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Farewell Halcyon Days – Part Four


CharlotteCarrendar; – The wrist watch communicator was linked to a military installation, being that Czech was formerly part of the Soviet Union, they still had some ties in that country and evil ones at that. Name your price and you would be surprised what you can get. As the communication was received by the men in the truck the driver smirked and tossed his cigar out the window, planting his foot on it. The truck was nothing short of a tank, and turned the corner for the street of the Death Club, only to stop metres from the front entrances. A side panel pulled back and a rocket launcher was to slide out, facing the front wall. A loud bang, and the rocket was fired exploding as it had impact on the wall. This caused a great hole, but also fire hit the extinguishers, and this sent torrents of water down. The man in the BDSM chamber, who was wired up, now was being electrocuted. Cooked alive, while in the vip lounge, Corsica had the girl’s head buried deep and was reaching climax, as the water spewed from the roof. “Hahaha its wet inside…like my cunny. Lick..lick it up Slut.” She seemed not terribly worried, the place was about to be stormed by mercenaries that worked for Yuri. The place now went into a panic, with people screaming, while about ten men in full special forces gear stormed in. One threw a smoke bomb, which made it even harder to see. In the toilets, Alexandrios screamed, “GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM HER!” And Ayalah laughed as he ran at her and knocked her off his feet. “MISS ME THAT MUCH, ALEX!” Dixie started to panic hearing the explosion. “What’s going on?!” Vlad was handed a gas mask, and made a run for the door, where outside a limousine was waiting. Would he make it past the bouncers, or were they overcome by the mercs? <3>

LadyBelz: As Steve stood outside the ladies room door waiting for Mia to emerge, part of the wall nearby exploded, as the shot from the rocket launcher passed through the entrance and out the side wall at an angle, tossing him off his feet. Smoke poured through the room at an alarming rate and the sprinkler systems engaged. People ran screaming willy nilly as Steve got to his feet. His arms were cut pretty badly from shrapnel but he ignored his injuries. He needed to get to Mia. The club was fully packed at the time of the explosion and he began to push his way back toward the bathrooms, but it was like trying to swim upstream during a monsoon and flood. People were simply too panicked to move out of his way…In the bathroom, the lights flickered and went out completely as the trajectory of the rocket knocked out part of the power, Mia, who had been the closest to Dixie, grabbed her and dragged her beneath the sink with her, even as Alex was shouting at Alayah and running at her. The first thought that entered Mia’s head was “What the fuck is going on now?” Her second thought was of Steve and if he was all right. She could barely make out Dixie’s face in the dark. “Are you okay?” she whispered as muffled screaming could be heard through the closed door.

iShatteredSanity: -What happened was more likely something that could only happen in some Hollywood movies like Rambo. While Demetrios and Alexandros were prepared for everything, that was something that they could not even think about. The attempts of Ivan and Nikolai to inform everyone about that huge ass truck outside the club proved to be futile since they were caught by surprise. While trying to flee from the scene and alert everyone via the communicator, they were caught up in the blast from the rocket launcher as the rocket hit the wall. First it was the shockwave that hit them and pushed them forward, landing on the street with their heads first and then some of the debris actually fell on their unconscious bodies, rendering them unable to move even if they were to regain their consciousness. Inside the club all hell had broken loose. Panicked clubbers tried to evacuate and they stomped on each other before the mercs managed to get inside and tossed that smoke grenade that pretty much forced everyone to stop on their tracks and fall on the ground while coughing like crazy due to them being drunk and also due to the effects of the grenade and the debris in the air. Now, inside the toilet, Alexandros had managed to tackle Ayalah with his feet but he did not move close to her, once he threw her down he immediately stood and went to cover Dixie and Mia, leaving Ayalah to Demetrios. But due to the blast, the noise was so immense inside the toilet that pretty much numbed them all. But Demetrios actually took the most damage since he was standing right in front of the door, so the blast pushed him forward and he landed on the floor, yet due to him losing any sense of direction, he could not get up.- [Demetrios.] “Dixie? DIXIE?! DIXIE?!” –He shouted with all his might, not being able to hear well due to the sound of the explosion. Alexandros himself had used his body to protect Dixie and Mia from the blast, but he got hit on his back by the door of one of the cubicles as it opened due to the shockwave. Inside the office now, Helena was clinging on her seat, not believing what had just happened. Tears rolled down on her cheeks after witnessing the terror of that attack and all that she managed to do before she she lost consciousness was to call Dietrich on his private line and whisper the words “Please help us…”-

