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Night Lands Castle (7) – The Blood of Kings.


Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 01, 2013 08:22PM
(I’ll be taking advantage of the Rodrick situation.)
[center]Imogene did not have the courage to tell the king it was he she was saving herself for. However, she nodded and looked regretful for saying such things to upset Brandon. Listening to his words about Selene, she raised an eyebrow. “Your grace, if it please you, I could offer another service…” Glancing at him, she spoke quietly in a conniving tone. “If Selene does indeed go into town…I could follow her and physically make her change.” Her fangs flashed as she spoke. “If she is a creature of darkness, perhaps she would better fit into the land of the dark…” Her smile was quite devious and she allowed herself to graze his hand momentarily with hers. Just the touch seemed to revamp her up for the desire to do evil. Brandon was just so inspiring to her and she wanted only to please him. Standing still, she tried to look as though she were not plotting the downfall of that annoyingly angelic bitch.

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 01, 2013 08:30PM
Night Lands Castle hall

Joffrey had a win. His mother, though she loathed him for his sadistic and sarcastic ways, was after all, her true son, and this whole idea of a shopping trip, though nauseating, at least got her out of the castle grounds. However she was in no mood to go get dressed or return to her human like form. Joffrey withdrew an apple from his pocket, watching his mother transform into the wolf right before his eyes.


“You know you might scare the living daylights out of her….or she might be allergic to dog hair.”

Course, his mother wasn’t paying attention to him, and padded out to go find Selene in the gardens, as asked. Joffrey shrugged, and then happily made his way along, left to his own wicked thoughts and devices, when all of a sudden, there came a blood curdling high pitch scream….from the garden.

“Why….why am I always right about these things?” he said, ready to bash his forehead against the stone brick wall beside him. “If Mother tried to sniff her arse, I know I would scream too if I was her.” The sound of the Princess’s shoes as she ran up and inside the castle gave Joffrey enough time to toss the apple out the nearest window, but he did get a shock at how fast she could run, as she practically barreled into him and drove her tear streaked face into his chest. “Oh for fucks sake.” Joffrey thought to himself, knowing full well, it was probably his Mother that caused this.

“There is a large wolf outside the castle! Oh your grace, please save me!”

“Err…my sweet, that..large wolf was my Mother.”

The angel was practically clawing at him, as she held him so tight, he was actually having trouble breathing. He looked down at her oddly, as she cried; “I was so afraid it would kill me!”

“No…no no. She’s harmless really, all bark not bite. Worst thing my Mother could do is slobber on your pretty shoes. Oh, I am so sorry.” Yes, he was sorry, sorry that his mother didn’t have the courtesy of at least trying to look human when she introduced herself. He let out a sigh and then patted the back of her head, saying sadly. “There there. Look, to make it up to you, I will take you shopping. Just..please stop crying.” It was giving him a headache.


Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 02, 2013 08:59AM
Rose walked slowly out of the garden to where his son and bride was. Her eyes narrowed at him when he said it was her mother. Rose gave him a look “I’m done..” look. Rose didn’t want to baby sit a woman who is scared of a wolf. She didn’t have time for those type of people. If Joffery wanted to go shopping with her, he shall do it. Not Rose. Rose walked down the hall away from the two couple. Her fur moved up and down as she trotted pass the throne room. Her eyes shifted to see a woman next to her husband, she was happy to see a woman who was interested in the true monster. Right now she wanted to go find the knight and thank him for escorting her back to the castle. Rose trotted out of the castle and pass tents of knights. Rose sniffed around to find the sweet knight.

