor had taken great care to mark every crease with a loving realism, yet the absence of a fret board could not be missed. The lack served to emphasize the hands and allowed for the upward angle of the wrists. Most strikingly, silver solder had been placed along the palms and backs of the hands following the veins. The tracing was thicker on the larger hand and much clearer, flowing up and through the fingers so as to flow perfectly into the smaller hand where it concentrated most heavily in the nails where they would be pressing the strings. Strange as the detail might be, it gave the sculpture a subdued magic quality which informed the relationship between the hands. One would have no difficulty imagining a child sitting on a father’s knee as they learned the chord.

Roísín stood silently behind Elias and Lucy, jaw clamped shut and feeling on fire from head to foot.

Re: (RP) The Light Box : Art Gallery.
February 27, 2014 08:36AM
Elias’s Studio

When Elias pulled back the shroud to reveal the mystery piece that Roisin tried so hard to keep separate from the main body of work, Lucy actually froze for a moment. The sculpture, a work in progress according to Roisin was by far one of the most interesting and detailed pieces of art she had seen for a very long time. In fact, not since her younger days in New York, had she ever seen a sculptor capture a moment like this.

Glancing back at Roisin, Lucy asked with surprise. “You did this?” As though almost incredulous with the find. The curator’s assistant had to show restraint, as the first thing that came to mind was to take as many photographs of it as she could, but by the look on Roisin’s face – the heated expression that had risen to her cheeks, something told Lucy that this was a very private piece. Possibly inspired from her own childhood. Who was to say? All Lucy knew was this was a beautiful example of the girl’s talent.

Slowly Lucy approached the sculpture, walking around it slowly, admiring the detail. The child’s hands and the father’s held over it. Lucy even found herself becoming emotional, just taking in what it meant to her. As an only child, her father rarely had time for her, and when he did it was the simple moments together that she held with her all these years. Lucy came to a stop and said to Elias.

“You were right about this girl.”

She then said to Roisin. “I understand your reluctance to show this, but let me say, its by far one of the most beautiful sculptures I have ever seen. If you do decide to finish it, even after the exhibition; I know someone that would pay a great deal for it.”

That being said, Lucy went back to where her laptop and sketch pad were, and started to pack away her things. Closing up her bag, she checked her iphone, only to see a text from Maxwell. A damned dinner party at his condo. Lucy grimaced. She knew that Mrs Hancock would be there and she despised the woman. One of society’s top bitches, and she had her claws sunk into Maxwell. It was not like Lucy had a thing for Maxwell, but she didn’t want to see Mrs Hancock’s influence affect the Gallery. Pocketing her phone, she turned back to the pair and said.

“Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to get the information I needed for the showing.” Lucy knew they had her card and that if anything cropped up, that they could contact her – day or night.

“I’ll show myself out.”

Lucy offered both a weak smile, again the face of a true business woman, and she left via the large sliding wood door that she came though.


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March 06, 2014 07:35PM
At Elias’s Studio

“You did this?” Roísín did not miss the incredulity in Lucy’s voice, but she was for the moment attempting to decide how to prevent the woman from photographing the sculpture without breaking it and the others. To Lucy’s credit, she understood when it was best to refrain, however much she might itch to do just as Roísín thought. The woman gathered her things, making her thoughts plane to Elias as she headed out: “You were right about this girl.” To Roísín she stated that she knew someone who would pay a great deal for it even after the exhibition, as if Roísín cared for the money it would bring. Lucy excused herself politely, leaving Elias and Roísín standing silently until they heard the faint sound of the rolling door closing behind her. Immediately after the sound faded Elias rounded on Roísín:”A work in progress my ass! I see the etching lines where you’ve planned to cut away the back sides, but that’s the only other thing you’ve intended to do with it. It will be more than ready for the exhibition.” 

Roísín’s burning eyes burned across the old man’s face. ”The fuck it will! I’m not showing it!” She stood before him with shoulders squared, very much as if she intended to lay into him save for her arms remaining crossed over her chest.

Elias’s eyes returned much of the flame in his student’s, but rather than speaking, he walked over to the sculpture and stared at it. Minutes passed. ”Look at it,” he said. ”Just look.” Reluctantly, her eyes moved from his back to the sculpture standing so vulnerably on the plinth. As if of their own accord, her feet moved forward until she was standing next to Elias. The ceramic gave rise to the very memory it was meant to immortalize: The first guitar lesson her father gave her. She was six years old sitting in his lap with the guitar in front of them.

”Place your fingers like this, Ro. Follow mine. See? Your other hand strums the cords at this end, and you press these to change the notes. It’s simple enough once you get started.”

”I can play like you, Daddy?”

Warm rumblings of laughter shook him: ”Yes, like me.”

Elias was speaking long before she realized: “…not a centerpiece, but the master work. They’ll place near the back as if it were hidden, but where the most people can see it. It will be the talk of the show, and you-“.

Roísín cut him off. ”No.”

He tensed, looking as if he would yell, then turned to her with a sadness she had never seen. ”Fine. Stay quiet, Roísín,” he replied as he walked out of the room. Her insides were brimming from the cut his words had made.

The Next Morning

Elias walked into the studio doing his best not to look defeated. Of all the people he dealt with in the art world, the girl had to be the most stubborn. He knew she could make something of herself, and likely in more than one field, but Elias had fought and lost one too many battles over pushing someone to pursue a path they did not want. Roísín was not there at that hour, so he walked into the main room to look at her sculpture again. It wasn’t there. Dismayed, he searched over the storage spaced and shelves but could not find it. Sighing, he rubbed his hand over his grey head and made for his office to email Lucy about sending the plaqquettes over to the gallery.

The hall from the main room to his office was short. In fact, it was actually more of a foyer since it was the space into which the main entrance opened. On the right, the door between the studio and his office was partially open, leaving a crack of light on the floor. It was the small test showing space he used to work out how to position pieces and to exhibit the work of some the kids he taught. But the lights were always off. Opening the door, he peered into the back. A lone light had been turned on. Beneath it set the now finished hand sculpture. Roísín had cut away from the rectangular backing to shape it like a lick of flame. It too had been faintly brushed with silver. Leaning against the bottom of the sculpture was a note written in a familiar messy scrawl: Send photos to her. Grinning like he’d won the lottery, Elias ran back to his studio to text Lucy and grab his camera.

Re: (RP) The Light Box : Art Gallery.
April 17, 2014 09:14PM
The Light Box Gallery

~The next morning~

Lucy was actually early arriving for work at the Gallery. Well before Maxwell had probably surfaced from his bed, that is if he made it to bed at all. Having left the disastrous dinner party as things got heated, she could only imagine the fall out and what a scandal would be taking place when Felicity decided to sell her happy snaps to the highest bidder. Thankfully, Lucy had hot footed it out of there before the food fight commenced. No doubt she would be able to see the devastation at a later date.

Standing out at the entrance getting her keys out, she set down her latte on the street and then pushed the key into the lock, turning it and opening the door. A quick crouch and she picked up her morning brew, before pushing her way inside.

It was always a calming feeling to arrive well before Maxwell, since the dramas of his life tended to follow him through the door. Lucy sometimes wondered if that was half of his excitement, all the odd women that tended to fall at his feet and shower him with money. What was his secret? Dashing good looks? A smooth silver tongue? Or did his penis have some unnatural ability to charm the pants off the old broads? Lucy shuddered to think. Disgusting.

Making her way into her office, she set down her attache case and lap top bag, as well as her coffee, before going in behind her desk and turning on her desktop. Her diary was already opened up, and today she was going to be making preparations for arranging the gallery to accommodate Roisin’s sculptures. She had already arranged to have the gallery’s assistant – Thomas Brown to help her move the exhibit blocks around, and clear off the paintings and pictures that were from the last show.

Sitting down at her desk, she pulled out her cellphone, only to see a message from Elias. He must have sent it to her just a short time before she woke up. The text said that pictures of Roisin’s pieces were going to be coming through shortly, and this brought a smile to Lucy’s face. At last something was going right. Texting back quickly, Lucy thanked Elias for his diligence and that she looked forward to seeing the photographs.

Setting down her phone, Lucy took up her coffee cup and sipped. For once there was a good reason to smile. Lucy then sent a text to Roisin, asking if she would like to come down to the Gallery and check the layout herself.


Re: (RP) The Light Box : Art Gallery.
April 17, 2014 10:14PM
Art Gallery

Felicity had been up at the ass-crack of dawn, ready to start her day. Her plan was to spend a couple of hours getting some morning shots before she headed to Max’s gallery to get some shots before the art show later in the week.

Checking on her brother, she had found him with his head buried under his pillows and snoring away like he was sawing logs in his sleep. She chuckled, leaving a glass of water, two aspirin and steaming mug of coffee on his bedside table that was sure to bring him out of his alcohol-fueled coma.

Her camera slung about her neck and her brother’s spare apartment key in her pocket, she set out into the misty morning, just as the sun was peeking over the horizon.

Walking along the city streets, she got dozens of good shots, smiling the whole time as her camera clicked away. She paused a moment to scroll through her shots, smiling warmly of the one she got of Max while he was sleeping off his drunk. He looked so young.

Now one would think with the chaos of the dinner party the night before Felicity would have taken the chance to snap pics of B-List celebrities acting like spoiled children. She had her standards. She simply stepped back and observed. She didn’t need to cheapen her career by selling to tabloids. That wasn’t who she was.

Stopping at a Starbucks for a latte, she continued her trek to Max’s gallery, surprised to find that the door was unlocked. Shrugging, she stepped inside, instantly awed at the displays of art gracing practically every surface. It was a photographer’s dream. Latte forgotten, she began snapping pictures for her personal portfolio.

Re: (RP) The Light Box : Art Gallery.
April 18, 2014 09:56PM
The Light Box Gallery

The sound of a large truck reversing into the loading bay at the back of the gallery alerted Lucy that Thomas had arrived for work. He was always punctual unlike Max who was probably still buried beneath his covers. Lucy took another sip from her latte, before leaving her office and taking the corridor down to the back storage facility, where the large rollerdoor was being opened from the outside. The white lights of the reversing truck flashed brightly, while Lucy stood on the dock with her arms folded. She paced back and forth a moment before coming to a stop and offering Thomas one of her elusive smiles as he parked the vehicle and got out. Wearing jeans and a blue shirt with the Light Box logo, he ambled along the side of the truck and up the stairs before coming to stand before his boss.

“Morning Lu…how was the dinner party last night?” Course, he had a cheeky expression cause the radio DJ at the party had been going on about it all morning. Lucy had no idea it had hit mass media.

“Drunken snobs hurling food at each other. The usual, you know?”

Thomas let out a loud laugh and slapped his thigh hard. “Bet Max was flat on his back when that broke out.” All Lucy could do was nod. That just made Thomas laugh even more. “I’m sure the pictures in the papers will do the radio show justice.”This had Lucy face palm and turn to go inside, as Thomas followed along behind her, trying to keep a straight face. No doubt Max was going to have some explaining to do when he arrived for work…that is IF he arrived.

Little did Lucy know that Max’s sister had already let herself into the gallery and had her camera out taking photographs of the exhibits. If it was one thing Lucy hated it was people wandering in before opening hours. She really should have locked the door.

“Excuse me, but what do you think your doing?”

The minute she realized who it was, her face took on a whole new look. Flushed red and seriously annoyed.

“Felicity. Where is your brother?”


Re: (RP) The Light Box : Art Gallery.
April 18, 2014 10:11PM
Lightbox Art Gallery

Felicity had been at it a while, snapping preliminary pictures and getting scene shots. She found the area Lucy had already marked off for the new show and began taking angular shots, imagining the area filled with all kinds of imaginative and spectacular works.

As usual, when she gets involved in her work, she ignores everything and everyone around her, so she was unaware of Lucy’s entrance until her irritated voice interrupted her workflow.

“Excuse me, but what do you think your doing?” 

Felicity stopped snapping pictures and turned to face her. Upon realizing who had invade the gallery, Lucy’s whole demeanor changed from irritated to hostile.

“Felicity. Where is your brother?”

“Hello…Lucy, was it? Hmm, yes…Max is sleeping off his hangover. He’ll be here when he wakes. And I’m taking some preliminary shots before the show this weekend. Then I thought I’d get some snaps of the new work for the brochures Max wanted to have done to hand out at the showing. I….hope that’s okay?”

Felicity wasn’t one to step on toes, but she got the feeling Lucy didn’t like her too much. She couldn’t understand why.

Re: (RP) The Light Box : Art Gallery.
April 18, 2014 10:25PM
Lightbox Art Gallery

Right then the door to the gallery burst open, and a disheveled looking Maxwell emerged with dark sunglasses -which were hiding a black eye behind them. He had heard Felicity’s queries and regardless of whether it was true or not, he backed her up. Mainly to stave off world war three erupting inside the gallery at such an early hour.

“Right, quite right. My sister has kindly offered her services to do the brochures and the photography. It was all arranged last night.” The fake smile and the scruffy appearance didn’t fool anyone, in particular Thomas, who came through pushing an exhibit trolley to start loading up the previous collection to take them to the warehouse.

“Morning Max.” He didn’t go on about seeing the black eye, but knew he would get the gossip later of how he came to have one.

Lucy was fuming and ready to go on the attack when Max placed a hand on her shoulder and whispered.

“She is charging below cost…so smile and be grateful Lucy.” He then walked into her office and stole her coffee.

“Cancel all my appointments today. I’m not feeling well.”

Lucy was ready to kick him into next year. She then glared at Felicity.

“Carry on then.” Before marching into her own office and slamming the door.


Re: (RP) The Light Box : Art Gallery.
April 18, 2014 10:31PM
Max’s Office

After watching Max make a whirlwind through the place and Lucy storming off in a huff, Felicity was at a bit of a loss. Her workflow was interrupted and she lost the desire to take pictures. Slinging her camera over her shoulder, she found Max at his desk, face planted on the surface.

She closed the door quietly, mindful of his head.

“I don’t think your assistant like me very much, Maxie.” Felicity stated. “I don’t possibly know why, either. How’s the eye, by the way?”

Re: (RP) The Light Box : Art Gallery.
April 18, 2014 10:40PM
Max’s Office

“Sore.” Max said, taking off the dark shades to reveal the full extent of the damage. It was bad. Black, blue even a bit of pink. He was a sad and sorry sight. The dinner party turned into a massive disaster. A dead dog, ruined apartment, broken instruments, lost friends, the end of a relationship. It was the kind of night you just want to forget in a hurry.

“I had no idea Muriel had such a good left hook.” Max lamented, sighing as he went to take a sip from Lucy’s coffee. Glancing up at his sister, the only one who seemed to understand him, he then answered her in regards to Lucy.

“Lucy is very much the brains here. I’m just the pretty boy who brings in the aging birds and gets them to invest.” This was about as honest and raw as he was ever going to be, but that was because he was hurting, both his pride and his eye.

“Thank you for not taking pictures of the dinner party nightmare, I do appreciate your professionalism.”

Max went to his small bar fridge and took out an ice pack, coming back to place it on his face as he leaned back.

“Don’t worry about Lucy, she’ll come around….eventually.”


Re: (RP) The Light Box : Art Gallery.
April 18, 2014 10:50PM
Max’s Office

When Max slipped off his sunglasses, revealing the damage, Felicity covered her mouth in shock.

“Oh, Maxie. You should put a steak on that.” Felicity sighed.

“I had no idea Muriel had such a good left hook.”

“Hmm…reminds me of the time some red-headed pop star called her a dirty old windbag. I don’t think the lawyers were too happy with her after that one.” she chuckled, trying to get him to smile, but it didn’t seem to be effective. She understood Muriel had been a large part of his life. “I’ll talk to her if you’d like. We’ve had a good working relationship over the years.”

He then tried to explain about Lucy but she simply waved him off.

“You’re a very smart man when you put your mind to it and lay off the drink. Your liver can’t be doing you any favors. What would Mum and Dad think?” she questioned. “They did not spend every penny they had so we could follow our dreams just so you could piss it all way, Maxwell. Maybe it’s time you started to visit AA or something. I worry about you…a lot…when I’m away and I would hate to read in the papers about you dying from alcohol poisoning or drunk driving.”

Felicity was showing a side very few rarely see…but her family, including her brother were a very big part of her life and she didn’t want to lose any of them. Be it by their own stupidity or someone else’s.

“Thank you for not taking pictures of the dinner party nightmare, I do appreciate your professionalism.”

“I admit, I thought about it for half a second…then realized that wasn’t who I am. They’re just as human as the rest of us, just with much less success in their professional lives. They’re entitled to show a bit of freedom every now and again.” she shrugged.

“Don’t worry about Lucy, she’ll come around….eventually.”

“If you say so. I’m going to go finish up my work, then get these pictures over to the printers for your brochures. Lunch at Spagos later?”

Re: (RP) The Light Box : Art Gallery.
April 18, 2014 11:02PM
Max’s Office

Raw steak was not exactly something that Maxwell kept in his office bar fridge, and though the suggestion was a good one, the ice pack would have to suffice. He took it off momentarily and let out a weak sounding “Ahhh” sound. Yes, it still hurt. His thoughts turned to Muriel and he knew that the relationship had been on the rocks for some time, especially since he had repeatedly knocked back her marriage proposals; four times in a row.

“You are thoughtful, Sis, but to be honest I’m rather glad it’s over. I’d like to perhaps date someone that is at least closer to my age bracket than my own mothers.”

It was true. The dating of the old ducks had worn him ragged. He found them to be more high maintenance than younger women. What he needed was a massive change in how he lived, and that started with his drinking addiction. Max knew that he had probably worn out his liver with his constant nightly binges, but he needed to focus his energies on more practical things. His gallery for starters. Leaving Lucy in charge constantly had made the poor girl into the sad sack that she was. Barely time to herself and always off doing things for the Gallery in her own time. He wondered if she had a home life at all.

“I don’t think Mother and Father would be too impressed with me now, Sis. Burnt out at 35. You know a good bridge I could jump off?” Was he kidding? It was always hard to tell with him. Hearing his sister explain that she was going to finish the job of taking pictures, he gently waved her off.

“Lunch is wonderful. I shall either arrive by cab or the coroner’s van.”



Hawaii (2) – Ladies Night.


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Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 18, 2014 05:35AM
Suite 102 – Jane and Mikala

The sound of laughter followed by heavy snogging was coming out from the hallway, as the newly weds (in name only) were locking lips fiercely, as the hotel clerk tried to open the door to their suite. Jane was dressed in an all white wedding dress, her long blonde hair flowing down beneath the short veil, while her “groom” Mikala was wearing a man’s style tux. Mikala was a short haired bruenette with manly features for a woman. The happy couple had just celebrated a naming ceremony on the beach near the resort and had come up to their apartment for the honeymoon to really kick off. The door to the room was finally opened, and the young clerk carried in their bags, as Mikala swept up Jane in her arms and carried her over the threshold. Jane squealed, burying her face into her partner’s neck. Mikala ceremoniously plonked down her new bride, who had now taken in the room they were staying in.

“Oh…my …God! It’s beautiful!”

“Anything for you, Angel.” Mikala said, tipping the clerk as he then took his leave. Jane spun around and tore off her veil. She made goose lips at her love before skipping around the room dancing with her veil much to her love’s amusement. Watching her darling new bride brought a swelling to her chest and somewhere else. But first things first. Mikala went to the fridge and took out a bottle of champagne, then two crystal flutes. All the while Jane was still dancing about, then she ripped open the curtains.

