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Osha Summer


FC : Katerina Graham

“You say I’m a witch, like that’s a bad thing.”

Status: Alive
DOB: May 7
Gender: Female
Species: Witch
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Homeland: Firemarsh
Current Residence: Cottage Mer Vue
Title: Whore
Family : Two elderly aunts.
Allies: N/A
Enemies: All Royal ladies.
Personality: Sexy, wild, carefree, promiscuous, loud, brash, violent
Likes: Men, Money, sex, music, fine clothes, horses, a comfortable bed
Dislikes: Royal ladies, stiff upper lips, fakes,
Marital Status: Single
Weapons: Her sharp tongue, wand, wit, spell book, crystals, charms, poisons, and her dagger.

Pet/Familiar: Black cat (Jasper)


Abilities: Natural ability to handle snakes, spiders and scorpions uses the element of fire, shape shift into a crow.

History: Oshra was raised by her aunts, in a small cottage off the sand dunes of the coast line of Firemarsh. Her mother Ophelia was burnt at the stake as a witch, for she was caught in the bed of a noble, and his wife, a Lady of a far off realm accused her of witchcraft in turning her husband into an adulterer. Raised well in the knowledge of how her mother was killed, she set about making sure, that when she reached the right age, she would become exactly what those in the royal houses would one day come to fear. To be the woman whose skill in the arts of love making were so pronounced, that Knights and Lords would pay top dollar for a night within her silken bed. Her aunts, both were of the occult, and taught their niece much of the dark arts of magic and witchcraft, and she became very much in tune with her abilities. A natural at making potions, and able to milk snakes and spiders for their venom, as well as use them to get revenge on the fair ladies of the land, she was as deadly as she was beautiful.