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Night Lands Castle (8) – The Blood of Kings.



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August 02, 2013 07:10PM


Rodrick had to take a deep breathe, when she shifted her body weight over his lower lip, and grinned her waist against his. Of course having a woman touching him this way wasn’t anything special for him, but for some odd reason, it was like giving him more pleasure with Rose, he didn’t knew why, but it was feeling better. Maybe because he knew she was basically a forbidden fruit, that he couldn’t eat? Rodrick grinned when she commented about the sex slave thing, who knew the Queen could be silly. She wasn’t really a good girl, she was more the bad and silly one, something that quickly caught Rodrick’s attention.
Now she was only inches away from his lip, and he was already preparing himself to kiss her, and when he thought she would do the same, she just kissed his jawline instead, and used her teeth to tug on his skin, starting to growling, her inner animal was taking control of the situation, and Rodrick knew that, he could see it by her eye color change. She was demanding, and Rodrick was doing what she wanted, but for her he was being slow, so she used her claws to rip off his last clothing.
“Great..now I have to buy new pants..”
He complained a bit with a roll of his eyes, but his complaining wouldn’t last forever, when he felt himself finally inside her, oh god, he couldn’t really believe this was happening, he could have any women he wanted, the all ladies he had in this kingdom could prove it, but he never thought one of the women he would touch would be the Queen. A royal body, an amazing body. His fangs was already out, that would just say how much he was enjoying this, and the more her movements increased, the more she moaned, the more he felt the need to touch her body. Watching her breasts bouncing, he was moving his hands to touch her, but she just keep on slapping his hands, every time he tried to touch her, she would either slap his hands, or pin him down, or just push his hands away. Ugh, she was leaving him on the edge of desire.
Rodrick couldn’t stand the idea on being unable to touch her, so of course, he reached his limit. He pinned her down on the ground, against her back, as he quickly got on top of her, and shoved himself back inside her, there was no way he was going let her be the only trying to control this. His rough hands was already on her breasts, groping, and exploring more her body with his touch. His lips was down on her neck, like he was about to bite her, but he knew he couldn’t do such thing, so he quickly made his fangs turn back into normal sized teeth. He just brushed his lips against the skin of her neck, giving rough kisses, then going up to her chin, wanting to meet up with her lips.

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August 02, 2013 07:33PM

Rose’s hair bounced her face as she rode him like a stallion. Her hands were on his chest as she began to move her hips in a circular motion. She felt his hands squeeze her butt as he pinned her down on the ground and started to thrust her more. Rose widen her legs enjoying his girth and length inside her body. Her head smeared against her face when she felt his lips trace all over her skin. When he traced his fangs along her neck she moaned out louder as he increased his dept and speed. Rose looked at him when he was only inches away from kissing the queen.
Rose felt kissing was way too personal than fucking. Rose smeared her hand in his face blocking him from kissing her. Her strength made him push off her body and lay back on the ground as she smacked her pelvis against his, making loud smacking noises. Rose had barely any fat on her body, but yet he made her thighs and body shake as he thrust up towards her.
Uhhh awuhhh ahhh awuuu awh awhhh awh ughhhh ehghhhhh!” those were the foreign sounds that escaped her lips as she slowed her body down before she would climax too soon. Rose looked down at the knight smiling a devilish grin.
You kiss my lips, I shall have your head..” she said.
Rose felt his hands remove her bottom she chuckled before placing on of his hands on her breasts and the other on her butt.
You can kiss anywhere else but my lips.” she told him. Her body moved like a whore, as she began to move her body weight up and down. 

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August 02, 2013 07:53PM
Night Lands Castle hall


Joffrey’s mother, as the wolf gave her son THAT look, of the fact she was done playing nice, and her temper exhausted, she simply padded away, leaving the couple on their own. Joffrey was in a real pickle. For one, his mother would not be taking Selene shopping, which meant that it was now up to him to accompany her. Joffrey gave his mother a parting look of “Thanks a fucking lot!” as she trotted away, but then the weak sounds of his betrothed, brought his attention back down to Selene, who was horrified that the wolf was in fact his Mother.

“Your grace, forgive me!”

“Does this mean I get to paddle you?….No…err, scratch that.” The dark side of him crept to the fore, only to be beaten back when Selene went into emotional meltdown, fearing she had put on such a display that it would only make her look bad before the House of Brax. Well, it didn’t look good, in fact it was down right annoying, but she started to act subservient, again and Joffrey got this odd flutter in the shriveled up thing that he would know as a heart.

“Oh you must find me to be absolutely ridiculous…putting on display like that. How could I assume your mother wanted me dead? You must think me a fool.”

