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Role play Group : The Death Club

The Dixie Diaries.

Home Alone.


Location: The Garage.

Halfway through the night, Dixie rolled over and felt the closeness of her Demetrios laying beside her, and she nuzzled into his back, before drifting off once more, feeling secure with him by her side. He was her protector, her lover, her Master, and her world. Father of her unborn child, she was solely devoted to the Adonis Greek Death club owner, who had taken from her the flower of her virginity and sewed the seed of his love, which now grew as a small baby within her. A small smile upon her face….this was her family, the garage her home. To her nothing could be as perfect as this, and so she returned to her dreams…..

But that….was some time ago.

Demetrios had left that fateful night, after receiving the call from Nikolai that the attack had taken place at the Russian compound, way before anyone expected. He was so careful not to wake her from her peaceful slumber, for she bore the smile of happiness and contentment. That is how he would have remembered her, as he took the Ducati out of the garage, closing the door with little noise. A few hours later, Dixie moved her hand under the covers, and then her eyes opened as she patted to feel for him, but he was no longer there. Sitting up slowly in the darkness, she peered around the room for signs of movement. “Dem?” she called out, but there was no one to answer her. She slipped out of bed, and then pulled a blanket around her, as she wandered into the bathroom, still no sign of him. “Dem?” She came out again, and then flicked on the light. The motorcycle was gone. Panic filled her as she ran to the cupboard, pulling it open, to see his cases gone, and empty hangers. She slammed the door shut and then fell back on it. Dixie thought to herself, no…not yet. She hadn’t said goodbye. He wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye.

Slowly Dixie padded back over to the bed, and took up Dem’s pillow, as she sat on the spot where he slept. She brought the pillow up to her nose, and with eyes closed, inhaled his scent. The young Aussie bowed her head, holding the pillow tight to her, praying for his safe return.

The days that followed, Dixie tried to get on with life, since there was really nothing she could do. The day of the ultrasound came and went with the help of her friends, Nikolas, Maggie, and Betty who all took her to the clinic, where she found out, she was going to have a baby boy. Straight after, the trio took Dixie out to celebrate, at a local cafe for lunch. Betty, her usual whacky self, shouted everyone lunch, while Nikolas kept trying to get Maggie to turn off her smart phone and be social. At one point, he grabbed it off her and dunked it into a glass of water, on a tray going past on a small trolley..”There…now can you pay attention?” Nikolas said, starting to get irritable with Maggie, and her overbearing Boss, Midas. Maggie’s face was beetroot red with fury, to see the expensive phone being trundled away, and folded her arms indignantly. “Hmmph!”


Dixie sat slowly turning the spoon in her cup of green tea, looking lost in thought, while Betty prattled on about having a baby shower in her apartment. Course, her parents had set her up just nicely in one of the more exclusive apartment buildings in Prague, with heaps of room to host an event. With animated hands, she started to describe the theme. “I was thinking…we go with a bananas in pyjamas theme …AND I know this wonderful caterer who does these teeny tiny quiches. OH and..for games, how about taste testing blindfolded, baby foods?” Maggie wrinkled up her nose, looking at Betty like she was mad. “Why can’t we all just go to the pub for a few Guinness and play darts?” Nikolas actually liked that idea, and nodded his head furiously. “Guys don’t eat tiny quiches. I like the idea of the pub.” Betty thought he was kidding and swatted him with the lunch menu, then looked at Dixie, who was still just turning her spoon round and round. Betty then gave her a small shove. “Come on, Dixie. Smile, this is a happy time. You are having a bouncy baby boy. It’s exciting…and, I get to plan a party.” Dixie tried to fake a smile, but it really looked strained on her part. “Yeah..a party.“ Dixie said, trying to appear cheerful, but truth was, she was Demetrios terribly. “Has he called yet?” Nikolas asked, now growing concerned with Dixie. Always so vibrant and cheerful this clearly was not like her at all. Slowly Dixie shook her head, and the pained expression showed, she was trying to hold herself together. Maggie, decided to take action. “Right…well, he will call ya….sure he is not able to at the moment. Those evil bastards that blew up the fookin’ club, he is probably sending them a damn hard message…*Maggie drove her finger into the table a few times, to emphasise each word, and concluded …”… not to mess with Death Club folk, and I bet he is on his way back now with Mia…mhm…”

Betty tried to change the course of the conversation and then put her arm around Dixie and chortled. “Have you picked a name yet? “ Dixie looked at her side on and answered. “I just found out it’s a boy…and no, I thought he might want to choose the name. You know..first son and all that…stuff.” Nikolas tapped his chin and tried to think of some Greek boys names. “How about….Hercules? Horiatio?…..Horas?” Maggie swatted him with the menu this time. “Daft git. Those are old…and it’s a baby not a bloody God.” Betty found fun in this, and then asked Maggie, what name she would pick if she was having a son. Maggie, had never contemplated this before, and actually had to think. “If it ware me…I’d be calling him Thomas. I don’t know why…I just love that name.” Nikolas shrugged, and then he piped up. “My first son…I would go with Lukas. Yeah…strong name that.” The three started to argue about names, as Dixie got up and swung her bag over her shoulder. Betty glanced up and pouted. “You leaving? We are just about to order.” Dixie shrugged her shoulders. “I just want to go home. Send the ultrasound to his phone. Going to use the lap top, I think. I be seeing you all later. And….thanks again.” Each of her friends got up in turn, and hugged the sweet Dixie, as they let her go on her way home, where she felt the most safe, even if she was going to be on her own again. Thankfully, Helena had kept her distance. The promises of the stay at the Mansion were long forgotten, as the need for Demetrios to leave had come so abruptly. Dixie hadn’t touched Demetrios’ lap top at home. So this would be the first time she used it since he left…..

On arriving back at the garage, she turned the light, and walked over to his desk, and set down her bag next to the lap top, and flipped it open, as she delved into the bag for a copy of the ultrasound DVD. When she found the disc, she leaned over and tapped the side, so the DVD drawer would come out and she could pop it in to upload. What she then saw on the screen left her stunned. It was the goodbye….she never heard him say.

“Dixie… I am sorry, but I will have to leave for some time. Apparently there was a situation in Russia where Mia is kept. That Ayalah person escaped. I don’t have any more details, but Alexandros, Ivan, Nikolai and me we will be there to save Mia. I don’t know when you will see this message, but I want you to know that I will be safe. I will try my best to be back as soon as I can. I love you Dixie angel, I love you so much. I hope that you will forgive me….. Demetrios.”

Each word, she read, again and again, and when it came to the line “I love you Dixie angel”, Dixie burst into tears. “I love you Dem…so much.” She whispered, running her finger along the screen, and then trying to wipe the tears away before they got all over the keyboard. How she hated being apart from him. But this message showed just how much he loved her and how sorry he was to leave her behind. Dixie then suddenly found resolve. She started to load up the video of their unborn baby and then tried to send it to his cell phone, with a small message.

“Doctor says baby is fine and it’s a boy. Come home to us soon. We love you and miss you so. Your Dixie angel. xxxx”

Dixie sat and curled her arms around her swollen belly and lowered her head, praying he would come home soon, so they could be a family again.