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[RP] Night Lands Castle
July 25, 2013 03:00PM

House Brax
“What is Dead may never Die”

Current King: King Brandon Brax
Heir: Joffrey Brax

Area of Influence (Land they rule)
The Night Lands

Seat (main home of the ruling house)
Stonesalt Hall



House Brax is famed for its many victories in battle. with the largest army in Eranor and a history of ruthless military leaders, house Brax truly lives up to its ruthless name. House Brax and house Blackstone are partner houses, marrying into each other and forming strong alliances over the years.

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
July 26, 2013 06:09PM
Rose’s chambers
The night was perfect for a wolf, the moon was high and beautiful as ever. Rose sat on a white couch with a queen dress on. She sat like a respectable woman, a honorable woman. Her hair was held in a bun, having a couple of loose ends dangle down her her. She was a vision of a seductive angel of the night. It was unfortunate that she was married to a man that didn’t respect her youth and beauty. He just craved power. A woman like Rose should be married to a man that loves her for her talents and strength. https://i0.wp.com/i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu224/leighahall/kate%20beckinsale%20gifs/tumblr_m4i1q8D9F21rpta58_zps0c332f59.gif
The sound of foot steps echoed outside her chamber door. It’s wasn’t long before she heard a knock at her door.
Go away, I’m busy” she said.
Your grace, we found some trans passers in the castle.” one of the guards said.
Why would they be bothering her about this? Oh, right because she was a queen. Rose rose up from the couch, walking over towards the door opening it. The guards bowed their heads like they do every time she stepped into a room. It was nice at first then just got annoying over time.
Where is my husband?” she asked.
The guard rose his head up looking up at Rose.
 He is in his office with the Lord, your grace” he said.
Crap, she had to deal with this herself. Rose walked pass the guards heading down the candle lit hall towards her husband’s office. Rose knew the words to say to Brandon.
Fuck you and your Lords.” but that wouldn’t be proper, now would it? Rose soon stopped when she saw a couple of her Lady’s heading down the opposite hall.
Please go tell my husband that his wife is looking for him” she said.
It was a great trick to avoid him, and being in front of him. Rose quickly turned away having the guards move out of her way as she made her way towards the throne room.

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
July 26, 2013 06:53PM
Joffrey’s Chambershttps://i2.wp.com/gothic-culture.com/images/stories/other_gothic_stuff/gothic_culture/gothic_bedroom_decoration/gothic%20bedroom%20crow.JPG

Deep within the bowels of Nightlands Castle, was the grim chambers of Prince Joffrey Brax, heir to the Night Lands, and betrothed to the fair Selene. Naturally, these marriages were arranged between the Houses of Brax and Blackstone, however, if Joffrey had his way, he wouldn’t get married at all.


“Why….WHACK!….would I want…WHACK!…a…bloody cow…WHACK!…when I can have all the milk I want…WHACK!…from the dairy?”

Each stroke of the lash struck the back of his latest victim, a poor milk maid from the nearest farm. Her blonde tresses were stained with blood, as each lashing she got, tore into her milky white flesh. Strung up by her hands and feet tied together, all she could do was wriggle and scream with each blow. But right as Joeffrey was about to strike her again…there was a knock at the door.

Knock knock knock “Joeffrey? Its Nanny…I’ve come to clean your room.”

“Shit!” He shouted, looking at the blood soaked cat of nine tails, and then the milk maid who was suspended from the ceiling.

“Just a second….” He called back in a oddly sweet voice. One thing he did love in this world…was his ever faithful Nanny. Picking up the milkmaid’s panties, he shoved them firmly into her mouth, to stop her making anymore noise, then tossed the cat of nine tails behind the bed. Eyes darting around for something he could cover the blooded girl over with, he took up one of his sheets, and haphazardly arranged it so it just covered her as she swung from the chains. Happy enough with the mock up maid, he then smoothed down his shirt, and strutted over to his door, yanking it open and beaming.

“Nanny…you know…you look as lovely today as the day you last weened me off you bosom.”


Nanny was not stupid, and then she sniffed the air. Sure enough, she knew he was up to no good. She entered his room, as Joeffrey shuffled along and then leaned against the covered body of the milk maid, as Nanny inspected his room.

“See? …Room’s in order..Heh. So…how about those Knights?”

“Hmmph…could of sworn I smelt…sniff….must be my sinuses. Oh well…be sure to remember you have that lovely Selene coming to visit, and I just know how keen you are to spend time with her.”

Faking the best smile he could, more like he was gritting his teeth, he tried to get Nanny out of his chambers, before the blood seeped into her line of vision.

“Oh…you know me. Old romantic I am. Don’t worry, got a lovely bunch of flowers picked out and my best suit.”

Nanny patted his chest and said softly.

“Such a good boy.” And with that, she shuffled out of his chambers, only to have him snarl as she closed the door.

“GAH…that was too close.”


“Shut up…”



Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
July 26, 2013 07:23PM
Rose headed pass Joffrey’s chambers. She stopped and opened the door. Rose didn’t trust her son, even though he was truly her blood. Something about him had “devious liar” written all over him.
Joffrey….what are you doing?” she asked, like a concerned parent would.
She saw the nanny in the chambers, as soon as the old woman saw her, she bowed down and stopped what ever she was doing. Rose looked at her son once more…
Your, father wants to talk to about something. Too bad I have too much important things.” she said. Rose went to turn around and walk away from his door frame.
Oh, by the way. You need to start to spend evenings with Selene, since you are betrothed to her. You wouldn’t want to marry someone who doesn’t know you, or vice versa” she told him.
Rose soon walked pass his door, heading back into the main hallway. Her heels clacked against the stone floors as she turned a corner. It was the East wing of the castle, where her chambers were.

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
July 26, 2013 07:47PM
Just when he thought he had enough women in his chambers for one day, the sound of the door opening and then the cool tone of his mother’s voice rang in his ears.”Joffrey….what are you doing?”

“Why…cleaning of course. Hate to make Nanny work after all the years she served this house. Bad…back and all.” Joeffrey said with a snide look on his face. Oh yes, course his Mother would be roaming the halls, being all important and Queen and such. Course, that was all going to change when he followed through with his own evil schemes and plots. As his mind ticked over, and he found himself smirking at the very idea of being King, his mother interrupted his train of thought. Apparently his Father wanted to have a word with him. He was about to counter with an excuse he was too busy, but she had just informed him SHE had more important things to do. Bah..great. He thought to himself. Less leisure time and more time having to listen to the old coot prattle on about his days of glory. His facial expressions would have been changing faster than Nanny changed her bloomers, and sure enough when his mother mentioned Selene, the look changed to that of a dark storm. His brows knitted, as she made it clear that he needed to make the effort to get to know her.

Joeffrey gave her another one of his award winning fake smiles, a light head tilt and brought his hands together as if clasping something tight between his palms.

“Darn right I don’t want to marry someone I don’t know…” His voice trailed off till she was out of ear shot…and he angrily finished with..”I don’t want to get married at all!” And with that, he slammed his door, and withdrew his dagger, heading over to the sheet covered milk maid. An evil glint in his eyes.