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Re: [RP]Starfell Village (In Firemarsh)
August 07, 2013 10:30PM
https://i1.wp.com/i154.photobucket.com/albums/s273/Phaedon7/Captain%20Terren%20Avery/tumblr_mfsqclQ0XB1qc17ifo2_250_zps9abede1c.gifCaptain Terren sat along with Amber, sharing a drink. He wanted to chuckle at the froth of the rum, stuck on her nose tip. He wiped it off with his thumb and licked it with a smirk. Tastes the sweeter coming from your skin my Lady. Don’t worry, it won’t take Jack long to make his way here. It’s the only place besides his Mother’s Womb that he’s spent more time nursing. He couldn’t help his eyes darting swiftly around the room. He counted at least 9 coin purses he could snatch without trouble, and 4 more that he could take with very little fight. But unfortunately he was playing the Gentlemen Sailor for now.

Re: [RP]Starfell Village (In Firemarsh)
August 09, 2013 08:37AM
Amber could feel the warmth of the rum settling inside her stomach, as she made a light giggle from the Captain’s jovial demeanor. It was almost like he was two different people trapped in the one body. Sure she had heard him when he approached the bar, and the reaction on the barkeep was priceless to say the least. Like two sides to a silver coin, one was charming the other was ruthless, you never truly knew what you were going to get. Though, he had shown her no signs of wickedness, or cursed her for being a mermaid on land. So she continued to enjoy his witty banter, as they waited for the elusive Jack to make an appearance.https://i0.wp.com/25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m7cr4awfkQ1r6jdc8o1_500.gif

If Terran’s remark that Jack could usually be found here was anything to go by, then it shouldn’t be much longer. Dreamily, she wondered if this Jack, was as handsome as the Prince Derek, for many of the two legged were handsome, just like Terran. Amber noticed that the Captain was keeping an eagle eye out on the other patrons, though she didn’t get that it was their purses he fancied. She leaned over and said quietly;

“Tell me, what does this Jack looks like, so that I might keep an eye out for him, Captain.”


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August 11, 2013 07:07AM

Jack kept staring at the woman, wondering what the hell was her problem. She wanted him to walk her at home and wanted him to waste his gold on her. For god sake, he would only waste his gold on rum, not with women, what was their problem anyway? Gold was precious. We can’t waste it on people like that, that’s foolish.
“Ok, we can do this. We go to a tavern, and I will pay you with alcohol, at least I will be wasting my money on something worth of it.”
He told her, as he poked his chin with his index finger, like he was thinking, but then he just pointed at her, while he spoke. He’d rather pay her some drinks, and then he can drink as well. He wouldn’t be stupid enough to go the same Tavern where he came from, he would just go to another, even tho he already knew the all taverns around here, and of course, they already knew him as well. The only new Tavern that he went, was the one minutes ago where those all guys started to follow him.
“Let’s go, skinny legs.”
He didn’t knew her name, so he would just pick up a nickname for her, she should be glad that he didn’t picked up some dirty nickname for her, since she was a hooker. Soon he turned around, and began to walk, his walk was different, his hands was always in the air while he poked his middle finger against his thumb and walked like that, kind of weird, since he spent his entire life drunk. He just hoped the hooker would follow him as well. If she wanted something from him, the only thing he could give her was a drink, so all she had to do was just follow him.


“Jack!! You son of a bitch, you own me money!
Yes, this was the first words Jack heard whenever he got inside the Tavern. Now he was owning money to people? Well, when he gets more drunk than he should he doesn’t remember if he pays or not. The voice came from the bartender, that was all mad.
“You better pay what you own, which is ten gold coins! Or else I will have your head. Understood?!”
The man keep on shouting, while Jack was just on the door. Some people remained quiet, to watch the bartender rage on Jack.
Jack stared at the bartender, with a confused expression, trying to remember his face, he was never good with faces, he couldn’t remember him out of nowhere. But oh well, if he wanted to live he had to act nice, and give his money, right? That’s the problem, Jack wanted to live, but he would never give his money.
“I understand everything.”
Jack replayed with a silly smile upon his face.
“You will have your money, and I will give your Tavern some new entertainment.”
Jack already had an idea in mind. He wasn’t going to use his money, he was going to gain money from other people, and then give it to the bartender. He walked up to a table, where it had only one person, a very skinny fellow, and he even began to wonder how he was still alive in such place like this.
“Go away.”
Jack said, while moving his hands like he was making a cat going away. Then he moved the table, a bit to the center from the Tavern, and brought two chairs, placing them on each edge from the table, the table was actually small, so they would never stay too far away from each other, if somebody sat down on the chairs.
“Let’s do some arm wrestling competition! We bet ten gold coins from each “fighter”. An whoever wins stays with the all gold!”
Jack said this out loud, whenever he stood up on the table, so everybody could have their attention on him, even tho he already got that all attention as soon as he stepped inside. Nobody was interesting on this game, this people was just dumb, do they even know how easy this was for gain money?
“You idiots, it means if you win you will have twenty gold coins.”
Jack said with a huff, as he couldn’t believe this guys was that dumb.
“I will go first!
A built man spoke out since he got interested after hearing the word twenty. He placed ten gold coins upon the table, and looked down at Jack. Jack looked up at him with a weird expression on, this was his opponent? Well damn, Jack was screwed. He was extremely lazy when it comes to do exercise so of course he wasn’t that muscled man.
“Okay then..”
He dropped ten gold coins over the table, and sat down. He waited for the male to sit down as well. Placed his elbow over the table, and grabbed the male’s hand. He began to count 1,2,3, and whenever he said 3 it had already started. Jack was trying his best to not let his hand touch the table. Now it was time for his trick. He removed his foot from his shoe, and stretched out his leg. Jack had this ability that using his toes was basically the same as using his fingers, so what he did was simple tickle the guys side. This gave him a second of weakness, and Jack took that chance to slam the man’s hand against the table. And he won.
He quickly shoved his foot back into his shoe, and stood up from the chair, kind of clumsy.
“Did everyone see that? Because I will not be doing it again.”
He was so not going to do this again. He picked up his gold, and stared down at the male that now was disappointed with himself. He tossed ten gold coins at the bartender, and smirked. Now he already had payed what he owned, and he still had his ten gold coins.

