This is taken from my medieval role play series called “Lacardis Prime”  My co-writer is AlexanderThorodan.  Hope you enjoy, “The Day you went away.’




October 24, 2012 07:26AM
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LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- It had been six long months, since the dissappearance of Taru, the daughter born of Lorelei and Baldrick, that fateful day at Spider arena. The long days, where Lorelei stood upon her balconey, awaiting the for the return of the knights, that they would bring back their daughter safe and sound. Days, where Baldrick stood in the shadows, watching on with tearful eyes, begging Lorelei to let her go. Screaming matches, broken vases, broken glasses, broken dreams. Lorelei’s oldest sons, Izu and Sora, would often play in the garden, staring up to see their mother, her red hair, flowing about her, so long, so unkempt. She let herself go, becoming something of a hermit, to her sorrow, her pain. It had affected her to the point, she refused to eat. Finally, the night came, the knights returned, after scaling the country, and were empty handed. Lorelei sat in her usual chair, at the heavily carved goverment table, the seating, around her empty. Baldrick of course, was standing in behind her, as she drummed her claws on the arm of her chair, her leg stradled over the other arm, the black circles around her eyes. The Knight of the Guard, marched in to the main auditorium, and he stood to attention, as Lorelei slowly raised her gaze, her cheeks, hollowed, her skin, sickly pale. “M’lady Carrendar, we have done all we can. The child, is no longer of this world. There is simply nothing more that can be done.”- Baldrick swalllowed, and then nodded graciously to the Knight, as Lorelei reached for her goblet of ale, and took a sip, as though she didn’t hear him. “May…I be excused, M’lady?” -Again, another sip taken, her eyes staring down at the map of Lacardis, that was kept in beneath a glass dome. Finally, she set down the goblet, and said, with a voice, so soft. “That will be all, Lord Chisolm. You may go.”- the Knight bowed in respect, and crossed his right arm diagonally across his chest, before righting himself and then pivotting on the ball of his right foot, he marched out again. Baldrick waited a few moments and said. “Its over.”- Lorelei pursed her lips, and a single tear rolled down her cheek. “So it is.” <3>

AlexanderThorodan: Alexander sighed as sweat began to form his brow, which would then run down his face around the edges of the spectacles attached to his elaborate headpiece as he walked through what could be described as a flourishing utopia…at least by Thorodan Standards. He looked at the sky as his he walked down a well-laid stone path, observing the faint tint of blue and the emergence of dimly-lit stars. As he shifted his gaze back in front of him, he saw a castle in the distance, which appeared to be full of life as the flames seemingly trapped in torches flickered and danced with light. He heard the distant chatter and whinnying of horses as he approached a large wooden door guarded by two knights. Alexander stopped and curtseyed in front of the two, before the taller of the two asked him what business he could possibly have within such an elaborate castle. “I am on a soul-searching journey, which has taken me far away from my home. The light given off from the town lit up the evening and drew me here, like a fly to honey.” – Alexander said with a smile. The shorter of the two shook his head. “I am sorry… Only those with royal business may pass. I wish you luck on your adventure.” – The guard said as his shook his armored hand in an upward fashion, signifying that it was time for Alexander to leave. An expression of disappointment was etched into Alexander’s face, before it lit up as an idea popped into his head. He thrusted his right paw into one of the pockets of his robe, and pulled out two red hexagonal crystals that gave off a purple aura. “These are yours if you were to…well…not see me.” – Alexander whispered in an enticing tone. Both the knights looked at each other, with blank expressions which were concealed by the grills of their helmets before Alexander threw both crystals into a bush lining the pathway to the castle. One of the knights approached the bush, while the other looked at his comrade in disbelief, while opening one of the large double-doors for Alexander as he appeared to mean no harm, and looked like he could easily be taken care of should he cause problems. Alexander’s expression was blank as he passed through the doorway, although inside he was somewhat shocked by the morale of the knight system displayed in front of him. Alexander walked through a series of hallways for about thirty minutes until he came to another large set of double-doors which opened as an armored man walked out of it. Curiosity began to take it’s course as Alexander quickened his pace and lifted up his robes with both paws as he jogged towards the doors, and peeked through the small crack in between the two. He tilted his head, as he saw a woman of regal-appearance looking somewhat despondent. He looked for a few more minutes, until he clenched one claw into a fist and knocked on one of the doors. <3>

