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Sorvel Market’s largest Cucumber

VenorCarrendar: -Venor followed along behind his mother as they approached the busy market. The sounds and smells drifting to the youngling bebilith drew his attention, his eyes darting from one direction to the other. He was tilting his head one direction then the other… his hands getting restless… the fingers drumming against his waist. He was walking close behind Lorelei for the first part of the trip out to the market, but it didn’t take long for the shadows of the stall tables and walls to call to him. As they passed a particularly shadowed stand, the young bebilith… now about the size of a large dog… darted quietly into the shadows. His dark carapace and hide lending very well to this, he was able to blend with the shadows quite easily. He crouched slightly and ran from one end of the table to the other… from there he slipped into the shadows of the back of the lean-to. The young bebilith used his eight legs and innate spider-climb ability to clamor up the support pole and onto the maze of support lines and posts running from point to point of the market. He looked around and spotted a tall pole near the center. His little legs quickly clicked along the strands and poles… Ven choosing his route to utilize wooden poles and beams so that his passage along the overhead path would hopefully go unnoticed. With the gentle wind that was swaying the canvas and ropes, it would be possible that Ven’s passage really would go unnoticed by those below. Once he reached the pole he was targeting… Venor skittered up it and perched there… looking down at the scene spread out beneath him. At the prey wandering , unaware of how close their fate waited for the right moment… for his moment… _

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – And so the mother and son, Lorelei and Venor would journey to Sorvel this day, to visit one of the finest markets in all the lands, a place where vendors and traders, did come to showcase their wares, and a place where a certain young bebilith may well come to mischief. Lorelei, who was dressed in a traditional skin hugging fight suit, that was crudely sewn from rabbit pelts, would be happily wandering up the main alley of market stalls, Baldrick not far behind, carrying on his back a large wicker basket so that she might take home some of her purchases. Course, she was content to take in the sights and smells, the chorus of fruit and vegetable sellers, the meat vendors, holding up freshly killed pheaseant and ducks, the aroma of roasted chestnuts. All was just too good, and for Lorelei this would prove to be a mistake, for she did not turn around to make sure her delightful young scamp of a bebilith was keeping in behind her. (Lorelei)”My sweet Son, Mummy is looking to buy some knew spikes and a few hunting knives this day. Do keep up, or Baldrick will have to carry you in his basket.” – Baldrick was eyeing off some oiled up wrestlers over in the horse enclosure, their bodies slick and gleaming in the sun, those pecks, those abs…(Baldrick)”Do what?…Oh lord, I am not carrying that….that…(Lorelei)”little darling…I know..but you will do as you are told. Now…I think I want to try some of the home made fudge. Just watch Venor, if you would.”- She pranced off, with Baldrick turning around, unable to see the little devil. (Baldrick)”…Venor…..Venor?…Oh shit…where can he be?”

VenorCarrendar: -Ven stood there… poised atop the pole… his hair billowing in the breeze as he surveyed his domain, the little bebilith considering everything he saw his domain. He wasn’t foolish enough to think he controlled everything… no, that was not what made it his. It was the fact that he felt certain that he could… and would… control his own destiny. He would be the hunter… the one choosing the timing and placement of his life’s development. Venor spied a familiar figure… the manservant of mother… Baldrick was looking around as if he had misplaced something. Venor grinned and slid down the pole to the closest rope leading toward the target. He ran acros the line, his eight legs flowing smoothly and in such a practiced pattern, even at this tender age, that the rope did not bounce or sway overly much, his passage along it more akin to a soft wave along the length of line. Venor had mapped out his chosen path in his head before leaving his high perch. The little bebilith… the hunter tried his best to follow his predetrmined route. Unfortunately his sense of direction wasn’t as keen as his sense of ballance… when he reached the tent at the spot he believed to be the right place… Ven eased toward the edge of the canvas structure. peering over the side, he expected to see the grey hair of Baldrick below… but he didn’t. Irritated now, the young spider-demon glanced left and right trying to determine which way the old man had ran off to. Ven didn’t even give thought to the possibility that he had chosen wrong, which he had. Venor turned left and headed toward the center of the market and kept peeking over the edge as he crept carefully along.-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Baldrick spun around. The people of the market, both shoppers and merchants alike went on as normal, since a missing child, was a common thing. He slapped his right hand to his cheek, figuring that when Lore discovered that her son was missing, she would be stringing up Baldrick from the rafters. He quickly looked left and then right, and well, he got down on his hands and knees like a dog, and started to hunt for the little scamp under the seller’s tables. Meanwhile, Lore was sampling some gooey home made fudge, closing her eyes, and making delicous “mmm” sounds, as the fudge maker was holding out a wooden board with even more samples for her to try. (Seller)”This be the honey and nougat, and I do a lovely caramel, M’lady.” Lorelei prized another morsel and popped it in her mouth, the delicious texture and taste had her in…well, demon’s version of heaven. But little did Lorelei realise that a darked cloaked figure was watching her from just a few stalls down. With decaying teeth, he grinned, wiping his grimy knarled hand under his nose,and he slowly pulled out a jeweled dagger from under his tattered cloak. (Borsh)”Ha ha…thats it…Spider bitch…keep munching your candy….and I be wiping that smile off those crimson lips…ha ha.”

