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Night Lands Castle  (2)

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
July 27, 2013 06:44AM
The Castle Training Groundshttps://i1.wp.com/24.media.tumblr.com/4efccfc06eba07abcfdeb61d444e6994/tumblr_ml6hm9nKZE1r89388o6_250.gif
*Sir Leon Dire, knight in the house of Brax swung his blade down hard upon the steel in the hands of the recruit he was combating. When his attack was deflected and held, he resorted. In his left hand was his shield, so he brought the heavy steel into the face of the young man hard. The guy’s head quickly snapped to the side, blood flying from his mouth as his body followed in the motion and he fell to the floor. The other men around began laughing hysterically. The young recruit wiped his lip of blood, looked up to Leon and growled his words viciously.* “You attack with deceit! That is dishonorable!” *Leon scowled at the man, scoffing heavily. He leaned down, grabbed the man by throat and lifted him in the air with ease. His eyes dug deeply into the man’s own orbs, and he spoke.* “You speak of honor do you?” *He threw the man halfway across the courtyard. As he slid across the ground to a halt, Leon continued.* “I have lived a thousand life times over, yet you speak to me of honor? In battle and war, skill wins the day. Honor will serve no purpose but death you pathetically ignorant bafoon!”

*He stared at the man in disgust as he sheathed his steel sword, which was held at a heavier angle on the same hip as his silver. He wore medium to light armor, leathers and furs of black and brown color tones underneath a few pieces of dragon bone plating, scarred and marked from service. His eyes were a frozen blue and his hair a light brown. He held his shield arm out and his squire boy came and took it. Turning, he waved his hand to the group and training resumed. He sat not far away, mug of drink in hand and his squire boy at his side. He was the very definition of an immortal soldier, worthy of his name as a demon of war and battle.* “Words more wise have never broken from tongue of man or otherwise, M’Lord.” *Leon’s eyes rose to the boy, and he was forced to grin softly.* “Out of all these hardened soldiers, you are more deserving than each. I look forward to the day I battle at your side.” *He looked back towards the men, watching the other trainers do their own jobs, and stood, patting down the light leather he wore, his dragon bone plate armor which covered his legs, chest, shins, and shoulders, rattled as he adjusted it. He sighed, and began walking. The boy followed close behind, but Leon turned quickly on his heel once noticing this.* “Go. Enjoy the day. Place shield on arm and have it as you may.” *The boy gleamed with joy and he placed the shield on the outstretched arm of Leon, then ran off after a short boy. Leon turned from him, and continued towards the castle, climbing the steps and staircases which lead to the eastern wing of the magnificent place. There was someone he wanted to see, to express concern and…other things of personal matter.*

*Reaching the door, Leon knocked powerfully, a knock of design that only she would recognize as his own. One heavy, two light, two heavy, with one second intervals between each set. He stood patiently awaiting an answer, his left arm, the one which carried his shield held to his chest in ready salute, and his right resting behind his back, the elbow folded at a ninety degree angle and the hand held in a fist. His head was high, back straight, and cold blue eyes forward. He was ready to meet she who he loved and adored, both as his queen, and something more.*

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
July 27, 2013 07:42PM
Rose was in her room cleaning the sword her husband gave to her on her wedding night. Her light brown hair dangled in front of her face as her bun was coming undone. She couldn’t help but think about what it would have been like if she married King Thomas instead. Maybe she wouldn’t have been so miserable. Rose sat on a rich fancy couch that all queen should possess. Her eyes shifted towards the knock at the door. Rose ignored it a couple of minutes until it knocked on the door again. Rose got up and growled. Soon she had to play the pretty queen, she soon sat back down to get her game face on.
Come in” she said.
The door soon cracked open, there she saw a knight in his bloody armor. Rose looked down at the floor then up to him. He was good looking but yet it seemed like most knights were these days.
How may I help you Sir Leon?” she asked.
Rose went right back to cleaning her sword.
Do I want to know why you are covered in blood?” she asked, without looking up at the knight.
Rose placed her sword back on the table before raising up from the couch and heading over towards the balcony.

