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Prince Joffrey Brax


FC: Russell Brand

“When you are dining with a demon, you got to have a long spoon.”

Status: Alive
DOB: March 14
Gender: Male
Species:  Demon
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Homeland: The Night Lands
Current Residence: Stonesalt Hall
Title: Prince of House Brax, Demon of Defeat.
King Brandon Brax – Father
Queen Rose Blackstone Brax – Mother
Tywin Brax – Brother (half)
Violet Blackstone – Cousin
Viola Blackstone – Cousin
Queen Amelia Blackstone – Aunt
Allies: Blackstone
Enemies: Everyone else
Personality: Sarcastic, dry, crude, vile, sinister, spiteful.
Likes: Women, whores, sex, domination, subs, Selene.
Dislikes: Pretty much everything else.
Marital Status: Betrothed to Selene.
Weapons: Demon Blood Sword – The Demon Blood Sword, is a rather unusual looking sword. The sword is in perfect condition, and is almost entirely blood red in color, except for the brown leather grip, and white spike on the end of the handle’s pommel (possibly a claw or horn). Also, the white spike seems to have a small red cross on it. Strangely, the guard of the sword is shaped like a Celtic cross (ironic, due to the sword literally being made of demon blood), with the handle of the sword being in place of the top part of the cross, and the actual blade in place of the bottom, or longest part of the ‘cross’. The handle of the sword is also rather long, though the sword still looks balanced. Even by sword standards, the blade itself has shown an immense amount of strength and durability.
Abilities: Silver tongue, plane shift, fire summoning, telekinesis.
History: Son of Brandon and Rose Brax, Joffrey is the rightful heir apparent to the Brax household. He is a sinister and cruel demon, much like his father, and intends to ensure the right of the Brax to be at the forefront when it comes to battle against the other houses. Betrothed to Selene, he is a known womanizer, keeping many a mistress and hand maiden waiting, for his lusty urges, that come naturally for a demon of defeat. Let’s hope his father is watching his back.