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Roleplay Live : Group : Lacardis Prime

Bandit Hollow


Green Eyes of Jealousy


LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Emerald Mountains, the wild and untamed lands of the east, where setttlers had it hard going in the tough conditions. Though there were outposts of the Knights, the Lords were not all that keen to venture so far from their own provinces, and in this neck of the woods, it was more than likely you would be set upon by the bandits of Bandit Hollow. It was this day, that Lucious and Lore rode from Arachne, to try and strike some sort of deal with the leaders of the bandit groups, that were terrorizing the villages, that stood at the base of the mountains. Riding in pair, their horses side by side, they had spurred their mounts on for sometime, only to slow in this part of the woods. The sun was set to fall beneath the horizon and soon night would claim the land. Lorelei didn’t seem apprehensive, riding high in the saddle, and keeping a sharp look out, either side of her, for the creatures of the forest, did tend to become more vocal as the night approached. <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -The two enticed lovers rode through the night, cold gentle breeze whistled passed the two as the horses galloped onward. Jumping over branches and passing creatures of the night. As they neared their supposed location. Lucious could tell due to the fact of drunken laughter, bottles breaking, and weapons clinging. As he extended his hand outward infront of Lore, to let her know to slow down. Glancing at her as he spoke with a muffled sound due to the mask over his face “In the event we are horribly mangled due to be out numbered… I recommend a trap..” Looking up, seeing multiple of branches above them, as a wide smirk crossed his lips as he spoke “Let the spiders linger” slowly turning to Lore hoping she got the hint of using her arachnid powers. As they approached the bandits that were forcing whores to drink ale after ale, forcing their lips onto theirs. Lore and Lucious reared their horses back, only to get their attention. As the bandits slowly looked up, lowering their hands, ale, and mouths. As silence was the only thing left. Lucious lowered his horse as he slowly scanned the bandits asking “Which one of you is the leader?” As he finished, an enormous bandit rose from a table infront of them. Heavily armoured, loss of hair, with a rough beard and a long axe on his back. As he spoke with a growl “..I” Lucious softly whispered to Lore “It is always the big one..” Shaking his head as he let her speak for they would not listen to someone who has no rank at all. No worth to them, all they care about is power-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – Yes, it was always the big one. And this big one, had an axe as well as a terrible case of baldness. “Hmm…the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Least that is what they say.”- Lorelei says out of the corner of her mouth, whilst then lowering the mask that covers her mouth. Her mount pawed at the earth, and snorted, while she held the reigns tight in her hands. So, this was bandit central. Scantily clad women, most off their faces drunk from countless ales, and the lashing of tongues of the heathen bandits. The leader said but one word…if you could call it that. “I”…Right, off to a good start, no idea to his name. Adjusting herself in her seat, she decided that introductions were necessary. “Is this invitation only, or can anyone just…drop in?”- Lorelei said with a touch of sarcasm. “Come all the way from Arachne….you know, where the Lords do sit around the hall table, their purses bulging with gold and silver. Have you heard of it?”- she enquired, all the while, her fingers were starting to dance along the side of her horse’s neck. Closing her eyes for a moment, as though pretending to be faint, she actually whispered an incantation to call upon spiders that were in the forest. She soon opened her eyes, then tilted her head. “I just got light headed, tell me, where can two travellers, get a drink?” <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -The bandits seemed cautious, some grabbing hold of their weapons, some stepping closer to them. As one grabbed hold of Lucious’s horse chains, only looking down at the bandit, raising his hands in neutrality. The bandit nodded, as Lucious slowly slid off the horse, as he glared at the bandit with the bandit glaring back. Lucious walked over to Lore, as he extended his hand before glancing up at the trees seeing spiders of all sorts begin gathering in silence. Swarms around trees, and branches. Some enormous to fit two trees, as he whispered softly “We need to be quick of this” The leader of the bandits came forth toward them as Lucious slowly made eye contact as Lucious smirked softly and spoke “Table for three?” He questioned humorly as it was meant for Lucious, Lore, and the leader of the bandits-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – When the bandits made their move to approach the pair, Lorelei continued to play the cocky woman on horseback. When in Rome and all that jazz. The low sound of the arachnids swarming on mass, was masked in part by the movement of the bandits, and the wind picking up through the trees. Thankfully, this gave Lorelei more time, and her fingers continued a dance, that looked like her fingers were marching up and down the horse’s neck. Lorelei allighted from her mount, and landed with a light skip, as she took the reigns of her horse over its head. She had heard Lucious say they needed to be quick about this, and she went right to work. Her eyes were the colour of jade, beautiful and hypnotic. Raising up her hand, she started to loosen her bodice, which meant that more of her ample cleavage was showing. To enhance this further, she took a few deep breathes, so her chest rose and fell sharply. Biting her lip, she said demurely to the Leader of the Bandits. “Are all men of this part of Emerald….as breathtaking as you?”- she said, fluttering her eyelashes. <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Watching Lore loosen herself as he rose an eyebrow, knowing what she was doing but at the same time, getting to close for comfort. As the leader and the bandits that were around them seemed to almost drool over Lore. Caving in on her, as they seemed hypnotized by her. As Lucious came up from behind Lore, pushing some of the bandits away, they were too drunk with want to care. As his shaft bumped into her ass, his hands traveling from her hips to her breast and back down. Nibbling on her ear as he whispered quickly “I am going to break you once we are done..” smirking slightly as he looked up at the leader still continuing to grope Lore “Now a man such as yourself wouldn’t listen to one like this young, beautiful woman would you?” The leader only could shake his head as his eyes were fixed on her ample breasts. “So you would leave these innocent village people alone right?” The leader did not reply, only step forth as his hands raised up reaching toward her breasts. Lucious glared at the leader as he whispered sharply to Lore “Call them or I kill him” Leader was going to meet his demise if he touched Lore. Either by eaten alive or beat to death-

