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RP Scene: Live Fire Combat Sequence
July 23, 2013 09:38AM

Re: RP Scene: Live Fire Combat Sequence
July 25, 2013 05:48AM
*Leon reached the building, entering his pass code to the control room and entered. He brought up the controls for the Live Fire room and entered the codes for the sequence he put together. Sliding on his helmet, and drawing his MA5D Assault Rifle, he stood at the entrance to the room as it slowly took on the shape of a jungle setting, animals making their usual nightly noises. The actual combat would not begin until after everyone was briefed on the mission context.*

Re: RP Scene: Live Fire Combat Sequence
July 25, 2013 08:48AM
Raven practically skipped to the simulation room, she loved showing off her skills. After being suited up in her stealth suit that practically stuck to the skin, it certainly showed off her curves. Equipping her SRS99-S5 AM her M6H Magnum she sauntered over to Leon, looking around the jungle scene he had put up. “We the first here?” She spoke casually as she always did with Leon.

Re: RP Scene: Live Fire Combat Sequence
July 25, 2013 11:23AM
*He had seen Raven in her armor many times, yet every time he had the same exact reaction. The thick, clingy, flexible material was perfect for one of her skill and position. Being that it was flexible, it would move WITH her, and not against her. It also filled every curve her fit body held, and that’s really the main reason he reacted such a way when he’d seen it. She was very curvy. His eyes widened, and he involuntarily held his breath. the word going through his head? <Damn> and that was it. When she spoke up, he finally remembered to breath and exhaled, inhaling and exhaling a few times to calm his heart.*

“That we are.” *He nodded his head to the armory on their left, directly beside the control room. Through the trees tucked away on the farthest wall, but still clearly represented. It normally sealed off while there is a session in place, but Leon made sure to leave it open as he had figured Raven would come with her sniper rifle packing. Leon himself came with his casual attire and weapons, but he switched his pistol for another energy sword, for optimum melee ability given they will be fighting Alven.* “It’s Alven and Inglai today and we have a marksman coming. Go grab something for melee weaponry.”

*That’s when the message from Clarissa flipped onto his helmet. The great thing about these suits was that they could be equipped with Smart AI’s, and these AI’s normally were based off the wearers mind. Thus, they always knew what was necessary for the person it served. By keeping a connection to Leon’s computer back in his office, he was able to bring any messages or information directly to Leon’s helmet HUD. After reading it, he smiled beneath his helmet, and thought his reply, watching it fill the screen in words. One could never explain his love for this suit.*

Re: RP Scene: Live Fire Combat Sequence
July 25, 2013 11:38AM
Raven nodded “Alright…” She walked over to get an energy sword as well. Running her hands over it, she smiled, sometimes she liked hand to hand, her flexibility was a great asset to this. She caught his look, the same look he gave her every time he saw her in her suit. She bit her lip a little, it always made her feel good when she caught Leons attention. Making her way back across she tilted her head as she saw he was distracted again. She had an idea who or what it was. Clarissa. Rolling her eyes she huffed a little as she waited for the others, scanning the area with her enhanced eyesight, looking for good spots for her to get into.

Re: RP Scene: Live Fire Combat Sequence
July 25, 2013 12:10PM
Roger walked in, in full stealth black Sky Runner Mark V, with his custom M395 DMR with high powered scope and extended barrel all modified by him, M6H Magnum Pistol, and an old School K-Bar Combat Knife that was a family heirloom passed down. He didn’t bother wearing the helmet, because in combat the visor risked shimmer giving his position away. Instead he wore black boonie hat and ash colored striped paint across his face. His custom rifle held small notches on the stock from confirmed kills. There were starting to be too many to count. A lot for such a young Soldier. Unlike other SKy Runner armors, Roger’s was modified with gullie suit attachments for jungle warfare. He stood in front of Leon and presented a salute. Corporal Kent reporting for training Sir. Who we killin today? He smirked after dropping his salute and nodded to Raven. Trying not to make too much of checking her body out for a short moment.

