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Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
August 10, 2013 03:56PM
Doctor Bianchi’s Office – Ground Floor

“The music hall is boring.” She said it very matter of factly, not really showing any emotion behind it. “I am bored, John.” She walked around to the other side of his desk and perched herself on it, folding her legs across each other. “Levi is all grown up now. Nothing left for me to do for him. Everything is just… boring now.” She looked at her feet, fiddling with her hands in her lap.

She sighed, her shoulder slumping as she looked at her husband. Then she straightened once more, a slight look of an idea in her eyes. “I’m going to take a bath.” She stood from her little seat, stretching her legs slightly and running a hand through her hair. She then practically glided toward the door, her footsteps silent. At the doorway, she stopped, looking back over her shoulder at Johnathon. “You’re going to join me.”

And just like that, she was headed back upstairs, calling for Milly again.

Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
August 10, 2013 05:19PM
Doctor Bianchi’s Office – Ground Floor

The Bianchi’s were an odd couple at best, with Johnathon usually the one that displays little to no emotion, mainly due to his nature. That it is when one is able to discern the intentions of others, calmly and rationally. Course, his wife was in no mood to be treated with a condescending tone, as the Doctor seemed to be more interested in the autopsy reports than how she was that morning. His suggestion of spending the earnings from Mrs Peabody’s session on the music hall, fell flat.

“The music hall is boring.”

“People in general are boring, but your point?”

“I am bored, John.”

“You could always get yourself involved in the Rights for Women movement. I hear Mrs Chamberlain got carted off by the police after chaining herself to parliament house gates. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?’ Johnathon said, placing down his autopsy photograph and reaching for the day’s paper, which he unfurled and started to read the latest headlines. its not like he intentionally appeared to be ignoring her, he just had an odd way of paying attention. Seemed he was one of those that had a hundred things on the go at once, and yet, it did come off as rude at times.


Mrs Bianchi was not fussed with just sitting upon the desk and waiting for something to happen, rather announcing she was going to take a bath rather matter of factly, rising up and then heading out before looking back at Johnathon, and telling him he was going to join her. Johnathon flipped the page over and then raised his head, his glasses sliding down his nose.

“I am?”

Johnathon placed the newspaper in the metal rack to the side of his desk, and rose up, adjusting his suspenders, that held up his pants. He looked on at his son thoughtfully, and said;

“Once I have scrubbed your mother’s back, I shall go check out this girl that we spoke of. Might even see if perhaps the library might cure your Mother’s boredom. Either that, or I may have to resort to treating her for hysteria too.”

He didn’t crack a smile or laugh, but excused himself, and headed up to the first floor to see just what part of his wife needed attention.


Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
August 11, 2013 07:02PM
Doctor Bianchi’s Office- Ground Floor

Levi stood in the corner and watched as his mother walked into his father’s office. She was like a ghost to him, so fragile and frail. He watched her sit down in a chair and offered her a tender smile. She didn’t appear to notice he was in the room as she spoke of him like he was not even around. Poor thing. He loved her dearly, but she seemed so out of sorts that he often wondered if she was even truly alive. Stepping closer to them, he reached down to squeeze her shoulder affectionately. He said nothing, listening only as she conversed with Johnathon. Raising an eyebrow as she stated she would be taking a bath, he stepped back. Saffron had practically glided out of her seat and was heading to her chambers to bathe. Levi let out a long exhale as his mother turned back in the doorway. His hands were behind his back as he stepped around her now empty chair. She really was quite aloof. As she mentioned Johnathon would be joining her, Levi had to hide his discomfort. There was a mental image he did not need. Looking towards his father as he was addressed, Levi nodded. “I hope mother is feeling…good. She’s been out of it for quite some time.” He said nothing more on the subject but frowned as his father mentioned touching his mother that way. “Really, father? I think mother deserves more affection than your procedures.”He gave his father a hard look before turning around to face the door. “I shall see to it the woman has a room.” With that, he disappeared out the door to go find Lydia. He wished to see Sam, but did not want to do it empty-handed.