LoreleiRose Carrendar:- There was something about Lorelei that he didn’t know. And that was her eyes. They were more than just brillaint jade green, they were in fact hypnotic. If one was to lock gaze with her, for more than a few seconds, when she really turned on the charm, they would become dumbfounded and find it hard to move. She could see he was going for the grope, and with her infuriated husband, rubbing himself against her ass, ensuring her he would kill the leader if he touched her, she did one of two things. She reached out and placed her finger under his chin, and raised it enough for him to stare into her eyes. “Tell me what you see.”-she uttered and then focused as she whispered in her sultry voice, calling to her arachnids. “Babies…come bite for Momma.”- The Leader would find himself stuck, like he was cemented in his place. Lorelei exhaled loudly, pouting as she did so, and her swarms started to drop down from the trees. Thousands of spiders descending, lowering down onto the bandits. Lorelei leant back against her love, as she watched the panic commence. “Ask them again, my Love?”- she said, taking her love’s hand and nibbling his fingers. <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Hearing her words, Lucious looked up only to see the spiders fall in swarms and begin to feed. Ripping and tearing bandits limb from limb. Crushing them with their fangs or even weight. Than feeling his love fall against him, feeling his fingers being nipped, hearing her speak. Though he only stared into her eyes, as he lowered his lips down onto hers, kissing her erotically. Tongue fighting hers, before quickly biting down on her lower lip, pulling away. As he gave her ass a tight squeeze. Than looked at the carnage still going on, the leader fought well but was swarmed by spiders that ate to the bone. Lucious saw one man getting swarmed, though unlike the others, he was screaming for help. Quickly walking toward the soon to be dying man, as the spiders seemed to move away from Lucious, perhaps a connection from Lore. As the spiders slowly retreated from the bandit. The bandit suffered multiple lacerations and bite marks. A few more and death was certain. As Lucious grabbed the bandit by the collar, slightly lifting him up, as he stared down at him “I will let you live..But I want you to send a message for me to your encampment and to all your little friends…” Making the bandit look at all the carnage “If you or your little friends ever come near our land and attack our people..This will be the result” Swiftly lifting the man over his shoulder. As he whistled for a horse, the horse galloped over, as he laid the man on top of the horse and gave it a good smack to go. The horse snorted and bolted off. Slowly turning, while watching the spiders finish off the bandits, as he locked eyes with Lore again. Biting down on his lip as he motioned for her to come to him-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar;- Oh this was a show like no other. Thousands of her kin, spiders of all sizes, swarming and attacking the ill fated Bandits, ripping limbs, and biting with such fury. It was intoxicating, arousing. Blood spurting, bones breaking. Her babies, were something else. Course, Lorelei had been leaning back against her love, she had nibbled his fingers, in a show of affection, that she was only doing all this to appease him. She displayed her breasts only as a lure, to bring the leader into her web, slowly spinning it like the spider that she was. But her love, he found this erotic too, and took her lips hard, lashing her tongue with his, a promise of what was in store for her antics. She gave back as good as she got, while the screams of the dying men, were like music to their love. When he pulled away, she ran her own finger across her swollen lips, and then traced it across the top of her breasts, watching her love walk through the army of spiders, that fell back and allowed him in. Lucious took the man by the collar, and forced him to watch the carnage, as a show of force. “If you or your little friends ever come near our land and attack our people..This will be the result” Lorelei nodded twice, then went back to waiting for her love, who threw the injured man on the back of a horse, and sent it off, to warn the villagers, of what will happen to those who defy their rule. The spiders continued to eat and break each of the remaining men, and Lorelei Sashay over to her love, her skirts brushing the leaf litter. On reaching her love, she said. “That..was fun.” <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Watching her walk towards him, his eyes scanned her body as he loved and admired every curve of her body. As he stepped towards her slightly, glancing over at a small tower near by, than turning back to her. Their bodies meshed together, as his hands reached for her hips, swiftly lifting her off her feet. As her dress ripped slightly, thought it made it more pleasing to the ear. Walking toward the tower, as his lips locked with hers erotically once more. Only hearing screams of agony and pain. As the two lovers walked passed them as if nothing was around them. The spiders avoided them at all cost, not even coming within reach of them. As they entered the small tower, nothing was around them, not a table or furniture. Just empty space, though that is all they needed. Small portion of light managed to be seen. Only half their bodies were visible. As he smashed her against the wall, ripping down her dress, revealing her ample breasts. Grinding against her toward the wall, every moment with her was a moment he would cherish, rather it be making love while spiders fed, or even in death. Their love was undying and unbreakable-

