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Nothing compares to you


LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Now, it wasn’t lost on Lorelei, that Klouse was suppose to be Lucious’s friend, or something to that extreme, and yet, here he was, whispering in her ear, “You want it all”- grabbing her hips, to which she pulled back. “Lustful sin.”- The blood he had given to her, awoke something inside of her, and she fought to control it. “Blood..sex…and intoxications all in one” He was selling his wants. Clearly he desired her, but to what end. “You know I am with Lucious, yet you tempt me, to lay with you. Surely, you could have any woman you fancy…why me?”- She gave him a direct look. Locking eyes with him. “What do you truly want?” <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Watching the lady turn toward him, locking his eyes with hers. As he smirked, pondering on the question. Though he would not directly answer the question, as he paced around, glancing around the enormous land. People, horses, drunks, whores, etc. All bundled into one establishment. As he spoke, not looking eyes with her “I want what you have..” Glancing at her as he spoke straight forward “Power”. Glancing back off as he continued “As well as the protection of the one you so love” Once again looking back at her as he stepped up closer to her, looking down at her “I will snap the body in half and feed until they are dry before they even touch your precious lover” He smirked as he glanced down her elegant dress, seeing her ample breast bulge out. As he chuckled to his self “But I am wasting my time” He began to walk off though his intention was not to leave. Was simply testing on rather or not she would stop him. If she didn’t, he would merely leave or cause some chaos in a world that was oblivious to him-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – The man was one of immense power and self belief. He carried himself with a regal air, and then just like that, after surveying all the land that fell beneath Lorelei’s control, he made his intentions well clear. Simply put, he wanted power. He wanted hers. His final comment was off the cuff, a throw away remark if you would. That he offered to protect the one she loved. Lucious. When he approached her the second time, and this time to reaffirm his intent, he spoke with such tone, that acts of violence he threatened would go on, no mistake. “But I am wasting my time” Eyes falling on her breasts, before turning away. Snorting at his behaviour, she paused a moment, and then gave chase. “Wait..”-oh she bit the bait. A few more quick steps and it was her turn to step in front of him. “All power comes at a price. Or did I surrender that to you, the day you healed me?”- She locked eyes on him, and then reached up to pick an invisible piece of lint from his jacket. “I know what you did to me. You already won before you started this game. I am of you…I can feel it.” <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Listening to her voice ‘Wait’ he couldn’t help but smirk as hurried footsteps followed. He slowed his pace before grinding to a halt. As he listened to her carefully, nodding slightly for what she said was true. As he watched her pick something off his jacket, though nothing came out. Smirking the entire time as he slowly leaned into her ear whispering seductively “See once they have a taste of me, I like to bring the monster out from the cage..That is all we are.. Waiting to explode” Slightly leaning back to lean into the other ear “How you fed from me, I know you are a monster.. You just need to be released from the chains” Soon as he finished, his eyes darted toward a messenger dressed in elegant clothing though no armour. As he lowered his head, almost nibbling on her left shoulder “Here is your time to shine..” Chuckling slightly as he was implying on killing the innocent messenger. As he stepped back slowly, waiting to see if it would be a bloody mess or a bloody boring chat-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Klouse had this permanently fixed smirk upon his lips. He knew he had her, he knew his blood was inside her and it was a matter of time, before the beast was released from her shackles. Lorelei’s heart was pounding, she was trying to contain herself, the rage swelling, like that of a capped inferno. She had fed on the whore, she nearly attacked the guard. Normally she feeds on her mate. This was all so very wrong. So very wrong. His eyes darted across the room, and she was one to follow with her own. A messenger, one dressed in finery, but not in armour, was walking by. Klouse nipped at her shoulder as he said, it was her time to shine. She rolled her bottom lip under her teeth, then released it, as the scent of the messenger filled the air. Hushed voice, she said softly. “Damn you..”- and then she was off, her skirts billowing as she made a bee line for the messenger, reaching him and then pushing him back with her hand. Eyes focused, she smiled as she tilted her head. “M’lady?”