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This is the biography for M.E.R.C.Y, the Cyborg in the Carrendar Dynasty role play.  She is a true delight to play.  A machine with no feelings.  Quite the challenge.



Birth Name: M.E.R.C.Y
Aliases: Kaljada
Titles: Mercenary/Assassin
Nicknames: Merc
Affiliations: None
Relatives: None
Marital Status: Single
Age: 26
Apparent Age: 26
Date of Birth: 8/9/2011
Place of Birth: Lorewall Down town, Disused Building.
Race: Cyborg
Blood Type: a silver liquid to help with anti cooling and over heating with nano bots that are to deal with anything with in it that can harm and repair
Height: 5′ 8″
Weight: 70 kilos [She weighs around a large bulky adult]
but due to the limbs and the prossing ofthe nervs etc, they still retain the speedhttps://i1.wp.com/www.jestersreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/600full-terminator-3-rise-of-the-machines-screenshot.jpg

Shoe Size: 9
Build: Muscular and toned
Skin Color: Fair, but with toxic green blemishes around right eye and on hands, fingers, and parts of the bod
Eye Color: Mercury but flashes to red when endangered
Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
Eyelids: An image would appear in front of her eyes when they are closed, her eyes would project the command window and the stream of data would flow forwards onto the inner eye lid
Hair Length: Shoulder length
Facial Features: Oval face, with cybernetic
Physical Features: Body is scarred and with greenish pigmentation, muscular and toned, but average height.
Dominant Hand: Right

IF, an EMP went off, her cyborgic side shuts down as it begins to reboot just in case but his human side does not get effected. She has like a coated bones to allow her limbs to still work as a human after the EMP but it falls under a human prossessing. But after say, five posts, the cyborg side kicks back in after rebooting

Attitude: Cocky and has no regard for human life
Alignment: Evil
Likes: Fast cars
Dislikes: Humans and Royalty. Her main targets, if she comes across them, are energy beings and other assassins (No matter the age). Any form that shows a weapon, it starts its defence program
Merits: Wait and see
Flaws: M.E.R.C.Y can not work in space or on the sun
Powers : < atomic controller
< Energy based weapons
< able to study magic and convert energy into a lesser magic skill

M.E.R.C.Y’s Arm Cannon is her primary weapon, allowing for both energy-based and ballistic attacks. The arm cannon, as its name implies, is affixed to M.E.R.C.Y’s right forearm. What separates the arm cannon from other firearms is its ability to access various weapons systems by quickly changing its configuration, thus eliminating the need for multiple (and sometimes bulky) guns.


The standard, closed configuration, where the Cannon appears completely smooth, is always reserved for the Power Beam. The wide configuration, where the sides of the Cannon expand, is used for the Wave Beam or Energy beam. It is also shown to have many other functions, such as uplinking with computers or other systems, welding and physical combat.
The arm cannon’s three rings are shock absorbers. The interior of the Arm Cannon is more simplistic and is simply a long, narrow tube with some sort of trigger mechanism at the end.


M.E.R.C.Y’s Power Beam, known as the Normal Beam in the Arm Cannon, and is her basic weapon made of Cyborg technology. It is known to easily kill weaker targets, and or energy beings. Her own internal power source from the crystal core, assists in charging and releasing the Power beam.


Head: The brain is basically like a super computer/data server, able to calculate information at an alarming rate. But, there is a “file” saved in the main brain patterns that allows such emotions to take place

Torso: Stores the Crystal core in a virtually indestructible housing slot
Left Arm:
Right Arm:
Left Hand: Left hand is hiding an energy based cannon
Right Hand: right hand to destable walls etc down has to keep against it for two posts
Atomic degenerate: { Able to re construct objects that are not a life force, right hand needs to touch object for two posts}

Chemical Analyzer
This implant allows the character to analyze compounds with a +2CS on
their chemistry skill.

Cranial Bombs
Cranial Bombs are placed somewhere in the wearer’s body and can be
detonated by remote. Kink Bombs force the bearer to make a Yellow
End. FEAT or die, Micro Bombs kill the bearer instantly and Area Bombs
kill the bearer instantly and inflict Am damage to anyone within 1 area.

A datajack allows the wearer to plug devices directly into his head. He
can use this to directly view video images or control computerized devices.
It gives the wearer Rm computer communication and computer control at
the wearer’s Reason rank.

