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(RP) The Roxburg Family Manor.
August 06, 2013 11:42PM
The Roxburg Family of Demons resides here at Razor Hall. A dark mansion with many rooms that hold terrible secrets. 

Re: (RP) The Roxburg Family Manor.
August 07, 2013 06:16PM
Early morning. That small space of time between nightfall and daybreak. Young boys began roaming the streets, extinguishing the flames from the street lanterns. Street sweepers were out two at a time, making sure the streets and walkways were free of the dust and derbis that accumulate each day. All in all, it was the start to a typical day.
Located in a prominent part of the city, the imposing spires of Roxburg Manor can be seen as night slowly gives way to day. Inside one of the bedrooms, the dawn is shut away by the heavy draperies over the windows. The room is lit by a single candle, casting strange shadows across the surface of the bed beside. One shadow shifts and an arm emerges from beneath its cocoon of blankets. Pale, delicate, as if it was made of the finest porcelines, the arm rests upon the bedcovers, twitching every once in a while as if its owner can’t decide what he or she wants to do.A fierce pounding upon the bedroom door finally rouses the room’s sole occupant from slumber. A head emerges from below, covered in hair as black as night, wild as if caught in the fiercest of wind storms. Full delicate lips, button nose, and eyes covered in a sleep mask, the semi-slumberous body rises into a sitting position as the pounding upon the door gets louder and more insistent.”I’m up for fuck’s sake! Begone before you tear the wood off my door!” was shouted in the direction of the door. The pounding stopped for a slight moment and the tired body relaxes back into near slumber. Once more the pounding of the door rouses her. “Can’t a girl get some bloody sleep?” she growled, ripping the sleep mask from her face. Dark brown eyes scowl in the direction of the door before she slides from the bed. Naked as the day she was born, she doesn’t bother with her dressing robe as she stalks toward the door. Grabbing up the intricately carved handle, she yanks open the door in anger, nearly ripping it from their hinges. “What is so bloody important to wake me at the crack of dawn?” she demanded.

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August 07, 2013 09:01PM
Amos’ Study
*Amos’ eyes opened and yet another sleepless night had come and gone for the lead of the Roxburg family. Lucifer had kept him up all night, despite the fact that it looked like he was sleeping. It was how the two communicated so Amos didn’t have to stay in Hell twenty-four seven. Telepathy, Telekinesis, what ever you wish to call it. They created a bridge between each other which they used to communicate and speak of the latest news on the war with their Father and his ignorant ways. On earth, things were going quite well as they proved the imperfections and horrible worth of their father’s most adored creation. Humans.**The man sat forward in his large, cushiony, leather chair and rested his elbows on his desk which sat before him. Though his style was outdated, it was far from being anything but stylish in terms of those with high amounts of income to call upon such as him. His face buried into his hands as a muffled sigh flew from his lips and through his fingers.* “This must be done….Father MUST see his misplaced trust and adoration. What I am doing….it is for the best…” *He pulled his hands from his face and stood, walking to a mirror which held his entire form within. He removed his intricately designed fest to reveal a body sculpted to be perfect. Rolling his shoulders a little, the wings he once adorned so long ago without shame and with pride spread widely from his shoulders. Now, they were black, tainted and Draconic in nature. Though dragons aren’t and never were real, it made sense to describe them this way.*
*He flapped them once, lightly, as he looked upon them in shame.* “What have I allowed myself to become…” *He looked away from the mirror as the humans came to mind. They were to blame for his desecration, for his fall and his change. His brow furrowed and with a roar he grabbed the closest thing to him that was breakable and threw it.* “They shall END for what they’ve done to me! All of them!” *This behavior was not odd, and in fact, occured quite often as Amos sat alone. If not for his beloved wife, he’d have been lost forever, eventually fading into nothingness.*

