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[RP]Drynk club/ bar
August 01, 2013 10:32AM

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Re: [RP]Drynk club/ bar
August 08, 2013 06:50AM
Drynk bar


Being new to town, Shane decided rather than drive around looking for a decent place to drink, he would stroll down the local boulevard, to the bars along the strip. He walked with a confident air, the night had out its stars in the sky, but also an abundance of office girls and groups of women, heading out to celebrate everything from an upcoming wedding, to a birthday party. Shane could smell the scent of french perfumes, and the long legged lovelies, with clutch purses in hand, or texting some poor sap with an excuse of why they were going to be out all night. All the modern technology was rather unsettling for Shane, and the obsession by some women to carry around those smart phones, and basically tune out whilst in a group had him stumped. But it was one thing about the nature of women that he did find consistent over the years. Get them to talk about themselves, and you basically end up with a one way invitation into their apartments, then sometimes, even their beds.

It didn’t take Shane long to find a bar, that was a popular place, by the line up of people that wanted to get in. The bouncers of course, we being extra vigilant in checking I.D’s after the place got fined for serving minors. But on the flip side, it did give Shane a chance to check out the local talent. Blonde, redheads, brunettes. So many choices makes it hard for a man, let alone a vampire.

Finally making it past the burly bouncers, he casually wanders inside. His top button on his collar undone, so he appeared more casual and not stiff as though he would dare wear a tie in a place like this. The centre piece of the establishment, a long bar, decorated with fluorescent lighting, that illuminated behind the many colorful bottles of spirits and liquors.

Shane took a seat at the bar, then raised a finger to the barman, for a glass of beer. When it was placed down on its coaster, he simply toyed with it, giving the other punters a smile, whilst waiting for the right lady to buy a drink for.