An Encephalon increases the wearer’s Reason, there are 2 levels:
– +1CS Reason Cyberware Threshold: 15 Resource Rating: Ex(20)
– +2CS Reason Cyberware Threshold: 35 Resource Rating: Ex(25)

Implanted memory allows the character to store data of any kind. To use
this he must also posses a Datajack.

Orientation System
An Orientation System can analyze a character’s whereabouts (at a
planet of which it contains maps) with Un accuracy. It can also display
various country and city maps.

A Softlink contains 2 open slots for chips on which proffesional skills
are imprinted. With these chips the character can use those skills. The
costs of the chips are Gd(8) except for uncommon skills for which the Judge
should determine the price.

Tactical Computer
A tactical computer is used to tag an opponent and access it’s next move,
it can tag (Reason/10 + level of tactical computer) opponents. An
orientation system adds 2 to the effective level of the tactical
computer, additional hearing or visual senses also increase it’s rank
by 1. When an opponent disappears from the line of
sight the computer gets a -1CS for each meter the opponent moved
while out of line of sight.
For each attack against a tagged opponent the character then gets
a bonus determined from the table below.

This is a normal commlink system only implanted in the character’s head.

Crypto Circuit
This Circuit scrambles or descrambles messages with In ability.

A Radiotransmitter with a larger area than the normal Commlink, only it is
easier to overhear.

Radio Reciever
A normal implanted reciever.

An implanted telephone.

Balance Augmentation

The character gains resistance vs. sonic attacks at Ex rank.

Hearing Amplification
The character gains Hyper-Hearing at Rm rank.

If combined with the Memory implant a character can record things he

If combined with the Memory implant a character can record things he

The character can see better in darkness and suffers 2 CS less penalties.

Vision Magnifier
The character gains telescopic vision (DT17) at Fe rank.

The character gets Thermal Vision (DT18) at In rank.

Eye Weapons

Eye Dart poison
Eye Gun

They both can fire only once and take 2 rounds to reload.

The dart and the gun also take 2 rounds to reload although they can be
fired twice.

Bone Lacing

There are three types of bone lacing:
-Plastic Pr body armor
-Aluminium Ty body armor
-Titanium Ex body armor


A Cybertorso gives Ty body armor and halves the Cyber Threshold for
strength increase in the limbs. It can also be plated, this gives body
armor equal to the resource Rating spend. This body armor counts only
for hits on the torso.

A Cyberskull gives Pr body armor and can also be plated like a
Cybertorso for the same costs.

Retractable Razors
This gives the character retractable claws for Ex edged damage.

Internal Air Tank
Inceases the character’s endurance by +4CS for purposes of holding
ones breath.

Fingertip Compartment
Allows the character to store small objects.

Muscle Replacement
Each level increases the character’s Strength and Agility by +1CS
(not above Mn), level 3 also increases Fighting by 1CS.

The smartlink gives the character +1CS to hit when shooting a firearm.
Firearms must be be made “smart” which doubles the normal costs.

Each limb can be replaced with a cyberlimb which gives the character Ty
body armor. The limbs can also be plated like the Cyberskull and Torso.
They can hold containers for weapons and items and their strength can also
be upgraded.
Limb: Cyber Arm/Leg
Cyber Hand/Foot
Cyber Forearm/Lower
A covering to make it look natural costs an extra 2 resource points.
Increases strength

Move-By-Wire System

Move By Wire increases the smoothness with which a character moves.
But since to character lives in a constant state of seizure he must make
an End.Feat every month or suffer cardiac arrest. Boosted Reflexes

Boosted reflexes are not compatible with the Move by Wire system or
Wired Reflexes.

Dermal Plating
Cyber Threshold: varies Resource Rating: varies

Dermal Plating gives body armor equal to Resource Points x 2, Cyberware
Threshold equals Resource Points spend.

Dermal Sheath

Cyber Threshold: varies Resource Rating: varies

Dermal Sheath gives body armor equal to Resource Points x 3, Cyberware
Threshold equals Resource Points x 1.5. Dermal sheaths can be outfitted
with adaptive coloration (5 resource points extra).

Filteration Systems
This gives the character resistance to gasses and poisons at Ex rank.

Just like Softlink this implants allows the character to use chips with
skills upon it, Skill-Wires can handle up to 10 skills and can handle all
sorts of skills, so not only Proffesional skills.