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August 02, 2013 09:46AM

Rodrick remained awhile inside his tent, he was just letting thoughts rush around his mind, and when the thought of the Queen being naked come, he couldn’t help but to chuckle. Sadly, it was on that moment, he poured some beer over his shirt.
“Ugh, great. I need to clean this.”
It wasn’t only his shirt that was dirty, he still had some blood on his neck, from drinking the other man blood, so washing himself would be good as well. Sitting up, Rodrick removed his shirt, leaving him shirtless, and with a necklace hanging around his neck. He picked up some clean towel and a soap. After that, he just dropped the towel over his shoulder, and held his shirt on his left hand, as the soap would be on the right hand. Now that he was done, he left his tent, and stared around, it was less people than before, since mostly were already drunk and they quickly passed out. Oh well, it wasn’t his business anyway.
He headed to the lake. Once he got there, he dropped the all stuff on the ground, and got on his knees. His hands would go into the water, as they brought up water to his chest, and naked, cleaning himself. After cleaning his chest and neck, he began to clean his shirt, using the soap as well. He first wanted to clean his shirt, then he would wash his full body. It wouldn’t take him more than six minutes to wash his shirt. Then he stood up, and grabbed his belt, he was right about to remove his pants, when he spotted out some wolf out there. Oh great, now he was going to be followed by wolves? But then he noticed that it was the Queen and not a common wolf, he felt way more safe and curious at the same time.
“What are you doing here?”
He asked, perking up an eyebrow, as he stared at her.


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August 02, 2013 05:57PM
Rose’s wolf eyes looked up at Rodrick. Her body soon shifted from wolf from human. She stood nude in front of him, having only her hair covering her breasts.
I came here to thank you..” she started.
Rose saw his body and she was indeed impressed. He was such a handsome lad. Her eyes trailed over his arms then his shoulder soon down to his stomach. Rose smiled looking at him, it has been 16 years since she has been with a man. That’s a long time for a woman to wait. Rose walked closer to the knight perking an eyebrow up.
So, is there a problem. A queen cannot thank a simple knight?” she asked.
Rose knew he stood over her like a tree. That didn’t stop her, she brushed her nose against his body like an animal would if they were in heat.
You know what I love, I love teasing a man who cannot touch me” she whispered as she brushed her body again.
Her hair tingled his knight skin as she looked at him with lust.
Lay down…I’m going to show you how thankful I am…” she growled pushing him down on the ground.

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 02, 2013 06:14PM


Rodrick perked up an eyebrow when she shifted back into her human form, being naked again, he was clearly starting to enjoy more werewolves than he thought. So she was here to thank him? Well, he never thought the Queen could be so kind. Since he never had enough time to get to know more of her, he clearly didn’t knew how her personality were, but he knew how her husband’s personality was, so he thought she could be the same, but she proved him wrong, only showing him that she’s a better person than most think.
“Well then. You welcome, I simple done my work.”
He replayed as his view went down to his shirt, towel and soap, he was about to pick them up, so he could wash himself, but before he picked up a single thing, she said something that made his curiosity grow. He began to wonder where was this leading, but either way, he was enjoying this. He stared down at her, since she was way shorter than him, and then he felt her nose against his body, she was so close, and naked, he was half naked, but the situation didn’t stopped being uncomfortable, in a good way. Then the heat started building up inside his body, as he felt her body brushing against his, and he saw lust all over written on her face, the just felt like rushing his hands against her body, and touch her all over. But then with a strong push from her, he end up falling down on the ground, and lay on his back, as he stared up at her.
“Harsh..Now I’m going to be your sex slave, or what?”
He mumbled, staring up at her with a smirk. Even if this could turn out a better day, she was right in something, he couldn’t touch her, she was the Queen, married, and he was just a simple Knight, and his duty was protect the royals, but wasn’t it please them as well? Do whatever they wanted? Well, that’s what Rodrick was going to do now. He was going please the Queen.

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August 02, 2013 06:21PM
Before Regina could reach the broken piece of spear, the knight had placed a foot upon it so she wouldn’t be able to get it. Her eyes flickered back up to him. She notice the few seconds that they stared at each other that the shield wasn’t block his body fully in this direction. A quick thought of tackling him popped in her mind, but before she had made the moves to do so the knight had already placed the sword inches away from her collar bone. Regina knew not to move because any type of movement would cause penetration through her heart and end up killing her. A sigh spilled from between her lips as she rolled her eyes when the knight continued to talk in the playful like tone, but then her eyes quickly shifted upwards to look at him when the tone in his voice turned cold and emotionless. Regina perked a brow as she let out a chuckle.
“Your such a fool. I will never surrender to you.”
Regina wasn’t going to give it up that easily, even though he had broken the most used weapon that she ever used against other enemies. Yeah she would admit that this knight was pretty fast and stronger than any of the other knights and warriors that she had fought against in the past. But she knew deep down that she had the advantage to defeat this knight. Regina eyes stayed locked on the knight as she still stayed there motionless. Many things running through her mind on how to get out of such trap. Regina then thought that if she surrendered to him that she would of an opportunity to kill him somehow.
“You know what? I’ll surrender.”

