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Vaas Plains Castle (7) – The Blood of Kings.

Dedicated to Arwen and Aragorn of LOTR

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August 03, 2013 09:51PM
Training ground
Whispering a soft prayer, and to his love who now would be watching down from the clouds of Heaven, Sir Wayne raised his eyes to that of Sir Arthur, who was an angel of darkness, one of the wings of black. So this was to be a showdown, of the light and dark knights of the order. Sir Wayne’s wings flapped slowly, but you could see that the power in behind them would be considerable, though he was saving that for when the time came.Sir Wayne acknowledged the light nod of the head in respect to Sir Arthur, though knew that this knight had a liking for bravado and showmanship, which came with being a dark creature.”Then we are not to share greeting? It has been quite some time, Old Friend. Perhaps you’ve learned a thing or two since I last wiped floor with your ass.”

“Perhaps I have. I learnt that one is to hold sacred the union of our brothers and their wives.”

A shot that was sure to be heard and the crowd gasped and whispered, for the game was about to turn nasty. He may be of white wings but he still believed in faith in marriage, and to honor the sacred union. He had caught sight of Sir Arthur and Lady Dana before the match, and it didn’t take much to see the games being played off the arena were just as dangerous as those that wielded the blade.


Sir Wayne watched carefully, as Sir Arthur was wielding two blades, one of which was his fabled “Majestic”, that he held with is right hand, the other hand he carried a second blade, that was just as shiny as the first. He took his position, and as the horn sounded, Arthur was up and off into the air, propelled by his legs and a simple flap of the wings to give extra speed. The sun was blocked out by the size of Sir Arthur’s wings, as he speared towards Sir Wayne, with a loud roar that would have the crowd jump to their feet, and in the moment of landing, the knight attempted a downward slash of his left handed blade, to which Sir Wayne side stepped, whilst swinging his sword in an upward motion to attempt a block so the blades would clash against each other. Using the propulsion of his wings he leaned backwards, supported by the wings power and attempted a sharp kick, to the lower stomach, as the sword Majestic slashed at Sir Wayne’s side, striking his chain mail and causing a gaping wound, with blood flowing freely out of his side.


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August 03, 2013 11:34PM
Training Grounds Arena*When the sound of the steel from Sir Wayne’s blade rang through the air from the blade hitting that of his left handed weapon, Sir Arthur almost smiled at it. He knew the result was wholly in his favor as Majestic sliced open the mail and flesh of the opposing knight. How ever, just as Arthur was to follow up with another attack, he felt the force of the kick being delivered from Sir Wayne’s boot. This caused him to stagger backwards, his grip upon bleeds holding strong as ever. Though his plate armor torso piece was covering him and took most of the blow, the armor was forced back onto him, which would likely cause a slight bruise.**Arthur had been forced to halt in his attack, but readied his blade once more. He took this tiny respite as a chance to break word in reply to Wayne’s last comment. He understood it fully well, and he cared not even a little about it. Though, he could never pass up a chance to speak some smart ass comment.* “Perhaps, though I wonder to what avail that has gotten you, Sir Wayne. Tell me, what is it like to fuck the cunt of decaying flesh?” *His face took on the look of a sarcastic empathy. Perhaps that would have been a little mean, but, Wayne dug deep on him too. Arthur was just better at disguising it, in some situations at least.*
“Oh…too soon?” *He feigned a bit of sorrow next, hoping to force the man to attack next. He could see the blood flowing from the gash he had created with Majestic in Wayne’s side, and decided where he should focus the majority of his attacks.*

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August 04, 2013 12:04AM
Training arena
In trading of blows, there are some done with weapons, and others done with words, and those with heart know that to speak ill of the dead in such fashion was not only cruel, it was disrespectful. Sir Wayne though, knew in his heart, that his wife though she lived the years as that of a human, never in his eyes lost her beauty, but remained true of heart and devoted. Had she been there she would have said to her love, to turn the other cheek, but this was a battle of minds as much as it was of the swords they swung. Clearly Sir Arthur’s intent was to create a loss of concentration, and to be blinded by emotion, but what Sir Arthur did not understand, was that his wife was with him. The very sword he wielded was of her name, and he would honor her by using it instead of words spat back like a venomous snake.Taking advantage of the fact that Sir Arthur was knocked back by the boot strike to the chest, and with Sir Wayne’s wings now giving full power, he launched at Sir Arthur, and with his blade held with both hands, he swung it in a slight diagonal arc, to cross the left side of Sir Arthur’s neck, in a move to slice open a major artery. The force of this, coupled with the pressure of his wings beating, could give better propulsion, as Sir Arthur used up time in his speech of hate and cursed words.<3>

