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Vaas Plains Castle (8) – The Blood of Kings.

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August 04, 2013 01:53AM
*Sir Arthur did not bask in this victory like he normally would have. This victory, did not feel at all like a victory to him. That first cut, that was planed, and Arthur could tell. As the crowd roared, Arthur approached Wayne, sheathing his blades and taking a knee beside him to look him in the eyes. He rested a hand on his shoulder and spoke.* “I am truly sorry for your loss…Brother. Words are words on the battlefield, meant to confuse and unsettle your opponent. Now, we are brothers and I truly do respect your loss. I may have fallen, but know that when it is your time, you shall hear those three words you long for upon mouth of loving wife.” *He stood, resting a hand on each sword hilt as Wayne’s servants came to grab him up. However, before they left, he continued.* “That said, do not hold out on me again, Sir Wayne.” *He turned and walked back to the middle of the Arena. as he awaited his king to share words, his mighty black wings folding in and disappearing.*

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August 04, 2013 03:45AM
Royal BoxThe herald came out at the end of the bout, as the two angels were kneeling, and Sir Arthur was speaking words to Sir Wayne, that were clearly one of respect for the wounded Sir Wayne. King Henry was standing and applauding the win of Sir Arthur, but in his heart, he knew not all was well with Sir Wayne, especially since he was well aware that Sir Wayne was still in mourning for his beloved wife, Ambrosia.Sir Wayne had his head bowed, and only raised it when Sir Arthur spoke to him, but in a tone that was not condescending, but showing remorse for his loss.”I am truly sorry for your loss…Brother. Words are words on the battlefield, meant to confuse and unsettle your opponent. Now, we are brothers and I truly do respect your loss. I may have fallen, but know that when it is your time, you shall hear those three words you long for upon mouth of loving wife.”https://i1.wp.com/24.media.tumblr.com/b3c0a4b5054d43616e0f4e3b7842c6cb/tumblr_mheklgCRqi1r1qffbo2_500.gif
Sir Henry, who was in a great deal of pain, uttered;”You fought well, and are deserving of this win, Arthur. You are the best man in this instance. Maybe one day, we will clash swords again…as brothers.”Then the trumpets blared loudly, as the Herald spoke for all to hear;

“My King…Lords, Ladies, and to you, the people of Vaas Plains. Winner of the Championship of Knights of Casterly, is Sir Arthur, Champion by forfeit.” The crowd all cheered, waving flags and calling out Sir Arthur, repeatedly, while Thomas and Godfrey, waited to help their Knight leave the field with dignity.

King Henry then turned to Calypso, who at first seemed to say one thing, and caught herself, to continue and say she had enjoyed the match, and the tournament. She excused herself to return to the castle, to inform the Queen of the days events, as the King nodded that he approved, and could only imagine just how Calypso would speak of the brave knights that had fought so hard and well that day.

Training Grounds Arena

The trumpets sounded and it was time to present the winner of the Tournament with his trophy, which was a golden eagle, beautifully crafted and weighed a considerable amount. The King was handed the prize and then he left the Royal box, with two young children that had been chosen from the spectators, to come and see a knight up close. King Henry strode out, his blonde hair radiant, against the white of his royal garb.


“Sir Arthur, you have shown not only great skill and courage, but also mercy in allowing Sir Henry to live. You are indeed a Champion this day, and forever more, the Head Knight of the Order. Congratulations.” The King then turned to the small boy, who looked up at the Knight with adoring eyes. “Samuel, why don’t you give the Knight his prize.” The King was one that believed, that one should encourage the youth, for they are the future of the realm. The boy took the heavy eagle, and then tottered over to the Knight, and held it up, as high as he could, though struggling slightly. The King applauded, well pleased with this, and awaited Sir Arthur to take his prize, and receive the fanfare of the people.

Further away, Sir Wayne was being helped by his two staff, Thomas and Godfrey who had Sir Henry wrap his arms around their shoulders, as they helped carry him back to his tent, so he may be treated properly, by one of the castle doctors. Thomas was full of praise for Sir Henry, but Godfrey was truly concerned about how Sir Henry fought. Question was, would Sir Henry tell them exactly what happened, and what was said, between him and Sir Arthur?