Wired Reflexes

Cyber Threshold: varies Resource Rating: varies

Wired reflexes are not compatible with boosted reflexes or the move by wire

Platelet Factory

Platelet factories increase the body’s ability to handle damage. A character
with Platelet factories suffers -1CS damage from attacks (attacks of more
than Un damage do normal damage.). However to avoid cardiac arrest a
character must take a dose of anticoagulants each day. One dose costs
Pr (3) resource points but are hard to come by. When the character doesn’t
take the anticoagulants he must make an End.FEAT every 12 hours with
a -1CS penalty for each day without the anticoagulants. If he fails to make
a yellow result he goes into cardiac arrest.
Platelets cannot be damaged.


Bio Threshold: varies Resource Rating: varies

Symbiotes grant the character Regeneration, but the character’s
food consumption increases also.
Symbiotes cannot be damaged.


Bio Threshold: varies Resource Rating: varies

A skinlayer that provides armor.

Tailored Pheromones

This bioware gives the character emotion control on the opposite sex
at a power rank equal to twice the Resource rating spend. The Bio Threshold
is equal to half the Resource rating spend.

Adrenal Pump

An adrenal pump temporarily increases the character’s statistics. It lasts
for 1d6 minutes per level and after the character suffers damage equal
to twice the amount of minutes the pump was active. Note however that
although a character can fall unconscious from the damage he cannot die
from it.

Toxin Extractor

Bio Threshold: varies Resource Rating: varies

The Toxin Extractor gives the character resistance to toxins at a
level of 2x Resource Points spend (max. 25). The Bio Threshold is
1/2x resource Points spend (rounded up).

Cerebral Booster

The cerebral booster raises Reason and Intuition:
Level 1 +1CS Reason, Intuition Bio Threshold: 5 Resource Rating: Ex (22)
Level 2 +2CS Reason, Intuition Bio Threshold: 10 Resource Rating: Ex (25)

Mnemonic Enhancer

The Mnemonic enhancer giver the character Total Memory (M33) at a rank
equal to 2x Resource Points spend (max. 25). The Bio Threshold is
1/2x resource Points spend (rounded up).

Synaptic Accelerator

The synaptic accelerator allows +1 Attack and +2 Initiative.

Toxin Exhaler

With the Toxin Exhaler the character can spit or breath up to
Rm level poisons. Note that the character is not immune himself.

Weapon Main Hand: Right
Weapon Off-Hand:
Weapon Ranged:
Other Items/Weapons: (To come as the story progresses icly)

Heckler and Koch Mk23

The Heckler and Koch Mk23 are of German and United States origin and consist of match grade semi automatic pistol, a laser aiming module and suppressor. It is the standard pistol meant for the US Special Forces. It has a short recoil DA\SA action and has an effective range of 50 Ms. It has been in production since 1991 and comes with a 12 round detachable box magazine.

The Heckler & Koch MK23 is a handgun consisting of a match grade semi-automatic pistol, a laser aiming module (LAM), and suppressor. It was adopted by the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) for special operations units in the 1990s.
While the designation applies to the complete system, it’s also commonly used in reference to the pistol component itself. The pistol itself, chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge, was developed by Heckler & Koch, and was selected over the Colt OHWS through USSOCOM’s Offensive Handgun Weapon System (OHWS) program. The LAM and suppressor were developed by Insight Technology and Knight’s Armament Company (KAC), respectively.

The MK23 Mod 0 was built as an “offensive” handgun for U.S. special operations forces under USSOCOM, as per request made in 1989. Military versions of the firearm have the writing “MK23 USSOCOM” engraved on the slide.
The MK23 is considered a match grade pistol, and is capable of making a 2-inch (51 mm) group at 50 yards (46 m), roughly 4 MOA. Production began in 1991, and it was the basis for the HK USP, which began production in 1993. The MK23 has exceptional durability in harsh environments, being waterproof and corrosion-resistant. It uses a polygonal barrel design, which is reported to improve accuracy and durability. It also features an ambidextrous safety and magazine release on both sides of the frame. The magazine release is at the rear edge of the trigger guard, which is wide enough to allow the use of gloves. A decocking lever is on the left side, which will silently lower the cocked hammer. The MK23 is part of a larger weapon system that includes an attachable laser aiming module, a suppressor, and some other features such as a special high-pressure match cartridge (.45 +P ammunition).
The firearm was tested and found to be capable of firing tens of thousands of rounds without a barrel change. It remains reliable in harsh conditions, making it suitable for use by special forces. The .45 ACP round has considerable stopping power, and yet is subsonic making it suitable for use with a suppressor. Additionally, its shared design characteristics with the Colt M1911 pistol have made it easy for people who have experience with a 1911 to field strip and properly clean the MK23.
However, the firearm’s large size and weight have resulted in some criticism. In response, HK developed the USP Tactical pistol based on the original USP; the Tactical retains much of the performance of the MK23 without the bulky size. It uses a different suppressor (due to left handed threading, as opposed to right-handed on the Mk23). An even more compact pistol than the USP Tactical for counter-terrorist and special forces use is the new HK USP Compact Tactical, which also has its own optional LAM. The USP-CT is lighter and is also capable of fitting a suppressor, making it a prime choice for Special Forces on covert operations.
The proposed Joint Combat Pistol (JCP) was intended to accept match grade and +P ammunition. However, it is not clear if the JCP, which absorbed the earlier SOF Combat Program, will be used alongside or replace the MK23 handguns. As of 2006, the JCP has since been renamed and restructured.


