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This is taken from the Role Play “On the Wings of Eagles” for the Carrendar Dynasty group.  My co-writer is DrakonMacar, a seasoned veteran of the Role Playing community.

November 09, 2012 10:52PM
Roleplay Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynastyhttps://i1.wp.com/www.el33tonline.com/images/cache/29726.jpgOn the Wings of Eagles

All Hail the Emperor!


CharlotteCarrendar: – As Colonel Jessup paced in behind the massive wall of communication monitors and radar screens, his right hand man, a young air force cadet, was on the radio, picking up communication from the Scourge Eagles.

“Sir, incoming transmition. Let me put it to speaker for you.” – the young cadet, flipped the switch to play the message live to the entire room, as many stopped what they were doing, looking up from their panels.

*Nixagris Air Commander this is Scourge Eagle Relief Force. Multiple aircraft are in fire range and not disengaging Hostile approach of aircraft. Your weaponry is of no use against us, nor do we wish to engage what we were briefed on as friendlies. Disengage now.”

Colonel Jessup’s nostrils flared, his forehead wrinkled considerably, as he grabbed the microphone up and barked down into the coms.

“This is Colonel Jessup of the Nixagrin base Space port and National Airforce. My planes have right to fly in this airspace. This is first word we have had that our own planes are viewed as being hostile. WE ARE DEFENDING OUR SPACE BASE ON ROUTINE RECONISSENCE FLIGHTS!”- he barked angrily. “I have ten of our best pilots up there in those skies, patrolling the north. ARE WE NOW UNDER YOUR COMMAND? I DEMAND SOME ANSWERS, BEFORE I CALL OFF MY PLANES!” He gripped the mic tightly in his hands, as all eyes were on him.

Just then, one of the lead pilots radioed in from Striker One.

“This is Captain Reegus, on Striker One, now in formation, approaching enemy aircraft. TWO NINE DELTA….They are tracking us, what are your orders? Do we open fire?”

The young comms cadet’s eyes lit up, fear etched in his expression. He turned around and stared at the Colonel. “Sir…sir…its suicide.” Colonel Jessup screamed down the mic at the Lead pilot on Striker One.

“Do not fire unless fired upon…..That is an order!” <3>

Drakon: “Planes?” Toburt shook his head. “Oh by the Golden Throne…” He flicked the Comm’s switch. “We’re not going to waste time briefing you all en route. We have our duty and we are on approach to the space port. We see a ruined land below and around us and it is VERY much obvious the people here could make use of aide. ETA 20 Standard Minutes.” Toburt rolled the reply around in his head. Planes haven’t been seen, built or used in Millenia, yet here was a world using such a baffling variety or technology new and old. He tongued the vox-caster in his gorget ~Brothers, hold thrust, go to skim and steady, forwards at impulse.~ A pair of voices replied ‘Affirm’

The Thundereagle, two Storm Eagles and the pair of Land Speeder Tornados slowed to what might have been a crawl, visually and literally the vehicles velocity slowed and then came to a complete stop as they floated mid-air. hovering 30 meters above the rubble of the outskirts of Nixagris. ~Allow these bafoons to pass and do not engage until such a time as engaged. Speeders, shift front center, Storm Eagles, run point and I will bring the rear.~ ‘Affirm’ ~Forwards~

The formation shifted, the two smallest craft, a pair of Land Speeder Tornados with their Scout compliments inside hovering closer to the ground, the Storm Eagles going forwards and then the group started forwards. The pace was that slower than the jets could possibly maintain flight at thanks to the anti-grav plate technologies used for the war machines. At speeds of a mere 50/kmh they pressed forwards above the scarred land scape.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The reply to the Colonel’s tirade, was nothing short of the Scourge Eagles losing patience with the situations. Clearly, the Nixagrins, did things a little bit differently to their counterparts in the south. The radio handler, was staring up at Colonel Jessup, the blood running from his face, as he swallowed.

