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Re: (RP) The Roxburg Family Manor.
August 14, 2013 03:31PM
Juliette’s Room

He was not surprised by the motion when she threw him off of her. As despite the fact that they just made LOVE, he was not but a slave. Though, her falling into his arm and resting her head on his chest did bring surprise. Pleasant, appreciated surprise. His mind went blank as he laid there with her, his eyes shut and his body more than perfectly relaxed after the pleasure he’d just experienced. This moment was one he dreamt of for so many nights, thought of for so many days, and hoped for each time they simply fucked. Yet this time it was far more than he’d hoped for, and it brought him great sorrow as she ended it.

“Mmmh…I feel spent.” This remark made him laugh as he laid naked on the bed, his body caressed by a light sweat, a mix of both his and hers, as well as…other bodily fluids mainly from her. Though the laugh was soft, the smile was wide. He sat up on his elbows, watching her as she stretched, the muscle of her shoulders tensing through the soft skin. “Yet I am the Blood Doll, my Love. Your body is but a blessing to be held by those lucky enough to hold it. Mine is to be discarded, yet as long as I am always able to return to you, I do not mind.” This sappy shit was something he was full of, especially around her. Edward was a person who always said what was on his heart, more than his mind.

As she stood, he watched her walk through the room. Then yet again, she’d managed to entice him and he was ready for round two. He wasn’t bad at controlling himself, yet, each time he caught her naked form in his sight, in all it’s nude glory, the reaction could not be helped. Then as she bent to lift the letter that had slid under the door, it only made things worse. He smiled and looked away, chuckling softly. “Oh how you tease me Mistress.”

Her words concerning the ball, however, made his eyes wide and his eyebrows fall tall on his forehead. Maybe… he thought to himself. Would she take him? Would she even consider taking the blood doll slave? On further thought, even he’d have to admit the answer was no. What would the mother she holds so dear to her heart think of it? Or even her father, who scared Edward greatly. He’d defend Juliette to his dying breath against any threat. Though that did not make him fearless in every situation. “Your words bring thought to mind of who to bring.” He stood, and caught her as she flew through the hair, their naked bodies touching as he wrapped one arm around her lower back, and the other took her hand within it, their fingers intertwining. Then, to a beat of his own feet, a tempo set by the tap of his middle finger on her lower spine, he led her through a dance. His hardened member pressing firmly against her skin in a downward position, yet it did not soften. “Tell me, Love, what lord has caught the magnificent Juliette’s eye?”

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August 14, 2013 04:21PM
Roxburg Family Manor – Ground Floor

Bartholomew burst out of his room, seething and practically salivating. His shirt top button had popped off, as his neck seemed to have swollen in size. Livid from the noise and wall banging that had interrupted his “play time” with the maid in a cage, he was ready to make sure that Juliette would pay for her sexual trysts within the family manor. But first things first, he needed to find his father, and ask to have his belongings moved to a new room at the west wing, so he could at least have some “peace and quiet” when he was staying for a spell at the family home.

“I’ll teach that narky leg spreading whore of a sibling to keep me from my fun. BAH! They killed my stiffness. OUTRAGEOUS!”

Storrming off down the stairs he passed a maid, who was on her way up to take a jug of clean water to Juliette’s room, and she bowed her head as Bart approached, stiffening in case he decided to take to her then and there. Instead, he snarled at her;

“Where are you going with that?”

“Miss Juliette’s room, Sir.”

“What for?”

“So she may wash her face, Sir.”

Bartholomew grinned evilly then demanded she hold the jug out slightly and then lower as he unzipped his pants, and took out his shriveled member. He then started to relieve himself into the water and it sploshed about in the jug, as the maid looked horrified at what he was doing.


He leaned on the banister and gasped then tapped himself before packing his willy away. He then titled his head and grinned at the maid.

“Now…take that to her room, and set it down for her to use. I know that she will be truly refreshed when she goes to…wash her face. There’s a good girl.”

Bart patted the maid’s head, and suddenly felt a WHOLE lot better about his stay at the family home. The maid went on with her duties, to take the jug into Juliette;s room, and leave it on the wash stand with a nice clean towel. Bart whistled as he went down the rest of the stairs, singing out;

“Oh who shall I take to the ball tonight, certainly not Juliette for incest is not right. But one thing I know, is that Juliette will glow, for my pee will be on her cheeks.”

“Do ho ho ho.”


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August 14, 2013 06:14PM
Entrance Hall

She reached the family manor in record time, patting Jezzie with appreciation. She passed the reigns to one of the groundkeepers, deciding to house Jezzie there for the night before heading inside, removing her gloves as she went. Sally met her at the door, taking her cloak and gloves.

“Where’s my sister and brother?” she asked, heading for the stairs. Sally’s face went red with embarassment.