“I can see the pool!”

Honestly she was like an excitable puppy. Opening the glass sliding door, she ventured out – kicking off her white shoes and then going to the edge of the balcony railing. Mikala followed her out, offering her a glass of champagne, before wrapping an arm around her protectively. The pair so much in love.

“This is going to be a night to remember.” Mikala said, kissing Jane’s neck before then taking a sip of champagne.


Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 19, 2014 06:31AM
Suite 104

The nap did wonders to recharge her energy and upon waking, Pandora found herself starving. Seeing that she had an hour before the start of the luau, she headed for the shower to get ready. She found herself humming one of her favorite songs as she washed her hair.


Toweling herself off, she pulled out the dress she had purchased to wear for the luau with a smile on her face. She had never worn anything so revealing or so colorful and it changed her whole attitude. She was determined to update her wardrobe when she got home.

Tying her hair up into a loose ponytail that made her look a few years younger then she actually was, she rubbed her favorite lotion into her skin before slipping into a matching colored thong. Slipping on the dress, she added some beaded bracelets and earrings.

Checking her appearance in the mirror, she pronounced herself ready and taking up her cane, she headed out.

Hotel Luau

The hotel had gone all out to give it’s patrons a genuine luau experience. There was a stage set up behind the hotel at the edge of the beach with enough tables set up to feed the entire hotel. One of the servers saw her looking around and moved to escort her to the front so that she would be unimpeded with her injury. She thanked him with a smile, hooking her cane on the back of the chair.

“Would you care for a drink before your meal, Ms LaRue?”

“A Mango Mai Tai sounds good.” she stated.

“”I’ll bring that up for you while you decide on your meal.”

“Thank you.” she nodded, looking at the menu choices for the evening.

Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 19, 2014 06:51AM
Hotel Luau

The afternoon’s pleasures did nothing to wear out the newlyweds from Room 102. Jane was now dressed in a skimpy bikini top and matching short skirt that screamed ever colour of the rainbow with bright flowers that set of her natural tan. Her hair was bound up in a loose bun with a large flower behind one ear. Smiling broadly, she led Mikala through the crowd of hotel guests to find their spot at the Luau. Mikala had her hair swept back, still wet from the shower and she was practically being dragged along by her excitable bride, Jane. Mikala was not dressed as skimpily as Jane, opting for a Hawaiian shirt and long shorts. She was the more conservative of the pair, that was for sure.

Little did the pair know that their table was right next to Pandora’s who had just been shown to her seat by the wait staff. Jane grinned and waved at Pandora as she took her place, then tugged on the skirt of a passing waiter asking.

“Can I have one of those cocktail things…in a coconut?”

She squealed when he said she could and took Mikala’s order of a JD on the rocks. Jane was like a bouncy ball, looking around and pointing people out. Squealing every time something exciting happened, or someone gorgeous walked past. Mikala protectively put her arm around Jane, before she bounced right out of her seat.

“If they ask people to do the hula….I am so getting up, hun.” Jane blurted, as a large coconut drink was set down in front of her, complete with crazy straw and little umbrella.

“This is so cute. I need to take a selfie with it.” she then got out her camera and posed with the coconut with a cheesy grin.


Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 19, 2014 07:06AM
Hotel Luau

Pandora was swaying along to the Hawaiian music that was playing through the loudspeakers at the edge of the stage while she sipped her drink, pretty much off in her own world as she waited for her dinner and for the luau to start.

A squeal of delight next to her had her turning in her seat to see two women, obviously a couple from the way the brunette had an arm around the bouncing blonde next to her. The blonde was practically humping the table in her enthusiasm, even going so far as to snap a goofy pic of herself with her coconut drink.

Pandora shook her head with a smile. It was nice to see a happy couple for once, instead of all the doom and gloom she’d been subjected to recently.

Waiters began to bring out the food on rolling carts, moving from table to table and serving the guests their selections. It all looked so good to Pandora and she was starving. She picked out several things to try, including fried calimari marinated in duck sauce.

The stage was being setup with instruments, stagehands dashing left and right to make sure everything was safe for the entertainers.

Pandora couldn’t wait. She’d never seen an authentic luau before and it was sure to be an experience she’d never forget.

Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 19, 2014 07:19AM
Hotel Luau

The smells and sights of the dishes that were being placed down before the eager guests had many chatting loudly, and none more so than Jane. Mikala could only chuckle at the antics of her blushing bride, who was already starting on her coconut cocktail. Her feet tapping under the table as the band were setting up the instruments.

“I want pork!” Jane cried, as a trolley was going past. The waiter made up a plate for Jane and her partner, who was smirking at Jane’s antics. “Got enough on your plate, angel?”She asked, as Jane was gesturing for it to be loaded. Jane nodded repeatedly as she picked off a piece of fruit and stuck it between her teeth, then giving Mikala a fruity kiss. The pair started to kiss each other passionately, enough to make the waiter blush. Coming up for air, Jane sung out to Pandora.

“Where’s your date?”

Jane assumed that everyone was on a holiday with a loved one. She didn’t see the cane, or come to think that maybe Pandora was dining on her own.

“I’m Jane, and this is my wife Mikala. We just got married.”

She flashed a huge wedding engagement ring at Pandora before resting her head on Mikala’s shoulder. She was like a huge blonde over affectionate kitten.
Mikala nodded politely while stroking Jane’s side.



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Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 19, 2014 07:31AM
Hotel Luau

The blonde squealed behind Pandora again, shouting something about pork. Pandora could only grin and shake her head, glad the woman was enjoying herself.

She turned around to see the two women sharing a passionate kiss and Pandora quickly averted her gaze, feeling like she’d just intruded on a private moment.

The blonde came up for air and noticed Pandora was turned toward them.

“Where’s your date?” she sing-songed.

Pandora shrugged her shoulders, not as bothered by the question as she once would have been.

“Dateless. Sorry.” she chuckled. “I actually prefer it.”

“I’m Jane, and this is my wife Mikala. We just got married.” the blonder grinned, flashing the large diamond on her finger and resting her head on the brunette’s shoulder. The brunette, Mikala nodded in Pandora’s direction.

“Pandora. Pleasure to meet you both, and congratulations.” Pandora smiled. “This place is amazing, isn’t it?” She looked around with a grin.

Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 19, 2014 07:49AM
Hotel Luau

“Like…Pandora’s box? Ooo that can be so rude.” Jane erupted into a fit of girly giggles, only to be silenced her mouth fell open at the next food trolley to trundle past, with more exotic dishes to tempt the eye. She immediately started to ask for helpings of this and that, while Mikala struck up a conversation with Pandora.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Pandora. And forgive my wife, she tends to get a bit excited over new things. It’s one of the things I love about her.”

Looking at Jane, she was already getting her third plate full of Hawaiian treats as Mikala could only smile. To Jane, this whole holiday experience, from the room to the fantastic meals they were serving. It was her first time overseas, and she was loving every minute of it.

“I hope you didn’t think Jane was rude asking where your date was. She tends to think that everyone on a holiday is with someone they love.”

At this point, Doctor Lumbard walked past the trio and went to go take a seat on his own. He didn’t look back or acknowledge Pandora, for he hated to admit that he would even come down to the Luau, after knocking her back.


Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 19, 2014 08:08AM
Hotel Luau

“Like…Pandora’s box? Ooo that can be so rude.” Jane giggled before breaking out in another squeal when more food was brought by. Mikala just rolled her eyes.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Pandora. And forgive my wife, she tends to get a bit excited over new things. It’s one of the things I love about her.” Mikala stated. “I hope you didn’t think Jane was rude asking where your date was. She tends to think that everyone on a holiday is with someone they love.”

“Nope, not me. Single and currently loving it. Call me a relationship-phobe, but I just don’t do commitment very well. Tends to complicate things.”

As if her words conjured him, Jason walked past them to sit alone at another table, not even bothering to acknowledge Pandora. She shrugged, not as bothered by it as she once was. She was becoming used to being ignored by men, and it made her feel assured of her own self-worth. She was coming to realize, she didn’t need a man in her life to be happy. All she needed was her own confidence and belief in herself that she could do anything.

She was going to go home with a new attitude, and damn anyone who got in her way.

“So what do you ladies do for a living?” Pandora wondered, taking up her plates of food and joining the two women at their table.

Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 19, 2014 08:21AM
Hotel Luau

Mikala moved over to give Pandora room to join them, as the question was asked what the couple did for a living. Mikala would be the first to answer, since she didn’t have a mouthful of food like Jane did.

“I’m head of marketing for one of Seattle’s leading Advertising giants Wincorp. We do everything from magazines, to motion pictures and just gotten into the online market, which has seen business triple in the last three months.” Mikala was quite proud of her achievements in business after being one of the few in her top in her college to get the Dean’s prize. A natural in the industry she was highly sought after and knew it as well. The fact she was taking a break and getting married was a shock both to her family and her business partners. Course it was an even greater one when they found out she fell in love with a woman.

This was when Jane finally swallowed and said.

“I’m a florist. I have this sweet little shop down town called “Jane’s flowers and gifts.”

Now how on earth a high paid executive would come to be in love with a young florist was like the makings of an epic chick flick and no doubt, Pandora may well want to know how the two fell in love.

“I met Mikala when I was delivering some flowers for her birthday from her ex husband.” Jane said with a great smile.

“It was love at first sight. I can still remember that moment, when she took me on her desk, right next to the roses.”Needless to say this would have painted quite the visual image in Pandora’s mind. Mikala glanced at Jane, and you could see the absolute love in her eyes for the cheeky blonde. “Cleared the desk, if I remember.”

“I didn’t even know I was a lesbian.” Jane added, before the pair shared a soft kiss.


Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 19, 2014 08:40AM
Pandora was impressed with both their jobs and how their relationship started. She was more surprised to learn they were both from Seattle.

“Well isn’t that something. You know, I think I’ve ridden past your shop a couple of times.” She told Jane. “You have some real beautiful arrangements from what I’ve seen.”

Before either woman could reply, Pandora’s cell phone rang. “Excuse me.” She checked the caller ID and saw that it was her mechanic, quickly pressing the send button. “Talk to me, Lou. How’s my baby?”

“Well I have good news and bad news.” he started. She covered her eyes with a groan.

“Tell me the bad news.”

“Your engine block is cracked.”

She winced when she heard that. If that was the extent of the damage, how could there be good news? She was almost afraid to ask, but she had to know.

“And the good news?”

“I can get a new one, same make and model, through an outside supplier…”

“Why do I feel a ‘but’ in there somewhere?”

“But I have to order the part from Germany, and it’s going to be at least 2 weeks.”

“Shit.” she groaned. Bad news to good news to more bad news. Someone hated her.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Do what you need to, Lou. I’m not going to be in this cast forever and I need my wheels.”

“I’ll have to charge you for the part and shipping.” he hedged.

“If it gets her fixed, I’ll sell my soul to Satan if I have to. Just get her fixed.”

“You got it.”

“Thanks Lou.” Pandora sighed before she hung up the phone. “Sorry about that. Had an accident with my bike a week ago, ended up spraining my shoulder and breaking my ankle.” She explained.

Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 19, 2014 06:11PM
Hotel Luau

While Pandora was taking her call from the mainland, Jane and Mikala started to tuck into their meals. Jane in particular was famished, and by the look on her face you could see the meal she was having was giving her a mouth gasm. Every now and again, Mikala seemed to glance at Pandora – hearing one side of the conversation it sounded like she had a damaged bike that needed special parts sent over. She knew how expensive some bike parts could be, and if it was a special model it would take weeks to get them.

Pandora soon ended the call, and explained her situation. An accident on her bike had led her to have the injuries that required a walking cane. It all made sense to the business executive, who was a lover of bikes herself.

“Well, when you get back if you need a ride, I can loan you one of mine. That is if you are into Harley’s.”

Jane’s ears pricked at the talk of the bikes.

“Oh my god. Mika has some amazing bikes. You should see her garage. She lets me ride in behind, cause like I can barely get one to stand up on my own.”

This might be an offer that Pandora might accept if she was desperate for wheels when she got back from her holiday. On word that Pandora was still recovering from her injuries, Jane asked.

“So is that why you came to Hawaii? To get better under a golden sun, surrounded by beautiful people?’


Jackson Gilbert Audition – Crystal Cove.


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Re: :Audition & OCs:
April 19, 2014 02:39AM
So, after looking at the available characters, I have settled on trying out for Jackson Gilbert.

Hi, I’m Jules also known as Charlotte on imvu. Been role playing now for seven years, and have a love of forum role play having participated in many over the last two years. I love the challenge of trying new things, and Jackson will definitely be something I can sink my teeth into (hur dur).

Mystic Grill.

Beyond the light of the car park at the Grill, a lone figure stood in the shadows. It was like he was waiting specially to see Aaron pull up before venturing across. Of late nothing seemed to be making sense. Jackson had always lived the quiet life, keeping to himself especially at school – but now as he grew into adulthood the very things that he had believed to be nothing but idle gossip were starting to become real.

Ever since finding the journals and in particular the amulet, Jackson grew increasingly wary of those he once thought were friends. His saving grace was Aaron and Logan; the two guys he was closest too outside of his own family. The deaths of his parents had left him scarred, though time had not healed them as one would like to believe. His face a mask for the true torment he felt, and while he would smile and chill out with friends, he always felt like he was looking over his shoulder….waiting.

One day he would make sense of the journals. One day….he would learn the truth of his heritage.

Till that day he remained on guard.

Soon the bright headlights of Aaron’s car were seen, and it swung into the Mystic grill car park lot. Taking a glance behind him, he reached into his pocket where he had kept the amulet. For some reason he felt the need to put it on his wrist. His lips were dry, and he ran his tongue across them before snapping in place. A light breath escaped his lips and he made his way across the road, his face showing that smile.

“Hey man…you’re late.”



A Page in Time – Chapter Seven.


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Re: (RP) ” A Page in Time.”
April 18, 2014 04:36AM
A Page in Time

Chapter Seven

Legends Alive!


CharlotteCarrendar: – There is such a thing as running, and then there is flying, which is what Nadia practically did as Dante picked her up and flung her the bulk of the way along the sky walk path. She skidded chest first down the last part of the path bruising herself and crying out as she finally came to a stop well past the end of the small walk. The young lawyer grunted and coughed up a mouthful of dust, before trying to get to her feet – the gun still in her hand. Turning back, she could hear the roar of the Minotaur that was chasing the pair across the walk. What on earth released the hellish beast from its stone tomb? Was it them? Was this all part of the chamber’s security to stop humans from entering the sacred temple? For now it appeared to be working, as Dante fought vigorously against the mythical Ox creature. Nadia felt so useless, with only a gun which she knew would not stop the enraged beast from attacking further. But Dante, he was a powerhouse onto himself. Tackling the Ox head on and hurling abuse in Greek. Nadia wasn’t sure what was said, but she knew one thing – it pissed the Minotaur off to no end. Nadia was almost afraid to keep on running, but it was what Dante ordered her to do. Surely he would catch up, yes? One could only hope. There was a larger tunnel that she now entered that ran off the walkway, and so down the tunnel she ran, though it was hard going without much light – only the slight light of the flare that had been thrown before her. Picking up speed, the tunnel zigged and zagged in this direction then that, leading her deeper into the cave system. What would be waiting for her at the other end? :: In the original chamber that had the three tunnels, the moment that the walkway was destroyed, a large gate came down on the Minotaur tunnel, and another was lifted, as thought senses had picked up that those that entered had to deal with the beast. Jason and his two henchmen were trapped now along with Dante and Nadia, and with only one way to go, they had no choice but to take the newly opened tunnel. What they failed to see, was the large snake’s head that was at the top of the tunnel entrance. The three men were about to discover a rare beauty….with a terrible secret. :: Nadia’s journey through the tunnel finally brought her out into what looked to be a jungle like temple. Vines covering many statues and fresh water flowing around the base like a moat almost. The water was crystal clear and filled with all types of fish. It was like something out of a picture book for children. Exotic plants, large flowers, and the calls of wild birds, as far to the top of the cavern was an open hole that brought in shards of light. It was beautiful as it was mysterious. There were six stairs carved from rock that led to a temple doorway. Within it was dark. Nadia was unsure if she should proceed without Dante. <3>

IceTe3a: Adrenaline coursing throughout Dante’s body which in turn allowed him not to feel the pain that was caused to his body during the tussle, his stitches now ripped from the manhandling as his hues watch as the giant mythical beast falls down into the darkness leaving a trail of horrific roars almost sounding like the Minotaur was cursing Dante for its ill fate. Reality set in as the pain shot straight to him “ARRRGH!!” he bellowed out as it echo’d throughout the cavern, his hues flick over to where he tossed Nadia, she was nowhere in sight good so she listened and ran for it; he started to walk across the small pathway slowly in an injured pace as he grunts slightly “That woman will be the death of me” he said with a slight smirk across his face, his face had received a new gash across his forehead slightly from the earlier fight with the Minotaur touching the area he feels the slightly bloodied skin and groans “Another one” reaching the edge of the small path way It seemed to have opened up to a larger tunnel system which was a good thing since Dante would not need to crouch to get through. Picking up the pace a little he commenced a casual job knowing all well that Nadia should not be left alone in a place like this for too long he wanted to catch up as quickly as he could, he had no time to glance around looking for more clues of human activity in this new tunnel as he continued down the path as it twisted and turned constantly, he could feel the blood tricking down his skin from his torn stitches and his forehead the pain was there but he had to focus on more current events first. After a while of jogging he notices the tunnel started to widen slowly over time as a light beamed at the end of the tunnel. Walking out to the new chamber he had to shield his eyes quickly from the change of running in the dark to this now brightened room, after a few seconds of allowing his eyes to adjust he glanced around noticing this place showed work from man, a temple in the middle of a cave system? Not unheard of but pretty rare to see firsthand, as it looked structurally sound built to last the damage of time; coming to a walk further in he notices broken statues scattered around the place obviously this was more confirmation that this tunnel system was built by a bunch of Greeks, they always had a good eye for design or at least Dante thought so. His hues flicker to a familiar sound, running water; a river system this deep in the caves how unusual and it didn’t have that thick smell of salt water, it must be a fresh water stream no doubt it was filtered and purified from the limestone build up in these rocks as he noticed how crystal clear it was. Walking down to the water he kneeled down as he cupped his hands and washed his face before taking a drink of water, it was cold to the touch and really refreshing which confirmed that the limestone had acted as a filtering system, this water was pure, movement in the water showed there was life in this cave system as he noticed the small fish and plantation growing under the water a self sustaining ecosystem how interesting this in itself was a great find. Coming to a stand he looked around as it appeared there were more signs of life in this cave as plants and large flowers were growing all over the place, parts of the ground was covered in a green thick moss kind of plant almost like grass but not exactly..He was unsure as to what that was exactly as he heard the beat of flapping wings he looked up to see wild birds flying around as his ears pick up the music of the ecosystem the running water softly In the background, the call of the wild birds talking and arguing with each other, there even seemed to be a slight breeze which rustled the leaves of the plants, how peaceful this place seemed, it was almost tranquil. But one thing was off.. Where was that demanding woman who earlier pinned him down twice firstly to sow him up stating he was like a blanket and secondly to force him to rest on her lap as she played with his hair. Walking around slowly as he continued to admire his new found scenery he hollered out her name “Nadia… Nadia where are you” he bellowed at the top of his lungs as he tried not to stretch his muscles too much, his back and forehead slightly throbbing from the pain as he stood still next to the flowing water, eyes darting around looking for Nadia.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Nadia had already started exploring the wondrous cavern that was like something out of a dream. After the terrible fright of the Minotaur attack, this temple cave offered a false sense of security, as there didn’t appear to be anything dangerous lurking within. The gentle babble of water as it poured over a rock waterfall was a delightful sound; and the mist like spray cleaned the air with water droplets cooled Nadia’s skin. Such colourful flowers that opened up to reveal large centres that were a food source for birds and insects alike. Some types of the flowers she had never even seen before. This would have been a botanist’s dream come true. Finding species of plant life; that had long since become extinct on the surface of the planet. The cavern itself was enormous, and the carved columns were clearly done by human hand. At least that is what she thought. Was this a temple that had fallen into the mountain from above, like Atlantis was claimed by the sea? Nadia had so many questions and she truly wished her father was there by her side to explain all of this. Then again, she had the journal and if he had been this way before surely it would be noted. The yelling of her companion broke her chain of thought, and she came out from behind a large broken statue of a Cyclops. Seeing Dante was wounded again, the smile that she was wearing fell from her face. “You’re hurt.” Well that was obvious, and Nadia ran down across the moss covered stones to his side, reaching up to touch the wound on his forehead. “What happened to the Minotaur?” She asked. <3>