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July 25, 2013 12:47PM
Anna had been given the Sky Runner Mark V suit to wear and was informed of the advantages to it, she nodded as she understood. She grabbed two M6H which she placed into the compartments and then watched as one of the guys gave her a MA5D ICWS. If this didn’t go well, she would mess Pretty Boy’s face up, not really but, it would be rather embarrassing. However, she was going to give it her best and obviously, she would learn from her mistakes. Here goes nothing, she thought as she walked out and saw the trio. She walked over to them, “Chief Warrant Officer Lawrence reporting for training, sir,” she said.

Re: RP Scene: Live Fire Combat Sequence
July 25, 2013 12:55PM
*Leon held his hands behind his back, legs spread apart, and back straight as he watched the young man enter. Leon was taller, but that was mainly due to his armor and genetic modifications, which would all come to be for this young soldier. Leon noticed he wore no helmet, and he figured the reason. He was a marksman, the visor gave glare possibly giving away position. He marked this, and jotted it away in a mental note, and the note was then saved by his AI to a folder in his suit. He caught the short glance he made at Raven, and half-smiled beneath his helmet. His own helmet, was painted over with a pain transparent enough to full the visor’s screen yet provide perfect clarity for him to see. It was a stealth tactic that many veteran soldiers in the Dire Wolves used.*

“At ease soldier. You will find out, as often in the combat situation a Dire Wolf is put into, there is little to no info on the enemy. The most I can say is that both Alven and Inglai are doing battle here. It is up to you to discern friend from foe, as designators will not be permitted to you. You must think fast, and act faster. Your performance will determine what class of soldier you will become, the better the performance, the higher the class. We are to eliminate all Inglai, discern friend from foe among the Alven, and get home before the sun rises. Is that understood?”

*Leon leaned in close at the final words to young man’s face, his voice taking on a rather intimidating tone. A Dire Wolf is strong and has a will to compete with the greatest of gods, he had to make sure this was installed in the boy else he wouldn’t survive the modification process. From the record, he had high hopes for him, but in the end it’s up to him what happens.*
“I suggest you gather from the armory on your right an SRS99-S5 AM, you will need it. We will be facing Inglai heavy weapons. You know what that means. Heavy armor, and we need something long range to punch through it. You’re our marksman today. That will be your job.”

*Then his eyes fell upon the female who entered the room. To his surprise, incredible surprise at that, it was the pilot he’d played ball with the previous night. Confused, he rose a brow beneath his helmet. In his mind, he could not understand why Mack would invite her, of all the people in Echo Base, her. Leon would’ve settled better for the lead of Trydent Squad, not…their pilot. She was fast, crafty, and intelligent, but she was not a ground trooper, at least in his opinion. However, her salute was taken well, and he was happy his confused look was hidden behind his Helmet. Though he still asked his questions.*

“Lawrence, you’re the pilot of the SCAR Hermes correct? I’m assuming Sergeant Major Steele sent you….did he explain why or give any reason for his decision?”

Re: RP Scene: Live Fire Combat Sequence
July 25, 2013 12:55PM
Seeing Roger walk in, she didn’t pay too much attention to him, her mind occupied with her surroundings. But she did catch the stare. Raven smirked a bit, most guys couldn’t resist looking, but she shrugged it off. Also nodding to Anna as she walked in she smiled a little. People always thought she was competitive, but in reality she just liked training with others. It gave her a chance to observe alternative points of view during combat. She listened to Leons orders carefully, nodding along to shoe she was listening too.

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July 25, 2013 01:25PM
Anna waited for Leon to say something, anything. Maybe he wasn’t happy with her being sent there. She had given Raven a nod in return. However, even though the helmet covered his face, she could guess her appearing had been a surprise to him. After all, it had been a surprise to her when Mack had chosen her instead of Alex. Maybe that’s why he didn’t say anything to me and left like he did… she thought to herself, feeling kinda guilty. It wasn’t her fault she’d been chosen. Hearing his questions, she started with a nod, “Correct, sir. Yes sir, he did,” she replied. Hearing the very last, “Not really, no, sir,” she said. “Though, he did mention someone has being going on about me being a sky runner. So maybe he wants to see if this person is right or wrong?” She added. To her, she didn’t believe that was a good enough reason or explanation but, that’s all Steele had said so, she was just informing Leon of what she Knew. She hoped he wouldn’t ask for a name, after all, she didn’t want Roger to be embarrassed if she failed and proved him wrong.