The MK23 was submitted to the USSOCOM Offensive Handgun Weapon System (OHWS) competition around late 1991 the goal of which was to create an entire pistol package capable of replicating the performance of longer barreled weapons such as submachine guns with many customizable features. Its rival was the Colt OHWS. Though both Heckler & Koch’s and Colt’s designs were tailored to the demanding requirements of the OHWS competition, the MK23 eventually won.
HK commercially markets the MK23 and derivatives of it, but not the complete SOCOM system. The suppressor is made by Knight’s Armament Company, and was selected over the one HK originally included as part of its entry. Insight Technology won the contract to produce the laser aiming module, later designated AN/PEQ-6. One version of the LAM produces a visible light dot, while another produces an infrared dot that can only be seen through night vision goggles. There have since been different LAM models and, at least commercially, different suppressors as well. The first MK23 production models were delivered to SOCOM on May 1, 1996. At last count, 1,986 units were built (serial numbers 23-0101 through 23-2086). It has been reported by some users that the cumulative effects of recoil may occasionally cause the can of the suppressor to become slightly unscrewed, but that it is relatively easy to improvise solutions for the problem. Other users say the pistol’s large frame size means its wide grips are not always comfortable for people with smaller hands



A cyborg is an organism with both artificial and organic components. The term “cyborg” was first coined by NASA scientists, Nathan Kline and Manfred Clynes in an aeronautics paper written in 1960 which discussed the potential advantages of a machine/human hybrid that could operate in outer space. In science fiction and popular culture, cyborgs are often depicted as “half-man half-machine” beings with robotic or bionic implants, such as RoboCop from the 1987 film of the same name or the 1970s TV shows, The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman. Cyborgs are sometimes confused with androids, which are robots designed to resemble human beings, such as Data from 1980s-90s TV series, Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The capabilities of modern medicine have caused many to re-consider the definition of a cyborg to include mammals which are fitted with restorative technologies that helps replicate the body’s natural systems, such as a person with a pacemaker or a retinal or cochlear implant. Although the average prosthesis does not fall within the definition of cyborg technology, a prosthetic device which employs sensors to replicate a person’s natural gait, such as a C-Leg system, is considered a modern-day cyborg application.

In addition to restorative technologies, cyborg applications which may enhance human functioning beyond the body’s natural capabilities are subject to controversy. For example, the development of the Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) tag, which is on the verge of becoming a prolific cyborg application, is a micro technology implanted in a human being or animal to potentially store information. Opponents of such a technology point to the potential invasion of privacy that might occur with such a device; it could become a defacto application for the purposes of tracking humans and animals.

Another controversial cyborg application involves the utilization of insects and animals in the military for tactical combat purposes. For example, the United States Department of Defense agency, Defense Advanced Research Projects (DARPA), has begun to explore the possibility of implanting insects with pupal data sensors for surveillance purposes, as well as implanting sharks with similar cyborg sensors to detect explosives underwater.

The 1985 essay written by Donna Haraway, “A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the Late Twentieth Century” put forth a positive view of cyborgs in the context of feminist theory. Haraway theorized that the metaphorical concept of a cyborg implies transcending the historical and patriarchal constraints of one’s natural gender.

Robots are a completely robotic creation that are designed to do a specific task and have only very basic artificial intelligence to do so. They aren’t super smart and do only what they are told to do.

Androids are similar to robots — they are completely robotic (no human parts) and are programmed. The difference is that they have superior AI and can function free of human command.

