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Roleplay Live : Group : Lacardis Prime

The Meeting Hall : A New Day



KlouseKusanagi: -Morning rose, as chickens made a ruckus outside, guards hard at work. Patrolling the area, as Lucious slowly woke from his slumber. His body stretching as far as it could stretch, as he slept on his stomach all night. Slowly turning around, stretching mainly with his right arm, as he turned to hopefully awake to Lore. Though his hand fell flat on the bed, no one resting with him. He perked his head up slowly to examine the bed, it seemed to have been slept on by two people, though it could have been just Lucious taking all the room. Wiping his eyes trying to get use to the light, as he reached for a near by robe. Lacing it on him, no orderly fashion, just enough to cover him mainly. As he slowly arose from bed, and went outside to check. Opening the door, as the light almost blinded him, as his eyes narrowed in pain. Trying to get use to the light. As he saw a group of guards chattering on as he openly asked with stumbleness from exhaustion “Excuse…me..Have any of you…Seen Lady Lore?..” He asked though none answered for being to busy talking amongst themselves. As he sighed softly, as he started to explore the castle, walking through the common area. Scanning the area as he searched for his lover. Asking random people, but none knew. He began to raise caution, as he continued his search-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Within the deep recesses of the Meeting hall, Lorelei had made a small room, adorned with the gifts and treasures she had for her baby girl, Taru. The young infant, stolen from her but eight months before, was never far from Lorelei’s mind, and though she had accepted that she was gone from this world, she would never lose her from her heart. She stood in the centre of the small room, clutching a small doll, as rays of light caressed her skin, the waking light, which brought hope of the wonder in a new day. Setting down the doll on the cradle that is empty, she runs her fingers across the satin covers, then allows her arm to fall at her side, and makes her way from the room. Adorned this day in forest green velvet robes, trimmed with gold brocade, she is the epitome of a Lady, of the Province of Carrendar. Her assistant, Sebastian, finds her wandering out of the room, and bows low, before righting himself and handing her a scroll from Twisted Wood’s mayor. “M’lady…weren’t you at Twisted Wood…like…yesterday?” He bit his lip, hoping she would say no, as she opened up the scroll and frowned. It was news that an investigation was ordered, to the blowing up of the tavern and the hospitalisation of at least ten knights, with spider bites. Rolling her eyes, and handing back the parchment to Sebastian, she said casually. “Why..yes, I was there for a festival, but seems the Knights were on their worst behaviour. Drinking, I believe. I recall….a scuffle?”- Sebastian pursed his lips and tapped his foot. “Are you sure that’s what happened?”- Lorelei gave his shoulder a light punch, and chortled. “Absolutely…I would say, let us send our best physician, to attend to the ones with the bites, and a surveyor to weigh up the cost to replace the Tavern.”- she nodded, about to walk off, as Sebastian sung out. “And HOW is that to be paid for?” Lorelei didn’t even look back, as she waved and said.”Raise the taxes…” – <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Wasn’t long before he focused on a large group leaving a certain area. Using his years and years of scouting and pinpointing. Lady Lore had to be close, as he scanned the crowd from afar, blending in like an assassin. As his eyes finally locked onto her, she was walking away from him, but seeing she was being bickered by another man. They had a small argument before she waved him off. Lucious slowly crept upward to her, using the people to bend in with. Every time she would turn around, he would immediately join the people around him. As he got close to enough to where he grabbed an apple out of some one’s basket, tossing it upward as he stepped up behind her, walking at her pace. As he bit into the apple, able for Lore to hear. Which was his plan in the first place. As he looked at the apple and spoke “You know..I love waking up to a full of sunshine..A warm fuzzy feeling..and a lovely woman who I am lucky to have by my side” Spitting the apple out of his mouth, tasting horrendous, as he threw it behind him. Hitting the ground. As he kept walking with her “Though this morning for some reason..I woke up with exactly the opposite. Blinding light.. a exhausted feeling..and my love missing from our bedside” Chuckling softly as he meant it as a joke, knowing she had business to attend to-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Lorelei walked, her hands behind her back, fingers intertwined. She had a half smile, one for being cheeky with poor Sebastian