“Your sister is in her room, Miss Elvira…with a ‘friend’.” Elvira’s eyebrows arched up into her hairline.

“Really? Does Father know of this?” she wondered. Sally shook her head, almost dislodging her servant’s cap. “Wait a moment. Isn’t Bart in the room next to hers?” Sally looked as if she wanted a hole to open up in the floor and swallow her in one piece, she was so mortified. “And the little tart had the nerve to call me a whore?” Elvira was outraged. Before Sally could reply, Elvira turned on her heel and stormed away, shouting for her father.


Re: (RP) The Roxburg Family Manor.
August 14, 2013 06:34PM
Courtyard of the Roxburg Manor

A large black carriage, trundled into the courtyard area of the Roxburg estate, with a very important visitor seated in the back. Lady Fanny Prescott had decided to come calling to visit her dear Bartholomew for a spell, after word had reached her that he was spending a few days at his family estate over a break period from his studies at Oxford. Fanny practically was glued to his hip at University, so with him away, she just had to follow. They were known as the terrible two, the dreaded duo and the pain in the Dean’s arse. Such terrible games and tricks they liked to play on the other students, that many kept a distance from the pair, and rightly so, for no one was safe from their wicked schemes.


As the carriage shunted and came to a halt, the driver got down and opened the door, to allow Lady Fanny to emerge. She was wearing a devilish gown, with black velvet blended with red satin, and a large hat, that sat a top her bird nest style hair do, with wisps trailing off in all directions. With a pronounced swagger, hips swaying beneath many a skirt, she strode up to the entrance, and had already seen Elvira swan in, looking awfully pissy. This only amused Lady Fanny, cause if it was one thing she liked more than anything, was dinner and a show, if the sisters of Roxburg were going to have at it.


She paraded past the hired help that bowed and curtseyed before the bewitching beauty, who sung out to her adored Bartholomew, who was singing on the stairs.

“Daaaahling…you look like shite.” she giggled and then rolled her eyes and wiggled her fingers at Elvira, who really was in a lather about something.


“Let me guess, Juliette stole your latest lover right out from under your…skirts.”

Bart stopped half way down the stairs, and saw his precious Fanny.

“You sure know how to make an entrance, Kitten.” He pawed at her and wiggled those eyebrows of his, leaping down the last few steps, and skidding over to stand before her, grunting with pleasure from the very sight of her ample bosom. He placed a finger up to her lips and she tried to bite it off. “Ooo Kitty…are you a sight for sore eyes, and sore ears. Juliette has been driving me mad with her breaking the bed springs. I swear I almost lost the will to live….and then you came, and brightened my darkest day.” The two started to rub noses together, like there was no one else there.


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August 14, 2013 07:40PM
Amos and Bess’ Private Chambers

The room was dimly lit by a few candles. This small amount of light gave the place’s size no justice, and yet it still seemed massive. In it, the soft whimpers of a female, dressed in nothing, could be heard. Then, suddenly, the rest of the candles lit, and it illuminated the massive room, revealing all that was within. The eyes would instantly be dragged to it’s center, where a large cage could be seen hanging from the ceiling. In it, was the source of the whimpers. The cause, however, was something much more gruesome. Jagged edged bars lined the cage, sticking from each hole in it’s walls. Each was against her skin, with a few already lodged within her. Each time her muscles tensed, gears could be heard grinding as another pole went another two inches into her flesh. With each insertion, more of her muscles tensed against the rods, and each went in further and further, until she stopped and controlled herself. Her body was marked with scars from this procedure, showing it was not the first time.

sitting before this sight, sipping a cup of tea with eyes cold and unfeeling as ever, was Amos in his vest and pants, boots climbing to his ankles and rising to his mid shin. The left leg was lifted, and the ankle rested on his right knee as he slouched in the large and comfortable chair. The hand that had no cup, was filled with a lit Pipe, which was brought to his lips and puffed on before it was taken away and smoke followed. Though his face and eyes showed no emotion, no life, his mind and body were being enticed by the sight before him. The girl spoke softly, trying not to tense up. “Please….” He rose a brow. “Come again?” The girl spoke again, only slightly louder than before. “Please….” He brought his pipe to his lips, and took another puff. then he acted startled as he continued. “I must have missed that…again.” This time she screamed. “PLEASE!” That’s when the spears all at once responded and jutted quickly, powerfully into her body, piercing at every angle all the way clean through her body. Blood splattered all over the place. The loud crunching of bones was heard as the splatter of the blood resonated around Amos not even a second later.

