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 Night Lands Castle (10) – The Blood of Kings.
Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 03, 2013 04:10PM
Joffrey smiled down at Selene, easing her fears. He wasn’t just going to force himself, no matter how passionate things were getting. The prince mentioned he had gotten carried away, but now as she watched him take control of his urges, she knew she was ready. This man was fighting his very nature to not hurt her. She knew his love was true, and she wanted to show her love in a physical manner. When he kissed her forehead, her eyes closed and a content smile curled her plump lips. Listening to him ask her that question, they opened again and she reached up to run her fingers through his long hair. God how she loved his hair. Smiling slowly, she didn’t answer at first. Her fingertips reached up to trace his facial hair, her green eyes locked on his dark hues. After a moment of silence, she leaned up to his below his jaw. “How could you not be the one I want?” Bringing both hands up to cup his face, she kissed him gently and murmured against his lips “I know you would never hurt me. Let us seal this vow to love each other eternally…” Gently pushing him off of her, she sat up and pulled her dress down from her shoulders. Her breasts popped free of their bindings and the dark blue silk lay pooled around her waist. Gently pushing Joffrey down, she leaned over him and kissed him tenderly. Her hands came up slowly to find his, their fingers interlocking. This is what she wanted, and she felt at peace with her decision. Right or wrong, this was meant to be.

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 03, 2013 04:47PM
Joffrey’s chamberThe lights of the candles in his rooms, illuminated the silhouettes of their forms, as they lay on the soft sheets of his king size bed. He fought his very core of being, not to let the lust and desire of the demon come to the fore, to protect her from being deflowered before she was ready. Had he been of his demon mind, he would have thrilled to the sounds of her pained screams, as he bruised her supple flesh, but instead, in the quiet of his chambers, he would give all he was worth to hear her whisper his name said in love and need. But he had to know, if he was the one she wanted, for if she dared say no, it would have been like a fire poker tearing into his heart to stop it from beating. Selene was silent for a time, though her fingers combed through his hair, and she traced her finger tip along his short beard. The seconds seemed to take to long, and he desperately wanted an answer, still on top of her, and feeling her chest rise and fall beneath his.

“How could you not be the one I want?” she said, with her hands reaching to touch his face in a cradle like hold. “I know you would never hurt me. Let us seal this vow to love each other eternally…”

Selene pushed him off her, and so he was now laying upon his back, watching her with those dark eyes. She was so beautiful, and just when he thought she might rise, she instead sat up, and each hand lowered her dress from the shoulders, so that her rounded bosom fell free from its binds, bouncing out and then resting. So rounded, and with hardened pink nipples, that he longed to touch and tease with his tongue. She was the water to a dying man’s thirst, the meal to sate a starving man’s hunger. She leaned over and interlocked her fingers within his and kissed his lips, offering herself, but in a way that was as seductive as it was graceful. Selene was a woman to be savored, and he was right, she needed to be placed on a pedestal, where no other man could dare touch her. Joffrey closed his eyes, and his moan was deeper, his lips tracing down her chin to her throat, kissing and the need to suckle growing, as his head was buried between her breasts. He freed a hand and cupped one of her breasts, curling his fingers on its underside, as he brought it to his lips. His tongue flicked and teased the nip, before his mouth closed over it and his teeth nipped and tugged, before he drew it in further and sucked it before releasing with a slight popping sound.

If her body was his temple…he planned to worship this angel goddess.


Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 04, 2013 11:06AM
The sound of Joffrey’s moans sent tingles of awareness throughout Selene’s entire body. Feeling him move beneath her stirred feelings of yearning and desire deep within her womanly core. A warmth was beginning to spread like a wildfire between her thighs as she straddled her fiance. Joffrey’s kisses left trails of heat as he kissed her chin and throat, her fingers leaving his to grip his shoulders. Unknowingly, her fingers and nails dug into his skin as he reached up to cup her breasts. As he placed his mouth over her nipple, he pulled out a feeling of astounding pleasure and caused her to let out a moan. Selene wasn’t sure what is was but she desired…more. The longer he teased her nipples, the more she felt this hunger for a deeper pleasure intensify. Her hips squirmed above Joffrey, her fingers slipping from his shoulders to his sides as she began to drag her fingers in desperation. “Joffrey…I need…I need you! Please, satisfy me.” She couldn’t bring herself to call him ‘your grace’. Such an intense feeling of intimacy was passing off of her in waves, the smell of roses becoming stronger as her anticipation and desire grew. Kissing him more fiercely, she continued to moan against his lips as she fought to bring satisfaction for the burning desire between her legs.

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 04, 2013 06:11PM
Joffrey’s chambers“Joffrey…I need…I need you! Please, satisfy me.”

