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{RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
August 15, 2013 11:29PM

Within the large drawing room of the Bavarian Embassy, the Count is enjoying a large glass of port, while staring up at a painting, that had been brought over from his native Bavaria. The painting was done, nearly five hundred years ago, by a prominent artist, that captured the soulful expression of a woman, that was a Princess of Bavaria. This painting had been in the Count’s family for many generations, for it had been foreseen that the soul of Katarina Adelzhausen, would again cross the earth, and dwell in the vessel of an English woman.

For years, Virgo had criss crossed the English continent, in search of this woman, to whom he had loved, all those years before. But it was by pure chance, that he had seen her; riding her horse across the park, only a few months before, that he knew the prophecy was true. Isabella had returned from the dead, in the embodiment of one Elvira Roxburg.

And so he started to make plans, that would lure her into his web. He had organised a Masquerade ball, to honor the Bavarian ambassador and his new found love for the English way of life. The truth, was it was all to be a stage, on which he planned to take back, what once belonged to him.


He had already tasted her sweet lips, when he stole a kiss from her in the park. Virgo had wanted to sweep her from the horse, and cart her off, to his Manor, where he would crown her Queen of the Night. But no, he wanted an audience. He wanted the world to know, that Katarina Adelzhausen was alive….and living amongest them. She would be crowned, and may hell rise up and the skies rain blood…for the Devil’s bride would rule Hell once more.

Virgo silently raised his glass to her painting, and whispered;

“Suffer now, my Darling, for soon, all shall know of your pain.”