IceTe3a: He watches as a beautiful red and green bird sours through the air almost playfully, such freedom “I doubt there’s any predators down here to bother you little fella” he said with a smile as he watched the bird fly off to the distance. Where was she? Obviously she had wondered off to explore, that much Dante knew. Checking the gear was still attached and ready to go as he searched through a dry bag to pull out a packet of smokes, lighting a cigarette as he took in a deep drag he let out a refreshing sigh of relief after a few moments. Finally she appeared out from behind a rock her smile dimmed as she walked over to him extending an arm, he watched as she touched the wound on his forehead claiming he was hurt; that was to be expected when fighting a mythical creature he thought to himself … “Wait.. Do I even call them mythical creatures now? I mean I was just attacked by one” he said a loud to himself as he came back to reality “Yeah I tore my stitches too, sorry about that” as he pointed to his back he arched a brow when she asked what happened to the Minotaur “I threw it off the pathway, He won’t be bothering us for awhile, Although I get this feeling he was cursing at me while he was falling” he shrugged slightly as he glanced around “Looks like your father was onto something with this one huh” he stated it as he pointed at their new found scenery, coming to sit down on the floor to rest for a moment he sighed as he looked up at her “I just need a moment, what’s the journal say?” as he looked around them he was still alert and always on the lookout for more dangers after a few moments he glanced over to the temple and nodded in its direction “whatever all this is about I’m sure we’ll find something in that temple over there” he looked over the temple it was old but impressively built since it was still standing, the plant life down here had all but taken over the walls of the temple as flowers and vines grew across the wall. Looking back at Nadia he took another drag of his Cigarette as he passed her a bottle of water “Drink it all up, it’s been awhile since we rehydrated and while we are near a fresh spring I want to utilize it, never know how long we need to make that water last” he said as he started collecting empty bottles from the dry bags with the intention to fill them up with the fresh water from the stream, he grabbed a full bottle of water and guzzled it all down in one go letting out a sigh of satisfaction before glancing back over at Nadia.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The loud caw of the exotic red and green bird had Nadia glance skywards up to the very small opening that allowed the light of the sun to filter through. It was a godsend in a way. They weren’t that far from the surface. Being before Dante now, and hearing his stitches had been ripped open again made the young lawyer scowl. All that work, undone by a Minotaur; who would have thought? Last thing he would have wanted was to have her working on his again. The best thing to do, was enjoy this moment where at least there appeared to be nothing savage that wanted to end them in this temple. The Minotaur had been defeated on the small walkway so Dante had said, and Nadia let out a sigh of relief. “I thought those things were just myths, I guess not.” She was starting to wonder just what was real and not. She couldn’t have imagined what had been down the other two tunnels that had been gated off when she stepped on the pressure plate. Little did she know that those following her were about to find out. Sitting down on the moss covered hill, Nadia gratefully accepted the bottle of water, unscrewing the cap and bringing it to her lips to replenish herself after the dive and the sprint through the caves. She tipped the bottle up as she emptied it effortlessly, handing the empty back to Dante so he could refill it from the stream. She eased back on the palms of her hands that were pressed down behind her and tilted her head from side to side stretching out while she had the opportunity. It was a needed rest stop in her view, after everything that had happened to them so far, however Dante wanted to know what the journal said. Sitting back up, she fished through the dry bag and took it out; opening it to a new page that did in fact show a marking of the Cyclops. Nadia turned her head and looked back over at the broken statue that was of the Cyclops creature and then said. “If you look here, it shows this symbol for Cyclops, so that must be on the map.” Taking the map she spread it out, and then she ran her finger along a trail on the paper, till she reached the same Cyclops marking. “We must be getting close.” She assumed, knowing the temple was somehow a door way to the next level. :: Down the Snake head tunnel, Jason was holding up a flare as the two muscle bound brutes followed. The floor of the tunnel was littered with small broken bits of rock, and made it hard going till coming out to a new cavern area that looked like a graveyard. Massive statues of all kinds, but they were all of men. As Jason walked past one, it looked as though the statue of the warrior feared what it was seeing. One of the two guards, called out. “I don’t like the look of this.” Jason was starting to agree. Hundreds of these statues were all facing the same way. Then…they heard it. The laughter…of a woman. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as Nadia drunk the entire bottle down, thirsty little thing she was; as she handed him the bottle he grabbed the empty bottles and leaned over to the river as he started to fill them up one by one he watched the fish swim by “Fresh food” he said smirking slightly at the thought “And if you don’t like fish there’s always I can’t believe it’s not chicken” as he gestured to the birds with a laugh. Filling up the last bottle he screwed the lid on tight and placed them all into the dry bag with a nod “That’ll do us for at least 4 days” his survival skills kicking in as he knew how much water was needed to last two people a day. Leaning back upright he glanced to Nadia who was now flicking through her father’s book, he followed her eyes as they both looked over to the Cyclopes statue “I don’t think I can go a second round with another mythical creature” he stated as he laid down onto his back the cool feel of the rocks below him touching his skin “If that Minotaur was real, what else could be real and waiting in the dark shadows?” as his mind raced through a short list of the Greek Mythical creatures he stopped thinking about it “Yeah fuck that!! There’s too many giant fire breathing un-killable Greek Mythical creatures for my liking” as he nodded softly “Indeed we are on the right path, Do you think we should go investigate the temple? See what it has in store for us?” pulling something out of the dry bag it was wrapped up in old newspaper as he unwrapped it to show two loafs of Vienna bread, some cold cut smoked meats, a small bottle of Olive oil and some Cyprus cheese. Pulling her to lay down next to him he rested the platter on his chest as he broke one of the loafs in half passing her a half of the Vienna he knew they should eat now while they were safe so they could get their energy up “Like this” Dante showed her how to eat the Vienna bread Greek style, as he pulled all the soft white dough out from the middle leaving a small amount on the inside and the crust almost like a bowl, he poured in a decent amount of Olive oil and dips a piece of the soft dough into the olive oil and pops it in his mouth “See? Just like that, than you take something else like a piece of cheese of meat and eat it” he smiled as he broke up the Cyprus cheese into smaller more manageable pieces, placing a piece in his mouth it was rich with flavour strong with a vintage taste to it, there was never anything subtle about Greek cheese or their food for that matter as everything they made was rich and full of flavour.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The young lawyer hadn’t meant to finish off a whole bottle by herself, but she was parched from the trip thus far. She casually tossed a glance at Dante’s backside as he went to refill the remaining water bottles so they had enough supplies to keep them going for a few days. The cavern temple was giving the pair something of a reprieve from the dangers they had encountered so far, and she had to agree it was a good idea to stop and refuel both with food and water. The broken statue of Cyclops didn’t look to be a threat – yet. In her tour of the temple so far, she had not wandered onto any pressure plates, nor had she touched anything, aside from Dante’s wounded forehead. It was safe to say that for the moment, they were okay, but it paid to be on her guard, just the same. When Dante said, he was not in a fit state to take on another mythical creature, she could hardly blame him. The Minotaur was the stuff of legends, and a fierce opponent for man or an immortal. The fact Dante made it across that narrow walkway which had now been destroyed, meant there was no going back that way. The only way to go, was via the temple. They were on the right path, and Nadia agreed that when they had concluded their rest that they go on through the temple, and see what lay within its walls. :: Over in the chamber of fallen warriors, the menacing sound of a woman’s laughter had all three men stiffen. One held up his rifle and swung it around, as the voice of the woman was now bouncing off the walls. “Zeus be praised, for he sends me new lovers.” There was an odd hissing sound, then a slithering that could be heard coming closer. Jason didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out just who the voice belonged too. “Medusa?” His voice almost a whisper as his second guard looked at him oddly. “That’s bullshit…she is a myth!” But his statement only brought the danger closer as the great snake reared up behind him. The beautiful head of a woman, whose hair was that of asps all hissing violently; smiled as she tapped him on the shoulder. “Boo!” The guard turned around and gazed up into the bewitching eyes of the Goddess Medusa. The veins in his skin thickened as his entire body started to stiffen and change to rock. The other two – Jason and the remaining guard started to run through the fleet of statues, the guard with the gun firing shots back willy nilly over his shoulder as the massive serpent spun round and gave chase. :: Back in Cyclops temple, Nadia was learning the finer things about Greek food, as Dante gave her a lesson on how to eat Vienna bread with olive oil, meat and cheese. She had to admit the fare was delicious and she took her fair share, lying back and munching contentedly. In the distance however, she heard gunfire. Sitting bolt upright, she cried out. “What the hell was that?’ <3> 

Four Seasons Condos (1) – Ladies Night.


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Re: RP – Four Seasons Condos.
March 06, 2014 05:34PM
Felicity shared a kiss with Muriel before they stepped back. Muriel gave her the once over. “Sue me, I just got off the plane from Milan about an hour ago. Didn’t know Brother-Dearest was throwing a dinner party or I would have changed.” Felicity chuckled.

“Would you mind taking some snaps of our wonderful guests, I am sure that they would end up on every society page in this town.””

“Oh thank God! I thought you’d never ask!” Felicity grinned, turning on her camera, ready to work the crowd. Maxwell paused her to introduce her and Muriel to Lucy. “Pleasure to meet you, Lucy. I hope you’re keeping this joker in line.” Fel grinned, snapping a photo of her brother when he wasn’t paying attention. He had been staring at Lucy at the time. Muriel threaded her arm through Felicity’s to lead her to the dinner table, Fel snapping pictures as they went to find their seats. Switching to the video function, she captured the two playboys kissing and the Senator’s wife laughing like a hyena in heat. She smirked as she thought of sending the video to TMZ but then realized it would destroy her integrity as a serious photographer and deleted the video. She didn’t need that kind of crap in her portfolio.

Re: RP – Four Seasons Condos.
March 06, 2014 06:27PM
The Dinner party.

The seating arrangements had Muriel at the head surprisingly, with her spiritual adviser – Mahatma Sheika to her right, and of course the luscious Stacy Pulser and her poodle Minty to her left. Seated down on the left hand side were the fabulous boys, the Iron Chef and his gorgeous boy toy of the hour Rodger, and of course Radio DJ star Roy Stevens and his pregnant girlfriend Janice Wyman. On the other side was the Senator and his bunny wife, Tamara, who was constantly fixated with the gay goings on on the other side of the table, so much so, she kept picking up her napkin and waving it in front of her face. The empty spaces close to Maxwell were now to be taken up by Lucy and of course the newly arrived Felicity, who was taking loads of happy snaps that were sure to make her editor salivate.

The first course was a soup that happened to be Asparagus and cream with dill. Each was brought out on the finest china and placed before each guest, whilst Muriel sat bolt upright and tapped her wine glass with her spoon.

“People…people, before you all start on our wonderful meal this evening, I would like to own spiritual advisor, Mahatma Sheika to bless our food.” You could see in the way she looked at the guru, that she held him in very high regard. A well known patron to his Orange palace in the Hills of Beverly, she had figured if she was going to be a devil in this life, she was going to pay her way to spiritual enlightenment. He rose up and the soft clink of his many beads along with his cheery chuckle had many at ease, except for Lucy, who saw straight through this fraud when she decided to google him up. A known womanizer and gambling addict, known to have at least six wives in Ohio, he was the ultimate shyster. Lucy merely folded her arms instead of going into any sort of prayer like pose, unlike everyone else, who lapped it up like staring puppies.

“Peace to you all. Hehehehe. I am the Mahatma Sheika and I welcome you to this, feast. Hehehe. I want you to all take hands and then repeat after me.” Around the table, everyone started to take hands with others, while Lucy was totally reluctant, till getting a pleading look from Maxwell. Begrudgingly she joined in and then waited to hear what she and the others had to repeat. “I eat…to fufill my spirit, with the wonders of food. Blessed is my belly.…bekaaaha.”

It was the most ridiculous thing that Lucy had heard, and was shocked to see the others all repeat it. Gritting her teeth, Lucy played along as everyone clapped, when the Guru jumped up and down with glee to see these people being such eager followers. Was everyone at this table merely out to use the other for their own ends? It appeared that way.

As Lucy was about to take a spoonful of soup, Maxwell blurted.

“So…Lucy here has found some raw new talent that will be presenting her sculptures at the Light Box.”

Lucy dropped her spoon, as she heard Max blab about Roisin. She felt all eyes now on her, and she gave all a weak smile, as Minty started lapping at Muriel’s soup.

“Yes, well…we just signed a new deal to show the young sculptor’s work. She is incredibly talented, but a bit media shy.”

Muriel tilted her head and with pursed lips she asked.

“There is no such thing as someone shy of the media. Ask Felicity, she’ll tell you. EVERYONE wants to be a star.’


Re: RP – Four Seasons Condos.
March 09, 2014 09:00AM
This was a photgrapher’s dream. Felicity was all around the table like a fly, buzzing from one celeb to another and getting candids, action shots, black and whites, sepias. Her manager was going to die when he saw them. She even got a shot of the dog lapping at Muriel’s soup as she asked for her “spiritual guide” to bless their dinner.

She chuckled to herself as she listened to the man natter on about nothing important trying to sound all spiritual and religious. She heard better bullshit from her psychic and that was saying something.

Once he was finished, they were allowed to eat and only then did Max blurt out something about his assistant finding a new, spectacular sculptor who was showing their work at his gallery. Lucy looked shocked that he would bring it up. Felicity had a feeling the woman was a bit shy about having the attention focused on her. Poor thing.

Muriel scoffed at the thought of someone being media-shy.

“There is no such thing as someone shy of the media. Ask Felicity, she’ll tell you. EVERYONE wants to be a star.” All eyes turned to look at Felicity.

“It’s true. 5 minutes of fame and people are like dogs sniffing each other’s arses.” she chuckled, having first hand experience with such things. She had been mobbed by her fair share of gloryhounds when she had her first photos published in Marie Claire. But she had a good head on her shoulders and didn’t let it affect her. It was her career…she called her own shots and damn the consequences. “I’m in town on assignment for a fashion show taking place in a few days. I’d be more then happy to cover the art showing as well if you need a photographer.” Felicity directed this last statement to Muriel.

Re: RP – Four Seasons Condos.
March 09, 2014 07:41PM
The Dinner party.

Lucy could not believe the gall of Felicity to speak directly to Muriel about the art show, when it was Maxwell’s art gallery. What was it with these media and PR types? She knew how ferocious they were in New York, but this lot…took the cake. Lucy reached for a glass of wine and took a sip, biting her tongue so to speak instead of saying what she truly thought. Maxwell, well he was passed the point of no return having drank so much that he just sat there with a goofy expression – more than happy to play “Yes Dear” with Muriel.

One thing that was standard now at most dinner parties, was to see people pull out their cellphones at a moment’s notice. It was while they were enjoying their soup, that the DJ and talk show personality; Roy Stevens started to check his messages when he let out a loud laugh.

“Mariah breaks a leg at rehearsal for Chicago, and hubby caught with dancer’s red thong!” He practically shouted, which brought a collection of gasps and chuckles from those seated around the table. Tamara snorted and cackled like a fiend at the very idea of Mariah breaking her leg, while Rodger, the Iron man chef’s date gasped. “Oh that poor girl. She has the worst luck when it comes to her performances. And her taste in men.” The table erupted into chatter about the events that were unfolding, checking their own phones for any tabloid snap shots or tweets. It was the strangest thing to see. The upper class had turned into a pack of techno zombies. Eyes glued to their illuminated screens.

Lucy eased back in her chair and took another sip of her wine. This was going to be a long night.


Re: RP – Four Seasons Condos.
April 12, 2014 06:42AM

She looked over at Lucy, hearing her smothered snort as the others around the table broke out their cell phones to read up on the latest celeb gossip. She was thoughtful.

“Lucy, was it? You do not seem all that keen on this whole affair. Something troubling you, dear?” Felicity smirked, looking at Max’s assistant.

Max, of course, was of no help as he was three sheets to the wind and looking to fall headfirst into his Vichyssoise.

Someone sitting next to Felicity tried to shush her and she glared at the offending hand on her arm. “Unless you want to be on the cover of the next tabloid, I suggest you remove that hand.” She may have looked eccentric on the outside, but Felicity had a mean streak that rivaled her brother’s in its intensity. The hand was gone in under a second and turned her gaze back on Lucy.

“So…which is it? Are you the media-shy type, or a closet gossip?”

Re: RP – Four Seasons Condos.
April 12, 2014 07:21AM
The Dinner Party

Lucy was ready to call it a night being well aware that this kind of function was definitely not her thing. Seeing as her employer was practically ready to blow a .13 on a breathalizer and probably wouldn’t remember this night anyways, she was about to reach for her business attache case and head out. That was until Felicity; Max’s sister decided to try and open a can of worms right at the table.

“Lucy, was it? You do not seem all that keen on this whole affair. Something troubling you, dear?”

Pursing her lips and trying to hold back from letting all know exactly what she thought of their behaviour, she said through gritted teeth. “I’m not one for parties.”

At this Max let out a loud snort and then chortled. “She thinks ya’all money grubbing, ladder climbing, B listers that are dying to be the next…*hic*…stars on the front covers of Hello Magazine…Right Lu?”

Oh…that was a little too close to the truth and you could hear Muriel let out a loud.


Lucy shook her head and looked up the table at Muriel. ‘Max is drunk…he doesn’t know what he is saying.”

At this Max stood up unsteadily, rocking back and forth; holding his glass of wine out to toast Muriel.

“Kitten…I love you…for your money and social standing….but seriously, no, I mean this….you really should get a personality…transplant. I don’t know how everyone…here, puts up with you…ou.” The last part said as he wiggled his finger at Muriel, and then passed out – vanishing behind the top end of the table.

Lucy gasped at this sudden drunken tirade, but Muriel was now staring daggers at Lucy. Course Lucy didn’t start this. Felicity did. The senator’s wife, who had also had a few drinks raised her glass to toast the now fallen Max. “Here here, I hate having Muriel at my parties….*she then whispered loudly to the gay couple across the table*….caught her fucking my butler on the washing machine. On spin.”

The gay boys both clasped their hands over their hearts, then burst out laughing as Stacy Pulser’s dog Minty decided to piddle into Muriel’s soup bowl.