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July 27, 2013 08:02PM
Throne Room
Cast iron chandeliers formed into the shapes of a gothic rosé cast illumination down upon the vast grimly decorated throne room. Alcoves with sculptures of gargoyles, mourners, and reapers were slotted, allowing braziers to be lit, the flames causing the shadows to dance making the sculptures appear moving. Vast columns formed a path to the throne area, these carved so that figures wallowing in despair and deep loss were holding up the ceiling. Each column was four men with their backsides to one another. In the dark borders of the room, Lords, Ladies, knights, preferred guests, favorite courtesans, and other sycophants congregated in discussion as a band of troubadours daughter to entertain Brandon Brax. His throne was part of a structure made in a triangular like shape conjoined with two others. His seat was in the middle and was highest, while the other two were lower and on opposite sides, one for his heir, Joffrey and the other for his wife, the impudent cur. Brandon was resting his ornately garbed arms on the vine-shaped armrests of the throne with cruel eyes following the performers’ every movement. The reeked of fear and this pleased Brandon greatly. The crowd watched on for entertainer and to see what Brandon would do to these performers should they in satisfy him. These entertainers were performing acrobatics while juggling hefty objects as others danced and twirled, suspended in the air by fabric

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July 27, 2013 08:09PM
https://i1.wp.com/25.media.tumblr.com/8a35fb3be862edae3b780833ee4c0c42/tumblr_mlfhlxvr7X1qaknqno6_r1_250.gif*He bowed as she alowed him entry and he opened the door. When he rose, and his eyes fell upon her, he felt calm, collected, even within himself as though nothing in the world could unsettle him. Normally, he’d be incredibly disgusted by this, but the woman before him was no ordinary circumstance. Then the question came, and he looked down to his form, holding his arms out to get a better view. He smilled, and laughed softly, raising his eyes to meet hers with a smile that was both cocky and respectful.* “Not to worry majesty. ‘Tis not my own. I got carried away again during training. Nothing serious, just a few cuts here and there.” *He lowered his voice.* “Maybe a severed arm, but who’s to know for sure?” *He was not flirting, but simply lightening the air in the room. He could feel her tenseness within it, as though she was ready to remove head from body. If not for his love for her, he’d likely be much more on guard with his hand resting on his blade.*

*He took a few steps closer after closing the door, a much more serious look on his face. The smile quickly melted to a single line of tenseness and his eyes retook their cold persona as he took his mind form her and to the reason of his coming. He came to her feet and kneeled before her, lowering his head and then raising his eyes to meet her own.* Majesty, I request permission to train the troops under more…harsh conditions. they have become rather….soft with blade in hand. I ask to show them the realities of war and remind them of their purpose.”

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July 27, 2013 11:04PM
Washing his hands in a basin, Joffrey checked himself in the mirror, while the water in the basin turned red from the blood that gotten under his fingernails and into each and every crevice in his skin. His lust for blood and desire to torture the milk maid till she finally lost her will to live, gave him all the pleasure and so much more, as he cut her down from the chains and straps that had held her suspended. The face of terror frozen on her sweet young face. There was simply nothing more beautiful in his mind.https://i0.wp.com/25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lnfckpsVf51qd1e6no1_400.gif

Shaking his hands and then patting them dry with a towel, he let out a satisfied sigh, as though he was indeed pleased with himself. The young maiden had become in his mind, a work of art, hand carved with his name, along with symbols and deep cuts, that allowed him to remove her organs, and display them around the floor. Macabre would be the best way to describe Joffrey, that and sinister. Perhaps he got such desires to kill from his father. Certainly not his mother, for she seemed to be so…sensible. Walking over to a large chain, he pulled on it, and a loud dong sound was heard, the kind you hear when a hammer hits a bell. The shuffle of feet came from down the hall, and finally knocked upon the wooden door to Joffrey’s room. Smiling devilishly, he said in a charming voice. “Enter.” The door creaked as it opened, to reveal a short statured man, wearing a butcher’s apron and pushing a large wooden trolley.


