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Night Lands Castle (4)

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
July 30, 2013 05:55PM
*Leon smiled when she revealed her reason to kill him. She had to beat the best to be the best. He enjoyed the notion of the compliment she unwillingly gave him. Leon far from thought of himself as the best, but it was a fact, and a fact that took him years and years to make so. When she swung her spear blade into his sword and the clash of metals resonated throughout the area, he hadn’t been expecting her attack, but it wasn’t one that would cause him fret. Truthfully, it worked in his favor. He allowed his sword to take the blow, and with his incredible strength and speed, Leon swung the sharpened edge of his shield with enough force to shatter a tree from it’s base. The shield would likely hit, and effectively shatter the spear in two pieces. Leon would then carry this momentum into a quick twirl, bringing his sword full circle in a sweeping motion towards her neck. Stopping there, Leon decided to have a little fun.* “So you consider me the best. I am flattered by such a compliment m’lady. Sadly, I cannot say the same to you. Though, your eyes cause a but of a chill to hurry down my spine, they remind me of the stars in the night sky. Bright and beautiful.” *Another wink, and this time, a smile. He knew better to underestimate his enemy, and thus, he ran through multiple attack scenarios in his head as he waited for her reply, surprised he had not made a single attack yet.*

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July 31, 2013 02:00PM
Selene Casterly …indeed she did have looks but her conservative attire combined with the fact she was an angel only infuriated Brandon. Inside his bond-mate, the Demon of Wrath, was screaming, its psychokinetic bond pulsing with such bloodlust and sheer hatred for the creature before them. THE LIGHT IN HER EYES OFFENDS ME! RIP THEM OUT! STOMP THEM INTO THE GROUND! MAKE HER BLEED! THE LIGHT BURNS! The Brax king grit his teeth to ignore his exceedingly close associate before tilting his head ever so slightly in a faux nod to acknowledge Selene’s words to him. “It is indeed a…uncommon privilege to have a Casterly in our Castle. Joffrey will procure for your every need.” Brandon knew his heir would slack in this regard, piling the work of seeing to their guest’s needs to servants. It mattered nod. The sooner this creature of light was removed from Brandon’s presence the better. Otherwise the Brax heir would find himself missing a bride to be. Well that is not truly accurate, the body would be displayed for everyone to see so Selene would not be missing per say, just slit open and eviscerated, her entrails scooped out and strewn about the castle’s interior. Creatures of light…damn them. Joffrey better corrupt her as well as tame her. Brandon did not need another rebellious woman mucking about during his reign as Brax King.

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
July 31, 2013 07:20PM
Selene bowed her head reverently to the king as he spoke, though she was unsure why she was even there if the Brax family was not used to her family. Turning to look at Joffrey, she gasped in surprise as he stepped down to stand before her. He was so tall and stunning she could hardly keep the blush from creeping into her cheeks. As he kissed her hand, she broke out in an adoring smile and could only look at him in awe. His stunning eyes were amazing to Selene, and she found it quite easy to become lost in them. After he spoke of the honor being his, she shifted her eyes around nervously before meeting his again. “I apologize for how long it took me to make this journey. I assure you, I meant no harm…” Her apology was of course paired with an angelic voice that was barely above a whisper. “If it pleases your grace, I would love a tour of the lands so I may become aqauinted with my new home.” Looking up at the prince expectantly, she smiled like a young woman in love for the first time. How could this gentleman be so bad? She had just received her mother’s letter to be on her guard, but this prince was charming and seemed to want no harm upon her. Smoothing her dress down, she pulled her gaze away to murmur “I am a bit tired from my journey. Would it be all right if we found somewhere more cozy to speak?”

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July 31, 2013 07:41PM
Throne room


The voice of the King, echoed his command to be heard by all, and Joffrey listened intently while he held Selene’s delicate and tasty hand to his lips.

“It is indeed a…uncommon privilege to have a Casterly in our Castle. Joffrey will procure for your every need.”

