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Roleplay Live : Group : Lacardis Prime

War and Mercy



IceTe3a: His red glowing hues piercing into her as he watched her closely, inhaling and exhaling a cold mist of air, “It does not take a beating of a woman to make a man, And one would not get such a beating unless they showed such betrayal towards another, what would you think would happen?” he continued to say with a rumble in his voice, taking a step closer as he towers over her “Perhaps, but there will not be a next time, the next time you attempt something like that will be your last day in this realm, I guarantee it” his runic tattoo’s fade from glowing as he calms down slowly “ Keep your friends close and your enemies closer indeed is a good tactic, but be careful who you make out to be your enemies, in saying that which would you prefer us to be? Choose your next words carefully oh poisonous temptress of hell” he continued to insult her, attempting to get the point across about the worth of his pendant. “Lastly, you have no idea what you are dealing with nor what you could have done or had in your weak hands” the last part was more of a personal attack than anything else, more-so of a warning to be cautious around him than ever.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: -Bellicus was not finished in his tirade against her. Following the spider maiden over to her dresser, where she searched for an ointment, to treat the bruising marks he had left upon her shoulder. The coolness of his breath upon her. He inhaled and exhaled deeply, obviously trying to regulate not only his temper, but also his heart rate. The shock of what Lorelei had been able to do, and the fact that she was custodian to his necklace for the shortest of moments, obviously left him reeling. Like a being pushed to the edge of existence, only to be reefed back, and all because, the bewitching temptress spared him. Towering over her, his eye glowering, piercing hers, he was putting on quite the performance. “The next time you attempt something like that will be your last day in this realm, I guarantee it” Lorelei gripped the edge of the Duchess; clearly she was now being antagonised, and all because she showed mercy from her true nature. ~Don’t change…Don’t change~ an internal struggle was taking place, as the beast within the bipedal creature, wanted to be released. On and on, he pushed and prodded, choosing his last sentence to wound her pride. “Lastly, you have no idea what you are dealing with nor what you could have done or had in your weak hands” That was it, Lorelei spun around and the facial expression said it all. Gone was the beautiful face, and replaced with one, so shocking, she was inhuman. The etching of webbing veins in her skin, a startling toxic green, almost like it was radiating toxin. “I SHOWED YOU MERCY…BUT UNLESS YOU LEAVE MY CHAMBERS WITHIN THE NEXT TWENTY SECONDS, YOU SHALL NO LONGER HAVE A HEAD WITH WHICH TO SPRAY ME WITH YOUR WORDS OF HATE. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE PLAYING WITH. GET OUT!!” Lorelei attempted to push him back, for his own good. <3>

IceTe3a: Watching her turn around her features have most definitely changed, obviously he was not dealing with a human at all, this makes the task so much more easier to deal with or at least he thought. Watching and listening to her words intently, as he continued to try and hold back the rage that dwelled deep inside of him, he continued to holster it until the final words came out ringing through his head, ‘You shall no longer have a head” and ‘you have no idea what you are playing with’ that was it for him, the final crack in the wall as his eyes started to burn a fiery red, his runic tattoo’s start to glow an immense red showing off a bright aura from his skin. He did not bother controlling his body temperature as now his natural cold chill was back (close were they? By now anyone within a 5 meter radius of Bellicus would be feeling the “Cold chill” ( Passive – Cold Chill: War, can control his body temp if he wish’s but while he is not, When he passes someone by the Temperature around him and them lowers to a bone chilling cold.) He was pissed, unable to hold back his rage, he was wrath after all, built and born for war, “Non non habetis stupri idea quis vos es paciscor per… (Translation: No you have no fucking idea what you are messing with..) as he pushed her up against the wall, and slammed his fist clear through the wall. “I do not care for death nor do I fear it, I fear what can happen if that pendant fell into the wrong hands” he grumbled as he took a step back releasing her. Looking over her once more he shook his head and cracked his neck “If you wish for death all you need do is ask, Perhaps death would be too easy on you, Perhaps demeaning you for a while will put you back in your place, Know there are forces around you could not possibly understand” as he turned his back on her and started to walk to the middle of the room, the room went cold as the lights started to flicker, darkness was coming indeed. “How could you understand something you cannot fathom, You are a insect after all, An insect that can be crushed under my boot with ease, perhaps that is where you belong instead of death” he said the last part as another personal attack.