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Baldrick raised his hand to his forehead, rubbing it with gnarled finger tips, as he looked over the back of the chair on which Lorelei sat. He had been silent for a few months, really. He had no more answers, no more words of comfort, just nothing but love for his Mistress, his Prime Minister. “M’lady, do you require anything? I fear that I have something of a headache, and I need to lay down.”- He lowered his hand slowly, till it rested on the back of her chair. Lorelei set down the goblet, her eyes glazed over, as she came to accept that, this was just how it was to be. A lick of her cracked lips, and she finally exhaled, and then drew her leg down from the arm of the chair, and went up to standing. Taking those few steps around to be next to Baldrick, she did something unusual, even for her. She leant forward and kissed his cheek, her lips pressed for but a few seconds, but it was enough. A sign, that the woman forgave him, at last. Baldrick showed her a half smile, and then bowed before her, rising to bid her a good eve. He didn’t want to leave her alone in the large hall, but he was only human. “Good eve…M’lady.” He then walked down the opposite hall to his quarters, and closed the door behind him, the echo reaching her as she stood still, just her hand gripping the edge of the table for support. No one to see, no one to hear. Eyes squinted tight as she let out a cry so wrought with heartache, that it would reach those in ear shot, but they would know it best not to disturb her. She snatched up the goblet in a fit of rage, and hurled it at the fire place, the liquid catching fire and causing a small fire ball then fizzing to nothing, the empty goblet clattering on the stone. Panting, she stepped away from the table, and then looked down at her hands, turning them over, staring at the lines on her palms. They say you can see the future in the marks in one’s skin, and she searched her own hands, for answers. At this moment, someone knocked on the door, and her eyes flickered, darting right, as her hands lowered to her sides. “Enter.” she said, barely looking back at where the sound was coming from. “For this night welcomes those that are chosen by the darkness. The moon bathes us in its sorrow. Ill of light, the sun is best to sleep, for while the demons make merry, beneath the signs of the zodiac.” <3>

AlexanderThorodan: Even though the blackness of Alexander’s scales had a dark shade that even challenged the night itself, a red tint began to shine through as Alexander began to blush as he spotted the woman embrace what appeared to be but a lowly servant…possibly one of higher rank than the regular knights of the court, and kiss him, his jaws parting no more than an inch as he observed the room’s occupants, stupefied. His crimson draconic eyes followed the man as he walked away from his master, until the wall’s corner obstructed his line of vision. As he heard a door nearby close, his gaze drifted back to the woman as the woman let out a loud scream that seemed to contain hints of both anger, and sorrow, and threw her goblet into a nearby fireplace, flinching slightly as he heard the goblet clang against the stone floor. He rarely was taken by surprise, as years of soul-searching prior to him taking his throne has hardened him both physicly, and mentally. However there was something about this woman that Alexander failed to put his finger on… Something… Enchanting. He peered closer into the crack, squinting as the glass covering his eyes released a nasty flash of light as a result of the light given off by the fireplace, and watched her become seemingly fascinated with her hand. “People in this land are…strange.” – Alexander thought to himself as the tail hidden by his traveling robes began to sway to and fro in excitement. Alexander was taught never to eavesdrop, but hey, it was all a learning experience for the young dragon. A chill spread from his spine to the tips of his fingers and toes as the woman told him to enter. Alexander gently pushed one of the double-doors open just enough for him to slip inside, turning around to close it behind him immediately after, so that no other may commit the same act of rudeness as he. He turned around once more, and saw the woman that he had been observing still fixated on her hand, as his claws on his feet scraped against the stone floor as he walked closer to the woman… Slowly of course and with both of his hands visible so he did not scare the “native”. <3>

