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Farewell Halcyon Days – Part Three


LadyBelz: Another limo pulled up to the doors and the woman that stepped out of it defied all logic. She towered over everybody, a mocha-skinned, statuesque blonde wearing a bright red figure-hugging dress and stiletto heels, dripping in diamonds and rubies from head to toe. “Hello, darlings!” the woman called out, blowing kisses left and right. “Oh my God! It is RuPaul!!” one woman screamed in delight as RuPaul sashayed into the club. Immediately the music to her Top 40 hit “Supermodel” began to ooze from the sound system as she stepped up into the catwalk and began to sing. “Work…work it girl…do your thing…on the runway…work…work it girl…wet your lips and make love to the camera…” The throngs of people went wild. The spotlight moved to the back of the stage and the red curtain parted to show… “MIA! MIA! MIA!” the crowd began to chant. The roof threatened to cave in, the cheering and applause was thunderous as she was welcomed back. She grinned and strutted down the catwalk as RuPaul continued to sing. As Mia passed by her, they slapped a high five, tittilating the crowd even further. Mia headed for the pole at the end of the catwalk and shimmied around it like a snake, dropping her ass to the ground before grinding her way back up and shaking everything she owned to the watchers. Steven, standing in front of the catwalk on the floor, intimidating in his own way and keeping the more stupid of the men in the crowd at bay, had to struggle with everything in him not to turn around and watch Mia in action. He was very well aware of the effect she had on the male libido and he had to cross his arms tightly to keep from dragging her into his arms and making love to her right in front of everybody.

