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Night Lands Castle (5) – The Blood of Kings.



Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 01, 2013 08:10AM
Night Lands Castle Hall


This…innocent, sweet blonde…virginal angel was turning on the niceness, like she turned on a tap, and it wouldn’t turn off. Joffrey was the lord of Evil…the Prince of darkness…the bloody demon of the House of Brax, and this…girl was literally showering him with compliments and saying sweet bubbly, bunny sugar coated…THINGS!. She confirmed, she was in fact a virgin, and then..the kicker…

“I know you will be gentle with me though…my sweet dark prince.”

“I will?….Oh..yes..heh, I will.”

She saw the confusion on his face, and then suspected her forward nature had caused him to look strained. If only she knew the truth. She was glowing, practically radiant from the happiness she was feeling in her heart. “Oh Hell..is that a halo?” Joffrey wondered if her wings were also going to pop out the back of her dress, and she would whip out a harp and start playing Amazing grace. All this joy and light, and…happiness. One didn;t have to be stupid to realize that these are the very things that destroy sadness and evil, and Joffrey blinked like he thought his eyeballs were on fire. It wasn’t meant to be like this? She was supposed to be submissive and…no…wait…oh no…!

“I so desperately want to see the kingdom. Oooh and we can go shopping!”

“SHOPPING?!…Princes don’t go shopping!” In his head he was screaming, wanting to burn down everything, but this angel was so…nice! He didn’t know what came over him and he stammered..

“Why…yes..my sweet dove. Whatever your pretty little heart desires.” He wanted to yank out his own tongue and shove it up his own butt. She babbled on and on about rose petals, a wedding theme…..WEDDING?! He forgot about that part, and he could see that she certainly hadn’t. For a moment, he almost felt faint. And grit his teeth as he struggled to keep up his smile. The demon Prince seemed to be losing…to an angel of the House of Casterly of all things. His father would never speak to him again…his Mother would be thrilled of course. And this gave him an idea.
“Yes…tomorrow after you rest, I shall inform my wonderful Mother, to escort you to the town and you can have anything you wish to buy…my buttercup.”

Stopping outside her door, he kissed her forehead gently, as if to show he was a gentleman, and then bowed low, before turning sharply on his heel and then staggered back up the hall, so he could find the nearest flower pot to be sick in.


Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 01, 2013 08:24AM
Selene gushed when he called her dove. He was just so perfect! Her face fell a bit when he said his mother would be taking her and not himself. Nodding obediently, she realized the prince must have more important things to do than go about town. She was the guest, but he had duties after all. As he kissed her forehead, she threw herself against him and began to nuzzle into his neck. She had to stand on her tiptoes, but she couldn’t stop touching him. Resisting a purr, she closed her eyes and kissed his heart. “Thank you so much for taking such good care of me…” As he bowed and retreated, she watched him leave with a happy smile on her face. He really was something. Turning to her own chambers, she pushed them open and went to her vanity to write another letter to her mother. After it was written, she gave it to the closest servant to send with a raven. After she had some privacy, Selene began preparations for the wedding. What dress would she wear? She preferred silk over lace, but perhaps she would incorporate the two? And how handsome will Joffrey look…she blushed wildly with glee as she began to imagine her life with him. How could she have been so nervous? The dark prince was turning out to be the man of her dreams and she had high hopes for their future. Selene had no idea what he had planned, but she only hoped he was falling for her as quickly as she was falling for him. Leaning back against her chair, she continued to day dream.

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 01, 2013 08:57AM
Throne Room
Imogene was creeping behind Brandon’s throne, her dark eyes hooded as she watched the prince escort his angelic fiance out of the room. The sight of her purity made her want to vomit. How could her darling king bear to even be in the same room as that walking atrocity. Looking up at Brandon adoringly, she doubted he even cared about her presence. That was all right, he would understand his love for her in time. In the meantime, she would do whatever she could to fall into his good graces. As she watched Selene gush over Joffrey, she rolled her eyes. That was hardly the way to get the attention of a dark lord. Gritting her teeth, she decided she would take Selene under her wings. Her black, harsh wings. The thought made her bite her lips with her fangs, thinking of very delicious thoughts. Looking back up at Brandon, she simpered “Is there anything you would like, your grace? It can be yours immediately.” She kept her adoring smile hidden as she figured the mere idea of love would anger him. No, best to let him come to terms with it in his own time. Clasping her hands together, she forced herself to look away from him and look at the ground. She mustn’t stare too long.