- the messenger hesisitated, as he saw a strange look in her eyes. “I don’t want much..just..”-she leaned forward, brushing her hand to the side of his neck, while her other hand stroked his crotch. “Come….with me.”- she led the messenger around into an office with an open door, and if Klouse had it in him, he would follow. What happened next….was the most violent attack, the messenger’s head gripped, and torn back, as Lorelei plunged her elongated fangs into his neck, as he screamed in horror. <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Chuckling softly as he heard ‘Damn you’ before he could even reply, she shot off toward the messenger. He tighten his fist thinking she was gonna rip him apart. Though nothing, slowly releasing his closed fist. As he thought she would do nothing, though a simple reach to the crotch the lady gave the messenger. Seduction.. One of Klouse’s favourite things to do. His smirk only grew. Knowing her plan before she even done it. As he followed the dead man walking and the woman. Walking into a small office, before closing the door, Klouse glanced side to side outside the office to make sure no one was insight. No one was in hearing range. As he closed the door, lowering a hatch that locked the door from the inside. Before he could even turn around, a blood curdling scream erupted from the messenger. Turning around slowly as he saw the woman ripping at the man’s neck. As he slowly approached the woman feeding, as he looked down at her. His hands behind his back, as he simply smirked, only whispering “Yes..Yes” As if he was watching his work becoming a master piece. Manoeuvring around her back, as she was bent over, he merely stood close behind her, to be exact he was leaning against her ass with his shaft. As he leaned over, getting a closer look. Watching her rip at the man’s neck-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Eyes blood red, the blood of her victim spraying out around the messenger. His outfit tearing, shredding, while his bones cracked under the strength of her claws. Hungrily, the demoness was like a hell cat, drinking and slurping at the wretched neck of her victim. She was in too deep of the feed to notice the actions of Klouse, who would be watching this spectacle with some amusement. She raised her head, as her elongated fangs grew longer and she then snapped the neck, to shut him up. No more did the messenger scream, hanging limply, like an elk held by a lioness. As she let the body fall, she got down on her hands and knees, and continued her blood thirsty feed. The messenger’s hollowed eyes staring out into space, mouth open to say …nothing…he was no longer of soul. That had now left the body. Her alabaster skin, coated in the lacquer of his crimson stain, and dripping down her chin, splattering against her full chest.<3>

KlouseKusanagi: -His eye brow quirked as he heard the man’s neck snap at an instant. Raising up thinking she was done, though she just begun. She knelt down to all fours as she continued feeding. Klouse watched in amusement for a moment. Though it did not take long for him to grow bored as he spoke “Alright that’s enough..” he waited for a short moment though her hesitation in wanting more caused her to tone everything out. He knew the feeling and knew the only way to deal with it. Sighing softly as he reached down to her abdomen area. Intending to wrap his right hand around her stomach, to use brute force to tear her off of the corpse. Only to slam her down on a near by wooden desk. If she hit the desk, his hand would hold on to her stomach making sure she stayed down. There was time needed for a monster, but there is a time to control that monster as well. His eyes staring down at her, his breathing heavy getting all kinds of emotions-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Out of mind, fuelled by the insatiable need to feed, that had been awoken, it would take something powerful to stop her. And of course, Klouse was right there, and he knew how to do this. Reaching under her waist, his arm went around her abdomen to take a hold and lift her off, The bebilith, prized from her meal let out an odd grunting sound, but then went “oomph” as she was slammed onto the desk. Her lips coated in the fresh blood of her victim, eyes dilated, and a half angered, half feared look upon her face. A dark growl emmited from her throat. The beast was still out of her cage, she wasn’t tamed yet. The imprint of his hand, set deep into her flesh, to make sure she stayed pinned for now….but how long would she allow him contol. His breathing seemed erratic. Why? She stared up at him, and then uttered. “What are you?” <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Staring down at her as stood in between her legs. Lowering down as his right hand raised up to her chest, his gloved index finger