“That’s better.” He set the tea into the hand of the servant to his side, and left his pipe with another. Two other servants ran up, their heads low as they removed the spears from the woman’s body. They caught her before she fell, and replaced her in the cage after cleaning her. They adjusted the bars to their starting positions, and Amos stood from his seat, walking to the now reset cage. He smirked, and with the wave of a hand, the female gasped for breath. “Same time tomorrow then…hm?” He brought the pipe to his mouth and offered a soft smile, his free hand falling in at his back, folded at the elbow.

That’s when he could hear the scream of Elvira, calling for him. Rolling his eyes and sighing, he puffed on his pipe, a rather beautiful thing…made of wood and sealed with Wax to prevent fires and arguably his favorite. He turned on a heel, and left the room, leaving his servants to watch over the girl in silence.

Entrance Hall

It hadn’t taken him long to find his daughter, who was with her brother and another woman he had recognized all to well. Lady Prescott. Taking his pipe from his mouth he exhaled the smoke as he bowed his head to the lady, slowly stepping down the stairs his son had just left a few moments before. “Evening, Lady Prescott. I see Bartholomew got to you before I could’ve. Perhaps you will be to him what my darling wife is to me.” with another slight bow and a raise of his pipe, he turned his attention to his daughter. The rage was evident on her face, and he knew exactly what it likely had to do with.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs, he met his daughter, his face cold yet again. His eyes shifted to his son, and he bowed his head in greeting. “I do hope the slave I offered provided sufficient service. If not, I shall take her back. My own is becoming….” He halted, thinking for the right word. “..quite worn.” Without waiting for an answer, he turned his sight to his daughter. “What is it dear? What has your sister done to you now?”

Re: (RP) The Roxburg Family Manor.
August 14, 2013 07:56PM
Juiette’s Room

Juliette’s teeth set as he called her love once more. Reality began to set in as he spoke his pretty words to her, her shoulders going rigid as he spoke to her from the bed. Why oh why did she allow herself to even sleep with him? They had the same conversation every time after: he was just food, she stifled her true feelings, and she went back to verbally abusing him. And yet, he insisted on trying to break down her wall which made her only add more bricks. Still, she wouldn’t let him damper her party. As she spun around, his arm caught her around the waist and brought her to him. Looking up at him in surprise, she could only stare. Juliette had expected him to stay in bed. As he began to lead her in a dance, she mulled his question over. He honestly didn’t think she would bring him? She kept telling herself the reason she would not was because he was merely a blood doll and she was of high society, but the true hidden reason was because her father would probably kill him. She was lucky enough her parents allowed her to feed on him since it kept her bitching to a minimum. Stalling for a bit, she laughed wildly and let her head fall back as he spun her around “Oh, you’ve caught me…I cannot wait to dance the night away!” Looking back at him happily, she glanced down at his hardened member against her with a smirk “My my, first the harlot, then me, and you still want more?” Leaning in, she licked at his neck slowly before nipping his ear. Her breath fanned over the sensitive skin as she whispered “Not going to happen…”
Disentangling himself from his grasp, she turned and walked away to her dresser. While she pulled it open to examine her clothes, the maid came in with the water. “To freshen up with, Miss…” With that, she curtsied and hurried out the door.

Juliette turned around slowly with a frown, realizing she had seen them both naked. Terrific. Stepping towards the basin, she raised an eyebrow as a stench rose from it. Her eyes then narrowed and she spat out “Bartholomew…” Leaving it at that, she disregarded it and returned to her dresser. Today was just so excellent. Pulling out a laced green and black gown, she called for maids to dress her. She was still avoiding Edward’s question, but knew he would not wait long for an answer. After she was dressed, she turned around and looked at him. Sighing softly, she then stared him down with her jaw set. Her eyes darkened once more, but not out of lust. Stepping towards him, she spoke quietly “I do not have a lord in mind, but be sure to understand that you and I will never be. Never in public, never behind closed doors.” As she was now inches from his face, she leaned up and hissed “You’re nothing but a sack of blood to me…” Turning away from him, she said nothing more to him as she walked to her door. Opening it, she disappeared quickly and left him alone in her chambers as she headed towards the foyer.


Stepping down the stairs slowly to the foyer, she was already assessing who was in her home. Elvira’s scream did not escape her, but the spoiled brat was always having a fit about something. Rolling her eyes, she appeared at the bottom of the stares and shot Bart a saccharine smile “Thank you for your concern about my hygiene… I’ve just had the most riveting exercise.” It was no secret that Juliette had fucked Edward before, and it wasn’t a secret. She had her one secret, but she did not hide the fact that she used the blood doll to feed and fuck. Stepping closer, she turned to bow her head slightly “Oh look, it is lovely Fanny. I am so pleased you are able to join my brother. Such a darling couple.” Folding her hands in front of her, she said nothing to her sister in an attempt to play nice in front of her father. She was trying, after all, and she was going to be a good little demon. As she focused her attentions of her father, she couldn’t look him in the eye. She very much loved him and wanted his affections, but she knew she smelled of Edward. Swallowing slowly, she looked at the floor and murmured “I have recently fed, father, and I am in a much more agreeable spirit.”