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 01, 2013 09:05AM
Joffrey’s chamber


Wiping the vomit off his lips with the back of his hand, Joffrey staggered into his large chambers, and slammed the door behind him, falling back on it as though he had been scared half to death. In all his years of being such an evil, spoilt and devilish brat, never had he come across a woman that talked, smelt and looked like Selene. She purred when she was content, she touched him, she threw herself at him like he was some rock god. She nuzzled, kissed, hugged, squeezed. All those sissy things. Joffrey shuddered,and then as though he now believed in girl’s germs, he ripped off his coat and started stomping on it like he was trying to put out a small fire.

Now, he was wide eyed, and his heart was beating so fast, that he thought he was about to have a heart attack. He even placed his finger to check his pulse and count, to see how fast his heart was beating. It was insane. She was falling in love with him, but…what was wrong with him? Since when did he stutter around a woman? Impossible.

“I’m Prince Joffrey Brax…Heir to the throne of the House of Brax. I’m acting like a fucking fop!” He was ready to tear out his hair, when there was a knock at the door.

“FUCK OFF!” he shouted, almost tearful at his bizarre feelings.
“Joffrey…its Nanny. Open the door, Joffrey.”

Joffrey sulked and with shoulders hunched he wandered over and opened the door. Nanny was standing there beaming and she reached up and tweaked his cheek.

“I saw you and the fair Selene. Such a beautiful girl.” She said, pleased as punch by his behavior in the Throne hall. Jofrey bottom lip was trembling, and Nanny noticed right away, placing her hand on his chest. “What is it? Ooo your heart is pounding.” Joffrey nodded, jutting out his bottom lip, as Nanny found reason to smile.

“You’ve been shot by Cupid’s arrow.”

“What…are you on about, Nanny? I’ve not been shot.”

“Oh yes you have. Joffrey, don’t you see. Sweaty palms, rapid heart beat, watery eyes…”

“Being sick…?”

“Yes..yes. Joffrey…you’re in love.”



Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 01, 2013 09:31AM
Selene spent quite a while planning the wedding. She was so excited to be sharing her life with the dark prince. However, she knew that it was fast thinking and she did not want to frighten her fiance. Pushing back from the vanity, she raised her fingers to her lips. What would it be like to kiss him? The very idea made her heart beat faster and her body tingle from head to toe. Standing up slowly, she called for a couple of servants to escort her. Obviously she wasn’t going to be getting much rest while thinking about her betrothed. Leaving her chambers, she began to walk around the corridors. There was a good chance she could get lost, but she figured someone would rescue her if need be. As she walked, she observed the decorations and had her hands folded elegantly in front of her. A few of the male servants stopped and stared, stunned that such a bright beautiful woman that seemed to glow with a light from within walked around the castle. What was she doing with the prince? Selene offered them gracious smiles, which only seemed to throw them off further. Too curious for their own good, many of the male servants joined with the servants already escorting her. It seemed as though she had an entourage as she continued her walk. The angel was even more ecstatic to see such that the servants were also accepting of her. Could this really be her new home? Turning the corner, she found herself at the castle doors. A few of the servants pushed it open to allow her through. Stepping through the doors, she turned to offer them a bright smile that was accompanied by the chorus of birds outside. The servants simply stared. Turning around, she decided a stroll around the castle grounds would do her good.

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 01, 2013 12:28PM
Castle Stable

Rodrick had been the whole way trying to make the horse go faster, the Queen was just speeding up with her werewolf speed, and if Rodrick could use his vampire speed he would, but this horse needed to go back to the castle. He had already lost one before, he couldn’t lose another, they were very precious for transportation and fights.
When they finally reached the Castle, Rodrick went straight to the stable, so he could place the horse there, and make the poor animal rest. When he jumped off the animal, he told other guy, to give it water and food, since the horse was probably almost dying by being so exhausted. And he was, because on the very moment he saw the water, he just drank it like there was no way tomorrow, like he hadn’t been drinking water for years. But once the guy finished feeding the animal, Rodrick told him to go away, they couldn’t find out the Queen was here, or else thousand of questions would start raining. When he knew that there wasn’t anybody in there, he walked outside from the stable, and looked out at some trees.
“You can come out.”
He was just telling the Queen that she could show up, since there wasn’t really anybody else here, but the both of them. He was still holding her dress on his hand, making sure it wouldn’t touch the dirty ground, nor would fall from the horse while he was riding it. As he waited for the Queen to come out, he stepped closer to the wolf, and stretched out his arm, handing her, her clothes back. 

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 01, 2013 01:30PM
Throne Room
“Is there anything you would like, your grace? It can be yours immediately.”