“Sir…orders?” -the young cadet asked, now quaking before the incensed Colonel. The Colonel looked as though he was about to blow a blood vessel in his neck. The comms was off for now, so his new tirade, would not be heard by any from the oncoming Scourge Eagles, nor his pilots, whose very lives hung in the balance.

“GODDAMN IT!..Has Lorewall instructed that this was an authorised manouvre by these…these…people?!”- he pointed at the oncoming blips on the screen. “What of the one known as Captain? WHO THE HELL IS RUNNING THE SHOW NOW?!” -clearly, he was getting unnerved, as his duty was to protect the fleets of Seals that remained, and the rest of the flight squadron. His grip upon the mic, was now showing indentations from his fingers. He didn’t know if letting them land would be safe for the fleets, and even so, no word from Lorewall, meant they were on their own.

“This is Captain Reegus, on Striker One, the bogeys are slowing speed, Colonel. Orders?!”- now the pilots were starting to wonder what to do. Then one of the back jets, increased speed, breaking formation, and making a collision course, for the larger war machines.

“This is Captain Jones, my wife and kids are down there!…i don’t want them murdered by aliens!” The control room went frantic, as Captain Reegus got back on comms. “Jones!…Hold fire…break right…do not engage….I repeat…DO NOT ENGAGE!”

“I GOT LOCK, I GOT LOCK!”- Captain Jones flicked the switch, as one of the larger thundereagles, was marked by a red halo.

Back at the base, Colonel Jessup was about to have a heart attack. “JONES…YOU BRING DOWN THAT PLANE OF YOURS…HOLD FIRE!!” <3>


Drakon: *Collision Course detected, Impact in mark 10…* The servitor droned lazily. “VU’LEITAK!” Toburt spat and pulled on the controls. The massive Thundereagle suddenly rose up, vertically and then pivoted, it’s entire display of weapons now very much obvious. A quartet of missile pods on the wings, heavily altered autocannons of a sorts and a lone augmented melta-cannon facing the kamikaze. “You will know peace through death or through duty!” Toburt’s impressive display showed how greatly the size of the Thundereagle was betrayed more by it’s impressive engines. *5… 4…* Toburt could hear the lessons, his psycho-conditioning over taking his instincts, the voice of the Grand Eagle.

‘Our way is not that of the Hammer, nor the Sword, Shield, Axe, or Spear. Ours is that of the Eagle. Mighty, keen, noble. In our duty, certain boons must be made for the sake of liberation. Some worlds in the fringes still ahve yet to see the light of the Imperium. Our duty is to defend those worlds and to cleanse them of the malefactors of this galaxy. It is for this purpose we were made. The unification of Mankind. The Truth of the Great Scheme, the Imperial Truth, is not what you were taught as a child by your tribes Lore Speakers. It is that first and foremost, there is humanity. Where there is humanity, there is need of our aide. Our duty is that aide.’ The memory went for what felt like a life time. The other elements had continued forwards, jinking and jerking around in blatant evasive actions, ensuring their safety from the dive bombing lunatic.

Toburt heaved again and this time the Thundereagle jumped up and exploded forwards in motion, all in a fashion that was utterly unnatural to those unfamiliar with the mighty war machine and it’s workings. If there was a fight to be had, the Scourge Eagles would not throw the first punch, but they sure as hell would end it. Such was their way, example first, action second. Their duty was to Humanity, their alligence to the Emperor. Not the other way around. “FINAL WARNING! DISENGAGE OR PREPARE FOR BATTLE! ANY FURTHER ACTS WILL BE CONSIDERED HOSTILE AND WILL RESULT IN OUR OPENING FIRE!” Toburt broadcast the order on all channels, the signal bounding forth on all frequencies.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The communications centre in Nixagris, came alive with the operators yelling into coms, as the entire ten jet formation broke apart, like fireflies, they all went, up down, left right, as the jet that had gone rogue, was hurtling towards the massive thunder eagle. The Colonel was perspiring profusely, as he barked orders for all ships to return to base, and in particular, he was yelling at Captain Jones, who was forcing the hand of the Scourge Eagles. “ABORT MISSION…GODDAMN IT…Or I kill you myself.”