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August 08, 2013 06:35AM
“You seem troubled”
A voice echoed from the door, it was low and husky, with some foreign accent no one could ever quite place. Standing in the Doorway, Elizabeth set her hand against the frame and watched him, a smirk toying at her lips. Those clear blue eyes were wide and ever watching. Her hair was loose and tousled as she had just come from bed. Bess wandered into the room, her hands swinging by her sides.
She noted that he had loosed his wings, the light from the fire danced behind the thin layer of leather and bone and made them seem to glow. On impulse, Bess’ back began to itch as her own wings fought for freedom under the skin. Bess wandered across to the desk and then headed around it. Gently and with a fine white hand she ran her fingers along the wing bone and then down and across the web of leather. Bess leaned down and placed a gentle kiss upon the bone before turning her face toward her husband. She took his chin in her hand and leaned in, placing a gentle and affectionate kiss to his cheek. Bess then let him go and backed away.
She leaned her hand upon the desk and stared down at him “How will you end them?” she asked, referring to the rhetorical question she had heard before hand. “and will you go through with it?” she asked, her voice somewhat hushed. Bess knew deep down he would however, as troubled as her husband was, he was a lot more Ruthless than she…and she had killed her own offspring.

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August 08, 2013 06:49AM
Front Parlor
Juliette walked through the rain, her hands crossed over her body to keep warm. She disregarded various gentlemen’s offers to hold an umbrella for her. Such propriety revolted her. As she made her way through the front gate and up the path to her home, she could see a light on in her father’s study. Looking up, she smiled slightly. She was definitely a Daddy’s girl, but she knew nothing of his plans for destruction. Too wrapped up in learning the ins and outs of Christianity, she disregarded anything to do with the Elders. Rain pelted down harder, causing Juliette to jump and look at her home.Rushing inside, she was greeted by various servants who rushed to bring her warm towels. Wrapping them around her, one offered her a plate of fresh cherries. Raising an eyebrow, she took one and ate it seductively. The male servant whimpered and scurried off. The master of the manor would most likely go on a killing spree if his beloved daughters were touched. Walking around slowly, she glanced up at the stairs. She wouldn’t dare bother her father in his study when he was working. Juliette had manners like that. As she took a seat, she crossed her legs and didn’t bother changing her clothes. She was more curious as to where her parents were. Her mother was no doubt doting on Amos. Shuddering a bit, Juliette closed her eyes. There was a bit of an electra complex in the manor.

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August 08, 2013 11:00AM
Amos’ StudyAmos’ eyes did not avert from the mirror as his wife entered the room. Though her very voice brought him certain level of calmness that kept him from lashing out at her. This woman would practically have him wrapped around her pretty little finger if she willed it, yet their bond was one of love for each other, and likes and dislikes that only they understood in each other. Such as those for torture of beings they viewed as worthless, pointless, and disgraces. His eyes held his form in the mirror, not following her as she slowly moved behind him, and ran her finger along his leathery wings. The boney structure that held then was rather numb to feeling, but the leather of the flaps were nerve membrane invested, and as she ran a hand along one of them, they flicked about and twitched before folding in, though not returning to his back from wence they came.As she placed a hand upon his chin, he tilted his head away quickly, with a deep, low growl emanating from the back of his throat. He bore his teeth and his eyes slit as they glared at her from the side of their sockets. Amos is unique among demons and the like, as he does not have a second form, but instead, he simply almost switches personalities due to his angelic blood that has mixed with that of the tainted. He is no saint in his normal personality, but when he changes, he loses all sense of duty and simply allows hate and madness to take over him. As she continued to kiss his cheek, he returned to the calm Amos she knew, that everyone knew, and his wings faded from view.
Her questions did not take much thought on his part to answer. “Slowly…discretely….they will feel the pain that I and brother have as our father’s /rejects/….his mistakes.” His head finally turned to face her, and he became lost in her form, and beauty. His body turned with him, and he reached a hand to her cheek, embracing it with his palm and caressing with his thumb. “And when he sees his mistake, he shall remember truth. He shall feel hate as I have, and that is when brother and I shall strike.” He brought his hands to her waist, grabbing hold and looking into her eyes as he pulled her softly into him. “Then we shall rule this pathetic world, and with you at my side, brother shall be helpless to stop us from not only killing him, but ruling in his stead. My…” He smiled and chuckled as he corrected himself. “Our…ambition shall not be lessened or stopped.” He leaned in to her, and placed a deep, passionate kiss upon her lips, holding it until she would back away.