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August 11, 2013 02:00PM
Suddenly there was sword tip poking into Jack’s back. And a voice spoke. You lilly livered land lubber. I’ll run you through you dog!….. Terren waited til Jack was good and scared, then he removed the sword, sliding it back in his sheath and laughed aloud smiling. Jack you sonnova bitch, how the Hell are you? Put your hands down Man, it was a joke. Terren had watched the ordeal between Jack and the others, then snuck behind his old Frenemy, to play a joke. Joke would be taken by it of course, because he never was good with violence. So it was all good fun for Terren. He leaned over on the bar, looking up and Jack. You wreak of dirt….there isn’t a trace of the sea on you anymore…….you poor Bastard. How long has it been since you were at sea?It was a sad sight indeed to see a Pirate who had given up sailing.https://i1.wp.com/i154.photobucket.com/albums/s273/Phaedon7/Captain%20Terren%20Avery/tumblr_static_tumblr_mg8rpwhp3d1qlfhkko2_500_zpsf434563f.gif

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August 13, 2013 06:35AM
Starfell Village Innhttps://i1.wp.com/24.media.tumblr.com/0ddaee50ed2369882ea30ef8e196b708/tumblr_mk4fjkUEu21r1s0g4o1_400.gif

While Jack was entertaining many of the locals that frequented the inn, and Terren was now taken up in watching the ordeal between Jack and the others, Amber spotted a fresh mug of rum on another table, and slyly stole it while no one was watching. She had found a taste for fire like drink, and though the mug looked far too big in her dainty hands, she consumed the lot. A loud gasp and she exhaled, clearly relishing in the excitement of stealing the drink from an old sailor, as she did actually drinking it.

So this was the Knight that Terren had spoke of? Well, he looked more like a pirate of the seas, than an actual Knight. Not that she had actually MET many knights, but there was something, fishy about him. A rogue, and a playful one at that. But seemed that he had made many enemies, since he booked up a tab here and there.

Again Terren was off and away with his split personality, that truly had Amber intrigued. She sat upon the small rickety chair with a grin that suggested she truly had too much to drink. She didn’t mind if she had been forgotten by the pirates, who were doing blokey things, like threatening each other with swords. Must be some kind of odd ritual, for there was much laughter afterwards.

Slowly, Amber started to sway, as the drink was going to her head.


Re: [RP]Starfell Village (In Firemarsh)
August 13, 2013 08:04AM
Jack was having his fun, till he felt something poking his back, certainly some sword, then the words made him froze on his spot, as he rose his hands up like he surrender, who the hell was this guy behind him? And even knew his name, and started to chuckle. Jack was more confused, and he slowly low his arms down, as he looked at him, with a confused expression, as he started to realize it was actually Terren, an old pirate friend.
“Oh its you, Terren.”
Jack said, as he stared at the man, and placed his palms on the bottom of his pants, like he was having some belt around his waist, even tho there wasn’t.
“I may be away from the sea. But the sea doesn’t leave me.”
Jack said with a grin, and he was right. Even if he had left the sea, its not like the sea and pirate life left him, his outfit totally looks like a pirate, his mind still works like one, and so does his personality. The only thing that changed was his job, and he would only use that armor of a knight when he needed to, it was extremely uncomfortable, and so simple. Jack always prefers something comfortable, and show off.
Jack started to smell the air around them, and he quickly smelt a mermaid, this man spent half of his life in the sea, he knew whenever a mermaid was around or not, since those creatures could be extremely dangerous, he always needed to stay away from them. He stared around, trying to find who could this mermaid be, and it was probably the only female around that was getting drunk. Jack looked back at Terren.
“You brought a fishy legs with you?”
Jack asked making a weird expression. He always called them fishy legs since they had..fish tail.