pressed against her chest, sliding down as he gathered blood on his finger. As he raised it up to his mouth, sucking on his finger slightly. As he gave a slight “Mmm” before staring down at her again as he whispered softly “Vampire” Knowing she would not panic for what she just did it was normal now. Lowering back down as he neared her face with a smirk “I would eat you alive” Chuckling softly as his hands rested on her hips. As the odor of blood was almost overwhelming from where he was. Seeing it stained down her chin to her chest. As he could lick every bit of it up with no problem only if he allowed her. As he smirked slightly showing his fangs for proof, as he locked eyes with her wandering what she would do or say to him now-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- So…he was a Vampire, and the blood she fed from him in his offered gift to heal, was a trap, of sorts. He seemed to take to her, with his gloved hand, as though he was sampling merchandise. Wiping up the splattered blood and then licking it off his finger, with a slight “mmm” sound. Proof undeniable, his fangs exposed to show her truth. Lorelei’s eyes left his momentarily, down to the corpse on the floor, the messenger she just killed on his dare. This was not something she did for sport, or for fun. When she hunted, she did it for her inner needs. Now, this….He hovered over her, his hands on her hips, and with her reeking of blood, she would be more than a meal. In fact, he declared it in saying. “I would eat you alive.” To counter him, she said simply “Ditto.” <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Chuckling softly as their eyes stayed locked to each other. Looking down at her trying to figure it all out. Nodding as if she was saying all the pieces out loud. As he pondered on the thought before becoming blunt as he spoke “We can either A..” glancing at the dead corpse “Clean this mess up” he paused for a moment before smirking widely “Or B..” Locking eyes with her “We can eat each other up..” Biting on his bottom lip as he wanted B, just so he could have the infamy and power as well. Or was it for a true reason? Did he actually have feelings for her or just wanted power? Time will tell. Though right now they were just lustful people for desirable power. And Klouse wanted everything to himself, all he hoped for is that these walls were sound proof from the noise they made and will make if possible as he merely looked down at her with a smirk awaiting her answer-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar; – Two choices. What would the answer be? She was already partly full from her meal of the messenger, and then he had said of how he would eat her. But she was capable to eat him. Decisions, decisions. Oh he was smirking again, like this was some great game. A treasure hunt, and to find the desired spot, would involve both parties to play. She was in no mood for cleaning. Breathing harder, as her eyes narrowed. What of Lucious? He had already run out on her twice. Then without further thought or argument, she said simply. “B…or not B….You’re choice. But I warn you. I’m addictive.” -A slow smile appeared on her blood soaked lips. She meant every word. <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Basically rephrasing the question back to Klouse as he leaned it almost for a kiss though his right hand slid up to a sharp knife. As he quickly grabbed it, and brought it up close to her chest, before cutting straight down her dress. All the way down to her motherhood. As he laid the knife down beside them as it would come into play later. As he merely smirked “I am to” lowering his head down to her now bare toned stomach, kissing her stomach up to her chest. As he licked around her chest, gathering up almost dried blood. Before sliding up to her lips, slithering into her mouth. His hands went inside her dress, trying to take it completely off as their lustful affection began. Though he had a feeling, the blood shedding was not finished just yet-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – The glint of the knife’s blade shone in the dimly lit room, catching Lorelei off guard, for but a moment. She bared her teeth, like she was ready to fight if he intended to plunge that into her bosom, but instead, he used it to cut her dress apart, from bodice to below, to her womanhood. Panting, her chest rose and fell, now exposed to the air. Blood had trickled down into places, down her curves and onto the table surface. Lowering his head, he started to trail along her stomach with kisses, up to her chest, and then mouth opening further, lapping at the smooth texture, wet with blood. The breast, each of them would move upward with his tongue, then settle back when he finished. His hands searched to remove her full of cloth, and she allowed his kisses, showing little resistance, but her eyes, told a different story. <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -His