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{RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
August 06, 2013 06:31PM

Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
August 08, 2013 01:34AM
Johnathon’s bedroom – First floor
The black curtains hung loosely across the etched glass panels of the cathedral style window frames, keeping the first rays of morning light out of Jonathon’s bedroom. In the centre of the room, a king sized bed, with turned ends that supported a frame work, from which stiff black cotton fabric hung from, to create a sombre atmosphere. Hidden well beneath the folds of cotton sheets and a woollen throw, Johnathon slept, though his mouth was agape and a small line of drool was dripping upon his pillow. The Doctor had been up most of the night, due to a call out for a murder investigation. The daughter of an aristocrat, found bludgeoned in a dingy alley way, just a few blocks from Mayfair. For the police, it was a gruesome discovery. Savaged by what can be best described as a monster, the woman’s chest and stomach had been cut open, possibly by some sort of scalpel, and her vital organs removed, leaving only her intestines, that were draped across the lower half of her torso. The girl had a pretty face, though in her final moments, the frenzied attack must have had her terrified, for the eyes showing the pupils dilated and it was a sad moment, when he passed his hand over her eyes to close them for the final time. These sickening scenes had been occurring more frequently of late, and Johnathon felt there was more to the rumours, that this was the act of some sick follower of a satanic cult. Usually, it was the inner town prostitutes that were his target, but this girl was from an upstanding family, and found miles from home. It would be a certainty that the detectives would be looking into this case, for the family who had been notified by the Chief of Police, would offer a handsome reward for information leading to the capture of the perpetrator.


A light knock at the oak door would have no response from the sleeping Doctor. The shuffle of heeled shoes is heard, then the handle turns, as the Maid Milly, pokes her head in, to see the Doctor is still sleeping. Milly sighs, knowing how the Doctor had probably only had three hours sleep, if that. Creeping over, she stood at the edge of his bed with her brow furrowing, and she wrung her hands with worry. From downstairs, you could hear the tell tale sounds of Mrs Peabody, giving the cook a hard time, since she was being made to wait to see the Doctor for one of her usual unscheduled appointments. Mrs Peabody liked to think of herself as Johnathon’s best patient. Truth was she favoured his good looks, and always came up with new and interesting reasons for why she was feeling ill all the time.

“The cock has long since crowed, and I need more pills. I have been waiting a good ten minutes, and I expect Doctor Bianchi to be able to see me immediately. I am one of his longest standing patients, Mrs Marsh.”

Mrs Marsh was the house cook, and she was already stirring the morning porridge, rolling her eyes, as she heard Mrs Peabody singing out from the foyer.
“He be down when he is good and ready. Doctor was out most of the night on police business, so you be kind to sit and wait. Young Milly has already gone up to wake him.”

Mrs Peabody made a light hmph sound, snapping open her fan and waving it vigorously.

Upstairs, the young Maid decided it best to open the curtains, and then let the morning sun do its trick. It was of course, an overcast day with the chances of rain. All the more reason that one would want to stay in bed. The sound of the rustling of the curtain fabric and the shuffle of Milly’s shoes along the tapestry rug, had Johnathon open an eyelid and stare directly at the young Maid, who had her back to him, humming softly to herself one of the latest songs from the music hall.

“You don’t normally come in and open the curtains if I have had an all nighter, Milly.”

The Doctor’s voice was gruff sounding, due to the fact he was just waking up. Milly turned sharply and made a light bob, gripping the edges of her long skirt to show respect to the Good Doctor.

“Morning Doctor Bianchi. I am so sorry, but Mrs Peabody is here, and demanding an appointment with you at once. I fear she is terribly ill.” Milly’s voice was full of real concern for Mrs Peabody, little did she know however, that the woman was more of a stalker than a real patient. Johnathon slowly eased himself up into sitting, with the sheet falling away to reveal his bare torso. He smiled and folded his arms saying;

“And she was terribly ill last week, and the week before that and the week before that.”

“Oh the poor woman, Doctor. She is so lucky to have you as her physician.”

Johnathon found amusement in the fact that Maid Milly was so innocent to the natures of his patients, but being that he himself had his own secrets, he was not about to spoil the illusion.
“Isn’t she just? Oh well, guess I better get up anyways. I imagine that Cookie is already making porridge, though I would rather a black tea.”

“Yes Doctor Bianchi. Shall I have a tray brought to your office when you are dressed?”

Johnathon threw back the covers and stepped out of his bed, into his comfortable slippers and stretched, showing off the black tattoo on his back, that was of two wings. Maid Milly tried to hide her embarrassment, finding him to be terribly attractive. The Doctor strode over to his closet and opened the doors, pulling out a day suit, and shirt, with suspenders, and laid them on the bed, ready to dress himself.

“Tell Mrs Peabody, I will be right down, and a tea tray is a capital idea. Pretty sure I am going to need it.”

Maid Milly dropped another curtsey, and headed out of the room, closing the door behind her with a light click. Johnathon stood and stared at his reflection. He hadn’t shaved for a week and his hair was a scruffy mop of brown curls. Yet, this was how he liked to look. Not all angels were like those painted by Michelangelo.

Doctor Bianchi’s office – Ground floor.


Johnathon sat behind his desk, going over the latest case files on the serial killer that had been terrorising the area, as Mrs Peabody was talking in depth about her illness. For every sentence she finished, Johnathon would insert an “mhm or hmm”, so she was of the understanding that he was in fact listening.

“I keep telling Mister Peabody, that the nights that he is away, I am fraught with depression, mood swings, hot flushes, and what is worse is the staff tell me I have a terrible temper. Can you imagine that, Doctor Bianchi?”

“I truly don’t know what is wrong with me. I fear it is the start of some sort of madness. What is worse, I heard Mrs Cumberland was carted off to one of those Asylums, after she was seen parading around the street in just her undergarments. It was quite shocking. Mrs Rivers said that Mrs Cumberland even did a cartwheel in front of the Constable.”
“Oh please tell me Doctor…I am at my wits end. I just don’t know how I can go on like this.” At this point, Mrs Peabody took out her cotton handkerchief, and started to dab under her eyes. The woman was putting on quite the performance, and finally Doctor Bianchi looked up from his files, as his glasses slid down the bridge of his nose.
“You have hysteria, Mrs Peabody.”Mrs Peabody sat there like a stunned mullet, the handkerchief that she had been holding, slipped from between her fingers, and landed on the floor. She was no fool and knew perfectly well what he meant by that statement. She showed a weak smile, moving forward in her seat.
“Can you cure me, Doctor?”
“”I’d say about, oh, ten minutes or so after a specialized treatment, and you should be set for a few weeks at least. That or until Mister Peabody pleasures you again in your bedroom.”
Mrs Peabody’s cheeks showed the darkest shade of crimson, that you ever did see. She even took out her fan and waved it in front of her face, clearly suffering from another hot flush.
“Oh Doctor, I would be most grateful.”
Clearly she was eager to experience this treatment, and started to bounce in her seat. Her enthusiasm was troubling, but not to the Doctor, who had to deal with worse situations than this.
“If you would be so kind as to go mount the table in the small observation room to the back of the office, and place your feet in the braces, I shall scrub up and be right in.”Doctor Bianchi waited to see how long it would take for her to get off her chair, and head for the door. Had he had a stop watch, she might have broken the record for the fastest human on land. He showed a smile that had her feeling at ease and she vanished into the observation room, as Doctor Bianchi again held up one of the files on his desk.


“I do believe I am going to have to call the council in on this case.”  Johnathon thought to himself, as Mrs Peabody sung out;

“I’m ready, Doctor Bianchi.”