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January 10, 2013 03:07AM
Role Play : Group : Death Club
Agent Ayalah Romach – Israeli Assassin for Hire
-The chill of the snow was the first thing to waken Josh, his eyelids fluttering, and his vision blurred. Josh would find himself laying in the snow, just outside his own house. His car was parked neatly in the drive, and beside him was his laptop bag. Turning his head slowly he could see the front door, and then tilting his head up, he could see the sun breaking through the cloud cover. “How…did I get here?” He muttered, and a voice replied. “So, this is how I am to find you every morning, passed out drunk…again. Josh, when are you going to grow up…seriously?!”- The voice belonged to his wife, who was standing with her arms folded on the drive near his BMW. Wearing curlers and a dressing gown, with matching bunny slippers, she was not exactly the first thing he wanted to see in the morning. Josh slowly went to stand, having to push himself up through the snow laden ground. His suit was drenched and muddy. At the house, his young children were watching, with sad looks upon their young faces.
Josh waved at his children sheepishly; in a half assed attempt to amuse them, but the children soon vanished behind the curtains. His wife however hadn’t. “You’re going to be late for work, and I will not have that. Now…get inside before I let you have a piece of my mind in front of the neighbours!” It was a bit late for that, since some of the neighbours, had already come out from his wife’s screams. This…was humiliating. With head bowed, he trudged towards the house, his wife ranting and poking him in the back as he went up the stairs to the front door. Replies of “Yes, Dear”….and “No, dear”, were all that Josh could reply with, since he didn’t wish to fight in front of the children.Once inside, his wife ushered the children to have their breakfast, which allowed for Josh to go upstairs and change out of his snow covered suit. When alone in the master bedroom, he closed the door and locked it, then slipped out of his clothes, hurling them into the laundry basket in the ensuite. The laptop bag was on the bed, and he decided to fool his wife, by turning on the water of the shower, to sound like he was getting ready for the day, while instead, taking out the lap top, and setting it up in the bathroom. There was an icon, of Ayalah, and he clicked it, licking his lips in anticipation. Sure enough, there it was, the night where Josh was Lord and Master over his beautiful Israeli pet, Ayalah. He focused on how he stood over her, and the way his body was erect and proud, giving her hell, and forcing her to submit to his desires. He got into the shower, which had a clear glass panel, continuing to watch, the sound of the water, muffling the recorded voices, and he enjoyed hearing her cry and moan, while he was boastful and dominates. To watch it again, was as much to relive the experience, and he beat himself off with gusto, coming hard and fast as he matched his efforts on the lap top screen.In his mind, she was now his. I mean, she said “Oh yes..” and he heard it with his own ears. Grinning like he had gotten away with fooling his wife, and gaining the trophy of Ayalah, to pleasure him at any time he wanted, he was King of his world, Josh of Balls of Steels Gym. Stepping out of the shower, he took up a large fluffy towel, to dry himself off, and watched the ending, as Ayalah came close to the cam, and winked, as her face was covered in his jism. “Oh yeah….that’s My Girl.” He paused the image, and stroked the monitor gently. He was in love with this bewitching beauty. “I am going to have you again today…and every day…forever.”A voice however, broke him out of his concentration. “YOU’RE GOING TO BE LATE!” –Yes, it was his wife. Josh closed down the lap top and took it out into the bedroom, placing it gently into its bag, and then finished getting dressed and ready for work. He knew, he could suffer the life of being married to the sow down stairs, so long as he had his lover, his treasure…his everything.Later that day, Josh was sitting in his office, squeezing his stress ball, as he kept his eyes glued on the lap top security footage of the carpark. It was after midday, and Ayalah had failed to show up for her morning fitness session. Summer Childs, his receptionist, kept poking her head in, to see if he was going to come out and tend to the customers, but he kept waving her away, too anxious and tense, while he waited for his lover. Summer found his behaviour to be very strange, and shook her head, as the final time she asked, he picked up a paper weight and hurled it at the door. “Get out!” he yelled. Rocking back and forth in his chair, then getting up to take a look out the office window, to see the carpark for himself. Josh was losing patience. “God…where are you?”