VenorCarrendar: -Venor was getting more and more aggravated at the old guy for hiding from him. He was about ready to spit on him whenever he found him. Venor huffed and paused… he realised something… he would be able to find him easily… Ven took a deep breath through his nose… closing his eyes as he did and focusing on the miasma of scents coming to him… turning his head as he did, he was able to isolate the proper direction to travel to find the source of that smell… Baldrick… the old man woud not be able to remain concealed from the hunter. Venor traveled along the edges of the stands and across beams and lines betwixt them, drawing closer to his prey… he would find him… he would get him… he would teach him that hiding from the hunter does nothing but lead you to finish tired when he chose your moment. Yes… Venor knew he would prevail. As he moved along, peering over the edge Venor spied the flash of brilliant red hair down the way, the familiar color of mother’s hair. He continued along the path toward the hapless Baldrick, Ven continued to keep an eye on his mother. He might surprise mother… if he could… she always seemed to be prepared… he rarely ever managed to catch her off-guard.-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – A busker would be strumming away on his lute, his hat filled with many a gold rend, would sing a song of merriment, and this just added to the overall noise and commotion of the market place. Baldrick was having little if any luck at all finding the little scamp and as he crawled along under the fruit vendor’s stall, he would reach to grab what he thought was a tent pole, to help assist him to stand, and then was shocked to discover he had grabbed some poor girl’s leg. (Misty)”Eeeep!…some creepy man has my leg, Pappa!”- Now Pappa, was built like…well like juggernaught, and he reached down, seizing the startled Baldrick, whose lips were opening and closing fast. (Baldrick)”Oh….no my good Sir, I thought her leg was a pole.”(Griz)”You touched my daughter, now your comparing her to wood!…I oughta knock your bleedin’ head off your shoulders, and ram it up your ass, Mate.” Baldrick’s knees were wobbling, as he broke out in sweat. (Baldrick)”I was …just trying to find our lost…little boy.” Lorelei spun around as she saw the altercation taking place and growled under her breath, that Baldrick was being held in some sort of choke hold, as he tried to get out Venor…was lost. (Lorelei)”WHERE…IS MY SON?!”- She belllowed loudly. Griz swung around, still holding onto Baldrick, as his daughter Misty, was attempting to beat him over the head with a prize winning cucumber. Just then…the sneaky tattered cloak assassin, took his chance right as Lorelei picked up a shield from a weapon seller’s stall,and held it out as it would collide with the face of her intended assassin. ~Dong!~ She would pull back the shield and say..(Lorelei)”Ooops…sorry about that…lost my son.*she would march around the markets, singing out for Venor, as the wayward assassin spat out a few yellowed teeth, rubbing his ass. (Borsh)”Now…*spits out another tooth*…your dead.” (Lorelei)”Venor….come to mummy.”

