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Lady Amber Rinks


FC: Gemma Ward
“Nothing is better, down where its wetter. Take it from me.”
Status: Alive
DOB: Oct 9
Gender: Female
Species: Mermaid

Racial traits: Mermaids are creatures of the sea that every sailor’s dream of meeting just once in their lifetime. They are called the goddesses of the sea because they through time have saved many men from shipwrecks if they had taken a liking to them. However mermaids are very secretive and timid creatures that that prefers staying under the water where they are safe from other races. Whoever made the little mermaid is seriously a liar. THEY ARE NOT ARIEL! THEY WILL KILL. Think of them as a shark. Their blood is known to have great healing powers to others. So during the war many mermaids and mermen got killed because of their blood. Therefore it is more common to see a mermaid or a merman today than before the war. They have even been seen on land because when they reach a certain age merfolks have the ability to split their tail in two and create legs instead.
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Current Residence: The Sea
Title: Lady
Allies: House of Skyhawks
Enemies: Fisherman
Personality: Shy, elusive, timid, curious, gentle.
Likes: Derek, seafood, seaweed, brushing her hair, salt water, swimming.
Dislikes: Heat on dry land,
Marital Status: Single, but madly in love with Derek.
Weapons: Her voice, she can break glass windows and goblets, her teeth and clawed webbed hands for gouging and catching hold of her prey to take it down under the waves to drown them.
-Stay underwater for an unlimited period of time
-Manipulation of water
-Super hearing (especially under water)
Weakness: -Dry places (merfolk need to be close to water at all times. Or they dry up)
History: Lady Amber Rinks, a mermaid that fell head over fins in love with Prince Derek. Daughter of the Sea, she only is able to stay on land a short time, before having to return to the beautiful deep, where she returns to her mermaid form. Timid and shy, she is softly spoken, and a rare beauty, whose looks captivate those that meet her, but her siren’s song does bring her enemies into the water, where she teaches them how not to swim. Beware the fish.