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[RP]Vaas Plain Castle
July 25, 2013 03:10PM


House Casterly
“As High as Honor”

Current King: King Henry Casterly
Heir: Derek Casterly

Area of Influence (Land they rule)
The Vaas Plains

Seat (main home of the ruling house)
Haven Hall



House Casterly is the richest house in Eranor. Finding its wealth in the huge mines at the base of the mountains that surround the Vaas plains. The Plains are a large area os grassland, where the people live a simple life farming and growing crops for the rest of Eranor.

Re: [RP]Vaas Plain Castle
July 26, 2013 06:16PM
The snake reared up, its scales glistening pale green, its eyes yellow and horrible as they stared down at Derek. The prince could not move however, he was stuck in the same place he had started in. The snake hissed, forked tongue lapping at its nose.
It lunged and Derek screamed

The princes eyes fluttered open, darkness assaulted him and it took him a while to get used to it all before he shot up. Dragged in a ragged breath, Derek gasped, sweat beading on his naked torso. He glanced left then right and then left again…but there was no snake….there was nothing…only Darkness. Derek groaned and run a hand through his hair, the auburn locks stood up on end from the assault but he mad no move to fix it. Climbing from his bed, naked as his name day he pattered across his room to the large window. The chiffon curtains fluttered in the breeze but he pushed them aside and stood in the door way, looking out over the plains. “Guard” he managed after a moment. Behind him, the thick oak door was pushed open and a helmented head was slotted through “Your grace?” “Fetch me wine…and something to eat” he said, still staring out the window. “Now” he had to say, his voice stronger than before “Yes your grace”. The door closed the the stream of candle light that had found its way into his room was gone.
Derek Waited then…for his food, his wine…and for daylight.

Re: [RP]Vaas Plain Castle
July 26, 2013 08:05PM
The Queen Metia woke up during the dawn, one of the reasons was because she couldn’t feel her husband in the bed, she might not fancy that man that much, but that didn’t meant she didn’t liked to cuddle while sleeping, everybody did, right? No matter how wicked you were.
Pushing herself up from the bed, the blanket fell upon her lap, she was wearing her white nightgown, the only reason why she used white was because of her husband, he was an angel, and she didn’t wanted to be all morbid around him, so she used white, even tho her favorite colors were always the dark ones. However, he wasn’t here in the chambers, but maybe he was around the castle? She stood up from the bed, walked up towards the huge doors from her chamber, opening it, and saw a maid.
“Maid, do you know where my husband might be?”
Metia asked, perking up an eyebrow.
“He left the castle early, majesty. Going for a walk in the village.”
The maid explained.
“I see.. Well, you’re dismissed.”
With this said, she closed the doors, and turned around facing her back against the door. She was alone in the castle, well not completely alone, her children was probably here as well, and she still had the servants and maids everywhere. But her husband wasn’t here, so she could act less than most of the days, and if somebody asked her why she was so moody, she used her husband absence as an excuse.
She walked up to the huge closet, and picked her queen dress, this time it was a dark one, she was tired of wearing that all white, so a dark color time to time wouldn’t hurt anybody. After putting on her dress, she called out two maids, to fix up her blonde hair, before she could place her beautiful crown on.
Now that she was finally ready, she walked through the huge hallways, heading to a empty large balcony, she placed her palms over it, showing off her long black nails, her light green eyes stared around, seeing how her kingdom was. One day, this all was going to be only hers, she didn’t had to share it with anybody else. One day..
Metia stayed a couple of minutes admiring the kingdom, till she decided to walk back inside, and get herself something to eat.