“You rang…your Grace?” the butcher asked, snivelling as he hated being called up from the kitchens. The Prince chortled and then waved his hand towards the dead body and organs that littered the floor. “She’s still warm….fresh and…look, I even cut her heart out whole. What a treat, eh?” Joffrey said, wiggling his eyebrows, as the grimy looking butcher sighed loudly. “Where you get that one from, your Grace?” The Prince shrugged his shoulders and then mocked a pout. “The Dairy…I fancied some..cream this morning, but I got a whole lot more than that.” He chortled, before beaming a smile. “Well…don’t just stand there..clean up the mess, and take the body and tit bits down for making…pies or..whatever it is you do.” The butcher trundled past the Prince, with the wheels of his cart needing oiling, and he heaved up the dead body, tossing it into the trolley. “You are going to get caught one of these days, your Grace.” He said, watching his back, knowing it was a bad idea to trust the Prince at all. “Only if you tell…butcher. Now…I have an appointment with the King…Yay me.” He twirled his finger, then flipping back his cloak, he swanned out of the room, leaving the poor butcher, to clean the blooded mess from the floor.

Down to the throne room, and Joffrey could pick up the sounds of the entertainers that were going all out to please the King, who the Prince could see was seated on his throne. Seemed though that more eyes were on the King’s reaction to the performers and what he might do if they failed, and that in itself was always a delight. So as not to steal the attention of the guests, performers or the like, Joffrey walked along the wall, then came up the of the throne area, to take his place in the seat that was one of the lower beneath his father. Getting comfortable, he stole a grape from a tray just to the left of him and then rolled his eyes and patted his mouth, mocking a yawn, as though he was bored already. He hoped his father would…liven things up a bit.


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July 28, 2013 08:34AM
Rose looked down from the balcony her eyes shifted from brown to blue as the moon was high. Her wolf wanted out of her skin, she couldn’t help but growl. Revealing her true inner self. Soon Rose controlled her wolf at will. Rose shifted towards the knight, she crossed her arms at his request of harshness for the knights.
Do as you wish, I just don’t want dead knights on my land” she said.
Rose walked away from the balcony, holding her dress a bit up so she can walk easily. Rose passed the knight and grabbed her sword from the table and placed it back up on the wall where it should have been.
Tell me knight, do you find the king harsh?” she asked.
Rose felt that he was harsh, “the king with no heart” she would call him. It was a nickname she made up for him. Rose walked around the knight, circling him like any animal would do to their prey. She was in a land full of vampires and yet she was a wolf married off to a beast. Rose thought of an idea, to get her out of the castle.
I’ll tell you what, Knight. If you could sneak me pass the guards and into the town I will let you do what you requested. If you fail, it will be your head..” she said.
Rose knew he was going to be able to sneak her pass, but she needed to be sure she could scare him.

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
July 28, 2013 09:52AM
*Leon rose a brow to the question, slightly confused to it’s origin. In truth, he was no fan of the king. The only thing he found even slightly useful from the king was that there was plenty of contest for him to participate him. The man hardly had any honor, more concerned with personal needs than those of his people, his wife, or the lives of those beneath him. The only reason Leon was still so highly placed was because of his incredible combat skill. If not for that, he’d have had attempted assassinations as much as out right attacks from men the king sent. Everyone knows Leon can take on a group of men no problem, and had the ultimate mind for strategy, so even if the king wanted to kill him or get him out of the castle, he knew Leon would have a plan to stop this. His eyes held the Queen’s form, and he spoke.*”Majesty, permission to break word of mind?”((Speak freely))
((Ignore text))

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July 28, 2013 11:54AM
Throne RoomFive of the acrobats in the group of troubadours began climbing on top of one another to form a large ladder of sorts and began to lean heavily on one side forming half of an arch. Five others rapidly formed the other arch and the two connected, the entertainers on top holding one another’s limbs tightly. The group of sky dancers lowered themselves slightly and with a series of twirls wrapped around the arch in a pleasing ribbon of fabric. It was a fascinating display of dexterity and aesthetics but Brandon cared less. The audience seemed unsure what do to but vocalized their fascination. King Brax deftly pulled out an assortment of needle-thin knives and with a subtle movement untraceable by humans, released the fan of knives in the direction of the troubadours. The blades slid in deeply and silently for so honed and keen the edges were. The arch seemed to waver before collapsing in on itself. With the blades lodged in internally, it would be impossible to tell from an outsider’s perspective that the performers were injured. Brandon stood up to his full height and called down, “You seem to not be the artisans of entertainment you claimed to be. I do not care particularly about being lied to.” The troubadours looked confused, with fear upon their faces as well. What had happened? Had they not practiced flawlessly for several moons for this exact performance? “Since you have made a fool out of me and have taken advantage of my hospitality and enjoyed my food, I shall make sure you cannot be dancing fools yourselves any longer…” Brandon slowly raised his left hand and made a curling motion with three fingers. A series of guards approached behind the troubadours. “Remove their hands and feet. Give them the worthless bodies, destroying what they have trained hard to achieve. But not here, I rather enjoy this rug.” The guards nodded and began dragging the performers away who were resisting, moaning and begging for mercy. This only amused Brandon. The King barley spared a glances at his heir as he spoke softly, “That was what along the lines of what you wanted to see, was it not? Now tell me, why have the servants been complaining about you more than the usual amount?”