“No…no, if there is anyone she wants dead, then it would be the Ki…” Joffrey managed to catch himself in time, and save himself from a massive case of foot in mouth. She really didn’t need to know that much about the Brax family, and Joffrey tried to turn it into something more comical to bring a smile to her face. “You want to know ridiculous? Try my Mother parading just before down the hall starkers. THAT’S ridiculous. Ahahaha. Don’t you think? And its not even the season.”

His words to reassure her were harder for him to say than admitting the truth of the situation, but he was digging himself further and further into a hole, that he was now struggling to climb out of. Here he was, the Prince of Brax, comforting the Princess. Hells Bells, if the King saw this, he would have his head. Swallowing hard, he then realized that there was no one else to palm her off onto to take her shopping, and he had given his word he would. So when she said she would go on her own, he found himself becoming the perfect host.

She had more or less tried to dismiss herself, and as he watched her turn to walk away, he threw his head back and squinted his eyes tight, as he cried out.


He took fast steps to reach her and jumped in front of her to stop her. His eyes were changing, and the look on his face, for one so dark, was….not as devilish. There was genuine concern, or so it seemed. The war within was being lost, much to the demon’s anger, the host was falling further…slipping. He placed a finger under her chin to look up at him and he said firmly.

“I am taking you shopping, and not another word. Do you understand? No more tears, no more…thinking you are not at all exciting. You are my future wife and Queen of Brax.” And then, he bent forward and kissed her lips softly, to put a seal on the deal, while behind his back he was crossing his fingers, hoping this was like making a pact.

Whatever would she think now?


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August 02, 2013 08:15PM


Rodrick keep on thrusting harder and deeper into her, he was clearly desperate on wanting to kiss her lips, he didn’t knew why, but he wanted, maybe because she wasn’t allowing him. He always wanted something even more when people didn’t gave it to him. He shut his eyes when she shoved his hand against his face, blocking him from kissing her, he didn’t understood why, now kissing was something forbidden? Really? After all they was having sex, touching each others bodies, but not being able to kiss her lips? She was clearly those people who found kissing more personal than sex, fine, if she wanted to be that way, he would let it happen, till one day, he would have a kiss from her, he didn’t knew when, but that would happen. Its turning into questions of pride as well.
The game turned around again, this time Robert wasn’t anymore on top of her, she pinned him back down again, and he stared up at her, watching her smacking herself against him again, he wouldn’t let the poor woman do the whole work alone, so he began to move his hips as well, making the thrusts got more faster and deeper than before, but it seems the moves soon started to slow down, he clearly felt her having her climax, which for him was actually way too soon, he wasn’t still done with her, and he hoped she wouldn’t make him stop.
“So only your lips are the forbidden fruit?”
He asked her with a smile, as he was slowly removing his hands from her body, but then she placed his hands back on her, this would only tell him that she wasn’t going to stop this either, good, he still wanted to have his climax before finish this, or else he wouldn’t be satisfied enough. He gripped tightly onto her skin, as he sat up, and left her staying on his lap. She said he could kiss anywhere else but her lips, well then, he would do that. He dragged his lips down from her jawline, and once they finally meet up with her breasts, he done more than kissing it, he sucked, nibbled, bit it, massaged it, using his own lips, teeth and hands, the bites he left on her body wasn’t enough to pierce her skin, so the marks would disappear within minutes. Rodrick’s hips movements was going faster and roughly each second it passed, this would mean his climax was about to come.

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 02, 2013 08:35PM
Selene tilted her head as Joffrey spoke of who wanted the queen dead, but he didn’t finish the thought. Someone wanted his mother dead? How could he laugh something off like that. A flicker of doubt crossed her face but it was soon gone as she wouldn’t allow herself any negative thoughts to ruin her image of the dark prince. Though she was confused as to why he wanted to paddle her. Did he truly see her as a child? These thoughts crossed her mind as she walked. As he called her name out, she pretended as though she didn’t hear him. The princess did not want the prince feeling as guilted into spending more time with her. But he was suddenly in front of her, and she gasped “M’lord, you are not finished with me?” The look of concern on his face melted her heart and wiped away all feelings of shame and self-doubt. Stepping towards him slowly and felt him lift her chin so she had to meet his eyes. Her heart skipped a beat as she did so, her skin feeling warm from his contact. As he gave her orders to stop being so silly, she felt foolish again. Why oh why had she allowed herself to cry in front of him? He must be growing sick of her if this was how he expected his future queen to act in trying matters. Selene continued with these negative thoughts until his lips were suddenly upon hers. The reaction was a strong one. The princess felt as though her feet were rooted to the spot and the kiss sent tingles from her lips all the way down to her toes. Closing her eyes, she couldn’t stop herself as her hands shakily reached up to touch his chest. With a soft sigh, she deepened the kiss only long enough to lock her fingers in his hair. Being so tall, she had to stand on her toes but it was a sacrifice worth making. Opening her eyes slowly, there was no containing the look of pure adoration on her face. Pressing closer so she wouldn’t tire on her toes, she was at a loss for words. This was her first kiss, and it was to a man who seemed to care only of her well-fare and feelings. As she looked up into his eyes, she suddenly realized how inappropriate she was being. Surely Joffrey would find her needy and clingy if she kept touching and thrusting herself upon him. Pulling herself away from him quickly, she put her fingers to her lips with a small smile.“It would please me so very much to spend time with you, m’lord…It is so caring and sweet of you to want to be with me?” Still smiling, she looked at him with sappy eyes. “You just care about me so much…And I want to treat you with the same kindness.” Folding her hands in front of her so she would not be tempted to touch him again, she asked softly “Is there something you would like to do first? Perhaps you would like to retire to your room for some alone time? I know you have been forced to spend an awful long time with me…”

