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Re: [RP]Drynk club/ bar
August 08, 2013 08:21AM
“Oi! Alice! You get them!” Lizzy called to one of her co-workers. “I thought you were working that section!” It was as if they were screaming at each other, though they were right beside one another. The music was loud though, so they could barely hear the other person, let alone everyone else in the club. “I’m working the bar tonight, remember?” she shouted at Alice who simply threw her hands in the hair and grabbed a tray, walking over to the section that was getting angry because they didn’t have their drinks yet. Tonight was crowded, filled with hot, sweaty bodies of drunk people, dancing with their hands all over one another. Lizzy loved it. There was a reason she still worked at a bar after all these years. She was without trouble today because the hospital had expected other people to inform River’s best friend of her death, so she had no idea what this day held. All she knew was that it was possible for her to go into labor soon. Soon Lizzy would be an aunt. She wasn’t a huge fan of kids, but she decided that if they weren’t her own and she could give them back to River after they entertained her, they wouldn’t be so bad. “Hands off, creep,” she told a guy at the bar who had just smacked another waitress’s ass as she walked by. “We’re here to look at, not touch.” She fixed a drink for someone who had just appeared at the bar and then was able to relax for a moment. She was glad she was safe behind the bar instead of walking around in the sea of people. It got dangerous out there. “Can I get you anything else?” she asked a man with a charming smile, who had just a glass of beer. By the smell of him, he was a vampire as well. They got all kinds of weird folks in the bar so she was used to it. She always tried to speak to the vampires that weren’t in her coven. They interested her and always had an interesting back story that she could sometimes get them to talk about. Werewolves, she didn’t mind, she simply treated them like everyone else. But when it came to witches she stayed far away from them, giving their tables to someone else or letting the other bartender serve them. It was a mutual feeling between Lizzy and witches. The counter was already a mess, so she grabbed a wet rag as she talked to the vampire, wiping up the stickyness on the counter around him.

Re: [RP]Drynk club/ bar
August 08, 2013 10:18AM
“Marie, you can’t steal an apple from a kid.” A soft yet nervous female voice spoke.
“I thought the teacher was suppose to get the apple. I saw it in the movies, plenty of times.” A more womanly and confident voice spoke.
Marie was a new teacher in the middle school of this town. We couldn’t really call her a teacher, since she was anything but an example. She’s an abusive teacher, loves marijuana, is always drinking and getting drunk, and goes to classes with a hangover, that happens more whenever the next day is monday, since she spends her all weekend drinking. She really doesn’t appreciate children, but this job was the only thing she could get to gain enough money. Plus she had an enemy in the school, the other teacher was trying her best to have evidences that Marie shouldn’t be teaching. But for that, she will need to find alcohol and drugs from Marie which is something she can’t find, due Marie always lock her drawer from her desk, and the other teacher cant break her car to get the stuff, so she has been safe lately.
She was wearing a black tight skirt with long waist, that would stay right above her knees, then a white shirt, that would be inside the skirt, with a beautiful belt. She had a black thin coat on, that could match with the color of her skirt, and high-heel shoes that matched with the color as well. Her long blonde curly hair was above her shoulder and falling down on her back. She had red lipstick on her full lips, while she had high cheek-bones. Her eyes tends to change the color depending on the light that was around her, right now it was some kind of gray with blue.
She come into this bar with one of her partners in the school, it was the most innocent teacher out there, she was extremely calm yet nervous, and very innocent, people thought her presence would help on turning Marie into a better example. The woman was fat, had short hair, and was wearing glasses, her clothing style wasn’t that good either, but the woman was already 55.
Marie and her walked through the streets, and before they got in the bar, Marie dropped the apple into the trash, it was such an awful apple, but it would be enough for give her stomach something before start drinking. Once they got in there, Marie already began to shake her hips, enjoying the music, she was excited about this all, she could party again, it was such tiring day at school, even tho she only had one class. They walked up to some booth, and sat down, Marie leaned her back against it, as her eyes was staring around, trying to find someone attracting, that would distract her for tonight. She noticed her friend had her eyes on a man already, which made Marie wonder who was it, the very moment she looked at that moment, she made an expression like she was about to puke.
“What do you think about that one?” She asked.
“What I think? Well, on my opinion if I had a face like that, I would kill myself. But its good for you, I guess.” Marie said honestly with a shrug.
“I don’t know..I’m afraid” the other woman mumbled.
“Its now or never. When was the last time you had some good dicking?”
Marie asked, perking up an eyebrow and look up her.
The woman just felt embarrassed but agreed with Marie, so she decided to meet up with the man.
“Even her will get laid, ugh.”
Marie said with a disgusted expression, before push herself up from the booth, and walk up to the bar, so she could order some vodka.