The entire table erupted with laughter at the naughty antics of the tiny dog, which Muriel picked up and hurled across the room, where it sailed out the window and…vanished.


The radio announcer gasped and said. “We are…how many floors up?”

His wife started to go into labour. “Too high for that dog to survive. Oh..god my water’s have broken!” The gay boys both looked like they were now going to throw up, as the chocolate bar heiress ran to the window only to see her dog Minty splattered on the side walk below. She spun around and pointed at Muriel. “YOU!…YOU DOG KILLER!”

Stacy made a run for Muriel, who picked up a large torte off the desert trolley and hurled it at Stacy to keep her back.

“COP THIS!” She threw the torte, only to have it hit the Senator, who stood up to try and calm his fellow dinner guests.

The moment that happened, the table erupted into a massive food fight, as Lucy grabbed her brief case and ran for the door. Opening it, she took one look back, shaking her head before leaving the disaster….to the photographer who would make a mint. Felicity.


The Central Kingdoms: Kalio [RP] – Mirari : The Forest of Ashes.


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The Central Kingdoms: Kalio [RP]
March 06, 2014 08:42PM
Is the ruling country over Noriand, Roshawn, Dimah, and at one time Mirari. These Fours Kingdom’s are ruled by elves, even the lords and ladies of the four other countries. The King and Queen of the central kingdom living in Kalio is King Alexei and Queen Enara.



Re: The Central Kingdoms: Kalio [RP]
March 08, 2014 09:01PM
-Deep in the thickest forest of Kalio stood the capital of the Kalio, the center of power in the central kingdom. Ruled by King Alexei and his Wife Queen Enara. Two Elven rulers with the biggest hearts in the magical realms. Alexei ruled fairly and was love by his subjects. Even the Dragoneers showed him the respect the he earned and deserved. As of the last few months Alexei, along with the new rulers of Noriand Emerick Leon Karedric and his Mate Jade Karedric have been doing thier best to wipe out the slavers of thier lands.

-Much progress had been made as most of the slavers have been either arrested or killed and the slaves rescued. There were still pockets of them here and there, they did their best to keep moving and not stay in one place to too long. Ciar the Wyrm Lord of the Dragoneers was helping as well, sending his men and women to patrol the roads know to traffic slavers.-

-Now tow big demon like beings head to the gates of the palace, what is their purpose and are they here to help or to case harm to the people of Kalio-

Re: The Central Kingdoms: Kalio [RP]
March 16, 2014 07:29PM
Sundilsa: Captail of Kalio: The Palace

-Twin towers rested on either side of the gates of Sundilsa the capital of Kalio and where the King’s palace was located. the forest was weaved into the buildings and nature seemed as much a part of the great city, but the buildings themselves were made of a white marble stone. The elves that lived here went buy with there daily lives bartering and running there shops, trade was even set up where high traffic from different cities representatives were chattering among themselves. It was nothing peculiar either to see a herd of deer running through the cobbled streets just passing through.

No what was unusual was the creatures approaching the gates, the watchmen who were stationed in the gate towers were instantly on alarm and stood to attention both spotting the other across the way, before they jumped for there hammers and begun to beat on the large bells housed inside.

The crowds in the city scattered, normally they might have reacted differently, but as of late, with one of there provinces, Mirari, being at war with hellish creatures, they had learn not to trust anything that might seem…on the side of hell. The sound of the alarms even now could reach the castle, and the King Alexei who had been quietly enjoying tea time with his youngest sons, Demetri and Micah, and his queen Enara.

Alexei frowned and set aside the tea cup that no matter how much he looked at it, always seemed to small for his hands, and rose to his feet. It was up to Enara for her to join his side, he would never stop her, but as for the boys, Micah rolled from his fathers lap and sat on the ground with the biggest puppy eyes the young elf could muster.

“not today Micah, go play with your brother, and do not leave this garden,” he ordered giving the boys stern looks.

“is it the bad people Momma Pappa,” Demetri asked, reaching out to try and tug on his mother’s long hair.

Alexei left her to answer as he was already half way through the garden gates, leaving them to find the palace guard and find out what was going on.-

Re: The Central Kingdoms: Kalio [RP]
March 16, 2014 07:55PM
Sundilsa: Captail of Kalio: The Palace

Feeling the tug on her long flaxxen hair, Enara casts her gaze down at her little one and tried to smile though it was difficult since she knew that the alarm bells were ringing. This couldn’t be good, and so Enara did her best to put the worry from her child’s mind. Stroking his hair with her slender hand, she replied.

“Tis the guards just warning that all will be well. It is a time of caution in our lands.”

Her voice had a melody like chime to it as she drew her hand back and watched her husband make his way across the garden to the gates. Alexei must have been in search of a palace guard to find out for himself what was going on. Their tea party was set to be abandoned, much to Enara’s displeasure. Times like this she wished she had her dear Eliles near to help with the children and also bring comfort to Enara’s troubled mind.

Gesturing for the children to come to her, she tried to change the mood by suggesting a game.

“Shall we play hide and seek? I shall count to twenty, while you two hide.”

Smiling, she covered her eyes with her hand and started the count.


This would give the children time to hide from her, so long as they stayed in the garden as their father requested.


Re: The Central Kingdoms: Kalio [RP]
March 16, 2014 08:59PM
The Capital: Palace: The Great hall

-Alexei rounded the corner and continued down the hall way, even as he walked he took a sneaking glance through the glass windows surrounding the garden and watched is wife and children play in the garden, this time Enara chose to stay behind, then again, she didn’t like court meetings…would this be one of those that she didn’t like? Or was it, because this would be yet another moment where the duties of a King out shown his duty as a father?

Shaking his head he continued through the halls and towards he great stairs that would spiral down into the great hall and the front doors of the castle. Already men gathered there, they were a mix of Elf and shifters. Long long ago in the Central Kingdoms history, when the creatures crossed from earth to the heaven of this strange realm of magic and mystery, a treaty was formed between the shifters or skin-walkers, those creatures that could take the form of a single beast at will, weather by physical transformation or by wearing the skin of a beast they concurred. Over time the treaty was lost, but it wasn’t needed as the Elves of Central Kingdoms saw the wolf shifters as equals and gave them the position of Highest Guard, out ranking even there own elven kind in the military here.

The first guard here was lead by a aging older ice female, who he didn’t expect would hold position of alpha very much longer here in Kalio. She spotted him quickly and cleared her throat catching the attention of the guard and wolf’s present in the hall. All turned to there King bowing there heads slightly.

The woman had snow white hair and eyes the color of white snow, he knew she had two daughters of her own, twins, each were alpha’s of there own packs in both Dhima and Roshawn, there packs name….Dhima.

“Your Highness, They say it’s demons that approach,” she said, despite the danger that this information could mean, the woman was oddly calm. Her name was Rasri, she was a hardened warrior, and the woman who killed his father when his soul turned black and the people were suffering.

“Did anyone see where they come from, do they carry anything, weapons, message, something,” crossing his arms over his chest he examined the situation in his head, if they come from Mirari, there could be to things that happened, one it’s a enemy of the celestial creatures that live there, the other is, which many forget, they come from the mysterious lands of Shangling Tudi.

“We haven’t been able to tell yet, my wolves are now making there way to the city gates to investigate, even now they share the images with me through our link,” Rasri said turning she started walking away, the rest of the guard followed and Alexei kept in step with her.

Alexei spotted one of his advisor’s among the crowd and called out to him, the plump looking elf with a hooked nose, not the most lovelist creature of there species, because they all had them, waddled his way over, “yes my lord,” he asked, “try to reach Karedric Castle, find out if they know about this,” he said. The man nodded and hurried off going through a large arched door off to the side.

That done Alexei continued walking in step with Rasri.

Palace Garden

“Shall we play hide and seek? I shall count to twenty, while you two hide.” 
she smiled at them, the boys returned her enthusiastic grin and prepared to dart and hide. As her eyes slide close and she begun to count they ran. Delighted that there mother would stay and play with them, Micah and Demetri split in separate directions running across the large garden to each find there own respective hiding spots.

Demetri ever the cautious one found a small space between a rock and a wall in the far corner of the garden, well hidden by the shrubbery that bloomed around it. As for the young Micah, he tip toed around, his little mind assuming that making a noise might give him away, and he might just be right with his mother, deciding that the low branches of a nearby tree would be perfect he ran as fast as he could to the plant.

Gripping the nearest branch with his little fingers he hauled himself up kicking his feet like he was in the water with effort to get himself up. He repeated this action a few more time’s till he was at least five or six feet off the ground and tucked himself into a little ball against the trunk of the tree and held a large branch in front of his face full of leaves as his attempt to hide himself from his mother.

Re: The Central Kingdoms: Kalio [RP]
March 16, 2014 09:27PM
-The two demons got closer to the gates, they both saw the panic that was happening and they knew that it was about them. They were both 7 feet tall with dark red skin, they both wore black and red armor, one had a giant great sword on his back the other a massive two-handed ax oh his. The Sword wielder had black horns the curved back and almost touched his shoulders, and the Ax had red the went up and curved a bit back at the tip and both had glowing red eyes-

-They slowed their approach as they got closer and looked at each other, they knew that they meant no harm, but the guards did not so they did not wanted to make it look like they were begging an attack, as they got to the gate they knelled-“We ask for an audience with King Alexi”-The sword wielder said,then drew his blade and placed at the guards feet, the ax wielder followed-

Re: The Central Kingdoms: Kalio [RP]
March 17, 2014 02:16AM
Palace Garden

Unaware of the troubles that the King was facing with the council meeting and the oncoming danger of demons, the Queen continued to count.

“…eighteen…nineteen….twenty. Ready or not, here I come.” The Queen said in a musical voice as she took her hand away from her eyes, uncovering them so that she might see. The children were nowhere to be seen, and this meant they took well to the game of Hide and Go seek. Chuckling softly to herself, she rose to standing whilst brushing off her gown and then taking that first tentative step towards finding the young children.

The day so beautiful, it was easy to forget the troubles that may plague the royal court, but in the Queen’s eyes the importance lay with the well being of her children. Happy hearts make for happy minds.

Through the gorgeous garden that was ripe with blooming flowers and bushes, she searched for her little ones, that had done a good job of hiding in this game. She peeked behind walls, and over hedges, she even went to the gold fish pond and ran her finger along the surface, causing a light ripple as she saw her own reflection.

“Oh my, you are both so good at this game.” The Queen exclaimed as she went further into the garden; her skirts rustling along the grass as she moved with a gracious air. “Wherever can my babies be?”

Further investigation brought her past a tree where one little one was tucked tight into a ball behind a veil of leaves. The Queen practically brushed straight past without seeing. He melded so well with the green of the leaves that he was almost invisible.

The Queen finally stopped in a small clearing, with hands on hips, her head whipping around as she searched.

“I fear my babies have won this game….what a poor player am I?”


Re: The Central Kingdoms: Kalio [RP]
March 17, 2014 10:16AM
Palace Garden

-Micah couldn’t help the little giggle that bubbled out of his throat, the little child didn’t think he would be caught from giggling, but he had fooled his mother successfully. He set his little branch aside as she passed by and wiggled across the branch so he could turn and lower himself on the branch below that.

Demetri wasn’t foolish like his brother, he stayed in his little hiding spot with his hands clasped over his mouth trying not o giggle to loudly and draw her attention. He peaked out from behind the rock and saw his mother standing in the center of the clearing her hands on her hips as she turned in circles surveying the clearing for them.

“I fear my babies have won this game….what a poor player am I?” she called out to them.

Demetri grinned from ear to ear and sunk lower in his chosen spot, determined to out wait his mother.

Little Micah however was already half way out the tree, he was just dangling a few feet from the ground now. Swinging his legs back and forth as he searched for his next perch. His left foot connected with the tree branch and he slowly lowered himself onto it. But as he began to lower his right foot, he turned his left foot in just a away that he slipped. The shock surprised the child and his fingers slipped lose of the branch he was holding onto scraping the palms just a little bit, he fell.

Micah made a sort of shouting sound, it wasn’t a great drop for him, and when he landed he landed right on his little but. The game was certainly over for Micah as he let out a great wailing sound holding up his little hands for his mother to come and pamper him and tell him everything would be ok.

Sundilsa Palace gates

As the demon’s lowered there weapons to the ground and asked for an audience with the king, they were just now being surrounded by seven large wolves, the size of average horses. At least three of those wolves where breathing puffs of white fog, ice breath. They looked set to kill and each were snarling there own message of warning. Through there minds they shared the image of the kneeling demon’s to there Pack Alpha Rasri in the palace, and in turn, the old Bitch relayed to the king what was happening.

The closet of the wolves breathing the white puffs of air shifted on it’s feet, it’s form melted away at that moment, bone and muscle sliding into new shapes as it transformed itself into its new form. A tiny woman with Raven colored hair pulled into a curly mass at the side of her head. Already a thin layer of ice was gathering at her feet.

“You will wait here, The King will come to you,” she shouted to the demons, it wasn’t that they were being rude, just cautious.

The Palace: Great Hall

Rasri shook her head and turned to the king. Alexei stood beside her expectantly waiting to hear what the wolves from her pack had to say about the demon’s approach. Even now the distant sound of the alarm bells died down, the threat momentarily being attended to.

“They want an audience with you, Marla has told them you will come to them, she doesn’t think we should allow them in the city yet, in case it’s a trick,” she said.

Alexei pondered the information tapping his fingers on his arm he nodded his head and crossed the distance it took to get to the castle’s front doors in three long strides. “let us go then, I don’t want to keep them waiting, also, please let Enara know someone,” he said. Not forgetting that his wife should be informed of what was going on.

Rasri watched him leave the doors, to old and frail at this point in her life to really be out and about fighting demon’s she took it upon herself to find the Queen as he had asked.

Re: The Central Kingdoms: Kalio [RP]
March 17, 2014 05:17PM
Palace Garden

Child like giggles erupted from the trees. So that was where her darlings hid. Smiling onto her self, she continued to pretend she could not see them. Of course, she could but that would spoil the game to find them too fast. You must let them think they are so clever in disguise. The Queen tiptoed with her fingers pinching her skirts, her shoulders hunched forward as she crept around the garden. Her eyes darting – and this itself would look comical to her dear ones. The Queen was terrible at finding her sweet children.

And then it came – the sound of a child shouting as the perch on which he had hid gave way and the little one tumbled to the ground only to land upon his bottom.

A great wail came from Micah as he sat upon the grassy patch, his hands outstretched and fingers making grabby actions – desperate to be picked up by the Queen and comforted.

Enara picked up her skirts and hurried for her little one, which she scooped up in her arms in a trice. The Queen brought him close to her bosom, twisting at the waist as she tried to soothe him from his tears.

“And I do believe I have found you.” She said in her most gentle voice.

But where was Demetri? It looked like he had won the game.


Re: The Central Kingdoms: Kalio [RP]
March 21, 2014 04:20PM
“You will wait here, The King will come to you,”

-The sword demon nodded and raised his head, as did the ax demon. They looked at each other and began to commune telepathically to each other.*I still think this is a mistake Havoc*-The ax wielder said-*They will not want our help-Havoc just glared at him-*This is not our choice Kithous, Lady Chishio said we are here to offer help, if they do not want it we return*-Kithous sighed*And if they decide to kill us?-Havoc rolled his eyes and looked back to the gate-*They wont be able to*-he looked back to Kithous-*Just remember if anything happens we defend ourselves and flee, we are not to kill a single one of these people. He head to a Dragoneer base and contact Lord Ciar*-He turned his gaze back to the gate and waited for the king to arrive-

Dragoneer Headquarters

-Ciar Adamyr Halm Kareedic, The leader of the Dragonners, sat at his desk looking over reports, Ciar was a man of seven feet in height he had bright gold scales all over his body, and in his humanoid form, had the large lizard like head of the Dragon. His hair was long and down to the base of his neck but at the moment it was up in a warriors tail, it was a golden silver flecked color He had no horns, unlike man dragons, and his true form was a holy dragon, hence his golden color. He was in his his digis, witch were Gold and white. Next to him was his talking stone, he was waiting on a call from Alexei to confirm the demons story when they arrived-,

Re: The Central Kingdoms: Kalio [RP]
March 22, 2014 10:00PM
The Palace: Garden

Rasri entered the garden at just the moment that the queen scooped up the young Micah into her arms to sooth the little prince after his fall. Soon after his brother’s wails started Demetri revealed himself running across the grassy area’s to join his mother’s side concern all over his face for his younger brother.

“does this mean I win Momma,” Demetri said arching a brow at his mother hoping he might no be scolded for being slightly insensitive to his brother.

Rasri smiled and chuckled softly at the queen and her sons. She wondered where to two older boys were at, she could only guess that Charles was in Roshawn paying his lovely fiance a visit. George, well she had no idea, and she wondered if the king and queen knew. Well that was besides the point.

“ Enara, your Majesty…greetings,” Rasri called out. It was still odd sometimes to call Enara such tittles, after all at one time the queen trained under her as a subordinate, learning the art of archery and battle from Rasri and her wolves.

“Anti Rasri,” Demetri called out delightfully, Micah didn’t bother to notice, he was quite enjoying his mother’s affection as he hid his face in her shoulder.

“Demetri,”Rasri acknowledged him then nodded to the Queen, “Two demons approach the palace, your husband attends to greet them alone at the gates, he wished for you to know,” she said wondering how Enara will react to the information that her husband and king was probably walking into something foolish.

Sundilsa Palace Gates

The path leading from the castle to the gates of the city, which many did consider the palace gates because of the stone and tree walls, wasn’t a long distance. But in the case of haste, King Alexei rode upon a great stag, a white deer with beautiful horns that were decorated with small gems and flowers. It wasn’t really his style, but, many of the stable hands and royal maids enjoyed lavishly decorating the beast. Until time of war when instead the horns were outfitted with metal point tips, but that’s another story all together.

The beast bleated as it slowed in front of the gates the king at his side brandished the family sword but not unsheathed, it was there for show, or so he hoped. There the two demons waited, the ice wolves of the Dimah pack, while blocked there path from entering the city, did not block his view of them. Nudging his foot into the stags sides the deer took several cautious steps forward. The wolves stepped out of his path until he could see them clearly.

There were indeed something to be hold, and not something he would take lightly at first site of them, “Why do you come here?” King Alexei nearly shouted, stern, commanding, authoritative if you could consider it that.

Re: The Central Kingdoms: Kalio [RP]
March 26, 2014 08:19PM
The Palace: Garden

The Queen was soothing the young Micah in her arms, as her other rascal appeared, asking if he had won the game. Smiling down at him she could not help but see the spirit of her dear King shining through his eyes.

“You outwitted me, my darling, so yes you won today.” Chuckling softly she reached out to ruffle his mop of hair before hearing the approach of footsteps, that alerted her to another’s presence.

“Rasri…my dear you know not to be so formal with me.” The Queen said, as her youngest set to greet Rasri with a warm welcome. Enara held on to the shy Micah, who was enjoying his cuddles too much to be entertaining another. His face buried in his mother’s chest. Enara swayed gently as she watched Demetri greet Rasri. But Rasri was on official business and not about to start to play.

“Two demons approach the palace, your husband attends to greet them alone at the gates, he wished for you to know,” 

Enara was not happy to hear that the King had gone to greet the demons on his own, in fact, she felt that was a tad foolish. Her face showed her concern and she stopped the swaying as she weighed up what to do. “I can’t leave the boys here unattended, so, I ask you send some of the best guards to watch over the King. I dare say he may have bitten off more than he can chew.”