“Of course, Father. I will be at her beck…and call. After all…I wouldn’t be a Brax, if I didn’t show such, kindness and courtesy to the family of the House of Casterly.” Joffrey said, again keeping up the facade of actually being nice, while inwardly his demon side was too busy fucking her senseless. He wiggled his brow at one of the watching Ladies in waiting, who blushed a scarlet shade and he made meowing mouthing action, before looking down again at the virgin Selene. He turned her hand over and traced her life lines within her palm and purred. “Oh so delicate…such..fine lines. I imagine you are such a treasure, you would break so easily, if one did not place you upon a pedestal to adore.” Oh…he was good. Very..very good. Licking his lips, he listened to her request and showed a sympathetic smile as she spoke.

“If it pleases your grace, I would love a tour of the lands so I may become acquainted with my new home.”

She was tired however after her trip up to the House of Brax, and he showed concern when she asked;

“I am a bit tired from my journey. Would it be all right if we found somewhere more cozy to speak?”

“But of course. My..dear mother arranged for you to stay in a room that is RIGHT BESIDE MINE. Isn’t that adorable? And..if you like we can share warm milk and cookies, so to help you drift off to sleep.” He placed a finger tip on her nose playfully and chortled, in a dark way. “I want to have you fresh…for when we get to know each other better.” If only she realized….just what he meant by that. Joffrey then turned and bowed to his father Brandon, and said loudly:

“The poor girl needs to rest. I shall take her to her chambers and ensure she makes it….safely.” He then smirked and offered his arm to Selene, to escort her from the Throne room, in full sight of the royal court.


Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
July 31, 2013 08:01PM
Selene listened to his kind words with an eager smile. As he traced her hand and bestowed a stunning compliment upon her, her body began to tingle. Stepping closer without even realizing it, she drank in his every word. “Oh m’lord…you are too kind to me..To be placed upon a pedestal would be an honor I hardly deserve.” How had she earned his affection so quickly? His charm had wooed her completely and she was finding it difficult to find the root of all the horrible rumors. Looking up into his eyes, her own widened as she realized their rooms were to be so close. Blushing again, she pulled back slightly and placed a hand on her chest. “That is quite something to be so close to you. I do hope your dreams are a sweet as your words.”As he mentioned cookies, she laughed softly and shook her head. “Oh your grace, cookies are far too sweet for my taste.”He spoke to her like she were a child and the touch of her nose confirmed it. Wrinkling it slightly, she wished she appeared sexier to him. In an attempt to appear so, Selene tried to seemed uncaring. “Well…I suppose I can only be so fresh when surrounded by such a dark surrounding.” Looking around as if it bored her, she shrugged. “It will do…” Finding her smugness to be atrocious, she sighed softly and looked up with a soft sweet look. “Forgive me….I must be more tired than I thought.” Taking his offered arm, she leaned against his arm tenderly and sighed. “Oh you are so kind…”

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July 31, 2013 08:31PM
Night Lands Castle Hall


Selene really was a perfect little princess, she truly was. As Joffrey stared down at her, when she put on this sudden turn where she shrugged and acted like she was bored, he saw straight through her, and wanted to pat her like a kitty…HARD. The corners of his lips twitched, like he was going to feel his own mask of niceness crack and splinter, but as she recovered and started to be Princess Dimples, he felt the wall come back up and he was able to proceed, as planned.

Escorting her out of the Throne room and into the long sweeping hallway, he patted her hand so it was closer to his chest, and gave his best impression as a dark prince. “Never ask to be forgiven, my dear unless of course, you have been dreadfully naughty. Then…I will have to spank you silly.” He chuckled with mirth, thinking of paddling her with something the size of a cricket bat, then again flashed that award winning smile, as they strolled together. At her remark that cookies were far too sweet for her taste, he thought for a moment, and then uttered, “I can imagine you liking such things as turkish delights, and fine dark chocolate. You know, they say that is a wonderful aphrodisiac.” This was a lure of bait, to see just how much she knew about sex, if anything at all.


Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 01, 2013 06:34AM
Selene laughed as he spoke of spanking her. “Your grace, you are so bold!” Still giggling, she gently curled her fingers around his hand as he held it to his chest. It was evident she was quickly falling for this dark prince that was wooing her quite effectively. At the mention of turkish delights, she gasped “Oh those are simply my favorite!” Looking at the ground sheepishly, she added “But I have never tried dark chocolate…is it simply divine?” As they continued walking, she contemplated his aphrodisiac comment. Selene did not have any experience with sex, nor a familiarity with courting. “So these foods are romantic? They certainly sound delicious…” Thinking then that he was comparing her beauty to Aphrodite, she gushed “You just so sweet, my prince.” Stopping him gently, she leaned against him and placed her hands on his chest. “I must admit, I have heard such atrocious things about you…and yet, you have shown me nothing but charm and darling hospitality. I have a feeling we are going to be a great pair and change the view of your kingdom together. Our kingdom, I suppose…” Unsure of propriety as she was in unknown territory, she thrust her arms around him in a warm embrace. “I could not have asked for a better fiance…” Pulling back, she looped her arm through his and looked up at him expectantly with sparkling eyes. “Shall we, my love?”

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 01, 2013 07:34AM
Night Lands Castle Hall


The eruption of the fit of giggles from Selene was almost nauseating to the dark Prince, when he had tried to say how he would spank her if she was ever naughty. But really he would spank her anyways…well not spank, more like strike her with a whip or cat of nine tails…or part of the head board. Joffrey was practically digging his nails into his other hand as he kept up the fake sweet nature in order to keep her guard down as they strolled along.

He had attempted to see if she had any real knowledge about the foods of sex, and she gasped about how turkish delight were her absolute favorite in such a high pitch voice, that he placed a finger in his ear and wiggled it slightly. “Oh, I’m deaf..” he thought, then tilted his head again and made a light.”Ha ha ha….aha.” when she said she had never had dark chocolate before. Selene wondered if they were divine, and he wrinkled up his nose and said with a light air to his voice. “Well anything as dark as me, is bound to be divine, isn’t it, and yes, you normally consume these treats, whilst naked upon a sea of black rose petals, nibbling it out of one’s belly button.”

Selene was positively beaming, gushing in fact, taken hook line and sinker by Joffrey’s charm and wit. She even said he was sweet, and this caused him to raise an eyebrow sharply. No one….not even Nanny ever called him sweet before. How..bizarre. He looked at her with a new found fascination, and began to think he was playing this game too well, right up till she stopped him and placed her hands on her chest. “Eeek..” he thought…”what is she doing?”

“I must admit, I have heard such atrocious things about you…and yet, you have shown me nothing but charm and darling hospitality. I have a feeling we are going to be a great pair and change the view of your kingdom together. Our kingdom, I suppose…”

Wait…she just said….our kingdom? Joffrey stood silently for a moment, as she continued about how she couldn’t have had a better fiance then….she hugged him. Joffrey looked like he just swallowed a sour gummy bear, and his hands nervously patted her back three times, till she let go, and looped her arm through his again.

Hang on…did she say ours? His mind was racing, and then he suddenly had the most evil looking grin you ever did see.

“Oh..we shall, my dear….we shall.”


Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 01, 2013 07:47AM
Selene blushed a furious scarlet as he spoke of being naked on a pile of rose petals and eating them out of belly buttons. Grasping him closer nervously, she began to whisper “I have never been so intimate with anyone, my love…” Looking up at him with sweet eyes, she spoke confidently “I know you will be gentle with me though…my sweet dark prince.” Her smile was so saccharine sweet that is was painfully obvious she was wrapped around his finger. As he looked uncomfortable, she looked down shamefully and continued walking with him. “I am sorry for being so bold…it must be so silly of me to be so comfortable with you already. You just make me so happy and relieved with your charm and compliments.”Selene spared a hopeful glance at her that he wouldn’t be angry. The last thing she wanted was her darling prince angry with her. As he began to grin, she became hopeful once more. Caressing his arm, they continued walking. “Could we go into town once I’ve rested? I so desperately want to see the kingdom. Oooh and we can go shopping!” With a squeal she nuzzled his arm. “I can learn to dress as our people do!” Selene was so ecstatic she was planning the wedding already in her mind. “So you like rose petals? Oh wouldn’t that make just a darling wedding theme? Red and black rose petals everywhere! And my own bouquet could be white since I am course a virgin…” She looked up at him with her bright green eyes. “What are your plans for our kingdom anyways?”