Joffrey could hardly believe what Selene was asking, no, more like begging, and this instantly brought him gratification that was beyond words. He always was the Master of the bedroom, and this was his specialty, but at the same time, she was so inexperienced, and he could only think of pleasing her. Taking her maidenhead was going to cause her pain, there was no avoiding that, but as she straddled him with her dress creating a blanket like affect over them, he could feel the wetness that was coming from between the silks of her panties. She was kissing him with a ferocity that even the most wicked demoness could not come to match. The scent of roses grew stronger, invigorating his senses, and he broke the kiss with her, as his hands slid beneath her skirts, and with his clawed finger curling, he hooked it through the fine silk, and tore it free to expose her pinky flesh. Joffrey used his finger to insert insert between her wet folds, teasing her sweet pearl, while his dark eyes connected with hers, knowing that she wanted him inside her as much as he wanted her.

“Selene…..the pain will be but for a split second….trust me, I don’t want to hurt you.”

He raised both hands to her hips, and with extraordinary strength, he lifted her up, so he could position the head of his manhood, just at the entrance of her delicate flower, that was now ripe, and ready for the taking.

“Trust in me..” He whispered, as he started to lower her down, so the head would start to break the hymen. At last Selene would be a woman, and it would be Joffrey to take her most prized gift.


Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 04, 2013 06:25PM
Selene marveled at the feel of of Joffrey’s hands touching her in such an intimate manner. She could hardly believe she was allowing this behavior to even continue. An angel princess was dropping all manners of propriety to allow a demon who was only her betrothed and not her husband take her precious virginity. Looking deep into his eyes, she felt nervous but determined that he would not hurt her. He promised that by saying he loved her, didn’t he?Listening to his words of how it was going to hurt her began to frighten her. Making love was supposed to feel good, wasn’t it? She was never informed how losing one’s virginity was supposed to go. As he lifted her up, she gasped softly and reached down to grip his arms. The strength in them amazed her and caused her to smile. “Joffrey…” Her praise was cut off as he brought her down on his manhood. Gasping in pain, she began to writhe as a piercing pain tore through her. Trembling, she squeezed her eyes shut and clenched her hips around him. Her breasts rose up and down as she breathed heavily before she opened her eyes slowly. As she moved to escape the pain, she instead met a slow rising pleasure that began to wash the pain away.

Moving into a rocking movement, she met his eyes hesitantly before the pleasure took full control. Her head fell back as she began to ride him a bit harder, her body crying out for more satisfaction. Her breasts continued to rise with her body, and small moans were driven from her lips. Looking down at her fiance, she locked eyes with him and breathed “Joffrey..my love…”

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 04, 2013 06:43PM
Joffrey’s chambersWhat can there be said, but to be in awe, to watch a woman experience the pain and pleasure that comes from losing their virginity. Joffrey promised her he would be gentle, and he kept to his word. But the rewards were aplenty, for he could only gaze up at her, as her face showed the pain of her hymen tearing, and then struggling to accommodate his size within her. Selene was so god damn tight, practically squeezing the life out of his engorged manhood, and this sent a shiver of pleasure coursing through his being. He stayed still beneath her, except for the involuntary flexing of his shaft, that was now consumed within her wetness. As she started to rise back up and then bring herself down, using her hands upon his shoulder to keep her steady, he watched on with pure adoration, as she found her groove, though as early as it was, he knew this may have her feel sore later.

The tilting back of her head, and the pleasured cry had him smile, for her beauty was captivating at this moment. Selene looked at him with a hunger in her eyes, she wanted more of him, and he started to raise his hips up from the bedding, to push inside her deeper, as deep as her body could allow. Joffrey found his mouth became dry as he tried to swallow, losing himself, but trying so hard not to force her beyond her limits.


He reached around to grip her ass tight as he drew himself up from laying down, and let her ride him, as he nipped and sucked at the skin of her neck, pulling her onto him, so she could not escape until she had experienced her first ever orgasm.

“Joffrey..my love…”

“…Selene…be wild…experience the joys of my love…”

With her straddled around his hips, and the angle of their bodies, she should find the peak of pleasure, as his lips kissed up and down her neck to her shoulders, burying his face from her gaze.


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Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 04, 2013 08:12PM
Rose’s chamber’s
Rose jumped on her bed laying down still amazed at the sex she just had. She rolled up having her messy hair dangle down her back, she called in some maids to brush and wash her body. Rose sighed before heading out of the her chambers with a normal dress on. She walked down the hall towards the throne room where her husband was at.
Forgive me, I had a lot to drink” she said, walking pass the whore at her husbands left side. Rose walked up the couple of stairs to sit next to her husband and do her queen duty. She crossed her legs while leaning back at her throne chair, next to her husband as lords and ladys entered the throne room. Rose pretended to like her husband by placing her hand next to his. Her brown eyes darted at the slut and smiled devilishly.She was queen at the moment, and that woman would NEVER be queen. Not even if her husband whores around.