CharlotteCarrendar: – It was absolute pandemonium, with injured and dying clubbers, those that could flee, and those that couldn’t. The bar staff,and patrons, were right near the back exit, and Nikolas was on hand, to lead the ladies, including the Madame, out to safety via the emergency exit to the rear. Inga was lost for words, but kept screaming inside. “SKIPPY?!” Nikolas was holding Maggie in his arms, when they got to a safe distance, while inside the mercs searched for their prize. Mia. Charging in the toilets, and with their night vision and specialist glasses on, they knew who to go for and who to attack. On seeing Demetrios first, one of the men heard him screaming out for Dixie, using his rifle butt tried to king hit him to knock him out. One of the other soldiers, saw Alex trying to shield Dix and Mia, with Dix screaming as she could see one of the men attacking Dem. “NOOOOOOO!” she screamed. If Alex was out of the way, another guard would come in, and attempt to pick up Mia and throw her over his shoulder. Two more guards had their guns trained on Steven, while another picked up Ayalah, who screamed blue murder. “YOU IDIOTS!” Pounding away on the soldier’s back as she was carried out towards the front entrance, where the limo was waiting. Inside, was her employer, and she was hurled in, while they waited for the other soldier to fetch Mia. The jewel in Yuri’s crown. <3>

LadyBelz: Mia’s eyes were as wide as saucers as the backlash from the explosion blasted the door to the restroom open and across the room, knocking into Alex and flinging him across the room, out cold. Mercenaries stormed the room as Dixie screamed for Dem. One grabbed Mia by the arm, yanking her to her feet. “NO!” she growled, raking her nails across the man’s cheek and drawing blood. “YOU FUCKING WHORE!” the man shouted, backhanding Mia so hard, she lost her footing and bounced her head off the counter behind her. Dizzy from the hit and sick with fear for Steven, Mia regained her footing and kicked out, connecting with the man’s balls. The man made a mouse-like squeak and released her immediately, his hands flying to his damaged bits. “Bastard!” she hissed, kicking him again. She was so busy with the merc in front of her, she didn’t see the one behind her until it was too late. A cloth came down over her nose and mouth and she caught a scent of chloroform. She struggled as an arm went around her waist. Using her legs, she pushed hard. Both her attacker and her fell backwards into the wall and the person made an “oomph” sound but did not release Mia. The dizziness returned ten-fold and she could feel herself weakening. Somewhere in the distance, she thought she could hear Steven screaming her name. “St..ev..e..n…” she whispered as she sank into unconsciousness. Her attacker waited a couple of minutes more before removing the cloth. Mia was out cold. He tossed her limp body over his shoulder and signalled to the others that it was time to go. Over Dixie’s sobbing, the sounds of club goers screaming and crying could still be detected. The man who had Mia over his shoulder turned to the man she had ruthlessly attacked. He was still curled up in the foetal position, holding his rapidly swelling nut sack. A bullet to the head ended his pathetic whimpering before the merc ducked out of the restroom with his prize. They ran past Steven, who had been knocked out by a gun smashing him in the head and out the huge hole at the front entrance. Sirens could be heard approaching, whether it was police, fire or medical remained to be seen. Mia’s attacker ran for the open door of the limo across the street and he tossed her inside, following a moment later. The man removed his mask and stared at his boss. “We got her, Yuri.” the man smirked, staring down at the unconscious woman on the floor. Yuri leaned forward in his seat, smiling evilly. He reached a hand out to slowly pet Mia’s hair. “Vell done, Alexi. Vell done. And now…ve vill play. No one leaves, Yuri…no one.” Yuri chuckled, signalling his driver. The limo slowly pulled away, leaving devastation in its wake…