Re: [RP]Drynk club/ bar
August 08, 2013 04:35PM
“Can I get you anything else?”The barmaid that had been working it hard behind the bar, asked Shane as she started to clean up, using a wet rag, to wipe up the spills from the drunken patrons, that were being typical. Manhandling the staff, and of course practically yelling at their friends, to try and be heard over the music. The barmaid was attractive, no doubt about it, but as his eyes took in her form, he simply smiled back at her, as he continued to twirl his glass of beer.
https://i2.wp.com/25.media.tumblr.com/40e9982db8c3cbc67cbe962a8b1518e1/tumblr_mi81p68U1c1s0anhho1_500.gif“No thank you, love. Just waiting for a friend. Then I might order again. By the way, is it usually this busy?”

Shane wasn’t being entirely honest, since he was hoping to make a new friend to buy a drink for. Though it was conversation, and may have the bar maid feel at ease. He was on the prowl, there was no mistaking that, but with his dashing good looks and Hollywood smile, he didn’t have to be overtly flirty. With an expensive suit, gold Olympus watch, and the scent of a top range cologne, he was like the perfect accessory for a woman who wanted a man that appeared successful.

It appeared however, he didn’t have to wait long for a “friend” to appear, when a leggy blonde approached the bar, wearing a tight black skirt with long waist, and white shirt beneath a sharp black coat. There was an empty seat beside him and he offered Marie a sideways glance, showing off a smile, before looking back at the barmaid and saying;

“I’m pretty new in town, and looking for an apartment. You wouldn’t happen to know of anything close by?” He took out his business card and slid it over the bar towards her.

“I’d be happy to pay a finder’s fee.” The right corner of his lips curled upwards, with his blue eyes dazzling. If this was not the most subtle way to get to know the locals, it was clear that his years of being a lawyer had paid off. Glancing back at the leggy blonde, he waited to see what she would order, and then possibly make his move.


Re: [RP]Drynk club/ bar
August 08, 2013 09:08PM
Lizzy looked up at the vampire with an eyebrow raised. She wondered if “waiting for a friend” meant waiting for his girlfriend. Though she didn’t know many single men who came to this club. The man was attractive. Blondes were definitely her type. Though, to be honest, any man was really Lizzy’s type. But recently she had had more fun with picking up humans. She’d had enough vampires and werewolves, and yes, she had been with werewolves before. The ones that could handle vampires were actually quite… thrilling. She wasn’t like the blood-thirsty bitch, Selene who obsessed, though. No, she liked to think she wasn’t as crazy as her awful coven leader, whom she had never gotten along well with. Because supernaturals got boring after a while. Even if they might be able to handle her a little better than the weakling humans. She could surprise them in ways she couldn’t surprise others. And if she ever got hungry, there would be her midnight snack right in bed with her. Vampires and werewolves couldn’t double as food.
“Depends on the night really,” Lizzy said, loud enough to be heard over the music. “Some days we’re sitting around with nothing to do but stay at the bar until a couple of old drunks fall asleep and we have to call a cab. On others it’s… like this. You definitely came on one of the busier nights,” she said, apologetically, looking around at all the people. But her apologetic look didn’t stay for long. Lizzy liked the crowds. She had a very short attention span and didn’t like things to get boring. On busy nights exciting things tended to always happen.
When he asked about apartments she laughed a little. “Well you don’t want anything too close to here,” she said, looking at him for a moment. “It’s a little bit dangerous. Ghetto.” She added as an explanation. “But a little farther out are the HeavenFalls apartments. They’re as nice as apartments come. You staying a while then? You look like a man on business. What are you then? Cop? Lawyer? Fireman? I had a detective come in here a couple years back. I’ve always loved a man on business,” she said, leaning over the counter a little. She may not be trying to go home with this guy, but her tips were based on how much cleave and legs she showed to the customers, so she flirted with everyone. Not that she wouldn’t do that anyway.
When Lizzy saw Marie, her forehead furrowed in both a frown and concentration. She went over to her, her previous look vanishing from her face. “Can I get you something?” she asked. When she got closer to her she could tell what it was. She was a witch. Lizzy only tolerated River’s mother, Melinda, because River was her best friend. Sadly, at work, she had to tolerate them as well. It wasn’t as if she could kick them out for no good reason apparent to the other workers. But there had been numerous times she’d faked something to get them in trouble and kicked out. Maybe tonight could be one of those nights. She looked at blonde boy and saw him eyeing the witch and made a face. The vampire clearly didn’t have good taste.