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August 02, 2013 08:48PM
Rose moaned out and grunted as she felt his body move against hers, she looked down at him as she moved her body. Her hands slid down his chest as she moved her body against him more. She growled out having her mouth extend more, her wolf fangs increased as if she was slowly shifting into her wolf form. Rose growled down at him when he spoke about her lips being a forbidden fruit. Rose felt his fangs pierce into her body over and over as she growled more from pain and pleasure. Her hair dangled down her butt as she lowered her head and bit him. It was a huge bite his blood ran in her mouth as she quickly pulled away looking at him. Having thick iron like blood drink down her mouth as if she busted her mouth open. Rose moaned out while arching her back up as she climaxed. Her eyes shifted down to the knight as he climaxed as well. Rose laid there while leaning her head back.
Oh oh oh! That was so good….fuck yes! I love it when a cock fucks my cunt” she said.
Rose had a trashy mouth she spoke like a horny sailor before looking down at the vampire. Her eyes shifted back to brown while looking down at him. She dismounted her stallion before getting up from the ground. Rose stumbled a bit from the soreness she received from the knight. She fell to the ground giggling like a girly girl while looking at the knight from the ground. Her long hair shifted to one side as she stared at him.
I expect you in my chambers again….bring that cock of yours too.” she grinned.

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 02, 2013 09:16PM

Rodrick shut his eyes tightly and groaned out when she bite him, it was clearly a huge bite, because he could feel the blood sliding down on his shoulder, and when he took a look at her, he saw blood on her mouth as well. Of course she liked to bite as well, she was a werewolf, they liked to leave marks on whatever they touched. Soon their fun would stop, when he reached his climax and she reached her second one. He was glad that at least he felt satisfied enough with this. He allowed himself to fall back on the ground, as his breathe was kind of heavy, and he was kind of sweaty, from the all heat and action that had just happen here.
She had a trashy mouth, he liked her dirty talk, it made him chuckle, because it was actually funny for him. He still remained abit over the ground, then pushed himself up, just for sit down, he watched her stumbling here and there, since he left her body sore, that’s all he could leave for her, making her body sore, and tomorrow when she woke up it would be even more worse, especially for some women who hasn’t had a man in years, he knew she had been without sex for years, he could tell that by how tight she was, and a woman who had children wasn’t like that, so it has been years since her body got touched again. Such a shame the King Brax isn’t enjoying the beautiful body his wife has, if he was on the King’s place, it would mostly like be every single day, or every week. Its like her touch was addicting.
“It will be my pleasure showing up in your chambers, my queen.”
He told her with a smirk, as he pushed himself up from the ground, this time, he just walked inside the water, letting the cold water touch his skin.

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August 02, 2013 09:31PM
Night Lands Castle hall


Joffrey had all his life been self-centered, bratish, promiscuous, loud and above all selfish when it came to his needs and wants. His sly and underhanded tactics, to steal away the maids and ladies of the court to his quarters was something he was rather proud of. He got a lot of his stealth from his mother, naturally, being she was after all a wolf. His hardened heart, and vile disposition acquired from his father by gene pool, but…there was an untapped side to our Demon Prince, that was now finally coming to light, and he hated it. What the devil was it about this girl that had him bewitched, and behaving like the perfect gentleman? He was at a loss to even try to explain this to himself, and his actions were now bordering on…being hospitable…and worst of all, loving.

As their lips met in the hall, what started as a peck from him turned into so much more from her. She went up on tip toes, and with her fingers running through his hair, she let out a soft moan of pleasure. His eyelids twitched, and they then slowly closed, as he brought his arms around her, and held her in place. No more of the patting, he was actually pulling her closer to him, but in a gentle fashion. His head turned so he started to kiss her repeatedly, but his tongue did not start a search like that of a snake into the warmth of her mouth. No, this was not lust as such…it was something entirely different.


