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Re: [RP] The Sea
August 01, 2013 06:58PM
The sounds of waves crashing loudly against the jagged rocks of the Bay, could be heard. The sound was often compared to that of thunder, which led the area to the nickname of the “Thunder Cliffs”. It was a natural phenomenon, but more so it was the perfect place to hid a large Ship. And so there sat anchored, the beautiful Schooner the “Fall from Grace”; and it’s Captain, the infamous Terren Avery. The Schooner was a small and very nimble craft; painted dark purple and black with purple sails. The sails were being rapidly rolled up by the Crewmen as Captain Avery stood upon the prominent bow with his telescope in his good hand. His hook hand, tapping his thigh as he inspected the scenery.



” We goin ashore fer long Cap’n? “, exclaimed a stocky short hairy Man, hauling a large rope. Terren exhaled and looked to the Man with a thoughtful look on his face.…You know what my Good Man….I think we will be sticking around for awhile…you lot deserve a bit of shore leave. He thought for a moment, then continued. And besides….I know for a fact that these puffed up silk-laden mouth breathers, have more gold than they can use…..I plan to relive them of their suffering. He smirked, slamming his telescope closed. He turned to address the Crew. Oi Boys! We’re payin my old stompin grounds a visit….there’s booze! *cheers* there’s loose Women!*louder cheers* and best of all, there’s……Gods Beloved GOLD!!!**ruckus cheering* He smiled as his Men danced around the deck cheering and whooping. Alright alright alright…..all ashore Boys! Let’s show these Land Lubbers, what a True Man of the Sea is really made of eh?! “Yaaaaargh” With a last smirk, Terren walked to his Captain’s Quarters to gather his weapons, then he was off toward the nearest Town. On his way he shouted to the Men. Alright you old Sea Dogs, you get clapped up and it’s yer own arse! You cause trouble…..then good on you….but if you bring trouble back to the Fall from Grace……..and there won’t be a place on Heaven or Earth where the Gods themselves will save you from my Wrath! There was solemn silence. Now fuck off you lot!! They cheered again and scattered off.

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Re: [RP] The Sea
August 01, 2013 07:29PM
While the schooner, “The Fall from Grace” was anchored in the cove just off the bay of a place known at the Thunder Cliffs, a young mermaid was watching the goings on aboard, as the Captain was whooping up his crew in the adventures that was to be had on land, with those that walked on two legs. Biting her lip, she listened intently as the Captain spoke of booze, loose women, but above all, he spoke of showing the humans just what a true man of the sea is made of.The water rippled around Amber, as she watched the crew dance around the deck, then prepare to disembark the ship, to go and enjoy wine women and song at the nearest drinking establishment, or cat house. The Captain, a tall man who appeared devilishly handsome was the last to leave the ship, but his warning to his crew had them all hold their tongues, till he bellowed;

“Now fuck off you lot!!”

The crew all cheered and scattered off, and the mermaid saw opportunity to leave the safety of the water. Slowly she rose out of the froth of the waves, and as she grew in height, she no longer had the long body of scales, and large fin, but walked out of the sea on two legs, using the charms enabled to her, by a trinket she wore around her neck. On the beach was an old chest that she had kept stashed away, with clothing befitting a Lady of the land of humans. A gift from her mother, she used it often, when she wished to walk among those that breathed through their mouths.

The Captain was striding ahead, making good ground, as the fair Lady Amber; who was now dressed in a fine blue gown that matched her eyes, skittered along behind, wondering if she could keep watch of him, for she saw something in him few did. Ah the mystery of the sea.


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