who would have to deal with the Mayor of Twisted Wood, but a small pang of sorrow, for seeing the empty chambers of her lost little one. The length of her gown graced the stone floors, the dust rising on the trim, but she didn’t care. She was back within the walls of the Meeting hall, the place which gave her some comfort and solace, in the months since the tragic event. Lorelei’s hair was swept over her left shoulder, tumbling down over her bosom, a gold band around her neck, given to her by her father Oberon. Lorelei had not slept, for she had not been able to find peaceful slumber, in so long. And so, she would walk the halls, till the cook was ready to serve breakfast. Little did she know, she was being followed, and quite stealthfully, by Lucious, who was enjoying, well, almost enjoying the local produce. A voice behind her, caused her to stop in her tracks, turning round, her skirts spinning, only to see him make a terrible face, after tasting the rotten part of an apple. His lament of her absense from their bed, needed explaining. “Early bird catches the worm….and somehow managed to find a home in that apple.” – She grinned, at her own joke, but as she fell in step with him, Lorelei could not help but ask. “I trust your dreams were peaceful ones.”- Lorelei reached for his hand, as they strode along the corridor towards the main dining hall. “Break fast with me?” <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Watching her turn, her beauty never changed. Though he could easily tell she hasn’t slept in a while. As he smirked widely glancing around “Oh the worm had to stroll to find the apple it seems” Chuckling softly as she stepped forward, reaching for his hand. He slid his hand in with hers, their fingers interlocking. As he spun her around, keeping their hand interlocked. As he wrapped his arm around her, causing her to embrace herself. As they strolled to eat a much needed breakfast. “My dreams were well..I hope you managed to get some rest yourself?” He questioned glancing down at her. “Breakfast sounds lovely my darling” leaning in her ear as he whispered “As long as I am not abandon this time” Chuckling softly as he placed a soft kiss on her cheek. As they strolled through the common place. Hearing laughter, chatter, kids play games, guards bargain for prices on items, and animals flock around. As he thought “I believe we shall take our breakfast back to our bed. And eat there without all of this clutter” He chuckled softly glancing around once more “Unless you would prefer to be with your people, than we shall eat with the entire village than if you desire” Smiling down at her as they strolled slowly. Enjoying the peaceful day they had together-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – His wit was unsurpassed, and had her positively beaming. Walking together, in very close quarters, they were getting looks from the guards and village people that had come to do morning trade. Sounds of livestock, and the cluck of many chickens, melded with the laughter of children made for a morning melody, that was both pleasing, as it was amusing. Lucious expressed his dreams were good ones, and that he was duly rested. Half his luck. Lorelei glanced skyward, as he asked if she had rested, and calmly replied. “One can hardly rest, when there is so much to be done.” -more or less explaining that she was ever busy, but maybe it was time, she took a moment of two to herself, and her new found love. Though love had not yet been officially declared, had they spent the night with each other, it may well have been said. Lucious was all up for breakfast with her, and he hoped that they might share the morning’s feast, away from prying eyes, in her chamber. This gave Lorelei an idea, and she snapped her fingers, as one of the hand maidens, did come out from the adjoining corridor. “Ask Cook to send a basket of fruits, pastries, and juices, to my chambers. We’re dining in, I think.”- The hand maiden curtseyed, and tried to hide a giggle, as she scampered off in the direction of the kitchens. Staying in Lucious’s arms, she said. “I think I like your idea better. Shall we?”- Lorelei gestured for the way back to her chambers. <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Nodding in her words as he agreed with her “Indeed my dear..Tis why you have me” He smiled down at her. As he watched her snap her fingers for a maiden, wanting fruits, pastries, and juices to be brought to their chambers. Lucious smirked to his self as he looked at her and nodded “After you m’lady” he smirked as he offered his arm toward their chambers, allowing her to take the lead. As she went on, a chicken fluttered toward him. The kids were toying with it and the chicken some how managed to escape. Lucious looked at the chicken fluttering its feathers, than glanced at the children that stood afar staring at him, wandering if he would give it back. Lucious looked around to make sure no one