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[RP] Town of Bleu
July 26, 2013 08:44AM
This town is under the control of King Charles, it’s on the Firemarsh lands. It’s known for their finest cloth and finest rubies. The town is a couple of miles away from the Castle. It’s near the sea.

Re: [RP] Town of Bleu
July 26, 2013 06:16PM

The male on top of her roared and reared up, thrusting once, then again and then a final time before seizing up and climaxing hard. His seed spilt into her and Alayaya couldn’t help but cry in pleasure.
At least he was better than last nights client she mused to herself.
The male collapsed on top of her, panting and sweating. Alayaya tilted her head to the side and waited for him to get off her. He didn’t for a while…he lay there, breathing into her hair and tugging on her ear lobe. When she giggled and pushed at him, he finally rolled away and sat up “Now i know…why men come from far and wide for you little one” He grinned, emerald eyes gleaming in the candle light. Alayaya laughed and sat up too, naked and as sweaty as he was. She had to admit, he was good…better than the regulars that came in here. The male stood then, reaching for his breeches. Once he was half dressed she extended a hand and pulled her up, she went to him, laughing and tossing her head of dark curls. He took her in his arms and kissed her then, hard and fast, with his hands roaming across her body “My Lord…” she murmured against his lip “Your wife waits for you at him…with sons and daughters” she grinned and pulled away. The Lord did the same, grimacing. “Yes…and i’ll be back next week to see you” He reached up and stroked his knuckles down the side of her cheek. She smiled and kissed his hand “Go…After you pay me, of course”. He laughed and nodded, turning and lifting a little velvet purse from the bench. He handed it over and Alayaya felt the weight quickly “I shall see you next time then My lord” she murmured, kissing his cheek as he left. Once she was alone, Alayaya ran a hand through her hair and sighed. Tossing the purse into the burlap sack she had by her bed. Reaching for a black satin robe, given to her by some high lord a long time ago, Alayaya tied it around her waist and yawned. Heading for the window she pushed the glass aside and took a deep breath of the hot air…and tried to let it make her sleep.

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July 28, 2013 08:11PM

Prince Robert rode into the town, followed by a couple of his closest guards. He was wearing simple clothes, but still fine enough to notice that he wasn’t just another commoner. In case the couple guards that stayed only a feet away from him didn’t give that out in the first place. He was hoping to get some time to himself but of course that was never possible. Charles made sure that there were always guards posted on him. Sometimes it seems as if he was more of a prisoner then the next heir to the firemarsh throne. “Mi’lord, why are we in town today?” One of the guards spoke up, Robert glanced back to him for a moment before looking forward. “Dropping off something, and picking up something else. Come on” He said simply, though ever so politely. They treked further into town as they stopped at the center of it where there was a water fountain in order to water the horses for a moment. He dismounted as the rest followed suit, leading his horse to the edge he peered down. The water seemed crisp enough. He let his horse drink as he sat down with a heavy sigh. He wondered for a moment what his sister was up to. Probably talking to her close friend. He ran a hand through his hair as he gazed down at his reflection. His thoughts on Raven and what he was going to have to do.

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July 30, 2013 11:51AM
Robert quickly finished his business in town as he made his way back to the guards, carrying a small object underneath his arm. He tied the package to the back of his horse and quickly mounted it once more. “We’re done here..” He told the guards as he pulled on the reins and was getting ready to ride out until someone caught his eye. A girl opened her window and took a deep breath, wearing only what seemed like a robe. She was beautiful, there was no doubt about that in his mind. He gazed at her for a moment longer, one of the guards noticed his gaze and saw the same girl. “Mi’lord, that is Alayaya. A whore with an ice cold heart, don’t let your beauty deceive you. Rumors are that her only concern is to herself, that she simply wants to steal the heart of a young wealthy lord and be set for the rest of her years” The guard muttered ruffly, hinting that maybe Alayaya had rejected the poor sod.