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August 08, 2013 11:43AM
Bess watched him for a long time as he answered her question. His anger was still apparent, even if he had managed to quell the small outbreak. Despite what she was, Bess knew that it was not his fault that he was a halfing, his mix of angel and demon blood would have repulsed her once, but now…she may still dislike the angels, but this was Amos and she would stand by him no matter what. Bess sat on the chair across the desk from him, a small smile toying at her lips “Yes My Love…”She leaned forward and took his hand in hers, slim fingers entwining with his “Show him how it feels to loose everything…to loose what he loves and what he has worked for” Bess let that cool blue gaze flicker across her husbands face. His eyebrows had met in a tight line above his eyes, the grey hues were so full of hate and anger and sadness that even Bess felt a pang in her chest.
She let go of his hand and stood up, ambling around the desk to him. He grabbed her before she could do much else. Laughing slightly she fell into his lap, her face close to his. Bess smirked ever so slightly as he continued.
And then he kissed her.
On impulse her hands shot around his neck and she held on, kissing him back.
After a moment she pulled away, although it was reluctant. “King and Queen” she mumbled against his lips, her hand coming around and cupping his cheek “Together forever, ruling this wretched world the way it was supposed to be ruled” Bess smiled and nuzzled his nose with hers. She stroked his cheek this time, her eyes locking with his “Keep your resolve” she told him, no long smiling. “Do not back out of this my love, we have come so far already and we are almost there…you can do this” she told him. Bess closed her eyes and rested her head against his for a moment, letting what she had just sink in for both of them.

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August 08, 2013 10:05PM
Sally, Elvira’s personal maid stood there, arm poised to knock again as the door was wrenched open. She bobbed a curtsey as her mistress stood before her in all her nude glory. “Morning, Miss Elvira. I’ve just come to tell you that breakfast was ready.” Sally edged her way into the room and moved to open the heavy drapes, letting in the emerging dawn’s light. Elvira hissed like a scalded cat as the light cleared the rest of the sleepiness from her brain. That done, Sally moved to the bed, taking up Elvira’s dressing gown as she did so and holding it out to Elvira. Elvira stared at her incredulously. Sally stared back, patient.”A lady never wanders around naked as a newborn babe.” Sally lightly scolded. “I am no lady, Sally. Don’t forget that.” Elvira snapped. “As long as I work in this household, you are a lady of the house and must dress appropriately.” Sally returned, shaking the gown in her hands. “Fine!” Elvira sighed, moving toward her. Sally helped her slip the arms into the gown before turning to fix up Elvira’s bed. Elvira belted her gown and put her feet into her slippers before she took a brush to her hair to tame what sleeping had ruined.”Miss Elvira!” Sally exclaimed. Elvira recognized that tone of voice and she cringed. Turning from her dressing table, Elvira looked at her, trying to go for innocent. “What?” Sally wasn’t falling for it. She gave Elvira a look that said “Again? Really?” before yanking the bedsheets from the bed. Sally pointed to the slowly cooling dead male that had been residing on the other side and looked at Elvira with her hands on her hips. “He was gorgeous. I couldn’t resist. You know how I am.” Elvira huffed, crossing her arms. Sally simply shook her head. She grabbed the meat hook that was hanging on the upper bedframe that she used for such occassions and used it to drag the dead body from the room. “Your parents are awake, Miss Elvira. I wouldn’t keep them waiting.” Sally called out, the disturbing sound of a body being dragged on carpeting echoing in the hall behind her.https://i2.wp.com/26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_la673jwU0G1qbf51go1_500.gif
Sighing, Elvira finished her morning abolutions before heading down to the dining room for breakfast. She just hoped her sister wasn’t present. She wasn’t up to dealing with Juliette this morning.

