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Roleplay : Group : The Death Club

A New Cold war.

Sacrificing a flower.


Writer : CharlotteCarrendar
The Jackal was displeased in Ira’s defiant act, watching him get into the stolen car and speeding off after hurling obscenities at the pair. Slowly he lowered his right arm, and then re-holstered his firearm into the keeper inside his jacket. Ayalah continued to coo in Uri’s ear whilst running her nails down Uri’s back in an effort to sooth his temper. The cocky Israeli knew that Uri would not stand for such insolence from the reckless agent, who had just thrown away his career and all for the sake of a Japanese girl who was probably dead. The flight attendant came to the top of the stairs, just shy of the plane’s entrance and uttered;

“The Captain has said it is time to go, while we still have clearance.”

A sense of urgency in her voice, with her light blue eyes staring at the couple on the tarmac. The Hostess, dressed smartly in a navy blue uniform, also happened to be one of Uri’s agents. The blonde haired beauty extended her hand to gesture the pair to come aboard, urging them, while the pilot was going through the last of the pre-flight checks.

Uri snorted loudly, his face dark and with his heavy eyebrows knitted together, he then looked as though he had smelt something awful. And that awful was coming from Ayalah. Turning his head towards her, his nose wrinkled up, and he gripped the edge of her chin, with his thumb and forefinger, before saying with a growl in his tone.

“You smell like piss and a dead man’s jizz. Do NOT touch me again until you have washed. Now…get on the plane!” Uri pushed her face with his fingers as if trying to get her away from him, sensing she was indeed unclean after the months locked up in Yuri’s compound. Spinning on the ball of his right heel, he marched up to the stairs of the plane and reached the top, where he asked the flight attendant. “Get me a hot towel…and anti-bacteria hand wash. “ The young attendant nodded about to follow Uri on the plane, when he bellowed. “AND MAKE SURE VIPER IS CLEANED BEFORE SHE JOINS ME!” The attendant smirked as she glanced back down at the tarmac to the now fuming and humiliated Ayalah. “You heard him…get on board and I show you to the shower.” Ayalah tugged at the sack like dress she was wearing and headed up the stairs, only to have the flight attendant hold her own nose, as Ayalah passed her. “Ooo you do smell bad.” Ayalah rounded on the flight attendant and growled. “Shut up!” The angered Israeli disappeared inside the plane, as the flight attendant chuckled and closed the cabin door.

Before Ayalah could even think about the shower, the Captain’s voice came over the intercom, instructing all to take their seats and buckle in as the gulfstream prepared for takeoff. The flight attendant directed Ayalah to the seat beside her, rather than having her stink out the main cabin, where Uri was seated. Uri was staring out the oval window and looking out to the maintenance crew that were waving flags to get the plane ready to taxi out onto the runway. Though to him, this mission was a success to bring back his Viper, what he was not happy about was losing his Wolf, and the Lotus doing her final mission. Two for one, was it worth the price? As much as he loved Ayalah, he also loved being in control of these people’s lives. For one to have the balls and stare down the barrel of a gun, and more or less tell him to fuck off, was an insult he found hard to bare. Was he losing his touch? Had the Jackal lost his bite? Uri reached up and ran a finger along one of the deep creases in his forehead. Time was not being kind, nor his friend. He smacked his lips and said simply;

“Botox..I think I will get some…”


The jet engines fired up and the plane shuddered slightly, while the radio chatter from the control tower could be heard in deep Russian voices. In the flight attendants section, the blonde attendant was spraying some air freshener about, as she was finding the scent of Ayalah to be on the nose. Ayalah smacked the flight attendant’s arm, which was not the worst she could have done, at least for now, but clearly the attendant didn’t seem to care. Ayalah was ripe enough to make a man gag. The flight attendant took a breath and held it, while Ayalah folded her arms in annoyance. She couldn’t wait to have a shower and wash the scum and stain from her body; remove all traces of the foul men of Yuri and be acceptable once more to her Uri.

Finally the gulfstream was given clearance to take off, and the jet roared down the runway taking off into the wintry night sky, leaving behind the mess caused by those of the Death Club. The seat belt sign switched off, and Ayalah was finally able to make her way to the shower cubicle on board, where she would also find a change of clothing, shoes and makeup, as well as personal hygiene products. Ayalah practically tore off the sack like dress and tossed it in the trash bin, before stepping under the hot spray of water, and closing the frosted folding door. To even have a shower itself was a blessing, and she realized as she stood under the spray that she was free. However, whilst lathering the soap in her hands, a cruel expression pained her face. More than ever now, she wanted vengeance against those that landed her in that foul cell of Yuri’s in the first place. The steam rose up around her, and she rubbed the soap into every part of her body, cleansing herself, while she could not wash away the stain of the memory of the foul Boris. Ayalah grit her teeth remembering him licking her out and how she actually got off on it. The disgusting pig deserved the death wish he got for his efforts. Ayalah turned and tipped her head back, the water dousing her hair flat, and she vigorously washed with a sweet smelling shampoo. It felt so good; the hot water practically scalding, but at the same time invigorating to her senses.

Stepping out and wrapping the towel around her svelte and dripping body, she caught sight of herself in the small basin mirror, and wiped her hand over the glass. This was the first time she had seen herself in over a month, and the effects of her captivity were obvious. Sunken cheeks, dark rings under her eyes. Ayalah looked tired. The Israeli poked at her right cheek with her finger, and then made goose lips at herself. Things were going to get better, once she had recovered from her ordeal. A nice spot in a health spa; being waited on hand and foot by gorgeous men in tight white shorts…and not much else. This caused her to chuckle softly. Oh yes…the Viper would be back. There was no mistaking that.