Re: The Central Kingdoms: Kalio [RP]
March 31, 2014 07:35PM
“Good King Alexei, I am Havoc, and this is Kithous--The sword weilder said and he rose to his feet as did the axer-
“We were sent her my our Lady Tuski Chishio, to help with the slaver problem you are having”-He pulls out a document and hands it to the king. Havoc then stands back and allows the king time to read the letter-

The Letter reads:

Dear Kings Alexei,
My Name is Tuski Chishio, I am the ruler on The Chishio kingdom, a realm far from yours, and the half sister to Ciar Halm Adamyr Karedric the Wyrm Lord of the Dragoneer Order. Through him I know you have had slaver problems and i wish to help in my own way, these two demons are two of my most powerful warriors, use them as you see fit, the will obey your words as if they were mine. If you do not want them to stay all you have to do is say so and they will return to me. May they serve you well

Queen Tuski Chishio

Hawaii (1) – Ladies Night.


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Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 16, 2014 08:09AM
Downtown Honolulu

A few days later…

Pandora had been surprised when she woke up and discovered that her leg was cast-free, the offending piece of hardware poking its head out of the trash bin. She had sat on her bed, wondering how that had happened when she remembered her little rant the night before. Her face flamed in embarrassment. She had no reason to take it out on the Doc. He was just doing his job and she was being a bitch.

She had gone next door to try and apologize but she received no answer to her knock. She assumed he’d gone out to enjoy his vacation, something she should have been doing herself.

Through that whole first day, she tried to find him or catch him, but he seemed to be dodging her efforts to pin him down, frustrating her to no end.

Ignoring that for now (she’d catch him, she had a feeling she would), she decided it was time to take in the sites and had spent the rest of the day walking along the beach behind the hotel, testing the strength of her slowly healing ankle. She really pushed herself that first time, nearly in tears by the time she got back to her room. The pain was so bad, she had been forced to call the hotel physician, who had scolded her most fiercely for trying it on so soon after such an injury. He had wrapped her ankle in an ace bandage then told her to keep it elevated and iced for the remainder of the day, even managing to bring her refilled prescriptions for her. She bit her tongue, took a pill and followed his orders to the letter, ordering room service and watching TV, taking naps in between.

It was her second full day in Hawaii and she was starting to go stir-crazy. Gathering herself, she got her cane under her and hobbled to her feet, dressing for the day. She decided on a shoulder-baring sundress so she wouldn’t have to struggle with her sling and sandals that she could easily slip onto her uninjured foot.


She got a look at herself in the mirror and was surprised at herself. She actually looked good in colors other then her standard black. Maybe she would update her wardrobe when she got home. Slipping on a pair of sunglasses, she headed out. Melanie was on the desk and suggested that she might like to catch the bus into Honolulu. There was one boarding right outside the hotel and it was free for their guests. Pandora thanked the woman for the suggestion and set out.

Seeing her disabled state, a woman who had been sitting up front, gave up her seat for Pandora. It still surprised her how kind the people were here, as opposed to those she met at her job. She gave the woman a smile as the bus began its journey.

The driver had given her a schedule of times that he would be back and she headed into the town. Everything was so bright and colorful. She browsed shops and stalls, buying a few things here and there for herself. She saw a t-shirt that she thought Mark would like and snapped it up with a laugh. He would appreciate the humor of it.

Feeling more relaxed then she had in a while, she stopped for lunch at a sidewalk bistro, glad to be off her feet for a little while.

“What can I get you today?” A waiter popped up beside her with a jaunty salute. She picked up the menu to give it a look.

“Glass of Chardonnay…and…I’ll try that steak special.”

“You got it. My name is Raymundo and I’ll be your waiter for the day. You need anything, just shout and I’ll come running.” he grinned.

“Thanks.” she smiled as he went to put in her order. As she waited, she pulled out her cell phone and turned it on. There were a couple of texts from Mark, wondering where she was and if she was okay. She replied back that she was fine, that she was out of town, enjoying some much needed time to herself and that she’d come see him when she got back. There were no texts at all from any of her friends. She was shocked to see there was a missed call from the last person she ever expected to hear from; Brock. Her finger hovered over the dial button for only a moment, before she remembered why she was in Hawaii in the first place. Stabbing the delete button with a small amount of anger, she put away the phone and breathed deeply until the anger was once again a memory.

Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 16, 2014 08:27AM
Downtown Honolulu

Jason had been enjoying the more adventurous sights by taking a day long trek up into the mountains, and was getting off one of the tour buses in the heart of Honoluu’s restaurant district just around tea time. He put down his back pack between his feet and reached in for a bottle of water, since he was feeling a bit parched. Rising up, he happened to notice Miss LaRue sitting in one of the side walk bistro’s talking to a rather handsome young waiter and ordering a meal. He had to smile to see her finally out and about enjoying herself after he cut the cast off her leg.

Strolling over, he leaned against one of the support poles for the awning, and said in a jovial tone.

“We really should stop meeting like this, Miss LaRue. People might talk.”

Not waiting for her response, he sat down opposite her and gestured for the waiter to come back so he could order. The waiter named Raymundo looked at Pandora, to see if it was okay for the tanned young man to be sitting with her now.

“Is everything alright here?”

Jason took out a roll of notes and then said.

“Yes, I am her personal physician, and may I see the menu please?”

This made it sound more formal, and Jason took off his sunglasses and tossed them on the table as he waited.


Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 16, 2014 08:49AM
Sidewalk Bistro

Pandora was looking through a magazine she’d picked up when she heard that voice again.

“We really should stop meeting like this, Miss LaRue. People might talk.”

She slowly looked up into the face of the man she had been looking for most of yesterday. Before she could even say a word, he sat down with her at the table. Raymundo saw this and darted over.

“Is everything alright here?”

Pandora moved to speak again but Jason beat her to it.

“Yes, I am her personal physician, and may I see the menu please?”

Raymundo looked at Pandora.

“It’s fine Raymundo. He’s a friend.” she stated. Raymundo nodded and went to grab a menu for Jason. While he was gone, she looked at him.

“Do you always make it a habit of butting in to my life?” She grinned, amusement coloring her tone as she pealed off her sunglasses. “But…I am glad to see you. I wanted to apologize for snapping at you the other night. Sometimes my anger gets the best of me and you weren’t the cause of it. So…I’m sorry.” Her gaze was as honest as the words she spoke and she did not look away from him. It wasn’t very often she apologized to people, but when she does, she means it.

Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 16, 2014 04:28PM
Sidewalk Bistro

Pandora’s attitude seemed to be unchanged, even with the removal of the cast. Jason toyed casually with a drink coaster as he watched the waiter depart to fetch him a menu. All the while he listened to Pandora make claims that he was butting into her life. It may well seem to be the case, but it was more a sense of happening by chance upon the other.

Jason was about to just pick up his backpack and be on his way rather than sit through more of Miss LaRue’s abuse, when she finally admitted that she was glad to see him after all. This was a turn around from her usual behavior. Being handed a menu by Raymundo, he flipped it open and scanned it, whilst Pandora continued to speak more openly.

I wanted to apologize for snapping at you the other night. Sometimes my anger gets the best of me and you weren’t the cause of it. So…I’m sorry.” 

Jason gave off a casual smile, only nodding in reply before putting his order with Raymundo.

“Light beer and I think I will go with the Ham steak with pineapple and salad please.” Handing back the menu he then leaned back and folded his arms. Both of which were rather muscular and it showed by the way they were positioned on his chest that he had something of an athletic build.

“No need to apologize Miss LaRue, in fact its all understandable for a woman in your condition to be a bit nasty. Trust me, its not the first time I have encountered a woman’s wrath over the lack of medication.”

He turned his head as he watched a young couple go by, arm in arm whilst whispering sweet things to each other. Clearly on their honeymoon in this island paradise.

“Yes…I know it all too well.” You could see by the expression on his face he was wistful about seeing the couple, almost sad in a way, before resuming his attention on Miss LaRue.

“Enjoying your holiday, Miss LaRue?”



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Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 16, 2014 08:39PM
Sidewalk Bistro

A couple, obviously in love, picked that moment to walk by the two of them, making Jason get a wistful look on his face and Pandora very uncomfortable. After her own dealings with Brock, she clearly was not relationship material and was coming to realize that.

Jason shook off whatever was bothering him and looked at Pandora.

“Enjoying your holiday, Miss LaRue?”

“I think you can call me Pandora. And yes, I am actually starting to enjoy myself. This is the first time I’ve ever been here and despite my less then stellar start, it’s been great. Did some shopping,” She pointed to the bags at her feet, “And the hotel is hosting a luau tonight that I think I’m going to go watch. Would you care to join me?” After she offered the invite, she wanted to slap herself. “Nevermind, forget I asked.” She hurriedly exclaimed, her face flaming red in embarrassment. She looked down at her hands, wanting a hole to open up in the ground and swallow her away.

Raymundo returned with their orders and Jason’s drink and left them alone. Pandora cut into her steak and took a bite. It had been marinated in pineapple juice and tasted delicious. She looked up at Raymundo standing across the room, giving him a thumbs up sign. He grinned in response and went to serve other customers.

Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 16, 2014 08:57PM
Sidewalk Bistro

There was a delightful pause after Pandora had made the invitation to attending the Luau with her and then retracting it only seconds later. Such an unusual woman, who one minute was happy go lucky, then down in the dumps, doubting herself….then giving the waiter the thumbs up for the meals that had been brought over. Jason really didn’t know how to cope with this since Pandora was blushing so hard that she looked like a beetroot.

“The Luau that the Resort hosts is a very good one. I remember how much my wife enjoyed it when we were here last. And as much as I am touched by your invitation…or…not, I am sorry but I must decline anyways. It just wouldn’t be the same without her.”

Jason offered a weak smile, then started to carve into his ham and pineapple steak, chewing quietly. What Pandora would not have been aware was that this was a trip to put his wife to rest in his mind. The trek he had just done was to scatter her ashes to the wind. They had been shipped over from the US, and he had gone out early to a mountain peak that they had enjoyed together over a year ago. It was a promise made…and a promise kept.


Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 16, 2014 09:11PM
Sidewalk Bistro

“The Luau that the Resort hosts is a very good one. I remember how much my wife enjoyed it when we were here last. And as much as I am touched by your invitation…or…not, I am sorry but I must decline anyways. It just wouldn’t be the same without her.”

Pandora’s eyes widened at his short story and her brain caught her mouth before she could say something stupid.

“I am so sorry.” she murmured. Here she was, whining about what a cock-up her life had become and clearly, this man was in mourning. She felt like a heel. “How long has she been gone?” She was genuinely curious about it now that he brought it up. Had it been an accident or something more sinister.

Doctor Jason Lumbard was a huge enigma…and she didn’t do puzzles very well.

“Thought you knew Brock pretty well, too. Shows what you know.” came that evil voice in her mind again.

“I thought I smothered you!” she growled.

“Ha! Fat chance, bitch!” the voice laughed. “Hate to tell ya, but this is one guy not chasing your hot ass. Get used to it.”

Pandora growled and locked that voice away in a safe before burying it in the deepest pit of her mind.

“Try and get out of that!”

Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 16, 2014 11:27PM
Sidewalk Bistro

“Six months. The cancer became aggressive and unfortunately though we tried everything her tiny body was just not able to fight any longer. Before she died, she asked me to bring her ashes back here, on the anniversary of when we met. So…here I am.” Jason said with only the barest of smiles. The Doctor who had been putting on such a brave face showed the side of him that he had remained locked away for so long. He went back to cutting up his food, then realized he had lost his appetite. Letting go of the cutlery he let it fall onto his plate with a clatter. A light dab to his lips with the napkin and he tossed that down on the plate as he looked away from Pandora momentarily – probably so she wouldn’t see the red rimming of his eyes.

Composing himself after a moment, he then looked back at the woman sitting across from him, and added.

“When you meet the one, and then lose them so suddenly…it’s very hard to let go.”

The Doctor had still not come to terms with his wife’s death, even after the six months since her passing. This trip was supposed to be part of the healing process.

One can be hurt terribly, and the scars are unseen.

“But enough about me…how is the pain medication? Is it helping you sleep?”


Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 17, 2014 07:44AM
Sidewalk Bistro

Pandora listened attentively as Jason explained about his wife’s aggressive cancer diagnosis and the real reason he was in Hawaii. She never expected to feel sympathetic for another person’s pain…but there it was.

She looked down at her plate, pushing around her veggies more in an effort to give him the time to compose himself. She would never admit to seeing the tears that lingered in his eyes as he turned away from her.

Her own appetite gone, she set her fork down much more gently then he had.

“When you meet the one, and then lose them so suddenly…it’s very hard to let go.”

She made the comparison of his words to that of her relationship with Brock and mentally snorted. Brock didn’t even try…just went out and fucked the first woman who paid him any sort of attention…that it was Simone disturbed her more then she cared to admit. You would have thought Simone would have at least been one of the first ones to call Pandora. Nothing – not even a text message. The bitch.

She came out of her angry thoughts. smoothing out the frown that had taken over her features without her notice to Jason asking about her medication and sleeping habits.

“Oh, yeah. It’s fine. I’ve been sleeping a lot since I’ve been here. Must be the air.” she smiled. She looked down at her watch and realized she need to get back if she was going to make the last bus back to the hotel. She signaled to Raymundo who jogged over. He frowned when he still saw the partially eaten meal on their plates.

“You didn’t like it?”

“Oh no! I loved it. We just got to talking about some things and lost our appetite. I was going to ask if I could get a box to take back with me.” she smiled, giving him her best charming look. Raymundo was all smiles again and he nodded like an overeager puppy, dashing off to the kitchen for take-home boxes and their checks.

She got to her feet, and gathered her things as she started pulling money out for the bill. “I’ll pay for his, too” she stated, handing over the required amount of money plus an extra $10 for a tip. Raymundo had given them excellent service. She looked at the Doc.

“I hope you find some peace while you’re here. See ya around, Doc.” She took up her cane and started to walk away.

Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 17, 2014 07:55AM
Sidewalk Bistro

Consumed momentarily by his grief, Jason didn’t realize he may have put Pandora off her meal and this did bother him slightly. He listened thoughtfully to Pandora’s response about her sleeping habits saying that it was the air that attributed to a better sleeping pattern. Seeing her check her watch and call for the waiter, Jason pulled out his wallet since he thought he would shout her dinner, however Pan was quick off the mark to pay for both. She had the waiter in the palm of her hand, and he ambled about like a happy dog with it’s tail wagging at the slightest hint of approval for the meals they ate. Jason slowly put his wallet away, but didn’t say anything as Pandora got up to leave.

“I hope you find some peace while you’re here. See ya around, Doc.”

And there it was, the coldness resurfacing as his former patient limped away with her cane. Jason sat there a moment, lost in thought before saying a quiet “Goodbye Miss LaRue.” She was a patient, nothing more.

The last patient he got involved with….became his wife.



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Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 17, 2014 08:26AM
Hotel, Physicians Office

After dropping off her things to her suite, she received a message that the hotel’s physician wanted to see her. After getting directions from the desk clerk, she made her way to the man’s office. He greeted her with a warm smile before leading her to an exam room.

“What’s this about?” she wondered.

“I got permission from your Doctor to look over your x-rays from your injuries. While your ankle is going to take a few more weeks to heal correctly, that sprain in your arm is healing up quite nicely. How would you like to have that sling removed?”

“Oh thank fuck!” she grinned, not even the slight bit embarassed about her language. This stupid arm injury was keeping her from wearing the clothes she wanted and it was annoying.

“Now there are some rules to this. The moment you feel any sort of fatigue or aching sensation, I want you to put it back on. No ifs ands or buts or the sling stays on a more permanent basis.”

“I can handle that.” she chuckled. He grinned at her and helped her remove the sling. She breathed in deep when she immediately felt the muscles pull and stretch from being in disuse for so long. She hissed out in pain when he pressed a sore spot high up on her shoulder.

“There will be some tenderness for a time. Expected but not uncommon.”

“Story of my life.” she muttered. He had her do some slow rotating exercises on her arm and shoulder. There was some pain, but nothing she couldn’t handle…and now with the sling off, she felt she could speed up the process some with her abilities. Not that she was going to tell him that of course.

“Great. You’re free to go. And remember what I said. The moment you feel-”

“Yadda yadda. I got it Doc. Thanks.” Pandora grinned. He waved her off and she hobbled from the room, the smile never leaving her face.

She got back to her room just as the phone began to ring. She rushed to get it, nearly tripping over her cane as she did so.

“Hello?” she panted, breathless from the quick exercise. There was no sound from the other end. “Hello?” she repeated. Was that a breath she heard. “Who’s there?” she wondered. Still nothing. Shrugging, thinking it may have been a wrong number, she hung up the phone. Looking at the clock, she noticed she had a few hours before the luau began and decided a nap was in order. Pulling the rest of her body up on the bed, she was soon out like a light.

Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 17, 2014 08:42AM
Suite 105 – Jason’s Room

Jason had taken a taxi back to the resort after spending a good hour walking around the shopping district of Honolulu. It was not like he was looking for anything in specific to buy, more to kill the time before heading back. His mind was cluttered with thoughts about his morning trek and releasing his wife’s ashes at the top of the mountain. His therapist said it would bring him the closure he needed, but he was starting to think that it would take a great deal more time to heal the emptiness in his heart.

Soon the sun was starting to set, and Jason finally arrived back at the resort that was lit up like a fairy night. Glittering and beautiful. Jason paid the driver and threw his backpack on his back, heading into the foyer and offering a charming smile to the guest staff as he made his way to the lift. Another couple had arrived, and were waiting for the lift. Entwined in each others arms, sharing soft kisses as they waited for a lift to go up. Jason stood back with his hands to his sides – watching. A year a go that had been him. With her. A lift opened and Jason gestured for the couple to enter as he stepped back and would catch another. He could hardly stand it. Was this God showing him that love continued on? Would he ever find it again?

Another lift came, and he got in – wiping a falling tear from his cheek as he went to his floor. Coming out he passed Miss LaRue’s door and stopped a moment. Hesitating. No, she wasn’t interested in hearing a man’s cry for help? Looking down he kept on his way, reaching his room and inserting the key into the lock. The green light flickered and the door opened.

Alone again.

He walked to the bed where by its side her picture was near the alarm clock. Jason sat down and took the picture up in his hand and wept.

“I’ll never find someone like you.”



A Page in Time – Chapter Six.