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August 09, 2013 06:29AM
Dining Room
Tired of waiting for her parents, Juliette had migrated into the dining. Regardless of what time it was, she was sitting at the table with a glass of wine. Servants were bustling around her and treated the Demon Princess as though she were the most important thing in life. As they bustled around her, she read the paper. It was rather unladylike but she wished to be updated on all current events. Someone was ripping women open and leaving them heartless. Smiling slowly, she wondered which demon that could be. Turning the pages in the paper, she thought to herself that she would give that demon a good fucking. What poetry it was to literally leave a human girl heartless.Glancing up, she noticed her sister come in. Pursing her lips in disgust, she looked back at the paper without a greeting. The other maids were already fretting about finding the man in her sister’s bed. Juliette thought herself that her sister was a careless whore who brought shame to the family with all of her tactless moves. Still, she was also considered a Roxburg Princess, regardless of the fact that the humans did not regard them as royalty. No matter, some day they would. Leaning back against the chair, she looked up at one of the maids and demanded “Bring me chocolate covered cherries.” There was no thank you as she turned to stare her sister down with a fake smile “I hear you were busy this morning, dear sister.”

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August 09, 2013 07:49AM
Roxburg Family Dining RoomUpon entrance, Elvira immediately spotted her sister and very nearly turned around on the spot to leave but her sister’s words stopped her in her tracks. “I hear you were busy this morning, dear sister.”Plastering a fake smile upon her face and adjusting her robe until a fair amount of cleavage showed, Elvira turned to face Juliette. Normally Elvira would have practiced the art of descretion, but getting a rise out of her sister simply just made her day.”Busier than you, sister dear.” Elvira sneered, placing great emphasis on the last two words. She moved to her place at the table, directly across from Juliette and fairly slithered into her chair. One of the serving maids placed a platter of eggs, toast and bacon before her and she picked up her fork, placing a bite of eggs on her tongue. She chewed thoughtfully for a moment before swallowing and looking at Juliette, contempt etched in every line of her body.”Oh please dispense with your ‘Holier Than Thou’ attitude. It does not quite become you and goes against everything you are.” Elvira snorted, taking a sip of coffee before returning to her breakfast. “What I do in my spare time is really none of your concern, so do get your knickers out of your arse.”

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August 09, 2013 01:43PM
Juliette rolled her eyes as her sister told her to drop the ‘holier than thou’ attitude. Smiling across the table and tilting her head, the maids and servants arrived with her chocolate covered cherries. As they were placed in front of her, she picked one up and bit into it, her eyes never leaving her sister. After swallowing, she lifted her wine glass off and spoke in her bored tone. “I am quite aware of what I am, though you seem to be confusing your noble demonic birth with the tendencies of a harlot.” Smiling more, she took a sip of her wine before continuing “You must be so proud to be the town bicycle. You really are giving the whores down in Whitechapel a run for their money.” Raising her glass in a mock toast, she spoke again “You may like to think that your actions are none of my business, but when you have the maids and servants whispering about your irresponsibly loose actions, it brings the whole family into your vile spot-light you think you deserve.” Taking another sip of her wine, she said nothing more to her sister.As she continued to eat her breakfast, she pretended as though her sister did not exist. Instead, she focused more on the whereabouts of where her father was. Juliette could care less about where her mother was, but Amos always held her interest. Sighing softly, she looked up and spoke in her bored tone again to the servants “You really ought to tell Daddy to come down, his breakfast will get cold.” The servants nodded their heads and curtsied before rushing off to find her parents.