VenorCarrendar: -Venor was drawing closer to his target… he could tell by the strength of the scent trail. He peered over the edge again and saw him… his prey… Baldrick… in the clutches of another. Venor’s eyes narrowed… he wouldn’t let this other claim his prize… the brute may have stumbled across the old man first… but it mattered more who managed to retain the prize. Venor sprinted forward even as he saw mother knock down a man who had moved forward at her with a blade… Ven marveled at how easy she made it seem but he couldn’t spare the time to pause and admire… he had to go and pry his prey from the behemoth’s grasp. Running at his fastest possible pace, the baby bebilith leapt into the air and screeched a warcry as he sailedtoward the face of the brute holding Baldrick.-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar;- Yes!…The war cry of a baby bebilith would have Baldrick look up alright. (Baldrick)”VENOR!” (Griz)”What …the..?” (Misty)”Poppa…something is…..ON YOUR FACE!!!”- Yes, Venor would come flying down from the tops of the tent tops and land…right smack bang on the face of the burly Griz- (Griz)*drops Baldrick immediately and starts to flail*…OOOMPPH…Helllppp…itsss got…meee!” Misty dropped the prize winning cucumber from her hands and panicked. Baldrick was on the ground, his head spinning and reaching to rub his scrawny neck. Lorelei caught sight of the brick shit house of a lug…holding..(or appearing to) her son. (Lorelei)”BABY!….What is that nasty man doing to you?…Baldrick…save my son!” Baldrick looked on in horror. (Baldrick)”Save him?…I think he just saved me!” Now this had the whole market stopped and turning around to see the action. Lorelei marched forward, still swinging that shield, as the wayward and now toothless assassin tried to jump up, only to be met by the shield yet again. ~DONG!~ He collapsed back down with a thud as the enraged red haired stormed past.

VenorCarrendar: -Venor landed on the face of the man who had held Baldrick, causing him to drop the prize. Ven began to snatch handfuls of hair from the man’s head as he screamed in his ear-“Befk uail aqf hlyu!”[Find your own prey!]- The three foot tall bebilith youngster grasping the upper torsoe and head of the large man held on with his eight legs a few more seconds before leaping off with a backflip as the man flailed and spun. Venor landed a few feet away from Baldrick and scurried over to stand above his prey, drawing his twin blades and standing there crouched and ready to defend his chosen target. Venor noted the attacker of mother lain out behind her on the ground behind mother again. He smiled as he marveled at his mother’s prowess… he would be a warrior to make her proud… he would become a hunter of legend. He snapped his attention back to the giant of a man towering over him and snarled at him.-“Faq dyojy xybaly E tony uai kyzyls!”[Now leave before I make you desert!]- Venor hissed and spat a glob of smelly venomous goo at the man’s feet.-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – The plucky spiderling, who was of some size now, would do his acrobat like feat, leaping in a back flip only to land atop of the now distressed Baldrick, who though he could not speak abyssal at all, got the impression that the new target was not so much Griz’s face but…Baldrick’s abdomen. The young Misty ran to the aid of her father, who was now as white as a ghost, and had a nice stain on the front of his trousers, for in the shock of being landed on, he did release his bladder. Lorelei came up and then crouched down, the tip of the shield in the dirt, and she leant on it smiling broadly at her son, Venor- (Lorelei)”See, Baldrick? My son, the hunter. He was able to not only save himself, he was able to keep you from harm. Awe…and look how nice he is….spitting out a nice smelly goo bomb. He makes me proud to be his mother. Now…stop playing with him and get up and come help me choose some firm melons. And I think I might stop for an ale….that fudge was making me thirsty.” She would release the shield, that would fall back and land square on Balrick’s thigh and give his nads a good whack. Baldrick tried to stifle the cry out and looked up at Venor with pleading eyes. (Baldrick)”Venor…there…*shudders*..is..a good..boy. Please..Please…do what…Mummy said and up you get. Baldrick wants to live another day.”

VenorCarrendar: -Venor stared down the big and now smelly man. As mother started away, Ven stepped forward off of Baldrick and hissed at the man and his little one. Venor used one of his rear legs to poke at Baldrick, prodding him to get up and follow mother. Whenever Baldrick did rise and move away, Ven would turn and run to catch mother. He fell into pace beside her, happy with himself for a successful hunt. He had tracked and located his prey. And had then retrieved it from an interloping creature. All in all… a great hunt. Venor strutted along beside his mother as she went about her business.-