Cyborgs are unique from the other two here — they are largely organic or work off of organic parts (ie, their brain) but have robotic or cybernetic components in order to work. Cyborg fighters for the military and so on.

I have only seen the first two Terminator movies, but I think that they are clearly cyborgs. They are a combination of organic and robotic — and they can work freely of command (for the most part). I think the Terminators are still following pre-programmed orders like a robot, but they clearly can think for themselves.


The Military cyborg

The military cyborg takes form as the operator becoming a virtual cyborg in real-time, man-machine interface which structures military weapons systems. In addition a new cyborg soldier is constructed and programmed to fit integrally into weapon systems. By disciplining his mindware and acting on the world of computer simulations, as the cyborg handbook points out, the soldier can remain all the more removed becoming a killer without emotion. War is a cyborg’s world feeling, removed from seeing. Countless humans kill each other in battles and through this brings a mechanical presence. The immersion whether real or fiction occurs in both video games and televised war. When the Gulf War was broadcasted it brought the audience of watching killing in real time while the video game simulates it. Both the game and televised war have a strong way of manipulating the viewer. The viewer becomes this mindless drone. In addition, the viewer becomes an infant when given a good vs evil perspective when watching a televised war such as the Gullf War. As for video games, it allows the person to fulfill their fantasies while being afraid of the consequences coming to life. Video games have been described as a paranoiac environment that induces a sense of paranoia by dissolving any distinction between the player and the viewer. Baudrillard haunts this domain because the television is the epicenter of simulacra, Watching the television, lurks the social cyborg.

General History



KazeCarrendar: “Downloading data transfer… System primed…. Pulse signal activation .. Target of lands located… Begin mask”- the system chatters to it self as the small sub space craft found its way back to Lore wall. The ship, masking itself as one of the local forces, began its descent towards the planet . The blue afterburners flares up as it points the craft into the re entry count down. Lurking behind the large barge, it gave off the same signals of the craft as it had mask a radio coms , again faking the signal from the barge itself. The front part of the ship slowly burns up as the atmosphere hit’s the re enforced nose of the craft raced along the skies over the main city itself. The weapon targeting devises picks up multi weapons lock on as the ship enters the air space around the city of Lorewall. Still giving the signal of the barge, it crated a false report of a landing crew. With in moments, the ship had been giving clearance to land in hold four. The ship slowly enters the final stages of docking as its three large landing gears had extended from under the ship. Movements later, the ship lands. The gear groans under the weight as the cockpit door of the ship slowly opens up, the ice that had formed around the windows from the coldness of space, breaks off as it hit’s the air. The figure moves out. Its left eye scanning under the eye patch, locating armed forces as its defence program kicks in. the left arm, kept to the side as the final preparations of its cannon, was starting. The figure locates a building. It had stored the objects that it needed to use for this “operations”. not long after it had located a target, it left details on where to find it in a code form. Only a few would breech it , only a few knew that it contains this forms lab. The system with in the main brain of the form, calculated the amount of chances it was to create an other one of its type. :75% rate: the form would take the chance with this rate as it heads towards the building. Turning its head towards the right side, the motors with in the body, awaken, giving a faint humming sound as it enters the building. To make sure that it would not be taken by surprised. The form moves its right hand towards the left eye under the patch, grabbing the eye as it slowly took it out. The eye clicks out of place as a small jet of steam like gas left. The form again looks at the eye as the brain gave a invisible signal to it. As the eye actives its camera, it shows a feed back of the form into its mind. The white, blue scarred skin of the form, ,the metal chained top armour. It gave a DNA reading of the form.: Male, Cyborg class, Weapon details.. Energy based technology.: the male lets go of the eye as it hovers looking at the door, moving only into the shadows to guard as the male moves up the stairs.. It awaits for the one that he had left the code for., finding the objects to make this work as it sets on powering the machines with in the room-

Kaljada: -From one of the back alleys of the downtown district would emerge the white glowing form of Kaljada, as she has in her hands the map given to her by Pain, in the Embassy. A drunkard approaches her, begging for change, and she snarls at him with ice cold breath. (Kaljada)”What do I look like?…..a charity?”- She pushes past him, only to have him fall in a heap on the street, and without looking back, she continues on her way. SothisII was somewhere in the universe, but far from Lisega, the planet she can’t help but call home. Yes, this used to be her playground, it used to be her childhood dream. Walking the streets of Lorewall, the smells, the lights, the people going about their lives. As always, this soul was searching. She walked past a luxury car showroom, and when the glimmer of silver chrome, the sight of jaguar spinning on a showroom dias, she stopped and pressed her hands up to the glass. How can one small planet have so much to offer? She thought to herself. Kaljada glanced back down at the map again, and knew she was no where the place she had to be. So she walked on, with her white cape fluttering behind her.