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August 09, 2013 03:21PM
Elvira snorted when Juliette called her a harlot and outright laughed at being called a whore. “Compliments at breakfast? I am flattered.” Elvira chuckled darkly. “But I am what father made me, darling.” she stated with utmost loathing. “Unlike you, I cannot go against my nature for I, unlike you, need it to survive. So don’t you dare blame me for the circumstances of my birth when the circumstances of yours are very highly…questionable.” Elvira reached across the table, exposing her breasts to anyone who’d been looking, causing one of the servants to drop a tray of pastries he’d been carrying. Smirking, she snatched one of the cherries from the bowl that was sitting in front of her sister, never once dropping her eyes from her Juliette’s own evil gaze. She bit into the cherry, juice spurting like blood from within and sliding down Elvira’s chin. Her tongue extended, inhumanly long, to lick up the tart liquid. “And, sister dear? If the maids and servants are whispering about my actions, then I must be doing something right.” Elvira picked up her coffee and took a healthy sip. Unlike Juliette, Elvira felt there was a time and place for wine…breakfast was not one of those times.As Juliette spoke to the servants, seemingly dismissing Elvira’s very presence, she simply chuckled with glee. Pissing off, Juliette: Mission Accomplished. She added her own command to the servants as they were leaving the room. “And do see what’s keeping my dear brother. I’d hate to miss his wonderful presence this morning.” Elvira turned her head back to her sister, one eyebrow arched in challenge.https://i0.wp.com/img.photobucket.com/albums/v20/Blackcat666x/tumblr_inline_mmdwudeXez1qz4rgp_zpse031bb59.gif

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August 09, 2013 04:25PM
Dining RoomOut in the foyer, one of the maids gasped, as the son of the Roxburgs, Bartholomew, better known as “Bart”, was groping her backside, as she had bent over to dust one of the hall bookshelves. His snide laughter at her expense, would be enough to make any lady cringe, but one thing was for certain, the poor house staff loved it when Bart left to go back to his dorm at Oxford. The maid shot bolt up right to standing, her face flushed and she tried to hide her embarrassment behind her feather duster.”Don’t mind me, I am just squeezing the buns to make sure they are fresh. Awe, don’t give me that face, I was just going to say they could use a good kneading.” Bart wiggled his eyebrows, and then gave her a light smack, before strutting like a peacock, into the family dining room. First thing that met his gaze, aside from the dazzling breakfast spread, was the fact Juliette and Elvira were at it like alley cats over a dead mouse. It was really nothing unusual, in fact they had been doing this as long as he could remember, and as he watched them, he placed a hand on his chest and uttered dramatically;”Oh..what a performance, my sweet sisters. Next thing you know, you are both going to be cast in a new play called “Cinderella” and play the ugly step sisters. Mhm..but I jest of course. Morning morning, and all that other nice things people are supposed to say. Ooo eggs.”Bart pulled out a chair, and waited for one of the maids to place a napkin in his shirt, before he started loading up his plate. His lips smacking on a piece of bacon, he twirls his fork into the scrambled egg, and then almost flings it at Juliette, saying;”I figured they wouldn’t let you out of your coffin during the hours of day. You look like death, whatever you do, don’t go standing near a window…or…you might crumble into dust.” He then grinned, showing off bits of parsley in his teeth. “Wait, scratch that…you only look undead. Forgot what you were. SORRY!”
https://i0.wp.com/www.musicnewsnashville.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/jackBlack.gifHe really was being a shit this morning, and as he looked at Elvira, he asked with all the politeness of an aristocrat.”Got any bodies for me this morning? I don’t fancy playing grave robber, and I need something for show and tell in biology.”<3>