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- The creaking of the ancient timbers, the doors would open, as those that had sought entry would make themselves be known to Lorelei, as she stood alone, bathed in the glimmering light of the many candles that provided a desolate setting, in the midst of finery. Tapestries, oil paintings of the ones that had come before. Eyes, all looking forward, from settings that were of lands, long since forgotten and relegated to the yellow pages of the historrical tomes. Lorelei raised her chin, remembering her station, nostrils flaring, she was a sight indeed. Hair, the colour of the blood, that seeps from freshly opened wounds, eyes the purest jade, that had seen much in the past seven hundred years. The glamour of the bebilth, showed what the viewer wished to see, but lo, what lay benath her whale bone corset, beneath the fine silks of office, lay the heart of a true demon, a beast known as the Hunter. But in this setting, she had done a deal. She walked on two legs, not eight as her maker had intended. Her curse, it seemed, was to live in torment, for never could she find hapiness, accept in her offspring. Tis why the loss of Taru, tore her apart. Spinning back to now, the scraping on the cold stone, of clawed feet, awakened her senses, and she turned with the fluid movement of a viper. Eyes glowing, as she showed her good side. Hard to believe a demon could mask the inner hatred so well. “Hmmm, Salutations Traveller. I see the Knights, are once again lacking. Tis a miracle that I am even standing here. I must remind the Executioner to sharpen his blade.”-she more or less said the latter to herself, as she walked towards him. Each step, precise, poised, a lady indeed. “What…pray tell has brought you so far, from your lands? You don’t wear the cloth of a Lacardian.”-she asked inquisitively. She showed no fear. Strange, most women would, when left to their own devices. <3>

AlexanderThorodan: Both of the glass spectacles attached to Alexander’s headpiece were gently pulled away from the dragon-kin’s eyes with his paws as his slow approach shifted to a quicker-paced shuffle. His slim flickering shadow was distorted by the flickering hellish flames into twisted shapes as he made his way over to the woman. As years of grooming by his mother had taught him to be respectful to all he crossed paths with, even those who slump around in rags within his own borders, he halted five feet away from the woman, and kneeled on both knees with his head bowed low. There was something…off, about the woman, and with almost a lifetime of dealing with sister’s of his own, he knew not to invoke a woman’s wrath, so he made a mental note to mind his manner’s while in the castle. His eyes narrowed as he heard the woman mention the executioner, and his slowly shifted his gaze upward so that his crimson eyes can meet the woman’s. “It does not seem to be their fault… They seem rather…’disadvantaged’, would be the word? The objects they were bribed with were two lumps of Merinoyv Ore, a common substance found in my lands. A hundred lumps would not be worth a horseshoe, let alone a free tour of your lovely home.” – Alexander said lowly, but fairly audibly so that only the two of them may here. His expression lightened up as he heard the woman ask about his place of origin; a question he has been hoping to answer since two days after his departure from his fair empire. “I am on a soul-searching journey… After family problems, I have decided to take a break from it all.” – His tone shifted from a happier tone, to one of a bit of sadness as he shifted to the family subject. It has been two weeks since he was forced to kill his own son; something that he was forced to do to protect his people. He shook his head, and returned his gaze back to the floor to hide the pain he was beginning to feel. “I saw how advanced your society is… It is beautiful! It’s sophistication resembles that greatly of my land.” – Alexander said with a smile. He then fell silent, as he awaited the woman’s response. <3>

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Footsteps…suddenly coming down the hall, not one set but two. Boys, twins. Their hair, jet black, and identical in every way. Wearing long shirts, and socks on their feet, they enter the main auditiorium, and scamper over to their mother, only stopping shy, to see that she has company. One who is kneeling before her. “Mother…we couldn’t sleep.”- Izu said, rubbing his eyes, in his hand, the Cap plushie, that Lorelei had given him to sleep with, since he had such bad dreams. “Izu wet the bed.”- Sora complained, rocking back and forth, heel to toe, as Izu gave him a hard punch in the arm. “You promised you wouldn’t tell.”- Izu exclaimed, his lips turned down, pouting, upset now at being betrayed. “And you promised you wouldn’t smell, but you didn’t keep that promise did you?”- The boys started to push and shove each other, getting rough house, and Lorelei let out a small gutteral growl, which had both boy’s stop in their tracks, Izu’s arm drawn back, ready to sock it to his brother. “Sorry, Mother.”- they said in unison, and both stood with their arms by their sides, heads bowed, the Cap plushie slowly lowering down on the string as you hear the mechancial recording say, “Fantastic” Letting out a sigh, she turned her attention back to the guest, and she said first off. “If you would be so kind as to rise, there is no need to bow so low, that you are on your knees. Though I am touched by your show of respect, I think we should see eye to eye.”- As she waited for him to rise, she heard him speak of her troublesome guards, who apparently abandoned their posts. “Bribed with two lumps of Merinoyv Ore? Normally they will take to wenches easier, but sounds like that was pretty darn effective. Ha.”- she did find this amusing and leant on a chair hearing of how he had embarked on a soul searching quest. “Novel, to seek what it is that is the key to unlocking your spirit. Noble in fact. Interesting.”-she used words that were meant to compliment the guest, and so she took his compliments of her lands with the same respect. “Lacardis owes its present peace accord to Captain. Course, Captain is never around…one does wonder sometimes. Oh…my apologies, may I introduce you to my Sons. Izu and Sora Carrendar. Lords of Lacardis.” They may only have been 11, but they were quite tall for their age. Both boys bowed to the being, and Izu asked. “What do they call you?” <3>