iShatteredSanity: [Demetrios.] “Perverted and not your kind. Sure, that we can agree. You damn lolicon pervert.” –Demetrios said and laughed a bit. Alexandros himself chuckled. Helena and Anna? They just shook their heads.- [Helena.] “Men… I am so glad that I am a lesbian.” –She said and patted Anna’s head who purred like a kitten.- [Demetrios.] “So, he had videos from those women and that Ayalah person copied them?” –Alexandros nodded his head.- “What for?” –Alexandros shook his head while shrugging.- [Alexandros.] “I honestly have no clue. But… I bet my ass that it has something to do with the club.” –Demetrios suddenly shot a glance on Alexandros.- [Demetrios.] “You said that Ayalah first came here at the Halloween party?” –Alexandros nodded.- “And that she knew about you?” –Alexandros nodded again.- “Hmmm… And then she was at the gym where Inga, Nanna, Maggie and Mia went, right?” –Alexandros nodded yet again. Helena was just shifting her emerald gaze from one man to another, staying silent.- “I don’t like this… Apparently to attack you, that means that you were close to something…” –Helena broke her silence and looked at Demetrios.- [Helena.] “Alexandros mentioned earlier that this Steven person came here. He had asked me to pose as Mia’s bodyguard with the excuse of just looking for some drug dealer in here. But we all know that there is no such thing in here. Could it be that…” –Helena looked at Demetrios and her face turned pale.- “Could it be because of Yuri being back in the town? Well, he did tell me that this was the reason, but, could that Ayalah’s target actually be Mia herself?” –Helena asked and Alexandros’ eyes opened wide from the surprise.- [Alexandros.] “HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED THAT?!” –Demetrios on the other hand was looking at them both while getting really irritated.- [Demetrios.] “So much shit had happened and you two never told me a single thing? Do you both have a death wish?” –He said as he cracked his neck a few times and took a last drag of his almost dead cigarette, exhaling it sharply as he put it out in the ashtray.- [Alexandros.] “Well… You do have a point there… But I did not want to disturb you since you could have been busy with Dixie.” –Alexandros said and rubbed the back of his head again. That was what made Demetrios roll his eyes and slam his right hand on the desk.- [Demetrios.] “SEND A FUCKING MAIL YOU FUCKER! FUCK!” –He shouted and leaned back on his seat while rolling his eyes.- “Yuri is back in town and I learned it just now. Perfect, just perfect. And you, you could not connect the fucking dots. What were you doing, jerking off while staring at Ayalah’s pictures since apparently she is your new crush?” –Demetrios said, obviously irritated and the whole air smelling like gunpowder.- [Alexandros.] “Well, I did jerk off at her pictures, but that’s not the point here. The point is that now we know what we are dealing with. Also, let me show you something.” –Alexandros put his cigarette on the ashtray on the table and walked next to Demetrios.- “Move bitch.” –He said and Demetrios punched his side.- “That hurt asshole!” –Demetrios smirked and moved his chair to the side so that Alexandros could use the computer.- [Demetrios.] “That’s payback bitch.” [Alexandros.] “Yeah, yeah, whatever. Anyway, give me a second.” –Alexandros said and began stroking the keys on the keyboard.- “When that Josh guy died, there was a man who closed a the window that was playing the video of him and Ayalah fucking each other. I happened to take a snapshot of him, annnndddd…” –Alexandros looked through the files on his own computer after connecting to it.- “VOILA!” –He said and pointed the screen. The image of a man with a bodybuilder’s body and a face that was as if it was screaming for punches.- “I don’t know who this guy is, I did not run any facial recognition on him. But you can see that he must have been an accomplice of Ayalah.” –Alexandros said and Demetrios stared at the screen for some time before looking back at Alexandros.- [Demetrios.] “Well, at least we know the people that we are dealing with. Now, l—” –Suddenly he heard something from the intercom. Ivan said something about Mia entering the club and clearing the pathway.- “Oh shit!” –Demetrios said and looked at the monitor where Mia was shown doing her own thing.- “Helena, you stay here and you watch the monitors. If you spot anything weird, do let us know.” –Demetrios said and grabbed an earpiece for himself and one for Alexandros.- “We will stay in touch with these. Take a good look at that face on the screen and then pay attention for him in the crowd. Damn, if only I knew earlier…” –Demetrios said and sighed as he gave the other piece to Alexandros.- [Alexandros.] “Sorry brother, I fucked up. Anyway, lets go downstairs.” –Demetrios nodded and got off the desk and along with Alexandros, they left the office and locked the door behind them. They stood outside the office for some time, looking at the people on the crowd and hoping that neither Ayalah nor that man were there. They did spot Corsica though as she headed in the BDSM section, and they both hoped that this night was not going to be hellish.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Hell, was about to descend upon the Death Club, and not just in one way either, but a string of events that would probably have the patrons speaking of this night for a long time to come. Corsica, and her leather coated submissive had found the BDSM room and when Corsica lead him in, it was like a Dominatrix’s delight. Pulling hard on the chain, she brought the beheamouth of a man closer to her, and unzipped the mask that he wore on his face, so the eyeholes, and mouth was now open and exposed. The sub saw the state of the room, with every possible delight to his sick imagination. Corsica purred, and took off her hat, throwing it across the room. The submissive let out an animal like growl, and Corsica grabbed his leather clad head hard, then licked all the way up the middle of his face, so his tongue wiggled out of the zipper and caught a taste of it. “Mmmistressssss Liccccorricceee.” He grunted, and his pants grew ever tight, the bulge of his manhood raw up against the leather. Corsica forced him to sit in a special chair, and then started to strap him in, with the various locks around his ankles, and tied his arms behind his back in nice and tight, so he couldn’t physically touch her at all. The sub, who was actually a wealthy Czech business man had paid a great deal for Corsica’s services, and was eager for the evil treatment to begin. Corsica then straddled the man’s lap, and slowly started to undo her bustier, to show off her pierced nippled breasts. Throwing it to the side, she rose slowly, still legs straddled the chair and then with a wry grin, started to smack the side of his face with her breast, using a hand to support, the other hand keeping his head still. Ever so often, she would tease his lips with the pierced nipple, then strike him across the face hard with her hand. She kept alternating between heavy and light play, then rewarding him with allowing him to suck her breast. He was practically leaping out of the chair, trying to break the restraints. Corsica’s sick laughter could be heard coming from the room, every time he failed. With Mia’s show in full swing, Vlad finally let go of Ayalah,and just on cue, Dixie could be seen in the back ground, heading for the toilets. Vlad was rubbing himself watching Mia, transfixed with her show, and this was all Ayalah needed. “Time to scramble the chickens, this foxy is going hunting.” Ayalah then stalked Dixie into the toilets. Dixie was in one of the cubicles, being sick, and you could hear her coughing, and trying to catch her breath. Soon a flush followed, and Dixie emerged, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. She walked up to the vanity, and went to splash her face, as another toilet flushed and the door opened. Ayalah came out, without her wig on. “Hello Dixie….remember me?” <3>

VexatosShadeVasilios: – Walking up to that or the club Andre open the door with his giant. Bending down as he walked in his gaze looked around the club and wonderment. His eyes continuing to look around the bar as he watched the few people inside. Since he was 7 feet 4 inches tall he looked down at the bar as he stood in front of it bending down slightly of looking to see if there was a bartender.” Hello anybody there” its voice rather soft ensuing unfitting of his size. Turning around and wonderment still looking around the club unsure of what to make and everything it was his first time being run away from his hometown not sure not knowing anybody he felt rather out of place.-