Re: [RP]Drynk club/ bar
August 09, 2013 06:26AM
Shane found the barmaid to be a bevy of information, not only in regards to the bar and the crowds that frequent it, but also her knowledge of the immediate area, as far as accommodation goes. His business card, with the fancy gold lettering lay on the counter top, as the barmaid explained that the neighborhood, was not exactly the kind of place you want to live. Described as nothing better than a ghetto. Her recommendation was for something further out, possibly HeavenFalls apartments. The very name of the place gave him a cold shiver, but he kept up his charming smile all the same, nodding appropriately and at the right intervals.”You staying a while then? You look like a man on business. What are you then? Cop? Lawyer? Fireman?””I’m what is best commonly described as a corporate vampire.” He joked, smirking at how close he was to the actual truth.
“No seriously, I am a lawyer, moved here from Chicago on good word from my former partner. Said this was the place I could really get back into a more community spirited environment.” Shane continued to turn his glass of beer slowly, not ever taking his eyes off the barmaid. She had leaned forward slightly, so she showed off a bit of cleavage, and Shane being a man found his eyes wandered lower, before an amused smile came to his lips.

“I bet you get a lot of tips, Miss…err…sorry, but I didn’t catch your name. I’m Shane…Shane Williamson.” He said, offering her his hand to shake, after she had asked the leggy blonde beside him if she cared for a drink.


Re: [RP]Drynk club/ bar
August 09, 2013 07:12AM
Marie soon reached over the bar, and her eyes stared around, till they would lay upon some blonde male, she couldn’t help but to raise up her chin and grin. She didn’t knew this man out of nowhere, but he had an empty seat besides him, and she noticed by the glance he was giving her, it was clearly for her to sit down besides him, well, she was alone right now, and wanted to have fun, so why not? She sat down besides him, and fixed her skirt a bit, so it wouldn’t show more than it should. She placed her arms over the counter, and waited for the barmaid to ask her order, but it seemed she was busy talking with the blonde man, so he was the flirting type? Well, don’t think Marie was here for something serious, that seriously wouldn’t be her thing.
Now this made her remember about the other teacher she brought with her, she turned her head around, and saw the woman kissing the other man, and a gagging sound escaped from her lips. What was wrong with this people now a days? If they didn’t knew how to kiss then its better stay quiet on your spot and let the pros do it. Her attention went back at the barmaid, who now finally payed attention to Marie, but she noticed this woman had something against her, all off sudden, the way she acted and the huge different expression she was holding right now to Marie. Well, this people was crazy.
“Hum, yes. I want a glass of vodka please, for now. Also can we smoke here?”
Marie asked, perking up an eyebrow. She wanted to smoke some marijuana, and nobody would notice, this was just crowed, and she heard that the man besides her was a Lawyer, she had a feeling he would be somebody important, due the clothing he was wearing, but she was glad he was just lawyer and not any kind of cop. From her purse, she removed a bong for smoke weed, but in small version, so she could take it everywhere with her. She also removed a lighter, and turned it on, closing to the bong. She placed the edge of the bong into her mouth, and began to suck the smoke into her mouth, before remove it, let it go down into her lungs, and then expel it all out. Nothing better than smoke weed and drink some strong alcohol, she knew she would end up staying at home, due bringing another teacher with her, that woman could be having her first adventure after so many years, but Marie would end up calling her to make her pick her up wherever she would be.

Re: [RP]Drynk club/ bar
August 09, 2013 02:38PM
“So you are a man on business. How fascinating,” Lizzy shook her finger at him and smiled. She enjoyed his use of the phrase “corporate vampire.” She laughed a little to herself. “Chicago’s a nice city.” Lizzy had been many places in her very long life and she found big cities to be her favorite. Chicago proved to have quite the population of supernaturals as well, though being a big city they were easily hidden. “I dunno about community spirited environment, but I’m sure our law firm will be glad to have you,” she said, turning back to the witch who asked for vodka.
She didn’t even say anything in response, just went to grab a glass and poured it for her. She set it in front of her and she asked if she could smoke. Lizzy wondered if she could use this to her advantage. She very much wanted to say no, but not too far away there were others smoking. “Go for it,” she said simply with a shrug and turned back to Shane. It seemed their conversation would be cut short soon due to the length of the witch’s skirt.
“Call me Lizzy,” she said, sticking to her rule of not giving out her last name to first time customers. She took his hand that he offered and smiled a little that he was shaking her hand. It seemed old fashioned. But what more could she expect from a fellow vampire? “And call me over whenever you decide to get something other than that beer.” She nodded to the drink in his hands and walked over to someone else who had just sat down. “What can I get you?” she asked them and continued to take drink orders.