KazeCarrendar: -The male moves towards a large computer class machine as it began to enter the codes for the operational system that was needed to begin this “ change”. a bleeping with in his mind flared off as the male looks towards the window. The map, that he had left, also acted as a homing beacon when it was with in a certain range of the male. Stopping his work on the computer. He closes his right eye as he feeds commands to the left eye that was hovering at the door. : Target located, mission statement… Location and guide: the main door to the building slowly opens as the eye hovers outwards into the out side world. The feed back gave the male the status of the city around as it shoots towards the source as it locates,. A red light scans the form as it shows the female into the males mind. It would smirk , it would smile but the change had robbed him of even the pleasure that he once would have. A small light blasted up as a image shot towards in front. A armoured solider appears, the same that appeared before her before hand looks towards her as the surrounds suddenly became frozen, it wasn’t a power used, it was just a effect of time stopping. Everyone was still walking and talking but to them, the female and the hologram was not even there, it used a electrical pulse to mask both, using the Ions to make them vanish . The simple minds of humans was easily tricked using magnetic and electrical pulses, as it carried to their brains .-” you came,”- the voice flowed around the male in front of her as he turns towards the sky.-” we have work to do, come”- the male starts to walk forwards as the eye cam follows behind, still masking away from even her. If she followed the male would take her three blocks away from where they was towards a un lived building near the out skirts of the city. With out looking back the male speaks-” enter”- he walks forwards as the image vanishes-

Kaljada:- Unbeknowns to Kaljada, the map that she carried held within it a homing beacon to the one that had sent for her. Walking along the now chilly Lorewall streets, the fog was rolling in, and though this had no effect on the ice maiden, it added to the setting, as the yellow city shuttle cabs whizzed on by, dissappearing into the mist. It was just then an armoured soldier appeared in front of her. Just like they had back at the Embassy. It was how she came to get the map in the first place. All around her, came to a halt, as if the world itself had stopped turning. Kaljada whipped her head around, and back to look at the soldier, her eyes narrowing. He makes a simple statement, that she came. Kaljada would normally have joked that she hadn’t in a very long time, but that was not suitable for this moment. She simply replied, “Yes, I did”. The Soldier walked on forwards, and so to , she followed, keeping a few steps behind him until reaching what looked to be an abandoned building. There was no one around, newspapers rolled along the street, there was no sound of car horns or fighting homeless men. She finally looked up at the door, and climbing the stairs, she grabbed the handle, and pushed the door open, entering, as she had been instructed.

KazeCarrendar: -the eye moved behind her into the house as it stays at the door. Guarding just in case, it would alert on any forms entering and would aim to kill with a hidden small laser that was built with in the Isis of the eye itself. The male had inputted the data that was needed as the programs commanded the system to begin the operations to change such form into one of its own. It moves towards a music box, a vintage vinyl player . Moving its right hand as it puts on a old war song used during terra second world war. The sounds of crackling played first as the song “ white cliffs of Dover” followed. The male moves towards the data slates that had been placed on the table near by as it studies such actions on the makeup . Selecting a file that was corrupted , the file error code alerts on his action as he over ride.this would allow her to use human emotions , a rare program that was banned in his own creation as a clip paper appears, “would you like to learn more” – the clip paper questions as the male over rides the programs, deleting it from the system it self as it awaits, in the red lit room, the parts was barely shown, cyborg implants, a scarred body on the stab in the middle of the room. Covered by a bloodied sheet as the male ran system checks on the part of the body . The bones was re enforced with titanium. Its nervous was a corben strand, allowing movements of the limbs as the brain it self was a altered human brain, it had wasted three brains to create the perfected formation to hold the implants. Now it needed to “down load “ the soul of one into the main part where the heart would have rested. The dna scanner had shown a crystal with in the form. It would act as the main soul and “life” of this body.-

Kaljada:- Hearing the crackling of the stylus hitting the nylon record, the errie sound of the music to the White cliffs of Dover, would fill the darkened room, before Kaljada. (Kaljada)”Hello…..hello?”- her voice still with an etherician tone, but she was now starting to get slightly nervous. There was the smell of death within the room, and as she walked on into another, she came to see the glow of red light coming from another room down the hall. She could hear the a light buzzing sound, just over the music of a wartime long ago. Was this significant?…She turned into the red lit room, and saw a medical slab table, with a body under a blooded sheet. All around there were cyborg implants, and wires, parts. She stepped into the room, her body radiating white light that came from her internal core. The crystal core, the very thing that kept her alive. (Kaljada)”You sent for me?”- she asked, of the one that did not speak, as the song continued, its haunting refrain in the background. Kaljada’s skin now appeared to have a pinkish tone. But for how long….?