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Push, Prod, Poke. Typical fucking man! He could not let it go, he could not walk away with his pride. He had his precious jewel round his neck and the fact he even had a neck at this point was only by her grace. The rage, the hate was swelling and building within the spider maiden as her chest started to heave rapidly. Course, he turned on the cold charm, and this was something laughable against the Bebilth maid. It was bone chilling indeed, but what he didn’t suspect, was that she was immune to cold, for it was fire that was her true enemy. Bellicus may have been pissed, but now, so was she. Men had proved yet again, that they are the ones, not to be trusted. Thinking her the weaker sex would be his undoing. But again with the rough play, slamming her into a wall, which made a sickening bone crunching sound, coupled with his own fist going through the stone wall. “Non non habetis stupri idea quis vos es paciscor per… (Translation: No you have no fucking idea what you are messing with..) As he fell back, she cried shrilly. “You only have that pendant…because I let you!” Lorelei flung out both arms, as her claws rocketed out of her hands, dripping in blooded toxin. Elongated fangs, with drizzling green goo, dribbled down her chin, and she sneered. “Time to play TIC TAC TOE on your face!” – Lunging at him, she aimed to pierce his right shoulder with her left hand claws, and with her right, start to carve the game in his face, with multiple slashes. <3>

IceTe3a: He heard what she had said ‘she let him have it back “You should never have done it in the first place, That was your mistake” he said as he turned around, only to cop her left claw straight into his right shoulder, it went straight through him, with his right hand raising up he managed to catch her right claw attempting to scar his face. His eyes burning at this point an aura of flames trailing off the sides of his face “You dare attack me insect?” was his only words, things were getting out of hand fast, he was still in control of his self just pissed, god forbid if he ever lost control it be the next apocalyptic coming for sure. He grumbles slightly as he staggers to stand with her weight pressing down on him, slowly droplets of blood tripled out of his wounds and either down her claw from his back or down the front of his shoulder to his chest. “Have you any idea who I am?” he growled towards her not bothering to draw weaponry, obviously she had changed into a form that did not have the need for weaponry as her body was one weapon itself. Shaking his head as he had bet she has not realized what she is dealing with, “Shall I make you my pet and keep you under my foot like the good insect you are? Perhaps this is fitting for you, Torture, Embarrassment and so so much more” he threatened her deeply as his runic symbols start to glow a hot bright red, flashing every now and then his pendant giving off a Hot red aura, things definitely were getting heated in here. Suddenly out of the situation a loud and shrieking “Eeeee” followed by stomps could be heard from outside this was of course Nex feeling Bellicus’ rage and shifting his own form, as his mane caught on fire, now breathing heavily releasing hot steam from his nostrils he was sure to run amuck outside as he broke free from his bindings. A wicked smirk chiselled its way across Bellicus’ face as he looked down at lore with a deathening stare, one could see the fires of hell burning inside his hues as he glared at her, continuing to hold her right claw with his right hand, her left claw was still imbedded within his shoulder as he clutched his left fist his skin was getting hot as hot as his rage was, he was war after all.. pulling back his left arm in a swift motion he lunged it forward with some might attempting to land it dead smack into her chest, if landing this would surely send her back a few notches “This is from hell!”