Re: RP Scene: Live Fire Combat Sequence
July 25, 2013 02:25PM
-Clarissa finally made her entrance, in what can best be described as the ultimate in battle suits; the Mark X Elysium. Designed to enhance strength to a factor of 7 time, and speed equal to five times above the average, it was made for those that had survived the rigorous that Leon and Clarissa had survived. That in itself spoke volumes, and set them apart from their companions on this combat simulated run.

Entering the simulator, what met Clarissa’s line of vision was a jungle setting, and the calls and hoots of wild animals, added to the realistic atmosphere. Clarissa’s heavy set gravity boots crunched through the leaf litter and foliage, while her face remained obscured behind her visor.

Leon was most likely the first to have arrived, and of course, when Clarissa entered, she found he was already in conversation with the others. Notably Raven was in attendance, just as the communiqué had mentioned. She was practically bouncing around, wearing the body hugging stealth suit, that accentuated each curve and..feminine bumps. Course, Clarissa’s suit was not designed to show perky breasts, that were hidden behind her armour. Easy to see why so few even regarded her as female beneath her suit.

Rodger was there, wearing his full stealth black Sky Runner Mark V, and full loaded with the latest custom M395 DMR with high powered scope and extended barrel. By the looks of it, the M395 had some new modifications, perhaps he had worked it over himself. Clarissa would ask, but then messages came up within her helm, thanks to the marvellous technology the Mark X provided. ~Lovely, I can text and fight at the same time~ she thought to herself with a smirk.

Clarissa turned her head to see that Anna was also present in this exercise, wearing the Sky Runner Mark V. Fancy was all that came to mind when Clarissa gave it the once over, still keeping to herself with her thoughts, since it was Leon that was running this operation, and she would speak when called upon, not before.

She happened to notice that Mack had failed to make an appearance yet, and turned to look back to where the door had been. Must have been running late, though it was unlike him to be tardy in his duties. Clarissa stepped forward, knowing full well, she better make her presence known. Holding the MA5D Assault Rifle in her gloved hands, she gave each a nod in turn, before lowering her weapon, and saluting her Commanding officer.

“Major Grant…reporting for duty.”


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Re: RP Scene: Live Fire Combat Sequence
July 25, 2013 06:50PM
*Leon watched as Rissa entered, practically ignoring all else around him. Though others may find her quite manly in her armor, but they have never seen such a beautiful creature get so violent. He’s seen her tear limbs from a man’s, even an Inglai’s, body. Crush skulls beneath her feet and with a single punch. Watching her work was like watching a mural be painted, as it wasn’t uncommon for her armor to end up blood stained and such. Though it never mattered to Leon, he found it rather…sexy….when she got mad in combat. Not outside of combat, of course, definitely in.*

*Using his Helmet HUD, he established a camera link to her’s, one that went both ways, and smiled once he saw her. This feature was something Leon had Harver, his AI, install into his helmet for training and combat purposes, to better relate with his men on the ground. It’s proven that, with the right expression and tone, soldiers react as desired if given a direct link to their commander. This device has proved useful over many situations The look he gave her word of said it all, sorrow, and apologetic words were flooding his mind as he seemed to get quiet for a few seconds. When she approached, he gave a simple nod. He looked to Anne, and spoke.*

“Very well, just don’t get us killed.”

*HE looked to Roger then, and rose a brow, his face becoming stern and strict. Telling him to get a sniper rifle and what he was going to tell him now were far from suggestions. They were orders, to make this combat sequence run smoother. He Stepped close to him, and leaned down a bit to get in his face.* “I suggest you run home and get your helmet. If I see you in a combat situation without it, there will be consequences.” *He then leaned up, and stepped back, retaining his place, speaking to the group.* “Now we wait for Sgt Major Steele, and we can get the briefing underway.”

