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Life fire combat sequence (3)

Re: RP Scene: Live Fire Combat Sequence
July 30, 2013 04:15AM
Anna had listened to everything Mack had said. How the hell did they get infiltrated? The only way is if… there’s a traitor… she thought to herself. Surely not. Who could betray them like this? There was only the Commander and Sgt who knew about this training session unless the other two did. Unless someone else found out about it? She shook it off, she didn’t want to think about that right now. She had to focus because this, the fighting and the dying was real as hell. She heard Mack say to follow and not fall behind, she nodded. So, she had been following Mack and she believed Roger was following until she heard no footsteps which she knew wasn’t good. “Pretty boy?”

As she turned around, a blade came swinging towards her neck and she leaned back to avoid it but, having not leaned back in the suit before, she fell but landed in a crab. She saw the inglai coming towards her and so, she pushed herself up into a handstand and then up onto her feet, whipping out her blade. A sword fight began and boy was it intense. Another came up behind her and doing a twirl and using all her strength, her blade went straight through the inglai’s neck since it wasn’t wearing a helmet or any head protection. She saw the head roll off and either in the direction of Warmachine or Pretty boy. She didn’t notice because she felt something hit her armour. A spike, she saw the inglai run and so, she grabbed it and threw it. Just in time cause as it hit the inglai, it exploded. The explosion caused her to go flying into a tree.

“Great,” Anna muttered to herself as she was now not only covered in a hell of a lot of blood but, now she had guts and pieces of inglai on her. Good job I’m not squirmish and thank god for this armour,she thought to herself. She got up and walked over to her blade which she picked up.

“Pretty boy, where are you? Are you alright?” Anna asked through their private com. She saw a figure walked towards her from where they had walked from and hoped it was Roger. She glanced towards the other direction and wondered if Mack had noticed they were no longer close to him unless he too had been ambushed.

Re: RP Scene: Live Fire Combat Sequence
July 30, 2013 05:42AM
Raven continued making her way through the forest stealthily to be sure she wouldn’t be ambushed, using her enhance eyesight to check for any clues to where the others might be. Suddenly spotting a small group of Inglai, she crouched down behind a Bush, observing them. She was in two minds whether to storm them or try to get passed them stealthily, then shook her head as she drew her energy sword. Slowly moving closer, getting as close as possible without them spotting her she took a deep breath. Charging from cover she swiftly downed the first Inglai by slicing its throat open then pushed the body towards the others before jumping and stabbing the sword into the chest of another. As she did this one of the Inglai slashed his own melee weapon catching her side. This only enraged her more and she swiftly killed the remaining Inglai. Looking to her side, she knew it was bad, but not life threatening. Holding hher side, she began running again.

Re: RP Scene: Live Fire Combat Sequence
July 30, 2013 10:10PM
Mack looked back to see that neither China Doll nor Pretty Boy were behind him, but he now heard Luther, his A.I., spring to life with a green blip. He knew it was the Commander because it had his signature above it. He now knew which way to go, but he couldn’t move forward without the other two. The decision was made for him as two Inglai Assassins stepped out from the shadows, freshly shimmering stealth generators.


Evening Gentlemen, lovely day to die don’t you think? The response were a few shared clicks between each other in their language, then they both charged. He activated his plasma blade and kicked off his back foot into a superman punch, spearing the first through it’s chest, and knocking back the second with the shear power of the punch. Just then he noticed 4 more, then another 2 Inglai shimmer into view. Right then….well there’s that…. A few of them were exchanging words, when he heard the words “…Warmachine…” He smirked underneath his helmet. So you Boys have heard of me? I’m flattered…lets get this over with. I have to report to my Commander, and I’m never late! The plasma blade flickered as it was losing power. HE tossed it and grabbed his rifle to use as a club. Suddenly all of them charged.


Using the rifle, Mack batted the first two away with powerful swings. He used the momentum of the impact to spin the opposite way into a roundhouse kicked, then again catching an Inglai mid-air in the side of the head, sending him flying. As the frequency of attack picked up, they began to attack in twos. Mack spun the rifle over his head like a bo staff, catching two of them in the chin as they attempted to wrap arms around him. He blocked the hilt of a couple plasma blade strikes, answering with a powerful side kick.


