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This is the character biography, for my beloved Swedish porn star Inga Snoggleblom.  Star of her own reality TV show, model, and face of Oil of Ole’ beauty products.  Hello Kitty Princess, and a whole lot more.  Lead character in the side story spin off “Boobs Inga….Boobs!”


September 10, 2012 01:09AM
https://i1.wp.com/www.inflexwetrust.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/81163889.jpgFor the Death ClubI. Name: Inga SnoggleblomA. Also Known As: Ingy, Blondie, or Snoggs

II. Origin: Swedish.


A. Place of Origin: Stolkholm, Sweden.
B. Origin/History: Born in Stolkholm, to Johan and Anja Snoggleblom, young Inga, or Snoggs as she was known to her friends, was always something of a naturalist, loving to run around in the snow butt naked from a young age. Beautiful to a fault, she was the joy of her father and the worry of her dear mother, who enrolled her early in the Swedish children’s beauty pageant circuit. Crowned Miss Spakles of Sweden at the tender age of five, she was to go on to love strutting the tiny catwalks of Europe, till finally being spotted by a shady movie director in Paris at the age of 15. Ever since then there was no looking back, for our young Inga. Famous for her flexibility, and stamina, she would go on to be a darling of the porn industry, with no less than five hundred short movies, including the legendary, Illegally Blonde, Dirty Harriet, and who could forget, Eating Gilbert’s Grapes.

C. Family : Ivana Snoggleblom : Currently Backpacking in Australia…we think.(Cousin)


Nanna Noonie : Great Grandmother Miss Universe contestant in 1928


III. Biology: Human

IV. Physical Characteristics: Strawberry Blonde, 5’9″, tatts down right arm, large breasted, (thanks to three breast surgeries), blue eyes. Svelte full figure, 69 kilos.

A. Female: Age : 22
1. Preferred Clothing: Check it!


V. Lifestyle: Loves dining out, shopping, smoking, collecting gummie bear plushies, and a fetish for PVC and Bondage gear.

A. Language(s): English, Swedish, Czech.

B. Religion(s): This week, Buddisim.
1. Deities: The large gold guy with the big belly….Buddha.

VI. Daily Life: Working as a porn star in the underground porn Internet movie trade by day, by night she works as a barmaid in the Death Club, to help pay for the medical upkeep of her dear Nanna Noonie, and her three legged Cat, “Tangles”.  Collector of everything Hello Kitty.  Her apartment, car, office, and even her cat, is decked out with Hello Kitty products.



A. Disposition: Sunny.
B. Food: Rakor (Swedish Shrimp), Princessarta, Nyponsoppa, Kanebullar, Vamraokt lax, Filmjolk.

C. Rituals: HIV testing every three months.
1. Marriage/Bonding: Not interested.
2. Birthing: -blinks-
3. Mourning/Funeral: Will think about that after death, life is a party.

D. Training of Youth/Education: Belles Beauty School.
E. Workforce: DESPERADO INC. Porn Studio, Prague. & Death Club Night Club
F. Armed Forces: Are you kidding?
G. Judicial Roles/Leaders: Who?
H. Slaves: Where do I find those?

VII. Genetic Strengths/Abilities: Can stop a room dead by flashing her tits.

I. Pet or sidekick : Tangles the Cat