But what the pilots of all the jets could see, that the ground towers could not, was the raw power and majesty of the thunder eagle, which in its efforts to get clear of the kamikaze Nixagrin jet, showed off just what it was carrying beneath its bulk,

“GREAT MOTHER OF GOD!” – Captain Reegus yelled on his com, as he could not find any other words to describe the view he had from his cockpit. “ABORT MISSION…ABORT…All return to base.” -the jets all turned and started to head for home, as Captain Jone’s plane shot right underneath the Thunderhawk. His efforts to ram it thwarted, and now, he would have to live with the court marshall, as well as Colonel Jessup’s wrath.

At the base, the Colonel was staring up at the Nemauen Flag on the wall, and closed his eyes tight, wondering if he had just handed over control of the North, by not having his planes engage. The young cadet, who all this time, had been waiting for orders, implored him with his eyes. “Sir?” The Colonel tugged on his lapels, and then said firmly. “Give them landing clearance. This isn’t over.”- The young cadet responded. “Yes Sir.”- pressing on the comms switch and coughing, before speaking.

“This is Nixagris Space port and Air base. You may start your landing.” <3>

Drakon: “You may start your landing.” Toburt gnashed his teeth together. It was now very obvious that these were mere chilrden playing at war and what was worse, he felt the Instinct kick in, the nagging feeling that their attacks were all but over. ~Tighten formation, full speed to the port. Scouts, make ready for insertion. Until further notice we are on Hair Triggers. Fire at will.~ The group reformed and sped off to the port, the space port coming into sight. It was poorly kept from what they could see. Maintenance was lacking and it seemed their anti-grav plates were either disabled or non-existant.

The Tornado’s side’s opened up, a servitor took control of the machines flight as the pair of land speeders dispersed 10 scouts in the cover of smoke as they lazily made way over a smoldering building. The group had all paused to make it seem less suspicious, they had reformed their position, the Tornados out front, the Storm Eagles and finally the Thundereagle itself. They motioned over and slowed, lowering to the pads.

*Touchdown mark 3… 2… 1…* The vehicles shook on the impact of landing on the pads. The crews pulled their helmets on, Wargear primed, readied, steadied. As for the Scouts in their Land Speeders, they were no where to be seen, only a pair of servitors in each cockpit.

The scouts camo-cloaks and the camoline lining of the Scourge Eagles armor allowed them to blend in. Their decades of training paying off as the untrained eye would be hard pressed to find their outlines, especially in the smoldering ruins of Nixagris. Sniper Rifles, Combat Knives, Bolt Pistols, a Missile Launcher, they were ready to mean business in a moments notice as they scattered, resorting to vox-clicks only on their secured channel. “- – _ -” Toburt grinned under his helm as he disembarked the Thundereagle. Five astartes accompanied him. Two Battle Brothers each took leave from the two Stormeagles and in total, the entire Alto Squad was together. The most seasoned pilots of the Chapter outside of the First Company had gathered on the spot. Boltguns hanging to their sides, chainswords on display.

Bulky power armour stuck out like a sore thumb as Toburt voxed to their servitors. “Order Zel’la Ou’tat.” *Confirmed.* The Sotmreagles and Thundereagle had landed around the two Land Speeders, all shields reignited and weapons systems tracked the deck of the port. The Astartes stood there, motionless like statues over seven feet in height each. Ruby lened helms and their armor shifting and shimmering a myraid of pigments, almost half concealing them in discreet whisps of smoke as the Camoline coating adjusted to it’s surroundings. They waited in silence, the void shields around their vessels guarding them until approached by those they came to see.

TaruCarrendar:- From the high mountain tops of the ranges in the icey cold north, Taru was standing on the very edge of a cliff. Betrayed by Lord Kaze, who fake his own death, in order to have them arrested by the very people that her forefathers had served. Sora stood in behind her, arms folded, kicking at a clump of snow.

