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Re: (RP) The Roxburg Family Manor.
August 12, 2013 02:17PM
Juliette’s Room

Juliette rolled her eyes when he spoke of his affection to her. He was her personal slave, he had to be saying that for that reason only. She turned away from him to stand in front of the mirror, looking at her form with her head tilted. She was not the type of woman as easily loved as her sister. Elvira wreaked of raw sex and a passionate hunger. She was a demon of lust, after all. Juliette, however, was given to spite easily and could not accept that a woman with her past times could be loved. She could feel Edward step up to her, his warm breath causing her hairs to stand up on the back of her neck. It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling. Closing her eyes, she succumbed to the feel of his lips on her flesh, but her lips were pursed as she tried not to enjoy it too much. He did just touch another woman and the thought nauseated her. Still, she understood he was a man and though he was her slave, she couldn’t outwardly deny him his need for physical pleasures. She had to bite down on her lip to keep from gasping as he trailed a finger down her spine, causing her to look over her shoulder and frown. “Must you touch me like that?”It both thrilled Juliette while confusing her. He seemed to constantly want to touch her, despite how cruel she was. Stepping away from him as though she didn’t trust him, she crossed her arms. “You do not need to speak to me like that. As I said, you are food.”

Turning back around, she could feel him pull the last of the corset off. Spinning around with his gentle touch, she looked into his eyes. He was looking at her intently as though he were worshiping every piece of her flesh he was touching. Letting out a soft sigh, she couldn’t bring herself to look at him. As he reached down to kiss the pendant, she automatically reached up to brush her fingertips against his. No matter how often he touched it, Juliette always had the same reaction. She had to touch him as well, and an aching began to grow between her legs. Juliette practically whimpered when he pulled away to undress himself, causing her to whip around and stare at the tub. What the hell was he doing to her. While she watched the maids pour perfume into the bath, she could feel Edward’s eyes on her. Turning slowly, she faced him head on and lifted her chin up “Enjoying the view?” Indeed, it seemed he was as her eyes fell to him manhood. Raising an eyebrow, her nipples hardened immediately and she turned to face the tub again. Slipping into the water, she let out a soft moan at how amazing the warm water felt on her. Letting her head fall back, she disappeared into the water. She was a dark form at the bottom of the stone tub and suddenly her hand snaked out to grab Edward. Yanking him in, she pressed him against the side of the tub. Purring like a predator, she leaned in and raked her fangs along his shoulder and up his neck “Mmmmh…I really needed this…” She placed her lips at the base of his throat before turning her back on him. Wiggling back between his legs, she let her head fall back on his chest as she began to trail her fingers over the water “Let’s heighten the anticipation, shall we?” Closing her eyes, she waited for him to bathe her.

Re: (RP) The Roxburg Family Manor.
August 12, 2013 05:28PM
Juliette’s Room

“Must you hypnotize my very being so?” He replied to her first question. He could hear the rejection on her tongue, and feel it on his soul. Though as he looked into her eyes and felt the bumps over her skin, he knew she did not feel what it was she said. At least not wholly. Ever since she gave her heart to him and essentially sealed it within the necklace around her neck, she has grown more and more…seperate from him. He refused to let this happen and would do all he could to keep her with him.

“I do not speak my words out of need, my Love. I speak them as word of heart.” This was his answer to the second remark. though it may seem like he was speaking as a slave to his mistress, he spoke out of truth more so. No one wishes for the life of a slave unless there was something of greater power drawing them to it. In this case, it was Edward’s love for her.

He hardly had time to answer the next question, as she yanked him into the tub with her. As her teeth glided across his skin, his eyes rolled to the back of his head and his head and he grinned softly. It was the worst form of teasing for him, and she knew this. He wrapped his arms around her body as she toyed with him, and widened his eyes in surprise when she overpowered and readjusted his grip and her body positioning. that’s when the maids left the room and shut the door behind them. He sighed, and grabbed the sponge as he began his task with a few words, though the feeling of her skin upon his did nothing to help his plight and he became her little game once more. “If it is to please you, my Love.” Squeezing the sponge of water, he first to it to her neck, and rubbed it against her skin delicately, making sure the hot water removed her skin of any filth. Using his free hand to lift her left arm, he ran the sponge from her shoulder to her hand, laying her palm against his as he gently scrubbed it, repeating the process with the other after carrying the sponge across her colar bone. Then the item found her breast, and he ran it in circles against the perky beauties softly, making sure to clean them well, and massaging them with his free hand. Tucking his lips into the arch of her neck, right where the muscle met the collar bone, he then began to run his hands slowly across her thin and accented stomach, his breath hastening as he slowly reached her crotch. Reaching between the legs, he allowed the sponge to float to the top of the water, and rubbed her with his bare palms, slowly, gently gliding them across her heat. He slid his fingers between her lips, but made sure not to penetrate her as he massaged her clit and cleaned the outside of womanhood thoroughly. All the while his lips gently caressed the skin of her neck. The only sound was that of the water gently splashing against the walls of the stone bath.