“I don’t take much stock in rumors, nor the bitter insults of a man.” Robert reminded the guard as he promptly fell silent at that. He gazed at her for a few seconds more before he tugged on the reigns and rode out of the town. Headed back to the castle to deliver his package. He had decided what he was going to do about Raven, now he only needed to find her.

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July 31, 2013 12:54PM

Treasure, treasure..where are you.. This thoughts ran through some male’s mind, a male that was a pirate and now recently a Knight in the Firemash Kingdom. A talented man that was found by the King Charles, if somebody looked at him, nobody would think he was intelligent or if he was a knight. Why? Because he was basically dressed like a pirate, but he didn’t had his hat, on, instead he had a red bandana around his head, with his long brown hair, his hair looked curly, but it also had dreadlocks, and other accessories on it. He had a beard with two braids on the chin, then a mustache, not too big, but enough to keep his male figure. Then the rest of his clothing, was all based on pirates clothes and the colors would be white, brown, red and black. Hanging around his waist, would be a sword.
The name of this man was Sir Jack Mormont, and even if now he was a knight, he still remained with his pirate outfit whenever he wasn’t working, he hated those armors, it was extremely uncomfortable and wouldn’t allow him to move that well. So of course, pirate’s habits was still in him, the way he thought, the way he acted, and the goals he had. If he found a treasure that would be more than King Charles is paying, he would be gone.
With this all thoughts, he wanted a drink, rum, of course. He stretched out his arm, and pointed at finger at the bartender.
“A glass of rum, please.”
Jack ordered. He was on those tables, where the bartender basically slides the glasses and waits for the client to grab them, but sicne Jack was kind of lost in his own world, he couldn’t catch his drink, and it went to the end of the table, hitting against another glass, and breaking the two. The other glass belonged to a man, with the double size of Jack, and he was clearly mad.
When the man stared at Jack, he just keep his innocent smile, as he slowly stood up and began to step away from the table, but it was on that moment, he noticed it wasn’t only that man who was standing up and wanting to beat the crap of him, it was ten more. Yeah, that’s what happens when you mess up with a guy that has a big “gang”.


Ok, Jack had no choice, but start running and that’s what he did, on the next second, he turned around and just ran out of the bar, since it was already night time, there wasn’t really anybody in the streets, and even if it was, nobody would do a thing, they would just sit back and watch, or stay away from the troubles.
Jack just ran through the streets, screaming. He wasn’t a guy who deals with stuff by violence, and he had no chance against those all men. Especially that he was drunk, of course, drunk. He was always drunk, he spent his life drunk, all the time, that’s why his running was kind of funny, and so was his personality. But he could be very sneaky and intelligent, people let themselves get fooled by his actions, when he can really get anything he wants.



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August 01, 2013 03:13PM
Alayaya shut the heavy oak door behind her. The pleasure house in the Appleeye pleasure district of Bleu was a thin jade building, though the paint and the tiles were flaking and cracked, the wood was splintered and the windows were covered in streamers of bright silk to keep the sun out and because most of the glass had smashed a long time ago. Alayaya glanced left then right and then left again, the streets were bursting with people, tall men in turbans and floating silks and slim women in beads and chiffon. Alayaya was dressed in the same manor, her dark hair was being held back with long streams of colored beads, she same kind that she had slung around her neck and arms. She wore a dark emerald gown of floating chiffon with two slits up the sides and again, wrapped in bright beads. Anyone that would see her would know that she was a whore, but judging by the amount of jewels she wore….they would know she was a well of whore.
Striding down the streets like she owned them, Alayaya didn’t really have a destination in mind, she was out for a walk because the stufy heat of th epleasure house annoyed her. Mama, the house mistress, had also sent her out for complaining, so in a huff, Alayaya had left and wandered the streets. Winding her way through the alleys she could hear a commotion up ahead. Shouts and yells made her roll her eyes but as soon as people began to push past her she yelled out in frustration. With a glare she began shoving back, trying to worm her way into the main street “Move!” she snapped, pushing past a young women with a basket of bread in her hand. The girl yelped and moved, causing a surge which in turn, pushed Alayaya into the mainstreet
which was totally empty.
Alayaya glared at one end before turning in a whirl of brown curls and green silk to see what was going on down the other end.
When she was barreled into by something.
The whore was sent spinning, yelping in terror. Alayaya landed on her rear with a gasp of pain. Gritting her teeth she looked up at her attacker…a strange bearded fellow in a red head scarf. “Who do you think you are pushing me over!” she snapped from her space on the floor
Alayaya got to her feet and eyed the man over. More yelling caught her attention though and as she stared over his shoulder she spied the large heard of men running right for them. Her eyes widened in horror and she went lax “what on earth…” she gulped and glanced to her attacker before slapping his hard across the face “what did you do!” she yelled with a glare