iShatteredSanity: [Demetrios.] “DIXIE!!! DIXIE! DIXIIIIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!” –Demetrios kept shouting when all of a sudden he was hit with the butt of a weapon. Since he was unable to even hear any sounds and react in time, not that he could but anyway, he was knocked out and lost consciousness. As for Alexandros who was shielding Mia and Dixie, he was also unable to do a single thing and when he was hit, he also lost consciousness. But both Demetrios and Alexandros shared a common feeling; they had failed. They both felt so ashamed that they could not do a single thing and they both lost consciousness with their fists clenched hard. Ivan and Nikolai were still lying on the road, unconscious as well and with debris covering their legs up to their waists. Inside the office, Helena has already out of commission while Dietrich was heard from the phone shouting and yelling, asking what the hell was going on till he hangs up. At the dancefloor there were a few dead bodies, people who were either stomped to death and people who died as a result from the explosion and the debris hitting them. || Meanwhile Dietrich was gathering some of the elite SWAT members after getting a few more calls from nearby houses and clubs about some explosion at the Deathclub. The words that Helena had whispered “Please save us…” finally made sense to him.- [Dietrich.] “Damn you Demetrios, be safe.” –Dietrich mumbled to himself as he closed the doors to the van where 10 members of the SWAT team were in and waited a few more seconds for the second team to get in the second van. Their destination? The Deathclub. || Several minutes passed. 10? 20? 30? Demetrios could not tell. It had been only moments that he had regained consciousness and he was looking around for Dixie. His eyeballs red like fire due to the smoke of the grenade, the dust from the debris and from the coughing.- [Demetrios.] “Di…xie…” –He managed to whisper in a very hoarse voice.- “Dix…ie…” –He managed to say again but that was pretty much it for him. He could not even breathe properly due to the dust he had inhaled when he regained consciousness. But his hearing was coming back. He could hear people shouting, sirens, sounds of boots running around. Mustering all his courage he managed to stand on his feet, only to sway to the side and slam on the door of a cubicle. Using it to support his body, he looked around only to see Dixie looking at him with tears on her eyes.- “Dixie…” –Demetrios mumbled and fell on his knees as he wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight and shedding tears, not able to sob due to his throat being dry. Meanwhile Alexandros had also regained consciousness and he was in the same situation like Demetrios, but he did not stand, he was only looking outside the toilet door while clenching his fists.- [Alexandros.] “I am such a fool… I… *cough* I should have *cough cough* let you know brother…” –Alexandros managed to say as he also shed tears of shame and disappointment. And it was around that time when Dietrich walked inside the toilet and found Demetrios holding Dixie, Alexandros on the floor and the dead body of one of the mercs.- [Dietrich.] “MEDIC! I NEED A MEDIC IN HERE!” –Dietrich shouted and one of the SWAT members nodded. Dietrich then walked towards Demetrios and Alexandros while shaking his head.- “What the hell happened here Demetrios? Who did you piss off this time?” –But Demetrios could not talk, he was focused on Dixie alone. The immense fear of losing her had taken over him and he could not stop holding her in his arms.- [Alexandros.] “It was Yuri…” –Alexandros said and coughed again. Dietrich froze in fear as he stuttered that name.- [Dietrich.] “Y-Y-Yuri…” –Dietrich gulped and gave a bottle of water to Alexandros, one to Dixie and one to Demetrios.- “Drink that water and come outside… There is someone here who wants to talk to you.” –Dietrich said and walked outside the toilet, telling the medics to go inside and take care of the injured.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- As the limo sped away, Ayalah was on the back seat, wide awake and watching as her employer, “Yuri” had pulled off his plans to a T, with one glowing exception. AYALAH. Seeing how he reacted to having his prize back, and basically ignored the fact the Israeli was in the limo as well. The assassin pulled herself up into sitting and then when Yuri said the fateful words, “Vell done, Alexi. Vell done. And now…ve vill play. No one leaves, Yuri…no one.” Hello, Ayalah had no plans of staying in his employ. With a veiled look of anger, she said in a hoarse voice. “So you going to drop me off at the airport. I got my money, and you got your woman. Now, I am done. “- She wiped her hands, in a show that she wanted no more part in this sick game. :: In the toilets, Dixie was cowering under the sink, where she had been with Mia, when the merc had taken her away. She watched on helplessly, as Demetrios was bludgeoned with the gun rifle butt, and rocked back and forth, making whining noises, scared out of her mind, eyes wide, pupils dilated. Had the world gone insane? Then Dixie heard the soft voice of her beloved. Her head ticked, jerking as she tried to suppress the sobbing, her chin wobbling, sniffing uncontrollably. Covered in dust and debris, it must have been a bombing. Why? Who could hate them this much? And why did they take Mrs Flintstone? Next thing she knew Dem was in front of her on his knees, and his large arms enveloped her as she trembled, shock having set in. Demetrios was crying,and Dixie could not help herself, unable to hold back the tears. She wept as she nestled against him for reassurance. Their lives, their club…their friends were in terrible danger. When Dietrich came in, Dixie was terrified he was with them and screamed. “Leave us alone!” <3>