LadyBelz: After Mia’s entrance, and an encore performance from RuPaul, one daring man, wearing a silver jacket with a wicked-looking scar across his face walked up to Mia and passed her 100 Euros for a lap dance, muttering something about “butterflies” under his breath. She shook her head, not really caring as she shoved the money down the front of her top. “Sure thing darlin, hop on up here.” she smiled, holding out her hand. The men in the crowd hooted with glee as she directed him to a chair that was placed center stage. She nodded to the DJ and he began playing the music. Afterwards, to the disappointment of the crowd, she announced she needs a break. Although her outfit was breathable, under the hot lights of the catwalk, she was perspiring and needed to refresh before she went back on. Steven helped her down from the stage as a few of her regulars welcomed her back. She took a couple of napkins one of the waitresses passed to her and began blotting at her chest as she headed for the bathrooms. Steven followed in her wake, moving close to her and hiding what he was doing from view as he took a moment to pinch her ass. He bent close to her ear. “I am so going to fuck you into the mattress when we get home.” he whispered. She turned her head and grinned at him. “I have a break coming…maybe I’ll take you up to one of the private rooms.” she winked before stepping into the bathroom. She rounded the corner and spotted Dixie, totally dismissing the other woman with her. “DIXIE!” Mia squealed with delight, running at the young girl and pulling her into a hug.

iShatteredSanity: -With the headpiece on him, Demetrios finally assumed his position as the owner of the club, even though it was only via the radio.- [Demetrios.] “To everyone hearing this, this is your boss, the real thing. I won’t reveal my face to you just yet, but I want to ask you a few favors. One; report anything unusual you may encounter tonight. Two; don’t search for me. Three; always go in pairs. Four; Cover your backs with your partner. Five; do not act before letting me know.” –Demetrios said and Alexandros nodded at him while confirmations came from everyone.- “Ivan and Nikolai, channel 10” –Demetrios said and switched the channel on his piece. A few moments later he heard Ivan talking.- [Ivan.] “This is Ivan. What’s wrong?” [Demetrios.] “I believe that someone is in danger. Stay alerted and let me know of every little thing that you find weird.” [Nikolai.] “Alright, will do.” [Demetrios.] “Good. Back to the normal channel now.” –Demetrios spoke with Ivan and Nikolai and then switched back to the usual channel.- “Lets hope that shit won’t hit the fan tonight…” –Demetrios said and walked down the stairs along with Alexandros when he saw Dixie entering the ladies room.- [Alexandros.] “Is she alright? She does not look so good. You better check her out, I will keep an eye on things.” –Alexandros said and pushed Demetrios forward.- [Demetrios.] “Thanks brother. Stay in touch.” –Demetrios said and cracked his neck a few times before he headed towards the toilets. As he was about 15 feet away, he spotted Mia entering the toilets but he did not bother to feel shame and he entered the toilets as well. There he saw Dixie, Mia and an unknown to him female. Observing the unknown female’s features for a second, Demetrios knew that she was not from around there. Hitting the button on his earpiece three times, he knew that Alexandros would pick that up and stay on high alert; that was something that they both did when they could not talk to each other, their own code. Outside the toilets, Alexandros and the rest of the guards picked the beeping sound and Alexandros cracked his neck a few times.- [Alexandros.] “Alright men, this is Alexandros. That was a signal from the boss to stay on high alert. Act as usual, don’t let anyone realize that you know something. That would be all.” –Alexandros said on the headpiece as confirmations came from every guard. Nodding his head, something had caught Alexandros’ attention who immediately narrowed his eyes.- “Shit, that’s the fuckface.” –He muttered to himself and stayed on his location but was looking at the man (Vlad) carefully, monitoring his every move. Then he changed the channel to channel 8 which was a direct line to the office.- “Helena, I think that I saw the fuckface. He is close to the stairs that lead to the toilets. Pay attention, perhaps Ayalah is here too.” –Alexandros said and Helena looked at her monitor, seeing the man and responding.- [Helena.] “I see him. I will monitor him for you.” –Alexandros nodded and replied.- [Alexandros.] “Thank you. Let me know on the main channel.” –Alexandros said and switched back to the main channel.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- In the BDSM section, Corsica is letting the man have it. She went from the chicken fillet breast slapping, to placing electrode tabs on his nipples, and then unzipping his pants, she pulled out his engorged meat and attached more wired electrodes to his cock. She whispered in his ear. “Com-fy?” Course, he was scared out of his mind, but this was so thrilling, he couldn’t contain his excitement, and released a small shot of pre, which set off the electrodes, and he instantly got zapped. He started to scream, and so Corsica fitted a ball gag to his mouth, and patted his head, before turning up the dial of the machine. It operated on a pulse, so he would get electric shocks at various intervals. Happy that he was now..taken care of, she strode out of the room, leaving him there, while his muffled cries went unanswered. Corsica had her money, but grew bored, playing with the man, and instead, slapped the ass of one of the escorts, and took her hand, leading her off the floor to the couches, where she sat down and waved a wad of Euros. “On your knees, Sweets. Time to taste some liquorice. “ The escort got down on herknees, even though she was more into men. But Corsica was tipping big, and she would soon have her face buried in between Corsica’s thighs, lapping at her clit lips slowly, while Corsica took out a cigar and lit it. Least someone was happy. Right, over to the ladies loo, where Dixie was washing her face. Staring up at the mirror, she saw a recognisable face when the woman emerged from the stall. . “Hello Dixie….remember me?” Dixie had to strain to think. “Cafe…did I meet you there?” Worried that this might just be another one of regulars from the Death Club. Course, the plans were about to be thwarted, thanks to Mia, who entered on the full, and practically crash tackled Dixie into a mother like bear hug. . “DIXIE!” Dixie was overcome and tried to keep her footing. “MIA? Oh my god. I didn’t think you would make it back.” Ayalah walked past the women and preceded to wash her hands, all the while smirking as she watched to two women converse. So this was Mia in the flesh. Tits look fake though. Ayalah kept quiet for now, cause right on cue, the man of the hour, Demetrios entered the ladies loo. Dixie turned around half shocked, and said to Dem. “Baby…this is the girl’s room. What are you doing in here?” Ayalah was drying her hands, still smirking. Who would come in next, she wondered? Unable to help herself, Ayalah spoke up in a very rough Israeli accent. “Girl been sick, maybe virus?” Dixie turned back to look at Ayalah, not entirely happy that this would be broadcast. “I’m…fine, it’s just…maybe my stomach is disagreeing with what I had for dinner, its nothing.” Dixie then asked Mia. “I hear them calling for you, are you on a break?” Outside, Vlad was watching Alex, and then started to speak into a mic fitted to his watch. He then nodded, and moved towards the exit. <3>