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Her blood riddled claws, that were coated in her neuro toxin, became imbedded in his right shoulder, and she grunted as she pumped more down from her fingers, ensuring he got a nice healthy dose. All the while, as he gripped her right hand and vocally chastised her, she was panting as if running out of breath. ~Keep talking…keep talking~ -she was screaming in her mind, and though he could not hear her, she was enacting her revenge for his verbal assaults on her kin and her kind. ~Insect? You better fucking believe it!~ On and on, venomous words spat in her face, as she gave off the look of a woman in pain, and she was, as she was feeding her own toxic riddled blood into him. “You dare attack me insect?” Oh yes…she did more than dare. Lorelei wriggled, pulling with her right hand to be freed from his grip, but keeping her left hand deep in his shoulder..ON PURPOSE. “Shall I make you my pet and keep you under my foot like the good insect you are? Perhaps this is fitting for you, Torture, Embarrassment and so so much more” ~YES….Keep talking…Keep spitting…You will spill your last words with the stain of my venom upon thy tongue!~ Her eyes were wide, as she heard the hooves of the big horse, Nex, come barrelling to save his Master from the femme fatale. Then, he went to use force upon her, with his left fist and punched her hard in the chest, which she took, blowing her back and the force ripping her claws from his shoulder, which she bent, as they passed through his skin, for maximum effect. Falling back, obviously with ribs broken, she started to laugh. It was sick and horrific. “You fool….You loud mouthed fool. You’re as good as dead.”- the toxin dripping on the floor, her claws seared in both her blood and his. <3>

IceTe3a: It is true, he was different from everyone else being a horseman, but he was the weakest of the four but only for one reason, he had refused to remove his heart from his own chest, this making him physically weaker than the rest, at least he still had his pendant which gave him most of his powers, he watched as she flew back and ripped into his shoulder as she did, he stumbles slightly as he stands up straight, his blood now tainted with her toxin, could this affect someone of his statue? He was going to find out soon enough that was for sure. His eyes watching her as he knew what has to be done, a smirk coming across his face as his skin starts to grow hotter and hotter, the steam could be seen coming off his self he was most definitely on fire but not something that is more seen but felt. Tossing his weapons on the floor into a corner they slid and clunked together, it was time to do this the old fashioned way. Meanwhile outside in the main yard Nex was causing his own trouble as he galloped around the yard his footsteps leaving burning trails, bucking up and using his front hoofs to break wooden objects making a mess of the place as it caught alight. Back in the room where bellicus and lore stood, it was a standoff as he attempted to take steps closer to her, swaying slowly he felt groggy and slow, the poison was definitely doing its job at slowing him down that was for sure, as his arms arose above his face in a fighting pose, fists clenched tightly. This was hard for him to keep them up as he continued to sway back and forward, losing vision slowly as he started to see double, taking a swing and a miss it was a very slow and weak punch but he was hitting nothing in the first place, it was just an illusion not the real lore. Even though that one was gone, another appeared before him “Damn insect, I should have killed you from the start” he said red lava starts forming around his right hand, it was burning orange and the heat coming off it was immense, it was round and quite large, Indeed this was a hellish collar fit for one such as her as he continued to hold onto it loosely, a light smirk came across his face, as they both knew his intentions. Taking another step closer he falls down to his knee’s his hands keeping him up as the burning lava looking collar starts to turn a dark black, as it touches the floor it starts to burn it away slowly, he attempts to push himself back up but falls down straight on his back. With what power he had left he rolls over onto his back, breathing deep and heavily as hot air came out of his nostrils, his eyes were heavy he was going to pass out indeed, death may be uncertain but he was most definitely going to pass out at some point. Nex could sense he was in trouble and started for the main gate to the building bashing it with his hooves, attempting to break it down, but could nex break it down in time? Could he get up to his master and save him for what came next? Only time could tell.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- The din created by Nex out in the courtyard, alerted all that there was trouble afoot in the Meeting hall of Arachne. Baldrick, who had been studying in the library, heard the horse destroying the courtyard, obviously enraged, but by what, remained to be seen. His first thoughts was of course, of his Mistress. Slamming down his book on the side table, he raced out to the balcony and stared down, to see the horse of flames, charging around, destroying all in its path. “Oh good heavens, who in blazes did she bring home for a quickie this time?!”