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Re: [RP] Vaas Plain castle
August 12, 2013 05:31PM
Vaas Plains Castle courtyard


A burst of light shone down through the clouds, as Sir Wayne stood holding his horse, waiting for hours now for Calypso. But what got the Knight’s attention was just who was soaring in from the direction of the Night Lands. It was none other than the King himself, and oddly with very little on. The Angel swooped down from the heavens, though his face looked dark for some reason, running on landing, his wings still beating, he slowly came to a stop, folding them back behind himself. His muscles gleaming and rippling, and Sir Wayne stood silently patting his horse. Something, was indeed wrong.


“Sire…where is your horse?”

“I..decided to take a more scenic route home.”

“Ah…then Welcome home, M’lord.” The Knight raised his fist to his chest and bowed, as the King approached him. His face was stern and he asked the Knight;

“Has the Queen returned, with Selene?”

“No, Sire…I have been standing here many hours, and there has been no one but the stable hands.”

The King’s face was ashen, and he nodded but once. Then said; “Calypso won’t be leaving today, as soon as Selene returns from the Night lands, she is to be cared for by the Queen’s personal servant. You may go about your normal duties. I know you are still injured from the tournament, and I think its wise you have time to recover.”

The Knight appeared confused by all this, but didn’t question the King.

“As you wish, Sire.” The Knight then led his horse away back towards the camping grounds, where his staff would be more than happy to see him return, while the King stormed inside.


Re: [RP] Vaas Plain castle
August 12, 2013 05:43PM
Vaas Plains Castle Courtyard

The festivities had long since past from the day, and now sir Arthur sat in his “throne” as you may call it, which he has held as champion of the Knight’s Tourney since sir Wayne had left some time ago, of course, before his wife had died. He could still scarcely believed it. He was no fan of goody too shoes, but no matter how many times he tried, Ambrosia always managed to grow on him. Her new nickname fit her perfectly. It was a shame that such a beautiful person had to leave this world so soon, and the sun would shine a little darker from then on.

Sipping from his golden goblet of wine, still fully dressed in his armor, but his wings had been allowed to sheath., he watched as the king re entered the courtyard. He had had his eyes on Sir Wayne for some time now as he stood about, obviously awaiting something that never showed. He watched their conversation, and could see the worry on the kings face and the confusion Sir Wayne held in his posture. this brought a level of curious thought to Arthur’s mind.

As the Knight made his way back to his tent, Arthur stood and moved to intercept him with a few mighty leaps to close the distance just as the knight was entering his tent. “Sir Wayne…a moment…if you please.”

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August 12, 2013 05:48PM
Vaas Plains Castle courtyard

Metia was finally able to arrive her castle, it was like hell riding this things, she never thought riding a horse was so hard. Well, she spends her whole time stuck in the castle, doing the Queen’s duties, and it isn’t really the Queen work to be on a horse, that’s why she had a hard time on getting used to it.
Reaching her castle, she jumped off her horse, and asked a servant if her daughter was here with her husband. They only said the King had returned but not the princess. Metia gasped, and felt like someone was grabbing her heart and squeezing it hard, doing the same with her lungs, and making her unable to breathe for seconds.Oh god, she didn’t knew why she was so emotional today, but tears was already coming back in her eyes, leaving them red, but she still didn’t allowed a tear to slid down. Why wasn’t her daughter here? Where was she then? Joffrey didn’t took her away, did he? Anger and sadness was filling Metia, once more.
She rushed inside the hallways, trying her best to find her husband, she had to warn him about her daughter being missing. And she finally found him, through the hallways as well.
She shouted, having a shaking tone in her voice.
She picked up the edge of the horrible brown dress that she was wearing back in the inn, and ran towards him. She first bowed her head, since she was afraid if he was still upset with her from what happen back in the Inn, then she looked up at him with her watery red eyes.
“Our daughter..she’s gone..She wasn’t in the inn when I woke up. I thought you took her with her, but the servants said you was the only who returned not Selene.”
She was trying her best to be calm.
“I want my daughter back.”


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August 12, 2013 06:32PM
Vaas Plains Castle


The King was standing inside, with many servants now around him and fitting him with appropriate attire. His wings were on full display behind him as he held his arms out and then was dressed by the young servant maids, who did their duties wordlessly. The King’s expression was…unreadable. It was as if he himself had changed, but of course the reason as to why, would come to be discovered later. As the servants finished, they all stood back and bowed to the King, as he stood with raised head, staring out the nearest pane glass window. It was then the shout of Metia reached his ears, and he turned around slowly, not showing an sign of smile of welcome.


“My Queen?” He simply asked the question, a paleness in his eyes. He looked at her in the same brown dress and fur, but her colour and life had returned to her cheeks and skin. That in itself made no sense, but what she said, made things a whole lot worse.

“Our daughter..she’s gone..She wasn’t in the inn when I woke up. I thought you took her with her, but the servants said you was the only who returned not Selene.”

He strode across the floor, his hands curling into fists as he stood and looked down at her, his words said with a firmness, and there was no love or powerful sonnets.

“You were instructed to bring our daughter home from the Night lands. Of course I returned on my own.” He started to walk around her slowly, and listened as she struggled to be calm. “I want my daughter back.” Course she did, she always got what she wanted. But not anymore. The King came to a stop, and then snapped his finger for a messenger. The messenger came in on bended knee and the King said;

“Send word to the King of Brax that our daughter, Selene is missing presumably with that son of his, the Prince somewhere in Night lands. Tell him, I want them found, and if they are not found….I will declare war.”

The messenger bowed and scrapped, then ran out of the castle, his wings opening out behind him, as he took off into the sky. With that being said and done, the King then silently left the room, and the Queen to her devices.


Re: [RP] Vaas Plain castle
August 12, 2013 06:49PM
Vaas Plains Castle Courtyard


As the Knight was leading his horse to go back to his tent, Sir Arthur more or less pounced in front of him, and said in a hurried tone; “Sir Wayne…a moment…if you please.”

Sir Wayne brought the horse to a stop, and looked squarely at Sir Arthur. Not sure about his reason for suddenly wanting to speak to him, after his glorious win at the Tournament. The horse kept nudging Sir Wayne to keep walking, so the Knight kept having to push it back gently to keep it from playing up.

“Very well, since I no longer required by the King or Calypso. What is it you wished to speak to me about?” He asked, curious as to Sir Arthur’s intent.