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August 09, 2013 06:31PM
Dining Room
Juliette stared her sister down as she stole a cherry. Regardless of how much she hated Elvira, her sister had touched a nerve. Juliette had no idea why she hardly gave into her demonic urges. She was too torn between understanding Christianity and hating Lucifer for having them cast out of Heaven. And yet, because of her loyalty to her family, she was cast from Paradise too. She felt nothing but spite for her whole family, Amos being the exception. Turning her icy glare towards her brother, she rolled her eyes. He had barely missed her with the egg. Raising her eyebrow and smiling coyly, she purred “Oh it seems our dear brother has joined us. How lovely.” As he mentioned she looked like death, she laughed softly “You are so charming. Thank you kindly for that. Now I know I won’t have to worry about being pawed in public.” Wiggling her eyebrows playfully, she glanced at her sister. Why did they have to be so catty with one another? Perhaps if Elvira would take Juliette under her demonic wing like a good evil sister, she wouldn’t feel so torn.Sighing, she looked away from her siblings. She really felt like the black sheep of the family sometimes. Pushing plate around on her food, she began to ignore them again. Her chin was resting on her palm as she looked down at her untouched eggs. Yech. She could never eat them, no matter what time of the day it was. Male servants prowled around between her and Elvira, torn between Elvira’s display of cleavage and Juliette’s prude attire that kept them wanting more.

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August 09, 2013 08:04PM
Amos’ Study
Amos allowed a soft smile to her words as they sunk in. He longed for the day when this eventual truth would come. To rule over the race that caused him such pain, to show them all that he has felt and so much more. When she rested her head against his, he allowed it, closing his eyes and exhaling heavily. He placed his arms tightly around her, crossing his fingers into each other. He huffed, amused by her words, and spoke in reply. “Love, when have you ever known me to shy away from the ultimate reforming of the human race….especially when it deals with causing them pain.” He smiled sadistically and placed a hand over her chin, kissing her lips gently then pulling away and holding her eyes in his own. “It will happen, you have my word Dove.” He then lowered his hand and released her from his grip, allowing her to stand the moment his ears gathered the sounds of every morning’s breakfast.Then a servant knocked on the doors to his study and Amos sighed. “It appears they have begun without us, Love. Come, let us join them.” He smiled as the words left his lips and stood, grabbing his removed clothing and replaced it over his torso. Then with a gust of wind and in a blur he left the room, assumingly with his love beside him, and paying no mind to the servant who was behind the door as he rushed past her. nearly knocking her off her feet. The girl was human, and thus, just as all the other Servants in the house, were treated more like slaves by Amos than working employees.Dinning Area
Upon reaching the doors, Amos slowed to a steady walk. The servants there opened the large, exquisite doors with little strain and Amos walked into the sight of his bickering children once again. They aggitated him when they acted like this. Born of so much power, wealth, and opportunity yet they squandered it to argue among themselves. When he entered, he stood with a straight back, his head high, and his hands folded behind his back, like any regal lord would. “The amount of bickering you and your sister employ, dishonor this family far more than her nature, Juliette. Others may not know of her true self, but we do, and as her family, we WILL respect it. She drains the life force of mortal beings through sexual pleasure in order to survive. You do so by draining the blood of their bodies. Either way, your necessities are disgusting and disgraceful. At least she has pride in it and completes her priorities effectively.” He normally didn’t add his two cents, but he was in no mood to listen to such disdain among his children this morning. “You are both my daughters and you are treated as such. Thus, I EXPECT you two to treat each other with respect SINCE neither of you have any right to complain about anything the other does. I hope, for your sakes, I am understood.”He moved from his spot to take his seat at the head of the table. Sitting, the servants brought him his meal. Medium rare steak with eggs, an abundance of fruit, and grits. a favorite of his since before the days of Jesus, which he had a proudly direct hand in. Lifting his knife and fork, he began to cut into his food, and continued, his eyes held on his plate. “Son, on the topic of “show and tell”, as you call it, there are some human servants in the basement holding cells. do with them as you wish, I was already planning on killing them anyways.” Taking a bite of his meal, and continued after swallowing. “There is a female…in particular…you may…enjoy before you end her. The choice is yours.” His eyes moved to a goblet of orange juice that had been set before him by a servant, and he dropped his utencils to sip from the golden cup, which looked a lot like something of historic referance. His eyes then fell to Elvira. “As for you, stop instigating your sister. Deny this, and I will have you starved for a week.” He loved his children immensely, especially his daughters, but he knew more than anyone to be tough on his children if he wanted them to grow strong, a lesson taught to him by his father through experience more than word.