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Re: (RP) ” A Page in Time.”
April 16, 2014 07:27AM
A Page in Time

Chapter Six



IceTe3a: He shifts his weight as Nadia continued to force him to lie down and rest his head on her lap, he grumbles slightly since he hates sitting still for too long, “Three tunnels to chose from huh…” interesting the cave system must be a lot larger than he first thought as he glanced up into her eyes “One leads the right way whilst the others could lead to certain doom” he sighs slightly as he rubs his chin, Did he pack flares? What’s with all the questions about him packing stuff did she doubt that he packed everything? “Of course I did” he said as he pointed to one of the dry bag’s he sighed slightly as he shook his head “Perhaps the right tunnel will have a air current blowing into it so we can check that way I suppose” he said as he removed her hand from his hair and attempted to slowly get up trying to defy her advice or more likely demands.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Nadia thought about what Dante said; that two of the three tunnels could lead to certain doom. Surely he was kidding, right? Feeling him remove her hand from his head and try to get up, she wiggled beneath him and huffed. Was he getting up too soon again? She couldn’t baby him the whole way, but then again if he was a danger to himself than it was her duty to try and help him. Getting up herself, she crouched and did up the laces on her boots properly so they were secure. Placing down her hand she pushed herself up to standing and fixed her pony tail tighter while she watched Dante head to the dry bags for the flares. Walking up past him, she bent down and reached for the journal and of course the map. Only with the light of the flares would she have a better view of the cavern tunnel system and the map itself to help lead them through. She glanced at Dante expectantly as she waited for him to light one. <3>

IceTe3a: He stood up straight as he finally got his balance back, being used to the diving allowed his body to recover quickly but the fact he suffered wounds to his back this effected his recovery rate immensely as he tried not to stretch his back to much he took a casual walk past Nadia who was tying her shoes. Coming to the dive bags he kneeled down and unzipped one of the bags as he rustled through it pulling out three flares he smirks as he spins one in the palm of his hand. Quickly grabbing out a pair of camo jeans, a black tight singlet and fingerless black leather gloves he put them on as he tied the laces to his combat boots, Strapping his bowie knife to his right leg he grabbed out his pistol and spare clips, placing the clips in his jeans front pocket and the pistol itself in the usual place behind his back in his jeans half hanging out he bent back down and zipped up their gear grabbing it all he came to a stand flicking the dry bags with all their gear inside on top of his left shoulder he watched Nadia walk over and grab the map with the journal, he noticed she was waiting for him to light one as he came up behind her and forced her head to look away “Never look directly into a flare you’ll burn your eyes” he said as he removed the protective lid and sparked up the flare, It gave off a loud*Hssss* as it lit illuminating the room in a bright orange allowing their surroundings to be seen better also allowing Nadia to better read the map and the Journal “Let’s set some light on the situation” as he moved in closer behind Nadia he was towering over her from behind as he glanced down waiting for her to start reading.

CharlotteCarrendar:- With the new light offered by the flare, Nadia was able to see the extent of the cave system they were standing in. They were in a large carved out space, but there were no markings on the walls to indicate any type of civilized hand so this had Nadia suspect it was made by natural forces such as the sea and of course rock movement over many hundreds of thousands of years. The flare’s light gave the map a faint orange glow as Dante held it aloft so as not to have Nadia staring into it. The map pinpointed their current location, and from this there was a snaking like line that lead off it to the right. The hole in the wall was not terribly huge but that seemed to be the way to go if the map was anything to go by. This would lead to another chamber, that had three different tunnels running off it. And that is where the danger lay. Strange markings and images of beasts were present, though Nadia thought these were statues. Only one way to find out what they truly were. There was a different creature for each tunnel. Folding up the map and placing it in the journal, Nadia pointed to the hole in the rock. “We go this way.” With all their equipment on their backs, they set off. <3>

IceTe3a: Dante’s eyes flickered from the map to the cave system they were in it was obviously naturally made rather spacious to be exact with different shape and sized stalagmites and Stalactites hanging from the ceiling and floor some were dry and crackling whilst others were dripping with water running across them from condensation they were deposits of minerals that form in cave structures and usually line the inside of most caves in the world it wasn’t unusual to find them in cave systems. Pointing this out to Nadia he smiled “ Stalactites are the ones coming down from the roof and Stalagmites come from the floor, It means this cave system is rich with limestone amongst other minerals” he chuckled slightly as he glanced back down to the map he noticed how the tunnel wined and then split into three eventually so this was what she was talking about as she pointed over to a hole in the wall stating we go this way, she walked off ahead as he followed up behind coming to the hole it was obvious Dante was going to have to kneel as he watched Nadia walk in first, Dante crouched down as he held onto their gear, his face lining up with her ass as he arched a brow and watched it sway from side to side he gave a whistle out as he smirked cheekily not watching where he was going his head clips the side of the wall softly not hard enough to do damage but enough to remind him to keep a eye out “Oh the Irony” he said softly to himself as he continued to crouch walk up behind Nadia.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The hole was harder to negotiate than Nadia first thought and she bumped her arms on the sides a couple of times as she pulled herself through. A whistling sound came from behind her, and sure enough it was Dante. Was he checking out her ass? Talk about timing. This just had her try to get through faster, as her boots got caught on some of the ridges in the rocky floor. This was no ordinary trek, as it had probably been a long time since humans had been this way, cept her Father of course. There was no sign or evidence of him yet. Perhaps he might have left a clue, but with the light offered by the flares, she couldn’t see that far ahead. Finally coming out the other side, Nadia was able to stand up to full height in a new chamber only this one DID have the tell tale signs of civilization. Huge tile like rocks marked out the floor and the room was like a dome, with the roof painted with various creatures and men locked in battle. Men with spears. But they were on the losing side, as the creatures they fought were much larger. Looking back for Dante, she called out. “I think I have found the lead to the three tunnels.” She stepped forward and onto one of the large tiles, when she heard a loud yaw sound. The groaning of something, but was it the rock….or something else? <3>

IceTe3a: He arches his brow as he noticed Nadia slightly look back towards him after he had whistled he coughed slightly as he continued to follow her, watching as she bumped herself every now and then “Christ, be more careful will you” he said as he could feel a slight draft coming through this meant they were getting closer to the entrance of the new chamber. Surely enough after a few minutes of walking they came to the entry of the next chamber he waited for Nadia to walk out as she hollered back stating she found the three tunnels, great now things were going to get interesting” as he came out to the same chamber he stood up tall behind her as he stretched out giving a low yawn. His hues flicker around as he notices the room had been crafted with a rather large dome ceiling this is typical in most Greek structures “Well we’re heading in the right direction, and I was whistling about the tunnel system just to let you know” he tried to lie about looking and whistling at her ass stating he was complementing the cave systems tunnel as he looked at the paintings on the walls brave men locked in battle with mythical beasts of Greek legends “Look, that one’s a Iron lion, you’d be happy they don’t exist anymore” he chuckled lightly as he looked at other paintings it was typical of Greeks to paint heroic deeds of others on walls, vases and plates among other things. “I can confirm all this is early greek, that’s certain for sure” he said as he heard a groaning of something in the distance as his eyes flickered over to the location of the sound he couldn’t see anything in the darkness as his hand raced in front of Nadia’s stomach he pushed her backwards, and pulled her to stand behind him. Placing the Flare in Nadia’s left hand he leaned back and whispered softly to her “Grab my gun, it’s loaded and the safeties off” he said as he placed the other flares to half hang out of his jeans waistline he wasn’t going to leave Nadia unprotected so he wanted her to have the gun so if anything happened to him she’d have some sort of protection. Dante reached down for his wooden Bowie knife hilt, his fingers slowly grabbing around it hard as he pulled out the 9 inch blade from its holster the blade itself was black folded steel strongest metal blade out there as the knife itself measured a long 18 inches and was constantly kept sharp as can be, he held it in a professionally trained manner which was easy to see, the blade pointing outwards from his right hand towards the side as his left hand was left in front of him and ready to grip anything at an instant “What was that?” he whispered to her slowly.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Nadia blinked as she was brought back behind Dante as the sound of something had been triggered by her stepping on one of the tiled stones. Her eyes darted about the cavern, and then fixed on one of the tunnels, the one on far right. It was pitch black within the hollowed out rock, but the entrance had been shaped by human hands. A perfect archway, and just above it the symbol of a beast that looked to be part Ox, part human. At least it stood on two feet or was that hooves? Taking the gun from the holster on Dante’s side, she fumbled with it at first especially when he said the safety was off. Loaded! Okay so this was getting real; real fast. Surely the symbol meant that it was just an honouring of the beast. But after hearing another deep rawr come from within the tunnel, she wasn’t so sure anymore. Pointing up at the picture of the Ox beast, she trembled as she uttered. “More like…what is that?” Dante should know by the depiction of what the creature featured was. One thing was for sure, he was in front so…it was a safe bet he would be the one to investigate. <3>

IceTe3a: He felt Nadia pull the gun out of his holster as he glanced back quickly to watch her fumble around with it he sighed slightly as he knew now was not the time to teach someone to shoot perfectly “Alright” he said as he grabbed her hands and placed them in the proper position, her right fingers around the grip as her index finger rested near the trigger, her left palm cupping underneath the butt of the gun “That’s how you hold it, now to brace yourself and steady your aim for the best shot, push the gun forward with your right hand and pull it back at the same time with your left hand like so” he moved both hands in the correct directions so Nadia could feel how it was done “That will steady the gun from swaying allowing for a precise shot and allow for better bracing, after that pull the trigger when you’re ready to fire, it’s a hard squeeze so pull tight and Do Not! Randomly let off bullets we don’t waste the bullets and you don’t spray the gun” he said as he turned to look forward as she pointed towards the giant statue above the first tunnel, an ox? What did she mean Ox? He lit up another flare and threw it right in front of the tunnel as it looked safe and clear, as he started to walk forward towards the first tunnel “Stay there, if I say run you turn and run Grab the dive gear and get out of this cave system Do not wait for me” as he continued to walk forward he felt his right foot start to sink slowly as he looked down and screamed “TRAP” as he screamed it out the other two tunnels slammed shut as two large Iron doors appeared as they fell down from the ceiling of both tunnels, the doors looked thick and heavy as they were engraved with Greek designs “Fuck..” he said as his eyes looked over to the only open tunnel the roar came again louder as it echoed through the tunnel system into their chamber and bounced off the wall the threat was very real as he gripped his knife tighter. Walking to the entrance of the tunnel he looked up as he noticed the statue it wasn’t an ox… as he turned around already knowing exactly what it was “Minotaur…” he stated to Nadia, was that loud roar coming from an actual Minotaur?!? “It’s a statue of a Minotaur, A Minotaur was a creature with the head of a bull on the body of a man.. a rather large muscle bound man… these creatures were unforgiving and extremely dangerous” he had no choice they had to continue forward as he picked up the flare from the floor and disappeared into the tunnel leaving Nadia to follow up from behind at a very far and safe distance, the tunnel continued on for quite some time as he got a thick smell of something he could not quite pick. Just what exactly have they stumbled onto? The Minotaur if it was real… posed a real dangerous threat as they were made violent ever since their half sister Ariadne helped Theseus kill a few of them back in ancient Greek times, this enraged the Minotaur’s and from that day forward they had lost mostly all their insanity, although known to most Greeks in legend one could speak to mostly any Mythical Greek creature in Greek and they would understand what you were saying and speak back to you in Greek, although if they would do what you ask of them was another total different situation.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Back on Whittaker’s boat, the two henchmen both hired by Stanley to go after Nadia and her companion were testing their breathing apparatus, while Whittaker’s son stared at his father, who was not putting on diving gear. “Dad, I thought you were coming with us.” It was a reasonable assumption since it was his dream to get his hands on Con’s map and journal. Stanley simply tipped his glass back and forth as he relaxed under the canopy the boat offered. From the kitchen beneath a long legged lovely brought up a plate of cheeses and meats and bent forward showing ample bosom as Stanley tweaked her cheek. He sneered at his son, while putting on a pair of dark sunglasses. “Son, I did not hire those baboons for no reason. I hate getting my hands dirty. Just get the dive gear on, and go after that Chronis bitch and bring back what is mine.” James cursed under his breath, going to finish getting his dive gear on, as the two operatives had already left the boat with a large splash. Fitting his tank and pulling on his wetsuit hood, he made his way to the side of the boat, and followed the other two men. Stanley chuckled darkly and then slapped his bikini wearing waitress with his hand. “More scotch, dear.” :: In the chamber, Dante was showing Nadia how to hold the gun properly, as it was clear the nearest she had been to a firearm was when a policeman pulled her over for speeding and he was wearing one in his holster while writing her a ticket. With wide eyes, Nadia attempted to hold the gun properly, all the while there was a distant roar sound from down the Minotaur tunnel. With Dante throwing the flare into the tunnel, it gave a better view of what was ahead – but when he took a step towards it, the tiled stone started to drop as though he had activated a pressure plate. This was when large iron gates dropped down from the tops of the other two tunnels, sealing them off from the chamber. Nadia shrieked as this happened, and the chamber shook and trembled at the power of the impact of the gates into the rock floor. It was a booby trapped room. There was only one way to go, down the Minotaur tunnel, or back to where they started. Leaving Nadia in the domed chamber, Dante picked up the flare and continued into the tunnel, while she looked like she was hyperventilating, turning left and right at anything she thought moved, though it was the shadows given off by the flares. <3>

IceTe3a: Slowly he creeps forwards into the darkness the flare in his hand was the only source of light he had on him unfortunately he left the rest of the flares back with Nadia, his current flare slowly dying down to a light glow allowing only a meter in front of him to be lit up. Making sure he doesn’t step on any more pressure plates as each step is watched and timed slowly the darkness slowly creeping closer to him as he walked further into the cave slowly his eyes trying to make out the shapes in the darkness “Ugh this is fucked” he said in a low tone as he gripped his knife harshly readying to strike at any given moment, after awhile of walking the tunnel gets slightly wider as a part of the wall was cut out further up possibly another tunnel system? As he turns around on his feet to look behind him he slowly starts walking backwards almost sure something was going to come running out towards him from this direction it always does in every horror movie, they come out from the way you came from and scare the shit out of you! As he slowly walked back his back presses up against something that didn’t feel like a wall he took in a deep breath as he thought to himself ‘Fucken typical..’ he turned around slowly to find a bull head staring right at him, instantly he struck his knife at the bulls face *Tang* the knife clipped off as he arched a brow its eyes were two large rubies “Fuck me that set anyone up for life” he said as he looked at the rubies but he’s learned enough lessons to know not to touch that shit as he turned to face the way he came he started yelling “NADIA GET UP HERE NOW” he didn’t want her left to far behind as now it coast looked clear turning to face statue he took a step forward as he heard a click and what sounded like gears working “Fucken again really?! Malaka!!” *Click* Oil started to pour out from the walls near the statue and land perfectly in a deep ditch in front of the Minotaur statue “What great engineering” he said as he took a small taste of the oil and watched as it burst into flames before him, there now was a roaring fire in front of the Minotaur statue as suddenly a trail of fire appears on each side of the tunnel leading in both directions lighting up the tunnel system “Oh… erm.. I can’t tell if that’s a good or bad thing” as he turned around to find Nadia coming up from out of the tunnel “ I Touched nothing…” he said as he looked at her expecting her to give him a good hit across the back of his head

CharlotteCarrendar: – In the first chamber where they had come up from the sea, the first of Whittaker’s henchmen had breached the hole and were climbing out, only to hear the distant roar which alarmed the first diver. Climbing out he ripped off his head gear and listened. Just seeing the tell tale flicker of the flares coming from the hole that Nadia and Dante had gone through. With James the third to come through the hole, the other two henchmen were busy getting dressed out of their wetsuits into military dress. They had with them revolvers as well as army knives and were instructed to take no prisoners by Stanley Whittaker. James climbed out of the water hole and then heard the shout of Dante to Nadia far in the distance. ““NADIA GET UP HERE NOW”” Thinking this was going to be easier than he thought, he changed out of his wet suit as the other two prepared and loaded their weapons. :: Nadia was already panic stricken, turning left and right holding the gun ready to shoot at whatever might launch itself out at her. She started to make her way across the tiles, when one she stood on set off another booby trap, but this one was not in the chamber, nor was it in the tunnel of the Minotaur. Above James and his cohorts, a large bounder was suspended, and then it started to release dust and fragments as it rumbled. It was part of the network of booby traps, making sure that no one was leaving anytime soon. All three men looked up and screamed as the large boulder dropped from the roof and filled the water hole that led to the sea. “FUCK! We’re trapped!” :: Hearing the distant scream by someone that was not Dante, Nadia gasped. THEY WERE BEING FOLLOWED! Hurrying into the tunnel that had the Minotaur statue, she ran straight into Dante, who had claimed he didn’t touch anything. But what she saw was a trail of fire that had erupted from the very walls of the chamber. Staring up with an open mouth at the Minotaur with ruby eyes, she then spoke with a ragged breath. “We have to keep going…someone’s following us.” As much as the ruby eyes would be a prize, she knew they didn’t have time to muck about. “Come on!” She said, taking the initiative and heading down the fire lit path to the next chamber. <3>

IceTe3a: It echoed through the tunnels as Dante heard the scream ‘Fuck we’re trapped’ that was a males voice?! They were being followed.. By that gunman from back at Nadia’s place perhaps? Who knows but where was Nadia? Suddenly she ran straight into him as he steadied her on her feet she glanced over at the statue and then back at him after a second, she stated they were being followed this had confirmed what he thought was already true, she walked off in front of him, following behind her he slipped the knife back into its holster and grabbed the gun off her “We may get into a gun fight here, you’ll have to run for cover if that happens” they pick up the pace as they run deeper into the tunnel by now the flares had all but died leaving only the fiery trail ahead of them to light the way this entire cave system had been designed by men this was certain all those traps were made by man and placed there to keep people out of here, so there had to be something worth guarding at the end, what else was in store for them? He heard another click as a rush of wind buffered them and rushed back from where they came, another loud beastly roar came from behind them where and what was that thing… than it hit him the statue.. it was a Minotaur a real one it guarded this place, this was no cave system, it was a labyrinth as crashing footsteps could be heard from behind he heard another roar “Nadia… We have company and I don’t think it’s human” he said as he was jogging next to her he glanced back to see two glowing red eyes in the darkness “Oh please no..” he said as he lit his last flare and threw it behind them lighting up the space behind them there was a Minotaur standing as tall as Dante did running right for them “NADIA GET A MOVE ON” he said as he whipped out his pistol and fired off two rounds towards the Minotaur the first bullet missed it’s mark but the second one struck true this was met with a bellowing and pissed off roar that echoed through the cave system. “IT’S GAINING” he yelled out to Nadia as he grabbed her arm with his free hand and turned into a run he knew if it came down to it he’d stop and distract the beast from Nadia although Minotaur’s had a thing against females ever since their half sister betrayed them.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The Minotaur roared loudly as it held up a mighty battle axe made from stone; shaking it fiercely as Dante fired off two shots at the mythical beast. It had somehow come alive from the very rock that had it entombed for thousands of years and now it was pissed. The chamber had been violated by the pair running across the pressure padded tiles. Red eyes of hate glowered at Dante as it made a huge one armed swing for Dante’s head with the stone battle axe. Braying and snorting through its nostrils, as all around the pair was super heating from the oil fuelled flames. Nadia was running off ahead, her gun out in front of her in case something decided to drop down in her path, but what happened instead was she ran out onto a small walkway made of rock with a drop that was so deep that she couldn’t see the bottom. Practically dancing across to the middle, bits of rock were shearing off the sides and falling away. She stopped about half way and threw a look back over her shoulder. “DANTE!!!!” Her voice echoed throughout the cavern, as she thought the Minotaur had him. <3>

IceTe3a: Dante ducked just in time to see the Minotaur’s axe come flying past “This fucker means business!!” he said as he saw the Minotaur was already pissed at him for shooting at him, they were sprinting pretty fast but the beast had no issue keeping up as Dante turned his head he noticed Nadia had run up ahead of him, leaving him time to do a mad dash and leave the beast behind, he quickly shot at the Beast hitting it’s eye that slowed it down as it roared once more loudly. Dante came to a fast sprint with all his might leaving the beast behind him in the dark he heard Nadia scream out his name as he came to the quite small pathway that Nadia was standing on he had started to run across now he was juggling his steps as he tried to slow down “fuck fuck fuck “ as he came to a stop just a few steps into the small path as he looked up at Nadia he knew they had to do something about the beast, he could hear it roaring in the background. He walked across to Nadia and stopped barely meters away from her as he looked into her eyes with a half smile “Run..” he said before he basically threw her across the rest of the path way forcing her to continue forward “Don’t look back!! Just keep going” he said as he watched her, he put his pistol away as he heard a close Roar turning on the ball on his feet he looked up as he saw the Minotaur had jumped it was in mid air and heading straight down for him as it sailed through the air he knew it was after her, but it would kill him if he did not move out of the way he had to get its attention. “I duca d’Atene, che sun el mondo la morte ti porse? Partiti bestia che questi non vene ammaestrato da la tua sorella, ma vassi per veder la vostre pene” he bellowed out **Translation – You think perhaps, this is the Duke of Athens, who in the world put you to death. Get away you beast for this man does not come tutored by your sister; he comes to view your punishments** basically he had just called himself the one who killed all his brothers years ago with their half sister, this registered in the Minotaur’s head as it let out a hellish roar it came down on Dante as he grabbed the hands of the Minotaur as it gripped the rather large battle axe the two standing face to face pushing and pulling it was a battle of the strongest as Dante’s muscles bulged and tensed to the maximum of their limits each person giving and taking they were evenly matched in strength “Argh” Dante let out a short cry to get a boost of strength this cry echo’d throughout the cave system, his mind on Nadia wondering if she was alright being left alone to go on ahead, slowly but surely Dante’s feet got a good gripping as he started to push the Minotaur backwards off the pathway, Dante followed through with a head butt to the beast’s now wounded eye, putting it off balance as he shoved it across to the other side where they first came from, Dante had the battle axe in hand as he slammed it down on the small pathway he heard it start to crackle as he ran across the pathway it started to fall beneath his feet ‘fuck fuck fuck’ he thought to himself as he heard the Minotaur cry out aloud in rage, he knew the beast had a better understanding of this place than he did so that would not be the last they see of that thing or at least he hoped they never saw it again. He ran faster as he started to lose his footing once again he jumped into the air as the pathway had all but fallen down into the deep blackness bellow, he had missed his mark as he fell short falling down past the view of the ledge he slipped out his knife and stabbed it into the rock wall getting a holding for a second as he grabbed the ledge the knife slipped out of his hand and fell down “That was my favorite knife..” he said to himself as he made the climb up to the ledge and climbed on top falling down on to his chest he laid there to catch his breath “fuck… me…” he said out loudly. 