Emerging from the bathroom, Ayalah was once again the picture of elegance and refinement, as well as smelling a lot sweeter than when she went in. The Flight attendant appeared smug as she served Uri a glass of gin and tonic, then took the tray up under her arm and enquired;

“Would Madame like to see the drink’s list, or shall I just bring a bottle and a straw?” The Flight attendant chortled, but seems she spoke too soon, for Uri shot her THAT look.

“Get her a white wine, and bring back a plate of the select cheeses. That will be all, Misty.”

The flight attendant pouted and sashayed back to the galley, as Ayalah took her seat across from Uri and snarled as she glanced back over her shoulder at the flight attendant’s ass.

“You’re fucking her, aren’t you?” Ayalah said with a nasally whine, much to Uri’s annoyance. He simply picked up his crystal glass and twirled his wrist. “Do I share my love life with you normally, Viper?” It was a fair question, and one that had Ayalah slink back. “For that matter, do I hassle you about your nocturnal pursuits?….Exactly. So let us leave such talk behind us, and you can fill me in on the compound. As you know, I am not entirely pleased to lose Wolf. He was…is a good man. I treated him like a son.” Uri placed his crystal glass back on the table, then sat back and gazed at Ayalah with intent. He wanted to know exactly what happened during the escape, and perhaps an insight into what spurred Ira to turn traitor. The flight attendant waltzed back with the glass of wine steady on the tray, and bent forward, extending her arm to offer the glass to Ayalah. Not entirely pleased to see the haughty attendant again, Ayalah took up the glass, and gave a quick nod as if to dismiss her silently, but then uttered a low hissing sound; her teeth gritted together menacingly. Uri watched the carry on, and tipped his head back and laughed.

“Viper…you really must learn to steady your temper. Why be jealous of a simple flight floozy, eh? Not like you. Now…come, tell me all that I want to know.” Uri waved the flight attendant away with the flick of his wrist; his gold swiss made watch glinting in the artificial light. Ayalah raised the glass to her lips and tipped her head back slightly, taking a mouthful of the wine, and letting it roll around in her mouth before swallowing. She then toyed with the stem of the glass, staring at the golden coloured liquid, before uttering softly;

“That Russian Scum; Yuri. Foul beast of a man. Tortures and rapes women; treating them like cattle locked in cages for his use, or that of his clients. From what I am to understand, he sought to have me raffled off to a high bidder. I was fortunate, only got bitch slapped twice by his rabid dog of a woman, Sasha…I think her name was. “ Ayalah paused for a moment, licking her bottom lip, and staring directly now at Uri before continuing. “I got the word that the Wolf and Lotus were coming. I knew you would not let me down, so it was a matter of time. Course, one of the guards decided he would take his chance. Wanted to bed me….” The Israeli pursed her lips and stared out the window, while Uri drummed his heavily jewelled fingers on his arm rest. “Go on…don’t stop now, Viper. My girl never runs from a fight. You killed him, yes? ”

Ayalah shrugged her shoulders and pouted. Not exactly keen to explain how far that horrid man; Boris had got. “A small sacrifice for greater gain. Letting him get so far…enabled me to get out of that shoe box of a cell. Let’s just say…he is now a permanent reminder there of my visit.” You could hear the venom dripping off each word, and this made Uri smile with delight. She had not lost any of her bite and for this he was proud. “Good good. So…that clears up how you got out of the cell, then …how did you manage to get out of the grounds? Did Wolf help you?” This was the part that even Ayalah found bizarre. Setting down the wine glass, Ayalah then eased back and crossed her left leg over her right elegantly, whilst draping her right arm over the neighbouring chair. “A woman…dressed like a ninja of all things. She was the one that kept me hidden till Wolf finally showed up. Even gave directions on how to leave the compound, where to find the cars, the keys. Feisty bitch too. Remind me to slap her the next time I am sent to Russia on a mission. Heh.” Ayalah was starting to feel her confidence rising once more, for she felt a renewed sense of worth, now that she could tell her tale of her daring escape.

Uri then slammed his fist on the arm rest, breaking Ayalah’s concentration, and she looked up to see he was now angry about something. “What?” She asked, curious to this sudden change in his demeanour. “What…happened to Wolf? Why is he out there…searching for Lotus? Eh? He should have known that Lotus was on a one way mission? Why has he gone so soft?” Ayalah shrugged at first, clearly not understanding his anger. “Who knows…maybe he fell in love with little Miss Tokyo….how should I know? Probably a bigger slut than her mother….” Ayalah trailed off till she felt the slap of Uri’s hand across her face, leaving a huge welt. “Don’t you EVER speak of her mother that way…do I make myself perfectly CLEAR?!” Uri roared loudly, getting right in Viper’s face. Truth be told, Uri was actually in love with Lotus’s mother…very much so. Of all the women he wanted to keep, it was her. Wounded…Ayalah rubbed her cheek softly, wondering what had set him off, then a vile look came over her face. “I know what your problem is. SHE would not bow to you! She would never love you! That is why you sent her off on those whacked missions. HUH? You wanted Lotus to replace her mother….and she wouldn’t do it!” Uri leapt out of his chair and placed both hands around Ayalah’s throat, tightly digging in his nails, the very veins in his eyes bulging as he started to choke Ayalah with all his might.