Re: [RP]Drynk club/ bar
August 10, 2013 03:04AM
One thing about being a lawyer, was that Shane had this innate ability to read people, or judge them pretty much within the first five minutes of coming into contact. The leggy blonde who displayed her “wares” as it were, in the way in which she mounted the bar stool said a great deal about her intent for her night at the bar. The casual slouch and her arms resting on the bar top, she was pretty loose and carefree, not in the mood to be taken seriously, and certainly not trying to project any type of false airs and graces. A rawness if you would, which Shane found interesting, compared to some of the other patrons that were seated along the bar. Shane noted that the blonde ordered a vodka, and then if she could light up, of all things, a bong in the bar. This did raise an eyebrow slightly, and Shane even wondered if that was legal in NH, let alone to be smoked so publicly.He slowly turned his attention back to the bar maid, who was wiggling her finger at him in a playful fashion.“So you are a man on business. How fascinating,” She went on to say that she thought Chicago was a nice city, though having lived there all his life, and un life, he was torn on whether he would regard Chicago as nice. “It has its good points, but, I felt something smaller would be a good tonic. That and this town was recommended so highly.” Shane again showed off that dazzling smile of his, when Lizzy took his offered handshake, and was kind enough to divulge her name.

“Call me Lizzy,” Shane quite liked her name and found it fitting, to a girl of her fun nature. “I be sure too, Lizzy.” when told to call her back when he wanted to order another drink. As Lizzy went off to serve another patron, Shane turned his head towards the blonde, who was now enjoying her bong.

“Hard day at the office?”

An opening question, one that was bound to get a response.


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August 10, 2013 06:45AM
Marie just keep on smoking her weed, she was starting to feel herself more relaxed, and soon she would get high but not for now. The way this barmaid attended her was slightly pissing her off. Because she was all nice with the blonde man besides her, but when she turned to Marie, she acted like a cold person, extremely. So she began to wonder what was even wrong with her. She already disliked Marie? Or was it because she sat besides the man that she was flirting with? This people now a days confused Marie, and she wasn’t here for understand anybody, that’s for sure.
When the barmaid placed her drink over the counter, Marie looked up at her, perking up an eyebrow, while she allowed the smoke escape from her mouth. It was better ignore this barmaid, for now.
Wrapping her fingers around the glass of vodka, she picked it up, and brought it closer to her lips, as she took a sip from the drink. Letting the liquid go down into her throat, and have that burning feeling, that made her do some weird expression for a second, but she loved this feeling. Her attention drove back at the blonde man, who now was speaking to her since the barmaid went to other clients. He was asking her if she had a hard day at the office.
Marie placed the bong over the table, next to her glass. As she shook her head, and brought her palms closer to her head, like she was about to rub her temples.
“No. I’m a new teacher at the middle school, and this kids are just unbelievable, so annoying, and loud.” And morons
She explained him her day, and yes she thought the word morons, because those kids were idiots. She literally had to write on their paper exams idiots, morons. They had such bad grades, but that’s because she always forced them to watch a movie, and never thought them anything, but she gave them a book to study, they should start studying alone, god.
“But anyway. I’m Marie, nice to meet you, Shane.”
Marie said with a smile, as she stretched out her hand so he could shake her hand. She payed attention to the conversation he had with the barmaid, since she wanted to know if he was some sort of cop or not, so she caught his name as well.

Re: [RP]Drynk club/ bar
August 11, 2013 05:26AM
Drynk barThe leggy blonde beside Shane, was clearly trying to de-stress from what must have been a terrible day at work. The body language, and the way she raised her hands up to rub her temples, after setting down her bong, she looked like she was about to explode, or worse. Shane continued to appear relaxed, and listened to her with a nod of understanding at the right intervals. He even took up his glass, and pretended to take a sip, before setting it down again, and even resting his elbow on the bar, and his fist curled under his chin, watching her with his intent gaze.https://i2.wp.com/images6.fanpop.com/image/photos/32000000/Jane-patrick-jane-32078781-500-281.gif

A new teacher, obviously in over her head with her students, which was so often the case these days. Large class sizes, and teachers struggling with a government that refuses to pay a decent salary. No wonder she was so stressed out. The woman clearly needed a sounding board, and one Shane was all too happy to offer. As she came to the end of her rant, she finally gave out her name and extended her hand to shake. Shane being…Shane, took her hand, and then turned it over, so her palm was face down. He brought her hand to his lips, and then brushed his lips lightly across the back. A low throaty tone came from him as he said in reply;

“It truly is a delight to meet you, Marie.” He released her hand, and then took out another card, sliding it along the bar towards her. “I’m afraid that I do need to go take care of some business, but if you ever need someone to be there for you. Call me.” He placed out some notes and then placed them on the bar for the bar maid, Lizzy, along with a fifty dollar tip, and then he got off the bar stool, and gave each lady a smile, before heading for the exit. His destination….unknown.


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