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July 27, 2013 02:03AM
Riding up the cobblestone road that led to the Castle, King Henry kept his eyes upon the balcony window, where he sometimes caught his beautiful wife; Metia looking out over the landscape and rolling hills that was their domain. He considered himself to be the luckiest man alive, to have such a stunning wife, who captured his heart as though by magic itself. He often found himself lost in her eyes, whenever he held her in his arms. He adored her, and practically worshipped the ground she walked on. But he had those days, where he simply could not be reigned in and needed to be out and seeing the people that he believed they served. It gave him a sense of peace, and of humility to walk alongside those that worked the lands and fields. As he approached however, he did not see her looking out the window. Perhaps she was enjoying her lie in without him. The whole bed to herself. Or maybe she was eating a late breakfast with their son; Derek. A smile came about his features at the very thought of his strapping son. One day, he would be King, and Henry wanted to make sure that the people were prosperous and happy, by the time his own reign came to its end.
“I am truly blessed, Lord” He said, speaking to the very heavens themselves, thankfully for all he had. Passing through the stone gates, the guards all bowed in reverence as to did the workers and house staff that were lining in wait just outside the front entrance for their King. All were pleased to see he had returned safely from his trip into the Town of Seans. Pulling up on the reigns, he swung over and landed firmly with both boots on the ground, offering the reigns to a stable hand. The King ruffled the young boy’s hair, before passing by each member of the house staff, who either bowed or curtseyed showing their love and respect. He came to stop before entering, taking off his cloak, to reveal the white royal suit beneath, and handed his black cloak to his personal servant Jimeon. The King then said to all; “You are dismissed, please return to your duties, and I thank you all for your warm welcome home.” The happiness within the faces of those that served him showed, as all went back to their places within the Castle, and the King walked in with Jimeon at his side.“Do tell me that my fair Queen is now awake and that I might spend the rest of the morning with her.” He asked, smiling down at his male servant.“I shall go inform her you are home and wish to see her. Shall I have her meet you in the library, your Highness?” Jimeon asked, keeping the cloak folded neatly over his arm.

“Yes…yes I would like that. Thank you. Oh…and tell her, I expect to see her looking radiant in white this day.”

“Yes, your highness.” And with that, the man servant went to find the Queen and share the good news of the King’s return, and his wishes for that day.

Re: [RP]Vaas Plain Castle
July 27, 2013 02:15PM
The Queen was already in the huge dining room, she was taking her simple breakfast, which was only a cup of tea. Metia always had complexes about her beauty, she didn’t wanted to become an ugly woman, so she always kept her body in shape, and made sure her looks looked young. Her magic was dark magic, so all she had to do was just suck the soul from beautiful women, and she would gain back her youth. Because Metia is more older than she looks.
While she was having a nice time drinking her tea, she was finally done, and pushed herself up from the huge chair, as she began to walk away again, she was going out to the gardens, so she could have more time to think about her own stuff, till a servant come behind her, calling her.
“Majesty, your majesty. Excuse me for interrupt you, but your King is finally back, and he’s waiting for you in the library. Also, he is excepting to see you, majesty, looking radiant in white today.”
The servant said, as he noticed the Queen this time was wearing dark colors, it was the first time for him to see her like that, so he was rather surprised with this.
Hearing this words, Metia huffed out, but quickly replaced her annoyed expression with a smile.
“Alright, tell him I’m on my way. You’re dismissed.”
Great, now she had to go change clothes, damn. Metia walked back to her bedroom, and called two maids again, this time, they was going to help her on dressing up the white dress. For some reason, the white dress was always more complex on dressing than the black one, probably because it had more details and stuff. They probably took 15minutes on dressing her, and fixing her hair. They had to take care of her hair, because she had tied it all up, and her King always enjoyed seeing her hair free, she had a long curly hair now. She didn’t liked her hair on that way, because it would bother her a lot, and it was extremely warm, but since they was closer to the winter, she would be fine.
Now that she was finally done, she just headed to the library. Wearing a beautiful white dress, matching with the color of her shoes, her light blonde hair and the light color of her eyes was a perfect match. She had different eyes, since it was always changing the color, it always depends on the light around, sometimes it can get blue, others gray and others green. So it was hard to really define the color of her eyes. The servants open the huge doors from the library, as they walled the Queen step inside.
“Finally I found you in this lovely morning, my King.”
Metia said with a lovely smile, as she grabbed the sides of the dress, so she could bow, before start walking more closer to him.