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August 04, 2013 02:11PM
GardenA slight frown slowly appeared on her face when Syrio told her that he didn’t want her to take any chances of anything bad happening. Lady Dana knew he was only saying that to help her on her part, but she honestly didn’t care. She hated the fact that she had to share her bed with someone she had no interest for. She sighed once more as she looked down at their hands being entwined together, then back up to make eye contact with him.
“Although I don’t agree with this, I won’t divorce him.”
She said softly smiling. Lady Dana wasn’t really mad that Syrio didn’t want the divorce to happen. She just knew that it would happened sooner or later, she just had to be patience. A few seconds past before Lady Dana eyes widen a bit. She just remember her husband and how he had to be up this afternoon to do some work with some villagers from different villages. Dana quickly stood up from where she sat and looked at Syrio.
“I have to go. Axel should be up and if he sees us like this from one of the balconies then he’ll suspect something. He’s suppose to leave later on today and stay over night at one of the other villages. Maybe later you can stop by my chamber so we can talk a bit.”
She said quickly as her eyes shifted upwards and scanned around to make sure that her husband wasn’t around. After looking around a few times her glare looked back to Syrio as he remained seated on the bench.
“I’ll miss you. See you later my love.”
Once done with what she had to say she leaned down and planted a kiss along Syrio lips once more, after departing she quickly walk away, back inside the castle to her chambers.

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August 04, 2013 07:47PM
Arena*Sir Arthur smiled at Wayne’s words, and watched with respect as he was carried away.* “Perhaps, one day…brother.” *His attention then returned to the crowd, and as always, he reveled in it. Of course, he didn’t feel this contest to have been truly won, and intended to combat his ultimate nemesis another day. This day, however, he’d feed the crowd with their illusion of his victory, and lifted a fist high, roaring to the crowds.**The king approached and did so with two children at his side. Sir Arthur immediately fell to a knee, bowing his head low and listening intently to his words.* “Sir Arthur, you have shown not only great skill and courage, but also mercy in allowing Sir Henry to live. You are indeed a Champion this day, and forever more, the Head Knight of the Order. Congratulations.” *The words did not only bring him unmeasurable amounts of honor, but it also brought him much pride.**His eyes lifted to the child as he took the magnificently designed golden eagle, a prize Arthur would hold with him for as long as he shall live, and as long as he shall not. He stood, allowing the child to the prize, and he saw the child struggling. First, he took the prize. Tossing it high in the air, he lifted the child up and onto his shoulders, then lifted the other child up and held him in his arm. The trophy item fell back down and directly into his free arm.**He looked to the king, and with a bowed head, spoke.* “You honor me, my king. It is more than a pleasure to follow and serve you anywhere. May my I forever be your right hand as my blade is mine, to end the foes that would risk your life, and those of this great people.” *When the king would walk away, Arthur allowed his wings to reappear, folded in, and his eyes found the crowd. His wings spread wide and he lifted his trophy high in the air with a roar of victory.* “This day! We do not only find a champion of our order, we demonstrate the reason we are not fucked with! Why we are not disrespected! Why none shall ever lay our lands to ruin, slay out fellow men, rape our wives and harm our children! we are the Knights of Casterly! we are brethren in battle and out! Our bond is greatest and shall not be broken! OUR WINGS ARE STRONG, BUT WE ARE ONLY AS STRONG AS OUR BROTHERS! FOREVER SHALL THE KNIGHTS OF CASTERLY CARRY THEMSELVES AND OUR PEOPLE AS HIGH AS HONOR!” *The crowd hooped, holared, roared and spat loud enough to shake the foundation of the place. Sir Arthur allowed the children down and let them run off to their parents. They’d have a story to tell at school the next day.**Once this was done, he spoke again, and completed their final custom of the tournament.* “NOW, MY BROTHERS! WE FLY! NOT ONLY IN THE NAME OF OURSELVES, EACH OTHER, OR OUR HOUSE…BUT TODAY WE FLY IN HONOR OF THOSE WE’VE LOST…” *His eyes fell to Sir Wayne’s tent, and sorrow seemed to fill them as they watered up and returned to the crowd. His hand flew to Majestic, drawing it from it’s sheath and he continued* “TODAY WE FLY FOR AMBROSIA! THE FLOWER OF ONE OF OUR GREATEST BRETHREN, THAT SHE AND THEIR LOVE MAY NEVER BE FORGOTTEN! FOR THE FLOWER OF CASTERLY!!!” *With that, Sir arthur leapt up and flapped his wings powerfully. without much effort, his brethren did as well, and slowly, one by one, even the men of the city and the women, holding by them their young children who had only just come to their wings, flew into the air. If one would look into the arena grounds, the courtyard, or even the castle, hardly any would be found. Wen their eyes lifted toward the heavens, they’d see a great communion of angels and Harpies, young and old, flying in a circle, all united and led by the shine of a blade, held by one of black wings. All in the name of a brother’s wife more so than themselves, for the woman who would from then on, be known as, ‘The Flower of Casterly.’*