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August 12, 2013 06:14PM
Juliette’s Room

Juliette smiled and bit down on her lip as he said he hypnotized her and spoke from the heart. Shaking her head, she turned to murmur against his throat “You lie through those pretty teeth…” Resting comfortably against him, she tried not to laugh as she could hear his exasperated sigh. She knew she teased him, but he had to be punished for thinking he could come to her after touching another woman. It was petty, but it was how she vented all her jealousy.Juliette ignored that he had called her love, as she was hoping it was a habit that would die off. As he began to wash her, her toes began to curl under the water. When he touched her hand, she smirked “Always so very gentle.” Her breasts were very pleased that they were soon given attention, and it was enough attention to make her squirm. Fighting back the urge to moan as he reached between her thighs, her legs began to squirm under the water. She slowly succumbing to his touch, forgetting for a moment that she was supposed to hate him. Tilting her head back, she let out a guttural moan as her fingers dug into his thighs. And then his fingers were teasing her clit. The combination of his fingers and his lips was enough to send into madness.

Spinning around suddenly, she leaned between his legs against his chest and looked down at him. With a small smile, she leaned in and flicked his chin with her finger “You are so eager…did that whore not satisfy you enough?” It was meant to sting, but saying it only hurt her more. Frowning suddenly, her fingers were around his throat. Her eyes darkened as she stared him down, hatred bubbling up within him once more. She stood like that for a moment before slowly relinquishing her grip. Looking away from him, she spoke in a deadly whisper “Never come to me after you’ve been touched…” Juliette liked to think he took it as a threat, but the slight shake in her voice gave away how much it angered and hurt her. Turning back, she didn’t look into his eyes as she gently tilted his head to the side. Closing her eyes, she leaned in and sank her fangs in. The feel of his blood rushing into her mouth made her fingers grip his arms, her nails scoring his skin.

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August 12, 2013 07:12PM
The room with all the hotness

Because she had been sitting between his thighs, he could feel the curling of her toes as he worked his magic against the tops of his feet beneath the waters. Thus, he disregarded her complaining of how gentle he was with her. Despite how tough she acted, he knew all too well how much she enjoyed to be pampered, to be treated like she was all that mattered to someone, and it was the only way he knew how to treat her. Sure, he’d been rough with her before, but he wasn’t COMPLETELY comfortable with it. Don’t get it wrong, he’ll slap a woman around if it’s what she asked as long as he can get his shit wet. though, with her, all he wanted was to pamper, to love, and to hold her. She may never believe him, as proof by her words about his lying, but it was the truth no matter what.

Then her next words came to him: “You are so eager…did that whore not satisfy you enough?” and ohhhh did they sting. He wanted to get mad at first, but remembered his place. He was the loyal and loving servant, to get loud with his mistress would most certainly mean death…if not from her….than her father. So, wishing to remain at her side, he exhaled as he spoke. “None shall please me as much as y-” His words were cut off by the hand around his throat, though he didn’t freak out. He did kick about, gasp for air, claw at her hands. He understood what his actions did to her, finally, in this moment, and in the split second it took to realize she had her hand around his throat, he made the decision to stop it. His eyes simply held onto her own, calmly and without strife. As she loosened her grip of him, that was when he lifted his hand to hers, and the look in his eyes said it all.

His hand softly caressed the back of her palm, and the silence befell the room with a vengeance. “Never come to me after you’ve been touched…” He didn’t need to understand the trembling tone to realize why they were truly spoken. He chose it was not the right time to speak, and thus, did not. He allowed the silence to reign, but should she glance into his eyes, she’d see that all she was hoping to be said could be read within them. That was when he felt her teeth sink into his flesh.

He allowed his body to go limp, though made sure certain parts of him tensed to ensure neither would fall under the water. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and his breathing became slightly erratic, his member twitching and tingling along with the rest of his body at the pure sensation her thirst brought him. It was a feeling unlike any other for him, and likely her as his blood poured into her throat. His blood was unique thanks to his gift. Edward had the ability to control electricity, name ly lightning and the spark flew in his blood. As she drank from him, she’d feel the same same spark fly through her body in a form of sexual ecstasy that even a God could not resist. His arms wrapped around her before long, his hands gripping her arse tightly as his breathing became light and quickened in pace. His right hand then made it’s way to her heat, rubbing it slowly, gently, though did not penetrate out of respect enough for her.