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 05, 2013 07:48AM
Selene was almost driven to madness as he squeezed her ass. In doing so, he drove her even further towards a pleasurable outcome. The feeling of him nipping at her neck was what did the trick. Gasping as he spoke encouraging to her, she began to ride him harder until suddenly…It hit her. Such an intense wave of pleasure overtook her that she couldn’t do anything but scream “Joffrey!” As she rode out what was to be her first and forever most intense orgasm, she dragged her nails down his back and moaned and she spiraled down into divine exhaustion. Finishing, she began to gasp and raked her fingers through her prince’s hair. Her heart was pounding and her chest rose up and down before her body began to relax. Her core was still warm and aware, but the rest of her body tingled. She could tell she was going to feel sore later.Feeling more and more like jello with each passing moment, she freed herself of him and collapsed onto her back. Closing her eyes slowly, she placed her hand on her chest to feel her heartbeat. Selene began to smile blissfully and opened her green eyes to lock them on Joffrey. “That…I…I am so glad I did not wait until our wedding night.” After hearing those words out loud, she began to giggle. What was this man doing to her? Sitting up, she pulled him to her to kiss his lips gently. Though she may have said it once, she feared telling him she loved him once more. Her heart had a wall up she wasn’t even aware of once she heard of his evil doings. Who knew how long it would take to bring that down. Brushing her fingertips across his cheeks, she pressed her forehead to kiss and continued to rain soft kisses on his lips while murmuring against them “Joffrey…my prince…”

Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 05, 2013 08:16AM
Joffrey’s chambersJoffrey’s face was nuzzled deep within the spot between Selene’s neck and shoulder, his teeth raking along her flesh, but then his lips sucked the flesh tight up from her bone. He knew this would add to the sexual fever that Selene was experiencing, and made sure that she was free to use his body to experience the thrill and exhilaration of her first ever orgasm. Joffrey could feel the speed of her bounce get faster, her pelvis grinding each time that their skin met, as though she had to have him fully inside of her. His clawed hands gripped her arse tighter, and then he felt the force of her inner muscles, pulsating, and then locking on, as the wave of her climax reached its peak. Selene screamed out his name, euphoric with the sensation, and she rode him right though till her body was spent. Her fingers racked his hair, and the angel became a leopard, kneading and pulling at his hair, only to start to release as the sensation within her dissipated.


She rolled off Joffrey, and lay on her back, trying to get her breath back, while Joffrey was still hard as he was when they started. But he could see, that she was now in the mood to chat, and well, kick back, since she got the ultimate reward for giving up her virginity to the Prince before wedlock.

“That…I…I am so glad I did not wait until our wedding night.”

She stammered as she fought for breath, and Joffrey rolled on his side, watching her as she bathed in the after glow of their lovemaking.

“I am sure THAT will be a night to remember, my Sweet.” He said, hoping that when they do wed, he might get to climax before her. A dream, but one none the less. Oh he was turning into something that even his own mother would not recognize. He was being, considerate…and polite. Even forsaking his own needs, so that she might enjoy this moment for what it was. He did promise to be gentle after all

“Dead puppies, dead kittens…dead…turtles.” he thought to himself, trying to get his shaft to shrink back and kill his erection. “Mother naked….eww.” he was on a winner with that thought, and sure enough, he was no longer in the mood for sex.

Selene turned into a kitten almost, showering him with kisses and murmuring;

“Joffrey…my prince…”

All he could do was smile at her, and whisper back;

“My lady fair..you don’t know what you do to me.”


Re: [RP] Night Lands Castle
August 05, 2013 08:35AM
Selene lay there quietly, though she did giggle a bit when he mentioned it would be a night to remember. Picking up his hand, she intertwined their fingers together. Indeed, it would. But as they lay there enjoying one another’s presence, the princess began to recount the servants’ whispers in her mind. They had called Joffrey a monster. But how could he be? He had just showered her in adoration and led her to the mountaintop of pleasure she had never believed she would even climb. And yet, his own words echoed in the back of her mind. I’m…a demon, Selene. I’m all kinds of wrong for you. I’m dark…I’m broody…I’m evil.Evil, this man was evil. Was Selene allowing his darkness blind her to his true nature? A frown began to pull her lips down, her eyebrows furrowing slightly. He could change the minute he was out of her sight. Was this even real to him? Sitting up slowly, she glanced at him. She didn’t know what she was doing to him? He had no idea what he was doing to her. The princess felt her own virtue was compromised as she realized she had just given herself to a demon, and before their wedding day to boot.
Kicking her legs so she was sitting on the edge of the bed, her back faced Joffrey. Her eyes fixed on the wall before she began to speak quietly. “What does this mean, your grace? Are you a changed man?” Turning to face him, she was fighting tears as she feared the worst. “What of your father? Does he know your evil?” Hearing that question out loud, she faltered. Of course Brandon would know. He was his son. She laughed humorously for a moment and looked away again. “Yes, he does, doesn’t he. And what would he think if he saw you like this? So vulnerable, so gentle?” The tears began to fall as her head dipped. “Am I just a pawn in some royal game? Why would my mother give me to you…” There was a whirlwind of emotion sweeping through Selene’s mind. She was madly in love with Joffrey, but she feared his evil nature was too strong for the pure light that was glowing within her. Would she have to compromise herself for the sake of love? The princess couldn’t bear the thought.