KazeCarrendar: “It was you that came to me”- the broken voice left the male on the seats lips as the eye had still came behind her,-” formal greetings , as it was, comes first.”- the form never looks back at her . The eye would alert him of her attacks if needed as the left arm cannon was ready to use if needed -” greetings, I am P.A.I.N”_ the male speaks again as he moves towards the body once more. -”come, you are to be upgraded to a life force that is a rare gift with in a gift. But sadly, your current form must die first”- he spoke with a matter of fact tone as he ran more system checks along the body, watching the movement of the fingers and limbs, changing slightly the output to them as he in creases the motors with in the limbs it self. The body was ready. The male walks towards an other table, pouring some water into the glass as he picks up a small bottle up. Using the compound with in it, it was a new drug, a “superhuman increaser”. this gave the brain of the target more time to calculate at a high rate making the rest seem slow, but due to the increased senses, the body , with out proper tampering, would move so slowly. Time would seem to be slow, five minutes would seem 500 years to them . This was the only way to keep the crystal working until the cyborg body had cleansed the compound using nanobots in the blood it self. The male moves his right arm towards her, holding the glass for her to drink as he waits for her drink it. It didn’t give any form of smell nor taste. Infact this was used against “god types” anything that was a “bio” based being, would be affected badly against this form of compound-

Kaljada:- Introductions offered by the one known as P.A.I.N, and he was right, she did come to him. The stirring of the one that lay deep within Kaljada, wanted to be free of the confinement of the Etherician. Life with no purpose, has no meaning, and so this life must end. With crystaline eyes she kept the focused upon the being and even though his approach to her would have others running in fear, that they were to die to become something greater, to her, this was merely a formality. She had no questions, strange as that may be. Kaljada was normally so chatty, but this was serious, and words would just be wasted, so she took the offered drink, raising it to her lips, and then skulled it back, till she had swallowed the entire contents. She slowly lowered her hand with the glass in it, a few drops of liquid were still upon her lips, and she licked it off, with her silver tongue. The core inside her suddenly illuminated, as though it knew something was wrong. But she didn’t falter, she simply held out the cup back to the being, and then she swallowed, as her lips parted, her eyelids falling to close by half.

KazeCarrendar: -Pain nods as he watches her, with in moments, in her eyes, he would be moving in such a slow manner it would look as if time was stopping it self. He had already taken the glass from her, she would not feel it go until , in her mind, three years.-” I would speak but my words would take at least a set amount of time for you to process them “- he stops himself , wondering how long would she hear his words. The compound was slowly going to infect her mind. This was sure, his body moved away from her as he moves towards a table, picking up , what looks to be a cork screw shape object as he looks back-” it is time for the transfer of your soul”- he moves towards the body, as he presses down into a button on the object as he cuts a thin line where the crystal would be placed. Pain took his time, making sure that the housing part in the body would not be damaged. Finishing the task. Pain looks over the data pad as he looks back. For the body, he had placed in the right arm , a “drainer” located on the finger tips . When the new body would be active, the finger tips would be able to “suck” the old body, using the atoms with in the old shell to give power to the new shell. Recycling , using the atomic cells to give birth to a new one. When it was “drained” the old shell would float around the body , like blood to a human to give the “organs” its needed power. As soon as the old cell would be drained, there be nothing left of the past life of this form ,only the new creation, M.E.R.C.Y…Pain had prepared the new body , now it was time to transfer the crystal into it. Walking towards her, his right arm shoots out as he aims a thin line where the crystal was. She wouldn’t feel it in this body, the pain would not come to her after the operation,-

Kaljada: – Everything around her was now going so slowly, the glass long gone from her hand. Her very eyelids became incredibly heavy, and it was taxing to even keep them open. Words were now drawn out so it was no longer distinguishable anymore. The record had reached the end of the song, and now it was playing the same scratching sound over and over and over, with the stylus jumping every so often as the record spun. Symbolic, it would seem. Kaljada’s head started to teeter as in her mind it was like everything was being shut off, one section at a time. The dull red of the room was now seeming to lose its aura, as deep inside her the inner demon…..the one that was blocked from the minds of all was struggling to be free. P.A.I.N’s movement’s toward her, would not have her react, her body slowing right down, as he tore his hand inside her and seized the crystal. Her mouth already open would not cry out, for there was no pain, the drug in the glass had done its job, and her eyelids finally closed….for the last time.

