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Re: Character Biographies
August 09, 2013 07:10AM
FC: Jack Black
Name: Bartholomew “Bart” Roxburg
Quote : “WOOF!”
Age: 24
Sex: Yes please…(Male.)
Race: Demon of Desire
Birthday: Sept 18Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Height: 159 cm
Weight: So rude to ask!
Fashion Style: Tailored suits, smoking jackets, tweeds, golf pants, suspenders, bowler hats.
Tattoos/Piercings/Markings: A picture of a whale being harpooned on his ass, after a heavy night on the turps.

Personality: Snide, sarcastic, chauvinistic, rude, obnoxious, bad mannered, evil,  sinister, vulgar, tasteless.

Magical Abilities: Can make you sick, without using magic, merely by eating in front of you. Illusions, spirit summoning, curses, and invisibility.
Strengths: Fire element, telekinesis, shape shifting into a rat, levitation, plane shift, mind manipulation
Weaknesses: Angels, light and pavlova
Likes: Women, all shapes and sizes. Breasts. He especially likes them firm and fruity.
Dislikes: Sissy girls, angels, women’s rights activists, early mornings, cold showers, pork, authority figures, and his nanny.


History: Bart is the troublesome older sibling of the Roxburg family. A crass pig socially, he is undeniably rude, obnoxious and disturbed. A child genius, he is currently studying law at Oxford university, but often likes to come home to the family manor, just to remind his parents he exists. A torment to Juliette, he has been known to booby trap her room with various sharp objects and once beheaded all her dolls, leaving their headless bodies scattered all over the neighbour’s lawn. He does get on famously with his sister Elvira, since really they are so much alike.