Re: (RP) The Roxburg Family Manor.
August 14, 2013 08:10PM

Walking slowly up to the manor, a young woman lifted her chin and pursed her lips. Unlike most, she did not arrive in a carriage, nor with any butlers or maids. Instead, she arrived alone, with only herself to lift her skirts so she could walk easily. Her sensitive hearing picked up nearly everything – including the yelling within the manor. She easily recognized the voices of Fanny, Bartholomew, Edward, Amos, Elvira, and Juliette. Elvira’s being the loudest, of course. Grimacing slightly, the young woman shook her head and entered the front gates. She was well-known by the servants here – she visited often, and tended to stay for a few hours at a time.

Isabella took her time going up the stairs, lifting her skirts slightly so she didn’t trip on them as she moved. Once she stood in front of the large doors, she pursed her lips and then knocked slowly, four times. As she did this, she let her skirts down so they barely brushed the ground, and waited for the door to be opened. She folded her hands in front of her lightly, her chin held high.

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August 14, 2013 08:28PM
Entrance Hall

Before Elvira could reply to her father’s question, the tart herself strolled down the stairs, looking for all the world like a virgin bride going to her wedding night. Elvira knew better. She could smell the manwhore all over her. The stench of it made her want to choke. She stepped into Juliette’s line of sight, bending to her ear. “I smell him on you…sister.” she hissed, eyes flashing red in her anger. She waved a hand at her, anger making her voice tight as she turned to their father. “And she had the bloody nerve to call me a whore? When she’s been sleeping with devil knows what? It’s indecent!” Elvira snapped. “Oh why must I be cursed so?” she bemoaned, throwing her hands up in disgust. She would have gone on in a rant of epic proportions if it weren’t for someone knocking at the door. “Oh bleeding hell! What now?” Elvira spun on her heel and headed for the stairs. “I will take my dinner in my room, thank you oh so much. I might be put off my food if I have to sit next to her smelling like that!” With a flounce of her petticoats, she was gone. Those in the room could hear her angry footsteps as she traversed the upper hall, followed by the slam of a door somewhere in the manor.

(Drama queen much? Lol!)

Re: (RP) The Roxburg Family Manor.
August 14, 2013 08:55PM

Seeing Amos come down the stairs, Bartholomew moved to stand alongside Fanny, who decided to put on her charm, and dropped a curtsy as he approached her and welcomed her politely to the Roxburg manor. He may have been demon, but at least he knew his manners, and she did regard him quite highly. Rising from her curtsy, she extended her gloved hand to him to take and kiss, whilst fluttering her eyelashes beneath the shade of her hat.


“Always a delight, Lord Roxburg, I assure you. Naturally, your Son, my Sweet Bartholomew has welcomed me so warmly, I feel it in places that a lady does not speak of out loud.” She tickled her finger under Bart’s chin, that made him look like the Cheshire cat. “He’s such a cutie. Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. It would sizzle.” Fanny purred, while Bart started to thump the floor with his right foot like a love struck puppy. Fanny made a fun little coo sound, then the delightful meeting was interrupted by the Sisters, once again.

Juliette had finally emerged, much to the scowl that now appeared on Bart’s face. When Elvira lent over to whisper something to Juliette, it could only be imagined that whatever it was, it wasn’t very nice. Elvira was certainly not having a good day, and let her Father know of her feelings, in the loudest and most dramatic way possible.

“And she had the bloody nerve to call me a whore? When she’s been sleeping with devil knows what? It’s indecent!”

“It’s scandalous…the tension is so good, it hurts.” Fanny whispers, taking out a small packet of mints from her purse and placing it in her mouth, sucking on it, as she shook the bag at Bart. “Minty? Your breath will be fresher than….”

“I will take my dinner in my room, thank you oh so much. I might be put off my food if I have to sit next to her smelling like that!” Elvira screamed, then storming up the stairs, her skirts being raised and then falling as she took to the steps with gusto.

“Heh…so glad I didn’t have to say..” Fanny chuckled, thoroughly enjoying the dramatic display. Course, Juliette finally paid attention to the fact that Fanny had arrived and decided to be polite in the face of all the screaming and theatrics.


“Oh look, it is lovely Fanny. I am so pleased you are able to join my brother. Such a darling couple.”

“Yes. We are quite the pair, aren’t we? You look..divine as always.. Just get out of bed?”

Bart rolled his eyes, and then placed his arm around Fanny to drag her away to the garden.

“Please don’t mention beds and my sister in the same sentence….”