His mind was on not but one thing at this moment. Pleasure. though not for him, but for her. the need to please her ten times as much she was pleasing him at the moment, and the masterful use of his hands, one on her heat the other on a breast, massaging them both, would surely do this. especially when added to the effects his blood would bring her.

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August 13, 2013 06:19AM
Juliette’s Room

Juliette’s body hummed in awareness as she took Edward’s blood into her mouth. The taste was a rich spice on her tongue as she moved her fingers to rake his hair, tipping his head back just a bit further so she could feast. She could feel the blood doll’s arms wrap around her, and it made her stiff body relax. Melting into him, she kept her eyes closed in bliss. She could feel him touching her, and it made her wet and ready. Her nipples hardened against his chest and her moans became more needing.As she became more comfortable, their minds began to link. Juliette could see his memories and thoughts, but her mind was also an open book as well. Images of when he saved her filled her mind, the time when she openly loved him: Juliette smiling up at Edward with her hand on his heart, the pair in the park as she leaned back against his chest while he whispered poetry in his ear, the lovers entwined in a passionate embrace on her bed. Purring softly, her fingers caressed down his head to his shoulders, digging in gently. And then she saw the slave in Edward’s mind, pleasuring him just moments before he joined her.
Juliette pulled back from him to look into his eyes, silent as her dark eyes locked on his. There was nothing to say, as her jealousy and hurt were palpable in the air. Pulling away from him, she snatched his hand in hers and yanked him out of the tub as she rose. Stepping carefully out of the tub, she pulled him with her towards the bed. Spinning around, she looked at him possessively as her fangs became more apparent. Her eyes were pitch black as she stared hungrily at him, her body still crying out its need for him. Grabbing him by the shoulders, she shoved him onto the bed and pounced. Laying over his body, she began to kiss him with a hunger that consumed her flesh. Her blood pounded for him and her fangs nipped at his lips as they kissed, allowing her to taste more of his blood. Feeling the electric current between them, she hissed and pulled back to look at him “You belong to me, never forget that.” But even as she said the words, the pendant fell between her breasts to lay on his chest. It seemed to flip her words, making her seem as she belonged to him. Smiling slowly, she allowed herself not to care for the time being. Leaning back down, she kissed him aggressively once more as a hand slipped down to grip his member.

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August 13, 2013 11:22AM
Juliette’s Room

Video: Let Me Sign – Robert Pattinson 

The feeling of her “Kiss” upon his neck held him in place, his eyes shut and an exasperated smile held his mouth open. She could feel her hands raking through his hair and it caused bumps to rise on his skin. Her moans egged him on with his hands, coming close to penetrating her with his finger before their minds began to link. Though she could delve into his memories, feel all he felt in each memory, he could merely see her reaction and exactly what it was she drew upon from him. First came sound as his being was dragged into her mind and placed in the memory, on the outside looking in.

“You wait your entire life
for that special love.
Then it is unreachable.
Perhaps because of fear,
perhaps because of
or perhaps because
of love itself.

A special love
that leaves an emptiness
within you
if you cannot hear the
other person’s voice.
But that makes you feel
whole again with one
gentle hello

A special love of longing
night, after, night
for just the sight of them.
or just the feeling of knowing
that they may care too.

A love that you know in this lifetime
you will never feel again.
nor would ever want to feel again,
if it brings you this much pain
not to have it.

Oh, my special love
please come to me
My special one please hold me
and tell me this is not all
for nothing.

That deep within your soul
your love is the same as mine.
We belong together.
We need each other
to make our lives complete.
My only one,
my treasured one,
my special love.”

The darkness fades and the sight is the park. The two sitting upon the ground, Edward’s back to a tree and hers against his chest. His lips close to her ear as they moved, his voice softly carrying the words to her canals and into her mind. This was a day Edward would never, not even soon forget. A smile came to his face and then suddenly, the scene turns black, and the lovers fade. His smile fades with them, and turns into a set line. He stands alone in the darkness, as the sounds of something all to familiar to him fill his mind’s ear. The two are locked in an eternal and passionate struggle, mainly of who should be on top. Though soon, he would win, and the scene slowed as they did. Their eyes met, and the emotion within the gaze as he stopped his motions could be felt for miles around. Pure, intense, and deep love. something only found in fairy tales, yet it was found here…in his eyes and never left each time he looked at her. Slowly, he began again, her soft, needing cries and moans flying into his ears as he placed his lips upon hers. a hand in her air on top of her head, the other wrapped around her back, her legs around his waist and nails digging deep into his skin. The scene fades as a drop of blood falls from his back, and lands on the ground at his feet. the darkness surrounded him yet again, then the image of earlier interactions came into play. The maiden as she was pleasing him. He frowned at this, knowing she would not like it, but it was as much a good thing as it was a bad. Even as she pleased him, and he enjoyed it, he did not, could not look at her the way he always looks at Juliette. The love, the passion, the need. It was not there, except for with her.