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July 28, 2013 01:01PM
Rose’s chambers
Rose nodded flinging her hand to signal him for him to speak freely. Her dark eyes shifted towards the knight then to the burning fireplace that the servants fixed her when she was cleaning her sword. Her hair hung over her shoulders, she still haven’t fixed her hair. At this point she could careless of what she looked like. Beauty meant nothing to her, but power and title did. Rose shifted her eyes back to the respectable knight. She crossed her pale arms waiting for the knight to speak.
Speak, I’m aging years over here.” she said.

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
July 28, 2013 01:13PM
*Sir Leon stood, closing the gap between the two bodies. He stood directly before her now, and landed on a knee at her feet. That’s when he noticed her hair, but he didn’t care. No mater her appearnace, she was still the most beautiful thing alive to him.* “The king, your husband has no honor of his own. He worth nothing but a blade to his neck. If not for my…..” *He had to stop himself, then choose his words carefully.* “loyalty..and concern directed towards you, I’d either be gone from this place or imprisoned for his death.” *He lowered his head and sighed.* “I will escort you from the castle on one condition.” *His eyes met hers and the cold seriousness of them returned as he spoke.* “I accompany you for safety reasons. I will not allow you, as formidable as you are, to walk from these walls without protection.” *He knew full well she wished to intimidate, but he feared nothing. He WAS war, he WAS battle and bloodshed. Nothing feared him other than the death of this woman. Her safety was everything to him, and he’d risk anything to keep her safe. In that, he did not fear HER.*

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July 28, 2013 01:24PM
Rose nodded looking at the knight, she pursed her lips trying not to say anything stupid. Finally she listened to his proposal of escorting her to the village, now this made her kind of uneasy. Rose didn’t want to be baby sat for going to her own land. Rose looked down at her dress, realizing it may cause attention. Rose walked behind a screen and quickly throw off the clothing. Sir Leon wouldn’t be able to see her nude body, but her body figure did show through a shadow. Rose quickly threw on a maid’s clothing and threw on her cloak and walked from behind the screen looking at the knight.
I’m ready, I hope I don’t look too much like a queen..” she said before grabbing her sword and placing it at her side.
Rose looked at the knight and headed towards the door.
Okay, now let’s go…’ she said, heading out of her chambers and down the hall, having the knight follow her.(change thread)
(post first at the Nightland village)

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July 28, 2013 01:36PM
*Leon hadn’t any idea what to think of her quick movements from him. When she went behind her changing screen, he followed with his eyes. The shadow of her figure obvious as she threw the clothing from her, and his eyes seemed to glue to her body. Everything slowed, as if time itself wanted to hold this moment for the loyal knight. Her body, from the shadow of her form, was perfect in damn near every way. Curves in all the right places, a body thin and perfect. Though many men preferred thicker women, Leon did not. His heart was taken by this woman, AND her form. When she came from behind the screen and drew her cloak over her body, he smiled, stood, and nodded.* “Stunning in all the ways a maid possibly could be.” *Before she left, he made sure to block the door from opening.* “Maids never walk in front of their escort. This is not wise for you to leave first, Majesty.” *He opened the door and allowed her exit before rushing in his stepes to reach a few inches ahead of her.*(thread Change: Nightland Village)

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July 28, 2013 01:39PM
https://i1.wp.com/25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_li1bj5peA71qe3aixo1_500.gifChewing on his grape, Joffrey watched on to the group of troubadours, who went about their routine, practically flawlessly. They had clearly been training for this performance for the King and the court for many a day and night, so it was clear that they would finish this spectacular with out error, or at least that is what one would expect. Joffrey could not help but keep an odd glance at his father, the King; knowing full well that the King would be far more entertained if something bad were to happen….and sure enough it did. Joffrey’s lips parted mid chew, as he caught sight of the group of troubadours faltering. Course, his father was responsible for this, after using his speed abilities and daring to fling needle thin blades at them, which for those with normal lines of vision would find difficult to have seen. The act all came undone, as the arch the troubadours had created, fell in on itself. Joffrey found himself chuckling, especially at their shocked reactions, but more so from his father’s orders, which would leave the entertainers without hands or feet. To never again be able to perform the feats they so loved. Ah…what a treasure his father was…..not.