KazeCarrendar: -Pain watched her final moment unfold as the left eye kept scanning her body, making sure that it was safe to do so, a green light flashes in his mind as he nods. The motors groans as the final part of the song plays. With one slash, her clothing and skin parts under the laser beam as he turns it off, placing it on a work top near by. With one movement again, his right re enforced rips into her chest, grabbing the crystal as he pulls it out in one go. All the time pain showed no feelings towards this. Freeing his hand from her ribs, he turns his body towards the slab, her new form was ready to take it in. he places the crystal with in the slot he had made as he moves to the table again. Picking up the object as he sets to work connecting it to the hub of the main body. As soon as he finishes, he spoke once more-” Vita est somnium, et viam mortis est [ Life is but a dream, Death is but a way]- the final stages was completed as he moves to the computer, programming it to send the activation codes to the brain . Now was only time for her to wake and absorb her old shell that had once housed her soul-

Kaljada: -The moment that the crystal core is ripped from her body, it is within mere seconds, that the statuesque form of Kaljada, simply changes colour, from a glowing white, to the darkest grey, the metallic sheen of her skin, cracking and then the body simply collapses upon the floor. No breath, no movement, it is done. Meanwhile on the slab, the new body takes the crystal core in the prepared slot. Moments seem like hours, the computers running the programme and sending activation codes to the brain in the new body. The new form lays perfectly still, and then a spark, the flick of a finger on one of the new being’s hands. The eyelids remained closed, as the steady stream of information is processed to the new brain. The eyelids of the new being flash open, with one of the eye’s pupils dilating to a large size, as from M.E.R.C.Y’s view, she was looking as though it was a computer screen, everything broken up into fine squares, with lines of data running across the bottom. A red plus sign, is the centre of focus, and as the fingers of the new being are draining the old, like a car filling up at the gas station, she lays on the table, like a new baby, but acquiring information so fast, that it would not be long till she was up to speed on everything. (M.E.R.C.Y.)”Vhere…amz I?”- the russian accent, so rich and yet it had a metallic sound to it…..

KazeCarrendar: “Keep still”- Pain replies as the computer feeds new data into the brain, the command codes given to her, offences and defensive tatics would follow as he turns his head slightly towards her . He had gave her a corrupted programs for her ,if she wanted to turn it on and off, “feelings”. remembering from data slabs her accent as he had built the voice box to give her the old speech patterns.-” you are reborn, but run a system check for me”- he turns back to the computer as he scans the inner works of her body, making sure that her implants was correctly working as his right hand glades across the keys, more data would stream into her mind, the atomic table, was imbeded into her main memory banks, and how to “use a hidden program” : Atomic degenerate: { Able to re construct objects that are not a life force, right hand needs to touch object for two posts} the music stops as he looks back at M.E.R.C.Y-” command protocal 467, completed, greetings M.E.R.C.Y to your rebirth”

Kaljada: -M.E.R.C.Y. would instantly close her eyes, as the computer graphics would flash up with command prompts, and her mind would operate the small arrow, moving it around as she configured more information that was now adding the corrupted programmes. Voice patterns from her old life, that of Natasha, memory banks filling with images, places, people’s faces, maps, documents, and more data of everything from weapons, atomic structuring to computer coding and hacking of main frames. The command protocol 467 was completed, as she came online. P.A.I.N would make his greeting to her and welcome her to her rebirth. With the brain now fully functioning, she sent signals down to each part of her via electrical impulses, to each wired nerve ending. The sounds of gears and the clack of metal pulling inside taut, as the new cyborg ran through her motor testing to see if all parts of her inners were in full working order, kind of like a weapons test. A green light signalled that all was working, from her head right down to each finger tip, and her toes. M.E.R.C.Y. was alive. The crystal core was now locked in position in her chest, and as her soul was near complete the transferal from the old body, she would soon discard it like a snake did its skin-