LadyBelz: After Mia had released Dixie, and with Dem’s appearance, Mia took a moment to really look at her friend. She was looking a bit shakey and pale. “Yeah, we got back shortly after New Year’s.” Mia stated nonchalantly. She leaned against the sink and crossed her arms, frowning. “And no, I’m not on a break. I came in here to wash my face.” She was looking hard at Dixie now, and what was running through her mind…wasn’t good. Her eyes glinted dangerously…never a good sign as far as Dixie was concerned. “Would you mind giving us a bit of privacy?” she asked without looking at the other two people in the room. Her sole focus was on the young woman bent miserably over the sink. “Best friend talk and all that.” she added to take a bit of sting out of her words.

iShatteredSanity: -Alexandros was staring at the fuckface who was staring back at him. Oh damn, he was spotted, but that did not really matter. Since the fuckface was there, Ayalah must had been there too. Noticing that the man was talking on his watch, Alexandros smirked deviously; the whole club was another one of Alexandros’ game stages. The whole place had devices all over that were meant to prevent anyone from using any radio transmitter to communicate with people outside, but also to monitor and record the communication; the devices were set on the second option and Alexandros knew that a file was created on his computer with the voice log of what the fuckface said and also the response he got. Changing the channel to channel 8, Alexandros spoke directly to Helena.- [Alexandros.] “They are on the move. Don’t lose him.” –And then he switched back on the main channel. Now, inside the toilets, Demetrios looked at Dixie who was not feeling so good and as he was about to walk towards her, he heard the unknown female talk in an Israeli accent. Keeping his eyes from opening wide, he could not hide his pupils that dilated for a moment, surprised by that turn of events. Of course he did not say a single word yet and he listened to Dixie saying that it was something that she had eaten. And then he heard Mia as she asked for some privacy. Demetrios smirked and nodded.- [Demetrios.] “Of course, I shall let you two have some privacy.” –He said and looked at the unknown to him female (Ayalah).- “Would you join me outside?” –Demetrios said and hit the headpiece four times, a signal meant for Alexandros which was translated to “Get the fuck here as fast as possible.”. Alexandros heard the beep and he knew that shit was about to hit the fan. Running down the stairs and entering the toilet. Once in there, his facial expression changed into a serious one as he shouted.- [Alexandros.] “GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM HER!” –That was directed towards Dixie and Mia. But he did not wait, he actually dashed towards Ayalah in an attempt to tackle her using his feet to throw her off balance by hitting her own feet. He knew that attempting to attack her torso could be dangerous since she could be hiding some needles in some place and things would turn out to be nasty. Demetrios immediately caught up on things and he stayed on the door after calling for two guards to stay on watch right outside the entrance.- [Demetrios.] “So… What the fuck is going on here?”