“Why did he betray us?” Sora asked of his younger sister, as she snarled under her breath. Sora had been kept in the dark for many years, about the fate of his sister, and why she showed up now. Was this all part of the plan? In behind them, stood, the alter of the Chosen. The Society, that had stolen Taru from her mother, all those years before. The red cloth, was still visible, under neath the snow, but this is where it all began. This is where, Taru’s life turned into a living a hell. Turning her head slightly, her face barely visible, beneath the white of her hair, that blew about her, teased by the artic winds.

“Because that is what they do. He is of Chaos. What did you expect? A warm fuzzy hug? A dinner in Nixagris? No…this was meant to be.”- Sora appeared confused all the more and shook his head. But then something caught both their attention, as below, the Thunder Eagles were landing, and so to the jets of the Nemaeun Military. Watching from high above, Taru actually found something to smile about.

“And so….it has begun.”- she said, practically breathless, whilst her brother walked to the cliff edge and looked down for himself. “Are they, the ones of the prophecy?” Sora asked, looking at his sister, and seeing her smile. Taru relayed the prophecy again. “Men but not, travel the stars in search to lay waste to the Chaos, but there are those that stand against….the Father of the Sun. His wraith is great and there shall be no mercy. Child of Arachnid travels the dark tunnels of Fjelding. Man of eyes, the beast, the King speaks the name….the…name….the King of the mountain….cometh…..BUT…the black sees all, and fears not the ones againest Chaos.” -she offered her hand to her brother. “I left that bit out.”- Her eyes flickered to black, as Sora took her hand, and both rippled, their forms vanishing from the craggy cliff face, as over head, a black Raven circled, cawing loudly.

As the Scourge Eagles came into their landing, Colonel Jessup and his men came running out of the command centre, Colonel Jessup placing on his hat, his breath showing as he exhaled. “Remind me to kick Captain Jones ASS!”- he fumed, as the smoke ahead camoflaged the oncoming Marines. “I can’t see shit!” – But as he walked along with his men, two beings shimmered in behind them, both wearing black uniforms, Taru’s hair blowing about her face, while Sora let go of her hand. “Talk about getting your landing right. Looks like this is where the action is.” – Taru nodded and strutted along behind the Colonel, who was trying to see his way. <3>

Drakon: Bulol and Fireks had returned to the Thundereagle and pulled their choice weapons, a Heavy Bolter for Bulol and Fireks picked up his signature Plasmagun. The two brothers returned to the side of their squad and they all turned. It was a rare sight, the massive Astartes stepped forth, the void shields dropping for ten seconds and they appeared from the haze. Toburt rose his right fist into the air, exposing the underside of his right arm in the process. The group stepped forwards and ceased a two yards rom the others.

“Relief Force Zou, as ordered by Grand Eagle Drakon Deritako Macar. I am Brother Toburt, Avenger of the Third Company and these are my battle brothers of squad Alto, of the Scourge Eagles Chapter Adeptus Astartes. Originally we came here to help but now I am pondering why I want to consider diplomacy after what was just displayed. Of course this is kowing full well that I could flick your damned nose and leave you in traction of a week after you recover from the concussion. Who is in charge here and who are you?” He said rather flatly. It was very obvious that Toburt was annoyed with the whole situation and to think he had volunteered to lead the forward to Nixagris. He stood there towering over those who approached.

TaruCarrendar:- The Colonel stopped dead in his tracks, his men doing pretty much the same as the two massive Astartes came into view, from out of the smoke haze. The Colonel’s mouth fell open, for this was the first time he came into contact with the Scourge Eagles. Course, these Astartes were armed to the max, bolt weapons and plasma guns. Far superior to the Las-guns that were issued to the military from Lorewall.

