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Roleplay Live : Group : Lacardis Prime

A threat or a promise?



IceTe3a: His hues a burning red glow as a fiery trail led back behind his head, glancing up into the sky as he watched his brothers with a devilish grin, their faces showed approval over his choice, knowing it was not long now before the ritual was complete, it was about time that Bellicus had completed this ritual, the others had done it but he was defiant. The ritual was old, and had a story behind it, As a horseman they must be neutral to all, not siding with either the demons from bellow or the angels from above, they were born into the worlds to be judgement overall including the two brothers loosely known as god and lucifer or so time has dictated them to be named that. One must rip out his own heart with his bare hands holding it high in the air, they then had two choices the first choice being more simple than the other, destroy the heart and it shall be gone forever, as would any emotions that was linked with it, giving new life to the one who had chosen this path it was indeed a cold and lonely path. The last choice being of course the more romantic of the two choices, entrusting their heart to someone they love, the heart would live and beat on, keeping what little humanity they may have, allowing them to feel emotions as it were but by doing this, it allowed a weakness for if the heart was ever destroyed after this choice had been made the owner of that heart would be destroyed too. Bellicus did not want to let go of what little humanity he had left, but he trusted no one, had no lover to call his own, the closest thing he had to that was his brother in arms “Nex” who was as of now dead to the world. So bellicus had no choice in the matter he was going to choose the cold path and destroy his heart, losing all humanity. Suddenly he felt something grab hold around his waist with great force, it was lore she had tackled him screaming “I AM MERCY” catching him off guard they both fell to the floor bellicus landing on his back as lore landed on top, the ritual was interrupted as the glowing red runic symbols now disappeared from the floor. Loud clashes of thunder could be heard from outside this could only mean one thing his brothers were pissed about the ritual being interrupted, as slowly their faces disappeared from Bellicus’ view. Coming back to his senses he wiggled around in Lore’s grasp, as he grunted, his hues glancing down at her piercing into her own “What are you doing woman! Why have you interrupted me?!” He bellowed and demanded answers, as he could not understand why she had stopped him “Even if you stopped the ritual this time, I can simply go and do it elsewhere anytime I please!” he said in defiance towards her.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Lorelei had even surprised herself, in that after the way Bellicus treated her, that she would take the bold move, to interrupt the ritual. Peeking out from the cupboard, Seb and Baldrick saw the tackle, and Seb made a little fist pump, though it was a bit of a dainty one. “She’s had practise at knocking a man over.” –he whispered, as Baldrick nodded, rubbing his crotch. “Aye, don’t I know it.” – Yes, Baldrick did know it, since she had taken him by force when she had been feeling lonely. Back to Lore, who had successfully tackled Bellicus to the ground, and with the almighty clap of thunder, it was obvious that the ritual had been halted. With her hair draping down over him, she was panting hard, as his eyes bore into hers with the colour of brightly fanned embers. “What are you doing woman! Why have you interrupted me?!” –he boomed loudly, clearly angered she would be such an interfering wench. “Doing you a favour. Do you want to be without a heart? To have no feelings? Is that what your brother Nex would have wanted. You cared for him, as he for you, and now out of his great love, and sacrifice, he gave his life so you could live. AND YOU DISHONOUR HIM BY RIPPING OUT THE ONLY THING THAT ALLOWS YOU TO FEEL?”- Lorelei’s cheeks were aflame, and her lips parted slightly, as she gathered herself, while he wriggled. “I may be demon, and I may be one that follows the dark path, but to be devoid of any heart at all….you may as well be dead.” -Lorelei rolled off him and then scrambled up to standing. <3>

IceTe3a: He listens to her pleas and reasons as to why she had done such a thing, as he could hear the two men cower nearby in hiding, he growled deeply from within as she mentioned Nex’s name, as she arose he to stood up, glancing down at her with displease he raised his right arm half way past his chest extended out with his palm facing upwards in an open fashion “You.. have no right to mention his name nor what I should do or what he wanted” sparks flick off his open palm as a small fireball appears, it was hot as it swirled around in his palm “Run cowards!” he said towards the two men cowering, as he turned to their direction and hurled the fireball purposely at the wall near them, he turns back not caring where it hit as he once more glared down at lore “You don’t know him as I do, He gave me life to seek revenge, we are men of war and bloodlust! Nothing more nothing less!” he grumbled as he took a step closer towards her “And who is going to end my life? You?” he cackles aloud, “I am a horseman, nothing will change that, the ritual I was doing is for something else” he smirks devilishly as he leans in and whispers into her ear “Your displays of mercy are worthless, for I already am cold and heartless, Nothing will change that learn that fact fast” as he came to a stand with a pleased smirk upon his face, although he has now to think of what he will do next, seeming she will not allow him to do the ritual whilst she is around. “Perhaps burning your kingdom to ash will show you that” he said meaninglessly as a threat, just to stagger her abit.

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – “Run cowards!” The blast of the fireball smashing into the wall just near the cupboard, was enough to have the two servants clamouring up the poles inside. “You’re on your own!” –Sebastian squeaked as Baldrick grunted and puffed, trying to climb the pole, using the sides of the cupboard as a brace. Lorelei however, refused to flee, even though fire was her number one weakness. Bellicus’s glare, his flaring nostrils, and anger only made her more resolute to stand her ground. “You don’t know him as I do, He gave me life to seek revenge, we are men of war and bloodlust! Nothing more nothing less!” Steps again taken towards her, bearing down on her diminutive frame. He was a giant of a man in comparison to her. “And who is going to end my life? You?” Lorelei creased her brow, and then pointed at the floor. “Were you not knocking on death’s door just a few moments ago?….Who do you think had you down there? –she was incredulous that he had seemed to forget- “ I am more than capable of ending it, and you know it.” Alhough he was still ranting about how he could burn her lands to ash, and that she needed to learn he was already cold of heart, she knew otherwise. “I saw how you were with your brother, so don’t tell me you are a cold creature. If you were, you would not have reacted so to his death.” -Lorelei reached for a robe that was draped over a chair and tried to cover herself. Threading her arms through the sheer gown, she did not take her eyes off him. “Those of Lacardis will not simply bow down and allow you to scorch the earth with your rage.” She had a point, for she knew the Lacardians well, and they never stood idle, in the face of a great threat to their way of life.<3>