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Re: [RP] Vaas Plain castle
August 06, 2013 05:28PM
Training Grounds

Within Sir Wayne’s tent, Estelle was fussing about, getting the Knight’s bedding ready, when one of the servants from the castle, stood in the tent flap opening and brought his fist up to his mouth, coughing in order to get the group’s attention. Sir Arthur looked up as Estelle glanced over her shoulder, arranging the furs. Thomas followed the servant into the tent, and was hanging up the chain mail that he had been working on, when the servant uttered;


“Forgive the intrusion, but the King has given order that Sir Wayne is to accompany Calypso, to the lands of Firemarsh with haste.” The servant could see that the knight had just been bandaged by the physician, and bit his lip, not liking having to give such an announcement to a man that had only just finished the sparring match with Sir Arthur.

“What? Can you not see that Sir Wayne is recovering. Why would the King make such demands?” Estelle asked, getting clearly annoyed that Sir Wayne would be told to go, and not one of the other Knights in better condition.

“I am but the messenger…don’t shoot me down. Just doing my duty.” the messenger said, growing uneasy as Godfrey entered the tent and handed Sir Wayne a bowl of stew. He looked back at the messenger, who had beads of sweat on his brow. The last thing he wanted to do was disobey the commands of the King, even though it was Calypso who gave the order.

“Can’t she wait till dawn. Give him a bit of rest.” Godfrey said, folding his large arms and clearly displeased with the request.


“I am here, you know.” Sir Wayne said, taking a spoon full of the stew and swallowing it down. He cleared his throat and said “Tell Calypso to meet me at the stables of the court, in about thirty minutes. My servants will get my horse and kit ready.” Sir Wayne then continued eating, as the others all sighed, and started to pack up his belongings, but you could hear Estelle muttering under her breath…something about a female dog.

Having finished his meal, he handed the empty bowl to Godfrey, and offered a weak smile. “I don’t know where you get half the ingredients, but your food is one thing I am going to miss on this trip.” Godfrey took the empty bowl and spoon, and appeared all bashful, which looked comical on the chubby fellow. “You honor me, M’lord.” Estelled had rolled up his furs, and packed his bag, taking it out to the horse, where Thomas was fixing the saddle, and sighing.

“I don’t think he should be going. But he is a grown man, and has his destiny. Who are we to tell him what he can and can’t do?’

“I have a right mind to go up to that castle and give that…what’s her name a good…” Estelle muttered the next few words, as she harnessed the knight’s kit on the saddle. Thomas patted her back, and then both turned as Sir Wayne emerged from his tent.

“You all stay here, use my tent and keep the fire burning. I hope to be back in a week. All well. Besides, what can possibly happen on a trip with a woman?”

Thomas’s eyes rose up to the sky, while Estelle made a hmmph sound and stormed back into the tent.

Castle stables

Riding up the cobble stone path that led into the courtyard, Sir Wayne could already see that Calypso’s servant had prepared her horse for the journey. For whatever reason she needed to go, she was in a god awful hurry, and as it was so late, he could see that many of the torches were burning, as the sun no longer offered its light. Dinner had come and gone, and the lonely sound of an owl hooting, added to the din of the sound of horse’s hooves clip clopping along the uneven path.

Coming to a stop, he dismounted, and walked around to the head of his horse, and offered it a small treat from his pocket, while rubbing his hand up and down its muzzle. He kept his eyes fixed on the door that Calypso should come out of….and waited.