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August 09, 2013 08:23PM
Elvira grinned upon hearing Bart’s voice in the hallway and quickly sat up to fix her robe into a more appropriate manner. “Good morning, Bartykins.” Elvira grinned at her brother, pleased to see him home. She laughed when he damn near launched his breakfast, fork included at Juliette before shoveling eggs into his mouth. “No bodies for you. Sally keeps taking them away from me, damn that girl.” Elvira sighed dramatically. She listened as Juliette sniped at their brother and was about to defend him when their father suddenly appeared. Elvira sat up straight as she was taught, tightening the belt of her robe in his presence, now wishing she’d gotten dressed instead. She hated to disappoint him so. She was quite surprised when he defended her nature to her younger sister and she had to clamp down on the urge to smirk in triumph at Juliette, knowing that her father’s keen eyes would most likely catch her in the act. “You are both my daughters and you are treated as such. Thus, I EXPECT you two to treat each other with respect SINCE neither of you have any right to complain about anything the other does. I hope, for your sakes, I am understood.” He spoke to Bart for a moment before looking at Elvira. “As for you, stop instigating your sister. Deny this, and I will have you starved for a week.” Elvira bowed her head in respect and answered. “Yes, Father. And I apologize for disrupting breakfast in such a way. If you will excuse me, I will return to my room to dress.” She gained her feet, kissing her brother on the top of his head before moving to kiss her father’s cheek. As she left the room, she turned to Juliette and smirked anyway before flouncing from the room.

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August 09, 2013 08:30PM
Dining Hall
Juliette said nothing as she was feeling gained up on. Her words would most likely do little to stop Elvira from harassing her. Indeed, as her tart of a sister left the room, she gave her an agitating smirk. Gripping her knife, Juliette threw it across the room at her sister. She didn’t give two shits if her father scolded or punished her more. Being in this god-forsaken family was torture enough. Standing up, she kicked her chair back and stared daggers at the servants who were watching. This family seriously pissed her off and she had enough. No way would she act docile and polite to a family who gave her no respect. Looking to her father, she snapped “Go ahead and hurt me. I will not take back my words against her. She is vile and I hope she rots in Hell sooner than later. As for pride, I have no pride in having to live off of blood like a leeching vampire. There is nothing proud about almost being a half-breed.” Pushing back from the table, she practically growled at her father. She was the demon of spite, after all, and had the worst time controlling her anger and spite. Contempt flowed through her veins. Without another word, she stormed out of the room and into the family garden to cool off. Fucking demons.