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August 01, 2013 03:57PM

Jack just keep on running, people was getting out of their way, and basically making a free way for Jack keep on running. What in hell? They could simple help him and put him in some safe place! Not let this continue! He keep on moving his legs and screaming, hoping somebody would help him, but nobody did. Till he saw, all off sudden, a woman get on the way, and he had no time to stop his running, he had been going this fast for awhile now, so of course, he barreled into her, making his body fall on the ground, as it landed in front of hers. He had fell over his tummy, and he had his hands under his face, so he wouldn’t hurt his pretty face, yes, pretty, because for him he was the pretty guy. Of course, he knew he wasn’t but he liked to play around about that.
Then he removed his hands from his face, and pressed them against the ground, so he could left up himself, then he just stood up, and began to clean his clothing because of the dirty ground. He wasn’t really paying any attention to the woman that was just complaining around, he was more focused on getting himself fixed. But, of course, her slap was what woke him up, he even spun a bit around his feet, as he placed his palm over his cheek, looking at her with a shocked expression, like mostly women would do, that basically said “How dare you?!” But then, he removed his hand, and stared down at her with a pout.
“You just slapped me..”
He was acting like a completely kid, till her yell finally reached him. She was talking about those all men that was following him, oh damnit! He forgot about those guys.
“What did I do? Certainly what you didn’t do. You really don’t have anybody after you, right?”
Now Jack was just playing the smartass guy.
“Hey you!”
A tough voice could be heard, as the all built, mostly fat men stood there, some meters away from Jack. He turned around and saw the all men. This quickly made him yelp like a little girl, as he just jumped and began to hide himself behind the unknown woman.
“Take her! She’s a whore! And a very well one! As you can see by her clothing, and her looks, its totally normal if she’s well payed..”
Once again, Jack was leading his own words, to other thing, he first spoke like he was scared, but then it was like he was just stating facts. This man really needs stop drinking rum. He began to bite on his own nails, and now his own conversation was giving him an idea. He was a man who didn’t liked to solve things by violence, deals and talking was always more easier for him, since he had this way to turn people around, and make them fight against themselves, or against their own group, and it was on those moments he decided to run away.
Popping his head out from behind the woman, he stared at the guys with a smirk, as he stepped aside, and finally showed himself.
“Gentlemen. Let’s all be adults in here and have a conversation. You really don’t need me, right? I’m not that young, I probably have liver cancer, and I’m a retired pirate, I have no use on your guys hands. But this woman!”
He said, pointing at her.
“She’s different. She’s beautiful, she has money, she’s a whore, and more than that! She has an incredible intelligence, and also an extremely good thief. Oh and don’t forget! She never gets drunk! I bet none of you could win her in those drinking challenges.”
Jack was basically selling the woman out, he made up lots of stuff, but he knew she was a whore, he noticed by the quick look he got from her. He hadn’t a woman in years, but that didn’t meant, he stopped getting interesting, its just, he wasn’t really that pervert guy. If he had to pick between a naked woman and a glass of rum, he would definitely pick the rum.