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 02, 2013 06:24PM
Selene was mortified as she looked up at Joffrey. Her lip trembled as she spoke “Y-your mother?” Burying her head into his chest with shame, she stopped herself from crying. The princess was putting a ridiculous display on and she thought her fiance must have found her weak and highly unintelligent. Of course it was a possibility she was a wolf. Were wolves normally that size? Most likely not. Pulling back from Joffrey, she turned just in time to see the queen leave. Gasping, she put her hands to her chest and called “Your grace, forgive me!” As the queen disappeared, the princess turned back around but couldn’t meet Joffrey’s eyes as she was so ashamed. “Oh you must find me to be absolutely ridiculous…putting on display like that. How could I assume your mother wanted me dead? You must think me a fool.” Realizing he offered to take her shopping, she looked up to offer a weak smile. “Oh, I couldn’t ask that of you. I know it must not seem exciting to you. As the prince, you must have other important duties you would rather attend to. Please, don’t worry about me. Perhaps I can go myself, or find someone else to take me.” Still feeling mortified, she turned away from him. “I shall leave you in peace now…” Picking up her skirts, she turned around and began to walk down the corridor.

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August 02, 2013 06:36PM
Rose fell on top of him him, having her core drag along his stomach as she dragged her teeth against his neck. Rose closed her eyes and opened them, having them wolf blue again. Rose shifted her body weight on his lower body. She simply grinded her waist against him as if he was already inside her body, but she knew better. He was only half naked. Rose looked down at him, having a couple of curls slide over her face.
A sex slave? Hmmm sounds even better what I thought of..” she growled.
Her inner animal was taking control of the situation. Rose leaned down to his face, inches away from his lips. She knew he was going to kiss her so she pretended she was about to make the move to kiss him. But instead of kissing his lips she leaned towards his jawline. Kissing it before tugging on it like an animal. Rose growled deeply, it sounded more like a dog growl.
Take it off” she told him.
He reached to unzip his pants and that was taking to long so she simply used her wolf claws and ripped it off. Her body rose up to sit on him as she looked down at his eyes. Rose knew it turned him on because she could see his fangs peaking from his lips. Rose without saying another word, she simply pushed her body weight down hard, having his member enter her body. Rose moved up and down fast. When it came to sex she didn’t want to waste any minute. She looked down at him having her wolf fangs appear. Vampire fangs were thin and pretty. Wolf fangs were thicker and jagged. She moved up and down having her breasts shake. Her moans increases as well as her movements.

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 02, 2013 06:45PM
*Leon’s eyes held onto hers, and he could tell she was plotting something as the silence fell over the two. He was no fool, and knew damned well if his offer was not pleasing enough to her, and he accepted her surrender, she’d damn well attempt to kill him anyway. He would have to be smart, and choose his words wisely.*

“You know what? I’ll surrender.” *Leon smiled warmly, though he did not remove his blade from the woman’s collar bone or his foot from her broken spear. However, he did speak softly, his eyes holding hers.* “My terms are these. You are a warrior with potential the likes I have not seen since Sir Arthur Redmoore himself. In return for your life…” *He spoke the words honorably, as though he were looking into the eyes of a Knight even above himself.* “..you will follow me, and I shall train you. The day you are able to duel me, properly, and draw the killing blow, then I shall allow you proper chance to duel to the death.” *His eyes held the honesty and resolve of a pure white winged angel. He meant all that he was saying.* “Should I win the Duel to the death, you will live, and our differences will be set aside, though know that your name shall fly among the legends that mine has. This, I swear upon my blood and the steele of my blades and shield.”

*He held his eyes on her, and pulled his sword away from her slightly, as a signal of trust and good hopes, though he held it ready for any kind of attack.* “Do you accept these terms?”