Another few hours, and still no sign of Ayalah. Josh’s right fist smashed his desk, and he took out his cellphone, and went to the lap top, to get her number, so he would call her, something he didn’t want to do. For him to call, meant an admission that he needed her, and not the other way around, like it was suppose to be. When he found her number, he tapped it into the screen, only to be met with a shocking message. “Number not found.” Josh’s eyes grew large, his jaw agape. He double checked the number, and tried again. It came up the same result. EVERY TIME. Josh threw himself back in his chair. Bringing his right hand up to his forehead, face palming. He was in deep. He had to have her. Ayalah was like a drug, one that he needed a fix from, in order to stay sane. Leaping up out of his chair, he didn’t even close down his lap top. He left it wide open, as he dashed out of the office, sprinting past Summer, who was about to introduce him to some new members. “Josh…this is Mister and Mrs Holmes…they want……Josh?” But no sooner has she tried to speak, the doors of the gym had closed, and Josh was running for his car.

Josh drove like a fiend, beads of sweat on his brow, even though it was winter. He pulled up outside the apartment complex, that he knew she lived in and got out of his car, running into the foyer. One of the cleaning staff was polishing the floors, and Josh almost tripped over the extension cord, as he reached the intercom. Growling at the cleaner, he went to press in the apartment number, and waited.

He waited for half an hour, staring at the monitor. There was no reply. The cleaner was just about to pack up, when Josh was about pulling his hair out. Thinking a plan, he ran over to the cleaner, pulling out a hundred Euros, and begged to be allowed to be taken up to Ayalah’s apartment. The cleaner rubbed his chin, and then nodded slowly. “Come…I take you.” Josh did a small fist pump, and followed the cleaner to the lifts, which used a special key to get access. Maybe she was asleep? Yes, that makes sense, Josh thought to himself. Arriving on the right floor, he thanked the cleaner, who stepped out to watch. Josh ran down the hall, only to come to an open door. Why would her door be open? Josh quickly entered, only to find, the entire apartment, was empty.

Josh checked every room, till coming back out to the lounge, gripping his ginger hair. “No….no this isn’t happening.” The cleaner came up to the door, and looked in himself. “Who you look for?….This apartment is for rent…long time. Very expensive, and hard to get tenant.” Josh spun around, shocked. “What do you mean? Ayalah lives here.” The cleaner shrugged, and shook his head. “No Sir. No one has lived here in months.”

At Josh’s family home, there was a knock at the door. Josh’s wife, who was having an afternoon brunch with her bridge club ladies, went to answer the door, and found a delivery man, holding a large spray of red roses, and a gift box. “Good afternoon, Madame. This is special delivery…for you.”- Josh’s wife placed her hand to her chest. She was overcome, finding it such a surprise, to see flowers and a gift, from one of the most expensive lingerie stores in Prague. Taking the flowers and the box, she shut the door and trotted through to the good room, where her friends all gushed and giggled, to see her get such gifts. “You lucky girl….Oh he is adorable to do that for you.” They said at various intervals. Josh’s wife blushed and smelt the roses. “This must be his way to make up for this morning. How thoughtful.”

Course, Josh’s wife wanted to show off the gifts, and with eagerness, she tried to open the package. On the top of the rice paper, was a DVD. Taking it out of the package, she turned it over and it said. “Dare me.” Laughing, not knowing what it was, she placed it in the DVD machine and sat back to watch. Soft music started to play, and the words started to roll across the machine. “From a concerned friend.” Josh’s wife and her friends were confused, until the image on the screen changed to that of the Apartment of white. Candles…and then….

“OH MY GOD!” Josh’s wife saw…her friends; saw Josh….with his Ayalah, fucking her like there was no tomorrow. One of the friends, grabbed the box and tore back the rice paper, and screamed. “EWWWW!”- she held up the torn bra…the same one from the DVD. Josh’s wife, promptly fainted. In the back ground, her children had come in the room quietly, and saw their father..with another woman.

At a penthouse, high above Prague, Ayalah was laying back on an antique sofa, dressed in pink silk undergarments, whilst a man in an Armani suit, stood beside her, watching a lap top, that showed a woman in a shower at the gym. Ayalah glanced up, at her guest and smiled.

“She is beautiful isn’t she?”

“She is….and soon, she will be minez vonce more.”

Ayalah tilted her head and smirked.