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Captain James Peter Moon.


Age : 28
Sex : Male
Species : Human
Race : Caucasian
Title : Captain of the Devil’s Mystery
Hair : Black
Eyes : Brown
Skin : Dark olive
Height : 6’4”
Weapons : Cutlass and his fists.
Likes : Rum and Rachael
Dislikes : Women…and women…and women. Oh and the Pirate King.

History : Legendary Pirate, Captain James Moon is well known in pirating circles as one of the meanest Pirate Captains you will ever come across. Fierce, bold, and rugged, he has been known to cause many a woman’s heart to flutter, even though there is only one woman on god’s earth that might be able to tame him, and that is the Lady Pirate Rachael O’Malley.
A law unto himself, he is an expert mariner and lover of rum and a good game of cards. He is respected and feared by his crew of hardy buccaneers, and the ship Doctor, who is his most trusted advisor. One flaw would be his terrible lack of insight into the fairer sex, which is often why it’s been months since he actually had sex.