When she pulled away from him, he gasped for air, having been in a trance and then suddenly yanked from it. He could have died just then, yet he hoped only that she had seen what he had, in the same WAY as him. She pulled him from the tub with her, and threw him to the bed, laying atop him. The blood was still trickling down his neck yet he found no reason to tend to the wound. The fun fact about Vampiric tendencies was that the teeth were more than used to puncture, but also to close. as she pulls from him after every bite, she can choose whether or not to reseal his wound, ejecting a chemical that acted as platlets yet did not harm the body.

Her words came to him, and they made him smile. He would give anything to be in her presence, and even if it was as her property, he would be happy with it. then, the pendant hit his chest, and their eyes fell to it at the same time. This was almost symbolic, showing the truth behind it all. In the end, he had her heart, her very being in his grasp, as she his. Her aggressive kissing enticed him, and her hand reaching his member did so even further. He twitched at the feeling, at the warth, his hands found her thighs. Squeezing them, he forced them down so that she was laying flat against him. This caused her head to fall as well, and his mouth was brought to her ear. “My life is yours. As you have my heart, and shall own it forever. As sure as our skin touches, I shall never….fall back on that fact.” The moment he finished, he reached down and adjusted his member so that the tip was against her hole, and he pushed, slowly, entering her. He slowly began to pull out, and push back in with his hips, wrapping his palms around her hips as his eyes winced at the feeling, and sheer pleasure overwhelmed him.

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August 13, 2013 11:45AM
Juliette’s Room

Juliette pulled away from his lips to bring them down on his neck wound. Her kiss was tender, affectionate, something so rare for her that if she even realized she was doing it, the moment would be gone. Closing her eyes, she brushed her lips over the skin, kissing and licking at the wound until it was sealed. Pulling her head back to look down at him, the smallest of a genuine smile curved her dark lips up. Forgetting her morning, forgetting her family, forgetting the monster that she was, she allowed herself to give in to this feeling of love she never allowed herself to feel around him. Her eyes were soft with raw emotion she did not understand, her fingers brushing over his chest as she explored his body.

As she was forced down, she let out a surprised gasp. Her ear was close to his lips as he spoke, a shiver running down her spine. How could he affect her so strongly like this. Closing her eyes, she rested her forehead against his shoulder and fought back tears that threatened to escape. She could not cry in front of him, she could never allow herself to be so weak. She shifted slightly as the wall almost went up around her heart again, but then she felt his member against her core. Biting her lip to keep from begging, she exhaled slowly as her hot breath tickled his neck. Squeezing her legs tighter around Edward, she began to ride him slowly, deeply. Her fingers dug into the pillows behind him, her breath quickening as she fought to stay quiet. As he continued to move his hips under her, she couldn’t contain herself. Lifting her head up, she moaned his name before biting down on his ear lobe. “Edward…” All inhibitions left her as they made love, sweat trickling down her back as she continued to ride him. Her hair fell in a curtain around him and she brought her eyes to his face, watching with a loving smile on her face as he enjoyed the feel of her body around him.

Re: (RP) The Roxburg Family Manor.
August 13, 2013 07:23PM
Juliette’s room

His name. Spoken in such exotic, lustful passion it could force the greatest of men to release their seed…without so much as seeing the woman who said it. A man’s name is his power, and he has made her say it before, yet, now….now it was different. Now his name, being spoken in such a way, meant that, at least for the time being, she was allowing him into her, completely. This was not just sex, this was pure, exotic, and passionate love they were making together. At long last, she’d allowed him through her wall once more.