AlexanderThorodan: ADHD reigned supreme as the pitter-patter of tiny feet assaulted Alexander’s ears. He quickly turned his head towards the dicrection that the footsteps originated from. A smile then formed across the young dragon’s face, as he had a weakness for children. Could it have been the innocence that the children possessed? Or was it the unwavering obedience that was displayed when the mother mearly growled? Ethier way, seeing the two brought warmth into Alexander’s hardened soul. However, while feeling happiness, the cold hand of reality gripped Alexander on his shoulder and sunk it’s fangs into his mind, prompting a sort of “flashback” which manifested itself as a quick marquee-like display in his head. The world outside became distant. Neither sound nor sight would register in his brain. Although the flashback lasted for only two seconds, it seemed like an hour to the young dragon, showing everything from his first-born leaving for the first time, to the most recent incident involving his children; his adopted child who calls himself “Moonfur”, attempting to fool the Royal Guard into slaying what Alexander considers his “golden child” Victor, over Moonfur’s “assumptions”. He shook his head to clear out the thoughts clouding his mind’s eye, which helped him re-enter reality. Sounds could be heard again! What was said before finally caught up with his brain. His attention faded in while the woman was speaking of guards, something that caused Alexander to sigh silently as he believed he bought the guards another chance. He nodded along with the woman, as she mused about her admiration in Alexander’s adventure. “Think of my life as an unfinished painting. I needed to step away from my everyday life, so I may fill in the holes and make it beautiful again.” – Alexander replied. He smiled when she introduced her two children, but this smile faded once one of them asked his name. He did not want one to catch on to his identity as royalty. “Alexander, ma’am. May I ask yours?” – He said, seeing no harm in at least giving his first name. He then looked out towards the window, and yawned as his long trek has left him tired. <3>

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Lorelei had been depressed from the loss of her daughter Taru, and the sons, knew this, having been kept from her for over six months, as she suffered the grief. Now, that it was clear, Taru would not return, she finally opened her eyes, to what she still had, her twin boys, Izu and Sora. Both boys, had their heads bowed still, though Izu did ask, what was the being’s name. The being, answered, in a polite fashion, and this had Lorelei relax. “Alexander, ma’am. May I ask yours?” Both Izu and Sora raised their heads, and watched their mother, as they saw the colour seem to return to her cheeks, and she showed a half smile and gestured with her right hand, for her children to approach her, as she answered Alexander. “I am Lady Carrendar, or..you may call me Lorelei.” Izu came to his mother’s left, Sora to her right, wrapping their arms around her waist, nuzzling their heads to her sides, and she brought her arms around them. The family was reunited at last, after so long. Content, she recognised that the traveller was weary from his journey, for his yawning was unmistakable. “I offer you a bed and rest, within the walls of the meeting hall of Arachnae. If you so accept, I can show you to your room.”- She patted both her son’s backs and they released from her, to stand at her sides. “Its been, quite a night.” <3>

AlexanderThorodan: Alexander realized that he was still kneeling, despite being asked to rise moments before. He almost stumbled on his own robes as he scrambled to stand, all while trying to maintain a professional demeanour. He nodded as the woman introduced herself, smiling whilst he felt a sort of bond form between the two. He would question later that night, if his own securities about him being able to rule alone were valid in the first place. Nevertheless, he would continue on with his trek at the first opportunity that he gained. But alas, as the lady spoke, he yawned once more. He nodded sheepishly as Lorelei offered a room. “A room would be wonderful…” – He would monotonously say before covering his gaping maw with his left arm as he yawned once more. He turned his head about, as he looked for the door that could possibly lead to the chamber he would be sleeping in. <3>