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August 04, 2013 10:57PM
Training groundsEstelle pulled open the tent flap as Thomas and Godfrey brought Sir Wayne in from the tournament arena. His side was now truly in bad shape, and his feet were dragging along the ground, when Thomas and Godfrey helped him to a small wood stool. Thomas started to take off Sir Wayne’s boots and armoured plates, untying the leather binds, and handing each of the metal guards to Estelle, who took each piece to hang on a special wooden rack. Estelle was Ambrosia’s hand maiden, and though she herself was an angel, she cared deeply for her dear friend, Ambrosia till her death Petite with blonde hair that was braided neatly and wearing a simple emerald dress, that was one size too big, she flitted about with wide eyes at the sight of the Knight, who had truly been through the wars in his fight. Godrey was preparing the furs and cushions so that Sir Wayne could rest after he had been seen to by a physician for his injuries. The last part of the armor to be removed was the chain mail, and this is where things got tricky.”Easy does it..” Thomas said, trying to lift the heavy chain mail top up and over Sir Wayne’s head, as the Knight let out a cry of pain. The blade of Sir Arthur had sliced open a good portion of Sir Wayne’s side, the flap of skin hanging down was ripe and red from the Angel’s blood. “Not easy enough, Tom.” Estelle exclaimed, watching the Knight grit his teeth in agony. Godrey, having finished getting the Knight’s bed ready, had enough of the Knight being in such pain.”Where to gods is that physician? He should have been here by now.” Godrey said, as he went to the tent flap, to look outside for the lanky doctor. Thomas hung up the chain mail top, that was covered in blood and in a bad state of disrepair. “He probably is dealing with a few other knights that got clobbered by Sir Arthur. He did a right number on a few of the Lords. They should be doing the award ceremony soon. It should have been different.” Sir Wayne who had been trying to keep his emotions in check, glanced up at Thomas and said. “I am here, you know.” Thomas brushed his hair back in a manner that he was frustrated with the situation, for he believed that Sir Wayne should have done better….a lot better. Thomas moved to the side of Sir Wayne, and knelt down on one knee, so he could look up at his Lord. “Sir Wayne…what happened out there….truly? I seen you fight a hundred times or more. Was like you…” he cut off his words, as Wayne finished what Thomas was saying…”threw the match?…Let him strike me?…Maybe I did…but he spared me, God knows why.” Thomas creased his brow, and shook his head. “Forgive me for saying this, Sir Wayne….but she wouldn’t have wanted you to die in a sporting field…not like that.” Normally Sir Wayne would not have stood for such an insolent remark especially from his squires, but he knew that Thomas was right.”She didn’t”The words Sir Wayne said, spoke volumes, as each of his servants stopped what they were doing. All looked at Sir Wayne, with a new found fascination. “What do you mean, she didn’t?” Estelle asked, curiosity getting the better of her. Sir Wayne took off the necklace that he had been wearing, the one that Thomas had given him at the start of the match. He held the necklace, and it spun between the gripping of his fingertips.”I saw her…she came between me and Sir Arthur. Beautiful as ever. Sent down by God himself. Tis why I forfeit. It was not my time.” Sir Wayne placed the necklet back on the small table with her picture, just as the lanky Doctor entered the tent. Sir Reginald, the King’s own physician, who was dressed all in black, and had black wings folded behind him. “So…I hear we have a flesh wound in this tent. Sir Wayne…I should have known.” he said with a slight smirk, before setting down his medical kit. Sir Reginald snapped his fingers, as Estelle came to his side. “Yes M’lord?” The Doctor gave her instructions of what he needed in order to help Sir Wayne recover faster from his injuries. She bobbed a curtsy and ran to get the supplies and bandages, as Sir Reginald turned his attention back to Sir Wayne. “I advise you take a few weeks respite. OR…take a trip to the country. Either way, no more arena sports for you, is that understood?” Sir Wayne reluctantly agreed, as the physician went to work on his side. Estelle, came back to hear the pain cries as the physician worked, and almost dropped the bundle. “Can’t you get him to bite onto some wood or something?” she said, feeling just terrible for Sir Wayne. The physician turned his head to the side and said. “He’s a Knight…not some woman about to give birth. Have some respect. Men are allowed to be noisy.” Estelle wrinkled up her nose, not really liking the doctor all that much, and by the look on Sir Wayne’s face, neither did he.https://i1.wp.com/31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lrbdgw4qRM1qg4gkko1_400.gif