LoreleiRoseCarrendar: – He promised he would take her…he promised her would break her. And she hoped he would honour thy word. In the small tower, the cold stone walls, the slate floors, cold, and dark. The walls cold enough to chill, but when Lucious tore away her gown, the ripping sound, the tug of the fabric, freeing itself from her form, she found he lit a fire in her that could only be beaten back one way. Her ample bosom spilled out, jutting forward, with rosy areola, ripe and ready for his moist lips. She liked it rough, and her eyes glowed, whilst her mound grew wet from anticipation. YES! She loved it when he gave into his darkest inhibitions. The screams of agony continued, and the spilling of much blood, that reeked the air with its scent. Lorelei’s back was thrown against the wall, and he wasted no time in taking what was legally his. With his engorged member, about to burst the seams of his pants, he drove his body onto hers, grinding and she responded, as though set to melt upon his shaft. Arching her back, she wanted to present her breasts for his enjoyment, all the while, licking her lips as she stared into his eyes. <3>

KlouseKusanagi: -Feeling her back arch, as his arms wrapped around her back. As she lifted her breasts upward for him as his lips closed around her left nipple, sucking her breast roughly, as he took turns on each breast. Filling her pleasure meanings, as he slowly lowered her down. Her feet planting on the ground, as he slowly turned her around. Finishing undressing her roughly, as he ripped her laced panties off her. Giving her ass a few smacks, as he merely lowered his trousers down to where his shaft was out. Before entering her walls with great force, his thighs pounding against her ass. As one hand held onto her hip and the other reached up to pull on her hair tightly. His breath was short and quick . Knowing she loved it rough, he would fulfil every pleasure on this evening. She would need rest for a full day after her would be done with her-