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August 10, 2013 02:40AM
One could never say that the Roxburg family breakfasts were an ordinary affair. Far from it. The sumptuous display of foods that would tantalize the taste buds of any discerning food critic. And yet, the Roxburg children, if you could call them that, behaved so poorly with their manners and table talk, that it would be scandalous if anyone outside of the house were to find out.Bart was wearing a day suit, and he had been wise enough to remove his hat and coat before entering the dining room, but the way his sister’s were dressed, or in fact, Elvira, you would think they were actually in a high class brothel. It truly didn’t matter to Bartholomew, one way or another. He came home for breakfast specifically to enjoy the fruits of the house cook’s labour, and she was not to disappoint this morning. Enjoying yet another mouthful of egg, he grinned broadly at his sister Elvira, who greeted him with that saccharine sweet tone of hers. Oh that little minx was on a roll, already showing off her ample cleavage to the serving staff, but raising merry hell with her sister Juliette, who Bart had just missed in his failed egg attack.”Good morning, Bartykins.””Morning Ellie, I say…you are glowing, practically busting out over there. And I thought the eggs were tempting me this day.” he wiggled his eyebrows in that dastardly way that he did, when he was up to no good. Course, Juliette was in a right state this morning, no doubt Elvira had gotten under her skin, like a maggot infestation. She tried to show the charm and poise of an aristocrat to her brother, but in it there was yet another dig at her sister.”You are so charming. Thank you kindly for that. Now I know I won’t have to worry about being pawed in public.””Charming? Now there is a word that I don’t often used to describe me. I could offer a few up for debate, but I fear the female staff might find themselves getting hot and bothered.” Bart said with a smirk. He found it amusing that he really didn’t even have to try in order to start a family brawl, it always was the clash of the Sisters of Satan. In order to stop himself guffawing like a mad man, when he saw Juliette do the eyebrow wiggle at her sister, Bart picked up his cup of tea with his large hands, yet tried to hold the cup with his pinky sticking out. It did appear comical to say the least, but sadly the frivolity of the moment was soon lost, the minute that the patriarch of the family; Amos Roxburg entered the room. And sure enough, he witnessed the catty display from Bart’s sisters, and it was on…and they were both to be put in their place.Bart continued to eat his meal, as his father’s heated words were so bad, it was enough to peel the very wallpaper off the wall itself. The Son of Amos acted perfectly innocent to the childish display of his sister siblings, and even gave Juliette a stern look, which soon melted away into a winning smile. As his father started to tuck into his steak, having said his piece to the two girls, he turned his attention to Bart.”Son, on the topic of “show and tell”, as you call it, there are some human servants in the basement holding cells. do with them as you wish, I was already planning on killing them anyways.”Bart’s face became gleeful as he placed his fork down on his plate with a clatter and then dabbed his mouth with his white napkin. Father was actually offering up some of the house staff for his own wicked ends, and of course, as corpses later on for the biology department. Draping his napkin across his plate, Bart’s eyes twinkled, as he started hatching his devilish plans.

“There is a female…in particular…you may…enjoy before you end her. The choice is yours.”

“A female, you say? Oh Father, you do spoil me so. And I promise to get good grades this term. My professor said I am a natural at law. Fancy that. Then again, I did get my silver tongue from you.” He finished his sentence by wrinkling his nose in a rat like fashion. Looking down at his empty dishes, he said. “Well I’m stuffed. Love to Cookie. Think I might go have a prod at the stock in the basement.”

Bart was about to rise, when his sister Elvira kissed the top of his head, as she swanned past to get dressed for the day. Such a loving family. Who could ask for more. Rising from the table, he smiled at his father, and then pulled the dagger out of the wall behind him that Juliette had thrown at Elvira and then he picked his teeth with it, as he strolled out of the room.


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August 10, 2013 08:06AM
Dining Room
Bess was right beside her husband as he took of for breakfast. He stopped in the door and Bess strode up to join him.
Her children sat bickering, as per usual and Bess felt a swell of anger at the scene. She cast a disapproving, cold blue gaze across the children and folded her arms. As Amos spoke and finished, she remained quiet, a slight smirk playing on her lips as her children sat still and fuming at their fathers words.
As Amos headed for his seat, Bess stood on a little long in the door way as they all spoke, yet the calm that had descended upon the room did not last long. Juliette was first, she rose and cried her displeasure for her sister. Bess could do nothing but smirk as he daughter wailed and stormed out of the room. Bess did not move however, so Juliette had to duck out and around her “That girl must learn her place” She finally said, glancing over her shoulder to where the door had slammed shut “I would teach her myself…yet she tires me” Bess rolled her eyes and headed around the table to the empty seat on the right hand side of her husband. She sat and a small slave girl with big green eyes and a mouth that always seemed to hang lax scurried over and placed a plate before her. Bread, salt and smoked salmon sat upon it. Bess lifted a sliver of the salmon and put it in her mouth she chewed and swallowed just as Elvira and Bart left the room. Rolling her eyes but smiling slightly, Bess tore at a piece of bread and lifted it to her mouth “Two of of three isn’t bad” she mumbled, turning back to her food before glancing at Amos.
It was no secret that Juliette and Bess did not get on. The underlying rivalry between the two made Bess almost as bad as a girl again “She must be taken to heel” she said simply, licking salt from her fingers and eyeing her husband as he ate. Bess didn’t have to say who she was talking about
She had a feel Amos knew.