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Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
August 08, 2013 07:14AM
Doctor Bianchi’s Office- Ground Floor
Levi rushed home through the rain, the front door to the manor opening as servants waited to attend them. He gave them both a gracious smile and a polite nod of the head as he passed his coat and top hat off. “Please tell me, lovely ladies, where I might find my father?” They sent him in the direction of his office, and Levi could not hold back his grimace. “Don’t tell me…Mrs. Peabody.” The servants gave the angel a humorous smile in response and offered him some tea. “Thank you, darlings. This should do the trick.” Giving them a low bow, the servants burst into a fit of giggles and rushed to the kitchen. Straightening up, Levi chuckled and took his tea to his father’s office.Knocking on the door once, he pushed it open and stepped inside. He had no idea what on earth he would have to do to appease that wretched woman, but Levi knew his father was becoming very creative in his procedures. Looking around for him, he had not a clue as to where he was until he heard Mrs. Peabody’s voice. Following it into the observation room, he popped his head in. Seeing his father, he smiled slightly and stepped up to the table. “Hello father…lovely day, isn’t it?” He gave Mrs. Peabody a small smile before looking back at his father. “I have some news that I thought would interest you. I was waiting at the cafe for you in hopes we would dine together. Nevermind that, I don’t need an excuse.” Placing his hand on his father’s shoulder, he continued. “Two men stepped into the cafe and spoke of an angelic woman who bared a remarkable resemblance to none other than ‘Saint Selene’…As I know we keep tabs on all angel activity in Europe, I thought you would find this rather curious.” Levi drew back to look at his father. He knew his father had a respect for Selene, and Levi had seen what she looked like from various artworks. She was a beauty, and if she were sitting in the library as they spoke, his father ought to know.

Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
August 08, 2013 07:45AM
Doctor Bianchi’s Office – Ground floor
In the observation room, there was a small padded table, that had Mrs Peabody laying in an awkward position. Her feet were strapped into stirrup like braces, with her knees apart, and Doctor Bianchi standing at the foot of the bench, his sleeves rolled up and with his right arm inserted up and under her skirt.
“Don’t worry Mrs Peabody, scrubbed with hot water so you won’t feel a chill as I insert my two fingers…””Oh…oh…oh…my….word..”Right on cue Doctor Johnathon’s son; Levi entered the room and had brought with him a cup of tea for his father. Needless to say his father was thankful, just had his hands full at the moment. Johnathon glanced at the door and then offered a half smile, as his arm was moving back and forth under Mrs Peabody’s skirt.”Hello father…lovely day, isn’t it?”

Course his son came right up beside his father and got a birds eye view of Doctor Johnathon treating Mrs Peabody for Hysteria. Mrs Peabody at this point was panting, her chest rising and falling beneath her bodice, and licking her lips, as her head lolled back and forth at the other end of the table.

“Oh…oh…yes.” she moaned, barely able to acknowledge Levi, while she was too busy going crosseyed from the treatment to her nether regions.

“Lovely day? I don’t know about that not even had my tea yet. Good lad for bringing me in a cup, black too.”- He stared down at Mrs Peabody and changed the angle of his hand going in and then increased the frequency of the finger thrusting. “Won’t be long now, Mrs Peabody..”

But while Doctor Johnathon was starting to sweat from exertion, he was delighted to hear that Levi had some news.

“Two men stepped into the cafe and spoke of an angelic woman who bared a remarkable resemblance to none other than ‘Saint Selene’…As I know we keep tabs on all angel activity in Europe, I thought you would find this rather curious.”

“Saint Selene? Good God. And you are right, I am one for keeping abreast of the movements of those from Heaven.”


Mrs Peabody then broke into song, as she experienced the full effect of Doctor Johnathon’s unorthodox treatment methods. Hearing Mrs Peabody cry out, the Doctor was finally able to extract his hand, and then headed to the basin to wash himself clean, as the patient babbled incoherently in the background. Urging Levi to come and speak to him out of Mrs Peabody’s earshot, he said to his son.

“After I finish up here, I say we take a trip out and find ourselves this angelic woman. I would be keen to see if she exists.” He reached for his cup of tea and took a sip, before saying to Mrs Peabody.

“Be sure to use the toweling and basin provided, and then leave the twenty pound fee with Milly, Mrs Peabody.” Escorting his son out of the observation room, he rubbed his wrist and said. “There has to be an easier way. Either that, if she keeps coming back for treatment, my right arm is going to be way bigger than my left.”