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August 04, 2013 12:11AM
Training GroundsCalypso watched silently, her eyes trained solely on Sir Wayne. The way his expression changed as the two spoke. She could only imagine what they were saying. Something Sir Arthur said must have struck a nerve in the other knight, because his actions became like they were near the end of the previous match with Sir Reed – vicious, ready to kill. She stood abruptly, her mouth open as if to command them to stop, but she closed it, knowing that even if she did voice the command, they would have no reason to obey it other than it possibly shocking them.No matter what happened, for better or for worse, she could not stop this match. Not to save either’s life, nor any other reason. Not only would it be unlikely that she alone could do it anyway, but it would arouse suspicion around her. She somewhat easily played off her sudden move to her feet as an attempt to get closer. She took a few steps forward and now stood at the edge of the box, her eyes flickering for a moment from Sir Wayne to his opponent, and then back to him. Whatever happened was going to be interesting, to say the least.

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August 04, 2013 12:26AM
Royal Box
The Royal box was now mostly on their feet, for the action in the arena, had reached a new level of skill and with the blood being spilt it was clear that there was no love lost between the two angels. A battle between the light and dark of their kind, the people of Vaas Plains were now witnessing a spectacle like no other. Earlier, the King expressed his desire for Calypso to be the one to award the Champion the prize for the tournament, as well as a kiss, and though she declined due to feeling that the people would be upset to see a servant do the honors, he just chuckled and said.”Well I’m not kissing either of them.”It wasn’t lost on the King that Calypso was truly getting into the spirit of the match, the way she arched forward and could barely keep in her seat. Even the Queen was never this wriggly. The King, though fascinated with the daring and the skill at which his Knights traded blows, he was also watching all the spectators, and so glad that they were enjoying this battle of the ages. How fortunate the King was, that he had such brave knights to serve the realm. Smiling broadly, he raised a chalice of wine, and shouted.



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August 04, 2013 12:43AM
*Sir Arthur was caught by surprise at Sir Wayne’s taking advantage of the moment. However, he was not unprepared and had wings just as powerful as Sir Wayne’s own majestically white ones. The poor sob hadn’t a single black spot on them. When Sir Wayne brought his blade in a diagonal arc at his throat, in an attempt to draw major blood, Arthur took advantage of his own massive wings and as he brought both blades up to catch Wayne’s own weapon, the sound would ring through the area. His wings flapped powerfully and in a mere moment helped him regain balance, effectively fighting back and holding Wayne’s attack.**The men became locked in a hold that seemed to last forever, when in reality, it hadn’t even last a second. At least, not before Arthur utilized the weakness he had created in Wayne’s side, bringing his knee up with as much force and speed as his leg could gather as well as flapping his wings once to apply even more force to the attack. The flap would also aid in helping Arthur hold Wayne in this lock they’d created without the use of both legs as support.*

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August 04, 2013 01:07AM
Training Ground
With both angels powering their wings to use them as a counterbalance to the force that each applied their swords became locked as Sir Wayne’s was held fast by a scissor lock of Sir Anthony’s. Faces so close together, and this was when Sir Arthur decided to use the one weakness now of Sir Wayne, the bleeding gash in his side. With a full on knee upward, the strike would land true, however, Sir Wayne was wearing a metal helm, so when the force of upward motion struck, this propelled the top half of his torso forward, and so to his head passed through the locked blades and he tried to slam or head butt powerfully into Sir Arthur’s forehead. Blow for blow.Using his wings, Sir Wayne tries to pull back, with all the force he can muster, as he was fast losing blood from his battered side.<3>

(sorry its short)