“Just…get this over with.” Sir Wayne growled, as the physician started to do the stitching. “You know, I could do some fancy lettering stitches, give those ladies in the tavern something to read when they are being wooed.” Thomas leaned over to the Physician’s ear and said. “I..really wouldn’t say that to him, Sir Reginald….not after today.” The Doctor shrugged, and went on with the treatment while outside, the skies were filled with angels, all high on the wing, as Sir Arthur bellowed loudly;


This brought the attention from all within the tent of Sir Wayne, who could see the spectacle from within the tent via the tent flap being pulled open. So many had joined with Sir Arthur on the wing in the air, and the booming voice carried all the way to Sir Wayne’s tent.


Sir Wayne could hardly believe his own ears. Angels holding reverence to his beloved wife Ambrosia, and even going as far as to name her the Flower of Casterly. He felt the sting of tears well in his eyes, for this was the most fitting tribute, to a remarkable woman, one he doubt could ever be replaced. He turned his head, to where her picture was on the small table, surrounded by roses and you could see her smiling in the frame. This was God’s will, this is why she told him to carry on, for her memory, would live on in the hearts of all.



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August 05, 2013 02:34PM
Queen’s ChambersSoon the Queen would finally found some decent white dress, and she put it on. She called another maid to clean the mess she done with the glass. The maid wouldn’t take more than seven minutes to do that, and while she was working, Metia was sitting down on the bed, still reading her book of spells, trying her best to find something, maybe she was missing something, maybe she didn’t read it well. But this is already the eight time she reads the whole book. A servant rushed in with a letter on his hands.
“I’m sorry, your grace. But you have some letter.”
The servant bowed and quickly gave the letter to Metia.
Metia just open it and began to read, it was about her daughter, saying that has fallen death ill, and was moved to the dark stone village. Once she read Joffrey’s name, she gripped on the letter, closed her eyes and took a deep breathe, controlling her anger. Metia had warned Selene to never trust a man so easily, yet she did, why the hell did her daughter had to be so fool on that part? But it wasn’t only her fault, Joffrey was King Brax’s son, he certainly had the same charm his father had, which would make Selene fall in, and with a few lies here and there made things more easier. Her daughter was an angel, her body was way too pure for such darkness creature, and he done something to her, or else she wouldn’t be dying and having to fight against the evilness inside her. See! This is why Metia didn’t wanted her daughter to be an angel, if she born a witch like her, none of this would have happen. But now, she was worried, and she wanted to scream at the King Brax, and make him tell her where is son is at, he couldn’t disappear like dust, he was somewhere, and Metia was going find him. She was going find him, and make him suffer, if her daughter dies, then he will have the same destiny.
Metia pushed herself from the bed, and went to the closet, she removed a dark long coat made of fur, and put it on. She gave the letter back to the servant.
“I want you to show this to my son and my husband. Then tell my son to show up in the Nightlands Castle, and tell my husband to go to the Dark Stone Village, and go find our daughter. Do it quick!”
Now we could notice anger in her voice. If she used a horse as her transport, she would take too long, so she decided to just use her ability to shape-shift.
The Queen, rushed outside from the castle, and didn’t took long, as her body slowly started to shift into black crows as they all began to fly away, heading towards the Nightlands Castle.

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August 05, 2013 02:59PM
Training GroundsOnce she saw the crows, Calypso knew something happened. Something bad. Her white wings snapped out and she was in the air within seconds. She didn’t have time to run back into the arena. She landed gracefully but none too softly a few feet from the king, her face filled with worry, more genuine then she would have liked. “My lord, the queen has departed. I know not why.” She paused a moment. Without orders, she could not go after the queen. It would be strange. “And it may not be the best time, but I have a request, sire.” She bowed her head and kept it bowed, waiting for his answer.She knew that the king was either going to deny her request or ask her why she picked now to ask, so she used her lack of eye contact to plan carefully, without having to concentrate on what her expression looked like or how she held herself. Her wings slowly retracted, but they remained at the ready.