important was looking, Lore would get a kick out of this though he did not want to bother her with rest that she needed. Lucious stepped back slowly, as he aimed at a spot between to poles that was directly behind the children. As he took one giant step, with the other foot swinging with brute force kick toward the chicken. The chicken had no defense. As it shot up toward the sky, feathers raining down on the people below. Lucious whispered to his self “Going….Going….” The chicken flew past the two poles “Gone!” doing a fist pump as the children up roared with laughter. Soon after, a scream was hear d along with a crash. The chicken hit a woman, smashing over her basket of needs for the day. Hearing the woman yell and bicker. Lucious bolted back toward Lore, as if nothing ever happened-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Ever the gentleman, he was certainly all air and grace, the perfect specimen of what a noble should be. Oh look he is going to have some fun with the local children. Two guards, were leaning on spears, watching the rabble of locals, buy and trade, one old lady was bagging a goose for a customer, and with Lorelei walking faster towards the chambers, for she was famished, she failed to note, that her new love interest, was about to invent a new kind of sport. (Guard 1.)” I say….Arttthur…we really should get the other men more into spending time away from the wives on the weekends. I’m getting a bit sick of having to do the weeding on a Saturday…got any ideas?” The second guard was watching Lucious, lining up near two poles, whilst a chicken clucked and pecked the ground in front of him. (Guard 2.)”Oh…I don’t know Nigel…what could we possibly do, that will get us out from under the Missus’s feet?” It was then that Lucious, went for the kick, and the chicken went sailing up…up…up..The guards watched as the chicken flew between the two poles, and the new man about town, do something of a little dance and fist pump. The two guards looked at each other and said in unison. “Ahhhh…we could kick chickens on Saturday!”- Both men nodded and then did a bro fist, before watching some old lady go off the deep end, after being hit in the head by the flying chicken. Both guards whistled and pointed to a fish merchant, who was as as innocent as they came. The woman, rolled up her sleeves and marched over, to beat the poor man on the head, with his own fish. :: Lorelei by now had reached her quarters, and seemed Cook was faster than the drive thru at Maccas. A loaded basket with many delicacies and goodies, sure to tempt the taste buds of Lucious.<3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Catching up with Lore as fast as he could, to escape any possible fights to occur after. As he ran up from behind, slowly trying to stop before reaching their chambers. As he saw Lore, over look the food that was made for them. He stood in the door way for a moment. His arm resting on the door itself. As he admired her beauty, it left him lost for words. Watching her trying to pick out food, he scurried over as he blocked her way from the food. As he slid infront of her, while grabbing a piece of white bread. As he took a bite out of the bread,and speak with a mouthful “You..” pointing to the bed “Now!” He almost seem to demand. As he even made it his own duty to make sure she rested. By sweeping her off her feet with both arms. The piece of bread hanging from his mouth. As he gently laid her down in the bed, covering her up with layers of blanket. As he walked over to breakfast, eating a couple grapes before he lifted an entire section and took it to Lore. Laying it level on her lap, as it was served with juice to drink, grapes, and other pastries. Sitting infront of her to make sure she ate most of it than rest after-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Picking up a plum, she twirled her wrist and brought the ripe fruit up to her nose, to sniff, to see if it was in deed ripe. A light squeeze with her finger tips, and it was also firm. About to take a bit from the fruit, Lucious, scurried over, causing her to drop her plum..”Oooh..”- she exclaimed, wondering what he was doing. First, he got between her and the basket. “But…”- she tried to reach around him, and he took out a slice of bread and promptly took a bite. “Hey..” But then, with his mouth full of bread, he said. “You” -then pointed at the bed and said loudly “Now!”- Lorelei blinked..”What?” Then up she went into his arms, and he carried her straight to the bed, while she was still dressed. Laying her down on the bed, he TUCKED her in, under a few blankets. “Wait?” Lorelei was totally caught off guard, since…it was morning. And he was putting her to bed. To her surprise, he went back to the basket as she had her head poking out of the covers. Bringing the basket back, he laid it level on her lap, and sit beside it, as the demoness stared at him oddly. “I guess sex is out of the question then?” <3>