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August 04, 2013 01:23AM
*His knee hit, and he could see the pain in Sir Wayne’s eyes. That was no good sign, as it meant he was honestly hurting. His oldest of rivals, yet oldest of brothers was getting rusty it seemed. Though, this only lasted less than a second before the helm of the knight came through the gap his crossed swords were making, and though he pulled back, he couldn’t do so fast enough and he was knicked by the man’s head, though not at full strength and it only caused him to stagger back a bit, regaining his stance before the next two seconds were up. The effect of this hit, though, would be that Sir Arthur, instead of simply pulling away, instinctively went for the kill, though the blades did nothing but scrape loudly against the steel of Wayne’s helm.**Arthur looked to Wayne as the blood began pouring from his wound even more so from the complete force of his knee. He took his chance. Not so much to save himself, but to make sure Wayne would not lose too much blood, which he was evidently doing quickly. The blood over the sands of the arena was thick, and starting to darken in color underneath Wayne’s feet as it dripped.* “Wayne. Yield. You are too badly injured.” *He did not make a move, but he remained in his stance, ready for whatever may come.*

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August 04, 2013 01:35AM
Training grounds
It was true, Sir Wayne was losing much blood, for his armour plated legs were now showing steady streams that made pools on the ground at his feet. But there was something in his eyes, that if only the black angel could see. Had it ever occurred to the knight, that Sir Wayne wished to join his dear wife in heaven? Part of him died the day that he buried her, and though he tried to go on without her, she was all he could think about. For a moment, Sir Wayne appeared unsteady, and then as though God himself took pity upon the white winged knight. The very heavens shone down and then an illusion, maybe from his own mind, that was suffering blood loss, but he saw his beautiful wife, as young as the day that they first met.

She was bathed in the glow that one would expect from the highest of angels, for her life had been without sin, and she did so honor her God, and her husband till death.

“Let it end me.” he said to his wife, no longer seeing Sir Arthur standing there, consumed by the image of his beloved. But she shook her head and indicated his place was not yet at God’s side, but to live and fight on. And just as quickly as she had come the image disappeared, and the words of Sir Arthur were heard.

“Wayne. Yield. You are too badly injured.”

It was truth, and Sir Wayne turned his sword to the ground, and slammed it into mother earth, to declare his forfeit. The crowd roared in approval of the match, and sang the name of Sir Arthur, as Sir Wayne’s servants rushed out to take him to his tent to be treated for his wounds.



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August 04, 2013 01:45AM
Royal BoxBlood. There was so much blood. She hated it. There was nothing she could do, and no matter how hard she tried to tell herself she didn’t want to help him, deep down, she knew she did. She finally was able to haphazardly convince herself that she only wanted to help him so she could rid herself of him when she saw it benefited her. She knew it would seem strange if she had no reaction to his loss after voicing that she hoped he won, and turned to the king with a look of mild anguish and confusion.She then turned back to look at Sir Arthur. Something about his victory didn’t seem right. It didn’t seem like it should have happened. She swallowed the notion and nodded to him, but halfway through the nod her eyes trailed to follow Sir Wayne being carried from the arena. “I believe…” She didn’t know what she started saying, but she quickly found a new footing to hold to her plan. “I believe I shall excuse myself now. The tournament was wonderful, m’lord, and I will be sure to tell her majesty just such.” She turned and bowed her head to the king before making her way to the stairs, passing the knight with the water she had asked for what seemed like hours ago. He stopped to offer her a goblet, but she politely declined, smiling an apology before beginning to make her way back up to the castle. 

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August 04, 2013 01:53AM
*Sir Arthur did not bask in this victory like he normally would have. This victory, did not feel at all like a victory to him. That first cut, that was planed, and Arthur could tell. As the crowd roared, Arthur approached Wayne, sheathing his blades and taking a knee beside him to look him in the eyes. He rested a hand on his shoulder and spoke.* “I am truly sorry for your loss…Brother. Words are words on the battlefield, meant to confuse and unsettle your opponent. Now, we are brothers and I truly do respect your loss. I may have fallen, but know that when it is your time, you shall hear those three words you long for upon mouth of loving wife.” *He stood, resting a hand on each sword hilt as Wayne’s servants came to grab him up. However, before they left, he continued.* “That said, do not hold out on me again, Sir Wayne.” *He turned and walked back to the middle of the Arena. as he awaited his king to share words, his mighty black wings folding in and disappearing.*