Re: RP Scene: Live Fire Combat Sequence
July 25, 2013 07:34PM
As if on queue, Mack walked in and tossed a helmet at Roger. Sort your shit Fly By! Next time you leave equipment outside the Sim, it’s my new mantle piece. He didn’t stop to acknowledge anyone he simply walked over to the place he kept his suit in the Sim Room. Since he trained all the Soldiers through Echo, he basically lived in the Training Grounds. He stepped onto the platform and stretched his arms to his sides as the mechanisms went to work applying the complex suit sequence.[/b]


[I]Ok from here on out Boys and Girls, we are referred to by our Call-Signs. I am Warmachine. Call me SgtMaj or Mack and I’ll lobotomize you where you stand. Clear? We will insert from the air. The roof of this room is nearly a thousand feet. With full synthetic weather systems. He let the sequence continue while he briefed them.


Pretty Boy…..China Doll.. He paused a moment to appreciate how odd Anna looked in her borrowed Mark V. And Widow Maker, you don’t make drops like us, so this goes for you as well….I know the Sky Runners think you’re hot shit when you make a drop and chute in…..Dire Wolves do things a bit different. He stepped off the platform fully suited and grabbed his helmet from the nearby table. When a Dire Wolf is called into battle, it is the razor’s edge of shit hittin the fan. We need to get from where we are to boots quicker than the Ladies’ wet their Hanes Her Way for Pretty Boy here. He didn’t worry about about offending anyone, they were used to the talk. Roger was a bright red underneath his camo. We don’t fuck around with no chute…we use a temporary shield that buffers the impact. So when you jump, it’s basically ALL free fall, then you pray to all your Gods or Devils that the shield works, or you’re getting poured into sandwich baggies to mail home. Since you lot are new to the club, hear you go. He handed out the shield generators. They work in a single 5 second burst. Safety notes…this is a Simulation of combat….however, the jump will be very real…so do as you’re told and don’t die in my Sim Room or I will personally shit on your corpse. Now….is this all in anyway unclear?…..well tough shit….lock it up! He slid his helmet on and grabbed an assault rifle & plasma blade.

Re: RP Scene: Live Fire Combat Sequence
July 25, 2013 08:16PM

Roger took on his Soldier persona as Mack spoke. He blushed just a bit at the joke at his expense but didn’t show any change of face. He wasn’t totally surprised by the shield generator. After all he wanted to be a Dire Wolf; of course he did his homework. As for Anna being there, he never asked for that, he just mentioned how much a part of the Team she was. But, she was tougher than she let on, and he trained with her sometimes to help her keep the edge up on other Female Troops. She had a reputation as a Pretty Face, and had a hard time earning respect as a Soldier, so this would get her major points and shut some of the Males up. He leaned in to her and squeezed her hand reassuringly. No sweat China. You got this. Stick close to me and just picture all those Haters who will have to pull their foot completely out of their mouths before they can try to doubt you’re a Soldier. You’re more than just a Beautiful Woman….and it’s time more People than just me, knew it. He winked at her, then tapped his visor closed and straightened up as Mack finished the brief. Roger that! Clear as fucking crystal, hooah!. He had traded his rifle for a sniper rifle, which he had already went through functions checks on and loaded.


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July 25, 2013 08:37PM
*Leon watched as Mack did what he did best, barked. He was also a certified killer, there was no denying that, but he held a command unlike any other, a true military dog. It’s something Leon respected greatly. He didn’t move from his spot the entire time Mack did his thing. He simply eyed Roger and Anna with interest as he leaned over to speak. His eyes lifted to the view of Rissa in the corner of his HUD and he smirked. He added a mental note to mark focus when attractive women were around. That may prove to be a problem in the future. With a second thought, he had Harver deactivate the speakers on the outside of his helmet before speaking.* “Lacks focus around women. Maybe you should keep your helmet on Rissa. Wouldn’t need him dropping his shield too early. Or too late.” *He winked to her image, and laid his eyes back on Roger once he’d returned to focus.*

*Once Mack was done, Leon’s pursed lips formed a smile of never before seen proportion as he drew his Energy Swords from his hips and began heading toward the elevator that brought everyone up to the drop off room. The room was designed to look like the inside of a Hermes, since that was the only ship that could drop from so high in the air, it was realistic and more necessary than one would think. As he headed in it’s direction, he stopped and spun around taking steps backward as he reactivated the outbound speakers of his helmet.*

‘Let us have new contest!” *The smile could be heard on his words.* “Then see who is worthy of the title of Dire Wolf.” *Once finished, he turned around quickly, stomping into the elevator, ready for a fight.*