Hawaii – Ladies Night.


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(RP) Hawaii
April 14, 2014 11:58PM

Hawaii, The Aloha State, The Ultimate Paradise. Fun, Sun and gorgeous blue waters. On the beach or in the waters of the ocean, anything can happen here.

Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 15, 2014 04:34AM
The Airport

Flight 349 – Seattle to Hawaii.

Dressed in a casual set of cargo shorts and matching T, Jason Lumbard otherwise known as Doctor Lumbard from Seattle Base Hospital was finally taking his long deserved vacation time in Hawaii. It must have been a good two years before he had the chance to take time off, and after arranging with his staff to have all necessary calls diverted to his cell, he hoped that anything serious he could handle via conference call on skype if need be. Coming down off the plane, he bent his head forward as he was given a floral lae by one of the welcoming officials in those daring grass skirts.

“Aloha.” Jason said with a smile to the young girl, as he straightened the straps on his back pack and made his way to the terminal. Wearing aviation sunglasses and a baseball cap, it was hard to recognize the doctor. He had also grown a small beard and mustache. Perhaps it was just the freedom to let everything go and relax for a good three weeks.

Passing through the glass doors and into the welcome respite of the air conditioning, Jason took off his glasses and kept an eye out for his driver. He had arranged someone to pick him up from the air port, and drive him to his hotel. Jason got up on one of the lounge chairs and placed his hand up to his forehead like a visor, trying to spot a large man holding his name on a plaque.

Soon he did spot a large fellow in a very colourful floral shirt and a broad smile looking for Jason. Grinning, he jumped down off the chair and pushed his way through the crowd to meet his driver.

“Aloha. Ben, right?”

“Aloha Doctor Lumbard. Welcome to Hawaii. This way please.”

The driver took the Doctor’s back pack and computer bag and headed to the car. Jason peeled off his shirt and followed on after him.


Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 15, 2014 05:30AM
The Kahala Hotel & Resort, Oahu

Stepping into the lobby of the hotel, Pandora took a moment to look around the splendor and beauty of the place, awestruck. This had been the first time she had been anywhere outside of California and Seattle and she simply breathed in, feeling herself slowly begin to relax for the first time.

There were no demands of her, no worries…and definitely no men and backstabbing girlfriends to ruin what she was sure to be a pleasant time.

She put the anger away. She didn’t need it here.

She made her way to the reception desk.

“Aloha and welcome to The Kahala Hotel & Resort, Ms LaRue.” the woman greeted. That stunned her for a moment before she remembered that the flight attendant had taken care of the hotel arrangements when they were on the plane.

“Aloha.” Pandora nodded.

“We have you in a first floor suite and we had a selection of clothing from the stores brought to your room, if that’s okay.” the woman, Melanie (Pandora read her name badge), stated in a low voice so that other guests could not hear them. Pandora appreciated her discretion.

“That’s perfectly fine.” Pandora nodded. “Um…how much did the airline pay for? I do have my own money and would hate to think I was taking advantage of their hospitality.” Melanie checked the information in the computer before looking at her.

“They paid for your first week’s stay and the clothing, Ms LaRue. Please don’t worry about it, it isn’t the first time they and we have done anything like this. Gino will escort you to your room.” An exotic looking man stepped to the desk with a welcoming smile on his face. Pandora’s breath hitched, she was dangerously close to tears once again as the generosity of perfect strangers began to affect her. She quickly got herself under control.

“I’m expecting a delivery from one of your pharmacies…”

“We’ll have it brought to your room when it arrives.” Melanie nodded. Pandora gave her a small smile before she looked at Gino.

“Lead the way, good sir.”

“Right this way.” He waved a hand out and indicated which direction to go.

Suite 104

Gino opened the door and allowed her to go in ahead of her. The windows were open, letting in fresh ocean air and she stood in the center of the room, just breathing in.

“Beautiful.” she whispered, opening her eyes and looking out at the ocean.

“I’m glad you like it. The clothes are all packed in the dressers there and a bath has been drawn for you, although with your leg as it is…”

“It’s waterproof.” she told him.

“Ah, very good. There’s an activities pamphlet and a room service menu next to the phone. Just dial “0″ if you need the front desk. The kitchens are open 24 hours in case you have the urge for a midnight snack. We just want you to enjoy your stay and relax.”

“I feel better already, thank you, Gino.”

“You’re welcome, Ms LaRue. Here’s your keycard.” He set it on the coffee table and turned to leave.

“Wait!” she called to him, pulling a couple of $20 bills from her pocket. With a small smile, she pressed them into his hand. “Aloha, Gino.”

“Aloha, Ms LaRue. Have a pleasant evening.” Gino smiled before leaving her alone.

Once she was alone, she took another deep breath and let it out slowly.

“I’m free.” she whispered. After checking to make sure the “Do Not Disturb” sign was out and the door was locked, she made her way to the bedroom. Too tired to admire the deep mahogany woods that made up her room, she crawled onto the bed, still fully dressed and in moments was sound asleep.


Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 15, 2014 06:12AM
The Kahala Hotel & Resort, Oahu

Riding from the airport to the Kahala Hotel, Jason had his camera out and was already playing tourist – taking happy snaps out the open window as the car cruised through the palm lined streets. An upbeat song was playing on the radio, a local band Jason guessed, and the heady smell of salt water from the beach just made Jason smile lazily. Placing his camera back in his backpack, he felt the vibration of his phone and pulled it out to check his messages. Most of them were from his friends back home wishing him a great trip but one was from the hospital It was in regards to Miss LaRue’s medication. He thought for a moment through the countless patients he had, then remembered that she was the one that checked out after the motorcycle accident. He wasn’t too fussed with her doing that, but when a patient decides that they want out there was very little that he could do to stop them. Now she needed her script filled cause she was on vacation. Then his eyes widened. Hawaii? Was this a joke? He scrolled down the details and sure enough she was staying at the same hotel. Fate seemed to be playing a hand in this and he gave a lighthearted shrug as he took the details and pocketed his cell back in his backpack.

It would appear that he was going to do a house call while on vacation.

Pulling up at the hotel driveway near the lobby entrance, Jason let himself out of the courtesy car and reached back in to grab his backpack and computer bag before giving the driver a salute.

“Thanks for the ride.” A tip and he was then off up the stairs and into the grand foyer of the Kahala hotel. Approaching the front desk, he took out his wallet and presented his visa card to the guest manager, who wished him Aloha and checked him in.

“Your suite is ready, Doctor. First floor suite, room number 105.”

Taking the key to his room and the brochures, he then asked the guest manager.

“I’m sorry, but has a Miss LaRue checked in yet?”

“Why yes, Doctor Lumbard. Room 104.”

“Ha…right. I’ll pay her a visit. Thanks again.

With this information and having a laugh that she was in the room next to his, Jason got his gear and strode over to the lift and took the next available one up to the first floor. It was a plush hotel by the decor – comfortable and luxurious. Walking past Pandora’s room, he paused a moment. Should he knock? Chuckling to himself, he did…..and waited.


Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 15, 2014 06:30AM
Suite 104

Pandora was simply exhausted. Between leaving her apartment building and then flying over an ocean to an island paradise, her mind and body simply shut down.

There was knock on her hotel door, that she barely even heard. Struggling up from sleep, she sat up slowly, taking in her surroundings with a bit of confusion before she remembered where she was. She was shocked to see that she’d only slept 2 hours.

The knock came again and she frowned. Who would be coming to see her?

She then recalled that she had asked to be notified when her medications arrived.

“That must be them. Thank goodness.” she murmured. She struggled to her feet and hobbled into the next room. She walked past a mirror and saw that her hair was a jumbled, sleepy mess and quickly ran her fingers through her locks to straighten them out. She made a face at her pale appearance, vowing to get outside and into the sun in the morning after breakfast.

Not bothering to look through the peephole, she unlocked the door and pulled it open, a greeting on her lips.

It died a swift death in the face of surprise at who was standing on her threshhold.

“What are you doing here?” she asked, seeing Doctor Lumbard. He looked so different without his hospital gear on. He had a lean, but muscular look about him and she blushed fiercely when she realized she was staring at his naked chest. “Do you always walk around in public half-dressed?” she asked, annoyed at her reaction. She did not need this complication in her life right now. The wound was still fresh.

Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 15, 2014 06:38AM
Suite 104

Seeing the state Pandora was in when she opened the door, Jason realized that he must have woken her up. She looked like she had just risen from the crypt. He was taken aback and when he asked what he was doing there, he chuckled and said.

“House calls? No, seriously, I am on vacation and just got the message through on my phone about your script. Found out you were here and thought I would do the neighborly thing and pop by to check on you.” Jason also happened to notice how she was staring at his bare chest and asking if he liked to walk around half dressed.

“I don’t know if you have noticed but…this is Hawaii. People tend to take their shirts off.” He was playful in his banter and retained that bedside manner that had attracted so many to him at the hospital.

Winking, he backed up saying. “I’ll make sure your scripts are signed for and delivered to your room, Miss LaRue. Oh…and enjoy your stay. Maybe I will see you around.”

That said, he left her there and went to go find his own room.


Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 15, 2014 06:52AM
Suite 104 – Outside Hallway

Hawaii…and the same hotel she was in…was the absolute last place Pandora expected to see anyone she knew. Surprised that it was the doctor who had taken care of her when she was in Seattle was just icing on the cake.

That he was on his own vacation threw her for a moment before she thought about it fully. He was a full-time doctor. Even he deserved time off now and again.

“I don’t know if you have noticed but…this is Hawaii. People tend to take their shirts off.”

“Well I wasn’t implying anything by it. Don’t think so highly of yourself, Doc.” Pandora chuckled, a teasing glint in her eye. “Excuse me for being frank. I’m just surprised to see you here, that’s all.” she shrugged lamely. He grinned at her and turned to walk away.

“I’ll make sure your scripts are signed for and delivered to your room, Miss LaRue. Oh…and enjoy your stay. Maybe I will see you around.”

“Yeah. You too.” she stated, watching him walk down the hall. He had a nice butt.

Making a face, more than disgusted with herself for those thoughts, she went back into her room, slamming the door.

Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 15, 2014 07:07AM
Suite 105 – Jason’s Room

Hearing the door slam behind him, Jason glanced over his shoulder and let out a bit of a laugh. Boy, she was still feisty as ever. Damn the man that ever tames that girl, he thought to himself as he pushed his key card into the slot and the light turned green. Smiling he pushed the door open and then saw the wonderful room that had been prepared for him. How he loved the time off from the hospital, where he had been putting in shifts of up to 48 hours at a time, often falling asleep in the store room, just to get a few extra winks before another exhausting set of rounds. But that was all behind him for the next three weeks. He set down his back pack and computer bag and then wandered over to the curtain covered window, pulling the drapes back and seeing the beauty of the view that was laid out before him. The resort had everything that a tourist could crave, but Jason had plans to go hiking and perhaps tour some of the volcanic islands in the area. Perhaps some sailing and diving. Clapping his hands together, he went over to the bed and undid his shirt that he had tied around his waist, laying it on the bed. He took his cell phone, wallet and watch and placed them on the bedside table, along with a small frame that he packed very carefully into his backpack. The small picture frame was set next to the alarm clock and he smiled at it thoughtfully.

“Happy anniversary, love.”

It was a picture of his late wife, who had died just three months after their wedding. They never got to have the honeymoon due to the aggressive stages of her cancer, but everywhere he went he took her picture so that she was always with him.

Jason got on the hotel phone and rang the pharmacy to make sure that Miss LaRue’s prescription would be delivered to her room, and that he would sign for it when he was down there next. The attendant was most helpful, and he hung up. Reaching into his backpack for his book, he strolled out to the balcony to enjoy the warmth of the sun, and the sea breezes.


Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 15, 2014 12:37PM
Suite 104 – Late Evening

It was too late in the day to take in the sites so she decided to keep to her room.

Ordering something from room service, she decided to take a quick shower and wash her hair, just so she could feel somewhat human again. Wiping the fog off the mirror, she took in her wan features. There were dark circles under her eyes and her face was beginning to thin. She was losing weight, and not in a healthy way.

“That all changes tomorrow. Pandora LaRue is coming back and she’s coming back hard.” she stated.

Wrapping a towel around her body, she left the bathroom, only to startle with fright when she saw a maid standing in her room.

“Jesus! You scared me!” she snapped.

“I apologize, Ms LaRue. I knocked but no one answered. I didn’t see your DND sign so I thought it was safe to come in.” the poor woman stammered. “I brought your dinner.” She pointed to the open balcony door and the small meal sitting on the table there.

“No…it’s okay. I’m sorry I snapped at you. Thank you.” Pandora gave the woman a smile, letting her know it was cool. The woman nodded and left her.

After running a second towel through her still-damp hair, she went out on the balcony, not bothering to dress. Still wrapped in a towel, she took in the ocean as the sun was just kissing the horizon, making the sky a painting of pink and orange hues.

“So lovely.” she murmured, unaware that Jason was out on his balcony as well. She hobbled to her seat, glaring at the cast on her leg. “I can’t wait till that’s gone. So annoying.” she grumbled before lifting the trays off her meal.

Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 15, 2014 08:23PM
Suite 105 – Jason’s Room

Jason enjoyed the solitude that the resort room gave him, enjoying the afternoon just reading a book that had been on his nightstand for six months. It was one of those adventure sci fi novels, that you can really escape into and before the Doctor realized the sun had already started to go down. Stretching, and placing an arm up over his head, he scratched his wayward blond locks and gave some thought to dinner. He really wasn’t up to getting all dressed up for a meal in the restaurant, so he padded inside and took out the room service menu from the media unit drawer. Thumbing through it Jason settled on the garlic prawns on a bed of jasmine rice, roast pork Hawaiian style with fresh fruits and vegetables, and then for desert he was going to treat himself to a large sunshine fruit and ice cream parfait. The girl on the other end of the phone took down the details and said the meal would be about twenty five minutes. This gave him enough time to go and have a shower, to get rid of the travel grime and also cool him down a touch from being out in the sun.

Coming out of the shower onto the small bedroom patio, which was adjacent the living room one, he was wearing just a towel and a smile as he took in the sights. it wasn’t till he heard an odd murmur about something being lovely, as he stared out at the view.

“Why yes, it is lovely. I quite agree Miss LaRue.” He had no idea she was complaining about her cast.


Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 15, 2014 08:35PM
Pandora’s Balcony

“Why yes, it is lovely. I quite agree Miss LaRue.” came a voice to her right.

Okay, people jumping up out of nowhere and scaring the shit out of her was starting to get old fast. She turned her head and glared, quite fiercely, at Doctor Lumbard, whom she noticed was in nothing but a towel.

“Oh for fuck’s sake!” she groaned, slapping a hand over her face. “Do you get off on sneaking up on me?” She turned back to her own dinner, trying to ignore that little voice in the back of her head that was telling that she was being deliberately rude. She smothered that voice with a pillow.

She awaited his reply before she looked at him again, keeping her eyes trained on his face and not going lower then that. “I wanted to ask…when can I get this damn cast off my leg? I feel like Gumby the Gimpy Giraffe trying to walk around with this thing. Can’t actually get a tan with that on my leg, you know. And do I really need this arm sling? I mean, seriously. I feel like an invalid.” she complained. She knew she was being ridiculous about it, but in reality, she just wanted to feel human again.

Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 15, 2014 08:46PM
Jason’s Balcony

Poor Miss LaRue. She wasn’t very neighborly. Perhaps it was the lack of pain medication, perhaps it was the fact she discharged herself too early or…perhaps it was the fact she was all by herself on a holiday with no one to care for her. Why, it was a miracle she was able to cut up her own food with her arm in a sling and leg in a cast.

When she went off on a barrage of verbal abuse, cussing and those epic face palming gestures, Doctor Lumbard couldn’t help but smile as she turned her back on him, like some mean old biddie from Walmart buying liquor at five to closing. He had to admit, the scene she was painting was rather pitiful, and he always felt sorry for stray abandoned animals, so why not Miss LaRue.

When she turned back around, the Doctor had vanished inside. So her questions fell on deaf ears. That was…until there was a knock at Pandora’s door. If she was to go get it, there would be a large…very large and brute-ful looking nurse ready to tend to Miss LaRue’s every waking need. The Doctor by now was bringing out his own dinner trays and placing them on the outdoor table, wearing….speedos. Green ones.

“I hope you enjoy my gift, Miss LaRue. That is Nurse Mamu. She is a part time wrestler, so I wouldn’t go saying mean things, if she is to cut off your cast and cut up your meat.”

That said, he sat down and started to take the lid domes off his own meal.

“So lovely.”


Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 15, 2014 09:00PM
Pandora’s Balcony

When she had turned back around, the doctor had disappeared and so her rant had fallen on deaf ears.