As the kiss was broken, he looked at her with a new found curiosity. He just kissed an angel, and…he liked it. As Selene placed her fingers to her own lips, that must have still been tingling from the kiss, Joffrey was lost for words, just standing there, staring at her. She started to speak, and her voice was so soft, delicate. Joffey was sinking, deeper and deeper into the sea of love.

“Is there something you would like to do first? Perhaps you would like to retire to your room for some alone time? I know you have been forced to spend an awful long time with me…”

“I…I..could you give me an hour. I need to uhm…yes, do you mind. I promise I will be right back. Just…yes, I will meet you at your chambers in an hour. Something I need to do.”

He offered a bright smile, then caressed her cheek, before walking towards his chambers which he entered, with one last look back at her, and then disappeared inside.


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August 02, 2013 09:41PM
Rose managed to catch her breath, she rolled over on her stomach to help her body get up. Rose giggled like a woman who has been excited. Her hair moved in her face as she managed to stand up on her legs again. And yet her legs were shaking like a newborn deer. She took a deep breath before looking at the knight.
Good then, it will be settle. I shall have my guards escort you to my chambers safely. Meanwhile I will replace your pants and your entire clothing we far better material.” she said.
Rose reached down to grab a cloak before pulling it around her body, her eyes shifted towards Rodrick as she moved his body into the water. Rose has over stayed her stay with the knight. Now, she must go up in her chambers to clean herself. Rose opened the tent and walked out of the Rodricks. Many knights looked at her with amazement, they bowed their heads and stared at Rose as if she was the only meat in a wolf den. Rose made her ways pass the guards and up to her chambers.
Rose walked quickly into the room and leaned against the door. Rose gasped out like a teenager who has just fucked someone for the first time. Rose refused to show her affections in public and yet she managed to keep her cool until she got into her chambers.A huge smile was planted on her face when she thought about what just happened.

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August 03, 2013 08:59AM
Selene was still in shock from her first intimate moment with the prince, making it impossible to speak. She watched in silence as he caressed her cheek before walking away. Was he so eager to leave her presence? Giving him a soft smile, the princess continued to watch him walk away. As he turned to give her a final look, she offered a little half-hearted wave before he disappeared. Walking slowly down the corridor in that direction as there rooms were side by side, she stared at the ground and thought about what just happened. He kissed here. Really kissed her, and he kissed her in such a way that for a moment she felt as though his feelings were growing for her too. But then he accepted her offer to retire from her. What was it he had to do? As she walked, she could hear the servants whispering around her. Lifting her head to look at them, she longed to know what it was they were speaking. Placing one hand on the door, she watched for a moment longer before asking “May I have some assistance in my chambers, please?” As they nodded subserviently, Selene stepped inside her room. Her eyes widened as she noticed there was a steaming rock bath in the corner. How delightful. Turning to the servants again, she quietly as for help undressing. As her dress was modest, it was also such a hassle to get in and out of.
Her gown dropped to the floor around her in a pool at her feet, her long hair flowing behind her naked form. She smiled softly as she observed that the servants added rose petals to the steaming water. Stepping into the water, she allowed herself to completely sink underneath. The petals closed around her and she opened her eyes under water. Being in the tub gave her a sense of freedom from all thoughts and emotions. She had plenty at the moment. So many mixed feelings about that kiss. Did he enjoy it? If so, why did he leave? As she stayed under for a few moments, she could hear the muffled sounds of servants speaking. Rising up slowly, she listened in and kept her eyes closed. Rumors. They were speaking of the dark prince. Frowning slightly, she kept her eyes closed and pretended to be lost in the relaxation of the steaming waters. The servants continued to speak of some bizarre behaviors and sexual routines they had heard from some of the ladies. Whether or not they were true were beyond any of the servants, but there was certainly enough to keep them chattering. Opening her eyes, Selene felt her heart sink. What were these sick things the servants were saying? 
Sitting up, she looked at them. As the servants realized she was listening, they dropped their gazes and hurried over to wash and perfume the princess’s hair. Selene was again at a loss for words. Were these things true? Did Joffrey leave her to do…unspeakable things to another woman? She felt an immediate sense of betrayal and a fresh wave of mortification. Her mother was absolutely right. She was going too fast, and it seemed she had fallen into his games. Feeling so foolish, she remained silent as the servants doted on her. After what seemed like quite a long time, Selene looked to the women. “The prince is expecting to meet me here to take me shopping. You must tell him that I have fallen ill from over exertion since my travels. I wish to be alone tonight…” They nodded obediently and Selene rose from the bath. Still dripping and quite slick, she pulled a thin white laced gown over her body. It pressed against her wet skin and became quite revealing in some spots, but she didn’t seem to care at the moment. Her wet hair spilled behind her so she sat at her vanity. Gazing in the mirror, she tried to think about braiding her hair instead of whether or not Joffrey had been a folly.