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Amelia Reed


FC: Pauley Perrette
“There’s no aphrodisiac like loneliness”
Status: Alive
DOB: Sept 12
Gender: Female
Species: Witch
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Homeland: Bedford
Current Residence: NH
Occupation: forensic scientist

Pet : Snake (“Rattles”)
Allies: –
Enemies: Werewolves or vampires
Personality: Curious, quirky, intense, playful, dedicated, loopy
Likes: Snakes, men, science, biology, books, and sex occasionally
Dislikes: Country music, country singers, anything that wears a cowboy hat.
Marital Status: Single, but was going out with Lysander
Weapons: Wand, spell book, charms, incantations, knife
Abilities: Levitation, shape shifting into snake, fire element
Magic element: They say that fire is created from anger in one’s soul, but Amelia uses it to illuminate, as well as obliterate, when she is angered by love gone wrong, or from jealousy. Her use of the fire element can be as simple as lighting candles for séances, to burning down people’s houses.
History: Sister to Melinda Reed and the ex girl-friend of Lysander, Amelia was a bright card in the deck, fascinated with death and corpses, she came to love to dissect anything that died in her front yard. The mysteries of anatomy she finds intriguing, so its no surprise she would end up working for the police department, as a forensic scientist. Other than her work, she loves nothing but to keep her nose in a book, and spend hours writing up new spells and incantations. She also collects snake venom, to be used in some of her more exotic potions.