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August 13, 2013 08:42AM
Terren frowned at Jack. Well stop talking and get your ass back on a boat. I heard rumors that you were playing at being a Knight, but by the Goddess of the Sea, I can’t believe it! He followed Jack’s gaze to Amber, and the smile wiped from his face. Jack’s nickname for her was not to his liking as he held his gaze narrowed and he raised his hooked hand, brandishing it in Jack’s face.https://i2.wp.com/i154.photobucket.com/albums/s273/Phaedon7/Captain%20Terren%20Avery/tumblr_mhtjh19DmT1s1706ao1_500_zps819a6eae.gif

Her name is…well I don’t know what her name is, but I’m quite certain it doesn’t even have Fishy anywhere in it….I’d feel foolish if it did….. He slapped Jack on the shoulder with his smile returned. I’ve been looking you….I might be the only one who is, that you don’t owe…..we both know that nobody owes Captain Terren Avery for very long…….anyways, what with your fancy Knighthood and such, I need you to point me way to the nearest Prince. He gestured for Amber to come over. My Lovely Friend here, would very much like to speak to this um…what was the Lad’s name again? He waited to see if the drunken Mermaid would even make it over to them, let alone answer his question.

Re: [RP]Starfell Village (In Firemarsh)
August 13, 2013 07:12PM
“You brought a fishy legs with you?”The first thing to be said in reference to Amber, was the fact that Jack knew what she was. Though Amber had had quite a few rums by now, and she was tiddly as, she knew that her cover was well and truly blown by the Pirate like Knight. Amber pouted as she continued to sway, thinking maybe he had something against Mermaids. She even raised one of her arms to smell under if that was the reason he called her out. Yes, she did smell like the sea, there was no mistaking it. Maybe he once had a bad run in with one of her kin. They were known lure sailors from their ships, its how they survived.

Truth about a mermaid. On land, she is harmless, but under the sea, that is a whole different kettle of fish. Terren didn’t appear to be all that amused with how Jack described her, though he was at a loss to her name. He knew that her name wasn’t “Fishy” that was for sure and Amber was only to happy to reveal her name and that of the beautiful Prince on the locket. She held out the trinket to the Pirate Knight Jack, and then said in a soft voice.

“His name is Prince Derek, of Casterly. He is very handsome, see….on this locket?” She then swayed again, the rum making her hiccup. “My father named me, Amber, Lady Amber Rinks.” she nodded and then face desked onto the table top, starting to snore.



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August 13, 2013 07:57PM
https://i0.wp.com/24.media.tumblr.com/4f3d317ec80d0dca993d916063f4a111/tumblr_mqwpmbnKJt1sbg1u5o1_500.gifJack enjoyed the way Terren didn’t seemed so pleased with the nickname he gave to the mermaid that was with him. But he knew Jack very well, he always enjoyed giving stupid nicknames to people he just met, and sometimes to those he knew for years. It was part of his personality. And of course it was also part of his personality that he enjoyed on pissing people off, the worst part was always make them calm down and try to find a way to run away from there before they can beat you up.
“You know, you could use that thing for better things.”
Jack commented when Terren aimed him his hooked hand. Luckily for Jack he never lost any kind of member from his body in battles, he was smart enough for not let that happen, since he always ran away from fights, or allowed his crew to beat up the others first before he could show up. Even tho Jack was good at sword fighting, and he was a good fighter, he just didn’t liked to fight, and always prefers to solve things with words, and not violence. But now he’s a knight, and he needs to get himself ready for any kind of violence, especially on the war, in there he wont have any time for make business. But you might see him running around in the field, trying to escape from others swords. He;s only doing this job because of the money King Charles is giving him, or else he would be back in his ship and sailing around. Its just he hasn’t been with much luck on finding treasures, so it always better be a Knight, knowing you will always have your gold in there, sooner or later.
His attention went to the mermaid who began to speak, he was able to notice her, because he had already faced mermaids before, and luckily for him he never died. The mermaid was so drunk, and she began to speak about the prince she was searching for. Prince Derek, of Casterly. They were in Firemash, they was far from Casterly.
“You know, Lady. I don’t appreciate men, so I can’t say he’s very handsome. You on the other hand, I can say you’re beautiful, just like a mermaid should be.”
Jack said with a grin as he stared at the mermaid, hearing her introduce herself, till she just fell asleep over the table. Jack stared at her with some dumb expression, did this woman never drank before? Well, that would explain why the rum was leaving her so drunk and she was already asleep. Jack stepped closer to her, and took her wrist softly on his hands, and began to see her pulse, just making sure she was actually alive. And she was, so he just placed her hand back over the table.
“Does she even know how dangerous is to get drunk in a place full of drunk horny men? There’s too much hormones flying around here.”
Jack commented, as he stared at the men around him, from the corner of his eyes. They was already having their eye on the mermaid.