Mack stood over the now bleeding or dead Inglai Assassins, when he spotted another Person, but it seemed Humanoid and the armor was unfamiliar. He seemed to have been directing the Inglai attack. “Kill him! Ugh…if you want something done right…” The strange armored Man pulled a pistol. Tisk tisk….somebody doesn’t play fair… Mack exclaimed sarcastically. The armored Man laughed. “I don’t fight to be fair, I fight to win.” He fired, but Mack was already out of position and rushing into a shoulder charge. He hit the Man with such force he knocked his helmet off. That confirmed it; he was Human…or at least looked like it. Mack went to finish him off, but the Man hit something on his gauntlet that emitted a flash of light and a small blast of energy that pushed Mack and temporarily blinded him. Filthy Bastard! He felt a hard kick to the gut, followed by a punch to the head that he had sensed coming but put up his hand to block too late. The jolt forced his senses to come back though. Just in time to see the second pistol come up in his face. Mack grabbed the barrel and shoved it aside as it went off. Two shots consecutively…this Guy was a Pro. The other pistol came up, and Mack head butted as hard as he could into the Pro’s chest plate, denting it and causing a painful grunt as the Pro fell back. Mack anticipated the flash defense this time and was on him without hesitation. The Armored Pro had no helmet on, so Mack took advantage of this, holding both arms pinned to his chest and repeatedly head butting. There was more and more blood on his visor, each time Mack pulled back, and finally the Pro went slack. Now…who the fuck are you?! The Pro smiled through shattered teeth and coughed blood. “I’m the fucking Reaper, Asshole!” The Pro shoved one good time, freeing his arm and hit a sequence of buttons. Self-Destruct Sequence Activated. Mack knew what that meant and did not hesitate bringing both hands up into a double hammer fist. Bringing it down with all of his and his suits strength, he sent brain matter and blood all over the jungle floor. He quickly yanked off the gauntlet and got up. With a running start he threw it with all his might. It flew a few hundred feet and exploded. The blast was still enough to push him off balance. Son of a Bitch….Mack had not been this exhausted after a fight in years. Whoever that Pro was, he was strong, fast, well-trained and armed to the teeth. Mack finally felt the pain as he took a knee, looking at the carnage around him. There were nine dead or dying Inglai and one Stranger with no more face.


Re: RP Scene: Live Fire Combat Sequence
July 31, 2013 01:07AM
*Leon continued running, a blur of speed through the dense and vast simulated jungle. His enhanced brain functioning able to process more than three times the normal amount of images within it, aiding in his traversing the thick brush. Before long, he picked up another bleep on his radar, and spoke to Harver to confirm it.* “Gimme the details Harvey.” *The AI’s Simulated voice that was modeled after Leon’s came into his helmet’s inner speakers.* “Miss Grant Sir, she’s managed to send out a signal.”

*Leon skidded to a halt, his eyes flipping from the blip that was Mack, and then to Rissa’s, then back to Mack’s and it continued for a few moments before Harver came in again.* “Sir, I’ve picked up movement.” *Leon’s hands instinctively made their way to his energy sword hilts. When his gloved hands made contact, their energy sigantures came into view of his HUD. Half way depleted, Leon cursed as he spoke softly, not yet activating the blades.* “How many…” *Harver came in as to reply.* “So far…I’ve got twelve sir. We need to move now, the signatures I’m picking up aren’t all Inglai and they don’t match known signals in any of the databases.” *Leon stood in his spot, trying to make a decision. He was the same distance from Mack as he was Rissa, and it’s likely this group was currently heading to the two, and would split in half once they got to Leon’s position, or that’d be their plan if Leon was not where he was now.*

“Sir, if we dispatch the group heading for Miss Grant’s position, we can have just enough time to reach the Sergeant Major and aid in his defense.” *After a few moments of thought, Leon nodded his head, and headed further towards Rissa’s position. Making it half way, he hid in the brush, watching as the group of six passed him. This time, he’d use stealth and not just brute strength. When the final Inglai passed him, Leon reached out and grabbed him by the throat, squeezing tightly enough to cut off any sound it’d try to make. Activating his Energy sword, he drove it into the Alien’s back and straight through the other side, then hid the body in the bush. One down, five to go.*

*Leon hurriedly made his way back to the group that now counted five. These were odds that better suited his favor, and thus, he launched his surprise attack. Rolling from the bush, he rose to his feet, activating both Energy blades and shoving them in the back of the two closest Inglai. The other three turned to see what the screaming of the now dead two was about. On of the three had turned just in time to lose his head, now leaving two. Both Inglai charged Leon, and he rolled to the ground at their right, ending up behind them. BEfore he rose, he slashed his blades at the legs of the closes Inglai, bringing it to the ground. The one standing had already brought his fist up to hammer Leon’s helmet cheek, and successfully did so. It threw Leon to the ground, but the helmet took most of the impact and it barely left his cheek sore. Using the momentum of his body, he rolled back to his feet, having now lost his energy blades. The inglai charged again, but Leon was ready and he drove the top of his ehad, like a spear, towards the gut of the Alien, forcing it to double over and cough up blood from the impact. Leon also heard a few cracks, not sure if it was from his helmet or the body of the alien. When the Inglai doubled over, Leon brought his helmet back up in a blow to the face of the Inglai which caused it to stagger backwards, screaming in rage and pain as it’s helmet flew. Leon then acted and grabbed hold of the thing’s head, squeezing tightly until it popped, sending brain matter all over his hands and visor.*

*He threw the Inglai aside, and wiped the visor clean of brain matter. He moved to the head of the down and screaming Inglai, then stomped his foot heavily on it’s head, splattering it. That’s when Harver cut in.* “sir, we’ve gained the attention of the other squad, they’re coming this way.” *Leon didn’t take the time to reply and ran towards Rissa’s location, using this valuable time to get to her, and use the fact that the last squad of enemies were distracted to find Mack as well.*