Re: [RP]Vaas Plain Castle
July 27, 2013 06:52PM
Oh how the King adored his wife and Queen; Metia. Right on cue, she entered the library, as he stood with his hands behind his back, fingers entwined, staring out a panned window at the rolling hillside. Her voice like the sweetest melody that would charm the very birds down from the trees, and make many a man swoon for her attentions. A warm smile played upon his lips, as he spun on the ball of his right foot, and turned to face her front on, as she came into the room, her fingers grabbing the sides of her exquisite gown. White…perfection in movement and grace. How her long blonde tresses flowed down her shoulders and back in a torrent, as though brushed a thousand times. Her crown glinting upon the top of her head. Eyes like swimming pools that mesmerize and captivate. To him, she was like an angel plucked from a cloud and delivered to be his and his alone.Unhooking his fingers, he brought his arms around to the front of him, and strode towards her, his eyes firmly locked upon hers.“My dearest Queen….I have had the most joyous morning. The market, the people. Such happiness within our lands. He could not hide his delight, for he felt that God truly favored them. “We are blessed with such good fortune, my Love.” As he got closer to her, he held his hands high enough, so that he may cup her cheeks, and then bring her face to his, so that he may plant a sweet kiss upon her. She was positively radiant, and her scent was such that he stood and inhaled deeply. On releasing her from the kiss, he used the back of his right hand to caress her cheek.https://i0.wp.com/s2.favim.com/orig/28/blake-lively-chace-crawford-gossip-girl-Favim.com-236255.gif“Do tell me you enjoyed your morning slumber? You looked so serene, I dare not wake you.” Henry said, his eyes dancing as he could see nothing in the world but her. It was times like this that he cherished the most. Little did he realize her true feelings for him, were not as pure.


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July 27, 2013 07:13PM
Violet waited impatiently in the carriage as it made its way to Vaas Plain Castle. The worst part about still living in her father’s castle was having to drive between the two when she wanted to see her future husband. She wasn’t one to just sit around and do nothing and for the ride there, that was exactly what she was doing. Sitting with the back of her hand against her face, she looked out the window and tried to think of something else. This is what she did to take away the boredom. She tried to think of things that interested her instead. She thought of her home life and her parents and her sister. This got boring quickly so she moved to Derek and the first time she had met him. Neither had had much interest in the other. She thought he was good looking enough, of course, but she didn’t enjoy being told what to do, even though being a princess was just a lot of being told what to do and how to act. She managed, though, because being a princess was just one step closer to being queen. Derek’s queen. This thought made her smile. Her smile grew as the carriage slowed down and came to a halt in front of the castle. The driver informed her, unnecessarily, that they had arrived. He held out a hand to help her out and she ignored it and hopped down, giving him a playful look as if daring him to comment on her behavior. He frowned, but made no comment and simply moved his hand to be placed behind his back. “Someone has gone to arrive the prince of your arrival,” he told her with a bow of his head. “Well, hopefully he won’t keep me waiting too long, then. He knows the impatience of his future queen.” With that, she made her way up to the castle to wait for her prince.

