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Role play Group : The Death Club

Boobs Inga….Boobs!

Thanks for the memories.


Writer : CharlotteCarrendar.

-The ride home from the Coda restaurant was a relatively smooth one. Inga kept shaking her head, trying to rid her mind of the memories of being so up, close and personal with the brute like Helga. Inga was also missing a shoe, which she had dropped under the table, in a bid to make Helga think she was coming on to her. But to get out of the date, in such spectacular style, was indeed a win for her. The boys had set her up, intentionally or not, and she was going to make sure that they paid for their crimes. Fancy setting her up with such a creature, was beyond her.


The laughter that had come from Dai was so loud, it was a wonder that Helga didn’t twig, but that was probably due to the fact she was so taken in by Inga’s beauty. Seeing and feeling Helga’s adoration got Inga to thinking more clearly about her sexual orientation. She knew, she could not have gay tendencies, and was not even remotely attracted to Helga…boobs and all. Deep down inside, she knew there was only one man that made her feel truly whole. One man that had moved heaven and earth in a bid to keep her safe, but ended up hurting her from his follies.

“Damn himz.” Inga cursed, tossing her Hello Kitty clutch onto the seat beside her. Closing her eyes tight, she could still see those wonderful moments that they shared, that she had tried so hard to bury. But how can you ever escape the love you feel for someone else, even if they had such faults. Inga believed it was over, that her heart could go on without him, but the truth was, she still needed him, probably as much as he needed her. Finally, her eyelids opened, and she found that the cab had pulled up just outside her apartment block. Home at last. And well ahead of the boys. The cabbie read her the meter and Inga nodded, taking out enough Euros and a tip, to pay the driver. She opened the door, and hopped out of the cab, being lop sided, due to only having one shoe on still. Inga slipped off the shoe, and bent down to pick it up, holding it with her free hand, as she padded up to the front entrance. Inga now looked incredibly petite without the height her shoes granted her, and with the length of her dress, she seemed to have a longer train than before. Her key card was in her clutch, and with her shoe now tucked under her arm, she delved her hand in to fetch it out, just so she could open the door.


A voice came from behind her, one that she had not heard for some time. Holding the key card tight in her hand, she froze and glanced over her shoulder, to see…..him. Only a few feet away, dressed in mismatched street clothes, was none other than Kraus. Inga felt the key card then slip from her hand, shocked to see him..just standing there. His face was so battered and bruised, and with bandages and all, he was hard to recognise. The way his hair was, not sleeked back, but wild, and unkempt. You could see though, in his eyes, he was so pleased to see her, but at the same time, frightened. Frightened; possibly of rejection. Inga frowned and fumbled, knowing her makeup was a mess, due to Helga’s tongue lashing, and also she was without shoes. She quickly bent down and snatched up the key card, a flurry of movement, like she wanted desperately to get inside her apartment building. Inga turned away from him, and with a shaking hand, tried to swipe the key card to open the lock, but she kept swiping it around the wrong way…repeatedly. The red light stayed on, and she shook her head, pursing her lips. Kraus took a step towards her and his voice…so soft, he said….

“Please….please just hear me out.”

Inga stopped trying to get the key card to swipe through, though she could be heard to release a sigh. Maybe she was not ready for this, though it was strange how he came to fill her mind with sweet memories, just before in the cab ride home. Head lowered, she turned around as she fiddled with the key card in her hand. Almost embarrassed now, to even look at him. The last time Inga saw him, was when she placed the black rose upon him as he lay in the hospital bed. Her final good bye, was what she felt she had to do…not because she didn’t love him, but because she did. Inga mumbled under her breath incoherently, while waiting for him to speak, but Kraus could not hold himself back. Nothing could. He took those last few steps to her and placed a finger under her chin, to tip her face up so she could see him clearly. Her blonde curls fell back from her face, and revealed her to him.

“Tell me…that you never loved me, and I swear I won’t bother you again.”

Inga’s face said it all, her brows knitted tightly, while her chin was trembling. Eyes that tried to look away, but coming back to focus on his. He would be able to feel it, see it. The truth was there, as plain as day. Though Kraus’s jaw was still healing, and his face ached from the bruising and cuts, he found himself smiling down at her. It was almost as if she didn’t have to say it. Her body language spoke volumes. Kraus’s right hand moved slowly around to cup her cheek, to cradle it as he waited for her to say, what he already knew now in his heart. Finally, she found her voice. At first a stutter, then…

“I..I.. never stopped loving youz, Kraus”

The words, though said so softly, brought up a wave of emotion from Kraus. You could hear him cry out and then take up Inga in his arms, kissing her as though his life depended on it. He practically lifted her up off the ground, and held her so tightly. At first, she did not respond, but slowly, the walls of her heart came tumbling down, the fortress, and the battlements smashed and rocked, as she returned the kiss with such need of her own. So much they had been through in their lives and the only true joy came from being with the other. Kraus was actually crying as he continued to kiss her. The sheer relief and wonder that he had not lost her after all, was overwhelming. Such a beautiful moment for their love had been rekindled, awakened like the coals that rest in the fire pit, had been sparked to life and now were ablaze once more. Kraus took the key card from her hand, having broken the kiss, and the light turned green. He opened the door and swept her up into his arms, and carried her inside, all the while, planting kisses upon her forehead, the pair vanishing behind the door.

A second taxi pulled up, and in it were two very dirty looking individuals, both covered in cake and jello, frostings and icing. Sven paid the driver, who cursed them both for ruining the inside of his cab with the desert muck. Dai looked like someone had taken a bowl of trifle and dumped it square on his head, while Sven, had a black eye, and walked with a limp. The cab sped away, leaving the two boys standing there. Dai started to sob.

“I have…jello up my nose” -he placed a finger on the opposite side of his nose, and blew out a chunk, while Sven was walking oddly. “She tipped custard down my pants…so don’t cry to me.” On reaching the door, Sven took out his sticky looking key card and tried to swipe it. Naturally, the cake covered magnetic strip could not be read. They were locked out. Sven pressed onto the intercom, hoping Inga was in a good mood, and could unlock the door. But what he heard was not what he expected.

“Inga’s busy right now…*Inga giggles as Kraus continues*…why not try the YMCA tonight, fellas.”

Dai and Sven were both shocked as the intercom signed off, and they realized who that was. KRAUS?! With bits of desserts dripping off them, they both turned around and ambled down the street, knowing full well, that Inga would not be entertaining their wicked games this night….or any night soon. <3>