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August 05, 2013 06:38PM
Training groundsKing Henry was congratulating other Knights on their heroic displays, when from the air, Calypso came down, her white wings beating with majesty, and he saw that she appeared to be in a hurry to discuss matters with him. “Odd” he thought, she was supposed to be taking her leave and going back up to the castle, probably to report to the Queen about the fantastic tournament they had just been watching. Calypso’s face was etched with worry and concern, and King Henry strode over, leaving the group of Knights to their own devices. He stood before her and waited for her to speak.
“My lord, the queen has departed. I know not why.””What? What do you mean departed?” The King’s sea blue eyes searched the servant’s wanting answers, that she may not have had. But Calypso continued, and for some reason, she needed to ask a question that appeared unrelated.”And it may not be the best time, but I have a request, sire.””Name your request, and I shall consider it, but I need to find out as to where my wife has gone? This is so unlike her to just up and off without telling me.”Clearly, the King was deeply disturbed, and he looked to the skies, wondering where in heaven she had gone.


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August 05, 2013 06:57PM
The ArenaCalypso shook her head. “Forgive me, my lord, I do not know where she went. I saw her in her… other… forms…” She pretended not to know how to word it, but she also knew that he would know what she was talking about. “I will send someone to-” Another servant ran up and began relaying the message that had been sent about Selene, and that the queen had asked her king to go find their daughter. Calypso brought a hand up to her mouth, feigning shock and more worry at the thought of Selene falling ill to dark forces.On the inside, though, she couldn’t care less. And just to play her part better and get an elevated chance at her “request” being attended to, she began to cough into her hand, taking a deep breath when her “fit” was done. “My lord, I regret to ask at such a time, but I believe I need to seek a healer witch in the Firemarsh. I need at least a weeks time, if not more. However, if you wish, I will remain here and wait for word from the princess or those attending to her if you wish.” She looked him in the eye with a slightly pained expression, her words a bit softer than before.

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August 05, 2013 07:21PM
Training ArenaThe King was deeply troubled that not even Calypso seemed to know what was going on, but let it slip that she had seen the Queen’s other form. Creasing his brow, the King started to wonder what she was on about, since the Queen had never displayed any other side to her, aside from the fair Queen of White, a diamond in the realm, that sparkled, and showed nothing but good to her nature.”Forgive me, my lord, I do not know where she went. I saw her in her… other… forms…”He considered questioning her by what she meant, when a messenger ran up to the King and the Queen’s servant, bowing and giving over the message from the Queen. The letter handed to the King, he turned away a moment, breaking the seal, and his eyes scanned over the scrolled lettering of Metia’s writing. The more he read, the more his face became grim. The Queen gave detail that their daughter, Selene had taken ill, and that she wished him to go to Dark Stone Village, where he should be able to find their daughter, hopefully alive. The King scrunched up the parchment, and his face became clouded, as his beautiful daughter may well have come to harm at the hands of her betrothed, Joffrey Brax. But as he plotted what he needed to do, to find his daughter, he heard Calypso ask her request.”My lord, I regret to ask at such a time, but I believe I need to seek a healer witch in the Firemarsh. I need at least a weeks time, if not more. However, if you wish, I will remain here and wait for word from the princess or those attending to her if you wish.”https://i2.wp.com/data.whicdn.com/images/47380586/tumblr_m1tz7yhNcU1qhzh1go1_500_large.gif

“No..I rather you attend to your affairs, Calypso. It is best you are not dragged into what could be a war between House Casterly and the House of Brax, if what this message says is true. Take one of my Knights of your choosing with you as a guardian, and return to the Vaas lands as soon as you are able. I must prepare to take my leave. My daughter needs me.”

With that he did a quick nod of the head, then turned away, to head back up to the Castle, and ready himself to venture into the Night Lands. His greatest concern was if he attempted to march on their lands with an army to rescue his daughter, it would bring all out war. But the King being as he was, and knowing that his wife was probably in their castle, to act in aggression may see to harm befalling his beloved Metia. He would have to be careful…..and discreet.