- Running back inside, he dashed to a nearby bust, and tilted the head back, pressing a secret red button, that had a book case slide back and reveal…two poles. “No time for stairs.”- Baldrick said, dashing over to the pole, and clinging to it, as he disappeared from view, with a “Tally hooooooo!” Down in her chambers, Lorelei was clutching her chest, and backing up, as Bellicus was making a move on her, holding a flaming collar. “Oh no…I am no one’s pet!”- she cried, just as the sound of whooping was heard and a loud thud came from her closet. Spinning round, Lorelei witnessed Baldrick stagger out of her antique dressing cupboard, looking startled as he saw her in her underwear, blooded and with a man on the floor. “What have I told you about takeout meals…..really? Such a mess to clean up after.”- Baldrick whined, and then went to give Bellicus’s body a kick. “Don’t!” Lorelei cried, trying to pull him back. “He is a beast…I got him with my claws. But I don’t think he’s dead yet.”- Baldrick facepalmed and then put his hands on his hips. “Well his horsey is tearing up the courtyard. If it comes down the stairs…”- Lorelei crouched down watching Bellicus breathe. “Few more minutes, his internal organs will be mush, and then…we dispose of him.”- Baldrick gasped “WE?! Oh no…I’m not touching that.” Together they argued, till a shrill sound was heard coming from the pole. “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”- The mad fop Sebastian landed with a thud and then stumbled out with his powdered wig on backwards. “Am I late?” <3>

IceTe3a: He was indeed fucked, he was gone to the world or so they thought, he could not hear what was going on and slipping in and out of it only getting small views of his surroundings, his breathing was short and heavy, and indeed he was being bested as he laid there before them all. Like a rug on the floor, unable to move, finally his grip on the collar fell loose, as it fell out of his hand and rolled onto the floor completely, burning the ground for a while and then disappearing into steam, indeed his life force was disappearing, his pendant glowing a dim red, Could this be the end for Bellicus already? Fading once more his lights went out, but his skin was red hot, a simple touch at this moment would surely leave a hefty burn. Nex knew what was going on, he could feel his masters life force fainting, as he slammed down on the doors more and more, his mane flaring with a coarse of red hot flames, bone chilling screeches echo throughout the lands “EeEeeee!” in defiance to his masters life fading, he knew something had to be done. Back with bellicus and the others his heart rate was slowing and fading it was sure to end soon, as it all went quiet, an eire silence as Nex stood tall on all fours heavily breathing and panting tapping one hoof to the ground, Ballicus manages to slip out “Non frater meus non faciunt… No nex..” (Translate: No my brother don’t.. No nex) There was something special between Bellicus and Nex, they were more than man and steed as once said, they were brothers in arms, brothers in blood. With that Nex cried aloud in another shreek as his full form was engulfed in flame, he was in pain and his shreaks allowed all to hear that he was, He was sacrificing himself to save his master, by sacrificing himself, he would be able to help save his master and remove the toxin from his body. Bellicus’ pendant started to glow a bright red aura filling the room as it pulsed like a heartbeat, it seemed time was slowing down, as Nex continued to screech outside, slowly Nex faded from this world, one peace at a time turning into nothing but ash to be scattered into the winds, as Nex finally was fully sacrificed and scattered into the winds Bellicus arose screaming in rage “BROTHER NOOOOOO!” He bellowed shaking the walls of the structure in denial and disapproval of what Nex had done to save him.. “Live free brother..” he let slip out of his lips as he raised his hand, his Sword “Judgement” flew into his hand it was a beautiful sword, Such a great sword had never been seen before. “JUDGEMENT HAS COME, AND YOU ARE FOUND WANTING” he bellowed to all in the room as his pendant’s red aura started to glow a more immense dark red, the night sky filled with a tinged of orange and red, something was going on. Nex had giving him one last chance to live by killing himself, Bellicus was pissed for this and blamed the realm, they forced Nex to kill himself, one he loved so dearly moreso as a brother than anything else. “Your time has come” he turned to face the three as his tattoo’s now were piping hot red, to match his fiery eyes.