*It didn’t take him long to find her, and due to the close proximity, he was able to open a private link, reactivating the camera link in their HUDs.* “Stop Rissa. fuck the Nickname shit, I’m right behind you and we need to get Mack and the others.” *Leon spoke heavily as he ran close behind Rissa, slowly gaining momentum on her.*

Re: RP Scene: Live Fire Combat Sequence
July 31, 2013 01:11AM
Covered in the purplish blood of the Inglai assassins, that she had killed thus far, Clarissa was practically stomping through the leaf litter, with her hardened armored boots living heavy indentations in the moist ground. Her helmet was dinged up pretty bad, and now with the HUD visor operational, she was able to get her bearings as to her location. Licking the blood off her teeth, she sniffed loudly through her nostrils, that were annoying the crap out of her, since they were caked with blood. She was not going to be a pretty sight when she removed her helmet later, that was for sure. As she pushed through the large palms that were about shoulder height from the ground, she suddenly heard the activation of a constant burst like signal, that shone a green light, to show the location of the sender. The name “Warmachine” illuminated and the crackle of his voice comm could now be heard in her helm.


“Finally..” she thought to herself. Her mind plagued with unanswered questions of just what exactly had gone wrong with the mission, and why it appeared that those they fought were in fact very real. This was no simulation exercise, this was a bid by someone to take out the Dire wolves and their trainees. Clarissa still had the drool streak of the dead Inglai on her visor, and with her free hand, she tried to clean it off, only to have it smear. This stuff was gross and it attached to the gloves on her hands. “Gah..” She wasn’t at all squeamish…but she hated the fact it drooled on her. “I’ve been slimed..” Clarissa sneered angrily as she kept her wits about her, making large foot falls in the massive battle suit she wore. Bulky by design, but the best there was, this thing was going to be needing some serious scrubbing, if they got out of this alive. Clarissa had been through worse of course, and Leon was always by her side. Today however, she couldn’t seem to contact him, but at least now, she could get in communication with Warmachine.

Clarissa switched comms over and attempted to radio her intent to Mack.


“Warmachine, this is Queen Bee, got you pinned down, and on route. Those Inglai are…” she said, just as she stopped speaking when another jumped down in front of her and then with both arms raised, it clenched its fingers intwined and held in it a large machette like weapon, that shimmered with energy. It screeched something that was inaudible and Clarissa looked up through the snot goo smeared visor. “Aww…come on..” As the Ingali brought down its blade, she jumped backwards, using the high speed, the suit enabled her, as the creature followed through in its strike, that went down into the ground. This then gave Clarissa a chance. Twirling both of her energy blades, she launched up and then struck both down into the shoulders of the Inglai, which had it screech violently, more purple ooze blood spurting out and showering Clarissa further. Clarissa ripped the blades out and then took a step back and the performed a quarterback like kick, aimed for its head, knocking its teeth fair back inside its mouth. It was truly raining blood and the scene was like something from a macarbe horror sci fi, as Clarissa seemed to lose it, crossing both blades over in a scissor action and striking at its neck, so the head was cut clean off in a slick move, that would have the Inglai’s main blood vessels broken and the body was like a fountain of purple blood. Falling back, Clarissa was now wide eyed, at her own actions. She switched off the power to the energy blades and re holstered them, and stepped on the body of the Inglai, as she headed to catch up with Mack.

As she started to run forward, the HUD illuminated the private communication video link with Leon, and she slowed her run, breathing hard, as she saw and heard him.

“Stop Rissa. fuck the Nickname shit, I’m right behind you and we need to get Mack and the others.”

“LEON!…You’re behind me?”

She turned around and could see him coming, running through the scrub, and she at first wanted to go to tears, since the constant killing of the Inglai was starting to affect her emotional stability. Instead, she swallowed and sniffed again, relaying.

“I got the burst signal…got him locked and his location. Leon…this isn’t a simulation, there are real Inglai down here trying to kill us.”


Re: RP Scene: Live Fire Combat Sequence
July 31, 2013 03:39AM
Raven was breathing hard as she ran through the forest, still holding her side. She had given up being stealthy and just used her speed to outrun any Inglai following her. She had at least five following her now, but she was loosing them quickly.
‘This is no simulation….’ she thought to herself with a frown.
Glancing back, she saw there were only three left, even if the other two weren’t far behind, she knew she could take them. Side-stepping and hiding behind a tree, she drew her energy sword and quietened her breathing, waiting for them to come close enough.
As soon as one came into her sights, she jumped out and slashed the blade towards it, though it jumped back, avoiding it entirely. Raven growled and kicked upwards, lifting herself off the ground with her legs around its neck, spinning around and then pushing it to the floor by its neck as she landed, subsequently snapping its neck.
The second one charged at her with its own sword, she rolled and dodged it before stabbing her own into its side. Wanting to make sure it was dead, she twisted the blade as she pulled it out and then stabbed it into its neck, spraying the purple blood everywhere. She wasn’t called the Widow Maker for nothing.
With hearing the shouting of the other Inglai, she flipped back, holstering her sword as she did and carried on running, nearing the place where China Doll and Pretty Boy were.