Re: [RP]Vaas Plain Castle
July 27, 2013 07:42PM
Metia remained her peaceful yet beautiful smile upon her face, she always had this extremely intelligent way of acting, that would fool anyone, not only her acting, but her beauty, men could fall in her feet.
“Indeed, we are, King.”
She told him, as he watched her getting closer, she closed her eyes, as she felt his palms against her cheeks, his skin always warm and hers this time was cold, that touch of him, left her breathless, but before she could open her eyes again, she felt him bringing her face up to his, she even tip-toed, because she knew he would kiss her. Metia had to admit, she hated some stuff on her husband, but it was always good to be loved, well it was more for the lust but she still enjoyed. Her husband was a handsome man, lots of women would do anything to be with him, the same way lots of men would do anything to be with her, but the both of them remained together. Only because her parents told her she was going to marry the King Henry, she hated that idea, because he’s an angel, and she knew with her wicked personality, she had to change a lot, but now it has been years, the both of them has two kids, and she got used with this acting. Even tho she loves her children, till her psycho and dark side takes over her, and she will do anything to have what she wants.
After the kiss, Metia was finally able to open her eyes, and stare up at her King, a smile still upon her face, but then it got replaced by a chuckle. He was talking about the way he left her sleeping on the bed.
“Still, its not nice wake up in an empty bed, my dear. Not having anybody to cuddle, its rather sad.”
Metia said in a joking manner, even tho that was the truth. She placed her gentle palms over his chest, her nails wasn’t anymore the dark color, it had no color, but they was long and perfect. She done random trails upon his clothing, as she stared up at his eyes, then down at his lips and at his neck. Basically scanning him with her eyes.
“I never thought you enjoyed walk in the dawn.”

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July 27, 2013 08:22PM
King Henry saw his beloved Queen pout some, after she explained that she was sad, that she did not have anyone to cuddle in bed after he left. You could see that he was genuinely sorry for this, and looked so remorseful even though she had said it in a joking manner. He took up both her hands, and then brought them to his lips, closing his eyes, and kissed them softly. King Henry truly worshipped her, and did make an effort to please her when he could.https://i2.wp.com/26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m20ifvVX721qf4vdro1_500.gif
“My darling. One does not disturb the serene when they sleep. I could lay in bed and stare at you for hours on end. But, this morning…” he released her hands gently, and then turned back to the window, that overlooked their land. “…I felt the need to rise, to go and spend time with those that make us such good fortune. A dire yearning to serve. “ You could see in his eyes, how much he cared for the people under his reign. “God…he shed his light upon the town, and I heard his voice, call to me. So…I rose and rode out as the sun was eclipsing the horizon.” He looked back at her, his face radiant as it caught the rays of light that filtered through the window.“I laid my hand on the bosom of a dying woman, and gave her new life. I felt so alive…so good. The joy in the old man’s eyes. It was God’s will, for I am what I am, my Darling. I may be King…but I am still God’s chosen to do his work.” He said this with a firm nod. He knew his place in life, and loved it with all his heart. It would be enough to make his wife feel ill.“But I am here now…so what do you have planned, my Sweetest dove? For I am now at your service, my Queen.” He made a light bow, and winked at her, full of good intent.


Re: [RP]Vaas Plain Castle
July 28, 2013 07:46AM
Metia remained her smile, and slowly rose her chin up when her husband began to kiss her soft hands, then she listen to his words, on how he shouldn’t disturb the serene when they sleep. Oh god, serene? She’s only serene when she’s asleep, that’s for sure.
Now that he let go off her hands, she walked up to some small table that was there, and trailed her nails over the wood, as her eyes stared down at it, before look back up at her King. Oh no, there he goes again, talking about this all, how much Metia hated when he began to talk about this, she didn’t believed in any kind of that, for her god wasn’t real, nor miracles existed, but her place in the world, was to show how hell can be.
The way her husband talked, made her stomach turn, she even turned her head around, and stuck out her tongue, like she was about to throw up, but she quickly changed her expression, back to that calm and kind one, when he looked back at her. Now she was forced to keep that kind expression while his conversation got even more disgusting for her. How much this woman suffer just for get what she wanted.
“You’re a truly Angel, dear.”
Metia replayed, as she walked towards him, with firm steps, and her chin raised, elegantly and confident. When he said he was now at her service, she couldn’t help but to grin, if he really knew what she wanted to do with him right now, he would’ve never said that words. Metia is still thinking on how she will get rid of her husband, she doesn’t think she can put him the dungeons, his warriors and guards are loyal to him, so she really couldn’t change their mind, the King is always higher. But then the thought of killing him was always there, running through her mind, on how, and when. Maybe she would wait a little more, till then.
“I really didn’t had anything planned, love. After my morning cup of tea, I was just going to the garden, so I could relax a bit.”