The One known as Brother Toburt, was the first to speak, introducing both himself and his Brothers from squad Alto. He was curt, and blunt in his words to the Colonel and his men. He even threatened to flick the Colonel’s nose and leave him in traction for a week, out for the count. Clearly, they were on a hair trigger to shoot the first person that spoke out of line. But before the Colonel could reply, though he was tongue tied, Taru stepped through the men, her brother slowly following behind. Knowing full well, that Lord Kaze was suppost to be dead, her father Baldrick, missing and he was the Prime Minister in lieu of Charlotte, there were few else in the north, that could lay claim to some level of rank.

“That….would be me.”- she said boldly, the flick of her green irises, set in amonget black eyes, and her alabaster skin, a stark contrast to the black of her clothing. Colonel Jessup knew nothing of Taru, or her brother and raised a hand, which he suddenly pulled back down, as Sora gripped his own collar, and revealled the birth mark of the Carrendar Spiders.

“Taru….Taru Carrendar, I understand your men met with my younger sister, who so enlisted your services to aid the country against, the forces of Chaos. She too bore the mark, as it was her lineage, however, she was half human, and so naturally in conflict with her demonic origin. She stood proudly, and apparently unarmed, which took a bit of guts, when the military behind her, were all shitting themselves.

“Brother Toburt, its a delight, I must say, to actually meet you and your brothers, face to face. I apologise of course, for whatever actions the Colonel and his men took, and I assure you, that they will be dealt with, by the Government.” She spoke with all the air of a Carrendar, like her mother before her, however, she was plagued with the black, and so she was unique, to any who had come before her…or since. <3>

Drakon: “Well whoever the moron was that tried to ram Valor’s Feather, ” Toburt gestured to the Thundereagle “…keep him grounded and someone get his damned head straight. It’s hard to find men of that audacity and if tempered right makes him a force to be reckoned with.” Toburt said and nodded towards the command center. “It is time to bring us up to speed. We have orders to relay to you from none other than the Grand Eagle himself and it is urgent that they are worked towards immediately.”

TaruCarrendar:- After years of service to the likes of Mazmezz, Taru was used to dealing with those of authority, in particular, those that were furious in regards to the wanton actions of others, that could have endangered his craft and his crew. Looking past Toburt, she saw the sheer size of the Thundereagle and then compared it to the jets now landing on the tarmac. “Yes…that was rather stupid. I mean, would like tossing a pebble at well….you.”-she said with a flick of her wrist. “Colonel?”- Taru said, to the air, as the Colonel came up along side her and frowned, like he didn’t take orders from civilians. “Yes, M’lady?” said with a touch of disdain in his voice. “I do think that whoever piloted the jet, to take a run at the Thundereagle, and attempted to damage relations of good will between the Nemauens and the visitors, should be…sent to the stocks.”- she beamed a bright smile, which then showed something of malice, when he snorted a reply. “Very well…..M’lady. MEN…round up Captain Jones, and take him in.”- Pleased with this instant reaction, she rounded back on Toburt and tilted her head. “See? We do take this sort of matter seriously. Now, you said you had orders you wished to relay from your Grand Eagle. I would be more than happy to ensure it passes through to those in Lorewall. In particular, the one known…..as Captain.”- Now, Taru had never met him face to face, but she knew…he was the Father of the Sun. <3>

Drakon: “No, we have orders to obey, his will is to be relayed.” Toburt said as he made a quick remark in Saer’rien inside of his helm. The other Astartes seemed to lower their weapons slightly, just at the smallest of angles. “The orders are to secure and defend this Star Port from insurrectionists until such time as heavy landers can be deployed to land materials necessary for construction. Rocrete, plasteel, ceramite, some in raw form, others not so much. Call it tribute from the Imperium of Man as a token of goodwill. Well, it WAS the case until the one known as Captain showed. Now we’re falling back to contingency plans of fortify, evacuate and patrol. The efforts are simply for defense purposes to keep this cities defenses up in either case, one more beneficial than the other. The will of the Grand Eagle was to secure, repair, maintain the heart of this city after making certain the port was optimal for landers and then begin sweeps to route out rebels and traitors.” Toburt shook his head slowly for a moment. “Since the intervention of Captain, things could be going better for all of us. His sudden appearance has made aide a rather large hindrance.”