“She does seem very good, sir.”
A dwarf from the group, spoke as he was pushing some men out of this way.
“Yes, but not better at drinking challenge.”
The leader from this gang, was an extremely tall fat man.
“I’m not clearly sure about that, remember the last challenge? I won against you both.”
Right now it was another dwarf speaking, a black one, and he was coming out from the group as well. This left Jack completely confused, he was being followed by this guys?
“You cheated, little man! Don’t trick us!”
The other dwarf spoke.
“Who are you calling little man?! Its not like you’re taller either! Just one inch!”
The dwarf replayed, and with this, the argument went one, and they was basically slapping each other like little kids. The huge man(leader), was just trying to stop them, but he was acting rather dumb.

Jack was staring at this scene, with a stupid expression on. His intentions wasn’t really to make this, well it was for them just get more interested on her, and then he would say something else to piss them off, so then they can start fighting against each other. But this was rather quick, and he was still surprised with the two dwarf’s. Well, it wasn’t time to watch, he had to get lost before they noticed him again.
“And this is where we take our leave.”
He told to the woman, as he grabbed her arm, and began to run away, pulling her along, but he soon would let go off her arm, as he could finally hide in an alleyway. He stayed there for a couple of seconds, as he noticed the gang already running to a different direction, since they was trying to find him.

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August 01, 2013 06:51PM

Alayaya was ready to kill him
right then and there
she could easily take the beads from around her waist and strangle him.
However, she simply rounded on him and slapped again.
“Stop pawning me of!” she hissed with a glare before turning back to the group of men “I doubt any of you could afford what’s between these legs” she smirked and arched her eyebrow, challenging them to argue. At first they said nothing, they all stared as if she had gone mad. Until there was a roar of laughter “A whore is a whore sweetheart!” one called. However, before she could retort, the two in the front began to argue. Alayaya watched, bemused at the scene “Men” she snorted, she turned to take her leave but found herself being tugged along instead. Crying out in surprise as she was dragged down another alley. “Let go!” she yelled, but it was no use. She was dragged down alley after alley until they found a place to hide. SLiding in against the wall Alayaya fell silent as the group of men ran past. When silence fell over them she swallowed and licked her lips before straightening up and giving him another slap “Do you even know who i am!” she demanded “I’m Alayaya waters, the black pearl of Firemarsh” she glared at him, crossing her arms under her small breasts “and affordable by most without a lordship” she rolled her eyes at him.
“I should geld you right here and now!” she snapped, pushing past him “but not before you pay up, 50 gold dragons for my troubles” she said, tilting her head back arrogantly and as if she owned the world.

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August 01, 2013 07:11PM

Once they was finally in the alley, Jack felt himself way more relieved than before, at least he didn’t had those men after him, anymore. However, there was another problem, this woman. This woman who just keep beating the shit out of his face with her palm. How many times she had been slapping him by now? Well, since he always got himself into trouble, a slap wasn’t really something that would affect him, in fact, it only made him want to piss her off even more.
“No, I don’t know who you care, but I’m not scared you.”
After saying this, he tilted his head back and done some weird movement with his fingers as a “ooooo” sound escaped from his lips. He was totally bothering even more. Its all he could do after all those slaps. He couldn’t hurt a woman, so he just used words. As she finally said who she were, he frowned slightly and stared at her with the same stupid expression he had back then while he watched those guys fighting. He seriously had no idea who was Alyaya waters. The black pearl of Firemarsh, and affordable by most without a lordship. Hum..well, if she was that good as she said, he was glad for her? He wasn’t really going to waste a simple coin on her.
“I’m sorry, but I seriously don’t have any idea of who you might be. But since we are introducing each other. I’m Jack, a reformed Pirate, and now a Knight that works for King Charles.”
He replayed as he bowed, being all polite, yet strangely. Then she pushed him, making him step back, and giving the woman more space to move. Wow, she was really mad, maybe a glass of rum would be good for her, at least she would chill. It always made him chill, don’t you see him now? After this all situation he looks extremely calm and happy. That’s what happens when you spend your whole life drunk. However, it wasn’t only “geld” him that she wanted. She wanted his money for her troubles?
He just hugged himself, stepped back, frowned slightly and spoke.
He looked like a little kid not wanting to share.
“I wouldn’t even waste a single coin in you, why the hell 50 gold dragons? We didn’t had sex. And if there was a bottle of rum besides you, I would totally waste the 50 gold dragons on the bottle.”
He said like he was offended. He wasn’t going to give this women his money, there wasn’t any need for. All he did was just bump into her, and then made up some lies, but he got her out of there, so there wasn’t really any need for give his money.
“You just aren’t that..I mean, you’re pretty..but..there’s something in you, that really doesn’t caught my attention..There’s something missing..”
He began to say his opinion about her, as he stared up and down at her. There was something missing.
“Breasts, maybe?”