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July 25, 2013 10:31PM
Anna saw who she believed was Clarissa enter, she gave her a nod and then heard Leon simply say for her to not get them killed. No pressure, she thought. She he couldn’t blame him for saying it because hell, she was a pilot after all and therefore this was going to be new to her. Then the man of Steel entered as if right on cue. She heard him address them and noticed the pause, no need to guess why. She knew she looked odd and felt it too but, didn’t show it. She heard his joke towards Roger and wondered if he was going red but, didn’t look as she kept her focus on Sgt.Maj or rather Warmachine. Then there was the talk about no chutes just the shield generators. She took one and nodded.

Feeling someone squeeze her hand, she looked to see it was Roger and then she listened to his little speech which made her smile. She nodded, “Thanks Pretty Boy,” she said. He was right, this was her chance to show she wasn’t just a pretty face and that she was a soldier. Boy, was she going to do her damn best in doing that. “Lets do this,” she said to him after the wink. She then walked with Roger to the elevator.


Re: RP Scene: Live Fire Combat Sequence
July 25, 2013 11:44PM
-Clarissa was keeping her cool, while in her full kit of armour. That was until the camera link was established, and suddenly in the corner of her visor, came the image of Leon’s face. One that was not the boisterous and self confident Leon, but rather he looked apologetic and sullen for a moment. This wasn’t the time or the place to share an intimate exchange, so instead, her facial expression was one of forgiveness. He would see in her eyes, that she did care…deeply. Mind you, he hadn’t responded to the last message about this invitation for a drink at his bunk being a “date” or not. But then, it was back to work, no words spoken, just a curt nod, as she had done. Leon’s attention went over to Anne and he said. “Very well, just don’t get us killed.” Charming, that was bound to boost her self confidence to the max. Course, when Leon quizzed Roger about his helmet, Clarissa rolled her eyes. Mack was going to be arriving any given moment, and this kid wasn’t suited up to the full. Hope the guy could run fast, if he was going to get sent back to fetch his helmet before the brief.

Right on cue…in came Mack, and he threw a helmet at Rodger, speaking in a tone that would have younger cadets piss their pants and crying for momma. When he spoke, to the group assembled, it was enough to put the fear of God into them, but course, Clarissa had seen it all before, and kept her place as he spoke.

“Ok from here on out Boys and Girls, we are referred to by our Call-Signs. I am Warmachine. Call me SgtMaj or Mack and I’ll lobotomize you where you stand. Clear?”

~Crystal..~ Clarissa thought to herself, not wanting to interrupt him when he was on a roll. He addressed each in turn by their call signs. Pretty boy, China Doll and of course, Widow Maker. When a Dire Wolf is called into battle, it is the razor’s edge of shit hittin the fan. We need to get from where we are to boots quicker than the Ladies’ wet their Hanes Her Way for Pretty Boy here.” The language Mack was using, and putting it so vividly, Clarissa had to bite her tongue to refrain from laughing about the one called Pretty Boy. But then she heard Leon’s voice coming through directly to her helm so only she could hear his thoughts of Pretty Boy. .* “Lacks focus around women. Maybe you should keep your helmet on Rissa. Wouldn’t need him dropping his shield too early. Or too late.” Clarissa smirked up at his image in her helmet and replied into her mic. “Yeah, well I think he already has doe eyes for young China, and besides, if he looks at me THAT way, I am personally going to rip off his right arm and shove it so far up his ass, he will be able to tickle his own tonsils.” She wasn’t afraid to let it be known, that she was not going to be taking no crap on this exercise…from anyone.

Leon took the floor at the end of Mack’s speech and then with his outbound speakers on, he yelled out; ‘Let us have new contest!” Clarissa beamed from within her helm and adjusted the hold on her rifle, before following behind Leon towards the elevator. “Then see who is worthy of the title of Dire Wolf.” He said, much to her delight. ~Oh this is going to be fun.~ She thought. Maybe she was no pole dancing beauty, or fancy like those civilian girls, but on the battle field, was where she shined.

With her outbound speakers on, she sung out.


“Step aside…Queen Bee’s got this one in the bag…..HOOAH!”