His eyes slowly opened to her smile, one of love and acceptance that he had not seen in what felt like forever. He wrapped his arms around her back, holding her tightly and close to him, then spun her around, placing her on her back. Then, as expected, it brought the memory of their first time to him. He slowed his thrusting to a halt, and simply stared into her eyes. a stare of love, of longing, of need and want. A stare so strong, so bold, it could light any woman’s heart aflame and melt it just as easily. His hand came to her cheek, and he caressed it gently. Lowering his lips to hers, he slowly began the motion of his hips again, thrusting powerfully into her, and pulling slowly out. this was his perfect moment, the one he’d been waiting so long to share with her once more. Though everything might return to normal afterwards, he refused to let that hinder the passion of this moment. “I love you…Juliette.” The words soft as the breath that carried them, gliding from his lips to hers.
Thrusting one last time, the pleasure could be seen over his face as he released his seed within her, his head lifting to the sky in pure ecstasy.

Re: (RP) The Roxburg Family Manor.
August 14, 2013 04:13AM
Bartholomew’s room


This had been going for what seemed like hours, as Bartholomew sat in his own room, about to taunt his latest victim. The sounds however, were coming from Juliette’s room. Every time Bart was about to start torturing the maid in a cage, the damn pair in the next room were at it….AGAIN!

“What is she? A bleedin’ nympho maniac?”


“AAARRRGGGHHH! This is putting me off. Ewww, the very thought of that anorexic blood sucker doing that doll of hers. How am I supposed to have any fun in this house, if she is banging Mister Tall, dark and Vacant?”


The maid in the cell should probably count her blessings, for the sexual misadventures of Juliette and her doll had just saved her life. For now, at least. Bart was a mess, he wanted to be physically sick. He couldn’t stand the noise anymore, and covered his ears with his hands.

“Make them stop…!”


“I’m so telling Father about this!”


Re: (RP) The Roxburg Family Manor.
August 14, 2013 07:02AM
Juliette’s Room

Juliette’s eyes met Edward’s as he flipped her onto her back, his body looming over her as he remained buried in her. Reaching up, she brushed some hair that had fallen in his eyes back and allowed her fingers to linger. There was a fire stirring within Juliette, an unchained love that threatened to burst from her lips as he stared down at her with a love so strong she thought she would melt into her bed. Her back arched a bit as she urged him on, her eyes never leaving his as she bit down on her lips to keep from calling his name again. There was a small smile on her lips as she knew he was aware she was trying to control herself. It was rare when she had to fight to resist him, as she was often so cruel to him that there wasn’t any room for affection between them. Now, as they were making love and not just mindlessly fucking as she often did after tasting him, things were different. There was no resentfulness or anger within her, just a passion for more and a hunger for all the love Edward was offering her. As he whispered that he loved her against his kisses, she sighed softly as her breath fanned over his lips while her eyes closed slowly. Reaching her arms around his back and clenching the muscles rippling beneath her fingers, she bucked her hips and once more bit down on her lips to keep from answering him. Though she was trying to hide her feelings, she knew they were bared for him to see if he pulled back to look at her just now.

After a few more moments of squirming her hips hungrily beneath him, she pulled back so she could get the full view of his face as he was pleasured. A loud purr escaped her throat as she watched him tilt his head back approvingly. Leaning up, she licked up his throat seductively and nipped at his jaw just as a wave of pleasure ripped through her. As she rode her orgasm long and hard, she bit down into his neck. Not enough to draw blood, but certainly enough to leave a possessive bite that would no doubt bruise for days. Smiling, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and flung him off of her. Sitting up, she laughed softly and leaned down to snuggle into the crook of his arm. As her hair brushed his chest, she looked up to kiss him softly. Sighing, she laid her head down on his chest and allowed herself to catch her breath. She kept a block on her mind to keep herself from ruining the moment, only allowing her to focus on the sound of her heartbeat and the warmth that was still emanating from her core.
They laid there for what seemed like hours but were really just minutes, Juliette enjoying the feel of what it felt to be truly loved and held by a man. It kept her calm, satiated, and she could still feel the electricity from his blood coursing through her. Knowing they couldn’t stay in bed like that all day, she reluctantly withdrew from his body and sat up. Stretching her arms lazily over her head, she let out a small moan “Mmmh…I feel spent.” Not looking at him for fear she would be tempted to stay in bed, she rose slowly and walked towards her armoire. As she was figuring out what to wear, she smiled slightly as she knew she wouldn’t wash the smell of him off of her until later that evening. While thinking about this, a maid slipped a scarlet envelope under her door. Hearing the sound, she turned and padded naked over to the door. Bending down and giving Edward a nice view of her arse, she picked the envelope off the floor and ripped it open. After reading the invitation, she turned around to look at her blood doll. “I have to go to a masque ball…disgusting.” Balls secretly thrilled her and dancing was one of her favorite past times. In fact, she gave herself away as she began to spin excitedly near the bed. Laughing softly, she wrapped her arms around herself and gave into her positive feelings.