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Character – Clarissa Grant

| Clarissa Grant | OPEN | Soldier Class: Eternium |


| Age: 240 | Face Claim: Teresa Palmer | Suit: Elysium|


RP Relation:

The second only living Eternium Subject, right below Leo, her pretty face only disguises a ruthless soldier, viciously effective in combat. Leon and her have developed a bond closer than any thought possible, both having survived the traumatic experience of becoming an Eternium Soldier. The difference, is that she has developed powerful feelings for him, unbeknownst to her he feels the same, she keeps this truth hidden. Second in command at Echo Camp, she is often mocked for being a woman by men, though has no problem putting them in their place in a friendly spar. She is definitely a beautiful Bad Ass type chick. She holds a deep respect for Mack Steele, who both she and Leon look up to.

Why do you like this character? – Easy…she suits my style of writing, and I enjoy a challenge.

Audition for Clarissa Grant – Avalonia


Time 05: 00

-The monitor fizzes then comes to life, as the woman on that appears on the screen rubs the sleep from her eyes, and reaches for her can of red bull, knocking it back with a few gulps, before setting it down. She wipes her mouth with the back of her hand, before realizing a stray lock of hair had fallen in front of her eyes, and she tucks it back, before coughing and staring into the cam.

“Journal…log…nine five four…*sniffs*…O five hundred. It’s another day…yeah, I’m awake. Should be out on morning drill, but I get to that in a bit. Uhmm…*she reaches up to the webcam and adjusts it till she is happy with how she appears on the screen, though it is clear, she hadn’t had much sleep. “Only moment I get to myself these days. Errr…yeah. Still haven’t told Leon the truth yet. *she fiddles with the can of red bull, rocking it back and forth as she appears deep in thought, before she releases a chuckle, and then runs her fingers back through her hair. “Pretty hard to when you are in this environment….I mean, I’m supposed to be one of the guys, right?…yeah.” Her eyes narrow, as she crushes the red bull can, and she tosses it over her shoulder, where it lands with a dull clink in the waste basket and she slams her hands down on the desk, as she goes to get up and get ready for drill. Clarissa then bends down, her face close to the camera, as her dog tags come into view, swinging just over her khaki tank top. The dark olive of her tanned complexion up close, and she then switches off the cam, the image on her screen going back to that of the Echo camp symbol.

Wearing matching khaki shorts and her training boots, she ties back her hair into a ponytail, then makes her bunk, before getting ready to join her squad for the ten mile run. She wondered if Leon would be joining them that morning, or if he was going to be in a meeting with Mack; a man she deeply admired.

Seeing her platoon already waiting outside in two straight lines, she comes down the stairs of her barracks, and barks her orders.

“No time for losers….move out!”

The camp base had a special running track that was used daily for such exercises, and this was to get the men’s heart rate up, as well as their fitness levels, before they came back to base for breakfast. Healthy body equals healthy minds. Clarissa noted Leon’s absence, and as she ran alongside her second, she pushed the thoughts of him to the back of her mind. Arms pumping and her well toned legs glistening as she ran at full speed, being faster than normal, since she was not having to wear her full kit.

The platoon all immediately start out on the morning run, as she keeps good pace with her men. <3>