“Typical.” she snorted. There was a knock on her suite door and she didn’t even bother trying to get up. “It’s open!” she called out. The door open and her eyes widened when the largest woman she’d ever seen waltz into the room as if she owned the place.

“Who the hell are you?” she demanded.

“I hope you enjoy my gift, Miss LaRue. That is Nurse Mamu. She is a part time wrestler, so I wouldn’t go saying mean things, if she is to cut off your cast and cut up your meat.” came the doc’s voice behind her. She turned her head to look at him.

“What lovely bedside manner you have, Doc.” she snorted. “Going to have her torture me as well?”

God, what was wrong with her this evening? She was beginning to sound like a right bitch. But she couldn’t help herself. She was tired of men trying to dictate her every waking moment. “You can keep your ‘gift’. I don’t want it, not do I need it.” She moved to get to her feet, struggling with her cane awkwardly for the moment before she managed to right herself. She looked at the nurse. “Leave. Now. Or I will not be responsible for my actions.” Despite the heat of her current location, the temperature in the suite began to rise, and Mamu broke out into an unnatural sweat. She made the sign of the evil eye and quickly left the room. Smirking to herself, Pandora made her way to her bed. It had been too soon to try and use her abilities and she was drained.

“My life sucks.” she muttered, throwing her cane across the room in a fit of anger. It made a loud noise that echoed out into the night air, sure to bring the doctor running if he thought she’d fallen down and injured herself further. Pulling a long t-shirt from the clothing the hotel and brought her, she pulled it on over her head, discarding the towel and crawled into bed. In a moment, she was sound asleep, not realizing she had left her suite door unlocked once more.

Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 15, 2014 09:19PM
Jason’s Balcony

Things were heating up over at Pandora’s apartment, with Jason’s gift of a little help around the place being rejected outright by the fiesty Miss LaRue. She was acting like a rabid dog in need of a bullet. Seeing her face flushed with anger and her retort that he planned her to be tortured, Jason held up a fork full of garlic prawn and looked surprised.

“No pain no gain?”

Course, Pandora refused the hired help and sent the poor woman packing after inflating the room’s temperature with her ability to channel heat. The lovely Nurse Mamu only left after placing something of a curse on Pandora, and then quiet again descended in Pandora’s apartment. The Doctor leaned over in his chair and strained to hear her mutterings. Something about how her life sucks. Well, it seemed she was bringing a lot of unnecessary ill on herself, in her refusal for genuine help.

Shrugging, the Doctor continued to enjoy his meal as he felt there was really little that he could do to help Pandora at this stage. He did hear the clatter and loud bang of her cane hitting the wall, and he wondered if she had hurt herself in the mad tirade.

Finishing his meal, Jason patted his lips with a napkin and rubbed his belly. Letting out a loud belch, he was all smiles again, before covering all the plates with their trays again, and then heading with the large tray to the door, to park it outside for the help to come collect. He happened to notice that Pandora’s door was ajar and there was no sound coming from it. Had she taken another fall? Going to get his medical bag inside his backpack, he wandered on over, not bothering to knock for fear she would throw something.

He padded through her apartment, till finally spying her on the bed wearing a T’shirt. Quietly, he made his way to the bed, and took out what he needed to remove the cast from her leg. This was done quickly and painlessly, barely stirring her since he had such expert hands. When it was done, he tossed the spent cast in the trash, and silently made his way out, to leave her to her devices.



Escala Luxury Apartments (6) – Ladies Night.


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Re: RP-Escala Luxury Apartments
April 15, 2014 12:02AM
Apartment 7B- Julian’s Apartment/Kitchen

Scene Music

Alex had comfortably adjusted to the way things were run in Julian’s apartment. From the way the kitchen was organized to the way things were placed in the bathroom. It had only been a few hours since his arrival and Alex couldn’t help but feel they were like a married couple. Two normal human beings with supernatural abilities just trying to find their place in the world, whether that meant being by each other’s side at Julian’s apartment or working different hours and spending 5 minutes with one another.

Dinner was rather splendid and they’d spend the evening stealing glances at one another, talking about their day and the different situations in their lives that brought them to Seattle. Come to find out they’d both lost people in their lives and it dramatically brought them together in the city that surprisingly sleepless.

”You know, we’ve been seeing each other for well over a year and I just have to ask…” Julian raised a brow at the dominant man before him, the one who he’d come to love so quickly given they weren’t even going steady. Silence filled the air; the night sky lit with stars and graced them both in their illuminescent glow before finally Julian lifted his gaze from his plate to look into Alex’s eyes. Waiting ever patient for what he was about to say to him.

”It’s not usually like me to get all choked up over words. But Julian, this past year has been amazing. Time has flown by so rapidly. And although we’ve been seeing each other a lot, we’ve yet to have anything written in stone. So…” At Alex’s words Julian’s cheeks flushed and he couldn’t help but feel the childish butterflies rise in his tummy before placing his hand over Alex’s.
”You don’t have to say anything.” Alex was shocked at Julian’s bold moves, his eyes moving with Julian’s as he watched him shift in his chair to a standing position. ”But…” Alex tried to protest before he too shifted in his seat to look at the wondrous young man before him. Alex had been silenced; Julian had brought his finger to Alex’s lips and crawled into his lap before wrapping his arms around him and moving in to kiss his lips softly.

”It’s not a marriage proposal. But know this Alexander Joseph Meza, I am yours.

Fade Scene Music

Re: RP-Escala Luxury Apartments
April 15, 2014 12:05AM
It had been a few days since Kristian had spoken with anyone but his employees at his company ‘Grey Enterprises’. His wife had been set on giving him the silent treatment, ever since he went to Simone’s. Something about needing space and all of those emotional whiny submissive things. Several cups of coffee had kept his eyes and physique from feeling jaded. Work had loaded up in the time that he was away, sorting shit out with Kali’s friends. In a way he was grateful to get lost in work, and not have to worry about her problems.

This was of course until he finally heard from his wife, from one of his assistants obviously handing him the voice message, she still wasn’t breathing a word directly to him. Her words were simple but still showed slight dominance. “I can’t believe you, you started all of all this shit and now I may have lost my friends.” Her voice sounded as if she was about to cry, but her speech steeled with resolve and aggressiveness. “I think our relationship is coming to a point of no return, I can only fight for you for so long, I have to think of myself now.” Kristian threw the recorded message across the room and picked up his coat, his fists clenching and barely anything but caffeine fueling him towards his car.

It hadn’t taken him long to reach the apartments, considering Kristian’s driving was almost considerably accurate to being called speeding, and to make it worst it had just finished raining. He didn’t even bother to use the elevator, his feet moved lightning quick as they skipped every second step towards the penthouse. His footsteps echoed loudly throughout the apartments, that he was sure most of the floors on the building could hear him rushing up towards the top. After finally reaching the top he looked towards Kali and his apartment, the door being already unlocked for him to enter. He could hear her before he saw her, knowing that she was definitely home.

“What am I to do with you? Mrs Grey.” His voice tried to remain calm but he just couldn’t right now, she had blamed him for something that obviously did not revolve ALL around him. YOU don’t speak to me for THREE days! Then suddenly out of nowhere decided you need to do things on your own, because you and those bitches are no longer Destiny’s Child?! You cannot put that shit on me Kali! Whatever is wrong with your situation, needs to be sorted and it is not to involve myself, do you understand?” He hadn’t even known that he walked closer to her, that he was merely inches in front of her, breathing in her scent. 

Re: RP-Escala Luxury Apartments
April 15, 2014 12:43AM
Escala Apartments- Penthouse Study

It had been a long 3 days, where to start though was the question? Between the never ending fights between the girls and Kristian, Simone nearly shooting up, Pandora’s parental issues and the break up with Brock, to the itty gritty details of what she was going to do with Kristian. If he thought he was going to get away with half of the stuff that was being pulled, he had another thing coming.

She had a plan, and it started like any other. The complete silent treatment… or so she hoped. It had worked out plenty well before as she continuously sent random messages of hate, betrayal and utter disgust through his secretary.
And finally it had happened; she sent a final message upon receiving one from him.

“I think our relationship is coming to a point of no return, I can only fight for you for so long, I have to think of myself now.”

And not twenty minutes later having sent the message, in stormed her husband. Dominating the place as usual. Kali had turned on her heel as he talked and she ignored him. Their feet finally shuffling into the Study of their penthouse before she rounded on him while he raised his voice higher and higher. Oh he was good, but she was better. And she was ready for him. “YOU don’t speak to me for THREE days! Then suddenly out of nowhere decided you need to do things on your own, because you and those bitches are no longer Destiny’s Child?!” At this point Kali raised a brow at his boldness, her hands crossing over her chest while he continued to speak to her like he owned her. ”You cannot put that shit on me Kali! Whatever is wrong with your situation needs to be sorted and it is not to involve myself, do you understand?” At this point he stood nearly inches from her, her scent of jasmine flooding him over, almost captivating to a point if she’d not hated him so much.

”First of all,” She smiled before her unusually now serious demeanor took over. ”Those, ‘Bitches’” She quoted before stepping forward, nearly pushing him back in the process. “Are my girls, my best friends, practically sisters.” Her eyes gleamed with a ferocity her husband had never seen before. And it was them the storm that brewed earlier, commenced once more. Something wicked was coming, and she didn’t care who was around to see it. ”And if you ever…” At this a single bolt of lightning hurdled through the study window, smashed the glass around them and struck the floor before him.

”Call them that again, we’re going to have a much bigger problem than we do now.” Her hair stood at attention like that of a woman underwater. A natural elementalist at it’s peak. Her powers were growing and a rapid flurry of wind blew through and nearly knocked her husband to her feet, practically missing him by a single centimeter. ” There is nothing wrong with any situation of mine, and before you start pointing the finger, I suggest you take a good hard look in the mirror and ask yourself if this is the life you want, if this is the man you chose to become. Because this…” she motioned to him as she slowly removed her wedding ring . ”This isn’t the man I married…” She finally said as the wind rushed around her in a tempest storm, her things already gathered in the foyer as Taylor made his way down the stairs with them. Kali simply leaving Kristian stunned as her wedding ring dropped to the floor, simply spinning on its axis before finally dropping upon her exit.

Re: RP-Escala Luxury Apartments
April 15, 2014 02:30AM
A scent of jasmine cascaded along the edges of Kali’s frame, a scent of temptation to devour her. He had self-control that was for sure. However being neglected for days made it just that much harder to resist. ”And if you ever…”Something about her being so angry was the most erotic thing he had seen, if it hadn’t been for the sudden shock of light and sound of glass shattering, he would have taken her right there and then.

If she hadn’t known it beforehand, Kristian was now even more furious. Never had she used her powers on him before, and never before had she broken a promise. ”Call them that again, we’re going to have a much bigger problem than we do now.” Her true nature was beginning to show infront of him, an uncontrollable storm of chaos, a tempest of raw power. She truly was thinking of herself here, of how she needs her friends more than her husband..” There is nothing wrong with any situation of mine, and before you start pointing the finger, I suggest you take a good hard look in the mirror and ask yourself if this is the life you want, if this is the man you chose to become. Because this…this isn’t the man I married.” Kali had slowly removed the ring he gave her from her finger, a ring that showed his devotion of love to her. Just then he saw perfect clarity of why Simone had never settled, this feeling of hurt and pain so deep within.

Was this the end? If so, Kristian would be sure to have the last word. “Kalypso.. Rose.. Grey.” Speaking his family name now seemed like poison. Each worth he breathed, was filled with pain and anger. “I guess that’s it? All vows thrown out the window, is that why you broke it? So I could throw them away like they weren’t real? Like they meant NOTHING to you… then fine.” Kristian took off his ring, and let it drop to the ground next to hers, the broken glass from the window shattering even more as the golden piece of jewelry slammed against the floor.

He then punched a wall, since he would never allow himself to hit a woman in a so called fight. She had already gathered her things, their butler carrying it out of the apartment for her as she exited. She had nothing to say to him. Feeling alone, he left the apartment. The memories were too much to handle at this point. Going through his phone he looked at the last person he had spoken to on it, ironically… it was Simone. Still bottled up with anger, he decided to blame her for this unfortunate event, if she had never interfered with Kristian and Kali’s marriage, perhaps they would still be happy. Fists clenched he walked down to Erica and Simone’s apartment, loudly banging on the door and waited for her to answer so he could let all this anger out.

However before anyone answered, he broke down. His knees coming up to his chest as tears began to show, his hands covering his mouth. He couldn’t blame Simone, he couldn’t blame anyone but himself. How had the most elaborate business man in all of Seattle come to nothing but a broken mess, in front of his wife/ex-wife’s best friend’s apartment? More tears spilled at the song that was now playing in the halls, the lyrics fading into his mind as he came to reality with them.

Somewhere along the way, we’re all running in the crazy race,
Never thinking about the hearts we break,
And as our hope starts fading away things are never gonna be the same,
Cause when you’re standing there all alone,
Losing everything you’ve ever known,
You’re staring at a different face things are never gonna be the same,

Re: RP-Escala Luxury Apartments
April 15, 2014 03:11AM
Apartment 3C – Simone & Erica

Simone’s face was one of sadness, regretting what she had allowed herself to do. More or less seducing Brock in his moment of weakness on seeing her erotic art collection. Was she an emotional void to not feel ashamed when she saw the look of horror on her best friend’s face when she was caught in Brock’s arms? Scratching the side of her cheek, she really didn’t know. Brock made out that he and Pandora were finished, and yet by the look on Pan’s face, and then Brock’s reaction, they were far from through. Brock nearly broke down the door trying to race after Pandora, but by the sounds of things, she had fled the building to god knows where.

Erica and Orson were now in a lover’s embrace on the far end of the couch, the ice cream bucket long forgotten and it was pretty clear that they wanted some alone time. Great, talk about timing. Looking down at herself, Simone realized she was still in a towel, and feeling dirty, she padded off to the bathroom to shower and change.

It was on the way there that she nearly stepped on the broken vase that had littered the carpet with jagged shards. Getting a bit in her foot, Simone yelped, and then set about picking up all the broken bits, and tossing them by the handful into her room rubbish bin. The flowers that Pandora had brought down were so pretty too. The room now having this wild flower scent to it, but it didn’t bring any solace for what had happened.

“Panda’s never going to speak to me again.” Simone lamented as she tossed the flowers in the bin with the glass. So much for her friendship. It seemed to be the day for it, ruining other people’s lives. Picking the glass out of her foot, Simone hopped into the bathroom and started the shower up, tossing the towel in the hamper.

Out in the lounge room, Erica stood up and extended her hand to Orson.

“Stay the night?” Her lips curling into a half smile as Orson could only show a wide grin himself. “Thought you’d never ask. What about Simone though?” Course he was still worried about her. Erica shrugged. “She’s a big girl, I’m sure she will either watch TV or go catch a movie.” Happy enough with that, Orson took Erica’s hand, and followed her into her bedroom, closing the door behind them.

Coming out of the bathroom, Simone patted herself dry before getting dressed again but this time in a simple pair of jeans and light t’shirt. Her hair was still wet and she simply brushed it back so it hung down her back. On returning to the lounge, she could see the discarded ice cream container and the spoons. The muffled sounds of Erica and Orson were heard through the walls, so Simone got the picture quite clearly that Orson was staying the night. Things..were going to get noisy that was for sure. Letting out a sigh, Simone cleaned up the ice cream bucket and spoons and was heading to the kitchen when she heard a loud banging on the door. Was it Brock, coming back to fly off at Simone again? She really had no idea who it could be, and hesitantly went to answer. But as she looked through the peep hole what she saw shocked her to the core. It was Kristian; curled up and crying in the hall way. The look of shock and surprise riddled Simone’s face and she carefully unlocked the door before opening it wide. The blonde cocked her head to the right and then checked to see if there was anyone else out in the corridor, before padding out barefoot and sinking down to be beside Kristian. There was music playing through the speaker system and it was a song that had a certain melancholy to it.

The tears were flowing down his cheeks. Such sadness. What on earth could have happened to him? Had he and Kali fought? And if so…was it about her? Simone was starting to get a feeling of de javu.

“Kristian?” Simone spoke softly, before placing her arms around him and drawing him into an embrace. If he allowed it, his head would be resting upon her warm breasts. Simone’s skin was soft and smelt of vanilla – a sweet smell as she had just showered. There was no makeup, no fancy clothes. Natural as nature intended.

When I was young
I never needed anyone
And makin’ love was just for fun
Those days are gone

Livin’ alone
I think of all the friends I’ve known
But when I dial the telephone
Nobody’s home

All by myself
Don’t wanna be, all by myself anymore
All by myself
Don’t wanna live, all by myself anymore

Hard to be sure
Sometimes I feel so insecure
And love so distant and obscure
Remains the cure



Re: RP-Escala Luxury Apartments
April 15, 2014 04:31AM
Apartment 3C – Simone & Erica 

Oh great, she had answered the door a little too late, or a little too soon, Kristian couldn’t tell, but he didn’t want anyone to see this side of him, let alone a woman who probably hated him still. ”Kristian? She came by him, and a scent of vanilla filled the air, it was so inviting and in the seconds that passed he hadn’t even known she had wrapped her arms around him. “Don’t touch me…” He almost laughed at the way he sounded. Of course he embraced the warmth that surrounded him, which was ironic because he was the one now touching her. “ I guess you want an explanation as to why I am here… He didn’t exactly tell her, but lifted his hand to where is wedding ring used to be.

Grunting slightly he stood up, and brushed away the tears that almost dried on his face.“Let’s just say I almost got hit by lightning, but other than that, I’m absolutely fine.” He sniffled and kept a straight face, wondering why she was not laughing at his sudden sympathetic emotions. “I’m … sorry.” It was hard for him to choke out this word, for once it was from his heart, a place that could not lie. “I think my wife just left me, and I came here to blame you for her sudden outburst towards me. However… it doesn’t even matter, goodbye Simone.” He turned around and slowly headed away from her apartment. 

Re: RP-Escala Luxury Apartments
April 15, 2014 04:49AM
Apartment 3C – Simone & Erica

Watching him rise after showing that his wedding hand was now free of a ring, Simone’s face was ashen. What the hell was happening to the people she cared most about? First Pandora and Brock, now Kali and Kristian. It seemed to be like the reason for these people breaking up was her. She felt a wave of nausea hit her as a lump of bile rose to her throat. Her head was now a jumbled mess of images, things people said and the final look on Pandora’s face as she saw Simone with Brock. This was getting to be too much, even for her to fathom.

“Kristian…I’m so sorry.” this was a heartfelt response, and when Kristian went on to say he almost got hit by lightning, Simone twinged. That had to hurt, but it was how he sniffled and looked like he had hit rock bottom that had Simone jump up from where she had been on the floor with him moments earlier. Krisitan rambled about how Kali just left him and he had come down to blame her for the whole affair. His last words of goodbye shook her to the core. She couldn’t see another relationship fail if it had anything to do with her. As he turned around and tried to head away from her, Simone gave chase, catching up with him and pulling on his arm.

‘Kristian, please listen to me a moment. You were right about me, okay. I am a bad person. I am…the things you said. You were right the whole time. God, I don’t want you losing what you had with Kali cause of a fight with me. I’m not worth that. Please, don’t give up on what you have with her. I beg you. You will regret it if you walk away from her now.”

Simone was practically pleading with him to go and set things right with his wife. She just couldn’t bare to see Kristian suffer this much, not after what happened to Pandora.

“I’ll even come up with you and plead your case.”

Would he listen?



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