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August 01, 2013 09:04PM
Bleu Keep

*The room was dark, no light was seen as the moon rose and no candle had been lit to illuminate the darkness it brought. No sound was heard, not even the smallest claw scratchings of the mice living in the shadows of the room, welcome allies by it’s owner. However, there was a stench. A stench that filled the room with nausiating effect upon those who would breath it in. Well, those other than Lord Theon Knott, the man who owned the room and was the cause of the stench within.*

*The effects of the man’s, if he were to even be called that any longer, latest…endeavor were spread across his work desk, still dripping the oozing red good that was it’s remaining liquid. Theon sat in his desk chair, eyeing the organization, making sure it was exactly right. Satisfied with the set up, he dipped a finger into the blood, slowly swiping some upon his finger tip and bringing it to his lips, parting them, and placing the finger into his mouth. He sucked on the finger until it was dry of the blood that had been placed on it, and grinned brightly as he reveled in the taste.* “Just right.”
*The man stood from his seat, his leather and cloth clothing forming to the new shape his body took as it became balanced on his feet. He was dressed in dark colors, black mostly, and a dark purple, as were the colors of his seal and standard. Lifting both hands, something in his right palm seemed to glint as the light of the stars shone upon it for a short second, then faded. This was his Adamantium Steel Wand. His arms in the air, he threw his head back, and closed his eyes as he slowly began chanting words in a language untollerable.*

“A’den aranar atiniir batiir brotar Culci’on.”

*Repeating the words over and over for about ten seconds, the organs on the table lurched into the air, a bright red glow emanating from their surfaces. Slowly they began to twirl on each other in a circle, closing the gap each item held between one another. Theon was still chanting now, but it was as though he were no longer within himself, and all of his being was poured into this ritual. The organs however began to comit an act incredibly unusual. As they closed in on each other and their surfaces touched, they started to become one. Like a droplet of water meeting with another, soon, all the organs in the air became one large and odd fleshy form.*

*Theon stapped back to, seemingly being unaffected by the action, as his eyes laid upon the disfigured form before him, laying on the table.* “Good…” *The Lord’s attention was then taken from the odd thing on the table, and to the charm he had set on a hook above a map of the Firemarsh lands. The idea was for the crystal to scry on it’s own, forever searching for any magic that may affect people of importance, such as the King or the queen. Theon’s eyes brightened and a small grin slowly formed on his lips. He approached the map and crystal slowly, looking at it as it landed on the name of the king.* “Very interesting…perhaps…Bear, we may be having some fun after all.” *His grin became devilish as he turned and the large black, wolf-like dog came padding up behind him panting. His golden eyes shining brightly in the light of the moon.*
*Before long, Theon had gathered his belongings and was out the door of his keep on foot, unguarded, and with Bear close on his heel. They walked down the mountain path that led from the Keep to the Town of Bleu, his wand in his pocket, and his mind focused on the journey, and all that was around him.*