But just as Joffrey was about to take a sip from a glass of mead, his father decided to turn his attentions upon him.


“That was what along the lines of what you wanted to see, was it not? Now tell me, why have the servants been complaining about you more than the usual amount?”

Joffrey threw back his head, and let out a burst of an awkward giggle. Oh the hired help had loose lips. How magical. Joffrey regained his composure and then sighed as he wiggled his fingers in a mock way to those being dragged out by the guards.

“You never fail to amuse me, Father…I must say. Heh…great work.” He gave a small thumbs up, then he leans closer to his father and gives reason for the servant’s gossip. “I have a confession….well, not reaaaaaally a confession, that would be droll. You see, I asked them…to keep tabs on Mother. I don’t trust the woman to be honest. Seen her skulking around..looking at the moon.” Joffrey uses an odd hand gesture as if he was about to serenade, twirling his wrist over and then looking squarely back at the King. “They wanted more silver to keep tabs on her, and now they want to say mean things about me..when all I was doing was…protecting your interests, Father. Is that not what an heir should do?” He then batted his eyelashes, as if trying to show innocence.



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July 28, 2013 03:54PM
Throne Room

Brandon turned to fully face Joffrey, his look akin to one discovering something extremely unpleasant imbedded deep in their boot, such as horse feces. He studied his heir’s face carefully as he narrowed his eyebrows, “I already know your mother is an impudent cur who thinks she can ignore my commands. Her insubordination pesters me alongside with her supporters that are drawn to her for her body with the excuse of loyalty and protection.” Brandon knew that Rose often sought for a breathe of “fresh air” outside the castle. He did nothing openly about it as a ruse to seem as if he did notice. The Brax king had informants everywhere in the lands, seeking favor, coins, and their very lives for keeping Brandon informed. Brandon let his eyebrows return to their regular position before speaking again, [b]”The servants are not paid to be my eyes and ears, I have others for that. You should save your coin for the procurement of new servants, for the castle seems to dwindle low on them when you are not preoccupied with your duties. In other words, you break it, you replace it…and speaking of replacements, if you ever think of truly being my heir than you are more naïve than I thought.”

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
July 28, 2013 05:04PM

Drats..the King was certainly not wet behind the ears, that was for sure, and also, he had his eyes and ears well trained on that woman that was said to be Joffrey’s mother. Joffrey wrinkled up his nose, when the King informed him he knew perfectly well of her nocturnal pursuits, along with the fact that she was openly ignoring his commands and wishes. Chewing the inside of his cheek, he continued to listen to his father’s words, for it made perfect sense to know exactly what his father thought. Father like Son. Neither of them could be trusted, and that assured that Joffrey was very much his son in that regard. Joffrey was well aware that his father did not approve of him either, but Joffrey didn’t really seem to give a damn. He was a Brax, heir or not. And should that bitch of a mother spawn more children, there were always fun games that could be played, to assure that they never live to see the ripe age where they can take the crown for themselves.

“The servants are not paid to be my eyes and ears, I have others for that. You should save your coin for the procurement of new servants, for the castle seems to dwindle low on them when you are not preoccupied with your duties.”

This actually brought an odd smile, or half smile from Joffrey, who saw his father’s statement more as a word of advice then a lecture.

“Quite right. I shall not pay those feeble stooges called servants another penny more for their service. And yes…I shall be more careful with what I break. Though..I might be wiser to invest my monies in…say a slave or two. Oh wait, I am supposed to be betrothed, how silly of me.”

He started to drum his fingers together, as the cogs in his mind started to turn.

“I am sure Selene will curb my wild ways. That is…if she ever bothers to make an appearance.” He said with a roll of his eyes.