TaruCarrendar: – Taru listened attentively to Toburt, as he began to explain, just how the orders to obey the Grand Eagle, in his service to relay the communication. Sora was well and truly out of the loop, having had nothing to do with the military in Nemaues, as he relegated himself to a life of solitude in the moutain region of Harsten’s labyrnthe. What his youngest Sister, Charlotte, and her supporters did, was none of his business. But listening to how Taru was dealing with the Visitors, he had a small reminder of how his mother once was. Watching the exchange between Taru and Toburt, he then looked back at the military personnel, who had gone off to deal with the wayward Captain Jones. The other jets in the meantime had landed, and while the flight crews were walking back to their barracks, they too were watching the diminutive white haired woman, speak to the mountainous Astartes.

Nodding at the right intervals, as Toburt explained, their duties were to fortify and maintain a security presence in the north, she seemed to be pleased with what they were offering. But word of Captain, had her adjust her stance.

“Yes, I understand the arrival of the Fa….the Captain, and his desire to see such evil things happen to the Scourge Eagles after my baby sister insisted and signed off on garnering support from, I can imagine there is a great deal of hostility between the Grand Eagle and …Captain.” -she gestured for the Astartes to walk with her towards the main Command centre, as though she wished to take them on a tour, or get them out of the cold.

“This….Captain. I understand he knew my mother. I fear I have not had the same courtesy, to meet him, however, I have heard a great deal. I wonder where he is now?” she mused, before glancing at Toburt quickly. “What would happen to Nixagris, if he…showed up here?” <3>

Drakon: “He is in orbit, to the best of our knowledge, were that any consolation.” Toburt said rather cautiously as the squad followed towards the centre, ducking to enter and taking up the space of two others. “The hostility is that he opened fire and made it clear he wished a fight, which he will get. We have no qualms until instructed otherwise and if Lord Drakon has any issues, then he has deemed it unworthy of mention.” Bulol had brought up the rear, a hand lowering to his hip, he adjusted a small blocky device on his belt in a very subtle fashion. The aura of Blankness would slowly reach out to those within a ten pace radius, adding a sense of revulsion or abhorrent fear to those nearest. It was at this point that those who were even slightly psychicly adept or tied to another plane would start to feel the horror of what was known as a Soul Warrior to the Scourge Eagles. “For the time being we are to simply secure and patrol this port until further orders arrive. His wishes are to maintan communication and from there, aide in the training of those who would fought back the rebel tides and take back their homelands from traitorous forces.”

TaruCarrendar:- Going into the command post, proved to be slightly difficult for the bulky armour wearing Marines, however they ducked down, to squeeze through the door. Sora had gone through first, and headed to one of the radar monitors, to see what was happening across the nation at this point in time. Taru, stuck close by the Astartes, and this would prove to be a grave error of judgement on her part. Toburt, was clear in his address, that Captain had been the one to fire first and though he was in orbt, he could well return very soon. Taru didn’t see Bulol reach for the block device on his belt and turn it on. What it would do, was release the Aura of Blackness, which slowly reached out to those in a ten pace radius, which Taru stood in. None of the others in the room, were bebilith or part, accept Sora, who was well out of the way.

At first there was a cold feeling that ran down her spine, and Taru’s heart started to beat rapidly, as she gasped for breath. Eyes closing, the demonic side of her being was being assaulted by this aura…while the human side, fought to calm her body. But then….the black, which in itself was a living organism within Taru since birth, started to move through her body,and seized to supress the demonic half, which was truly freaking out with fear, unimaginable. Taru was after all, an abomination, a ghost of planes who truly didn’t belong to either Lacardis or Nemaus. She simply existed. It was to ber her curse.

As the black dribbled down like blood from her nose, she licked it with her lip, the demon beneath her skin entwined and held captive by her black core.

A voice, dark and brooding came from her lips.

“So…even those who are against Chaos, attack those that fight against as well. In…Interesting.” <3>