LadyBelz: The next thing anyone heard then was a fearful scream for “MIA!” Steve barrelled his way into the bathroom, looking around. He was covered in dirt and dust, cuts and scrapes marring his skin, a slow oozing cut to his forehead where the butt of the gun caught him. “Where is she?” he demanded. No one said anything for a long moment. “WHERE THE FUCK IS SHE?” he shouted. No one said a word. “I’ll fucking rip his heart out if he so much as touches a hair on his head!” he growled, shoving his way back out of the room. He needed to get to HQ…Yuri looked at Ayalah, a predatory gleam in his eye. “Yes…you have your money…and I have my woman…but what I don’t *need*, my dear assassin…is you.” There was the click of a gun being cocked as Yuri turned to look at Alexi, who had his gun pointed at Ayalah’s head, right between her eyes. “You are in my employ…you vill not leave…I think Sascha would like a new toy to play vith.” Yuri chuckled as the limo sped off into the distance…

iShatteredSanity: -With Dietrich leaving the toilet after Dixie yelled at him to leave them alone, Demetrios slowly let go of her and grabbed a bottle of water.- [Demetrios.] “There, drink it. You don’t want to have a sore throat.” –He said and offered her the bottle of water before turning his head to look at Alexandros who was still clenching his fists tight and mumbling a few words that made no sense.- “That goes for you too. Drink it.” –He said, of course with a really hoarse voice. Then he grabbed his bottle and opened it, filling his mouth with some water to clean it up from the debris and looking at Steven who barged in and shouted like a moron. Drinking some water slowly to clean this throat from the dust, he emptied the bottle and then rose on his height. Still swaying a bit, he walked towards Steven and punched his face with all of his strength.- “You IMBECILE!!! YOU MORON!!!” –Demetrios shouted. He could feel his sore throat hurting him really bad and he coughed some blood.- “GET LOST!!! GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM HERE!!!” –Demetrios used his knee to hit Steven on his stomach. Steven was then seeing falling backwards before he had the chance to do a single thing, and also due to his injuries. Meanwhile Alexandros had sat down on the floor and drank his water, slowly so that he could clean his throat from the dust.- [Alexandros.] “So… What now? This means—” –Before Alexandros had the chance to finish his sentence, Demetrios shot a glare at him, a glare full of malice.- [Demetrios.] “This means war! We will not settle down until every last fucker will be dead! THAT’S A FUCKING PROMISE!!!” –Demetrios shouted once again and he let out a lour roar to release his wrath.- “I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN! AND I WILL KILL YOU! YOU HAVE MY WORD!!!” –Demetrios said and finally he coughed up more blood as he collapsed and fell on his knees. Everyone in the vicinity could hear him just fine. Some wondered what was going on and who he was, but the guards realized that he was the real owner of the club and along with Dietrich and the other staff, they all nodded in reply. Alexandros looked at Demetrios and sighed deeply.- [Alexandros.] “It seems that once more the grim reaper and the genocide will be unleashed on the battlefield…” –Alexandros said and crawled next to Demetrios, patting his shoulder with his right hand.- “Brother… Nobody will be spared. It is unfortunate that we both gave up on our monikers, but it seems like fate had other plans. Grim reaper, grab your scythe, it is time for hunting. As for me, I will show them what genocide is.” –Alexandros said and they both bumped their fists as they nodded to each other. While they were at it, a man appeared before them, a man that none of them expected.- [Nikolai.] “Demetrios… Alexandros… I am sorry for your loss…” –Nikolai paused and looked at them both that shot a glare full of malice and killing intent.- “Don’t get me wrong, I am not here to fight with you. I wanted to come here to inform you, but I was too late…” –Nikolai sighed and ran his hand through his white hair.- “I want to help you. I never supported Yuri nor Viktor despite him being my son. I wanted to talk to you sooner, but I could not find you. Please Demetrios, let us talk.” –Nikolai said in a fatherly tone. Demetrios finally settled down and nodded his head along with Alexandros.- [Demetrios.] “Not here, I will come to your place later.” –Nikolai nodded.- [Nikolai.] “I understand. I shall be waiting for you… son…” –He said and walked away from the toilet. Demetrios looked at Nikolai and then at Alexandros as he sighed deeply… That was the beginning of the hunting season… Farewell Halcyon days…-