kiss landed though he felt none in return. As he slowly broke the kiss as he stared at her knowing this would completely destroy the moment as he spoke “You truly love him don’t you?” She questioned her love for Lucious as he rose up slowly, letting her up as she wished. As he stood straight up fixing his jacket as he nodded slowly. Hating that it was true that she did. Sighing softly as he spoke “So I see” She did not need to answer, he knew it from her body movement, he did not want to do anything she truly did not want as he stood there almost speechless on what to say or do-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – She rose up from the table, and though now naked, she was still showing that look in her eyes. “I am in love with one man….his name you speak. Think little of me, that I am of your blood, but I cannot show passion for one that my heart does not feel. I love Lucious. Till my dying breath.” -she said softly, then letting her eyes fall. “One can lay with another, but you and I both know, that I will not cry your name in words of love.”- she waited for him, to finish what he started. Will he kill her? A stalemate. <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Nodding slightly as he stepped forward, grabbing the dagger that was on the table before. As he walked behind her, out of sight, though he did nothing at the moment. As he whispered in her ear “Now you to be apart of me” As he made a slight cut on her bare neck. Leaning her neck over as he placed his lips over the wound. Sucking on the wound as blood flooded into his mouth. His arms wrapping around her chest as he fed from her. He wasn’t turning her into one of him, just feeding from her is all-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Klouse seized the dagger from the table, and Lorelei stood proudly, knowing she had spoken the truth, of her love for Lucious. Would he freak, knowing she stood in her office, naked with Klouse about to circle her? Lorelei was not afraid, and then she listened to his footsteps, go around behind her. Then…~SLICE~ he cut her neck, her blood trickling down and she gasped, the sting of the knife on her skin. “Now you to be apart of me” Her eyes darted around, trying to see back, but she could not see what he was doing, and then without word, he placed his lips over the wound, drinking blood from her as it flowed freely. Klouse’s arms locked around her breasts, holding her tight so she would not be free. Her head tilted, and thus she became his….blood to drink, and influence of power…but not his love. She reached up, clawing to his arms, as the stood together. Master and his spider.<3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Feeling her hand claw his arm, only made him drink more. As he dug his fangs in deeper shaking his head trying to get as much blood as possible out. Travelling down his throat, it intoxicated him with want for more. Though he knew his limit, as he slowly stopped. Sucking up every bit that none dripped down. Even licking her wound that would heal almost instantly as he smirked “He wont find out” Slowly releasing as he locked eyes with her though he felt something was off “He needs you…In the commons…Use this new monster to aid him..” Smirking slightly giving her the impression that he did not want love. He was merely aiding her to aid him. A win, win situation for her. Giving her a soft tap on the ass,walking toward the door as he raised the lock, dragging the corpse with him as he looked back “I say I did it.. They will believe me over you”Smirking as he winked at her “See you soon” Just like that he was gone. Vanishing into thin air-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar:- Klouse could have done many things. He could have fed from her then killed her. He could have turned her, but he didn’t. He took what he needed, and that was enough. Teasing, even licking the wound, he showed her some respect. In a world, known for cruelty and for women that would seek a quick fuck, to tie them over, she wanted only one. Lucious. Did Lucious know just what he meant to her? Did he realise that out by that tree, she had given herself to him, as a woman, as his lover. He was all she thought about, which was good, since it took her mind off her lost child. When Klouse said, “He won’t find out.” she closed her eyes tight. She didn’t want to hide anything from him. His pat on her rump, was more to shoo her, to go find Lucious…for he needed her. Truth was, she needed him. He clothes torn, she went to her closet to fetch a robe, as Klouse dragged the body out the door with him, uttering they would see each other soon. When the door was closed and she was in solitude, she walked to the window, and there she stared out into the lands, that she saw over. In her mind, she could see Lucious in the commons. “My love….only for you….Only for you.”- she ran her own hand over her breast, and inhaled sharply…pinning for her love. <3>