These words returned Brandon to the outside world, away from his internal argument with his Demonic companion. The Brax King’s cruel eyes flicked over his personal servant, Imogene Moirai. The far corner of his lip curled in amusement upon hearing the female vampire’s words. What would he like? For starters to be having his way with Imogene. Secondly, the complete and utter control over everyone. Domination of all, controlling through fear. This is what he wanted. Instead Brandon had a rebellious wife and a power struggle with three other Kingdoms. Nevertheless, Brandon held his left arm out, palm upwards and made a cupped hand gesture. This was to indicate his personal servant could rise and approach closer to Brandon. “Your opinions on our recent…guest, shall suffice for the time being.” He wanted the truth, and if the Brax King should even considers the thought that Imogene was deceiving him, her unlife would take a drastic turn for the worse. Well his servant could always beg, he would not be merciful, but the punishments would change. Why waste a fine looking female body by mutilating it beyond recognition? It spoils the fun.

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 01, 2013 01:39PM
Rose arrived at the stables first she beat him. Now that’s how a wolf rocks. Rose shifted her big fuzzy head over towards the entering knight. Rose walked around the halls a huge wolf, if any one tried to chain her she would have their heads in the courtyard. Her eyes shifted towards the knight as he dismounted himself from the horse, she shook her fur, having the snow that fell on her shake free. Rose didn’t feel like going in her human form. She sat down and looked at him like a dog begging for a treat. She opened her big mouth and held onto her clothing. Rose started at the knight amused. She tilted her head like a curious animal would. Rose sat up from the ground and change back to a human. Her hair hung over her breasts as she looked at him.
Castle hall
I hate being a queen. Always have to be judge on my appearances. Well you know what. Fuck this.” she said.
Rose threw the clothing aside, as she walked past him , nude. Rose was going to walk around the castle naked. Yes Rose had balls, she didn’t care what people thought of her.. Her hair hung down her back as she turned a corner. Walking down the halls, as people were stunned and bowed their heads. Rose held her head up high as she walked past King Brandon’s office.

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 01, 2013 01:44PM
Imogene wanted nothing more than to throw herself at the king’s offered hand and bestow kisses upon it. But that would be silly…And oh, that smile. It stirred feelings within her that a creature of the night didn’t know she could feel anymore. As she stepped closer, she kept her eyes to the ground and took a moment to decide how she would proceed with his question. Speaking against a royal could mean death. But lying to the king, her beloved would only end in something far worse. With a heavy sigh, she spoke confidently “If it pleases your grace to know, I find that angel revolting. It was hard to keep my breakfast down while she simpered over your son. Could anyone truly be around that without wanting to kill puppies?” Realizing she was going a bit far, she dropped her voice to a whisper “Forgive me, my king. What I mean to say is, she could be the destruction of your son. Joffrey is dark, malicious, and only knows the power of pain. But purity can do a lot more damage by healing…your grace.” She spoke no more and merely stood beside him, her fingers clenched at her side as she did her best not to touch him. When she glanced up momentarily, she let out a gasp. Was that the…queen…naked? Looking at her king with a raised eyebrow, she pondered what he would do to such insolence.

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 01, 2013 02:26PM
Castle Stable

Rodrick just keep staring down at the Queen, she still didn’t changed back into her wolf form, and she looked at him like a dog that wanted something.
“I’m not going to give you a treat.”
He told her with a small smirk, as he allowed her to hold her clothing in her mouth. Then he just stepped back from her, and watched her shifting back into her human form, oh how much he was loving seeing her shifting into a wolf form then back to the human one, it was so interesting..for his eyes. Now he just waited for her to dress herself, but she didn’t she dropped the clothes in there, and began to walk away, nude. Into the castle, oh god, if somebody saw her like this..Well, it wouldn’t be his problem anymore since his duty was only bring her back to the castle. Yet, he stayed there and watched her, watched her ass moving as she walked. Till she was out of his sight.
“What are you looking at?” Other warrior asked.
Rodrick just looked back at the guy, and moved his hands around his head, as he spoke.
“Mind blown, dude.”
He was clearly talking about the Queen’s bottom, but of course, the guy didn’t saw a thing, so he really didn’t understood what Rodrick was talking about.
“The hell you talking about? Anyway, care for a drink? We already have chairs out there closer to the tents, we can party.”
The guy spoke about the camp that was placed around the city closer to the castle. It was basically where the Knights, and warriors lived. Rodrick nodded, and simple followed the young fellow to the camp.


As they got there, he saw already a couple of guys, hanging around, some dancing due being extremely drunk, and others wanting to touch the bonfire, but once they did, they said it hurts them..stupid drunk men. Rodrick, walked up to a free chair, and picked up a beer, as he began to drink it. He stayed outside, drinking for awhile, till he decided to go into his own tent, and lay there, thinking about the whole day, as he drank his beer.