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Out in the courtyard, those that witnessed the sacrifice of Nex to save his brother at arms, Bellicus, would be stunned to audible silence. Within the chambers however, the trio that were arguing on how to dispose of Bellicus’s body, also heard the silence from outside, and then the roar as Bellicus’s screamed out loud, his pendant glowing red enough to bathe the chambers in an errie glow. Sebastian pulled his wig around the right way and saw the glowing pendant, along with hearing Bellicus cry out. “BROTHER NOOOOOO!” Baldrick and Sebastian looked at each other, their mouths agape. “Uh oh!” they both cried, and made a mad dash for the poles, scrambling trying to climb back up them, leaving the underwear clad Lorelei to face the rage of Bellicus on her own. Now that his body was rid of the toxin, and wielding a sword that’s beauty was astonishing, she knew she was in trouble. . “JUDGEMENT HAS COME, AND YOU ARE FOUND WANTING” Maybe so, but the spider maiden, was far from finished. “Your time has come” Bellicus said, wielding the massive sword in her general direction. “I die….I die. But you must live with the guilt, that it was your fault your brother died. I told you to go, yet you continued to poke the spider, and now he is dead. Killing me, won’t bring him back. And you will walk this life alone….forever.” Lorelei stared him down, and held her ground. <3>

IceTe3a: Bellicus watched as the two men scrambled out there with haste, a wicked smirk came across his face as he glared down at lore “No one is safe from my judgement!” he bellowed as it echo’d throughout the lands, taking a step closer as he listened to lore plea “Perhaps not, But you were the one who took the pendant from me in the first place, None of this would have happened if you never did such a thing” he shook his head as he arched a brow “Perhaps but you will walk with me for eternity” he cackled slightly as he took a glance at his sword, raising it above his head with one arm he hollered out “IT takes a heart to feel guilt!” and with that he slammed the blades tip straight down into the floor in front of him, easily gliding through it as it was stuck there for now, crackling floors could be heard as the room rumbled, he was enraged, and was going to complete the pact, by ripping out his own heart, this would allow him to be his true self finally, there was nothing that could stop him now. “Should have kept that pendant in the first place” he smirks as he stands on his side towards her and smirks raising his right hand in a clenching fashion “Brothers! Hear me now, watch closely as I Bellicus complete the pact and Become true to my name! For I am the horseman known as war!” thunders clash outside, as red runic symbols appear on the floor around him, this was a ritual he should have done era’s ago but no time like the present as he stood there chanting in the old tongue, his hues looking up into the sky but he saw past that as he saw the faces of his brothers watching down upon him, they had been waiting for this day, what was to become of this realm afterwards? What will happen to lore once this pact was to be complete? Does war have mercy? Since when has any war in any timeline ever shown mercy to anyone who delves within the killing of others? In war there is no mercy, Only time could tell as he continued to chant loudly.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- With the loud roar that echoed across the land, you could hear the unison of voices come from the cupboard. (Baldrick and Seb)”AAAAGGGGHHH!” Lorelei had said her peace, assured that if death would come, she would go in the knowledge that she held no guilt for the sacrifice of Nex. But seems Bellicus was just getting started. “Perhaps not, But you were the one who took the pendant from me in the first place, None of this would have happened if you never did such a thing” Lorelei shook her head. “The pendent never left your hand. You had the whole time. I was just teaching you, that you can be swayed, when you are full of your own importance.” But time for talk it seemed was over. Bellicus was ready to make his transition to the next stage. Lorelei watched in awe, as he said words that may well haunt her for the rest of her life. “IT takes a heart to feel guilt!” He was going to rip his own heart out from his chest, to become…the true Horseman of War. Raising up his blade, her face followed and then down as it slammed into the stone floor, becoming stuck as he called out to his brothers. “Brothers! Hear me now, watch closely as I Bellicus complete the pact and become true to my name! For I am the horseman known as war!” This was turning into a nightmare. If he became the Horseman of War, what would befall her lands? Would the days of Lacardis; her home be one forevermore ruined by the constant battles and death that was sure to follow. She couldn’t allow it, and decided to act. With the sword entrenched in the ground, she bounded over it in a single leap, whilst his hand was held aloft, ready to come down and snatch his own heart from his chest. Lorelei went for a full on tackle, as he looked to the skies, in the hopes he would strike her instead. “I am MERCY”<3>